The Holocaust Historiography Project

William Lindsey collection

Headlines from the New York Times, 1932-1948

Notes from Arthur R. Butz

Lindsey’s ten original WordPerfect files were each about 1 MB and named Volume.0n, n = 00, 01, 02, …, 10. They were opened and saved as WordPerfect 5.1 files with the same names.

Lindsey’s original labellings of the disks were:

Volume.001 NYT (= New York Times) Jan. ‘32 — June ‘34 (This means headlines from the New York Times that Lindsey thought interesting.)
Volume.002 NYT July ‘34 — March ‘36
Volume.003 NYT April ‘36 — March ‘38
Volume.004 NYT April ‘38 — Nov. ‘39
Volume.005 NYT Dec. ‘34 — Dec. ‘41
Volume.006 NYT Jan. ‘42 — Oct. ‘45
Volume.007 NYT Nov. ‘45 — Dec. ‘48
Volume.008 Author’s names. Org. Names. Morgenthau & other plans. (This seems to mean: AUTHORS OF AND NAMES APPEARING IN ARTICLES FROM THE NY TIMES 1932–1948. ORGANIZATIONS APPEARING IN THE NEW YORK TIMES 1932–1948. Background and consequences of the Morgenthau and related plans — apparently authored by Lindsey. Webmaster note: Not found in the file received.)
Volume.009 Notes, TMWC, Poland, Visit, Typhus, Wannsee Conf. (This seems to mean: Robert H. Jackson NUERNBERG TRIBUNAL, Notes (table of contents). Meaning of “TMWC” unknown. THE SO-CALLED EXTERMINATION CAMPS IN POLAND — apparently authored by Lindsey. Mentions his own observations during visits. OF TYPHUS, “ZYKLON B,” BATHHOUSES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS TO THE AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU/MAJDANEK CAMPS AND RESETTLEMENT OF JEWS — apparently authored by Lindsey. Observations on Wannsee Conference and German policies toward Jews — apparently authored by Lindsey.)
Volume.010 American Jewry During the Holocaust. Book edited by Maxwell Finger. Foreword by Arthur Goldberg.

The WordPerfect files were also saved as DOS text via choosing “Text In, Text Out”, then “Save As”, then “Generic WP”. The names were voln.txt, n = 1,2, …, 10.

The DOS text files were converted to Macintosh files using “Apple File Exchange” under System 7.0.1. Since the result seemed to have a doubled number of line breaks, these extra line breaks were removed via program HalveNewline:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <console.h>
/*                                      */
/* HalveNewline.c                       */
/*                                      */
/* This program reads a file from stdin */
/* and writes it to stdout, removing    */
/* every second newline character.      */
/*                                      */
main(int argc, char **argv)
char c,cp;
int flag;
while ((c=getchar()) != EOF)
  if (c == '\n')
    if (flag)
    else             {
      cp=putchar(c); }
return 1;


Notes by the webmaster

William Lindsey clearly put a lot of time and effort into this listing, but in typing his presentation he adopted perhaps the worse possible formatting, which made accurate conversion even from WordPerfect to Word problematic, let alone the conversion to HTML for presentation on this web site.

So far, it has taken many, many hours of data munging using various AppleScripts, UNIX command line utilities, and every trick offered by Barebone’s BBEdit text editor, along with substantial back-and-forth editing and processing in Provue’s Panorama and Panorama Sheets databases to get it to this point, even with a little help from FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Excel.

Adding to the challenge were a variety of special characters Lindsey used to draw attention to items of interest. In the interest of maintaining sanity, these special characters have been expunged, although his notes have been retained.

The hope is that more errors have been eliminated than have been created in the conversion.

Finally, instead of preserving Lindsey’s original “volume” organization, his chronological listing is broken down by year and month.