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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

February 1935
Date Headline Page
02/01/1935 Inquiry On Mexico Is Asked By Borah-Religious Curbs Stressed 1
02/01/1935 Soviet Debt Talks With U.S. Collapse 1
02/01/1935 Hull’s Statement On Debt Talk Failure 4
02/01/1935 9 Mexican States Report Uprisings 5
02/01/1935 London And Paris Anxious On Parley 6
02/01/1935 Germany Aloof On London Talks 6
02/01/1935 National Income Of Germany Rises 6
02/01/1935 Anti-Jewish Drive In Munich Failure 7
02/01/1935 (Geneva) Seats In I.L.O. Won By U.S. And Soviet 7
02/01/1935 Reich Celebrates Reds’ (Spartacists) Killer (Otto Marloh) Of 1919 7
02/01/1935 Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA Administrator) Asks Rush On Big Relief Fund 9
02/02/1935 Japan Bids China Accept Her Policy Or Face Attacks-Financial Aid Is Hinted 1
02/02/1935 More Democracy Planned In Russia-Wider Socialism Cited-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
02/02/1935 Soviet-U.S. Break (Over Payment Of Russian Debts) Encourages Reich 4
02/02/1935 2 October Rebels Executed In Spain 4
02/02/1935 Nazi Salute Is ‘Too Holy’ In Carnival, So One Bows 4
02/02/1935 Nazi (Johan Blaschke) On Trial In Vienna 4
02/02/1935 Reich Eases Jewish Curb 4
02/02/1935 Hitler Removes Ban On Pola Negri Film 4
02/02/1935 French Students Riot (Against Foreigners In French Colleges ) 4
02/02/1935 Federal Officials Accused As ‘Reds’-Call On Roosevelt To Act 5
02/03/1935 Tried To Kill (Senator Huey P.) Long, Ex-Deputy Admits 1
02/03/1935 U.S.-Brazil Sign Pact To Aid Trade 1
02/03/1935 British-French Agreement On Armed Reich Is Reached; Will Abrogate Treaty Ban Arms Pact Substituted-Germany To Be Informed-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
02/03/1935 Treaty Clauses Affected 1
02/03/1935 Japan Sees Hope Of China’s Amity 6
02/03/1935 Pagan Fetes Put On Reich Calender-Churches Are Attacked 8
02/03/1935 Anti-Foreign Drive Dropped In Paris-Americans Ask Apology 9
02/03/1935 Hitlerism Is Condemned-Dorothy Thompson Sees A Blow To Culture-Teacher Disputes Her 21
02/03/1935 Argentina Bares Nazi Plot Details-Directed Against Labor 21
02/03/1935 Jews May Secure A Refuge In Syria-Technicians Are Wanted 27
02/03/1935 Germany Planning To Bare Rearming-Would End Exaggeration 29
02/03/1935 Soviet Blames Us For Rift In Debt 29
02/03/1935 France Asks Britain To Aid In (Currency) Stabilization 29
02/03/1935 Kirsten Flagstad Greeted At Debut N-4
02/03/1935 Larger Gain Of Gold By The Reichsbank N-13
02/03/1935 Oil Is The Weak Point In Tokyo’s Strategy-Fuel For The Japanese Navy Must Come Largely From Sources Dominated By United States And Britain E-3
02/03/1935 Nazis In Austria Keep Hitler’s Day-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
02/03/1935 France Is Fearful Of German Power E-3
02/03/1935 Red Army Grows Swiftly In Strength And Prestige E-5
02/03/1935 Jews Told To Ban Arabs-Joseph M. Levy E-5
02/03/1935 Picture: Daniel C. Roper, U.S. Sec. Of Commerce E-10
02/03/1935 Flandin Strives To Modernize France (With A ‘New Deal’)-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 3
02/03/1935 Rival Generals In The Currency War Mag. 8
02/03/1935 New Deal Shepherds On Capitol Hill Mag. 9
02/03/1935 Vast Crowds That Gather In Lands Of The Dictators Mag. 12
02/04/1935 Reich Invited As An Equal To Negotiate Arms Pact; Berlin Cool To Proposal 1
02/04/1935 Franco-British Statement-Frederick T. Birchall 1
02/04/1935 Germany Receives Bid To Make Pact 1
02/04/1935 U.S. To Blacklist All Nations Unfair To American Goods-8 Countries Now On List 1
02/04/1935 Navy Offers Plan To Increase Fleet 2
02/04/1935 Reich’s Stake Big In Gold Decision 5
02/04/1935 Vatican Sees Crisis In Reich Relation 5
02/04/1935 Hearing Is Denied American In Cuba 5
02/04/1935 Soviet Won’t Move For Free Speech-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
02/04/1935 New Deal Filing, Methodists Hold 13
02/04/1935 Peace Just A Sham, M’connell Holds-Nations Have Treaties In One Hand And Cruisers In The Other 18
02/04/1935 British Gold Out Go Up Sharply In Year 23
02/04/1935 France Able To Keep Gold Basis 23
02/05/1935 Reich To Consider The London (Franco-British) Plan; Pleased By Tone 1
02/05/1935 Democracy Faces End Says House-Bureaucracy Will Replace It 4
02/05/1935 3 Can Sway Nation, Foe Of War Holds (Doesn’t Mention Roosevelt!) 5
02/05/1935 Foreign Creditors Meet In Germany 7
02/05/1935 Geneva Sees Air Arms Of Reich Reorganized 7
02/05/1935 180,000 In Germany Now Sterilized 7
02/05/1935 U.S. Ready To Waive Reich Disarmament (Resulting From The London Franco-British Decisions) 7
02/05/1935 Reich Court Bans Jew 7
02/05/1935 Mexico Repudiates British Oil Grant 8
02/05/1935 Italy Is Pressing For Pact With U.S. 10
02/05/1935 Russia Is Alleged To Face Famine 10
02/06/1935 Flandin Stresses Anglo-French Ties In Air Convention 1
02/06/1935 Germany Is Wary On Powers’ (England & France’s) Offer-Guido Enderis 8
02/06/1935 Britain Bans Visit Of Eden To Berlin 8
02/07/1935 U.S. To Drop Moscow Consulate; Displeased Over Failure On Debt (Talks) 1
02/07/1935 Churchills Upset Tories In Election 1
02/07/1935 U.S. Plan To Barter With Reich Dropped 8
02/07/1935 Hitler Devotes All Time To Pact (Talks With French & British) 8
02/07/1935 Hitler Is God’s Agent, Says Nazi Church Chief (Dr. Rheinhold Krause) 8
02/07/1935 Britain Repledges An India Dominion 8
02/07/1935 (Willem) Mengelberg (Orchestra Conductor) Shuns Reich 8
02/07/1935 Japanese Seek Ban On Hawaiian Forts (Pearl Harbor) 9
02/08/1935 American (Miss Wambaugh, See Entry, Jan. 13, 1935, P. 31) Praises Plebiscite In Saar 1
02/08/1935 Hitler In Charge On Arms Question 8
02/08/1935 U.S.-Russian Rift Delights Germans-No Comment In Moscow 8
02/08/1935 U.S. Can Shun War, Collegians Hold 11
02/09/1935 France Puts New Ban On Foreign Workers; Limits Freedom Of Aliens In Drive On Idle 1
02/09/1935 Nazis Publishing ‘Pedigree’ Books-Will Give Every Family Volume Like Animal Breeding Chart To Keep Health Record (Family Tree!)-Push Race Improvement 6
02/09/1935 Tokyo War Minister Says Soviet Is Peril 6
02/10/1935 Hitler Is Seeking More Concessions-Colonies Return Urged 1
02/10/1935 Berlin Hears That Hitler Rejected Plea By Crown Prince For Kaiser’s Return 1
02/10/1935 (Jan) Smuts Again Urges U.S.-British Unity 10
02/10/1935 Hawaiian Air Base (Pearl Harbor Etc.) Called ‘Defensive’-Belittles Fears Abroad 18
02/10/1935 ‘Real’ Arms Move Demanded By (Senator Gerald P.) Nye 20
02/10/1935 Red Demonstration Is Halted In Vienna 20
02/10/1935 Ex-Kaiser’s Son Gains In His Nazi Standing 22
02/10/1935 Reich Reports Rise In Unemployment 22
02/10/1935 French Fear Reich Will Block Pacts E-4
02/10/1935 Answer To The Powers Is A New Test For Hitler E-4
02/10/1935 French Thrilled Over (Anglo-French) Air Entente E-4
02/10/1935 Inside Story Told Of The Air Locarno (Pact) E-4
02/10/1935 A Slight To Poland Is Seen At London (Poland Not Consulted On ‘Locarno Pact’-Either) E-4
02/10/1935 Russian Debt (To U.S.) Fiasco Brings Us No Ill Will E-5
02/10/1935 Japan’s Naval Aim Rooted In Politics E-5
02/10/1935 French Are Linked To Soviet (Debt) Default-Walter Duranty E-5
02/10/1935 Uncle Sam Expands His Civilian Payroll E-7
02/10/1935 Nervous Japan Gripped By Spyphobia Mag. 2
02/10/1935 (Senator) Huey Long Gives His View Of Dictators Mag. 3
02/11/1935 Italians Battle Abyssinians Again-Italians Plan A Vigorous Protest 1
02/11/1935 Anglo-U.S. Entente On For East Is Seen 1
02/11/1935 Cardinal (Von Faulhaber, Munich) In Threat To Cut Off (Excommunicate) Nazis (Because Of Parochial School Closing)-’Heathenism’ Is Assailed-Opposition Evangelical Faith (Confessional Synod Bishops, Paulsen [Silesia] & Johnson [Brunswick]) Demands Resignation Of Nazi Bishop (Pro-NSDAP Ludwig Mueller) 1&16
02/11/1935 Hitler Sees Soviet As Peace Menace-Guido Enderis 6
02/11/1935 Prince (Humbertus Zu) Loewenstein (Supporting ‘Friends Of The German Democracy’ Meeting At Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s Free Speech Synagogue) Booed By Nazis Here 6
02/11/1935 China (Chiang Kai-Shek) Begins Work On Great (Loyang) Air Base 10
02/11/1935 Spirit Of Lincoln Held Needed Now-Seen (By Norman Vincent Peale) As Foe Of Fascism 20
02/11/1935 (Episcopal) Bishop (James M.) Maxen Finds Communism A Threat 20
02/11/1935 $3,250,000 Sought By (United Jewish Appeal-American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, F. M. Warburg, Chairman) For Jewish (Germany And Other Eastern European Countries For Settlement In Palestine) Aid (Supported By James G. McDonald) 36
02/12/1935 Italians Mobilize An Army Of 35,000 In Abyssinian Crisis-2 Divisions On War Basis-Munitions Sent To Africa 1
02/12/1935 President (Roosevelt) Renews Amity With (U.S. Labor) Union (Note To A. F. Of L., P. 2) 1
02/12/1935 Hitler Plans To Curb His Special (‘Black-Coated’) Guards; Only A Tenth Of (Estimated!) 200,000 Will Have Rifles 1
02/12/1935 Vienna Socialists Display Strength 8
02/12/1935 Hitler Explains Visit (To Former Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm) 8
02/12/1935 Japan Wants Pact For Pacific Peace-British Want Accord With Us 9
02/13/1935 (Dirigible) Macon Wrecked In Pacific 1
02/13/1935 Italy Demands Indemnity; Abyssinia Denies Attacking 1
02/13/1935 (U.S.) Capital Sees End Of Airship Plans 1
02/13/1935 A. (Arthur) B. Spingarn (Chairman Of NAACP For 21 Years) Honored 5
02/13/1935 Abyssinia Charges Italians Attacked-Attache Rules Out Indemnity 6
02/13/1935 Italian Intimidation Of Abyssinia Feared (By London Times) 6
02/13/1935 Students In Reich Back Memel Drive 7
02/13/1935 Future Still Dark For German Exiles-Attitude Of U.S. Lauded (By James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner Of Refugees From Germany) 7
02/13/1935 Vienna Socialists Mourn Their Dead 7
02/13/1935 Collective Farms Revised (To Include 5,000,000 Peasants Not Yet Collectivized) By Soviets-Private Property Listed-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
02/13/1935 Julius Streicher (‘Der Sturmer’) Is Honored By Visit From Hitler 7
02/13/1935 New Church Curb Ordered (By President Cardenas) In Mexico 8
02/13/1935 Problems In Saar Delay (Franco-German) Trade Pact 8
02/13/1935 Yamamoto Hailed By Tokyo Throng-’Peace’ Plan Is Pressed 8
02/13/1935 Presbyterians Hit ‘Synthetic’ Church-World Alliance At Richmond Is ‘Alarmed’ By Religious Situation In Germany-Liberalism Held Passing 40
02/14/1935 (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann Guilty, Sentenced To Death For Murder Of The Lindbergh Baby (Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.) 1
02/14/1935 Some Of Macon’s (Structural) Material Below Standard Set For German (Built Engineers). Engineer Testified 2
02/14/1935 Berlin Impressed By Macon Disaster-New Ships Held Safe 3
02/14/1935 Capital Is Divided On Airship Worth 4
02/14/1935 Russia Protests Speech By Saito 4
02/14/1935 Protestants Shun Protest To Mexico (On Persecution Of Catholics)-Serious Acts Have Not Been Proved, Local Attacks Conceded 13
02/14/1935 Baron (Clement Von Radowitz) Held As Spy By Police In Paris 13
02/14/1935 Reich Bid For Vote By Austria Is Seen 14
02/14/1935 Hitler Bans Organs Of Nazi Radicals-Suppresses Reichswart 14
02/14/1935 Munich Catholics Rout Nazis In ‘Vote’-(Ludwig) Mueller (Pro-NSDAP Bishop) Seems Doomed 14
02/14/1935 Nazis In Struggle With Professors-Otto D. Tolischus 15
02/14/1935 Hitlerites Force Danzig Elections-Reich Aims Are Stressed 15
02/14/1935 Only Democrats Get Jobs In Holc (Home Owners’ Loan Corp’n.) 17
02/14/1935 Doris Duke Is Wed To J. H. R. Cromwell (Later Roosevelt’s Avid Pro-War Envoy To Canada-Picture-Later Divorced) 23
02/14/1935 (Arnold) Schoenberg To Join Juilliard’s Faculty (Self-Taught Until 20) 23
02/14/1935 Francs Rise Above Gold Export Point-More Gold Received Here 31
02/15/1935 Reich Reply (To Anglo-French Entente) Backs Air Pact But Bars Eastern Locarno-Discussion Is Welcomed-Guido Enderis 1
02/15/1935 35% Profit Made On Two Cruisers (‘Augusta’ & ‘Houston’) 2
02/15/1935 Metal In Dirigible (Macon) Was Up To Standard 3
02/15/1935 Hauptmann’s Mother Appeals To President (Roosevelt); She Asks Pardon, But He (Roosevelt) Is Powerless 6
02/15/1935 Aid To Youth Urged By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt-At Ithaca 7
02/15/1935 Britain Opposes U.S. (Drafted) Arms Treaty 8
02/15/1935 Hitler Opens ‘World’s’ Biggest Auto Show; Announces New ‘Cheap’ German Car (‘Volksauto’) At $800 (U.S. Cars ‘Virtually Excluded’ From Germany) 8
02/15/1935 Nazis See Peril In (Julius) Streicher (‘Der Sturmer’) Ideas-Upholds His War On Jews 9
02/15/1935 Jewish Prisoners (In British Palestine) Refuse Food 9
02/15/1935 (U.S. Ambassador, William E.) Dodd Sails For Germany (After Vacation In U.S.) 9
02/15/1935 Mexico Near Revolt, (Frederick Vincent) Williams (Catholic) Reports 9
02/15/1935 Sweden Jails Eleven Nazis 9
02/15/1935 Japanese Propose To Colonize Chaco (Paraguay)-Doors Closed In Brazil 10
02/15/1935 Japan Bids China Settle All Issues 11
02/15/1935 2 Miners Slain, 2 Shot In Pennsylvania (Miners’) Row 14
02/15/1935 Fears A Class War If Jersey (Sales & Income) Tax Fails 20
02/15/1935 Actors From Russia Arrive To Give Plays (Sol Hurok) 23
02/15/1935 Gold Export Point Passed By Franc-Pound Continues Weak 31
02/16/1935 Japan Would Make China Accept Loan To Dominate Trade 1
02/16/1935 (Mc Cormack Of Massachusetts) Asks Laws To Curb Foreign Agitators 1
02/16/1935 Berlin Requests Anglo-Reich Talks-London Is Not Satisfied-State Department Acts (Reich’s Reply) 4
02/16/1935 Catholics Appeal To Hitler For Aid-Priests Put Out Of Hall 4
02/16/1935 British Give Poland Point In Trade Pact 4
02/16/1935 (Anglo-French-U.S.) Rift Halts Work On Arms (Traffic) Treaty-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
02/16/1935 Senate Would End Arms Embargo (To Paraguay & Bolivia) 14
02/17/1935 1922 (Washington Conference) Pact Guides Hull In For East 1
02/17/1935 Two Aristocratic Women (Benita Von Berg & Renata Von Natzmer) Doomed As Spies By A Court In Germany 1
02/17/1935 Italy Dispatches Troops To Africa 5
02/17/1935 Reichs Tone Irks London And Paris (And U.S.) 7
02/17/1935 Foreign Trade Hits Big Slump In Reich-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
02/17/1935 Roosevelt Scored On Finance Policy N-1
02/17/1935 (Capt.) Yardley Who Quit Farm For Sea Calls American Sailor Best Today N-7
02/17/1935 Standstill Credit Renewed To Reich-Interest Rates Reduced N-9
02/17/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-The Conquering Lion Of Judah (Haile Selassie)-Militant Leader Of Fascism (Mussolini) E-1
02/17/1935 Picture: Cardinal Faulhaber, Munich E-2
02/17/1935 Nazis Toy With Plan For Security Pacts-Germany Plays Wily Game-Yet Hitler Agrees To Talk E-3
02/17/1935 Ethiopia Now Seems Headed For Her Doom E-4
02/17/1935 World Revolution Still Soviet Hope-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
02/17/1935 Anglo-U.S. Accord Viewed (By London) As Urgent E-4
02/17/1935 Russia Looms As A Factor In Anglo-French Accord E-4
02/17/1935 Catholics Take Lead In Reich Church War E-5
02/17/1935 Cartoon: Winston Churchill Opponent Of India Reform Bill, ‘The Fat Boy’ (Punch) E-5
02/17/1935 Cartoon: ‘Hitler’-’L’eglise, C’est Moi’ E-5
02/17/1935 War Material (Chromite) Available E-6
02/17/1935 The Twenty Millions On Relief E-11
02/17/1935 Illegal Entrants (Into U.S.) Find Going Harder-Changes In Laws Sought E-11
02/17/1935 Zinsser, Hans, Rats, Lice And History, Little Brown And Co., Man’s War Against Pestilence Book 1
02/17/1935 Tchernavin, Vladimir V., I Speak For The Silent, (Prisons Of The Soviets), Hale, Cushman & Flint, Boston-A Personal Record Of The Soviet Union’s Prison Camps Book 3
02/17/1935 Bolshevism Marches Toward Its Goal Mag. 2
02/17/1935 Has The New Deal Colored The News? Mag. 6
02/18/1935 Soviet Downcast Over Our Acts (To Collect Debts); Holds World Peace Hit By Rift-Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
02/18/1935 Doom Of 2 Women Rests With Hitler-Will Be Beheaded-Three Others Convicted 1
02/18/1935 Reich Recaptures Diplomatic Reins 4
02/18/1935 Reich To Deprive Youths Of Jobs-Most Of Paying Positions To Be Given To Older Men-State (Is) Feudal Overlord 4
02/18/1935 Britain Is Warned (By Marquess Of Lothian) To Restrain Japan-Urged To Join With Dominions And Other Powers (U.S. Perhaps?) To Bar China’ Annexation 5
02/18/1935 Saar Traffic Barrier Falls To Nazi Music 5
02/18/1935 Archbishop (Michael J. Curley, Baltimore) Asks Inquiry On (Catholic Persecution In) Mexico-Wants Facts Revealed 6
02/18/1935 (Massachusetts Representative, George H.) Tinkham To Demand U.S. Quit (Geneva) Arms Parley 6
02/18/1935 Roping (Binding) Of American Stirs Clamor In Kobe (Japan)-Police Action 7
02/18/1935 (German) Exiles’ University Ranked With Best-Its Faculty Is Illustrious (Supporters: John Dewey, Robert M. Hutchins, Felix Frankfurter, Et Al.)-Worshippers Of Truth 13
02/18/1935 (Jewish) Rumanians Leave (‘Repudiate’ American) Jewish Committee-Protest On The Latter’s Opposition To (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s) World (Jewish) Congress Proposal 18
02/19/1935 (U.S.) Constitution Gone, Says (Supreme Court Justice) M’ Reynolds 1
02/19/1935 (U.S. Supreme) Court Backs Government On Gold (Possession); 5-4 For Bond Payment In New Dollar 1
02/19/1935 Soviet Sees (German) Plot To Seize Ukraine-Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
02/19/1935 Nazis Behead Two Women (Spies); ‘Betrayed Military Secrets’ 1
02/19/1935 Britain Horrified By Nazi Use Of Axe (Beheading)-Beheading Of Women (Spies) Shocks Public More Than Anything Since Purge-German Press Approves (Edith Cavell Mentioned But Not Mata Hari) 4
02/19/1935 (Admitted) Women Spies Fear Told Here By Girl (Miss Isabel Steel) 5
02/19/1935 Sign Agreements On Saar Transfer-Reich In Festive Mood 5
02/19/1935 Britons Put Aside Berlin (Conversation) Invitation-French Offer No Barrier 5
02/19/1935 Nazi Police Dissolve A Catholic Society (Roman Catholic Workers’ Society Of St. Mary At Nuess, Rheinland) 5
02/19/1935 Britain Appoints 7 For Arms Inquiry-Group Is Non-Militarist 6
02/19/1935 U.S. Wins A Point At (Geneva) Arms Parley-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
02/19/1935 Abyssinia Reaches Accord With Italy-Two Points Left Open 7
02/19/1935 New N. R. A. Post Here To Mrs (Anna M.) Rosenberg (Hungarian Jewess,Appointed By NRA Regional Director, W. Averell Harriman)-40 To Be Added To Staff 8
02/19/1935 Schacht Warns Auto Men-Says Industry Is A Liability To The Reich Workers Unless It Sells (Autos) Abroad 8
02/19/1935 Chief Arguments On The (Roosevelt) Gold Issue 14
02/20/1935 Nazis Behead Two Men; Women (Spies) Faced Axe Calmly (At Ploetzensee) 1
02/20/1935 Reich Brews War Says Soviet Envoy (To England, Ivan M. Maisky) 10
02/20/1935 Paris And London Firm Toward Reich 10
02/20/1935 Soviet’s Farmers Celebrate Success-Big Grain Harvest Cited-Walter Duranty, Moscow (Some Three Years After The Ukraine ‘Famine’ Which Starved 7,000,000) 11
02/20/1935 (German) Exiles’ University Praised By (Raymond) Morley (Assistant U.S. Secretary Of State) 15
02/20/1935 World Bank Awaits Francs From Saar 33
02/20/1935 Cubans Thank U.S. For Help In Trade 37
02/21/1935 (Maj.) Gen. (Dennis E.) Noland Backs Bigger Army Bill-Praises Training Corps 4
02/21/1935 Britain, Soviet Bar German Strategy-Russia Welcomes Move-Frederick T. Birchall, London 8
02/21/1935 Leniency On Jews Aim Of Some Nazis (Hjalmar Schacht?) 8
02/21/1935 Text Of Soviet Note (To England & France) 8
02/21/1935 Mercy For 2 Spies Expected In Reich 9
02/21/1935 Refugees Continue Flight From Saar-10,000 Have Crossed French Border Since Plebiscite And More Are Expected-The One Export Now Left-Anne O’Hare McCormick 9
02/21/1935 Refugee Plea In London.(By James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 9
02/21/1935 Italy Seeks View Of U.S. On Neutrals-Says Curbs Are Perilous-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 10
02/21/1935 Council Says Italy Is Ready For War-Foodstuff Is Plentiful 10
02/21/1935 Worth Of Rubles Is Rising In Soviet-Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
02/21/1935 Educators Chided (By Miss Eleanor Rowland Wembridge) As Poor Leaders (At Atlantic City Conference)-’Paper’ Knowledge Easy 21
02/22/1935 Berlin America Church Closes; Curb On Funds Imperils 2 Others 1
02/22/1935 (Dr. Rexford G.) Tugwell To Remain (In U.S. Government) As (Henry A.) Wallace’s Aide 4
02/22/1935 Showdown Urged By Soviet On Reich-Holds Berlin Will Yield-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
02/22/1935 Arms Board Plan Adapted (By U.S., England & France) In Geneva-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 10
02/22/1935 Danzig Nazis Force Dissolution Of Diet-Socialist Papers Asserts They Want To Create A Totalitarian State Like Modern Reich 10
02/22/1935 Hitler Authorizes Huge Forced Loan 11
02/22/1935 Wider (U.S.) Education Is Held Vital (At Atlantic City Educators’ Convention) 15
02/22/1935 Old Arms Treaty Is Back In Senate-Roosevelt Resubmits Traffic Pact For Delation Of Reservation On Persian Gulf 16
02/22/1935 British Saar (‘Occupation’) Unit Home 16
02/22/1935 $29,206,400 Gold Received In Day-Shipments From England And France 33
02/23/1935 U.S. Ship Is Freed In Tokyo Spy Scare 1
02/23/1935 Bigger Army Fund Is Voted By House-Sets Record Since 1921 1
02/23/1935 Plane Flights Over White House Barred; Mar President’s (Roosevelt’s) Rest, Endanger His Life 1
02/23/1935 France Ratifies Accords On Saar 4
02/23/1935 Reds Slew 1,000,000 In Central China 4
02/23/1935 Index Shows Britain Continues Recovery 4
02/23/1935 (Ramsay) M’donald Is Assailed (By Winston Churchill) 4
02/23/1935 Mussolini Speeds War Preparations 5
02/23/1935 (William Borberg, Denmark) Urges Nation Bar Arms To Attacker-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 5
02/23/1935 Britain Would Placate Reich 5
02/23/1935 (Argentina) Repeats Falkland (Malvinia) Claim (Against British) 5
02/23/1935 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt At Atlantic City Educators Conference) Urges Wider (Dollar) Aid To Youth 7
02/23/1935 Hauptmann Guilt Questioned By Nazis (‘West Deutsche Beobachter’) 7
02/24/1935 Military Centers Rise Near Berlin In Strict Secrecy-Curiosity Is Discouraged 1
02/24/1935 Germany Beheads Woman For Murder Of Neighbor 1
02/24/1935 Six Vessels Carry Italians (Troops) To Africa 1
02/24/1935 Papen Aide Flees Berlin’s Summons-Had Criticized Nazis 13
02/24/1935 Every Man In Reich Must Take (Physical) Training 13
02/24/1935 Reich To Rejoice With Saar Friday 14
02/24/1935 Says Reich Seized (Personal) Mail (Sent From Chicago To Mother In Germany) 14
02/24/1935 Arrests (Of American) In Cuba Protested By U.S. 15
02/24/1935 Paraguay Resigns As League Member-Resents Rule Branding Her As Aggressor-New Penalty Foreseen 15
02/24/1935 Pwa (Harold L. Ickes) Funds Urged In Youth Guidance 24
02/24/1935 Three Issue Plea For Brotherhood-Roosevelt Message Read 30
02/24/1935 Writer (Nicholas Roosevelt) Warns U.S. To Beware Of Japan-German Air Raid Feared (Cousin Of Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.) N-1
02/24/1935 Educator Finds Individual Thinking Waning; Dr. (Lyman) Bryson (Teachers College, Columbia University) Lays Trend To Federal Domination N-1
02/24/1935 New Deal Viewed As ‘Collectivism’ N-2
02/24/1935 Reich Ships’ Share Of Traffic Gains-New Competition Feared N-9
02/24/1935 Big War Fleet Sails From San Francisco-For Manoeuvres N-9
02/24/1935 Europe Offers Nazis New Foreign Policy-London And Paris Are United E-3
02/24/1935 Germany’s Strategy On Pacts Is Costly-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-4
02/24/1935 Abyssinia’s Trade Big Lure For Italy E-4
02/24/1935 Manoeuvres Mark (Geneva) Arms Discussion-French, British And American Moves Help To Explain Present Situation, Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
02/24/1935 Russia’s Long Arm In Central Europe-By Way Of The Little Entente, Moscow Now Offers Threat To Hitler’s Power (Map)-Augur E-4
02/24/1935 Austria Builds Up Defense E-4
02/24/1935 Germans Approve Fate Of Traitors-Deaths Warn Nazis’ Foes-Guido Enderis E-5
02/24/1935 U.S. (Senate) Arms Inquiry A Guide To Britain E-5
02/24/1935 Foreign Trade Of Japan Continues Its Expansion E-5
02/24/1935 Border French Are Fatalistic-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-5
02/24/1935 Masonic Dispute In Spain E-5
02/24/1935 Chinese Censors Assailed (By U.S. News Correspondents) E-5
02/24/1935 Picture: (Canons & Tanks) In A Great British Munitions Plant E-5
02/24/1935 Spy Industry Still Thrives In Europe-Emil Lengyel E-12
02/24/1935 German Locomotives Built For High Speed E-12
02/24/1935 Picture: Abyssinia Faces A Crisis; Soldiers Of The Emperor Passing In Review Mag. 1
02/24/1935 A Primitive Ethiopia Faces The West-Josef Israels Mag. 2
02/24/1935 The ‘Last Word’ In Modern Equipment Of The United States Navy; The Idaho (Recently Refurbished In Dry Dock Roto.
02/25/1935 Hitler Dares Hate Of Foes In Hailing Nazi Party’s Birth 1
02/25/1935 Munich Anniversary Audience Hears Him Urge Outright Opposition For Love 1
02/25/1935 30,000 (Philadelphia) Catholics Protest On Mexico 1
02/25/1935 Nazis Seek Help Among Germans Abroad, Propaganda Funds Having Been Curtailed 1
02/25/1935 Germans See Hope In (Berlin) Visit By British-Reich’s Pride Is Soothed 5
02/25/1935 Saar Prepares Fete Over Return To Reich; Region Grows Even More Nazi As Date Nears 6
02/25/1935 More Gossips Sentenced (In Hanover, Germany) 7
02/25/1935 Japan’s Army Bids For People’s Help 8
02/25/1935 Soviet Watchful Of Japan’s Moves-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
02/25/1935 Japan A Good (U.S.) Customer 8
02/25/1935 Tax On ‘Monopoly’ Asked By (Father Charles E.) Coughlin-Would Limit All Wealth-Check Corporation Profits At $10,000,000 10
02/25/1935 Educators (Atlantic City Conference) Assail (Anti-Roosevelt) Hearst ‘Influence’-Scored By Prof. (Charles Austin) Beard 18
02/25/1935 Germans Welcome Gold Ruling Here 25
02/26/1935 Fervor For Nazis Waning In Munich-Church Fight Is Bitter-Anne O’Hare McCormick 1
02/26/1935 Nation’s Business Best Since 1933, Led By Autos, Steels And Textiles 1
02/26/1935 10 Big Army Bombers Will Fly To Panama From Washington With Only One Stop At Miami 1
02/26/1935 Hull Says Crisis (U.S. ‘Responsibilities’) Rivals Civil War 4
02/26/1935 (Sir John) Simon Announces Visit To Germany-Considers Trip To Russia-Frederick T. Birchall, London 6
02/26/1935 Reich To Assume Saar (Debt) Obligation 6
02/26/1935 Hitler’s Birthday Made Biggest German Holiday 6
02/26/1935 Germans And Poles Dedicate (German-Polish) Institute (In Berlin) 6
02/26/1935 Supplies For War Shipped By Italy 6
02/26/1935 U.S. To Strengthen Arms Traffic Pact (In Geneva) 6
02/26/1935 Reich Designs Stir Soviet War Fears-Suspect Tie With Japan-Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
02/26/1935 Roosevelt Lauds New School Trend-(Dr. Glen) Frank Scores New Deal 9
02/26/1935 War Danger Seen In Defense Plants 14
02/27/1935 Nazi (Dr. Julius Lippert, State Commissar Of Berlin) Asks That U.S. End Reich Boycott (By Samuel Untermyer’s ‘Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights’)-Denies Crushing Of Jews-Otto D. Tolischus 1
02/27/1935 Huge War Profits Laid To Bethlehem (Steel) 4
02/27/1935 British See Need To Loan To China-Amity Gains In Far East 12
02/27/1935 Reich Takes Over Mining Control 12
02/27/1935 Reich Church War Now At Standstill-Reich Bishop (Ludwig Miller) Isolated 12
02/27/1935 3 Nations Oppose Arms Inspection (Britain, Italy & Japan)-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
02/27/1935 Britain Promises To Alter India (Self Government) Bill-24 Die In Frontier Clash 13
02/27/1935 Palestine (Government Officials And Leading Jews) To Give Dinner (German-Jewish Colonies In Palestine) 13
02/27/1935 Social Teaching Splits Educators (At Atlantic City Conference)-Capitalism Is Defended 17
02/28/1935 (Ramsay) M’donald Retorts To Demand He Quit 1
02/28/1935 Abyssinia Makes Avowal Of Peace 1
02/28/1935 New (Trade) Accord Aids Our Belgian Trade-Our Duties Cut 16 To 50% 4
02/28/1935 Soviet Minimizes Reich-Polish Peril-Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
02/28/1935 Japan Denies Aim To Isolate China-Says Friendship Is Goal 10
02/28/1935 (Sir John) Simon Will Renew Anglo-French Talk 10
02/28/1935 Britain Calls Scientists To Aid In Her Air Defense 10
02/28/1935 Denies Soviet Asked U.S. To Extend Credit 10
02/28/1935 Nazis’ Foes Here To Push Boycott (Alfred Einstein, Fiorello La Guardia, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Et Al.) 11