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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

August 1935
Date Headline Page
08/01/1935 U.S. Drafts Reply To Berlin Protest (On Bremen Riot) 1
08/01/1935 Schacht Attacks Nazi Disturbance To Trade Progress-Jewish Business Hit Hard-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/01/1935 Plan To Arbitrate Ethiopian Dispute Reached In Geneva-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
08/01/1935 U.S. Pacific Forts Not Urgent Issue-British Maintain Secrecy 1
08/01/1935 July Army Enlistment Set New Bureau Record 1
08/01/1935 Soviet Submarine Sinks With Loss Of 55 Men After A Collision In Baltic Sea Manoeuvres 1
08/01/1935 Ethiopia Rejects Foreign Mandate 4
08/01/1935 Mineral Monopoly Is Set Up By Italy 4
08/01/1935 British See Peril In Credit To Italy-Now Sell Only For Cash 5
08/01/1935 Huge Police Force Guard For German Liner 6
08/02/1935 Italy And Ethiopia Balk At Proposals Of League Council 1
08/02/1935 U.S. Defends (N.Y.) City In Bremen Rioting-Stress Prompt Arrests-Regrets Insult To (German) Flag (Text, P. 9) 1
08/02/1935 Roosevelt Voices His Hope For Peace-Gives League Moral Aid 5
08/02/1935 Britain To Offer Italy Guarantee 6
08/02/1935 Text Of Hoare’s Appeal For Peace 6
08/02/1935 Germany Is Selling No Arms For Africa 6
08/02/1935 Ethiopian Armies Obtain Reserves 7
08/02/1935 ‘Black Eagle Of Harlem’ Rides Ethiopian Charger 7
08/02/1935 Victory At Geneva Expected In Rome-Free Hand Is Demanded 7
08/02/1935 (Wilhelm Wallking) Nazi Extortioner From Jews Jailed-Sent To Camp As Exploiter Of What Is Officially Termed ‘Warfare Against Judaism’-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
08/02/1935 Europa Is Docked Without Disorder (Picture) 8
08/02/1935 Germans See Test Of Powers In Geneva 8
08/02/1935 Reich Publishes Praise By Columbia (University, Teachers’ College) Professor 8
08/02/1935 Beaten Berlin Jew Dies (Dr. M. Kleinfeld, July 16 Kurfuerstendamm Riot) 8
08/02/1935 Hungary Bans News Of Troubles In Reich 9
08/02/1935 Unity With Poland Broken By Danzig-Poles Plan Retaliation 10
08/02/1935 British Unemployed Are Under 2,000,000 10
08/03/1935 Big Powers Yield To Italy On Ethiopian Arbitration And Call New Conference 1
08/03/1935 Italians Are Angered By Hoare’s Speech; Speedier Start Of African War Foreseen 1
08/03/1935 Nazis Act To Curb Foreign Writers-Treason Is Defined Anew 1
08/03/1935 Russians On Polar Flight; San Francisco Their Goal (Departure Witnessed By William C. Bullitt, Roosevelt’s Ambassador To Moscow-Picture Of Pilot And Route, P. 3-Scouting A Wartime Supply Route From U.S.-Flight Aborted!) 1
08/03/1935 Germans Will Undertake North Atlantic Airline 3
08/03/1935 Picture: Arthur (‘Dutch Schultz’) Flegenheimer 3
08/03/1935 Nature’s Defenses Protect Ethiopia 4
08/03/1935 (Sir John Harris) Charges British Subjects Are Enslaved In Ethiopia 4
08/03/1935 Two Italians Killed In Ethiopian Wreck-After Stones Derail A Train 4
08/03/1935 Japanese Emperor Reviews His Fleet 4
08/03/1935 Red International To Curb Activities-To Train New Personnel-Harold Denny, Moscow 5
08/03/1935 Poland Demands Danzig Keep Tariff-Anschluss Is Feared-Jerzy Szapiro 5
08/03/1935 ‘State Of Alarm’ In Germany Denied 5
08/03/1935 Hitler Designates Munich The ‘Capital Of Nazism’ 5
08/03/1935 Police Keep Peace At Europa Sailing 5
08/03/1935 Protestants Get New Hitler Curbs-Nazis Assail Churchmen 5
08/03/1935 German Sports Fields Become Drill Grounds 5
08/03/1935 Federal Payroll Is Highest Since Great War (W. W. I); 717,712 Employees Are Listed By (Civil Service) Commission 6
08/03/1935 (Lord) Lothian (British Wartime Ambassador To U.S.) Expects U.S. To Point World Path 17
08/04/1935 Japan To Protest New York (‘Vanity Fair’) Cartoon (Insulting Their Emperor)-Japanese Public Aroused 1
08/04/1935 Delay On Ethiopia Voted By League Pending Inquiries 1
08/04/1935 Pressure On Jews Revealed By Nazis-Writers’ Peril Studied-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 19
08/04/1935 (Arthur Blair) Held As Bremen Rioter 19
08/04/1935 Woman (Rennie Smith) Defends Nazis (At All Peoples Association, Oxford, England) 19
08/04/1935 Darmstadt Park Bans Jews 19
08/04/1935 Germany Tries 88 Socialists 19
08/04/1935 Nazi Spies Scored In Vatican Protest-Agitation Is Deplored 20
08/04/1935 Polish Reprisals Threaten Danzig-Defensive Plan Is Made 22
08/04/1935 Reich Re-Tries Priest (Slighting German Leadership) 22
08/04/1935 Reich Won’t Reform Minister (Wilhelm Frick) Warns Foe 23
08/04/1935 Bywater Sees Era Of Naval Building 24
08/04/1935 Emperor Supreme, Japan Is Informed 25
08/04/1935 Ethiopians To Rely On Guerrilla War-Expect Thrust At Adowa (Map) 27
08/04/1935 Geneva Results Disappoint Italy 27
08/04/1935 Ethiopians Accept The League Formula-Emperor Offers To Settle Issues With Mussolini At Parley In A Neutral Country 27
08/04/1935 Pause By The League Is Seen As Valuable 27
08/04/1935 Says Ethiopia Got (800,000) Rifles 27
08/04/1935 White And Negro Join Peace Rally-Ethiopia Is Cheered 28
08/04/1935 Chaco Peace Body To Name American 28
08/04/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Applauded For Geneva Moves 28
08/04/1935 Roosevelt’s (Peace) Appeal Pleases Germans 28
08/04/1935 Denmark Bans U.S. Autos 28
08/04/1935 Picture: New German Recruits In Reich Army Manoeuvres N-3
08/04/1935 U.S. Leads Europe In Flying Boats-We Dominate The Field N-3
08/04/1935 Church Council (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America, Ivan Lee Holt, President) Asks A Munitions Embargo N-7
08/04/1935 Proposed U.S. Taxes Held Confiscatory F-1
08/04/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-Il Duce Scores E-1
08/04/1935 League Works Hard On Arbitration Plan E-3
08/04/1935 Peace Obstacles Yield But Little-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
08/04/1935 Paris Hopes (Premier Pierre) Laval Will Prevent War (Picture) E-4
08/04/1935 Britain Emphatic In Peace Appeals E-4
08/04/1935 Two War Plans For Italy-B. H. Liddell Hart E-4
08/04/1935 Pact Binding, Kellogg Says E-4
08/04/1935 Map: Ethiopia’s Natural Safeguards Against Military Invasion E-4
08/04/1935 Foreign Opinion Fails As Curb On The Nazis-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-5
08/04/1935 Picture: Moderate Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht E-5
08/04/1935 Wanted-A Substitute For War-James T. Shotwell Mag. 1
08/04/1935 The (German) Nordic Pagan Chant Grows Louder Mag. 4
08/04/1935 Most Of All Japan Fears An Air Attack Mag. 6
08/04/1935 American (Air & Sea) Fleet Stages A Brilliant Show Roto.
08/05/1935 Goebbels Warns Of Greater Drive On Foes Of Nazis-’Mixed’ (Racial) Weddings Barred-Ghettos Are Advocated-Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Masons And Foreign Press Attacked By Minister 1
08/05/1935 Race Issue Feared In Africa Dispute If It Is Not Saved 1
08/05/1935 Ethiopia Is Ready, Border Chief (Crown Prince Seyoum) Says-Scoffs At Italian Army 4
08/05/1935 Ethiopians Draw Hope From Geneva-Emperor Warns Troops 4
08/05/1935 Drive On (In N.Y. City) To Aid Ethiopia 4
08/05/1935 British To Back League Covenant 5
08/05/1935 Reds Affirm Aim To Overthrow Capitalism; United Front To Be Temporary Alliances 5
08/05/1935 Shipment On Reich Liner Opposed By U.S. Buyers 6
08/05/1935 Church Paper (‘Christian Century’) Asks Shift Of Olympics (From Berlin-One Of The First Periodicals To Support The Atrocity Charges Against Germany) 7
08/05/1935 (U.S.) Flight Over Pacific (Pan-American Clipper) ‘Warning To Japan’-Dr. (Robert L.) Tucker (Methodist) Declares We Wished To Show We Could Attack Oriental Empire 19
08/05/1935 Christians And Reds Urged To Join Forces-John Haynes Holmes Says They Should Unite For Uplift Of The World 19
08/06/1935 Nazi-Catholic War Openly Declared; Pope (Pius XI) Sees Trouble-Church Lashes At Pagans-Otto D. Tolischus 1
08/06/1935 Ethiopia Is Likened To David (Vs. Goliath) By Ruler-Irked By Arms Embargo 1
08/06/1935 Italian Press Cool To League Decision-4 New Divisions To Form 10
08/06/1935 Ethiopia Approves Action Of League-U.S. Envoy Is Received 10
08/06/1935 Regret Expressed To Japan By Hull (About ‘Vanity Fair’ Cartoon Insulting Japanese Emperor)-Envoy Is Well Satisfied 11
08/06/1935 V. F. W. Forbids Band To Make A German Tour 13
08/06/1935 Anti-Fascist List Million U.S. Youths-Pseudo-Liberals Scored-Harold Denny, Moscow 13
08/06/1935 F. A. Tuttle (Ellis Island Immigration Official) Guilty Of Alien Racket 38
08/07/1935 Roosevelt Tax Aims Given-(Robert Houghwout) Jackson (U.S. Main Prosecutor At First Series Of Nuernberg Tribunals) Says Rich Must Bear Burden 1&12
08/07/1935 Mussolini Calls 3 More Divisions-300,000 Now Ready-Conquest Aim Admitted 1
08/07/1935 A. F. Of L. Demands (U.S.) Action On Ethiopia-Council To Urge Roosevelt To Back Mediation To Avert Aggression By-Italy-Labor Protest Planned 2
08/07/1935 Nazis Dread Of Losing Olympic Is Blamed For Efforts To Ban News Of Drive On Foes 2
08/07/1935 Berlin To Combat Influx Of Jews (Into City) 2
08/07/1935 Polish Army Chief (Inspector Gen. Eduard Rydz-Smigly) Threatens Danzig 2
08/07/1935 Penn.) Gov. Earle (Strong Roosevelt Supporter) Says Nazism Is Check To Civilization 2
08/07/1935 Seamen Continue (Bremen) Anti-Nazi Protest-To Appear In Court Today 2
08/07/1935 Jewish Films Not Barred (In Germany-U.S. Films!) 2
08/07/1935 Warns Reich Is Strong 2
08/07/1935 The (N.Y.) Times Confiscated In Reich 2
08/07/1935 Pictures: Scenes In Addis Ababa As Ethiopia Prepares For War 3
08/07/1935 Ethiopians Press Italy For Action 3
08/07/1935 Ethiopia Launches Red Cross Society 3
08/07/1935 Japan To Send No Arms (To Ethiopia) 3
08/07/1935 Reds Seek Allies As Step To Coups-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
08/07/1935 Sovietized Nation Charged By (Melvin C.) Eaton 8
08/07/1935 Robert (H.) Jackson’s (Picture-Internal Revenue Counsel’s) Exposition Of The Aims Of The (Roosevelt) Administration Tax Measure-Testifying On Roosevelt Tax Measure 12
08/08/1935 Hurley, (Joseph P.) Tumulty (Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary) Received Big Fees From The Utilities 1
08/08/1935 Export Bank Bars Credits For Italy-Ethiopia Counts On Help 1
08/08/1935 Jailed For Alien Frauds (Louis Hassman, Former Ellis Island Immigration Officer) 3
08/08/1935 Ethiopia Is Hoping For Moslem Help 6
08/08/1935 240,000 Italians Pass Suez In Half Year: Canal Tolls (To England) In 3 Months Total $10,000,000 6
08/08/1935 Ethiopians Steal (French) Tracks Of Railway To Capital 6
08/08/1935 Brazil Held Likely To Suspend Debts 6
08/08/1935 Stallings On Way To Cover The (Ethiopian) War 7
08/08/1935 Italy Would Raise Cotton In Ethiopia-Large Imports Are Cited 7
08/08/1935 Italy Curbs Press After London Plea-Arms Ban Under Fire 7
08/08/1935 Danzig Submits To Poles’ Demand-Reich Swayed By Poland 7
08/08/1935 Reich Sport Test Bars Jewish Girl (Greta Bergmann) 8
08/08/1935 Nazi Youth Plan World Agitation-Streicher Stirs Group-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
08/08/1935 Court In Uproar At Ship (Bremen) Riot Trial-New Outbreaks In View 8
08/08/1935 Britain Speeding Big Air Program 8
08/08/1935 200 Police On Guard As German Ship Sails 8
08/08/1935 War Threat To China Is Denied By Japanese 8
08/08/1935 Navy Opens Bids For 13 Warships 11
08/09/1935 5 Slain At Toulon, Disorders Spread In French Strikes-200 Wounded In Riots 1
08/09/1935 Nazi-Army Clash On Veterans Seen-Ex-Service Men Hostile-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/09/1935 (William) Green (A. F. Of L. Chief) Fears A Nation-Wide WPA Strike 1
08/09/1935 Conferees Agree On Social Security 7
08/09/1935 Poland And Danzig Sign Tariff Accord 7
08/09/1935 Ethiopia May Seek Arms From Japan 8
08/09/1935 Powers To Discuss Ethiopia On Aug. 16 8
08/09/1935 Ruler Of Ethiopia Asks Full Inquiry-Condemns Treaty Of 1906 8
08/09/1935 Harlem ‘Eagle’ Has (Fist) Fight (In Addis Ababa) 8
08/09/1935 More (Premier Pierre) Laval Plans To Rush Deflation 9
08/09/1935 London Seeks Talks With Paris On Navies 9
08/09/1935 Tokyo Press Shows Leaning To Britain 9
08/09/1935 Bremen Rioters Cheered By 20,000-’Pogroms’ Are (In Germany) Are Assailed-Names Of Hitler And Mussolini Are Booed And Hissed 10
08/09/1935 Shortage Of Food Causes German Unrest; Nazis To Act Monday On Steady Price Rises 10
08/09/1935 Red-Catholic Tie In Germany Asked (By Briton, Harry Pollett, At Moscow Communist [Comintern] Conference)-Briton For A ‘Steel Ring’ (Around Germany) 10
08/09/1935 Jewish Girl (Athlete, Greta Bergmann) Invited To German Contest 10
08/09/1935 Germans Bar More From.Catholic Units 10
08/09/1935 Air Unit At Pine Camp For Big Manouvres 15
08/09/1935 Ship Italy Bought For War Use Sails 35
08/10/1935 Social Security Bill Voted-Measure Sent To Roosevelt Provides For Old Age Pensions, Job Insurance, Aid For Blind, Disabled Mothers And Destitute Children 1
08/10/1935 Reich Shows Cuts In Idle To 1,754,000 As Industry Gains-Arming Also A Factor-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/10/1935 Japan To Restrict Motor Production By Foreign Plants-Defense Needs Stressed 1
08/10/1935 Summary Of Benefits Provided In Social Security Bill 4
08/10/1935 Young Reds Building United Front In U.S. By Tolerating Others, Moscow (International Comintern) Parley Told 5
08/10/1935 Roosevelt To Sign Army Air Base Bill-Approves It As Policy 5
08/10/1935 India Is Stirred By Ethiopia Issue-Ethiopia Seeks Outlet 6
08/10/1935 Nazis Are Blocked In Exiling Of Jews-Elimination Of All From Trade Would Cause Thousands To Lose Their Jobs 6
08/10/1935 French Shift Stand On Naval Limitation 6
08/10/1935 Nazis Press Drive Upon Protestants-Active Rebellion Urged 6
08/10/1935 (Dr. Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Arrives Heavily Guarded-Bespeaks Our Friendship-No Nation Should Interfere In Affairs Of Another, He Says 6
08/10/1935 Laval Instructs French Prefects 6
08/10/1935 Roosevelt Pays Tribute To Britain’s New Liner (‘Queen Elizabeth’) 6
08/11/1935 Cardenas Is Saved (From Assassination) From Five Gunmen In Mexican Plot 1
08/11/1935 Berlin Is Nervous On (Julius) Streicher Visit-Feared As Signal For Outbreak-Storm Troopers Active-Curbs On Jews Are Extended 1
08/11/1935 Japan Protests ‘Mikado’ Episode-Burlesque At Club In Seattle 3
08/11/1935 Anti-Fascists (‘League Against War And Fascism’) Fight Police In Brooklyn-600 Stage Demonstration Against A (Hearst) Newsreel (At Loew’s Oriental Theater) 3
08/11/1935 Miss (Francis) Perkins Praises Social (Security) Bill Passage-’One Of Most Forward-Looking Steps’ In History Of The Nation, She Asserts 12
08/11/1935 Iowa WPA Wages Raised By (Iowan, Harry L.) Hopkins 14
08/11/1935 (Connecticut Legionnaires) Say Sergeant (Alvin C.) York Got Honor Wrongly-Assert Germans Were Captured By Sergeant (Bernard J.) Early (Of New Haven, Conn.)-Ask Action By Congress-York Declines To Comment 15
08/11/1935 Finland Seen Turning To Reich-Polish Bloc-Foreign Minister (Josef) Beck Reaches Helsingfors 19
08/11/1935 (Rumanian) Police Gas (Apparently Tear Gas) Nazis (After They Molested Jewish Guests At Constanta Resort) 19
08/11/1935 Alimony In Soviet To Be Cut From Pay-Dodgers Will Be Jailed-Harold Denny, Moscow 20
08/11/1935 Reich Bread Supply Safe 21
08/11/1935 Reich Team Bars Jewish Athletes (Budapest Report) 21
08/11/1935 (Pan American) Clipper In Hawaii With New Record-Plane Flies From California To Pearl Harbor In 17 Hours 12 Minutes 23
08/11/1935 Ethiopia Masses 600,000 Warriors-Seven Armies Ready To Take Field Against Italy-Poland Gets Munitions Orders-Rifles Appear Plentiful 24
08/11/1935 Ethiopia To Use Civet Cat To Fight The Italians 24
08/11/1935 Suez Hears Malaria Cuts Italian Forces 24
08/11/1935 Italy Buys Meat In Brazil 24
08/11/1935 Sabotage Is Seen In (Fatal) Italian Crash 24
08/11/1935 Pictures; Italian Children In Uniform & Ethiopian Children With Wooden Rifles 24
08/11/1935 (James W.) Gerard Visits Mussolini 24
08/11/1935 Filipinos Foresee Union With Japan 25
08/11/1935 Closing Of Suez Canal Held Last Resort (Against Italy) 25
08/11/1935 Ethiopian Envoy Talks With (Premier Pierre) Laval 25
08/11/1935 British Trade Pact Attacked In Brazil 25
08/11/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Sees Peril Of A Dictatorship-Tells France Fate Of (His) Regime Depends On Success Of His (Economic) Decree Measures 25
08/11/1935 Soviet Alter Plan Of Import Purchases (From U.S.) 26
08/11/1935 Alabama Negroes Laud Roosevelt 26
08/11/1935 Cubans To Thank Roosevelt For (Economic) Aid-Trade Will Be Studied 26
08/11/1935 Poland Denies(Anti-Jewish) Rioting (In Kattowitz & Koenigs-Huette) 26
08/11/1935 55,600 Mobilizing In Vast War Games-Roosevelt May Attend 29
08/11/1935 Pennsylvania Bars Virginia Soldiers-Infantile Paralysis In South Forces Troops Out Of Interstate War Games 29
08/11/1935 Veterans Of 78th (Division) Rally At Camp Dix 29
08/11/1935 (Frank H.) Hitchcock ‘Saved’ Monroe Doctrine-Powers Had Scrapped It-But On Pleas Of Col. (E. M.) House, He Got Delegates To Rescind The Vote-Thanked By (Woodrow) Wilson N-4
08/11/1935 (World) Merchant Fleets Decreased In Year-U.S. In Second Place (British First, Japan Third, Germany Fifth, France Sixth, Italy Seventh-List Of Tonnages Involved) N-8
08/11/1935 Picture: Edsel Ford E-1
08/11/1935 Picture: Patrick J. Hurley & Joseph P. Tumulty (Latter Was Woodrow Wilson’s Trusted Secretary-Investigation Of Fees For Lobbying) E-3
08/11/1935 Europe Fears Far-Reaching Shock Of War-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-3
08/11/1935 Powers To Consider The Outcome Of War-While Mussolini Gets Ready E-3
08/11/1935 Cartoon: Anti-Mussolini E-3
08/11/1935 League Confident It Will Stop War-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
08/11/1935 British Still Hope To Find Peace Plan-Picture: Eden ‘Mediator’ E-4
08/11/1935 Soviet Scientists Train Honey Bees To Be ‘Choosy’ (In Choosing The Blossoms For Honey) E-4
08/11/1935 Soviet Holds Off On Buying In U.S.-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
08/11/1935 Italy Bases Plan On Speedy Victory-Unsparing Use Of All Modern Weapons Indicated E-4
08/11/1935 Nazis To Define Citizenship-Intensified Attacks On Catholics And Jews May Be Preliminaries To A Plebiscite-Picture: Goebbels, ‘Propagandist’ E-4
08/11/1935 Cartoon: ‘Laval The Guillotine’ E-4
08/11/1935 France Disturbed By Political Foes E-4
08/11/1935 Reich’s Rule In Saar Disillusions People E-5
08/11/1935 India’s First Step Toward Dominion Status (Map)-An New Chapter Opening For India E-5
08/11/1935 Dominicans Strive For Heaver Trade-American Buying Sought-Picture: Dominican President, Rafael Trujillo E-5
08/11/1935 Hu Shih Sees Signs Of A Unified China-Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-5
08/11/1935 Tax Reform Battle Is Assured In Senate-Picture: Robert H. Jackson, Treasury Department [Morgenthau] Lawyer E-7
08/11/1935 Marine Union Crisis Near On West Coast-Picture: ‘Left-Winger’ (A. F. Of L. Longshoremen’s Leader, Australian-Born, Harry Bridges) E-7
08/11/1935 Caricature Of Japan’s Emperor Another Instance Of Hurt Alien Feelings E-10
08/11/1935 Roosevelt Avoids Major Defeats E-11
08/11/1935 John Bull And Cousin Jonathan Mag. 1
08/11/1935 Cardenas Talks Of Mexico’s Broad Plan Mag. 3
08/11/1935 The New Naval Race Gathers Headway (U.S.-British-French Cooperation Seems To Be Taken For Granted) Mag. 4
08/11/1935 Ethiopia’s Emperor Faces The Storm (A Heroic, Sympathetic Treatment Of Haile Selassi) Mag. 6
08/11/1935 Cheers For Mussolini On The Eve Of His Adventure In Africa: Il Duce Roto.
08/11/1935 Picture: Laval & Eden Roto.
08/11/1935 Picture: The ‘Lion Of Judah’ Reviews His Troops(Very Sympathetic Treatment) Roto.
08/12/1935 Hitler Says Reich Is Ready To Meet Any Outside Peril-Attacks On Jews Go On-Anti-Semites At Resorts Force Hotel Proprietors To Exclude ‘Non-Aryan’ Patrons 1
08/12/1935 Nazi Olympic Vow Kept Technically-In Theory Even Jews May Try For Them, But All Except Hitlerites Are Handicapped-Drive On Church A Factor 1
08/12/1935 Ethiopians Offer Territorial Deal-Emperor Ready To Yield Some Land To Italy For Loan And An Outlet To The Sea-Scorn Expressed In Rome 1
08/12/1935 Dr. (Charles A.) Beard (President Roosevelt And The Coming Of The War) Defends (Roosevelt’s ‘Tax Rich’ Policy-Levies For Social Purposes Constant In Our History, He Holds 2
08/12/1935 Italy Seeks Role In Mediterranean-Nation Backs Mussolini-Augur, London 4
08/12/1935 Italian-Negro Riot (Jersey City, N.Y.) Puts 5 In Hospital 4
08/12/1935 Vienna And Berlin Seeking New Ties-Negotiations Expected 4
08/12/1935 India Shipping Supplies To The Italian Soldiers (In East Africa) 4
08/12/1935 U.S. Reds To Widen Plea To Farmers (For Comintern Support)-Harold Denny, Moscow 5
08/12/1935 (Smedley D.) Butler Sees (U.S.) War Drift 7
08/12/1935 Paganism Pushed By Hitler Youth-Group In One Town Burns Cross In Fire Symbolizing Old Teutonic Faith-Invents Own Marriage-Clergymen Are Defiant 7
08/12/1935 School Board Jobs Are Held Overpaid 7
08/12/1935 German Refugees Aided (Involvement Of James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany And Disciples Of Christ) 11
08/12/1935 Soldier On March (Oswego, N.Y.) For Manoeuvres 13
08/12/1935 Scientists Group (Leningrad Psychologists Congress) Hails Soviets’ Aid-Microbe Theory Assailed-Walter Duranty, Leningrad 17
08/12/1935 Reich Report Fails To Show Full Debt-Arms Financing Admitted 23
08/13/1935 France And Britain Confer Today To Fry To Find Solution In Africa 1
08/13/1935 Reich In Turmoil On Church Issues-Many Arrests Are Made 1
08/13/1935 WPA Strike Spread Expected By (A. F. Of L’s. William) Green 2
08/13/1935 Bars More Troops In Pennsylvania-Will Not Admit District Of Columbia Soldiers Because Of (Infantile) Paralysis 3
08/13/1935 Navy Reserves Barred To (Over-Flying) Planes-Explosions Are Feared-Twenty Four ‘Air Reserves’ 3
08/13/1935 Compromise Trend Shown In Ethiopia 4
08/13/1935 Haile Selassie’s Address To His Council 4
08/13/1935 Picture: Guardians Of The Palace Of Ethiopia’s Emperor (Mounted On Tame Lions) 4
08/13/1935 Britain Urged To Act At Once To Bar War 4
08/13/1935 (Jan) Smuts (Union Of South Africa) Sees Peril In Ethiopian War-Fears Racial Feeling 5
08/13/1935 Arab Leaders To Discuss Attitude On African War (Report From British Jerusalem) 5
08/13/1935 Italian Ships Keep Suez Canal Busy-Troops Are Enthusiastic 5
08/13/1935 Eleven Held After (Jersey City, N.Y., Italian-Negro) Riot 5
08/13/1935 Hitler Hears Plea For Steel Helmet-But Veterans’ Organization (‘Stahlhelm’) Is Believed To Be Doomed 6
08/13/1935 Soviet Army Men Arrive For Czech (Army) Manoeuvres 6
08/13/1935 Italy Plans To Raise Army To 1,000,000 Men 6
08/13/1935 (Rumanian) Anti-Semites Are Routed (Bucharest, Jewish Telegraph Agency Report) 6
08/13/1935 Paper (Berlin Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung) Scores La Guardia (For Refusing To Give A License To A German-Branded La Guardia ‘A Jew Not An Italian’ Quoted By Paper As Having Said, ‘I Extensively Dropped Bombs On The Huns’ Heads And I Am Proud I Killed So Many. I Taught My Children A Deadly Hate Of Germany And I Hope My Grandchildren Will Cultivate This Feeling.’) 6
08/13/1935 Bay State (Massachusetts) House Protests ‘Persecution’ In Reich 8
08/13/1935 Picture: The President (Roosevelt) Greets A (Trade) Mission From Cuba 10
08/13/1935 Foreign (Boy) Scouts Due Here Today 12
08/13/1935 Troop Movements Will Clog (Up-State N.Y.) Roads 18
08/14/1935 Governor (Curley, Picture, P.4) Rebukes Consul For Reich In Boston Clash-Curley Says Condemnation By (Mass.) House Of (German) Persecution Is The General American Opinion (Perhaps This Is The Reason He Was Able To Avoid Jail As Long As He Did!) 1
08/14/1935 Senate Hears Plea U.S. Quit Olympics-(N.Y. Rep. Emanuel) Celler In Anti-Reich Move 4
08/14/1935 Nazis Hold Canadian Who Discussed Jews (Dr. Gebhard Mosl) 4
08/14/1935 (National Youth Congress Supported By Eleanor Roosevelt) Protests Reich Olympic 4
08/14/1935 Brazil’s Deficit Soars 4
08/14/1935 Nazis Whipping Up Anti-Jewish Spirit-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 5
08/14/1935 Hoarders Urged To Release Francs (Probably Gold Francs) 5
08/14/1935 Sacrifice To Peace Is Ethiopia’s Role 6
08/14/1935 Naval Guns Guard Jibuti, French Port 6
08/14/1935 Italy Is Committed By Works In Africa 7
08/15/1935 British Will Cite 1906 Pact To Italy-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 1
08/15/1935 Social Security Bill Is Signed (By Roosevelt); Gives Pension To Aged, Jobless (Picture, P. 5) 1
08/15/1935 10 More Catholics On Trial In Berlin-Jew Is Arrested In Saar-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/15/1935 Snowden Appeals To U.S. To Prevent War; Sees Italy Leading World To New Conflict 2
08/15/1935 Ethiopia Is Silent On 3-Power Talks 2
08/15/1935 Ethiopia Appeals For Right To Arms-Fears Massacre Is Ahead-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
08/15/1935 Italy Condemned By Lloyd George-Demands A New Regime (‘New Deal’ For Britain) 2
08/15/1935 Ethiopian Dispatches 60,000 Men To Border 2
08/15/1935 Ethiopia’s Friends To Organize Here-Italy’s Plan Denounced 2
08/15/1935 Arms Trade Shows World-Wide Gains-U.S. Is Large Exporter-Washington Survey 2
08/15/1935 Panama Refuses To Take Reich’s Blocked Marks 2
08/15/1935 Rome Press Rails At British Again-Says ‘Bullying’ Attitude And ‘Threats Against Italy’ Only Encourage Ethiopia-Plans To Blame London 2
08/15/1935 Geneva Debates Trade Of Japan-Restriction Is Desired 3
08/15/1935 Army Dictatorship In Reich Forecast (From Vienna) 3
08/15/1935 40 Graves Of Catholics Desecrated In (Schwendorf) Germany 3
08/15/1935 Nazi (Hitler) Youth Parade Stirs Resentment 3
08/15/1935 (Bulgarian Communist & Reichstag Fire Trial Alumnus, Georgi) Dimitroff Calls Fascism Chief Foe (Comintern, Moscow) 3
08/15/1935 Anti-Nazi Hearing (Bremen Riot) Put Off 3
08/15/1935 Seized Aliens Face New Peril In Reich 3
08/15/1935 (N.Y.) Court Scores Reich Law (Refusing Payment In Gold) 3
08/15/1935 Aaa Policies Scored By Col.(Theodore) Roosevelt 5
08/15/1935 Language Studies Pressed In Russia-Seen As Big Aid To Army In Event Of War 14
08/16/1935 British Are Ready To Let Italy Take Land In Ethiopia-French Not Yet Heard-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 1
08/16/1935 (Julius) Streicher Is Heard By 100,000 In Berlin-No Disorder Follows His Anti-Jewish Speech-Assails News Reports-Refers To U.S. Ambassador’s (Dr. William E. Dodd’s) Wife As Having Been Horrified By A Nazi Incident (Actually It Was Martha Dodd, His Daughter-She Later Marrled Alfred K. Stern Who Was Formerly Married To A Rosenwald-See Entry, Sept. 5, 1938, P. 3)-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/16/1935 Full Sovereignty Accorded Panama-U.S. Is No Longer To Guard Independence-Gold Payment Of Canal Rent To Cease (Sumner Welles’ Project-See Entry Aug. 15, 1935, P. 2) 1
08/16/1935 Albanian General, Friend Of Italy, Is Slain; Riots Follow, But They Are Sternly Halted 1
08/16/1935 W. O. Douglas (Later One Of Roosevelt’s Most Liberal Supreme Court Appointees) Talked Of To Head (National) Labor (Relations) Board; Yale Professor Ponders Offer Of Post 2
08/16/1935 Fascist Aim Laid To U.S. Financiers (By Bulgarian Communist & Reichstag Fire Trial Alumnus, Georgi Dimitroff)-Dimitroff In Moscow (Comintern) Asserts Attackers Of New Deal Hide Behind Phrases-Third (Communist) Party Held Answer 3
08/16/1935 Picture: Army Manoeuvres Start In Northern New York 3
08/16/1935 (N.Y. Rep. Emanuel, ‘Manny’) Celler Urges Ban On Olympic Funds (To Germany) 4
08/16/1935 Nazi Flag Barred From (New Yorker) Hotel Here-Group (Association Of German-American Technologists) To Go Elsewhere 4
08/16/1935 Beating Of Nazi Official By Catholics Is Reported (At Koenigsberg, East Prussia) 4
08/16/1935 Nazis Here Score (Massachusetts Governor, James M.) Curley (For Anti-German Statements) 4
08/16/1935 German Catholics Jailed 4
08/16/1935 Britain Proposes Navy Conference-U.S. Is Ready To Accept 5
08/16/1935 World Scientists Honored By (International Psychological Congress, Leningrad) Soviet 5
08/16/1935 Italy Hopes Talks Will Win Britain-Mussolini Will Not Turn 6
08/16/1935 Ethiopia Reports No Needy, Jobless 6
08/16/1935 U.S. Stand For Peace In Africa Reaffirmed (State Department Supports ‘Pact Of Paris’ In Statement To Mrs. Arthur Brin, President Of The National Council Of Jewish Women In Response To A Letter To Roosevelt) 6
08/16/1935 Ethiopia Is Termed Key To World Conditions-Success Or Failure There Will Be Gauge Of Dictatorships I. A. Hirschmann Thinks 6
08/16/1935 Ethiopians Speed War Preparations 7
08/16/1935 Missioner Sees Hard War For Italians In Ethiopia 7
08/16/1935 Japanese Caution On Death (Of Japanese) In China 7
08/16/1935 Pictures: On New Silver Bills 17
08/16/1935 German Exports Rise With Subsidy 27
08/17/1935 Will Rogers, Wiley Post Die In Airplane Crash In Alaska (Pictures, P. 5) 1
08/17/1935 Ethiopians Offer Italy Guarantees-Bar Military Occupation, But Propose Mine, Rail, Trade And Settlement Rights-Frederick T. Birchall 1
08/17/1935 More Jews To Flee New German Bans-Liquidation Now A Peril 1
08/17/1935 Nazi Victims’ Bodies (Rossbach) Found In Germany-Soldiers Discover Remains Of Silesian Leader, Son And Aide Who Disappeared In 1934-Vienna Report 2
08/17/1935 Migration Of Jews From Poland Urged (By Dr. Joshua Goldberg, National Secretary Of American Jewish Congress, Established By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Warsaw Report-Wise, In Lucerne, Plans To Make German Persecution Of Jews Part Of World Zionist Agenda) 2
08/17/1935 Reich’s Naval Power Feared By Poland 2
08/17/1935 New Machine Gun Adopted By Britain 2
08/17/1935 Tokyo Ban Likely On Naval Parley 2
08/17/1935 Italy Is Apathetic Over Paris Parley 3
08/17/1935 China Is Studying ‘Murder’ Of Britain-Lloyd George Is Shocked 3
08/17/1935 Start Of War Seen In Mid-September (From London) 3
08/17/1935 Arming Of (Northern) Frontier Speeded By Ethiopia 3
08/17/1935 (Pan American Clipper) Plane Flies Pacific To Tiny Wake Island 7
08/18/1935 Italy In Parley Demands Control Of All Ethiopia; War Believed Inevitable 1
08/18/1935 Aloisi Talks Of ‘The Front’ And Laval Is Astonished 1
08/18/1935 Protestant Synod Is Crushed In Silesia 2
08/18/1935 Cultural Ghetto Ordered By Nazis-Streicher Calls On Followers To Arrest ‘Non-Aryans’ Seen With ‘German’ Girls (Quotations Theirs!)-Film Houses Issue Ban 2
08/18/1935 Nazis Jail Jewish Dealer In Anti-Semitic Papers 2
08/18/1935 Breed Inspectors Urged In Germany-To Assure Eugenic Marriages 2
08/18/1935 Signs Of Early End Of Rain In Ethiopia-Nation To Pray For Peace-Pictures; Some Of Haile Selassie’s Crack Warriors 3
08/18/1935 Italy’s Ships Pay Heavy Suez Tolls 3
08/18/1935 Italy Reports An Attack By Ethiopian Tribe On French Somaliland With 100 Casualties 3
08/18/1935 (The World) Alliance (For International Friendship Through Churches) Says War Would Be Calamity 3
08/18/1935 Refugee Says Soviet Ousts Engrain Clergy-Deportation In The Region Adjoining Finland Said To Work Terrible Hardships 3
08/18/1935 Mussolini Spurs Departing Troops 3
08/18/1935 Molotoff Greets World Scientists (In Leningrad)-Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
08/18/1935 Britain For Haste On Naval Parley-Japan Stresses Parity 6
08/18/1935 Japanese Protest To China On Deaths 6
08/18/1935 House Receives Neutrality Bill 7
08/18/1935 Our Deaths By Gas In (World) War Put At 1,221 14
08/18/1935 Troops Mobilize For Big War Game-Hanson W. Baldwin N-1
08/18/1935 List Of 4,355 Promotions Of Army Officers As Approved By The Senate N-6
08/18/1935 Reichsbank Loses First Gold In 1935 F-5
08/18/1935 Eyes Of All Europe Upon Mediterranean E-3
08/18/1935 Peace And War Hang In Balance At Paris-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris E-4
08/18/1935 France Dislikes Mediators’s Role (Cartoon: Laval) E-4
08/18/1935 Britain Would Buy Peace For Ethiopia E-4
08/18/1935 War Propaganda Buoying Italians-Some Grumbling Heard E-4
08/18/1935 League Strategy Aids Peace Moves-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
08/18/1935 Soviet Bountiful Honoring Science-A Policy Of Government-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
08/18/1935 Poles Cold To New Vote Plan-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
08/18/1935 Enemies Of Hitler Still Lack Power E-5
08/18/1935 Japan Widens (Mainland) Rail Empire E-5
08/18/1935 Picture: ‘Juden Sind In Dieser Ortschaft Nicht Erwuenscht!’ E-5
08/18/1935 Nazi Punishments Are Told-G.E.R. Gedye, Prague E-5
08/18/1935 New Deal Is Wary As To Constitution E-7
08/18/1935 Cartoon: Anti-Hitler (British) E-9
08/18/1935 Nazis’ ‘New Deal’ Rules Reich Trade-The Outcome Is In Doubt E-12
08/18/1935 Japan Gains Philippine Trade E-12
08/18/1935 Social Security: The Foundation Mag. 1
08/18/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Buckles Down To His Heavy Task (A Sympathetic Presentation) Mag. 3
08/18/1935 The Army Plays Its Huge Game Of War Mag. 3
08/18/1935 Germany Builds Up Her Strength On The Sea And In The Air Roto.
08/19/1935 Ethiopia Parley Collapses As Mussolini’s Reply Is ‘No’ To Anglo-French Proposal-Mussolini Accuses Eden Of Trying To Put Blame On Rome For Failure 1
08/19/1935 British To Consult Us If War Starts; Eden Makes Bid For Joint Study Of Plans 1
08/19/1935 U.S. Urged To Rush Neutrality Policy 1
08/19/1935 Dr. Schacht Lashes Nazis’ Jew-Baiting As Damaging Trade-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/19/1935 U.S. Seen As Heading For (Public) Debt Disaster-Holds Reds Are Pleased 1
08/19/1935 Army Is Massed In Two-Day Rush (Pictures 3
08/19/1935 Nye Asks Cuba To Pay Interest On (Defaulted Public Works) Bonds 3
08/19/1935 (America) Liberty League Finds (U.S.) Trend To Despotism 5
08/19/1935 5,000 Take Oath Of Nazi Loyalty-Friends Of New Germany Hold Festival At Yaphank (Camp ‘Siegfried’) And Defend Reich Ideals-1,200 March In Parade-Swastika Is Flown With The National Colors And The Stars And Stripes 6
08/19/1935 Jews Not To Seen (German) Winter Olympics 6
08/19/1935 Nazi Inquiry Urged In Catholic Plot-In Matter Of Separatist (Conrad Adenauer A Leader In The Movement!) Move In Rhineland In 1918 6
08/19/1935 (2) Reich U-Boats In Service 6
08/19/1935 Italy Now Master Of Mediterranean-Malta Untenable In War (Map)-Augur, London 9
08/19/1935 European Peril Seen (By Frankfurter Zeitung) In African Conflict-May Be Impossible To Isolate War If It Starts 9
08/19/1935 British Plot Seen In Albanian Clash-To Distract Mussolini-Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
08/19/1935 Natural Barriers Ethiopia’s Defense 10
08/19/1935 Generous To Italy, Laval Regrets It-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 11
08/19/1935 Emperor Leads Prayer For Peace In Packed Ethiopian Cathedral 11
08/19/1935 Trade War Blamed For World Crisis 13
08/19/1935 Attacks ‘New Morality’ 13
08/19/1935 Ethiopian Outlook Slows Reich Trade 23
08/20/1935 Schacht Warning Brings Showdown; Censored By Nazis-German Army Backs Him-Decision Up To Hitler-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/20/1935 Italy Bars All Peace Talk; Britain Weighs Sanctions; Wants To Know Our Policy-British Cabinet Called 1
08/20/1935 30,000 Italian Casualties Said To Have Left Africa 1
08/20/1935 Britain To Ask U.S. To Help Curb War-Congress For Neutrality 1
08/20/1935 Geneva Is Divided On Ethiopian Issue-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
08/20/1935 Ethiopia Is Suffering From Slum In Trade 2
08/20/1935 Ethiopia Is Endangered By Bravery Of Soldiers Who Scoff At Italian’s Modern Weapons 2
08/20/1935 Reich Apprehensive Over Paris Failure 2
08/20/1935 Soviet Menace Stressed (Helsinfors) 2
08/20/1935 Italy Indifferent To Paris Failure 3
08/20/1935 Picture: Italian Troop Ship 3
08/20/1935 Journalists Ousted By Soviet And Reich 3
08/20/1935 Ethiopians Await League’s Decision-Bank Shuts Off Credits 3
08/20/1935 Polish Jews To Meet In London (‘To Call The Attention Of World Jewry As A Whole To The Present Tragic Plight Of The Jews In Poland’-Federation Of Polish Jews In America-Joseph Tenenbaum) 3
08/20/1935 Zionists (Congress) At Lucerne Seek To End Strife (Ben Gurion, Nahum Sokolow, Etc. Present-Seek To Relieve Internal Strife) 4
08/20/1935 Nazi Justice Put Above Law Codes-Severity Is Demanded 4
08/20/1935 Berlin Fire Destroys Huge (Funkturm) Exposition Hall 4
08/20/1935 ‘Suicide Ships’ (Torpedo Boats) Seek German Volunteers-London Report 4
08/20/1935 Army In Position, ‘War’ Begins Today 10
08/20/1935 Marie Jose Laval Has Civil Wedding (Pierre Laval’s Daughter Marries A Descendant Of Lafayette & Thereby Acquires U.S. Citizenship) 18
08/20/1935 Rutgers (University) Inquiry Upholds Ban On Anti-Nazi (Lienhard Bergel) As An Instructor (In German-Picture Of Dr. Friedrich J. Hauptmann, Head Of German Dept.) 23
08/20/1935 Picture: Anthony H. G. Fokker-Sold Planes In Europe (Later Mixed Up In Deal With One Of Roosevelt’s Sons To Sell Planes Abroad, Possibly To Spain Through Russia) 23
08/21/1935 Labor For Lehman.For Higher Place (Political Office) Declares (A. F. Of L’s. William) Green 1
08/21/1935 Army Bomber (Boeing B-17) Flies 2,300 Miles In 9 Hours Or 252 Miles An Hour 1
08/21/1935 Motorized Attack Opens Modern ‘War’ (Pictures, P. 3) 1
08/21/1935 Demand To Vote U.S.Neutrality Now Halts Rush Of Bills In Congress; London Acts Tomorrow On Ethiopia 1
08/21/1935 Neutrality Resolution 1
08/21/1935 Italians Confident Of Speedy Victory 4
08/21/1935 (The American) Committee (On The Ethiopian Crisis) Formed To Protect Ethiopia 4
08/21/1935 African Refugees Crowd Into Jibuti 4
08/21/1935 Ethiopia To Set Up Army Supply Bases 4
08/21/1935 U.S. Steers Clear Of Africa Dispute-We Suggest Peace Moves 5
08/21/1935 Board On Ethiopia Resumes Efforts-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 6
08/21/1935 Ministries Back Schacht On Jews-Otto D. Tolschus, Berlin 6
08/21/1935 German Prelates Plan Their Policy 6
08/21/1935 Lehman Urges Help For Jews In Reich-Says That 600,000 ‘Have Been Marked Out For Destruction’ 7
08/21/1935 Reich Denounced As Zionists (Congress, Lucerne) Meet (Letter From Malcolm Mc Donald) 7
08/21/1935 22 Men Trapped In Berlin (U-Bahn) Cave In 8
08/21/1935 (Alfred E.) Smith Denounces (Russian, German, & Mexican) War On Religion-Roosevelt Is Criticized 16
08/22/1935 Schacht Protests To Hitler On Press (Curbs)-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/22/1935 President (Roosevelt) Acts In Neutrality Issue As House Balks After Senate Votes; Britain Won’t Act Without France 1
08/22/1935 Italy Sees Danger In Britain’s Stand 1
08/22/1935 Ruler Of Ethiopia Fears World War-Big Hidden Fund Revealed 1
08/22/1935 Reich Fines Priest For ‘Abusing Confession’ 1
08/22/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Urges Boy Scout Brotherhood As Example For All Nations To Follow 3
08/22/1935 Roosevelt Praises Boy Scot Spirit-Refers To Constitution 3
08/22/1935 Troops Plow Mud In Pine Camp ‘War’ 3
08/22/1935 Roosevelt Greets China’s Ambassador (Dr. Saoke Alfred Sze) 8
08/22/1935 Observers Differ On Comintern Aim-Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
08/22/1935 Zionist (Congress) Condemns British ‘Robbery’ (Failure To Surrender Palestine To Zionist As Promised In The Balfour Declaration) 10
08/22/1935 Sees Refugee Hope In Latin America (Dr. Samuel Guy Inmann & His Superior James G. Mc Donald, London) 11
08/22/1935 Penal Congress Tired Of Nazis’ Speeches; Delegates At Berlin Target For Propaganda 11
08/22/1935 Japan Open To Aid In China Projects 11
08/22/1935 Artillery Mules On Way To Africa 12
08/22/1935 Ethiopia Will Inoculate And Vaccinate All Army 12
08/22/1935 Pictures: Rival Armies Prepare For East African Clash 12
08/22/1935 K. Of C. Demands Action On Mexico 15
08/22/1935 War Gossip In Pits Lifts Wheat Price 34
08/23/1935 Roosevelt Agrees To Bar War Arms Sales To Feb. 29; British To Wait On League 1
08/23/1935 Big British Bank Recalls All Of Its Italian Credits 1
08/23/1935 Sanctions Mean War, Say Italians 1
08/23/1935 Tarter Riders Enter Moscow Triumphantly; On Road 83 Days To Give Voroshiloff A Horse 1
08/23/1935 Young Democrats Parade In Milwaukee; Mc Nutt (Dedicated Rooseveltian) Taunts ‘Constitution Defenders’ 2
08/23/1935 Picture; German & Frenchman At Pine Camp War Games 3
08/23/1935 (‘Storm’) Troopers Parade Answers Schacht 9
08/23/1935 ‘Perfect Youth’ Irks Nazis By Associating With Jew 9
08/23/1935 Japan Sets Terms For A Naval Parley 9
08/23/1935 Nazi Issue Raised In Zionist (Congress, Lucerne) Session (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 9
08/23/1935 Reich Again Seizes The (N.Y.) Times 9
08/23/1935 Ethiopia Protects Italian Residents-Our Congress Watched 10
08/23/1935 Rio Bans Sacco (-Vanzetti [Frankfurter & Mussmanno]) Parades 10
08/23/1935 Denies Neutrality Bars Sale Of Arms 11
08/23/1935 Diplomatic Bodies Warn On Isolation-Cite Confusion In Trade 11
08/23/1935 Our Sanctions View Awaited By French 11
08/23/1935 Melbourne (Australian) Italians Join Anti-War Rally-Shout ‘Shame Upon Mussolini’ As They March 11
08/24/1935 House Votes Neutrality; British Move Plane Shio; To Act Firmly In Geneva 1
08/24/1935 Rifle Butts Reply To Bayonet Jabs At Pine Camp War 1
08/24/1935 (John G.) Winant Made Head Of (Social) Security Board (Picture, P. 2-Suicide After War) 1
08/24/1935 Japan Detains Ship Of U.S. In Spy Scare 1
08/24/1935 Britain Prepares In Mediterranean-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
08/24/1935 Isolationists Move To Censure Senator Pope (Idaho) For Pro-League Activity On European Tour 1
08/24/1935 Secret Warning By Britain Seen-American Action Studied-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
08/24/1935 British At Geneva Likely To Be Firm-Augur, London 6
08/24/1935 Ethiopia Rushing Munitions Plant 6
08/24/1935 150,000 Italian Troops Mass South Of Alps For ‘War’ To Show Best Way To Aid Austria 6
08/24/1935 Italy Still Feels Britain Is Hostile 6
08/24/1935 (African) Merchants Refuse More Credit To Italy 6
08/24/1935 Paris Would Curb Fighting In Africa 6
08/24/1935 Dr. Schacht Defies Reich’s Censorship-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 7
08/24/1935 Darre To Rule Prices Of Food In Germany 7
08/24/1935 Army Runs Cuban Towns 7
08/24/1935 (Manuel) Quezon Is Opposed To U.S. Protectorate 7
08/24/1935 German Warship (Koenigsberg) Visit (To Gydnia) Is Acclaimed By Poland 7
08/24/1935 Palestine Termed Jews’ Vindication (By World Zionist Congress, Lucerne)-German Issue On Agenda (Stephen S. Wise) 16
08/25/1935 Britain Is Sending Warships To Suez; Neutrality Voted (By U.S.) 1
08/25/1935 Schacht Rebuffed As Nazis Continue Drive On Enemies-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/25/1935 Sham War In Italy Will Start Today-King And Duce Are Rivals 2
08/25/1935 Ethiopians Ready To Flee Air Bombs 3
08/25/1935 (European) Tour (Alleged Pro-League Activity) Is Explained By Senator (James P.) Pope-Doubts United States Can Be Neutral 3
08/25/1935 ‘Pershing Oaks’ To Rise (Be Planted) On Soil Americans Freed (In France, In World War I) 3
08/25/1935 Arms Embargo Set For Belligerants-Forwarded To President (Roosevelt)-(Senator Tom) Connally (Texas) Pleads For The Week 5
08/25/1935 Pro-Nazi Meeting (German-American Technologists Association) Barred By (Astor) Hotel 6
08/25/1935 Ludendorff Charges Jews Fan Japan’s Nationalism 6
08/25/1935 Japan Clears Men And Ship Of Spying-Camera Found On Vessel 8
08/25/1935 Germans To Be Drilled-Storm Troops Will Give Military Training To Volunteers 12
08/25/1935 Holds Mexico Right In Suspending Debt 12
08/25/1935 Big Martin Bomber (B-12) Sets World Mark-Had 2,000 Kilogram Load 19
08/25/1935 (Williamstown, Massachusetts) Institute (Of Human Relations) To Study Race Antagonism N-3
08/25/1935 (Boston’s Mayor) Curley Is Praised (By ‘Friends Of Democracy’) On Anti-Nazi Stand N-3
08/25/1935 Zionists (Congress, Lucerne) Criticize (British) Palestine Regime-(Jewish Emigration) Pact With Reich Upheld-French Jews Ask Reich Boycott N-3
08/25/1935 Mussolini Viewed As ‘Racketeer’-Louis FisherFinds Russia Moving Toward Democracy N-6
08/25/1935 Italian Orders Larger Than Supposed; Most Buying Is Done Here On Cash Basis F-9
08/25/1935 We Will Be Neutral; And So Will The Rest-Ethiopia Must Face Italy Without Aid-And She Cannot Buy Bullets (Earlier Order Placed With Poland?) E-3
08/25/1935 All Europe Tensely Watches Italy’s Moves E-3
08/25/1935 Geneva Sees Gain For Peace Forces-Many Difficulties Seen-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
08/25/1935 Map: Twenty Focal Points In The Ethiopian Crisis E-4
08/25/1935 French Unexcited On Ethiopian Issue E-4
08/25/1935 Italy’s War Costs Add To Huge Debt E-4
08/25/1935 Many Foreigners Visit Soviet Union-Curbs On Visitors Denied-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
08/25/1935 British Talk Rejects Idea Of War-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-4
08/25/1935 Cartoon: As Rome Sees The Ethiopian Army (Fairly Good Assessment As It Turned Out) E-4
08/25/1935 Schacht’s Diatribe Bares Basic Clash-Reich’s Future At Stake-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-5
08/25/1935 Germany Winning Trade From Japan (In Costa Rica) E-5
08/25/1935 Washington Seeking Peace In Neutrality-’No Entanglements’-Hull E-12
08/25/1935 Basler, Roy P., The Lincoln Legend: A Study In Changing Conceptions, Houghton Mifflin, Boston-Lincolnism As A Religion Of The Religionless America Book 3
08/25/1935 Dreams Of Empire Kindle Rome-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
08/25/1935 The Defenses Nature Gave The ‘King Of Kings’ Against Invasion Roto.
08/26/1935 Britain To Add 1,200 Men To ‘Weak’ Malta Garrison 1
08/26/1935 (U.S.) War Games Reveal Antiquated Army, Ill-Trained Guard 1
08/26/1935 U.S. Protests To The Soviet Over Reds’ Activities Here; Warns Of Consequences-Communist (Comintern) Parley Cited-Text (Picture, William C. Bullitt, U.S. Ambassador To Russia-See Entry, August 16, 1935, P. 3) 1&6
08/26/1935 Russians Are Mute On Protest By U.S.-Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
08/26/1935 U.S. Neutrality Hampers Britain-Our (Neutrality) Law Disappointing-Frederick T. Birchall, London 4
08/26/1935 Mussolini Warns Against Sanction 4
08/26/1935 Italy’s King Views Vast Mimic War 4
08/26/1935 Hearing On Clash At Ualual (Ethiopia) Close-Italian Major Criticized (No White Man Witnessed It) 4
08/26/1935 Cars In Magdeburg Use ‘No Jews’ Sign-Streicher Speaks There 5
08/26/1935 Steuben Official (Gustav W. M. Wieboldt) Bars Link To Nazis-Warns Of Dictator Here 5
08/26/1935 Nazis Dedicate Flags (North Bergen, N. J.) 5
08/26/1935 U.S. Cotton Exports To Russia May Gain 6
08/26/1935 Jewish Resistance To Attacks Urged (At Lucerne Zionist Congress)-Four Countries (Germany, Persia, Iraq & Afghanistan) Accused (Poland Not Mentioned!) 7
08/26/1935 Germany Appeals For Foreign Trade 23
08/27/1935 Addis Ababa Fears War Is Imminent; Evacuation Begins 1
08/27/1935 Italy Sees Threat From British Navy 1
08/27/1935 Soviet Envoy (Troyanovsky) Finds ‘Beam’ In Eye Of U.S. 1
08/27/1935 Two Other Nations Protest To Russia 2
08/27/1935 Monroe Doctrine For League Urged-Sees Threats To Empire-Sir Norman Angell 2
08/27/1935 Domestic Aim Seen In (U.S.) Protest To Soviet-Washington Star Points To The ((Bulgarian Communist, Georgi) Dimitroff Speech Backing Election Of Roosevelt (See Entry, August 16, 1935, P. 3) 2
08/27/1935 Press In Russia Ignores Protest By U.S.; Power Of Comintern In Soviet Minimized-Walter Duranty 2
08/27/1935 Navy Movements Pushed By Britain-Aircraft Carrier Glorious Is Sent To Malta-Courageous Dispatched To Suez Canal 3
08/27/1935 Colonies For Italy May Be Peace Price-Germans Renew Demand 3
08/27/1935 Mussolini At Head Of Big Manoeuvrres 3
08/27/1935 (London Times !) Explains U.S. Neutrality 3
08/27/1935 German Monks Tried On (Currency) Exchange Charges 4
08/27/1935 Deadlock Broken In Zionist (Congress, Lucerne) Dispute 4
08/27/1935 (Down Town Athletic) Club Joins In Ban On Swastika Flag (German-American Technologists Association)-Committee Embarrassed 4
08/27/1935 Fight Nazis In Danzig 4
08/27/1935 Germans Hail (U.S.) Protest (To Russia) 4
08/27/1935 Dr. (Judah B.) Magnes Offer To Quit (Hebrew University) Confirmed 5
08/27/1935 Japan Negotiates For Textile Pact-Cotton Plan Here Linked 12
08/27/1935 (John G.) Winant To Sail Home To Take Up New Post-Social Security Head Says Work With Ilo (International Labor Organization In Geneva) Will Help Him In Social Security Job 12
08/27/1935 Defense Of Nazism Startles (Williamstown, Mass) Institute (Of Human Relations)-(Swiss-Born) Widow Of German Says Protestants, Catholics And Jews Caused Own Persecutions-Her Views Are (Immediately) Attacked (She Was Interrupted!) 16
08/28/1935 Mussolini To Hold War Parley Today; Watches Britain-laval In New Peace Move 1
08/28/1935 Soviet Rejects U.S. Protest; It Denies Any Responsibility For Actions Of Comintern (Which Met In Moscow!)-Text 1
08/28/1935 U.S. Taken Aback By Soviet Curtness 1
08/28/1935 Trade Loss Feared In Russian Dispute 2
08/28/1935 Picture: Joseph Stalin & Bulgarian Communist (And Reichstag Fire Trial Alumnus) Georgi Dimitroff 2
08/28/1935 Laval Commences New Peace Effort 2
08/28/1935 Somali Desertions Of Italy Reported (Addis Ababa Report) 3
08/28/1935 Britain Prepared Says Senator Pope 3
08/28/1935 Mussolini Views New War Devices 3
08/28/1935 Right To Shut Suez To Italy Is Studied-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
08/28/1935 Campbell, Here, Sees Another World War-Inevitable That America Will Be Drawn In, Says British Speed Driver 3
08/28/1935 2,000 Italian (Deserters) Flee Country (Maribor, Jugoslavia Report) 3
08/28/1935 Population (World Congress, Berlin) Parley Hears Nazi Praise 4
08/28/1935 (Rabbi) Dr. S.S. Wise Urges Reich’s Outlawing-Says Berlin Fosters War-Tells World Jewish Congress That Jews’ Banisher ‘Must Be Banished By Civilization’ 4
08/29/1935 Italy Warns Of Dangers If Sanctions Are Applied But Reassures British-Rome Grimly Determined-Paris For Middle Course 1
08/29/1935 Roosevelt Calls Halt To Consider Stand Upon Soviet (Reply To U.S. Protest) 1
08/29/1935 Army Called Weak In Communications 1
08/29/1935 France To Steer A Middle Cause-Sanctions Are Opposed 2
08/29/1935 Ethiopia Will Get Arms From Japan-Hopes Rain Will Continue 2
08/29/1935 Peace Pleas Made By Oslo Conferees 2
08/29/1935 (U.S.) Purchases By Italy Reflect War Plans 2
08/29/1935 (Guglielmo) Marconi To Join Italian Forces In Ethiopia; Likely To Direct Communications Service 2
08/29/1935 Britons Ordered To Leave Ethiopia-Frederick T. Birchall, London 3
08/29/1935 Egyptian (British) Offer Aid To Ethiopia-5,000 Ready To Form Foreign Legion To Fight Against Italy, Emperor Is Told-Sixty (Ethiopian) Raiders Are Slain 3
08/29/1935 Zionist Flags Fly In Nazi Protest (At World Zionist Congress, Lucerne) 4
08/29/1935 Reich Bars Doctors From World Parley (Montreux, Switz.) Because Of Attack On Nazi Eugenics 4
08/29/1935 Germany Reduces High Food Prices-Pork, Beef And Potatoes Are Affected-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 5
08/29/1935 U.S. Eugenist Hails Nazi Racial Policy-Prof. C. G. Campbell (President Of N.Y. Eugenics Research Association) Says Hitler Program Of Development ‘Promises To Be Epochal’ (At Berlin World Population Congress) 5
08/29/1935 Nazis Behead Another (Betraying Military Secrets) 5
08/29/1935 President (Roosevelt) Signs Ban On Gold (Payment) Suit 6
08/29/1935 Picture: Bainbridge Colby 8
08/30/1935 Britain And France Will Offset Plea Of Italy In Geneva 1
08/30/1935 Comintern Plans For Coups Shown-Hull Studies Situation 1
08/30/1935 Zionists (World Congress, Lucerne) Saddened By Death Of (Belgian Queen) Astrid 4
08/30/1935 Backing Of League Growing In France-Rome Action No Surprise 6
08/30/1935 Shaw Argues For Hands Off Italy; Holds Gain For Hitler Is Only Peril-George Bernard Shaw, Active Proponent Of Socialism 6
08/30/1935 Ethiopia Can Put 750,000 In Field-Few Clad In Uniform 7
08/30/1935 Little Entente Puts Faith In The League 7
08/30/1935 British Hostility Amazing To Italy 7
08/30/1935 Italy Seen Aiming To Block Adriatic-Others For Neutrality 8
08/30/1935 Leipzig Fall Fair Disappoints Nazis-Foreign Buyers Hold Off-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
08/30/1935 America Speakers Shun Berlin (World Population Congress) Meeting (Boycott?) 8
08/30/1935 German (-American Technologists Association) Group Here Finds Meeting Place-Will Assemble At (Jaeger’s) Turnhalle 8
08/30/1935 Soviet Russia Eases Her Passport Policy 8
08/30/1935 Italian Group Here Puts Onus On Britain 8
08/30/1935 German Press Cites Race (Negro) Hatred In U.S. (Judge Charles Lynch) 8
08/30/1935 Nazi Censor Bans Address By Pope (Pius XI)-Newspapers Are Allowed To Do No More Than Mention His Talk 8
08/30/1935 (Sing Sing Prison Warden) Lawes, Back, Calls Nazi Order Severe 9
08/30/1935 ‘War’ Over, Troops Leave Pine Camp-Hanson W. Baldwin 18
08/31/1935 German Flies Plane By Leg Power, Bring Dream Of Icarus Nearer 1
08/31/1935 U.S. Will Respond To Moscow Today; Japanese May Act-Hull Continues Talks 1
08/31/1935 Ethiopia Reported Giving Huge (Oil Exploration Rights, Etc.) To Anglo-U.S. Group-Speeded To Block Italy-$60,000,000 To Be Spent 1
08/31/1935 Reich Protestants Face Crisis Today-Baden Assails Catholics 4
08/31/1935 Berlin (World Population) Congress Ends In Dispute-American (Prof. Frank Hankins, Smith College) Issues Warning-Assails Propaganda’s Injection-German Not World Union Arranged Program 4
08/31/1935 Soviet To Support Britain At Geneva 4
08/31/1935 Britain Speeds Up Home Fleet Tests 5
08/31/1935 Ethiopian Tactics Require Restraint-Most Peasants Armed-Will Tax Emperor’s Talents 5
08/31/1935 Italy Astonished Over (Ethiopian) ‘Concessions (To U.S. & England-Map)-Will Not Alter Program 5
08/31/1935 Doubt (Ethiopian) Oil Grant Would Involve U.S. 5
08/31/1935 War Cry Sounded By Haile Selassie-Chose Death Rather Than An Alien Subjugation-Addis Ababa Still Calm 5
08/31/1935 ‘Fair Profit’ Urged By Presbyterians 14