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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

January 1935
Date Headline Page
01/01/1935 Roosevelt Takes Stand Against (Veterans’) Bonus 1
01/01/1935 Germany Decrees Conscript Labor-Jail Term For Violation 1
01/01/1935 Anti-Jewish Riots In Leningrad And Moscow Are Reported By A Correspondent In Warsaw 1
01/01/1935 Liberties Crushed In Austria (Under Kurt Schuschnigg) In 1934-American Held 13 Hours-G.E.R. Gedye 3
01/01/1935 (U.S.) Navy Weak In Men Peril, Says (Admiral William D.) Leahy-86,615 Men Needed-President (Roosevelt) Reported As Favoring $445,000,000 More For Army And $100,000,000 For Navy 11
01/01/1935 Troyanovsky Brings New Soviet Debt Bid 11
01/01/1935 62 Reds Are Held In Mexican Killing (Of Catholics) 18
01/01/1935 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University, Head Of Carnegie Endowment For World Peace) Warns Japanese On Navy 19
01/01/1935 Britain’s Deficit Totals £110,402,538 19
01/01/1935 Saar Martial Law Asked After Riots 20
01/01/1935 Nazis Plan To Free Miss Sittell Soon (N.Y. Girl Jailed For Insulting Hitler) 20
01/01/1935 American Is Held In Reich Clean-Up 20
01/01/1935 An Interpretive Chronology For The Year 1934 29-31
01/01/1935 Less Gold Sent Here In December 43
01/02/1935 Hitler Is Accused Of Blocking Pact To Guard Austria-Il Duce Held Vacillating (London Report) 1
01/02/1935 (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann (Alleged Kidnapper Of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.) Trial Will Start Today 1
01/02/1935 Soviet Dismisses High Officials Of Radio For Broadcasting Of A (Paul) Robeson Spiritual (Negro Communist!) 1
01/02/1935 Hitler For Peace, He Tells Envoys-Otto D. Tolischus 3
01/02/1935 American Accused Of Defaming France-Boasting Of Hitler 3
01/02/1935 French Engineer Shot In The Saar-Clashes Occur In Region 4
01/02/1935 Schuschnigg (Austrian Chancellor) Asks Peace 4
01/02/1935 Nazi Chief (Robert Ley) Scraps Point In Program 5
01/02/1935 German New Year Gay; No Sign Of Depression 6
01/02/1935 (Marquis Of Lothian) Holds Democracies Stand Trials Better 7
01/02/1935 (Archduke) Otto’s Fascist Views Arouse Hungarian 7
01/02/1935 6,000,000 Million Farmers To Be Questioned 9
01/02/1935 More Repression Seen By Germans 27
01/02/1935 Pull On World’s Gold Resumed By America 27
01/02/1935 Financial Outlook For 1935 27
01/02/1935 Chronological Survey Of The Outstanding Financial Events Of The Past Year 30-31
01/03/1935 Saar Board Warns Nazis On Disorders-100 Hurt In Recent Riots 1
01/03/1935 (French Foreign Minister, Pierre) Laval Off To Rome Tonight For Pacts 1
01/03/1935 35 Training Planes Ordered For Army 11
01/03/1935 (Bernard M.) Baruch Not (Mining) Partner (Senator Key) Pittman Asserts 12
01/03/1935 Chronology Of Leading Administration Activities Since Congress Adjourned 17
01/04/1935 Col. And Mrs. Lindbergh On The Stand; Mother Identifies Baby’s Garments 1
01/04/1935 Nazi Chiefs Mass In Mystery Rally To ‘Manifest Unity’ 1
01/04/1935 Abyssinia Invokes League Covenant-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
01/04/1935 Saar Chief (Col. G. G. Knox) Warns Of Curb (Ban) On Press-U.S. Voters Are Assailed-(Samuel) Dickstein (N.Y. Representative On House Immigration Committee) Says He Will Seek Law To End The Citizenship Of Those Going (To Germany From U.S.) To Aid Reich 12
01/04/1935 Miss Sittell Freed From German Jail 13
01/04/1935 Curb On Reds Here Asked By (N.Y. Representative) Dickstein 18
01/05/1935 Col. Lindbergh Names Hauptmann As Kidnapper And Taker Of Ransom 1
01/05/1935 Germany Nervous After Nazi Rally As Rumors Spread-Foreign Press Assailed 1
01/05/1935 Roosevelt To Make Jobs For 3,500,000 Now On Relief 1
01/05/1935 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Message Interests British 3
01/05/1935 (‘Isolationist’ Senator Gerald P. Nye) Asks $100,000 More For (Wwi) Arms Inquiry 4
01/05/1935 Political Foes Free, Austria Announces 13
01/05/1935 Single Fund Urged For Jewish (Welfare) Work 18
01/05/1935 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Derides Communist Charge (Which Had Been Leveled At Columbia University)-To Ignore Whole Matter 18
01/06/1935 Italy And France Plan Three Pacts To Help Security 1
01/06/1935 French Air Fleet To Copy U.S. Plan-Army Gets More Pilots 1
01/06/1935 Roosevelt Pushes (Supports) World Court Issue 1
01/06/1935 Roosevelt At Work On Social Program-British System A Model 2
01/06/1935 Jewish (Welfare) Conference Merges Two Groups-Aid For (German-Jewish) Refugees Asked 3
01/06/1935 New Deal Tyranny, Says Farm Leader 7
01/06/1935 84 Bombing Planes Ordered For Navy (Chance-Vought) 8
01/06/1935 Soviet Hints Reich Aided Kiroff Plot-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
01/06/1935 Schleicher Held Cleared By Hitler 19
01/06/1935 Postponing Vote (Plebiscite) Weighed In Saar-Troops To Shun Rallies 20
01/06/1935 (Ramsey) M’donald Plans Steps Like Ours (New Deal)-Is Willing To Experiment 27
01/06/1935 Mr. Roosevelt Solidifies His Support In Congress E-1
01/06/1935 Geneva Is Stirred By U.S. Entry Idea-Clarence K. Streit E-3
01/06/1935 Red Shirts Fight Church In Mexico E-8
01/06/1935 Tugwell, Rexford G., The Battle For Democracy, Columbia University Press, N.Y.-Professor Tugwell Defines The Battle For Democracy Book 3
01/06/1935 The Fear That Stalks In Russia Mag. 3
01/06/1935 The Japanese In America; A Close Up Mag. 9
01/06/1935 Our Tin Shortage Presents An Issue-This Nation Is Dependent On Imports For Use During War And Peace Time XX-2
01/07/1935 Reich Army Is Supreme As Sole Military Force Under Pledge By Hitler 1
01/07/1935 Saar Snow Cools Ardor Of Rallies 1
01/07/1935 France And Italy In A Full Accord; Reich Is Annoyed 1
01/07/1935 (Workers) Organize To Fight (Senator Huey P.) Long As Dictator 1
01/07/1935 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Praises Roosevelt Views 7
01/07/1935 World Congress Of Jews Opposed (By Dr. Cyrus Adler) 8
01/07/1935 Welfare Changes By Jews Proposed-Bias Within Race Seen 8
01/07/1935 Social Work Vital, Proskauer Holds 8
01/07/1935 Russians Urge Poles To End (Anti-Soviet) Press Campaign 11
01/07/1935 Foes Of (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller (Anti-NSDAP) Divided In Reich 14
01/07/1935 Jobs For Refugees Barred By Prague-Many Germans Have Left Country 14
01/07/1935 Shooting At Hitler Reported In Berlin-Unconfirmed Rumor 14
01/07/1935 Saar Returns (Plebiscite) To Aid Peace, Nazis Assert 14
01/07/1935 (Reds) Fire At Starhemberg Car 14
01/07/1935 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Decries Jews’ ‘Emancipation’ 15
01/07/1935 Nickel Beer Soon, Aim Of Brewers 19
01/07/1935 President (Roosevelt) Called Greatest Of Men-(Feminist-Pacifist) Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt Says He Is ‘Head And Shoulders’ Above All Others Living 19
01/08/1935 Nazis To Wipe Our All Reich States In Tightening Grip-Defeat For Goering Seen 1
01/08/1935 Mussolini Signs Pacts With Laval 1
01/08/1935 Senator (Huey P.) Long Fires His Heralded Blast-He Denounces New Deal 1
01/08/1935 National Defense Seeks $870,922,292-11,000 More Men For Navy 5
01/08/1935 Saar Suppresses Nazis’ Terrorism-Special Ballots Taken 22
01/08/1935 New Arms Talks In February Seen 22
01/08/1935 High Court Aids 2 In Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case 23
01/08/1935 Czech Film (‘Ecstacy’) Barred Because Of Nudity (Hedy Lamarr Known Then As Hedy Keisler)-Morgenthau Upholds Ruling 23
01/08/1935 Bias Against Negro Laid To New Deal 24
01/08/1935 Bankers To Meet Germans On Debts-Many Millions Involved 33
01/09/1935 Armaments Boom Reich Steel Output-10% Jump Since Hitler’s Advent Puts Nation Second In World’s Production-Otto D. Tolischus 1
01/09/1935 Britain (Ramsay Macdonald) Will Seek Paris-Berlin Unity 8
01/09/1935 Reich Curbs Imports In British Debt Plan 8
01/09/1935 Reds In Saar Foil Eviction By Nazis-American Voters Hailed 9
01/09/1935 Britain Launches New Dole System 9
01/09/1935 President Of Spain To Testify On Arms-Offers Evidence At Inquiry On Gun-Running That Preceded October Revolution 9
01/09/1935 11 Ships Approved In Survey By Navy 41
01/10/1935 (Currency) Stabilization Is Hinted At Capitol As Gold Bloc Maps Overtures Here 1
01/10/1935 Chaos Over Debts Pictured If Court Backs (Roosevelt’s) Gold Plan 1
01/10/1935 Oil Control Stays, Says Roosevelt 2
01/10/1935 New Faith In NRA Asked By (General Hugh S.) Johnson 3
01/10/1935 Nazis Beat Foes In Saarbruecken-Two Reds Stab Hitlerite 6
01/10/1935 Move To Divide Saar (Between Germany And League Of Nations) Launched 6
01/10/1935 (Feminist-Pacifist) Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Avid Roosevelt Supporter) 76 Years Old 6
01/10/1935 Brazil Is Sending Debt Mission Here-Seeks To Suspend Payment In U.S. And Europe Until Exports Increase 7
01/10/1935 Laval Says Accord In Rome Aids Peace 8
01/10/1935 Grain Prices Hit By Selling Wave 36
01/10/1935 Cotton Reselling Puts Prices Down 36
01/10/1935 Steel Rate Gains Sharply In Week 37
01/11/1935 Federal Banks Buy Housing Sites Here 1
01/11/1935 (Senators) Urge Continuing (Wwi) Munitions Inquiry 6
01/11/1935 World Court Issue (Supported By Roosevelt) Put Before Senate-Vandenberg Plans Fight 7
01/11/1935 Germany Rejects British League Bid-Refuses To Return To Geneva For Council Meeting On The Saar Plebiscite-Simon And Laval Expected To Discuss Reich Arms At Meeting In Geneva 12
01/11/1935 New Nazi Activities Charged In Austria 12
01/11/1935 Reich Arms Plan Sought By Powers-Germans Believed Ready (For War)-Augur 13
01/11/1935 Saar Groups Fight As Voters Arrive-Foes Of Reich Protest 13
01/11/1935 Union League Asks Stabilized Dollar 16
01/11/1935 Russian Author (Mme. Tchernavin) Caustic On Soviet-Called Super Fascism 21
01/11/1935 France’s Industry To Get ‘New Deal’ (From Premier Pierre-Etienne Flandin) 26
01/11/1935 Peace An Illusion Writes Mussolini 26
01/12/1935 Gravity Of Issue In Gold Decision Urged On Court 1
01/12/1935 Market Wrenched By The Gold Cases 1
01/12/1935 Flandin Will Seek Accord On Money-British Oppose The Move 2
01/12/1935 Japan Asserts (Eijii Amau) Asserts U.S. Plans Aggression-Demands Real Equality 3
01/12/1935 Saar Vote (Plebiscite Results) On Radio Tuesday (Jan. 15) 6
01/12/1935 Bolivians Resist (Paraguayan Military) Attacks Strongly-Hull Proposal Hits Snag 6
01/12/1935 New Alignment Seen For Canada 6
01/12/1935 (German Ambassador To England, Dr. Leopold Von Hoesch, London) Says Reich Accepts World Cooperation 6
01/12/1935 Russian Reds Oust 3 More Officials-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
01/12/1935 Austria Sends Force To Bar Nazi Rioting 6
01/12/1935 Sale Of Royal (King Of Saxony’s) Furniture (At Auction) 6
01/13/1935 Heavy Saar Guard Keeps Down Strife On Plebiscite Eve-Free Choice Is Assured 1
01/13/1935 Beaten Reds Loot Big Area In China 7
01/13/1935 Reich Confiscates (Albert) Einstein (Summer) Residence (At Caputh, Near Berlin) 7
01/13/1935 Flandin Outlines French ‘New Deal’ (‘Speaking In Almost Rooseveltian Language At A Radical Socialist Part Meeting’) 8
01/13/1935 (Dr. James Bryant Conant, President Of Harvard, Avid Anti-German, Interventionist Supporter Of Roosevelt, Later, U.S. Official In Germany) Attacks Germany On Scholar Curbs 17
01/13/1935 Jews (Zionist, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Founder Of Irgun Zvai Leumi) Seek To Form (Jewish) State In Palestine 18
01/13/1935 Saar (Return) Celebration Prepared In Reich-Fear Big Minority (‘Opposing’) Vote-Otto D. Tolischus 31
01/13/1935 France Acts To Avert Saar Border Clash 31
01/13/1935 Fair (Saar) Vote Predicted By Miss Wambaugh (U.S. Technical Advisor Of Plebiscite Commission) 31
01/13/1935 League Urges Calm In Saar Vote Today 31
01/13/1935 Nazi (Dr. Walther Ott, Austria) Receives Life Term 31
01/13/1935 Von Jagow Dies (72); German Diplomat (Prussian Foreign Minister-Challenged Lord Grey’s Memoirs In A Book Published In 1925-Picture) 33
01/13/1935 Japanese Influx Worry To Brazil N-2
01/13/1935 (Felix) Frankfurter (‘Reputed God-Father Of The Roosevelt Administration’s ‘Brain Trust’’) To Give Lecture Course Here N-3
01/13/1935 New Amtorg (Head Of Russian Trading Mission In U.S.) Tells Credit Aims-Hopes For Cooperation N-17
01/13/1935 ‘Realities’ Of The New Deal Tested In Supreme Court E-1
01/13/1935 Europe Is Finding Ways To Squelch War Moves-Walter Duranty E-1
01/13/1935 Troops Of League Give Color To Saar-Natives Are Thrilled E-1
01/13/1935 No Armament Race Observed In Navies E-2
01/13/1935 Warsaw Is Firm On Danzig Rights-(Dr. Artur) Greiser Is Conciliatory-Jerzy Szapiro E-2
01/13/1935 Japanese Navy Held To Be Better Than Ours In Ships And Personnel-Moreover Japanese Officer Writes For Home Consumption, Our Shipbuilders Are ‘Notorious For Crude Technique,’ And We Are Bluffing, Anyway E-2
01/13/1935 Soviet City (Samara) Halts Murderous (Youth) Group-Harold Denny, Moscow E-3
01/13/1935 1935 To Give Reich An ‘Enduring’ Form E-3
01/13/1935 Hitler Held Sure To ‘Lose’ In Saar-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
01/13/1935 Virus Of New Deal Attacking Britain E-3
01/13/1935 Picture: British Guards Changing The Guard At Saarbruecken E-3
01/13/1935 Cartoon: Anti-Hitler E-5
01/13/1935 Marcus, Jacob R., The Rise And Destiny Of The German Jew, Cincinnati: Dept. Of Synagogue And School Extension Of The Union Of American Hebrew Congregations Book 10
01/13/1935 Stalin And Trotsky (Lev Bronstein); The Duel Goes On Mag. 2
01/13/1935 In The Saar, History Writes A Chapter-Harold Callender Mag. 3
01/13/1935 Revolutions Live By The Terror (French, Russian & German Mentioned-Not American) Mag. 10
01/13/1935 Toward World Recovery; The Rising Tide-Sir Arthur Salter XX-1
01/13/1935 Europe’s New Line-Up Adds Strength To French Bloc XX-3
01/13/1935 Plebiscite Long Used In European Disputes XX-14
01/13/1935 Exiled German Intellectuals Get Aid-W. M. Kotschnig, Director Of The High Commission For Refugees Coming From Germany (Picture: James G. Mc Donald, League Of Nations Commissioner For Refugees, Later On Editorial Staff Of N.Y. Times, Still Later Head Of President’s Committee On Refugees)-Nearly 7,000 XX-15
01/14/1935 Saar Plebiscite Orderly As 98% Cast Their Votes; Nazi Total Is Put At 80%-Exodus Tomorrow Likely 1
01/14/1935 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Sees Nation At Brink Of War-Says We Are Closer To It Than Early In 1917 2
01/14/1935 Pan-German Drive Gets New Impetus-Guido Enderis 3
01/14/1935 (Saar) Plebiscite Praised By Miss Wambaugh (See Entry: Jan. 13, 1935, P.-31) 3
01/14/1935 (Dr. Hans Luther, German Ambassador To U.S.) Sees Saar Happiness As Plebiscite Stake 3
01/14/1935 Saar To Oust 3,000 Asserts Roechling-Means Exile For Many 3
01/14/1935 1,431 Muellers Vote In Single Saar Suburb 3
01/14/1935 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Urges A New Gold Law (Supports Roosevelt) 8
01/14/1935 Reich Church Ills Laid To Politics-Sees People Revolting 8
01/14/1935 New ‘Christian Nobility’ Is Demanded To Save Us From ‘Ruthless Individualism’ 8
01/14/1935 Test For Germany In New Financing 21
01/15/1935 Saar Goes German By 90%; League Deliberates Today; Anti-Nazis Already Fleeing-Anti-Nazis Are Fearful-Feel Trapped With The French Frontier Closed-Trouble Is Possible Today-Comment Of Hitler 1
01/15/1935 Frick (Minister Of Interior) Ready To Take Command Of Saar; Little Mercy Seen For Reich Emigres 1
01/15/1935 Paris Reiterates Its Stand On Gold 4
01/15/1935 Reich Is Impatient For Saar Verdict-Guido Enderis 8
01/15/1935 British Seek End Of Reich Isolation-Russians Are Worried 8
01/15/1935 Reich Jobless Up 252,000 In Month 8
01/15/1935 Map: Saar Territory Regained By Germany 8
01/15/1935 Permanent Air Board (And Coastal Military Fields) Urged On Roosevelt 13
01/15/1935 Gold Imports Loom As Dollar Rises 27
01/16/1935 Ex-Leaders Tried By Soviet In Plot 1
01/16/1935 Saar Nazis Hail Victory As Foes Go Into Hiding; League Decision Today-Joyous Hitlerite March-Unfurl Swastika Flags-Saar Nazis Exult As Their Foes Hide 1
01/16/1935 Charges Of Press Control By Roosevelt Termed ‘Bunk’ By President’s Secretary (Press Secretary, Stephen Early) 2
01/16/1935 (German) Boycott Effective Sat Nazi Foes (Samuel Untermyer, Head Of ‘‘Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights’) Here-Many (German) Industries Ruined 8
01/16/1935 Reich Not Defiant Over Saar Result-Celebrations Are Joyous-Guido Enderis 12
01/16/1935 League Will Speed Return Of Saar-Refugees Are A Problem-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
01/16/1935 London Press Hails Saar Vote’s Results 12
01/16/1935 Hitler Hails End Of 15-Year ‘Wrong’ 13
01/16/1935 French Chagrined By The Plebiscite-Refugees Are Welcome 13
01/16/1935 British Welcome Outcome In Saar 13
01/16/1935 Anti-Nazis Start No Exodus From Saar; French Fearing Rush, Add To Border Guard 13
01/16/1935 Germany Rewards Loyal Saarlanders 13
01/16/1935 Army (Fulgencio Batista’s) Rules Cuba To Protect Sugar 14
01/16/1935 Soviet Education Wins Praise Here (From Dr. Stephen P. Duggan)-Dr. (John) Dewey (Columbia University) Holds Every Factory Should Be A School 14
01/17/1935 President (Roosevelt) Pleads For World Court; Johnson Attacks 1
01/17/1935 Palestine Refugees Aided By Gifts (From) Here (Speech By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Before Women’s League For Palestine) 13
01/17/1935 British New Deal Wins Snowden Aid 14
01/17/1935 Paris Urges Berlin To Join Peace Pact 15
01/17/1935 Refugees Shot At From Saar Side 15
01/17/1935 Germans Stir Belgians 15
01/17/1935 Dispute In Geneva Balks Saar Action-France Seeks Recognition That Demilitarization Applies-Germans Object To Move 15
01/17/1935 Germans Charge League Sabotage (Of Will Of Plebiscite) 15
01/17/1935 (Russians) See Nazi Trouble On Saar 15
01/17/1935 Einstein Kin (Daughter) Lose Land (Confiscated At Caputh) 15
01/18/1935 Reich To Get Saar March 1, Agreeing To Demilitarize It-Laval In Minorities Plea-Clarence K. Streit 1
01/18/1935 Lloyd George Asks British New Deal-He Praises Roosevelt’s Policies, Urging Like Ones For Britain 1
01/18/1935 Reich Press Piqued Over Saar (‘Demilitarization’) Decision 2
01/18/1935 Exodus From Saar Speeded By Fright-Tales Of Violence False-But Nazi Chief Warns He Can’t Be Responsible For Safety Of League Commissioner 2
01/18/1935 Zinovieff And 18 Get Prison Terms-78 Are Exiled, 13 Women-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
01/18/1935 Nazis Active In Austria 2
01/18/1935 (Canadian) Parliament Gets Bennett New Deal 3
01/18/1935 (Ramsay) M’donald Is Hissed By British Miners 3
01/18/1935 Franco-U.S. Trade At Pre-War (I) Level 4
01/18/1935 Japanese Will Send Trade Mission Here 4
01/18/1935 (Senator Huey P.) Long Denounces ((Roosevelt-Supported World) Court And League (Of Nations) 5
01/18/1935 Risks Of Naval Race Are Scouted In Japan 6
01/18/1935 Americanism Is Assailed (In Koeln By Christen Jenssen) 6
01/18/1935 Roosevelt Favors A Giant (U.S.) Dirigible (Most Likely With Helium)-New Commission Urged 7
01/18/1935 Stephan Zweig (Jewish-Austrian Author) Here 7
01/18/1935 Labor (A. F. Of L.) To Push (German) Boycott 10
01/18/1935 Text Of Senator (Robert F.) Wagner’s Bill Setting Up A Broad Plan Of Social Insurance (Social Security-Picture) 16
01/18/1935 Summary Of Report By The Economic Security Committee 18
01/19/1935 (Gen.) Gamelin Is Named French Army Head (Succeeds Gen. Maxime Weygand) 4
01/19/1935 Saar Exodus Less Than Looked For-Not More Than 1,500 Have Fled Into France, Mostly Fugitives From Germany 5
01/19/1935 Poland Boycotts (League) Minorities Session 5
01/19/1935 Lloyd George (‘New Deal’) Plan Interests His Foes 5
01/20/1935 Battle In Chahar Expected Today; Japanese Advance-Drive On ‘Bandits’-8 Planes Being Used 1
01/20/1935 Nazis Open Drive To Regain Memel; They Report Lithuania Mobilizing 1
01/20/1935 Lloyd George New Deal Gets Wide Support 1
01/20/1935 Russian (M. Guzev) To Be Executed 6
01/20/1935 Japanese Prepare To Buy A Zeppelin 7
01/20/1935 Italy Will Treat With Abyssinians-League Pressure Used-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
01/20/1935 Roosevelt Move Awaited By ‘Epics’-See No Real Recovery 23
01/20/1935 Hitler Interviews Changed For Reich-Republished German Versions Differ From Originals As Printed In Foreign Press-Former More Truculent-Frederick T. Birchall 31
01/20/1935 Nazi Race Theory Basic In (German) Colleges-Legal Tradition Fought 31
01/20/1935 Philosophy Has Big Role With Nazis, Hess Says 31
01/20/1935 La Guardia Scores Nazi Racial Bias-Mayor Upholds (Untermyer) Boycott 31
01/20/1935 Flight From Saar Doubles Refugees-1,000 Enter France In One Day 31
01/20/1935 (Dr. Stephen P. Duggan, Director, Institute Of International Education-See Entry Jan. 16, 1935, P. 14) Sees Russia Going ‘Right’ 31
01/20/1935 Nazis Busy In Vienna 31
01/20/1935 Hitler Salute In League 31
01/20/1935 Jews (National Conference For Palestine) Will Confer On Homeland Plan-Endorsed By Roosevelt N-2
01/20/1935 More Pay Assured To Many Teachers N-3
01/20/1935 Education To Get Vast Federal Aid-Schools To Be Assisted (According To Dr. John W. Studebaker, U.S. Commissioner Of Education) N-3
01/20/1935 Social Security Program Faces Three Criticisms E-1
01/20/1935 Former Allies Consider German Arms Equality E-1
01/20/1935 Britain Weighs New Deal As Recovery Slows Down E-1
01/20/1935 Germans Abroad Loyal, Saar Shows-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-1
01/20/1935 Saar Poll (Plebiscite) A Shock To French E-2
01/20/1935 Nazis, Power Won, Redefine Values-Otto D. Tolischus E-2
01/20/1935 Picture: Bread Being Sold Again (First Time Since 1923) In Moscow E-3
01/20/1935 Soviet Party Seen As Ruthless When Any Of Its Members Rebel-Harold Denny, Moscow E-3
01/20/1935 Civilians In Russia Get Ready For (Air) Raids E-3
01/20/1935 German-American Amity Viewed As Aid To Peace E-5
01/20/1935 Enemies Surround, Is Japanese View E-8
01/20/1935 Heiden, Konrad, A History Of National Socialism, Alfred A Knopf, N.Y Book 9
01/20/1935 The New Deal Looks Overseas-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
01/20/1935 Young Germany Faces The Labor Draft Mag. 5
01/20/1935 Germany’s Secret Rearmament Raises A Momentous Issue XX-3
01/21/1935 Belgium Arrests (Eupen-Malmedy-Moresnet) Nazi Agitators Who Urge Areas Return To Reich 1
01/21/1935 U.S. Probably Blocked Trial Of Ex-Kaiser; Wilson Did An About-Face Archives Reveal 1
01/21/1935 To Form A Council For Palestine Task-Ickes Praises Movement-He Likens Jewish Program To The New Deal Planning Here 6
01/21/1935 J Of C Today Seeks Break With (Leftist) Mexico 6
01/21/1935 Palestine (Jewish Agency) Wants Labor 6
01/21/1935 Saar Strengthens Nazis’ Hand Abroad-Frederick T. Birchall 7
01/21/1935 (Carl) Schurz Relatives (In U.S.) Fight Nazi Link-Call Him Foe Of Despots (Dr. Franz Boas Of Columbia University Et Al. Present) 7
01/21/1935 Memorial To (Fritz) Haber Forbidden By Nazis 7
01/21/1935 Soviet Paper Scores Execution Protests 9
01/21/1935 Miss (Else A.) Sittell Back; 10 Days In A Nazi Jail-Refuses To Discuss Sentence For ‘Slur’ On Hitler-Denies Being Told To Keep Quiet-May Write Her Experiences-Voted In The Saar Plebiscite 17
01/22/1935 Abyssinians Massacre 107 In French Colony As Raiding Tribesmen Invade Somaliland 1
01/22/1935 Japan Reasserts Authority In China 4
01/22/1935 Text Of Hirota’s Speech On Foreign Relations 4
01/22/1935 Filipinos Pictured (By Pedro Guevara, Philippine Resident Commissioner) As Fearing Japan 4
01/22/1935 Reich Trade Goes Further Into Red-Balance Of Payments Hit 6
01/22/1935 Group Here Denies (German) Boycott’s Success-Board Of Trade For German-American Commerce Tells Of Boomerang Effect 6
01/22/1935 Jesuit Howled Down By Nazis In Munich 6
01/22/1935 League Aid Asked For Saar Refugees-(James G.) M’donald Praises Paris-Clarence K. Streit 6
01/22/1935 Nazis Open Press Drive (To Sell The ‘Voelkischer Beobachter’ & ‘Der Angriff’) 6
01/22/1935 Paris-Berlin Amity Is Goal Of (Foreign Minister, Pierre) Laval-Anne O’Hare McCormick 7
01/22/1935 West Indies To See (U.S.) Air Games By Navy 7
01/22/1935 Destroyer To Slide Off Ways Tomorrow 13
01/22/1935 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Host To 900 (U.S. Club Women) 16
01/22/1935 New Body Voted To Aid Palestine-Will Link Other Agencies 19
01/23/1935 British Seen Ready To Isolate Reich-Want Germany Brought Into Pacts, But Would Back Them Without Her, It Is Held-Sharp Change In Policy-Peril Of Splitting Europe Into Two Camps Can Now Be Avoided-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
01/23/1935 German Attitude On Pacts Stiffens-Resents New Pressure-Frederick T. Birchall 3
01/23/1935 50,000 Back Drive On Nazi Paganism (Movement Attributed To Alfred Rosenberg) 3
01/23/1935 British Are Cool To Tokyo (Naval Conference) Overture 4
01/24/1935 Nazi Troops (Under Viktor Lutze) Shorn Of Power In State-Army Rules Triumphant-Otto D. Tolischus 1
01/24/1935 Reich Craftsmen Must Enter Guild-Examinations Set Up 6
01/24/1935 Nazis Open Farm Colony 6
01/24/1935 British Poll Backs Use Of Sanctions 6
01/24/1935 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Tells Women Plan To End Wars 8
01/24/1935 Rights In Danger, Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns-Principles Of Democracy Are Being Widely ‘Flouted’ 16
01/24/1935 (Federal Aviation Commission) Asks 4,000 Planes For Military Use 16
01/24/1935 Blight In Dutch Elms Studied By President (Roosevelt) 21
01/24/1935 Germany Reveals Reduction In Debt 33
01/25/1935 Far Drive By Japan In China Expected 1
01/25/1935 Ex-Nazi (Rudolf Wormys) Murdered In Czechoslovakia 3
01/25/1935 Peace Pleas Made From Five Nations (Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Pacifist, Feminist, Founder Of ‘Conference On The Cause And Cure Of War’) 6
01/25/1935 Nazis Shape Reich Into 20 Provinces 8
01/25/1935 Goering Accepts Bid (Invitation) To Shoot (Hunt) In Poland 8
01/25/1935 Bars Eased Curb On Jews (In Germany) 8
01/25/1935 General Amnesty In Saar 8
01/25/1935 Kaunas (Lithuania) Is Suspicious Of Nazi Border Guard 8
01/25/1935 Colleges Blamed As Haven Of ‘Isms’-Derides Progressive Aim 24
01/25/1935 Students Support A Defensive War (Poll) 25
01/25/1935 Anti-Crime ‘West Point’ Is Ordered; Federal Committee Named To Direct It 44
01/26/1935 Germany To Float A ‘Patriotic’ Loan 10
01/26/1935 No Peace With Nazis, Starhemberg Plea-Holds Anschluss Dead 10
01/26/1935 American Mission In China Looted 10
01/26/1935 Krupp Enjoys Boom; Makes Huge Profits 10
01/26/1935 Nazis Gag (Fritz) Haber Services 10
01/26/1935 (Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt) Urges More Funds For ‘Peace Forces’ 15
01/26/1935 (Bernard) Baruch For Taking Profit Out Of War 18
01/26/1935 Nazi Murder Ends Attacks By Radio-Transmitter Is Found In Room Of Czech Inn Where (Rudolf) Wormys, Refugee Was Slain 24
01/27/1935 (Senator) Huey Long Troops Force His Foes To Surrender; Martial Law Declared 1
01/27/1935 Goering To Be Away On Polish Hunting Trip When Reichstag Divides Prussia Wednesday 1
01/27/1935 France To Extend Credit To Soviet 5
01/27/1935 (Dr. Bernhardt Weiss) Loses Property In Reich (He Is Believed To Be In Paris) 5
01/27/1935 Paris And London At Odds On Reich 6
01/27/1935 Reich Green Week Farm Show Opens-Recalls The War Famine 7
01/27/1935 2 Soviet Rail Chiefs Seized During Trial 7
01/27/1935 Pola Negri Still Banned (In Germany, Acted As Polish Agent In World War I) 7
01/27/1935 Two At The Whipping Post (At Wilmington, Delaware) 16
01/27/1935 Jewish Aid Urged On Social Justice 22
01/27/1935 Mexican Prelate Hits (Government) ‘Persecution’ 24
01/27/1935 Cuba Is Warned (By Rockefeller Foundation) Of A Dictatorship 25
01/27/1935 France To Create Jobs For Her Idle N-1
01/27/1935 Americans Lauded On World Outlook (By Dr. Edith E. Ware, Columbia University) N-2
01/27/1935 Prague Asks Arrests In German’s (Rudolf Wormy’s) Slaying N-4
01/27/1935 Germans Give (Personal) Gems To Aid Saar Plans N-4
01/27/1935 Britain And France Seeking A Formula-A Simple Plan To Bring Germany Back Into European Circle (Without Consulting Her) Is The Aim Of Diplomacy-Augur E-2
01/27/1935 Germany Speeding Up Her Airplane Plants E-2
01/27/1935 The Reichswehr; Now Under The Scrutiny Of The World (Anti-Hitler Cartoon) E-2
01/27/1935 Roosevelt Clinches Hold On Congress E-3
01/27/1935 Washington Facing Problem In Orient E-3
01/27/1935 Diplomacy Now Busy Behind The Scenes-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
01/27/1935 Map: The Uncertainties Along The German Border (Lost German Territory) E-4
01/27/1935 ‘Bleeding Borders’ Disturb Germany-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
01/27/1935 Abyssinia’s Firm Stand (Against Italy) Gives League A Scare-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-5
01/27/1935 Austria Again Disturbed By A New Plea For Otto-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
01/27/1935 Two Years Of Hitlerism; An Inventory-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin Mag. 3
01/27/1935 Five Decades In The Life Of Roosevelt Mag. 4
01/28/1935 Nazis Drop Plans For Huge Festival (Second Anniversary Of The ‘Macht Ergreiffung’) 1
01/28/1935 Depriving Japan Of Mandates (Former German Colonies) Is Favored By League Majority, But Action Is Far Off 1
01/28/1935 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges World Court Step-Holds Isolation Gone 2
01/28/1935 (Liberty League) Assails Powers Given President (Roosevelt By The U.S. Congress)-A Trend To ‘Dictatorship’ 2
01/28/1935 World Court Foes Chided By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University) 2
01/28/1935 Goering Accuses Slain Schleicher (Of Plotting Coup To Keep NSDAP From Taking Power In 1933 After Winning Election) 6
01/28/1935 Nazi Garb Barred In Saar 6
01/28/1935 Nazi (Anti-Semitic) Terror Bared In Buenos Aires 6
01/28/1935 British, Reich Plans Assailed In Paris 6
01/28/1935 Military Training For All Reich Is Seen Coming 6
01/28/1935 Reich Wants Peace, Lord Allen States 6
01/28/1935 Nazis Ban Catholic Paper 6
01/28/1935 Oil Led U.S. To Ban Arms For Mexico-Bandit Raids Followed 7
01/28/1935 End Of Social Ills Held Urgent-300 At Jewish Conference Are Urged To Give Support To Welfare Legislation 8
01/28/1935 $30,000 Gifts Open Palestine Drive-Governor (Herbert Lehman) Donates $250 11
01/28/1935 Jews Argue Plan For World Body 13
01/28/1935 Ex-Kaiser Is Feted On 76th Birthday 17
01/28/1935 National Income Up In Germany In 1934 23
01/29/1935 Private Industry Held Vital In War (By Sec. War, George H. Dern) 2
01/29/1935 Japan Now Seeks Accord With China 4
01/29/1935 Japanese Rallied To Face Navy Race-British Eager For Treaty 4
01/29/1935 U.S. Termed Ready For Naval Talks-Defends The 5-5-3 Ratio 4
01/29/1935 Paris And London Confused On Talks-France Adamant On Reich 6
01/29/1935 World Labor Body (League I.L.O.) Admits U.S. Today-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
01/29/1935 League’s Position Is Termed Secure-Would Survive Even Another Big War 6
01/29/1935 Russia Is Strong, Molotoff Asserts-He Defends Executions-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
01/30/1935 Senate Beats World Court, 52-36, 7 Less Than 2/3 Vote; Defeat For The President (Roosevelt) 1
01/30/1935 Germany Orders American’s (Richard Roiderer’s) Trial (Treason) 1
01/30/1935 ‘Equal Security’ Demanded By U.S. (Rooseveltian Lieutenant, Norman H. Davies) 1
01/30/1935 Defeat For The Forces Of Peace Is Seen (In World Court Vote) 2 Japan Denies Plan To Ally With China 6
01/30/1935 (Fritz) Haber Memorial Is Held In Berlin (Harnack House, Kaiser Wilhelm Institut) 6
01/30/1935 Goering Finishes His Hunt In (Bialowitsch) Poland 6
01/30/1935 Berlin Jewish Body Makes First Protest 6
01/30/1935 Britain Seeks Amity Of U.S., Eden Asserts 6
01/30/1935 (Foreign Minister Pierre) Laval Holds Fast To (French) Security Thesis-Deputy Warns Of Reich 7
01/30/1935 In Soviet Or In U.S., A Talk Is A Talk-Of Course, Garb Differs-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
01/30/1935 7,000 Fetes Honor President (Roosevelt’s Birthday) Tonight (Picture) 21
01/30/1935 Our Foreign Trade Fell In December (1934) 27
01/30/1935 U.S. Steel Deficit Cut To $28,906,526 27
01/31/1935 Japan Is Exerting Pressure On China For An ‘Alliance’ 1
01/31/1935 Soviet Commissar Hits Johnson Act (Says It Makes Further Negotiations With U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William C. Bullitt Useless) 4
01/31/1935 Proclamation By Hitler 5
01/31/1935 Ahead Of Program He (Hitler) Maintains 5
01/31/1935 (Richard) Roiderer Plight Laid To Notes On Dachau-Led To Treason Charge 5
01/31/1935 Flavin And Laval In London Tonight 5
01/31/1935 Berlin Air Raid Test Is Set For March 19 5
01/31/1935 Hitlerite Governor To Rule Saar March 1 5
01/31/1935 Paris Deplores (U.S. World) Court (Vote) Outcome-Still Hopeful In Britain 6
01/31/1935 U.S. Supports Move For 40-Hour Week (Isidor Lubin At League I.L.O. Conference In Geneva) 6
01/31/1935 (U.S.) Rebuff On Court Surprises Geneva-Say America Will Suffer-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
01/31/1935 Still Lower Pound Is Seen In Britain 7
01/31/1935 (U.S. Secretary Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Urges Pact On World Exports 9