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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

September 1935
Date Headline Page
09/01/1935 British Ask Delay In Ethiopian Deal-Standard Oil (Rockefeller Interests!) Denies Link-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
09/01/1935 Hull Charges The Soviet Repudiates Pledge To U.S.; Again Asks Curb On Reds-Text 1
09/01/1935 Italy To Call 200,000 Men Making 1,000,000 Under Arms: Her Reply To Sanctions Talk-Mussolini Is Defiant 1
09/01/1935 Neutrality Law Is Signed-Roosevelt Approves It As ‘Wholly Excellent’ In Its Purpose-Emphasizes Peace Desire 1
09/01/1935 Schacht Defies Goebbels Again, Reinstating Aide (Emil Koeppen-Who Had Been In A Concentration Camp) 1
09/01/1935 Roosevelt Signs Final Major Bill And Quits Capital 1
09/01/1935 Hitler Due To List New (Nuernberg) Laws On Jews-Trade Rights Vanish-Otto D. Tolischus 1
09/01/1935 Nazi Flag Flies At (German-American Technologists Association) Festival Here 12
09/01/1935 Spain Curbs Extremists; Executioner Is Guarded 12
09/01/1935 Jewish Veterans Ask Olympics BaN-1ehman Assails Nazis 12
09/01/1935 German War-Games To Exhibit Strength 12
09/01/1935 (Chaim) Weizmann To Head World Zionists (World Zionist Congress, Lucerne) 13
09/01/1935 Standard Oil (Rockefeller Interests) In Ethiopia Denied 14
09/01/1935 Outline Of Ethiopian Concession Agreement 14
09/01/1935 Italy Lays Grant To British ‘Perfidity’ (N.Y. Times Quotes) 14
09/01/1935 Concession Harms Britain At Geneva-Repudiation Is Advised-Augur, London 14
09/01/1935 Hands-Off Policy Decreed By Hull-Not Consulted On (Concession) Deal 15
09/01/1935 Ethiopia Sees Aims Of Italy Blocked-Pipeline To (Sea) Port Visioned 15
09/01/1935 British Speed Up Plane Production-Home Fleet Assembles 15
09/01/1935 Italy Held Prepared To Settle Credits 15
09/01/1935 War Scare Fails To Halt Tourists 15
09/01/1935 20,000 (Ethiopian) Priests Offer To Fight In Ethiopia 15
09/01/1935 Praise Of Ethiopia By Italy Recalled 15
09/01/1935 Herman Bernstein Dies In Berkshires-Founder Of ‘The Day,’ Jewish Daily-Lived An Extremely Interesting Life As War Correspondent-Editor-Sued Henry Ford For Libel (Anti-Semitic Articles Published In ‘Dearborn Independent-Attacked ‘The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion’ As Clumsy Literary Forgery-Published The ‘Willy-Nicky’ Telegrams From World War I-Visited The Czech Legion Serving With The Soviets In The Urals! 18
09/01/1935 Haile Selassi Gives A Mighty Concession-And London Turns It Down E-3
09/01/1935 Italy Sets A Supreme Test For The League E-3
09/01/1935 Britain To Rebuild Navy At Huge Cost E-4
09/01/1935 Italy Keeps An Eye On Central Europe E-4
09/01/1935 Ethiopia Maps Plan Of Campaign (Map) E-4
09/01/1935 Gradual Pressure By League (On Italy) Is Seen, Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
09/01/1935 French At Crisis Look Both Ways E-4
09/01/1935 Turkey Is Fearful Of Il Duce’s Plan E-4
09/01/1935 Misadventures Mark U.S.-Soviet Relations E-5
09/01/1935 Comintern Talks Reflect A Change-Represents A Mild Revival Of Lenin’s Revolutionary Plan-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-5
09/01/1935 Picture: (Bulgarian Communist, Alumnus Of Reichstag Fire Trial) Elected Head Of Comintern & Wilhelm Pieck. Later, After World War Ii, Head Of Eastern Zone Of Germany E-5
09/01/1935 (Little) Entente’s Unison Strongly Upheld E-5
09/01/1935 Colonial Hopes Of Reich Raised-Lost Territory Rankles E-5
09/01/1935 Japanese Extend Power In China E-5
09/01/1935 (A. F. Of L’s. William) Green Reviews Gains Of Labor Movement E-11
09/01/1935 Washington Rests Amid Novel Hush (Roosevelt’s Absence?) E-11
09/01/1935 The Man The World Watches (Mussolini)-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome Mag. 1
09/01/1935 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Listening-In Machine (Evaluation Of Public Opinion) Mag. 3
09/01/1935 A Crucial Test Of The (Roosevelt) New Diplomacy (At Geneva)-Harold Callender Mag. 6
09/01/1935 Schacht Challenges The Nazi Hot Heads-Emil Lengyel Mag. 7
09/01/1935 Russia Writes An Epic In The Arctic Mag. 10
09/01/1935 Il Duce Rouses His Black Shirt Volunteers Roto.
09/01/1935 The Planes Of The (U.S.) Fleet Parade Roto.
09/01/1935 Officers Of The Real-Red Army (Soviets) At Pine Camp (U.S. War Games) Roto.
09/02/1935 Reich Bishops Tell Catholics To Obey ‘God And Not Men’-Text, P. 6 1
09/02/1935 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University) Calls (Roosevelt’s) Tax On Rich Malicious 1
09/02/1935 Travel To Europe Greatest Since ‘29 1
09/02/1935 Roosevelt Carrys Work To Hyde Park (Vacation) 1
09/02/1935 Ethiopia To Reject Protest By Britain On Oil Concession-Emperor Asserts Deal Is With America And Cannot Be Halted By Others 1
09/02/1935 Soviet Step To Cut U.S. Ties Possible 1
09/02/1935 (Matthew) Woll (Vice-Pres., A. F. Of L.) Urges Break With Soviet; Declares Russia Is Not Honest 2
09/02/1935 Accuses Roosevelt 0 Patronage Abuse 2
09/02/1935 Emperor Says Deal Involves Only U.S.-Asserts Britain Cannot Interfere In The Oil Concession-That Is Why He Gave It 4
09/02/1935 Blow To Italy Seen By Soviet In (Oil Concession) Grant 4
09/02/1935 Eden Will Confer With (Premier Pierre) Laval Today 4
09/02/1935 French War Games Open Today As Reich Also Exhibits Strength 4
09/02/1935 Ethiopia Rich In Oil (Francis M.) Rickett Declares 4
09/02/1935 Deal A Revolution In Ethiopian Ways 6
09/02/1935 Nye Assails (Ethiopian Oil) Concession 6
09/02/1935 Made National Head Of Nazi Friends (Of New Germany) Here 6
09/02/1935 Ban On Swastika (By Hotels) Scored By (German) Consul 7
09/02/1935 (Jewish War Veterans) Ask President (Roosevelt) To End Trade With Germany-Urge Congress To Condemn Acts Of Nazis 7
09/02/1935 (Chaim) Weizmann Accepts Zionist Nomination (President, World Jewish Congress, Lucerne) 7
09/02/1935 Munich Bans Jewish Art Trade 7
09/02/1935 Japan To Offer Soviet New Border Board Plan Allowing Russians Equal Representation 8
09/02/1935 Forcing War Upon Ethiopia Scored By Dr. Macon (Episcopalian) As ‘Reversion To Primitive’ 15
09/03/1935 3 Powers To Meet Again On Ethiopia; War Delay Is Seen-Italy’s Time Is Limited-Attempt To Delay Conflict To Upset Mussolini’s Program-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
09/03/1935 (William) Green Says (American Federation Of) Labor’s Goal Is 30-Hour Week-Sees Better Day At Hand 1
09/03/1935 World Zionists (Congress, Lucerne) Split On Election Of (Executive) Board (Jewish Telegraphic Agency Report) 14
09/03/1935 Reich Press Silent On (Catholic College Of) Bishops’ Attack-Nazi Circles Untroubled (Berlin Report) 15
09/03/1935 Official Of League (Commissioner Sean Lester) Snubbed In Danzig (By Dr. Arthur Greiser) 15
09/03/1935 German Group (German-American Technologists Association) Irked By (German) Flag Ban Here Will Hold Next Meeting In Philadelphia 15
09/03/1935 Reich Secret Agents Arrested By Czechs 15
09/03/1935 Nazi Colonies (‘Feudal Estates’ Within Germany, ‘Chiefly Prussian Junkers’) Growing 15
09/03/1935 Eden Asks France To Join In Report-Link To Oil Deal Is Denied 16
09/03/1935 Rome Holds Grant By Ethiopia Is Void-Asserts Exclusive Rights Were Given In 1932 To Italian Who Found Oil There-Press Bitter At Britain 16
09/03/1935 Japan Thinks Britain Seeks To Block Her 16
09/03/1935 Japan Warns China To End Terrorism 16
09/03/1935 Reich Will Pay Britons 16
09/03/1935 Horses Indispensable In Reich War Games; Abolished By French In Their Manoeuvres (Horses Still Used By Germans 1939-1945) 16
09/03/1935 British War Ships Reach Suez Zone-Home Fleet’s Steam Up 16
09/03/1935 Soviet Sea Captain To Die-Speculators Doomed 16
09/03/1935 Germany Opens Sailors’ School 16
09/03/1935 Oil Deal Protest By British Held Up-Minister In Addis Ababa May Have Acted On Learning Backers Were American-Sale To Italy Foreseen 17
09/03/1935 British Union Head (William Kean) Urges Sanctions-He Sees War Issue Ahead 17
09/03/1935 Most Britons Want No Part In African Row, Giannini Declares After Stay In England 17
09/03/1935 Ethiopian Troops Move Into Field-People Get Gas Masks (From Whom?) 17
09/03/1935 New Yorker (Leo Y. Chertok) Claims Prior Ethiopian Deal 17
09/03/1935 Teagle Aide Denies (Standard Oil, N. J.-Rockefeller) Deal (London Report) 17
09/03/1935 (United) Jewish Appeal (Including American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Drive Reaches $1,500,000-To Aid Oppressed Abroad-$3,350,000 Sought (For German Jews) 19
09/03/1935 Russian Shipments To Italy Expanding 31
09/04/1935 Standard Oil (N.J.-Rockefeller Interests) Cancels Deal In Ethiopia On Hull Demand; Backers Are Revealed Rickett Acted Solely For Standard-Vacuum, Its Officials Admit-Down Payment Denied-Secretary (Hull) Says Concession Was Embarrassing To All Seeking To Avert War-Helps British At Geneva 1
09/04/1935 President (Roosevelt) Is Delighted Oil Grant Is Abandoned 1
09/04/1935 Air In League Cleared-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/04/1935 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr., U.S. Sec. Of Treasury) Plans Journey To Europe (Portugal & Spain) 6
09/04/1935 Nye Hunts (Anthony) Fokker In Airplane Deals 7
09/04/1935 Religious Liberty Vital, Lehman Says (At Negro Baptist Church)-La Guardia Is Chided (By Pastor For Not Also Attending Meeting) 7
09/04/1935 British Battleship (Barham) And Soldiers Sail 10
09/04/1935 Ethiopian Envoy’s Son, 9, Pleads For Guns; Ask London Hearers To Curb ‘Naughty Man’ 10
09/04/1935 Britain’s Position In Egypt At Stake-Occupation Is Irksome 10
09/04/1935 (Ethiopian) Veteran Of Adowa Leads Ethiopians-Soldiers Appear Subdued 10
09/04/1935 Crowds Cheer At Office Of Il Duce Till He Speaks 10
09/04/1935 Italy Is Surprised By Oil Denouement-Geneva Stand Settled 10
09/04/1935 (Francis W.) Rickett Takes Ship At Jibuti For Cairo 10
09/04/1935 British Laborites Demand League Uphold Covenant 10
09/04/1935 Verdict On Ualual (Conflict) Clears Both Sides-Impossible To Fix Blame For Italo-Ethiopian Clash-Decision Not Published 11
09/04/1935 Ethiopia Awaiting (Leo Y.) Chertok Payment (For Oil Rights) 11
09/04/1935 German Radio Gives War Game Details 11
09/04/1935 Statement By Mr. Hull 12
09/04/1935 British Agreement With Italy Looms-Laval Likely Go-Between-Augur, London 12
09/04/1935 Standard (Oil Co. Of N. J.-Rockefeller Interests) Denied Link To Oil Grant-Concern Set Up In July 13
09/04/1935 Nazis (‘Friends Of New Germany’) Here Set Up Fight For Unity-Constitution Is Modified 13
09/04/1935 Estonia To Institute Cooperative System-Democratic Regime Abolished 13
09/04/1935 Storm Troopers Push War On Jews-’Individual Action’ (By Individual Germans) Barred-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 14
09/04/1935 Tourists In Germany Show 25% Increase 14
09/04/1935 (Chaim) Weizmann Named Head Of Zionists (19th World Zionist Congress, Lucerne)-Attack On Reich Voted-German Delegation Opposes Resolution Charging The ‘Defamation’ Of Jews 14
09/04/1935 German Mothers Protest Sex Study-One Writes That (Motherhood) Courses Make Girls Fear Men Marriage And Motherhood 14
09/04/1935 Britain May Protest To U.S. On Magazine-To Object To Article In Time On Duke Of Kent 21
09/04/1935 Army Buying Lifts Carpet Wool Price 36
09/05/1935 Italy Is Defiant At Geneva Reserving Liberty To Act; Eden Invokes League Pact-(Count) Aloisi Attacks Ethiopia-Says Italy Is In Danger-Jeze (Representing Ethiopia) Denies Charges Asking For Aid Against Threat Of ‘War Of Extermination’-Eden Asks For Peace-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/05/1935 The Complaint By Italy 1&14
09/05/1935 President (Roosevelt) Scores ‘Dollar Diplomacy’-He Says Swift Cancellation Of Ethiopian Oil (Concession) Deal Proves End Of Such Practices 1
09/05/1935 Schacht Bars Nazi Inquiry On Officials; Rebuffs Question On (His) Masonic Background 1
09/05/1935 Elliott Roosevelt Quits Texas Democratic Post (Emphasizing, ‘I Was Not Forced Out!’-(But He Was!)-Blames N.Y. Business Men) 8
09/05/1935 (Anthony) Fokker Is Located For (Nye) Senate (Munitions) Inquiry 8
09/05/1935 President (Roosevelt) Ratifies 46 Pwa (Ickes) Projects 9
09/05/1935 Arms Talks Group Is Reduced By U.S.-Disarmament Blow Seen-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
09/05/1935 Nazis Rushing Work On New Supply Base-Ordnance Depot At Munich Of Vast Size 12
09/05/1935 Hull Stand Praised (By The American Committee On The Ethiopian Crisis-Pro-Ethiopian Group!) On African Affairs 14
09/05/1935 Britain Grateful For Hull’s Action-Forcing Of Surrender Of Oil Concession In Ethiopia Is Held Big Aid At Geneva-Admiralty Denies Rumor 15
09/05/1935 (Col. E. M.) House Declares Italy Must Expand 15
09/05/1935 Italians’ Position At Geneva Weaker-Ualual Verdict And Baring Of American Part In (Oil Concessions) Deal Disappointing To Rome 15
09/05/1935 (Boer General J. B. M.) Hertzog (Union Of South Africa) Sees Long Wars 15
09/05/1935 3 Anti-Fascists Held After (Anti-Italy) Protest Here 15
09/05/1935 Standard Officials Explains (Ethiopian) Oil Deal-He Defends His Actions (Rockefeller Interests!) 16
09/05/1935 Italian Plot To Enthrone Ethiopian Ex-Heir Alleged 16
09/05/1935 Ethiopian Troops Anxious To Fight-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 16
09/05/1935 Oil Grant Binding Ethiopia Believes 16
09/05/1935 (Chicago Baptist) Negroes Ask U.S. To Save Ethiopia-Urges Bill On Lynching 16
09/05/1935 Lake Tana Compact Approved By (British) Egypt 16
09/05/1935 Defense Is Stressed In Reich Manoeuvres 16
09/05/1935 (Council Of The Jewish Agency For Palestine-World Jewish Congress, Lucerne) Asks $5,000,000 For Palestine (Colonization) Work (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, American Jewish Congress, Elected President Of The Committee Of Jewish Delegations, International Body To Protect The Rights Of Jewish Minorities In Europe-Jewish Telegraphic Agency) 17
09/05/1935 Leaders To Quit Teachers’ Union-Entire List Of Its Officers To Resign In Protest Over Left-Wing Activities-Clean-Up Efforts Futile 23
09/05/1935 Soviet Outlaws Discrimination By Schools Against Children Of Former (Czarist, Etc) ‘Class Enemies’ 23
09/05/1935 Silver Purchases At 500,000,000 Oz.-Aggregate To Be Doubled 31
09/06/1935 Italian Envoy (Count Aloisi) Walks Out As Ethiopian Makes Reply; ‘Insults’ Are Resented-Soviet (Maxim Litvinoff) Asks League To Act-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/06/1935 Mussolini Is Talking Of Peace Privately; Laval Encouraged In Mediation Efforts 1
09/06/1935 Ethiopia Mandate Is Now Italy’s Hope 1
09/06/1935 Japan Is Warned By Canada On Tax (Of Canadian Goods)-Rejects Tokyo Demands 2
09/06/1935 (J. P.) Morgan Arms (British Purchasing Agent In World War I) Data In Hull’s Custody 2
09/06/1935 Munitions Ban Act Is Studied By Hull-War Definition Involved 2
09/06/1935 Talking (Or Walking) With A Jew Held Reich Offense-Breslau Court Rules(For True Significance, See Article!) 2
09/06/1935 Nazis See Argument Against Lithuania (Memel Dispute) 2
09/06/1935 Ethiopians Order Rigidity At Geneva-More Troops Dispatched 3
09/06/1935 Sanctions Urged By British Labor-Boycott May Be Weighed 3
09/06/1935 Italy Buys 750,000 Tons Of Wheat From Russia 3
09/06/1935 Jews Prepare Plans For World (Jewish) Congress (Established Later With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise At Its Head-Jewish Telegraphic Agency Report, Lucerne) 11
09/06/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Promises Negroes Fair Deal-Mission Work In Ethiopia Urged 17
09/06/1935 Gold Holdings Up In Bank Of France 29
09/06/1935 U.S. Exports Go Up; Soviets Buy More 33
09/07/1935 League Names Conciliators, Italy Yielding To Pressure; British To Act For Security-Laval Warns Italians-Sanctions Support Seen 1
09/07/1935 (Jewish N.Y. Magistrate, Louis B.) Brodsky Releases 5 In Bremen Riot (‘I Am Surprised That An American Judge Would Say Such Things.’)-Nazis Here And In Reich To Protest 1
09/07/1935 Roosevelt Tells Business ‘Breathing Spell’ Is Hear; Social Program Complete-Text Of President Roosevelt’s Letter 1
09/07/1935 Gov. (George H.) Earl (Pennsylvania-One Of Roosevelt’s Most Trusted ‘Mouth Pieces’ And Stalwart Supporters) Urges Ban On Olympics 4
09/07/1935 Australian (Sir Frank Clark) Warns Japan Not To Expand South 4
09/07/1935 Reich Bishops Urge Caution On Priests-Bars Political Comment 5
09/07/1935 Austrian Beggars Sent To Labor (‘Concentration’) Camp 5
09/07/1935 Reich Honors (Julius) Streicher 5
09/07/1935 Hitler Sees (German Army) Manoeuvres 5
09/07/1935 Ethiopia Demands League Do Its Duty 6
09/07/1935 Italy Says League Should Limit War 6
09/07/1935 Forged ‘Aryan’ Ancestor; Berlin (Jewish) Girl Imprisoned 6
09/07/1935 Soviet (Maxim Litvinoff, Jewish Delegate From Russia) Prepared To Vote Sanction 6
09/07/1935 Support In France For League Grows-(Professor Gaston) Jeze (Representing Ethiopia) Seen As Indiscrete (‘Everybody Is Forgetting About Germany.’-Horrors!) 6
09/07/1935 Council Turns Aside To Routine Matters 6
09/08/1935 Germany Protests (Jewish N.Y. Magistrate Louis B.) Brodsky (Bremen Ship Riot) Decision As Insult To (German) Flag-U.S. Lacks Jurisdiction (!)-Secretary (Hull) Cannot Rebuke Local Court For Comparing Swastika To Pirate Flag 1
09/08/1935 Truce While League Talks Reported Pledged By Italy; Pope Sees Hope For Peace 1
09/08/1935 Soviet Supplies Help Italy’s War Moves; Communist Sailors Man The Cargo Vessels 1
09/08/1935 Italians Call In Ethiopia Consuls-Sign Of War Seen In Move 1
09/08/1935 Pope Hopes Italy Will Avoid War 1
09/08/1935 Italian Vice Consul Spattered With Ink, Charges Woman Peace Envoy Hurled Bottle 1
09/08/1935 Tourists Halve Austria’s Trade Deficit; Foreigners Have Spend $40,000,000 3
09/08/1935 Ousting Of (Dr. Lienhard) Bergel (Leftist Rutgers Univ. Instructor In German By Dr. Friedrich J. Hauptmann, Head Of The German Department) Assailed By (Samuel) Pesin 6
09/08/1935 New Zionist (‘New Zionist Organization’) Meets In Vienna-Hear (Vladimir) Jabotinski (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Stress Need Of Movement-He Urges New Methods-Demands Palestine Be Made A Jewish State-(Federation Of) Polish Jews Open London Session-Demand Poland End (Anti-Semitic) ‘Drive’ 26
09/08/1935 Germany Elated By Her Army Test-French End First Trials 30
09/08/1935 Hitler Youth Sees Neo-Pagan Rivalry-Rosenberg Group Is Attacked-Sermons Avoid Politics 30
09/08/1935 German Stage Nazified 30
09/08/1935 Germany Building (Synthetic) Gasoline Plants-3 Processes Are Planned 31
09/08/1935 Soviet-Turkish Tie Extended To Iran-Walter Duranty, Moscow 32
09/08/1935 2,500 Reds Stage Fascism Protest 33
09/08/1935 Justice Is Urged By British Cleric-Dr. S. M. Berry Declares That Ethiopia Issue Is Between Might And Right 33
09/08/1935 (Teschen-’Cieszyn’) Poles Are Curbed By Czech Troops 34
09/08/1935 Poles Apathetic On Election Day-Many Will Boycott It-Jerzy Szapiro 35
09/08/1935 (Japanese) Test ‘Pocket’ Submarine 37
09/08/1935 Italians On Warpath, Make Haste Slowly E-3
09/08/1935 League Waits In Vain For Another (Aristide) Briand E-3
09/08/1935 Picture: Ethiopia’s League Advocate, Professor Gaston Jeze E-3
09/08/1935 Britain To Alter Naval Strategy E-4
09/08/1935 British Propaganda Cartoon: Punch Warns Mussolini (The Exile Of Doorn: (Kaiser Wilhelm Ii) ‘Think Twice Before You Defy World Opinion. I Tried It Once And Found It Didn’t Pay.’) E-4
09/08/1935 Paris In Dilemma On Peace Doctrine E-4
09/08/1935 Reich’s New Army Not Yet Up To Old (Pictures)-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-4
09/08/1935 All Scandinavia Backs The League E-4
09/08/1935 Soviet Regards Us From Two Angles-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
09/08/1935 Italy Tests Home Army E-4
09/08/1935 German Finances Run On A Double Budget-Picture: (Schacht) The Unorthodox (Masonic) Nazi Financier E-5
09/08/1935 Suez Neutrality A British Policy E-5
09/08/1935 Picture: Guns That Guard Suez E-5
09/08/1935 Struggle For Oil (In Ethiopia) Visible Once More E-7
09/08/1935 Vast Trade Abroad Seen For America-T. J. Watson E-10
09/08/1935 Hull Bases Policy On (Kellogg-Briand) Pact-Neutrality A Drag E-12
09/08/1935 Life In The Prison Camps Of Germany And The Soviets-Rubber Truncheon & Prisoner Of The Ogpu Book 5
09/08/1935 Africa’s Fate: A World Crisis Mag. 1
09/08/1935 Around Suez The Fate Of Empire Swirls Mag. 3
09/08/1935 (General John J.) Pershing At 75: The Story Of A Soldier (Pictured With Mareschal Foch) Mag. 4
09/09/1935 (Jewish) Doctor (Carl Austin Weiss) Shoots Huey (Pierce) Long In Louisiana State Capitol; Bodyguards Kill Assailant (Conspiracy Suspected) 1
09/09/1935 Italy Seen Playing For Time In Geneva And Intent On War-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/09/1935 Biggest Business Since ‘30 Foreseen This Fall By Labor 1
09/09/1935 New Berlin Bishop (Konrad Von Preysing) Says God Is Leader 4
09/09/1935 Ethiopians Move Troops To South-Harrar Panic Subsides 5
09/09/1935 ‘Italy On March’ Asserts Mussolini-Italy Is Seeking ‘Peace With Justice’ 6
09/09/1935 Adowa Is Believed First Aim Of Italy-Ethiopian Plans In Doubt 6
09/09/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval To Hasten Back To Geneva-Said To Be Pessimistic 6
09/09/1935 Rickett Confident On (Ethiopian) Oil Concession-He Is Guarded Closely-Briton Denies He Has Any Link With London Or Rome In Connection With Contract-Joseph M. Levy 7
09/09/1935 Majority Of Poles Boycott Elections 8
09/09/1935 U.S. Sales To Cuba Up 60% 8
09/09/1935 Goering In Memel (Peace) Plea 8
09/09/1935 Reich Bar Leader (Dr. Hans Frank) Assails (N.Y. Jewish Magistrate, Louis B.) Brodsky (Over Bremen Ship Riot & German Flag Ruling)-Sees Misuse Of Office 9
09/09/1935 (Rev. Julius Jaeger) Finds Germans Happy 9
09/09/1935 Russia Growing As Market For U.S. 12
09/09/1935 World Faces War Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns-Wants Rule By Principle 12
09/09/1935 Munitions Makers Assailed By Nye-’Armament Costs Rising’ 15
09/09/1935 Schacht’s Position Believed Secure-Export Funds Withheld 29
09/10/1935 Italians Refuse Pledge To Avoid Warlike Moves-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/10/1935 23 Ships Ordered By (U.S.) Navy In Drive For (London) Treaty Fleet-Cruiser Class Nearly Filled 1
09/10/1935 Picture: Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Huey Pierce Long’s Murderer 3
09/10/1935 Mother Of Weiss Fears Reprisals 3
09/10/1935 (Hirosi) Saito Book Gives Naval Assurances-Sees No Menace To West (By Japan) 9
09/10/1935 Olympic Aide (Frederick W. Rubien) Saw No (Anti-Jewish) Discrimination (In Germany)-Says Few Jews Qualified 10
09/10/1935 (Methodist Youth) Asks Olympic Boycott 10
09/10/1935 (N.Y. Governor, Herbert) Lehman To Draft A Brodsky Report-Reply To Request From (Cordell) Hull-Reich Still Incensed (Over Brodsky Decision)-In Washington (N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein (Chairman Immigration And Naturalization Committee) Says He May Ask A New Inquiry Into Nazi Propaganda 10
09/10/1935 Big Nazi Conclave (Nuernberg NSDAP Party Congress) Will Start Today 11
09/10/1935 German Balloons Seized (By Czech)-Held 3 Pilots In ‘Straight Across Europe’ Race (A Number Of Amateur Balloon Meets Occurred About This Time!) 12
09/10/1935 League Assembly Avoids War Issue-Picture: League Assembly Head, Czech, Dr. Eduard Benes (Anti-German, Pro-Soviet!) 12
09/10/1935 Italo-German Link Feared By Austria 12
09/10/1935 Soviet Peasants Get Deeds To Land; Farmers’ Hopes Realized 12
09/10/1935 Ethiopians Offer To Accept Advisors (Map) 13
09/10/1935 (Walther C.) Teagle Disclaims Share In (Rockefeller, Standard Oil, N.J.) Oil Deal-Standard Oil Knew Nothing Of Subsidiary’s Ethiopian Contact-Denies Seeing Promoter-Rickett Says Deal Stands 13
09/10/1935 Whites In Ethiopia On Alert Against Blacks; Machine Guns Set Up At British Consulate 13
09/11/1935 10,000,000 Italians To Mass In Display Of Fascist Might 1
09/11/1935 London Demonstration Set To Back Anti-War Action 1
09/11/1935 Ickes (Pwa)-Hopkins (WPA) Row Goes To Roosevelt 1
09/11/1935 Hull Sees Failure Of World Leaders-Tells Foreign Students That Statesmanship Is Breaking Down As In 1914 3
09/11/1935 Ethiopians Exhort League To Hurry-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 4
09/11/1935 Women’s Legion To Fight At The Front For Ethiopia 4
09/11/1935 Ethiopia Rejects An Italian (Legation) Guard-Italians Are Astonished 4
09/11/1935 Drive For Nazism In U.S. Is Planned (Allegedly By The ‘Friends Of New German’)-Jews Are Threatened-’Day Of Reckoning’ Promised At Rally Called To Protest (N.Y. Jewish Magistrate Louis B.) Brodsky (Bremen Riot, German Flag) Decision (Name Brodsky, Untermyer, Dickstein, Celler, Gov. Earle [Pa.]) 7
09/11/1935 Lehman Asks Data On Brodsky Case-Facts Will Go To Hull 8
09/11/1935 Russian Paper (Pravda) Lauds Brodsky 8
09/11/1935 Reich To Isolate (Segregate) All Jewish Pupils-Race Not Religion, Basis-Bernhart Rust, Reichminister For Culture 8
09/11/1935 Germans Here Push Nazi Racial Program-To Unify German-Americans 8
09/11/1935 Hitler Gets Sword As (Nuernberg NSDAP) Congress Opens-Dietrich, Press Chief, Contrasts Nazi Gathering With Recent Meeting Of Comintern (In Moscow) 9
09/11/1935 Japan To Combat China Communism-Terrorists Are Warned-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 10
09/11/1935 (Association For The Emigration Of)Jewish Youth (To Palestine) Group Opens (In Amsterdam, Holland) 18
09/11/1935 (Barnard College, Associate Of Columbia Univ.) Dean (Virginia) Gildersleeve Back From Europe-Says British Believe Germany And Italy Should Colonize (Refers To ‘Legitimate Needs Of Italy And Germany’) 25
09/12/1935 Britain Demands League Act ‘Against Aggression; And Pledges Her Support (Text, P. )-Frederick T, Birchall, Geneva 1
09/12/1935 Italy Loses Hope Of Legalizing War-May Cut League Ties Soon 1
09/12/1935 India Will Send Force To Subdue Border Tribes 1
09/12/1935 Hitler Warns All, Nazis Are Mighty-Wants To Live In Peace But Praises New Army-Internal Foes Assailed (At Nuernberg NSDAP Congress) 1
09/12/1935 Britain Is United Behind The League 2
09/12/1935 Text Of Address By Ethiopian Empress 3
09/12/1935 British Naval Plans ‘Greatest Since War’ 3
09/12/1935 Italians Are Calm Under War Clouds-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Milan 4
09/12/1935 Ethiopia Accepts Foreign Officers 4
09/12/1935 Soviet Views Change On Ethiopian Dispute-Britain Now Called Defender Of Peace And League-Russia Ready To Back Geneva 4
09/12/1935 Greeks Protest To Italy As 3 Warships Enter Ports (No Protest Reported When British Warships Do The Same Several Days Later) 4
09/12/1935 Huge Secret Debt Is Denied By Reich-Otto D. Tolischus 7
09/12/1935 Froelich (President Of United German Societies) Resigns In Nazi Row Here-Friends (Of New Germany) Group Scored 8
09/12/1935 (Prague) Accuses Czech (‘Sudeten’) Germans-Prague War Minister Says They Were Hostile To (Czech) Troops 8
09/12/1935 (New Zionist Organization, Vienna) Urges Boycott Of Reich 8
09/12/1935 (Father Charles Eugene) Coughlin Is (Secret) Guest Of The President (Roosevelt)-Meeting Was Kept Secret 13
09/12/1935 Japanese Reassured By Britain On China 17
09/13/1935 Hull Invokes Kellogg Pact In Plea For Ethiopian Peace; League Awaits Laval Stand-Threat To World Cited (Text, P. 17) 1
09/13/1935 U.S. To Raise Tariffs Against Reich On The Ground Of (German) Discrimination (Against U. S)-Germany Will Be Deprived On Oct. 15 Of Concessions Made To Others In Reciprocal Pacts 1
09/13/1935 New British Force Going East 1
09/13/1935 Capital Foresees A Permanent Dole 2
09/13/1935 Reich Holds U.S. Seaman For Anti-Hitler Epithet 12
09/13/1935 British Government Bars Schacht’s Bid For Loan 12
09/13/1935 Hitler Convokes Reichstag Sunday 12
09/13/1935 Reich Jews Quit Parley-Leave London Meeting As Anti-Nazi Resolution Is Adopted 12
09/13/1935 (Norwegian Foreign Minister, Halvdan Koht) Urges Aid For Refugees 12
09/13/1935 Ethiopia Cheered By (Sir Samuel) Hoare Speech-Won’t Yield Sovereignty 16
09/13/1935 Britain Prepared To Defend Egypt-Egypt Will Buy Planes 16
09/13/1935 India Sentences American For Carrying Revolver 16
09/13/1935 Italians Anxious Over Laval Speech 17
09/13/1935 Hoare Tells Italy He Seeks Justice 17
09/13/1935 Press Of Austria Backs Italian Thesis-But People Secretly Welcome Exchange Of Italy For Britain As Guarantor Of Freedom 17
09/13/1935 W. G. Thompson, 70, Of Sacco (-Vanzetti) Case Dies (Prof. John Dewey, Columbia University Insisted Both Men Were Innocent-Great Cause For Liberals!) 21
09/14/1935 (French Premier, Pierre) Laval Puts France Behind League (Text, P. 6); Unity With Britain Isolates Italy; Rome Stunned, May Leave Geneva 1
09/14/1935 Peace Sentiment Gratifying To U.S. 1
09/14/1935 London Jubilant Over Laval Stand 1
09/14/1935 Three Powers (Britain, France & Italy) Bid Lithuania Adhere To Memel Pledge 1
09/14/1935 Roosevelt Assert Neutrality Resolution Will Be Sole Guide In Ethiopian Dispute 1
09/14/1935 Pershing (Picture) Honored On 75th Birthday 3
09/14/1935 Columbian Treaty Is Signed By Hull-Says Action Against Germany Should Not Be Regarded As Permanent (Increased Tariff) 4
09/14/1935 Reich Bond Offer Trade Bid To U.S.-Doubts Punitive Tariff-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 5
09/14/1935 Reich Jails Two Priests 5
09/14/1935 (German Singing) Society Denies Nazi Link 5
09/14/1935 Paris Enthusiastic Over Laval Speech (Picture) 6
09/14/1935 Mobilization Step Denied By Ethiopia-Forces Easily Gathered 6
09/14/1935 Russians Pleased By England’s Stand 6
09/14/1935 Rickett In London Claims Concession-Briton Says It Is ‘Mine Entirely’ And Will Be Developed-Will Come To New York 6
09/14/1935 Leader Says Ethiopians Will Repel Invader; ‘Doomed Battalion’ Prefers Death To Defeat-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 7
09/14/1935 (Bainbridge) Colby (Wilson’s Post-War Secretary Of State) Asks Fight For Constitution-Hits Government Trend 18
09/14/1935 (Leo T.) Crowley (Later Followed Morgenthau As Roosevelt’s Alien Property Custodian) Forecasts Leaving The Fdic 21
09/15/1935 Hull Apologizes For (N.Y. Jewish Magistrate Louis B.) Brodsky Talk (Bremen Riot & German Flag Insult) Against Nazi Rule-Criticism ‘Not Relevant’-Secretary Says Court Seemed To Be Going Out Of The Way In Decision In Riot Case 1&23
09/15/1935 Italy Bars Compromises Sees Anglo-French Rift; League Pushes New Plan-Mussolini Is Defiant-Laval Sees Last Hope 1
09/15/1935 100 British Ships In Mediterranean 1
09/15/1935 (N.Y. Rep., Samuel) Dickstein (Head Of House Committee On Immigration & Naturalization) Sails On (‘Whirlwind’) Tour (Of France, Poland & England-Currently, $300,000,000 From U.S. To Europe To Support Relatives Of Aliens Here) 18
09/15/1935 Soviet War Games Open On Big Scale 24
09/15/1935 Saito Says Japan Benefits U.S. Trade-Stresses Aim For Peace 28
09/15/1935 Ethiopia Answers Italy’s Indictment-Makes Counter Charges-Charges Spying By Italy 31
09/15/1935 Italians’ Plan To Seize Egypt Seen By British In New Move 32
09/15/1935 Malta Press Censored 32
09/15/1935 Our Policy Neutral In Africa, Says (Senator David I.) Walsh 33
09/15/1935 Reichstag To Put Party Over State-Scant Hope For Jews-Answer To Bremen (Riot-Flag) Incident-Otto D. Tolischus, Nuernberg 34
09/15/1935 Morgenthau (Pictured With Wife) Sails For (Iberian) Holiday Abroad-Insists He Will Avoid All Business (William C. Bullitt On Vacation From Warsaw!) N-6
09/15/1935 Showdown Is Coming In East Africa Crisis E-3
09/15/1935 Weekend League Aroused To A New Effort-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva E-3
09/15/1935 Pro-British Cartoon: Punch E-4
09/15/1935 Britain Is United In Praise Of (Sir Samuel) Hoare E-4
09/15/1935 ‘Perfect Man’ Aim Of Nazi Eugenists E-4
09/15/1935 French Elections Loose Discontent E-4
09/15/1935 Russia Is Watching Japanese In China-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
09/15/1935 Italy Faces British Test E-4
09/15/1935 Freer Use Of Its Navy Is Sought By Britain E-5
09/15/1935 Map: Strategic Seas Of Britain’s Imperial Defense E-5
09/15/1935 Memory Of Adowa (1896 Defeat By Ethiopians) Is Strong In Italy-Both Sides Lost Heavily E-5
09/15/1935 Life Of Republic Ebbing In Greece E-5
09/15/1935 Moslems Assail Italian Designs-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo E-5
09/15/1935 The Empire Spirit Stirs Britain-Anne O’Hare McCormick, London Mag. 1
09/15/1935 Party And Army Vie In The Nazi State Mag. 6
09/16/1935 Reich Adopts Swastika As Nation’s Official Flag; Hitler’s Reply To (N.Y. Jewish Magistrate Louis B. Brodsky) Insult-Text, P. 11-Anti-Jewish Laws Passed-Otto D. Tolischus, Nuernberg 1
09/16/1935 Laval Pledges Naval Aid To Britain Against Italy In Event Of An Attack 1
09/16/1935 League Is Drifting Toward Sanctions 1
09/16/1935 India Sends 30,000 To (Border) War In North 1
09/16/1935 Soviet Initiates Parachute Attack-Warning To Reich Seen-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
09/16/1935 2,000 Ethiopians Take Army Oath-Short Campaign Is Seen 9
09/16/1935 American In Ethiopia Leads Medical Unit 9
09/16/1935 Britain Rushes Aid To Suez Canal Force 9
09/16/1935 Sanctions Are Opposed By British Socialists (Sir Stafford) Cripps Urges Pooling Of World’s Colonies (Refers To ‘Criminal Treaty Of Versailles’) 9
09/16/1935 Fascist Oath Endangers Status Of U.S.(-Italian) Citizens 10
09/16/1935 (Catholic Central) Verein (Of America) Assails Nazis (Newark, N. J.) 10
09/16/1935 Colleague (Jewish N.Y. Magistrate, Nathan D. Perlman) Defends (Louis B.) Brodsky’s Decision (On Bremen Riot/Flag Riot At 2Nd Annual Conference Of The Association Of Hungarian Jews Of America-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Born In Hungary!) 10
09/16/1935 ‘Threat’ By Hitler Seen By Lithuania-Powers Aid Is Sought 11
09/16/1935 U-Boats Will Manoeuvre (Under Admiral Erich Raeder) 11
09/17/1935 Britain Is Sounding Powers On Sanctions Against Italy 1
09/17/1935 British Close Gibraltar Harbor; Plan Naval Base Off East Africa 1
09/17/1935 Italy Loses Fear Of League Action-Sanctions Held Remote 1
09/17/1935 Reich’s New Army Shows Its Power To Nazi Leaders-Blind Obedience Urged-Otto D. Tolischus, Nuernberg 1
09/17/1935 Soviet Armies End Vast Manoeuvres-Observers Praise Troops-Swift Moves By Tanks 12
09/17/1935 Japanese Pledge Anti-War Aim Here (New Orleans) 13
09/17/1935 Germany Changes To Swastika Flag-Jews Have Own Colors 14
09/17/1935 3 German Liners Here To Change Flags Today 14
09/17/1935 Jews Retaliate Against Reich (Jerusalem Boycott-Jewish Telegraphic Agency) 14
09/17/1935 Sanctions Mean War Mussolini Repeats 15
09/17/1935 Fatal Clashes In Croatia 15
09/17/1935 Italians Count On Secret War Chest-Gold Being Spent Rapidly-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Genoa 17
09/17/1935 Ethiopians Carry Trucks Across Streams; Give ‘Incredible Mobility’ To The Units-Lawrence Stallings, Harrar 17
09/17/1935 Americans See Ship Unload Sick Italians 17
09/17/1935 Isaac L. Goldberg, Zionist (One Of Founder Of Chovevei Zion) Chief Dies 23
09/17/1935 Customs Status Of Reich Changed-Treasury (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Acts To Put Imports Among Those Paying High Duties After Oct. 15-Roosevelt Ordered Move-Retaliation Was Provoked By Discrimination By Berlin In Trade Question 32
09/18/1935 Italians Give Ray Of Hope They Might Yet Negotiate On ‘Reasonable’ Conditions 1
09/18/1935 British Fleet Leaves Portland To Protect Empire’s ‘Lifeline’ 1
09/18/1935 Lone British Move Is Feared By Italy 1
09/18/1935 Nazis Seek To End Two-Way Boycott-Hitler Calls For Order-Reich Jews-Split On New (Nuernberg Racial) Laws 1
09/18/1935 Ethiopia To Await Italy’s Decision 2
09/18/1935 Britain Is Aroused By Italy’s Charges 2
09/18/1935 Italian Propaganda Said To Flood Egypt 2
09/18/1935 French Make Plea For Stabilization-Speedy Action Is Urged 4
09/18/1935 Quiet Period Hope Of Moderate Nazis-Hitler’s Words Are Cited-Otto D. Tolischus, Nuernberg 4
09/18/1935 Plan To Aid China Finds Japan Cool 5
09/18/1935 Russia Will Teach Army ‘Basic English’ 6
09/18/1935 Ort’s ($500,000) Campaign Started (Refugee Work In Poland, Lithuania & Rumania-Germany Not Included!) 10
09/18/1935 Nazi Swastika Flag Raised On 3 Liners Here; Bremen Captain Leads Ceremony On Deck 17
09/18/1935 Nazis Warned Not To Call Palestine The Holy Land 17
09/18/1935 World War (Military) Order Asks (U.S.-)Soviet Break 17
09/18/1935 Nazis Create New Shrine (Tomb Of German King) 17
09/18/1935 (Nathan) Straus (Jewish Relief Figure) Sees Europe Distrusting Germany (In Talk Before The ‘Committee Of One Hundred’) 19
09/19/1935 League Peace Proposals Give Italy A Part In Development Of Ethiopia; Britain Dispatches More Warships-The Hood At Gibraltar 1
09/19/1935 Summary Of League Plan 1
09/19/1935 (General Douglas) M’arthur (Picture) To Build A Philippine Army-Roosevelt Appoints 3
09/19/1935 Japan’s Mandate Plans Big Works 3
09/19/1935 War Group (‘Military Order’) Backs ‘Dollar’ Diplomacy 4
09/19/1935 Italy Issues Loan To Push War Plans 5
09/19/1935 Mussolini Scoffs At Leagues’ Offer-Not ‘Collector Of Deserts’ 6
09/19/1935 U.S. Naval Chiefs Await War Duties-(Admiral) Standley (Later Served On Pearl Harbor Investigation) Urges Building 7
09/19/1935 Ethiopians Study Geneva Proposal 8
09/19/1935 Officials In Japan Acclaim Ethiopians 8
09/19/1935 Fleet Of Britain 2½ Times Italy’s 8
09/19/1935 Nazis Raise Funds To Buy Out Jews-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
09/19/1935 Nazis Free Writer (Berthold Jacob-Salomon) On Swiss Protest-Guilty Official Punished 9
09/19/1935 Reich Exports Increase 9
09/19/1935 Big Stride Shown In Soviet Industry-Harvest Is Excellent-Walter Duranty, Moscow 12
09/19/1935 (German) Pupils Must Study Nazis A Day A Week (Rosenberg Direction) 21
09/19/1935 Australia To Move To Curb U.S. Shipping 21
09/20/1935 Rome Expects Mussolini To Reject League’s Plan; Geneva Studies Next Step 1
09/20/1935 War Scare Brings Gold Here From Abroad, $8,200,000 Engaged From London Hoards 1
09/20/1935 Rome Seeks To Bar Severe Sanctions 1
09/20/1935 League Preparing To Apply Pressure-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
09/20/1935 Roosevelt Gets Views Of Visitors On Geneva Visitors (U.S. Ambassador To France, Jessi I. Straus, Henry Morgenthau, Sr. & H. L. Roosevelt) 1
09/20/1935 Netherlands Firms Vote Nazi Boycott-10,000 At Mass Meeting 3
09/20/1935 German Ministers Attack Lithuania (Memel Dispute)-Otto D. Tolischus 4
09/20/1935 Germans See Loss Of Schools’ Fame-Schooling Cut To Two Years 4
09/20/1935 Italian Warships Outspeed British 5
09/20/1935 British Unaware Of Fleet’s Moves-Lloyd George Sees Peril 5
09/20/1935 British Warships Gather Off (Suez) Canal (Map) 6
09/20/1935 2 British Warships Crash 6
09/20/1935 Ethiopian Yielding To (League) Project Denied 7
09/20/1935 Munitions Board Is Called By Hull-Registration Is Its Job 8
09/20/1935 Hull Pledges U.S. To Peace Efforts-Stands By Pact Of Paris 8
09/20/1935 Italian Officials Slip Out Of Harrar (Ethiopia)-Lawrence Stallings, Harrar 9
09/21/1935 Italy Wavering As France Warns Rome Against War; May Ask New Negotiations 1
09/21/1935 Italy Now Faces A United League; Must Temporize Or Fight Powers-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
09/21/1935 War Fears Shock Stock Markets-Gold Flees From London 1
09/21/1935 Geneva Is Hopeful Of Shift By Rome-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
09/21/1935 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Resigns As Sec Chairman 1
09/21/1935 France Is Hopeful Of Italian Change 2
09/21/1935 Italians Seek Scrap Iron From Canadian Companies 2
09/21/1935 China Fears Move By Japan In Crisis-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 2
09/21/1935 Financial ‘Boycott’ Is Applied To Italy; Loans Barred And Sales Warning Is Given 2
09/21/1935 U.S. Radio Station To Rise In Ethiopia-Navy Men Go To Erect For State Department-Significance Denied 2
09/21/1935 (Ethiopian Oil) Concession Settled (Leo Y.) Chertok Announces 2
09/21/1935 Ethiopia Refuses Economic Grants-Will Not Buy Immunity 2
09/21/1935 Nazi War On Jews Hurts Christians (Says Frank Ritchie, National Secretary, Ymca) 3
09/21/1935 Picture: Ethiopians Demonstrate Their War Fervor (With Sticks) 3
09/21/1935 Six Jailed In Germany For Attacks On Jews (In Frankfurt A/M) 3
09/21/1935 Reich Group Seeks Foreign Mailing List-Aiming To ‘Enlist Them In Nation’s Unity’ 3
09/21/1935 Reich To Stage Air ‘War’ 3
09/21/1935 (Otto) Strasser (Anti-Hitler Figure) In Rumania 3
09/21/1935 Japan, U.S. Nearing A Textile Accord-Bar To Trade War Is Seen 6
09/22/1935 Italy Leaves Door Open In Rejecting League Plan; Rome Looks For New Order-Mussolini’s Stand Mild 1
09/22/1935 Arms Rule Board To Meet Tuesday 1
09/22/1935 Nazis To Protect Church 20
09/22/1935 France Votes Cut In Budget 29
09/22/1935 (Italo-Ethiopian) War Would Benefit Japan’s Economy (Nichi Nichi) 29
09/22/1935 Reich Sees Peril In Memel Ballot-Persecutions (And Ballot Fraud) Charged 30
09/22/1935 German Students Reduced By Nazis 30
09/22/1935 Nazi Lads ‘Raid’ Border And Stab A French Boy (Metz Report) 30
09/22/1935 German Ships Boycotted (In Holland) 30
09/22/1935 British See League Facing Stern Test-Frederick T. Birchall, London 32
09/22/1935 Italians’ ‘Malta’ (Pantellaria) Heavily Fortified (Map) 33
09/22/1935 Ethiopia Angered By Italian Stand-Hopes Pinned On Britain 34
09/22/1935 Italo-British Rift Feared By French 36
09/22/1935 Mussolini Spends Long Days In His Office Directing The Affairs Of Seven Ministries 36
09/22/1935 More Gold Rushed To United States 37
09/22/1935 Charge (Wisconsin) University Welcomes Reds N-1
09/22/1935 League Will Study (German) Refugee Problem (James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany Involved-Later Head Of Roosevelt’s President’s Commission On Refugees) N-7
09/22/1935 Germany Called Chief War Threat (By Frank H. Simonds, ‘The Drift To War, ‘ Current History, Oct.) N-8
09/22/1935 Fugitive From Nazis (In Prague Custody) Asks Long Jail Term (To Avoid Returning To Germany) N-8
09/22/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-Will It Be War? (Map) E-1
09/22/1935 Mussolini Says ‘No’ But Says It Softly-France Gives Italy Warning E-3
09/22/1935 World Crisis Finds British Opinion Divided-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-3
09/22/1935 League Is Held Safe In African Dispute-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
09/22/1935 Ethiopian Support By Italy Recalled E-4
09/22/1935 Role Of Aircraft In War Changing E-4
09/22/1935 Rival Navies Meet In Inland Sea E-4
09/22/1935 Crisis Over Ethiopia Many Years Brewing E-5
09/22/1935 Dash To The ‘Front’ In Ethiopian Lorry E-5
09/22/1935 Indians Sympathize With The Ethiopians (Bombay Report) E-5
09/22/1935 Hope Of Reich Jews Is Dimmed By Events (Picture: Streicher And Hitler) E-6
09/22/1935 Soviet-Polish Rift Seen At Geneva-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-6
09/22/1935 Italy’s Army Faces A Big Task-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva Mag. 1
09/22/1935 The Promise Of The League Is Renewed-James T. Shotwell, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, League Of Nations Association, Professor, Columbia University, Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, Etc Mag. 3
09/22/1935 The Sea Of Empire Ruffled Mag. 4
09/23/1935 Mussolini Might Now Take Mandate Under The League; London Denies Any Threats 1
09/23/1935 Italy Sets Terms In Reply To Geneva 1
09/23/1935 French Fascists Mass Thousands 1
09/23/1935 New Deal Funds Put At 40 Billion-Contrasts The War Cost 2
09/23/1935 Italian Crowds Sense Trend To Moderation; Do Not Want War, But Find It Unavoidable-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome 3
09/23/1935 (U.S.) Machine-Gun Army Is Five-Year Plan 3
09/23/1935 Morgenthau In Portugal 3
09/23/1935 American Aide (Everett Andrews Colson) Of Ethiopian Ruler Refuses To Leave Though Ill In The High Altitude 4
09/23/1935 Ethiopia Requests League Plan Data 4
09/23/1935 Firm Paris Stand Sought By London-French Press Is Hostile-Augur, London 4
09/23/1935 Neutrality Act Assailed 4
09/23/1935 Reich Concerned Over Memel Vote (Fraud) 6
09/23/1935 Man Freed By Nazis (Berthold Jacob-Salomon) Charges Torture-Reveals He Was Kept From Sleeping For 16 Days In German Prison 6
09/23/1935 Borah Sees Europe As A Lesson To Us-Insists We Stay Aloof 10
09/24/1935 League Firm On Peace Plan As The Ethiopians Accept It; Rome Cabinet Meets Today 1
09/24/1935 Arms Body Drafts Contraband List 1
09/24/1935 Nazis Plan To Buy Out All Jewish Firms; Stress Bargains Resulting From The Boycott 1
09/24/1935 Mrs. (Anna M.) Rosenberg (Hungarian-Born Jewess) To Quit WPA Post-Has Served Without Pay 7
09/24/1935 Japan’s Navy Test Is At Final Phase 11
09/24/1935 Nazis Push Unity Of World Germans 12
09/24/1935 Hearts Of Dead Children Beat In Soviet Laboratory 12
09/24/1935 Opposition Church Pushes Reich Fight 12
09/24/1935 British Oppose A 3-Power Parley, But Rome Envoys May ‘Mediate’ 12
09/24/1935 (Frank B.) Kellogg Resigns World Court Seat 12
09/24/1935 (Currency) Stabilization Up Again At Geneva 12
09/24/1935 War Preparations On In Many Lands 13
09/24/1935 Woman To Die In Russia For Theft Of Chocolate 13
09/24/1935 Flight Of Capital To U.S. Slackens 14
09/24/1935 Text Of The League Committee’s Plan For An Italo-Ethiopian Settlement 16
09/24/1935 Text Of Reply To The League By Ethiopia 16
09/24/1935 British Buy Idle War Plant For A Torpedo Factory 16
09/24/1935 1,166,000 Warriors Ready In Ethiopia-Italy’s Offer Ridiculed 17
09/25/1935 League Council (Headed By Eduard Benes Of Czechoslovakia) Tomorrow Takes Up Mussolini Reply, Rome Hopeful, London Firm 1
09/25/1935 Britain’s Cabinet Deliberates Again 1
09/25/1935 Roosevelt’s Day Jammed By Conferences; Meets Cabinet For Last Time Prior To Trip (To West) 1
09/25/1935 (Currency) Stabilizing Asked By British, French 9
09/25/1935 Lithuania Denies Memel Vote Frauds 11
09/25/1935 Jews Offer Reich Emigration Plan-Several Thousand Seek Nazis’ Permission To Take Enough Capital To Settle In Ecuador-Land Is Already Granted-Wealthier Jews Agree To Share Funds 11
09/25/1935 200,000 Army Draft Ready In Germany 11
09/25/1935 Reich Commissar Warns Churchmen 11
09/25/1935 (President-Elect Manuel) Quezon Bars Our Aid (Will Not Be A U.S. Protectorate!) 12
09/25/1935 Model Jail Opened By Haile Selassi 13
09/25/1935 Huge British Fleet Steams Near Italy-Adriatic Being Fortified 14
09/25/1935 Ethiopia Ex-King In Prison On Peak-Throne Lost 12 Years Ago (Usurped By Haile Selassie) 14
09/25/1935 Britain Is Speeding Defenses In Egypt 14
09/25/1935 President (Roosevelt) Confers On Munitions (Contraband) List 15
09/25/1935 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks Women To Ban War 15
09/25/1935 Masses Can Bar War, (Bernard) Baruch Says 16
09/25/1935 Picture: The Youth Of Germany Gathers To Hear Its Leader (Hitler, At Nuernberg) 16
09/26/1935 Ethiopians Are Mobilizing In The Frontier Provinces; Fascist Rally Likely Today 1
09/26/1935 Ethiopia Requests Border Observers-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
09/26/1935 Big Italian Display Is Expected Today 1
09/26/1935 Legion Urges End Of (U.S.) Link To Soviet 1
09/26/1935 Nazis Capitulate In Protestant Rift-(Bishop Ludwig) Mueller’s Prestige Gone 1
09/26/1935 Clergy Split On New Deal In Answers To Roosevelt (List!) 1
09/26/1935 Soviet Will End Rationing Oct. 1; Meat And Others Prices To Be Cut 3
09/26/1935 Lithuanians Hope To Appease Reich (Memel Dispute)-Otto D. Tolischus, Kaunas 12
09/26/1935 Nazis Curb Professors 12
09/26/1935 U.S. Red Cross Unit Barred By Ethiopia-Joseph Israels 2D 13
09/26/1935 Jewish Aides Leave Reich Foreign Office 13
09/26/1935 British Warships Reach Greek Port 14
09/26/1935 Roosevelt’s Proclamation On Arms 15
09/26/1935 ‘Disunity’ In Italy Declared Fiction-Rickett Seen As Source-Frederick T. Birchall, London 16
09/26/1935 Ethiopians Scorn Western Tactics-All Whites Mistrusted-Lawrence Stallings, Jubuti 17
09/26/1935 Japanese General Urges Free North China And Overthrow Of Generalissimo Chiang (Kai-Shek) 17
09/26/1935 Lindbergh Ends Study Of Goddard Rocket 18
09/26/1935 State, City Greet Liner Pilsudski-Gov. (Herbert) Lehman And Deutsch (Acting Mayor) Pay Formal Welcome At Dinner Aboard Polish Ship-New Bond Of Amity Seen-Traditional Friendship Of U.S.And Poland Hailed 25
09/26/1935 Old-Time Schools Praised By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University) 25
09/26/1935 Jewish Year 5696 Begins Tomorrow-(Zionist) Donations ($5,000,000) Will Be Asked 26
09/27/1935 League Decides To Invoke Sanctions If Italy Resorts To War On Ethiopia; Next Move Is Now Up To Mussolini 1
09/27/1935 Britain Said To Plan Big Navy Increases; Reported About To Notify (Washington) Treaty Signers 1
09/27/1935 Egypt Is Preparing To Intern Italians-2 Big (British) Warships Arrive-Joseph M. Levy, Alexandria 1
09/27/1935 Arms Embargo On Ethiopia Lifted-Swiss Anti-Aircraft Guns Reach Addis Ababa And Belgian Shipment Is Due Any Day-Troops Move To Borders-G. L. Steer, Addis Ababa 1
09/27/1935 Statements Made In League Council On Ethiopian Crisis 2
09/27/1935 League Defers Bid By China For Seat-Chinese Are Disappointed 2
09/27/1935 Gibraltar Pushes Anti-Air Defense-175 More Fliers Arrive 2
09/27/1935 Mussolini Defended By Col. (George B.) M’clellan 2
09/27/1935 Reventlow (Actually James Donahue, Woolworth Heir) Stirs Romans By Cheering For Ethiopia 2
09/27/1935 Young Reds Open Parley In Moscow-American Communists (American Young Communist League) Attend Session 2
09/27/1935 Borah Calls League Hypocrites’ Screen-Their Aim Is To Divide The Territory Of Europe 2
09/27/1935 Army Orders 44 Planes 2
09/27/1935 Britain Is Pleased With League Speed 3
09/27/1935 Pictures: Ethiopian And Italian Soldiers Active On The Frontier 3
09/27/1935 Emperor (Picture): Courting American Support-Grateful For Aid Here 3
09/27/1935 How Long League Has Enjoined African Was Is Now The Favorite Topic In Geneva Circles 3
09/27/1935 Ethiopian Baboons Drill After Watching (Ethiopian) Soldiers 3
09/27/1935 Arabs Back Britain 3
09/27/1935 Memel’s Frontier Guarded For Poll-Otto D. Tolischus 4
09/27/1935 (Lord) Tweedsmuir (John Buchan, Lloyd George’s Wartime Director Of Information) Sees Britain In Fourth Empire Stage (In An Alliance With Former Colonies, Now Free Sovereign Peoples But In A Working Executive Partnership With A Common Policy [Determined By London!]) 4
09/27/1935 (Hungarian Premier) Goemboes On Visit To Reich Leaders 4
09/27/1935 (N.Y.) German Consul (General, Dr. Hans Borchers) Returns 4
09/27/1935 Polish Anxiety (Over Germany) Grows 4
09/27/1935 Church Protestants Reject Nazi Offer-Commissar (Hanns Kerrl, Minister For Church Affairs) Is Enraged 5
09/27/1935 Churchill Fears Reich-It Is Britain’s Greatest Danger, He Says, Citing Rearmament 5
09/27/1935 Roosevelt To Put (Government) Jobs On Merit Plan-Text Of Letter 15
09/27/1935 Soviet And Rumania Near An Accord On Mutual Aid 15
09/27/1935 Pope’s (Pius XI’s) Radio Address (For World Peace) 15
09/27/1935 Roosevelt Allots $321,588,412 More 17
09/27/1935 Jews Of World Await New Year (Universal Concern For Plight Of [German] Jews) 17
09/27/1935 (James) Roosevelt Concern Sued (For Non-Payment Of Salaries) 19
09/27/1935 (N.Y. WPA Administrator, General Hughs.) Johnson Declares WPA (Hopkins) Is Wasteful 23
09/28/1935 Three Nations (England, France & Italy) Ask Reich To Keep Peace In Memel 1
09/28/1935 Italy Puts Hopes In 3-Power Talks; Cabinet To Meet 1
09/28/1935 Roosevelt Pledges Navy To Maintain Treaty Ratio; Building If Others Do So 1
09/28/1935 La Guardia Greets Mayor Of Warsaw 2
09/28/1935 Britain Not Ready To Increase Navy-Italy Has Taught Lesson 3
09/28/1935 Roosevelt Letter (Questionnaire To Clergymen) Like La Follette’s-Many PhrasesAre Almost Word For Word The Same 3
09/28/1935 Ethiopians Boast In Wild Festival 6
09/28/1935 Experts See Help Of U.S. To League-Report By R. L. Buell (President Of Foreign Policy Association, Big Roosevelt Supporter) Asserts President (Roosevelt) Can Keep Raw Materials From Italy 6
09/28/1935 Owners Of Suez Canal To Act On Possible Ban 6
09/28/1935 Africa Observers Are Now Favored-Council (Presided Over By Czech, Eduard Benes) Tells Haile Selassie It Welcomes Withdrawal Of Troops From Border-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 6
09/28/1935 Arms Embargo Sanctions (Against Italy) Proposed (In London) 6
09/28/1935 League Expected To Ask Aid Of U.S. In Sanctions 6
09/28/1935 More Troops Arrive To Man Malta (British) Forts 6
09/28/1935 Envoys To Watch As Memel Votes 7
09/28/1935 Urges Nazis Push Propaganda In U.S. 7
09/28/1935 Reich Protestants (Prussian Confessional Synod) Score State Rule-Supports Jews In Church-English Bishop’s (Bishop Of Chichester’s-Connected To U.S. Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Reported To Have Averted Group’s Dissolution 7
09/28/1935 Jews Rise To Aid Of Hitler Offender (Abraham Halderstady, A Warsaw Merchant Sentenced In Warsaw For Giving Interview To N.Y. Times Offensive To Hitler) 7
09/28/1935 Hotel (Governor Clinton) Is Picketed (By Mostly Jewish) As Nazis (Association Of National Socialist Jurists) Depart 13
09/28/1935 Yiddish Plays Open In 11 Houses Today 13
09/28/1935 World Red Youth Meet In Moscow-U.S. Watching Session 17
09/28/1935 Single Tax Urged As Cure For War 17
09/28/1935 Year 5696 Greeted By Jews Of The City-2,000,000 Attend Services-Nazis Assailed By Rabbis-Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise Denounces (U.S. State Dept.) Apology In (Bremen Riot) ‘Pirate’ Flag (N.Y. Jewish Magistrate Louis B. Brodsky) Case 18
09/28/1935 Flow Of Gold Here Increases Sharply 23
09/29/1935 Italy Will Ignore Moves By League, Cabinet Decides 1
09/29/1935 Memel Vote Today; Germans Favored-Otto D. Tolischus 1
09/29/1935 Young Reds (In Moscow Conference) Told To Fight Fascism-OrderedTo Join Groups And Bore From Within 5
09/29/1935 Hitler Repeats Plea To Memel 6
09/29/1935 Reich Withdraws Protestant Rights-Minister Kerrl Sets Up Legal Dictatorship By Decree Over The Church’s Affairs 7
09/29/1935 Picture: Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt Pins A Chrysanthemum On The Coat Of Her Husband 26
09/29/1935 Tokyo Naval Body Landed At Swatow-China Fears Increase 29
09/29/1935 Ethiopian Youths Apt Pupils Of War-Swedish Artillery Instructors Bring Out Natives; Latent Capacity To Learn-lawrence-Stallings, Addis Ababa 29
09/29/1935 Britain To Qualify Stand On Aggression 29
09/29/1935 Italy Adds Forces In Dodecanese Isles 29
09/29/1935 Picture: Ethiopians Preparing Themselves Against An Invasion 30
09/29/1935 Proffers By Italy Find Britons Cold-Frederick T. Birchall, London 30
09/29/1935 Many Diseases Attacking Population In Ethiopia 30
09/29/1935 Egyptians (British) Worried By Their Own Peril-Seek Pact With Britain Enabling Them To Assume Responsibility In An Emergency 30
09/29/1935 Text Of Italian Statement 30
09/29/1935 Heat’s Toll Heavy In (Italian) Eritrean Ranks-No Cheers As Ill Arrive-Correspondent Says Italian Transports Return Loaded With Broken Men (London Report) 31
09/29/1935 Directors Ignore Suez Closing Talk 32
09/29/1935 Ethiopians Ready To Move Quickly-Emperor Warns League It Will Mobilize In Self Defense If Italy Continues Plans 33
09/29/1935 Soviet Intensifies Check On Citizens-Orders New Type Of Domestic Passport N-1
09/29/1935 Picture: Mrs Herbert Hoover N-6
09/29/1935 Jewry Counseled To Further Peace (By N.Y. City Rabbis)-Nazis’ Facts Deplored N-10
09/29/1935 (Entertainment) Notables (At Madison Square Garden Extravaganza) Will Aid Jewish (German-Jewish Refugee) Fund Plea (Nathan Straus, Chairman Of ‘Committee Of One Hundred’ Along With American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) N-10
09/29/1935 Warship (Destroyer U.S.S. Flusser) Launched At Kearny Plant) N-12
09/29/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-League Vs. Italy E-1
09/29/1935 League Barring War, Opens Its Own Clash E-3
09/29/1935 Ethiopian Impasse Built On Miscalculation-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome E-3
09/29/1935 Anti-Italian Cartoon E-3
09/29/1935 Nazi Peril Shapes Policy Of Britain-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-4
09/29/1935 Britain And France Draw Closer-Stronger Front Against Hitler’s Germany-Augur, London E-4
09/29/1935 Mussolini Seeks Advice From None E-4
09/29/1935 Map: The Week In The Ethiopian Crisis E-4
09/29/1935 British Anti-Italian Cartoon E-4
09/29/1935 World Empires Face A Test On Colonies (Map) E-5
09/29/1935 League Machinery Put To Hard Test E-5
09/29/1935 Keeping Control Held British Aim E-5
09/29/1935 Croats Lose Faith In Latest Premier E-5
09/29/1935 Dominion Support Heartens Britain E-5
09/29/1935 Germany Prepares To Train New Army E-6
09/29/1935 (British) Anti-German Cartoon; ‘This Is The First Row I Haven’t Been In For Years’ (-Hitler) E-6
09/29/1935 Memel Focus Of Danger-Emil Lengyel E-6
09/29/1935 Soviet Now Lays Stress On Family-More Romance Is Urged E-6
09/29/1935 Laval Holds Off Foes On All Sides E-6
09/29/1935 New Deal’s Billions Change In Counting E-10
09/29/1935 (U.S.) Embargo List Ready On War Implements (Joseph C. Green, Arms Controller) E-12
09/29/1935 The War Memoirs Of Robert Lansing, Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis Book 5
09/29/1935 Hull Describes Our Role In The World-Harold Hinton Mag. 3
09/29/1935 John Bull And His Navy Mag. 7
09/29/1935 France Is Stirred By ‘Crosses Of Fire’ (Croix De Feu) Mag. 10
09/30/1935 Britain Promises To Resist Any Aggressor In Europe; Rome Now Sees War Soon 1
09/30/1935 Ethiopia To Call All To Arms Soon 1
09/30/1935 Memel Prolongs Elections One Day; ‘Ideal’ Plan Fails-Only 60 Percent Of The Voters Are Able To Cast Ballots-Otto D. Tolischus, Memel 1
09/30/1935 Fleet Prepares For ‘War’ 2
09/30/1935 Geneva Expected Ethiopian Notice-Early Fighting-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
09/30/1935 Text Of The British Note 4
09/30/1935 2,000,000 (Ethiopian) Ready To Fight 4
09/30/1935 Paris Has Qualms On Hoare’s Stand 5
09/30/1935 Italian Prince (Adalberto) Sails For War On Ethiopia 5
09/30/1935 Hoare Supported By British Editors-Italy’s ‘Offer’ Rejected 6
09/30/1935 Italian War Games Called ‘Frightening’ (By Columbia University, Professor Irwin Edman) 6
09/30/1935 Ethiopians Resent New British (Legation) Guard-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 7
09/30/1935 Japan Is Sounded (By British) On Naval Parley 7
09/30/1935 Gain Is Reported By Reds Of Britain (At Moscow Communist Youth Congress)-Youth In ‘United Front’ 7
09/30/1935 Two Groups (‘American Christian Committee For German Refugees,’ Chairman, Dr. S. Parkes Cadman & ‘The Emergency Committee In Aid Of Political Refugees From Nazism,’ Francis A. Henson, Exec. Secretary) To Aid German Refugees-Plan To Work Together (Formed At The Suggestion Of James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner On Refugees From Germany, Ardent Roosevelt Supporter, Later Head Of President’s Committee On Refugees-’American Christian Committee’ To Deal With Non-Aryan Christians Etc.-About 5,000 To 6,000) 9
09/30/1935 Nazi Persecution Scored By Lehman-Support For Benefit (At Madison Square Garden Extravaganza) To Help Establish Jews In Palestine 9
09/30/1935 (Hungarian Premier) Goemboes Confers With Reich Chiefs-Sees Hitler For 2 Hours 10
09/30/1935 Reich Church Foes Put In A Dilemma-Firm Stand Is Favored 11
09/30/1935 Prayers For Peace Offered By (N.Y. City Rabbis) Jews-World Council Proposed (Zionists Must Exercise National Control Over Palestine-Preparation Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s World Zionist Congress?) 17
09/30/1935 London Sees Italy Seeking Big Loan 25