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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

May 1935
Date Headline Page
05/01/1935 (Defendant, Andrew) Mellon Declares (Henry) Morgenthau Seeks To Hinder Justice (Influence Verdict In His Trial) 1
05/01/1935 Wife Abusive Of Hitler So German Gets Divorce 1
05/01/1935 Foreign Oil Companies To Quit Manchukuo; Force New Monopoly To Face A Shortage 1
05/01/1935 CCC Gets Millions To Buy Materials 4
05/01/1935 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case Convicts) Pardons Asked By (N.Y. Defense Council ‘Scottsboro’ Samuel) Leibowitz 6
05/01/1935 British Ministers Split On Germany 9
05/01/1935 Paris Turns Back Soviet (Mutual Aid) Pact Again 9
05/01/1935 Reich Said To Plan 166,000 Ton Navy-U-Boats In Service In Fall 9
05/01/1935 Nazi (Ulrich Fleischauer) Insists Jews Seek World Rule (Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion Trial At Bern) 9
05/01/1935 German Jews Ask Status Be Defined-Munich Nazis Abuse Jews 10
05/01/1935 Comintern Urges May Day Strikes (In Capitalist Countries)-Fears Attack On Soviet-Says United States And Britain Are Waging Wars In China And In South America-Harold Denny, Moscow 11
05/01/1935 (Samuel) Untermyer (President Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights-Also Founder) Chides League On Hitler-Insists International Boycott Would Smash Regime That Threatens Peace 12
05/01/1935 Japan May Curb Trade Of Canada 13
05/01/1935 (Friends Of New Germany) To Defend Reich Arming 13
05/01/1935 (Bernard S.) Deutsch Asks War On Foreign ‘Isms’ 15
05/02/1935 Britain Will Build Her Aerial Forces To Size Of Reich’s 1
05/02/1935 700 Soviet Planes In Mighty (May Day) Parade-’Beware Foes,’ Keynote-Harold Denny, Moscow 3
05/02/1935 Nazis Unfurl Flag On Vienna Church 6
05/02/1935 Germans Celebrate Nazi Labor Day Here 6
05/02/1935 Armament Inquiry Begins In London 10
05/02/1935 Pope Hears Nazis Seized Pilgrims 10
05/02/1935 Sweden Disapproves (Of League) Censure Of Germany 10
05/02/1935 Anti-Nazi Books Placed On Blacklist In Reich 10
05/02/1935 Abduction Of German In Holland Charged 11
05/02/1935 Grey Fleet Pauses In (U.S. Pacific) War Game Move 12
05/03/1935 (Ramsay) Macdonald Pledges British Air Arming And 3-Power Unity (Text, P. !) 1
05/03/1935 Air Fleet Strong Goering Boosts-Holds Arming Aids Peace-Otto D. Tolischus 1
05/03/1935 (Anti-Nazi ‘Minutemen’) Hunt German Goods Here (Supporting A German Boycott!) 3
05/03/1935 Pope Plans Action On Nazi Affronts 10
05/03/1935 France And Russia Sign Their (Mutual Aid) Treaty 11
05/03/1935 Lithuania To Seek An Accord In Memel 11
05/03/1935 Japan Still Holds American (Retired Naval Lt.) As Spy 12
05/03/1935 3,500 Shout ‘Heil’ For Reich Arming-Peaceful Aim Stressed 12
05/03/1935 Sees B’nai B’rith Link To Protocols Of Zion (Bern Trial) 12
05/03/1935 Soviet Could Send Army By Air To Strike At Rear Of An Enemy-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
05/03/1935 Fleet Made Ready For Pacific (Mock) Battle 13
05/03/1935 War Games Scored In (Private) Letter To Japan 13
05/04/1935 War Is Renounced By 240 Clergymen 13
05/04/1935 Roosevelt;S Jaw Built For Sound 20
05/04/1935 Danzig Is Panicky Over Devaluation-Clash With Poland Seen 36
05/04/1935 France And Soviet Agree On Quick Aid In Event Of Peril-They Will Consult Immediately When Aggression Threatens (Text, P. 4) 1
05/04/1935 Japan Considers Doubling Her Military Air Force 1
05/04/1935 Nazi Penal Code To Make Offender Outcast; Charity Contributions From Jews Refused 1
05/04/1935 Mighty Fleet Goes Out Into Pacific (U.S. War Game) 3
05/04/1935 Gigantic Air Force Denied By Goering-Sees War Up To Britain 4
05/04/1935 Germany Worried By New (Franco-Russian, Mutual Aid) Alliance 4
05/04/1935 New (Franco-Soviet Mutual Aid) Pact Is Open To Reich, Poland-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
05/04/1935 $116,000,000 Is Needed For British Air Force 4
05/04/1935 Mexico (Re-) Distributes Land 4
05/04/1935 Nazi At Bern (Protocols Of Zion) Trial Holds League Jewish 5
05/04/1935 Picture: Poles Here Honor A Friend Of Peace, Edward Mandell House 5
05/04/1935 Berlin Gives Pole For 3 Reich Spies 5
05/04/1935 Five Nations Unite In Plea For Peace 14
05/04/1935 Methodists In Row Over Peace Pledge 14
05/04/1935 Japanese To Seek Cotton In Brazil 18
05/05/1935 (U.S. Judge) Bars Light Bulbs Sent From Japan-Holds (U.S.) Patent Violated 1
05/05/1935 989 In New Deal (Regime) Top $10,000 In Pay 5
05/05/1935 (Czech) Border Kidnapping Denied By Germany 36
05/05/1935 Lufthansa (Passenger) Plane Found Equipped For Bombing (At Le Bourget, France) 36
05/05/1935 Italy Expects War In Africa In Fall-German Menace Doubted-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Florence 37
05/05/1935 Air Fleet Is 3,000, Moscow Confirms-Tank Force Also Strong-Harold Denny, Moscow 37
05/05/1935 ‘Protocols Of (The Elders Of) Zion’ Assailed As False (Bern Trial) 37
05/05/1935 Japan Threatens To Coerce Chinese-China Pushes Air Force 38
05/05/1935 Methodists Split On Pacifist Stand N-1
05/05/1935 The Debate Over The New Deal; Con And Pro E-1
05/05/1935 French And Russians Make Their (Mutual Assistance) Bargain E-3
05/05/1935 German Peril Unites Ex-Foes For Defense-Augur E-4
05/05/1935 War Plans Occupy Europe-Frederick T. Birchall E-4
05/05/1935 French Are Wary Over Soviet Pact E-4
05/05/1935 War Is Held At Bay But Still Uncurbed-Jules Sauerwein, Paris E-5
05/05/1935 Japan Watches Our Navy E-5
05/05/1935 A Frontier Without A Barrier (U.S.-Canadian) E-7
05/05/1935 Palestine Is Called Land Of Achievement-Bentwich Says That Refugees From Germany Are Living Normal, Happy Lives 12
05/05/1935 Millis, Walter, Road To War, America 1914-1917-America’s Entry Into The War Book 1
05/05/1935 Amid Turmoil, Britain Still Stands Firm Mag. 3
05/05/1935 Again The (U.S.) Fleet Tests Ships And Men Mag. 6
05/06/1935 Goering Permits Writer To Glimpse German Air Gains-Lady Drummond Hay 1
05/06/1935 George V’s Reign Hailed In Germany 3
05/06/1935 Foreigners Paying For German Arms-Otto D. Tolischus 10
05/06/1935 Geneva Skeptical Over New (Franco-Soviet Mutual Aid) Treaty-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 10
05/06/1935 Auction Of Brown Shirts Send Seller To Prison 10
05/06/1935 Ban On Light Bulbs From Japan Hailed (In U.S.) 13
05/06/1935 (Alfred E.) Smith Backs Drive To Aid German Jews-In $3,250,000 Campaign 14
05/07/1935 Stalin Says Fears (Of Attack) Made Soviet Rise 1
05/07/1935 Roosevelt Stresses U.S. Bond To Britain In Congratulating George V On Anniversary 1
05/07/1935 Pope Assails Reich’s Treatment Of Pilgrims; Deplores ‘De-Christianization’ Of Germany 1
05/07/1935 Methodists Vote War Denunciations-Disarmament Called For 5
05/07/1935 Reich Will Arbitrate (Disposition Of Berthold Jakob-Salomon) 6
05/07/1935 Austrian Sentenced For ‘Insulting’ Reich 6
05/07/1935 Venice Talks Aid Anti-War Project 7
05/07/1935 Hitler Halts War On Rebel Pastors 8
05/07/1935 Anti-Semitism Move (In U.S.) Ascribed To Aliens (By Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith) 18
05/07/1935 Lusitania Officers Mark Anniversary 25
05/07/1935 U.S. Lagging In Air, Year Book Holds-Fifth In Combat Planes 25
05/07/1935 Roosevelt Picks Son James To Run Diary; He Will Also Study Forestry At Hyde Park 26
05/08/1935 Hitler Will Offer Arms Conciliation, The British Hear-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
05/08/1935 (Admiral Of The Fleet, Sir Roger J. B.) Keyes Retired In Britain (Founder Of The Commandos?) 7
05/08/1935 France Would Win Polish Friendship-Loan (A Bankrupt?) To Russia Rumored 8
05/08/1935 Franco-Soviet (Mutual Aid) Tie ‘Unmoral’ To Reich 8
05/08/1935 Poland Discloses New Election Plan 8
05/08/1935 Britain Upholds Locarno, (Sir John) Simon Tells Commons 8
05/08/1935 Nazi Propaganda Found (Circular Letter From Deutschen Fichte-Bund, Hamburg) 10
05/08/1935 Nazi Press Defends Sinking Of Lusitania 11
05/08/1935 (Bernard S.) Deutsch Honored By 1,000 At Dinner-Hitlerism Is Assailed-La Guardia Extols Him (Deutsch) 12
05/08/1935 Sulzberger (Son-In-law To Late Adolph S. Ochs) Named To Head The Times (President And Publisher) 17
05/09/1935 French Now Fear Demand On Rhine 9
05/09/1935 Old Nazis To Get (Government) Posts (Every Tenth Post To A Party Member) 9
05/09/1935 Patriotism Seen As Cause Of War 12
05/09/1935 Baltic Countries To Work Together-Poland Would Win Them 43
05/10/1935 46 Naval Planes Take Off On Hawaii-Midway Flight; Storm Is Reported At Goal 1
05/10/1935 Britain Speeds Up Production 1
05/10/1935 Japan Sets Up Council To Curb Military; Civilian Policy Board Reinforces Cabinet 1
05/10/1935 When U.S. Moves Out, Japan Will Move In, (Vermont Senator Gibson) Asserts In Warning The Philippines 6
05/10/1935 (American Legionnaires) Bar Tribute To Hitler (In Chattanooga, Tenn.) 8
05/10/1935 Reich To Put Laws On ‘Tribal’ Basis-Pagan Faith Is Protected-Otto D. Tolischus 12
05/10/1935 Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Backs Pagan Movement 12
05/10/1935 Yorkville Invaded By Foes (American League Against War And Fascism) Of Nazism 12
05/10/1935 (Julius Streicher) Asks World War On Jews 12
05/10/1935 Southwest Africa Held Lost To Reich (By London Daily Telegraph) 13
05/10/1935 (Pierre) Laval Leaves Paris For Warsaw Visit 13
05/10/1935 500 (Catholics) Protest On Mexico 13
05/10/1935 Profit In Industry Sought By Soviet-Harold Denny, Moscow 15
05/10/1935 (Poultney) Bigelow (Kaiser Wilhelm Ii’s Biographer) Reports Ex-Kaiser Is Hale-Upholds A Hitler Policy 23
05/11/1935 (U.S.) Navy Clamps A War Censorship On Air Fleet’s Work In The Pacific 1
05/11/1935 Coolness To (Pierre) Laval Is Shown By Poles-(Franco-Soviet Mutual Aid) Pact Disturbs Warsaw-Jerzy Szapiro 1
05/11/1935 Antarctic Finds Revealed By (Admiral Richard E.) Byrd 3
05/11/1935 (N. J.) Clubwomen Score Fascist Tendency-’Liberal’ Officials’ Urged 6
05/11/1935 Balkans Oppose Rearming Appeal-All Bar The Hapsburgs-G.E.R. Gedye 8
05/11/1935 Laval Seeks Reich And Poland In (Franco-Soviet Mutual Aid) Pact-Harold Denny, Moscow 8
05/11/1935 (Professor James T.) Shotwell (Columbia University) Proposes U.S. Act With League 15
05/11/1935 Roosevelt Policy On Arms Assailed-Methodist Report Denounces Program 18
05/12/1935 Germans Fortify Schleswig Region; Defy Treaty Ban-Secrecy Cloaks Kiel Project 1
05/12/1935 450 Planes Ready To ‘Attack Hawaii’ 1
05/12/1935 Switzes (American) Passports Are Seized In France (Accused Spies-Seizure By U.S. State Dept.) 9
05/12/1935 (N.Y. Representative Hamilton) Fish Denounces Pacifist Clergy-He Assails Alien Reds 17
05/12/1935 Ethiopia Prepares For Mobilization 27
05/12/1935 Reich To Free Man Taken From Holland-Czech Minister Protests Against Seizure Of Another Fugitive At Border Station 27
05/12/1935 31 Fugitive Greeks Sentenced To Death 29
05/12/1935 Rearming Arouses Call For New Pact (Bucharest Report) 30
05/12/1935 Reichsbank Wants Arms Drain Eased-Otto D. Tolischus 31
05/12/1935 (Pierre) Laval Placates Poland On Soviets 31
05/12/1935 Bailey Fights Return Of (Former German) Colonies To Reich 31
05/12/1935 Reich Nuns Die Of Shock (After Arrest Of Mother Superior) 31
05/12/1935 Soviet Executes Woman Slayer 31
05/12/1935 Methodists Urge Planned Economy N-5
05/12/1935 Mussolini Suspects Abyssinian Schemes E-3
05/12/1935 Anti-German Feeling Mounting In Britain-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-4
05/12/1935 Last Stand For Franc Is Seen E-4
05/12/1935 Reich Faces Peril In Export Subsidy-Devaluation Alternative-Otto D. Tolischus E-4
05/12/1935 Soviet Shows Gain In Transportation-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
05/12/1935 Mandate Question Bothers The League E-5
05/12/1935 Hull Wins Confidence Of South Americas E-5
05/12/1935 Japanese Imports A Difficult Issue E-7
05/12/1935 Britain Accepts Big Social Security Burden-Harold Callender E-11
05/12/1935 Wealth Now ;Shared; By Means Of (New Deal) Taxes E-11
05/12/1935 Buchan, John, (Minister Of Information Under David ‘Make Germany Pay’ Lloyd George, Later As Lord Tweedsmuir The Governor General Of Canada, Author Of 4 Volume A History Of The Great War), The Peoples’ King-Buchan’s Review Of The Reign Of George V Book 3
05/12/1935 Again The Stealthy Submarine Appears (Had It Ever Disappeared?) Mag. 13
05/13/1935 Marshal Pilsudski Dies; Warsaw Closely Guarded-Jerzy Szapiro 1
05/13/1935 2 Die In (U.S.) Navy War Game, One As Destroyers Crash, Other In Dive Of A Plane 1
05/13/1935 Soviet Executes Leader Of Child Criminal Band 1
05/13/1935 Pilsudski (Picture) Showed A Relentless Will-Free Poland Was His Aim 6
05/13/1935 Few Saw Marshal In Recent Years-Ruled Through Deputies-Otto D. Tolischus, Warsaw 6
05/13/1935 Pilsudski Death Worries Europe-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
05/13/1935 Hitler Sends Regrets (At Pilsudski’s Death) 6
05/13/1935 Sham Battle Waged By Austrian Police 7
05/13/1935 (Pierre) Laval Is Greeted Warmly By Soviet-Stronger Tie Foreseen-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
05/13/1935 Poles See Laval Won To Their View-New Cordiality Noted (Warsaw Report) 8
05/13/1935 Palestine Train Flies Swastika 8
05/13/1935 (Julius) Streicher (‘Der Stuermer’) Would Drop ‘Jewish’ Medicine; Backs Nature Cures At Healers’ Exposition 9
05/13/1935 Hitler To Defend Moves For Arms 9
05/13/1935 French Border Cities Fear Raids By Nazis (Metz Report) 9
05/13/1935 Nazi ‘Pogrom’ Protested (By The American Committee On Religious Rights And Minorities) 10
05/13/1935 War Denounced As Sin (By Methodist Bishop Francis J. Mc Connell) 16
05/13/1935 European Nations Fear (Currency) Devaluation 25
05/13/1935 Germans Deny Aim To Cheapen Mark 25
05/14/1935 Moves To Stabilize Money Would Be Welcomed Here, Morgenthau Tells Europe 1
05/14/1935 France And Soviet Seek New Accord-Including Germany And Poland 1
05/14/1935 Hawaii Is ‘Refuge’ For 20 More Ships 3
05/14/1935 Pilsudski To Rest In Tomb Of Kings-Jerzy Szapiro 4
05/14/1935 U.S. Condolences Sent To Poland 4
05/14/1935 Hitler’s Postponing Of Arms Talks Seen 4
05/14/1935 Dissention In Poland Is Feared By French 4
05/14/1935 Reich In Mourning For Polish Ally-Otto D. Tolischus 5
05/14/1935 40 Monks And Nuns Held (In Germany) 5
05/14/1935 (Harold L.) Ickes Is Denounced (By Virgin Islands Group) 5
05/14/1935 200,000 Italians Called To Colors-Conciliatory Move Seen 6
05/14/1935 Addis Ababa Disturbed 6
05/14/1935 (Russians) Seek Permanent Peace-Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
05/14/1935 Americans Seeing (Imperial) Gardens Of Japan-Japanese Make New Bid For Friendship 7
05/14/1935 Brazil Puts Ban On (German) Blocked Marks-Federal Trade Council Rules All Exports Must Be Paid For In Free Exchange-Curb On Dumping Is Seen-Americans Now Expect To Be Able To Compete With Germans In South American Market 7
05/14/1935 (Thomas) Masaryk Sends Thanks (For Medal To Hamilton Fish Armstrong, President Of The Woodrow Wilson Foundation) 7
05/14/1935 High (Supreme) Court States Negro Rights Anew-Cites Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case) Ruling-Prisoner To Get New Trial 11
05/14/1935 Text Of Morgenthau’s Address On The Problem Of (Currency) Stabilization 13
05/14/1935 (Alfred) Einstein Tribute Aids Refugee Fund (‘Children Of Refugees From Germany’) 19
05/14/1935 Methodists Call New Deal Failure-Ask End Of Capitalism 21
05/15/1935 (Henry Morgenthau’s Currency) Stabilization Bid Finds London Shy 1
05/15/1935 Mussolini Warns Powers To Leave Ethiopia To Italy-Bars Any Interference-Has 800,000 Men Ready (Text, P. 15) 1
05/15/1935 Picture: Richard Roiderer, Freed By Nazis (From Treason Charge) 2
05/15/1935 5 More Indicted In (Jewish) Aliens Racket-13 Now Under Charges 2
05/15/1935 Zionist Leader (Ben-Gurion) Arrives (Zionist World Executive Meeting Of Histadruth) 2
05/15/1935 ‘Enemy’ Is Active In North Pacific (War Games)-Hanson W. Baldwin 3
05/15/1935 (Former Secretary Of U.S. Treasury, Ogden L.) Mills Contradicts Morgenthau (On Currency Stabilization) Date 4
05/15/1935 (Oklahoma Senator) Thomas Asks Call For (Currency) Stabilization 5
05/15/1935 France And Russia Progress.In (Mutual Aid) Talk-Polish Yielding Foreseen-Harold Denny, Moscow 15
05/15/1935 Passive Air Defense Rehearsed By Paris 15
05/15/1935 Soviet Would Hire American ‘Brains’-Holds We Are Unrivaled 16
05/15/1935 (U.S.) Army Fliers At Managua (Nicaragua-Samoza!) 16
05/15/1935 All Warsaw Pays Honor To Pilsudski-Frederick T. Birchall, Warsaw 17
05/15/1935 Jews Vote To Change In (Conservative) Divorce Code-Zionist Aid Is Urged 17
05/15/1935 Protocols Of (The Elders Of) Zion Found ‘Forgeries’-(Bern) Swiss Court Bans Alleged Expose Of Jewish Scheme For World Dominion 18
05/15/1935 Mackensen Greeted By Austrian Nazis 18
05/15/1935 Reform By Faith Urged By (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop. William T.) Manning (Active Interventionist Later)-Points To World’s Ills 19
05/16/1935 France And Russia Bid Reich Join (Their Mutual Aid) Pact-German Terms Accepted-Simple Non-Aggression Treaty, Without Mutual Aid Feature Will Be Offered-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
05/16/1935 British Board To Speed War Industries Plans; Rothemer Says Reich Has 10,000 Planes 1
05/16/1935 Leon Fraser (Retiring President Of Bank For International Settlements) Hails Morgenthau (Currency Stabilization) Move-Most Constructive Step Yet Of (New Deal) Recovery-Delay Is Laid To Britain-Clarence K. Streit, Basle 4
05/16/1935 (Currency) Stabilization Bid (By Henry Morgenthau) Is Backed By Hull 4
05/16/1935 Roosevelt Chided (By National Civil Service Reform League) On ‘Spoils System’ 7
05/16/1935 (Harry L.) Hopkins Is Disputed On Red Propaganda 7
05/16/1935 Germany’s Deficit In Commerce Rises-Our Sales Reduced 60%-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
05/16/1935 Nazi Is Freed At Metz 9
05/16/1935 Germany Rebuffs Inquiries (Source Unrevealed) Of Arms 9
05/16/1935 (Pierre) Laval’s (Moscow) Visit Seen As Big Aid To Peace 9
05/16/1935 Stalin Wins His Respect-Walter Duranty, Moscow (Text Of Communique, P. 10) 10
05/16/1935 Reich Ousts (N.Y.) Times Man (Julius Bolgar, Hungarian-Jewish Business Manager) 10
05/16/1935 Soviet Reds Re-Form Control Of Culture 11
05/16/1935 Control By Italy In Ethiopia Urged (In Rome)-British Still Seek Peace 12
05/16/1935 Italy Threaten Santo Domingo (Consul Was Sentenced And Fined) 12
05/16/1935 U.S. Legation Plans Nanking Buildings 12
05/16/1935 More Finns Deported To Interior Of Russia 13
05/16/1935 Rutgers (University) To Study Charges Of Nazism Hitler Propaganda Spread By German Department, 400 Students Declare-To Consider Dismissal Of Prof. Bergel (Anti-NSDAP!) 21
05/16/1935 Roosevelt’s (Speaking) Voice Held Radio’s Best-(Huey P.) Long And (Father Charles) Coughlin Poor 25
05/17/1935 Embassies To Be Set Up In China By U.S., Great Britain And Japan 1
05/17/1935 Britain Hints Aim To Stabilize Pound 1
05/17/1935 Germany Will Raise Another Forced Loan; Insurance Companies To Provide The Funds 1
05/17/1935 Anti-Nazi Artist Is Beaten In (N.Y. C.) Raid-Figure Of Hitler Spared 3
05/17/1935 Heinz Sees Defeat For The New Deal-Old Fundamentals Urged 6
05/17/1935 Trial Of Catholics (For Currency Smuggling) To Open In Germany 8
05/17/1935 (U.S.) White Fleet Sails For Great ‘Battle’ (Pacific War Games) 10
05/17/1935 (Jacob Gould Schurman) Sees Real Menace In Japan’s Policy-Warns Against Disarming 10
05/17/1935 Eden Says British Oppose War Maker 11
05/17/1935 Soviet Sees Peace Aided By Strength-Aim Is To Bar Aggression-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
05/17/1935 (William C.) Bullitt’s Plane Damaged; Warsaw Arrival (From Moscow) Delayed 13
05/17/1935 Brass Bands Head Anti-Jewish Parades (In Berlin) 14
05/17/1935 Roosevelt Lauds Boy Scout Record 16
05/17/1935 Nazi Issue Causes Rift Of (Rutgers University) Students-(Anti-NSDAP) Dr. Bergel Will Be Dropped In June-Campus Paper Says Politics Plays No Part 17
05/17/1935 Hans Ullstein, 76 (Jewish) Publisher, Is Dead (In Berlin)-Retired Under Nazi Fire (Picture) 21
05/18/1935 German Nun Gets 5 Years In Prison (Smuggling Currency) 1
05/18/1935 Paris Bonds Fall; Francs In Flight-Gold Shipments Growing 1
05/18/1935 Reich Has 450 ‘Vestpocket’ Torpedo Boats, Capable Of 60 Knots, Carrying 4 Missiles 1
05/18/1935 House Shouts ‘No’ On Nepotism Ban 2
05/18/1935 U.S. Move Pleases Geneva Group 4
05/18/1935 Lack Of Faith In Nazis Laid To Magdeburg Folk 4
05/18/1935 Lithuania Affirms Death For 4 (Memel) Nazis-10,000 Germans Protest 4
05/18/1935 Stockholm Cool To Visit Of (Rudolf) Hess 4
05/18/1935 Another American (Charles Nesselbeck) Arrested In Munich 4
05/18/1935 U.S. Planes In Nicaragua (Samoza!) 4
05/18/1935 Army’s Farewell Given To Pilsudski-(William C.) Bullitt In Procession 4
05/18/1935 Navy Games Stir Interest Of Army 5
05/18/1935 China Hails Japan For Era Of Amity 5
05/18/1935 Abyssinia Names American Arbiter (American Educator, Pittman Benjamin Potter)-Italy Objects To Foreigners 6
05/18/1935 Italy Would Link African Colonies (By Ethiopian Conquest-Map)-Augur, London 6
05/18/1935 Paris Fears (Franco-Soviet Mutual Aid) Pact Will Be Illusion 6
05/18/1935 Simpler Government Is Urged By (Alfred E.) Smith 8
05/18/1935 Italy Loses Suit Against Y. M. C. A 18
05/18/1935 Reich Foreign Trade Has A Deficit Again 23
05/18/1935 U.S. Treasury Aide Consults In Europe-(Dr.) Harry (Dexter) White (Born Boston Family Name Changed From Weit) Has Been Making Monetary Study, But Has Not Discussed (Currency) Stabilization (See Bretton Woods-Morgenthau’s Fiscal ‘Brains’) 25
05/19/1935 Lawrence (‘Of Arabia’) Dies Of Crash Injuries 1
05/19/1935 Munich Nazis Beat Catholics In Riots; End Charity Drive-Police Fail To Intervene 1
05/19/1935 Lithuania Spares Lives Of 4 (Memel) Nazis-Germany Is Not Satisfied 1
05/19/1935 Peak In Efficiency Found In U.S. Fleet-Rigid Discipline Noted-Hanson W. Baldwin 6
05/19/1935 Blanshard Demands Scout List Of Reds 7
05/19/1935 (Pilsudski) Polish Liberator Rests Among Kings-Goering To Visit Warsaw 22
05/19/1935 Ethiopia Abolishes Serfdom By Decree (Emancipation Proclamation?) 26
05/19/1935 Reich Lays Treason To (Naturalized) American (Karl Nesselbeck) Seized 26
05/19/1935 (Leon) Fraser Saw Hitler On Visit To Berlin 26
05/19/1935 Hamburg Suppresses A Jewish Association (‘Citizens’ Society’) 26
05/19/1935 Roosevelt Holds (World’s) Good Will ‘Vital’-For More Than Gesture 27
05/19/1935 Kalinin Says (Soviet) Army Could Check Foes 27
05/19/1935 A National Body To Combat Crime-White House Parley Opened By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt, Votes A Social Education Program-To Mobilize Civil Forces 33
05/19/1935 10,000 Here To Join Anti-War Parade N-1
05/19/1935 Advertisements: How To Remit The Largest Amount Of Marks For The Smallest Outlay In Dollars-German Reichsmarks For Tourists F-3
05/19/1935 Hitler’s Taste Shows Wagnerian Influence E-4
05/19/1935 Arms Issue Splits Labor In Britain E-4
05/19/1935 Russian Leaders Win French Faith-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
05/19/1935 Anti-German Cartoon E-4
05/19/1935 Picture: Ignaz Moscicki (Chemist) President (And Confidant Of Pilsudski) Of Poland E-4
05/19/1935 South America Again Is ‘Buying American’ (Map) E-5
05/19/1935 Japanese Wares Pouring Into India E-5
05/19/1935 Year 1937 Now Believed The Time Of War Peril-Augur, London E-5
05/19/1935 Pictures: Dualists In ‘Red’ Inquiry-Robert M. Hutchins (University Of Chicago) & Charles R. Walgreen E-6
05/19/1935 Pictures: Three Backers Of Labor Disputes Bill-William F. Green, A. F. Of L., Sen. Robert F. Wagner (N.Y.) And Francis Biddle, N. L. R. B E-7
05/19/1935 (Currency) Stabilization Hopes Brighter But Vague E-11
05/19/1935 New Deal Alphabet (Bureaus) Now Include 81 Units (Listed) E-11
05/19/1935 Europe Takes Up Germany’s Challenge-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome Mag. 3
05/20/1935 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Acclaims Morgenthau (Harry Dexter White [Weit] Banking) Views 4
05/20/1935 Italy’s Hope Rises For (Territorial) Gain In Africa-Retreat Held Impossible-Anne O’ Hare Mc Cormick 7
05/20/1935 Eden Seeks To Bar Warfare In Africa-Clarence K. Streit 7
05/20/1935 Germany Expects To Placate Paris 8
05/20/1935 Nazis Sweep German Area (Sudetenland) In Czech Vote; Financial Aid From The Reich Is Suspected (In Prague) 8
05/20/1935 German Business Resents (Government) Red Tape-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
05/20/1935 Hitler Opens (Frankfurt-Darmstadt) Road, First Of Vast (Autobahn) Net 8
05/20/1935 Anti-Catholic Wave Subsides In Munich 8
05/20/1935 (Utah) Senator (William H.) King Hits Reich Persecution-Calls Policy Bigoted (At Southeastern Regional Convention Of The Union Of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Of America) 8
05/20/1935 Wider Nazi Boycott Asked By (Samuel) Untermyer (Pres. Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League For Human Rights) 8
05/20/1935 Starhemberg Hails Triumph Of Fascism (In Austria) 8
05/20/1935 Goering Has Talks With Poles 8
05/20/1935 Allenby Praises Lawrence’s Work 10
05/20/1935 Reich Cuts Down On Its Buying Here-Curb On Foreign Goods 25
05/20/1935 London Welcomes Morgenthau (Stabilization View) 25
05/21/1935 Hitler Calls Cabinet On Conscription Plan; Talks To Reichstag Today Of Arms Tension 1
05/21/1935 Crisis Held Rising On The Rhine Zone 9
05/21/1935 Inquiry At Rutgers (Univ.) On Anti-Nazis Called-Failure To Reappoint Dr. Leinhard Bergel (Anti-NSDAP) 9
05/21/1935 Anti-Jews Boycott Flares Up In Munich 9
05/21/1935 Estonian Fascists Will Soon Be Tried 10
05/21/1935 Ethiopia’s Ruler Insists League Act-Clarence K. Streit 11
05/21/1935 Nazis Run First In Czech Election-But Will Be Second In New Chamber-Benes Group Shows Loss (3,500,000 Germans In A National Population Of 14,000,000) 12
05/21/1935 Ships Darkened For Naval ‘Fight’ (Pacific War Games) 12
05/21/1935 (Secretary Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Asks Study Of World’s Trade 27
05/22/1935 Hitler Pledges Respect For Versailles Borders; Suggests Limiting Arms 1
05/22/1935 Roosevelt Offers Bill To Curb Arms Exports (Government ‘Licensing Body’ To Control Export Of Arms) 1
05/22/1935 (Maryland Senator Tydings) Urges World Call For Arms Holiday-Would Call Off War Debts-Conditional On Return To ‘Economic Sanity’ For Trade Revival 6
05/22/1935 (Neville) Chamberlain Backs War-Debt Suspension-Declares Britain Could Not Pay U.S. Unless She Collected (War Indemnity From Germany) 6
05/22/1935 Italy Is Unmoved By Geneva Pleas-Clarence K. Streit 11
05/22/1935 Nazi Boycott Urged On League Of Nations (By Samuel Untermyer’s Non-Sectarian Anti-Fascist League To Champion Human Rights) 11
05/22/1935 (Pacific) Navy Game Fears (By Japan And Others) Arouse (Admiral William H.) Standley (Pearl Harbor Investigation)-’Too Damned Bad’ If Powers Find It Provocative, Says Chief Of Naval Operations 12
05/22/1935 (Ramsay) Macdonald Is Dropping Cabinet Activities 12
05/22/1935 Japanese Pushing North China Drive 12
05/22/1935 Big (U.S.) Submarine (‘Shark’) Launched (At Groton, Conn.) 12
05/22/1935 Ecuador Losing Silver-Embargo By U.S. Urged 12
05/22/1935 Alumnae Support Anti-Nazi Teacher (Leinhard Bergel)-Back Contention Of Rutgers (Univ.) Professor He Is Victim Of Hitlerite Superior 13
05/22/1935 Reich’s Note Issue Seen As Arms Aid-Otto D. Tolischus 13
05/22/1935 Textual Excerpts Of Reichsfuehrer Hitler’s Speech On German Armaments 14
05/22/1935 Hitler’s Thirteen Points 14
05/22/1935 Conscription Law Decreed By Hitler 15
05/22/1935 French Skeptical Of Hitler’s Offers-(Mutual) Aid Pacts Held Justified 15
05/22/1935 Geneva Hails Moderation (In Hitler’s Speech) 15
05/22/1935 British Fix Course By Hitler Speech 15
05/22/1935 Civil Aides Warned To Back Hitler Youth 15
05/23/1935 Britain To Triple Air Force By 1937 In Reply To Hitler 1
05/23/1935 Army Supercedes The Nazi Party As Object Of Germans’ Loyalty 1
05/23/1935 23,000 Here Cheer (Father Eugene) Coughlin’s Attack On The President (Roosevelt, Text, P. 18) 1
05/23/1935 Mussolini Rebuffs Geneva On Ethiopia 1
05/23/1935 (Roosevelt) Message Stirs Nye To Navy Bill Fight 5
05/23/1935 Hull Asks Nations To End Trade Barriers-Roosevelt Adds Appeal 11
05/23/1935 High Tariffs Of U.S. Criticized In Britain 11
05/23/1935 Hitler’s Sincerity Doubted By Italy 12
05/23/1935 Washington Cordial To Hitler’s Address-But Question As To Whether It Is To Be Taken At Its Face Value Is Raised By Officials 12
05/23/1935 Germany Convicts Nuns In (Currency) Smuggling-Both Confessed Charges 13
05/23/1935 (Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman, Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany) Praises Hitler 13
05/23/1935 Vienna Is Indignant Over Hitler Speech 13
05/23/1935 Geneva Opinion Split On Speech Of Hitler-Others Term Talk Propaganda 15
05/23/1935 Picture: General John J. Pershing Sails For France 15
05/23/1935 Briton Says Minister Holds Arms Shares 17
05/23/1935 Nazi Propaganda Laid To (Rutgers Univ.) Professor (Dr. F. J. Hauptmann, Head Of German Department, Leinhard Bergel’s Superior)-Anti-Semitism Doubted 20
05/23/1935 Two Bullet-Proof (Pierce-Arrow) Autos (Limousines) Are Sent To Roosevelt 20
05/23/1935 (Rear Admiral Yates) Stirling Defends (U.S.) Fleet (Manoeuvres) In Pacific 23
05/24/1935 Six Lost In Pacific In A Naval Plane; War Games Halted 1
05/24/1935 Hitler Hypocrite Says Soviet Press-German Preparation For War Of Revenge Held Only Real Meaning Of Speech-Stalling For Time Seen 1
05/24/1935 France Increases Discount Rate To Check Swift Flight Of Gold (To U.S.) 1
05/24/1935 British Now Hope For An Air Accord-But They Open Recruiting 10
05/24/1935 Germans Born Here Owe Army Service (To Germany)-Unless They Obtain Reich Citizenship Releases 10
05/24/1935 New Attack Made On Jews In Munich-Berlin Nazis Are Blamed 10
05/24/1935 Austrian School Children To Get Army Instruction 10
05/24/1935 China Reassures Japan (On Anti-Japanese Activities) 10
05/24/1935 League Now Seeks Delay On Ethiopia-Clarence K. Streit 11
05/24/1935 African Plan Final, Mussolini Insists-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome 11
05/24/1935 (Rutgers Univ.) School Dormitory Called Nazi Nest 17
05/24/1935 One-Day ‘Stoppage’ By Jewish Teachers (In Jewish Schools)-Requested By S.S. Wise-(‘Treatment Of Jewish Teachers In New York Was Shameful.’-’The First Step To Reawakening Jewish National Life Is To Establish The Education Of Our Children On The Broadest And Securest Basis’) 17
05/24/1935 Officials Are Named In (British) Inquiry On Arms 17
05/24/1935 Bank Of France Loses Gold Again 37
05/25/1935 Italy Submits To League On Ethiopian Arbitration; Britain Sways Mussolini 1
05/25/1935 Bigger Navy Bill ($460,000,000) Passed By Senate 1
05/25/1935 Pope Condemns Sterilization By Germany; Reich Lists 56,244 Cases To End Of 1934 1
05/25/1935 Burgess Designs Swift U-Boat (?) Chaser; Navy Puts Yacht Expert To Work On Plan 3
05/25/1935 (John) Buchan (Formerly Lloyd George’s War-Time Minister Of Information, Governor-General Designate Of Canada. Shortly To Become ‘Lord Tweedsmuir’) Quits Commons 3
05/25/1935 Britain Bars Secession Of West Australia; States’ Delegate Fears Grave Consequences 6
05/25/1935 Hungarian Crowd Acclaims Goering 6
05/25/1935 22 Reich (Protestant Confessional Synod) Pastors Refuse Release-Decline To Accept Liberty At Cost Of Confessing They Broke Nazi Law-Three Others Arrested 6
05/25/1935 Il Duce Says Italy ‘Never Looks Back’-16 Regiments Get Flags 6 4 American Firms Collapse In China 6
05/25/1935 (Benes Paper) Sees Konrad Henlein Barred From Czech Politics (In Spite Of His Party Winning The Election)-(Paper)Says Hitlerite Leader Who Holds No Office Will Not Be Consulted 6
05/25/1935 Reich Not To Draft American Citizens (Into Army) 6
05/25/1935 (Zionist, Sir Herbert) Samuel Advocates Western Air Pact (Against Germany) 6
05/25/1935 Fleet Is Returning To Base In Hawaii 7
05/25/1935 Picture: Stalin & Pierre Laval 7
05/25/1935 Ickes Assails Acts Of ‘Witch Hunters;-Walgreen Is Criticized 13
05/25/1935 Roosevelt Saved U.S., Bankers Hear (From Dr. Lionel D. Edie) 21
05/26/1935 French Bank Rate Is Increased To 4%, Highest In 7 Years-Flandin’s Position Shaky 1
05/26/1935 Mussolini Warns Italians May Fight (Text, P. 22) 1
05/26/1935 Washington Acts For World Parley On Money, Trade-Hull Leads Movement 1
05/26/1935 Munich Citizens Fight With Nazi Pickets; Fail To Back Boycott Closing Jewish Shops 1
05/26/1935 Danzig Retreats On ‘Aryan’ Laws 3
05/26/1935 Peace Agitators Scored 3
05/26/1935 Navy’s Air Fleet Flies Over Hawaii 4
05/26/1935 Columbia (University Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Pres. & Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Ousting Of 3 (For Anti-War Activities) Is Protested (By Aclu) 5
05/26/1935 (Rightist) Mayor In France Beaten In Ambush-Left For Dead After Attack 15
05/26/1935 Turkey Wants 500 Planes 15
05/26/1935 France To Buy (50,000 Tons) Copper 15
05/26/1935 Schuschnigg Plans Answer To Hitler-G.E.R. Gedye 17
05/26/1935 Germany Hopeful Of Rich Oil Yield (Drilling Exploration) 17
05/26/1935 Honoring Of Goering Resented In Finland 19
05/26/1935 Reich Fliers Anger Swiss By Invasion 19
05/26/1935 Reich Asks British To Aid On Colonies-Would Defer Arms Pact 20
05/26/1935 Paish Asks Britain To Change (Economic) Policies (‘We Are On The Road To Disaster.’) 21
05/26/1935 France To Increase Her Army Personnel 22
05/26/1935 (Rutgers Univ.) Professor (Dr. Friedrich Johannes Hauptmann, Head Of German Department) Admits Writing Goebbels-Sees Good Side To Nazis 24
05/26/1935 Sentiment Of World Is All Against War, Miss (Evangeline) Booth Says Here After Globe Tour N-1
05/26/1935 Crisis In The Franc Forces Paris Move F-1
05/26/1935 Foes Of Roosevelt Raise Dissonant Din E-3
05/26/1935 Geneva Puts Brakes On Rome’s Ambition E-3
05/26/1935 British Put Faith In Hitler’s Offers E-4
05/26/1935 French Eyes Turn To (Financial) Crisis At Home E-4
05/26/1935 Hitler Invites Peace Test E-4
05/26/1935 New Ally Needed By Czech Cabinet (Cartoon) E-4
05/26/1935 Behind Japan’s Boom In Trade Mag. 1
05/26/1935 The President (Roosevelt) Reaches A Turning Point Mag. 3
05/26/1935 Armed Shadows Surround Dictators Mag. 6
05/27/1935 Reich Developing A Fast-Moving Army-Tanks Play A Large Part 1
05/27/1935 British Ask Light On Hitler’s Plans-Colonies Issue Is Raised 4
05/27/1935 Reich Press Extols Dr. (Robert) Koch As Immortal, Refuting (Julius) Streicher’s Aspersion Of (Medical) Scientist (He Had Some Jewish Assistants) 4
05/27/1935 Nazis Again Victors In Czech Elections-(Konrad) Henlein’s Party Carries (Czech) Town Offices 4
05/27/1935 Stalin Dissolves Reds’ Old Guard-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
05/27/1935 Munich Police Condemn Attack On Jewish Shops 6
05/27/1935 160 Ships Berthed At Pearl Harbor 7
05/27/1935 U.S. Fleet A Peril, Says Japan’s Navy-Building Race Foreseen 7
05/27/1935 (Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise Says Jews Hold Key To Peace-Their Message Will Lead World Out Of Its Troubles, He Tells Confirmation Class 11
05/27/1935 Hitler Policies Attacked (By Methodist, Rev. Dr. Wallace Mac Millen) 11
05/27/1935 Fears For Franc Increase In Paris 25
05/27/1935 Britain Still Aids French Currency 25
05/27/1935 Roosevelt’s (Veto) Bonus Victory Hailed In London As Decisive Defeat For Inflationists-Bonus Defeat Here Is Praised In Paris 25
05/27/1935 $30,500,000 Gold Arrives (From France) 25
05/27/1935 Our Policy Praised (By Argentina Foreign Minister) At (Buenos Aires) Trade Parley 32
05/28/1935 Baldwin Appeals For Air Locarno Favored By Hitler 1
05/28/1935 Britain And Reich Agree On Sea Talk-Greater Parley Later 1
05/28/1935 Navy ‘War’ Leaves Big Crop Of Yarns-Japan Hails Our Fleet-Hanson W. Baldwin 5
05/28/1935 (Rutgers Univ. Anti-NSDAP German) Professor (Leinhard Bergel) Barred Nazi Talk, He Says-Admits He Struck Girl 5
05/28/1935 Germans Tighten Anti-Jewish Bans 5
05/28/1935 Cudahy Ridicules European War Talk 5
05/28/1935 (John) Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir) Hails Amity Of Canada And U.S. 6
05/28/1935 Germany Arrests (Two) Friars (Smuggling Currency) 6
05/28/1935 Common Language Held Key To Peace 7
05/28/1935 Text Of Majority Ruling Holding Delegation Of (Nira) Code Power Unconstitutional 16
05/28/1935 Nye And Clark Urge Peace Laws Here-Bankers Are Denounced 27
05/29/1935 Deputies Are Cold To Flandin’s Plan; Bank Rate Now 6% 1
05/29/1935 Eden Renews Plea For Unity (Collaboration) With Us 1
05/29/1935 Japanese Demands On China Reported 2
05/29/1935 Gold Drain Fought By Bank Of France 2
05/29/1935 Soviet Drive Opens To Increase Births-Food Sources ‘Adequate’ 2
05/29/1935 Sterilization Plan(Mentally Defective, Etc) Perturbs Bermuda 2
05/29/1935 Poles Appreciate Reich’s Sympathy (At Pilsudski’s Death) 3
05/29/1935 Hungary Demands 2-Year Conscripts 3
05/29/1935 Roosevelt Frees Billion For Works 4
05/29/1935 Presbyterians Ask German Attitude (On Churches) 7
05/29/1935 Protests Mount In Columbia (University) Row (Dismissal Of Anti-War Demonstrators) 7
05/29/1935 La Guardia Scores Supreme Court (On Anti-Roosevelt Nira Decision) 8
05/30/1935 Roosevelt Backs British Amity View-But Suggests Baldwin’s Dream Of Combined Naval Forces Sounds Warlike-Hull Praises Sentiments 1
05/30/1935 Schuschingg Gives Hitler Curt Reply-Insists Reich Intervened-G.E.R. Gedye 2
05/30/1935 (U.S. Sec. Of Navy, Claude A.) Swanson Praises Showing Of Fleet (In Pacific War Games) 2
05/30/1935 Reich Sentences Monk To 10 Years (Currency Smuggling Charges) 2
05/30/1935 (Japanese) Admiral Sees Japan Envied By The West 2
05/30/1935 French Leader (Henry Berenger) Finds Hitler Talk Helpful 2
05/30/1935 Japan Warns China To Stop ‘Violations’ 2
05/30/1935 (N. J. Governor) Hoffman Is Asked To Suppress (Rutgers University) Nazis-Dr. Hauptmann (Head Of German Department) Defended 6
05/30/1935 500 Students Drill As Pacifist Pickets 15
05/30/1935 Britain Declines Move To Stabilize (Currency)-Hope In Washington Rises 26
05/31/1935 French Cabinet Beaten; Gold Question At Crisis; Loss Of Gold Continues-Bourse To Close Today (See Entry, June 18, 1935, P. 13!) 1
05/31/1935 Germany Submits Air Locarno Draft; France Stands Pat-British Plan Also Ready 1
05/31/1935 20,000 March Here As Nation Honors Its Warrior Dead-La Guardia Salutes Them 1
05/31/1935 Japan Threatens Invasion Of China 1
05/31/1935 Paris Gold Drain Continues Heavy 2
05/31/1935 Germans Restive Under High Prices-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 2
05/31/1935 Reich Press Plays Up Soviet Persecution 2
05/31/1935 Rites For Our Dead Are Held In France-Franco-U.S. Amity Asked-(U.S. Ambassador To France, Jesse I.) Straus And (General John J.) Pershing Play The Chief Roles In Memorial Day Services There 3
05/31/1935 Peace Drives Seen As Peril To Nation (By Army & Navy Officers) 3
05/31/1935 German Parade Barred In Newark 4
05/31/1935 Scarsdale Women Demand Wars End 4
05/31/1935 Industry Warned By Myron (C.) Taylor 9
05/31/1935 Soviet-Reich Amity Suggested By Poles 9
05/31/1935 U.S. Fleet Starts Last Part Of (Pacific) ‘War’ (Games) 16
05/31/1935 German Men Frolic On Ascension Day (‘Himmelfahrtstag’ = ‘Fathers Day’)-Picnic By Themselves 16