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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

July 1935
Date Headline Page
07/01/1935 Britain Is Worried By France’s Anger Over German Navy (Pact)-Eden’s Mission Was (In) Vain 1
07/01/1935 Nazi Prison Camps (Dachau, Papenberg, Sachsenburg, Lichtenburg, Fuhlsbuettel & Oranienburg Mentioned) Soften Discipline 1
07/01/1935 Vienna Heimwehr Menace Mayor; Point Machine Guns At City Hall 1
07/01/1935 Army, Navy Invite 60,000 To Enlist-As Congress Directed 3
07/01/1935 Deporting Of Aliens (To Improve Employment Situation Of Natural-Born) Is Voted By V. F. W 3
07/01/1935 Huge Profit In Gold Laid To Speculators 4
07/01/1935 Poland Seeks Place As Maritime Power 4
07/01/1935 Soviet Notes Gain In Heavy Industry 5
07/01/1935 Nazism Declared Above All Faiths 7
07/01/1935 (Nicaragua-Samoza) Buys Steel From Germany 7
07/01/1935 Reich To Lift Veil On Rearmament-’Military Moral Is High’-Otto D. Tolischus 8
07/01/1935 Europe Speeds Up Air Arms Program 8
07/01/1935 General Motors Aids Disarmament Group 8
07/01/1935 Reich Trade Balance Causes Paris Alarm 8
07/01/1935 110,000 Russians In Sports Parade-Soviet Strength Shown-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
07/01/1935 U.S. (N.Y.A.) Youth Project Assailed As Peril 10
07/01/1935 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-United Jewish Appeal) Asks Fund For Refugees 11
07/01/1935 (Rabbi Silver) Warns Jewish Youth Against Racialism 15
07/01/1935 Rabbis Vote Down Pacifist Report 16
07/01/1935 Haven In Palestine For 500,000 Jews-50,000 Were Absorbed Last Year 22
07/02/1935 French Not To Help British Curb Italy-Mussolini Firm For War 1
07/02/1935 Soviet Sends A Sharp Warning To Japan; Demands An End Of Frontier Violations 1
07/02/1935 (E. C. Carter, Pacific Institute) Doubts Japan Aims To Build Vast Empire 4
07/02/1935 France Welcomes German Veterans-Another Visiting Lyon 4
07/02/1935 German (Industrial) Arms ‘Pool’ Is Made Compulsory 4
07/02/1935 Mutiny Smashed By Chinese Army 5
07/02/1935 British Pacifists Ask Check On Italy-(Lord) Cecil For League Action 5
07/02/1935 Naval Pact’s Scope (With Germany) Defined By Britain 5
07/02/1935 Nazis Challenged On View Of Woman-Otto D. Tolischus 6
07/02/1935 Reich Court Spurs Boycotting Of Jews; Trading With Them Is Ruled ‘Dishonorable’ 6
07/02/1935 Zionist Leaders Plead For Unity 17
07/02/1935 New German Train Is ‘Fastest’ (73 Mph) Service 23
07/03/1935 Soviet Fears War By Japan And Reich Helped By Finland-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
07/03/1935 U.S. Liberal Group Seized In Havana-Odets Among 15 Detained 1
07/03/1935 Mexico To Enforce Her Church Laws 3
07/03/1935 Britain Is Seeking New Curb On Italy-Hopes France Will Be More Friendly As Reich Reports On New Naval Plans 7
07/03/1935 Italian War Spirit Increased By Eden 7
07/03/1935 Dictators Helped By British Policy-Anne O’Hare McCormick 7
07/03/1935 Pacifist Congress (London) Ends 7
07/03/1935 Secret Pact Gives Japan Air Rights (In China) 8
07/03/1935 Lloyd George Hits British Rearming-Likens Opposition To His Plans To The ‘Powerful Interests’ Fighting New Deal Here 8
07/03/1935 (Sumner Welles) Praises Our (‘His’) Policy On Latin-America (Attacked By Others At Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs) 15
07/03/1935 Social Crisis Vast To Mrs.(Eleanor) Roosevelt-Asks Aid Of All Public 15
07/03/1935 Political Ideals Urged On Youth (By Rev. Daniel A. Poling)-Against Reds Or Fascism 18
07/03/1935 500 Zionists Vote Unification Plan (Zionist Organization Of America)-Greater Harmony Sought 21
07/03/1935 Communists Aid Father (Charles E.) Coughlin 21
07/04/1935 Blockade Of Italy Reported Studied By British Admirals 1
07/04/1935 U.S. Liberal Group Deported By Cuba 1
07/04/1935 Arrests In Cuba Protested Here 4
07/04/1935 Russia Says Japan Seeks Her Islands (Map) 5
07/04/1935 Germany Beheads 2 More As Traitors 5
07/04/1935 Tokyo’s Air ‘Attack’ Will Be Realistic 5
07/04/1935 Ethiopia Appeals For Our Sympathy 6
07/04/1935 Italians And Ethiopians Reported In Battle; Both Are Said To Have Suffered Big Losses 6
07/04/1935 Policy On Submarine Defended By Britain 6
07/04/1935 German Welcomes Warsaw Statesman (Foreign Minister Col. Josef Beck) 6
07/04/1935 Junker Estate Doomed 6
07/04/1935 Austria Is Ending Hapsburg’s Exile 6
07/04/1935 Mexico May Relax Anti-Church Moves 6
07/04/1935 Nazis To Get More Jobs 6
07/04/1935 Anti-Jewish Drives Pressed In Germany-Press Concentrates Once More On Boycott Idea 7
07/04/1935 Austrians Reported Ill-Treated In Reich-Deserter Tells How Germany Blocked Return Of 800 Legionnaires To Homeland 7
07/04/1935 Seizure Of Power By Teachers Urged-Alignment With Labor And ‘Millions Of Humble Parents’ Demanded By Prof. Norton (Teachers’ College, Columbia University) 13
07/04/1935 Nazis (‘Friends Of New Germany’) Here Launch A Counter Boycott-League Of ‘Aryan Blood’ 16
07/04/1935 World Money Cut (Depreciation) Urged By Germans-Opposes Schacht’s View 21
07/05/1935 (U.S.) Mystery (Boeing B-17) Bomber Will Carry 6 Tons 1
07/05/1935 Austria Opens Way For The Hapsburgs-G.E.R. Gedye 1
07/05/1935 Ethiopia Asks U.S. To Persuade Italy To Keep Peace Pact-Washington Awaits Note 1
07/05/1935 Our Tie With Britain Is Hailed By (Sir Josiah) Stamp 2
07/05/1935 Trade Pact Pushed By France And U.S. 3
07/05/1935 British Ask French To Help Calm Italy-Blockade Held Perilous 6
07/05/1935 Reich May Punish In Absence Of Law 6
07/05/1935 Italy Is Preparing For Blockade Step 6
07/05/1935 Britain Bars Export Of Arms To Ethiopia 6
07/05/1935 Japan In Warning On Chinese Insult 7
07/05/1935 (Polish Foreign Minister, Col. Josef) Beck Concludes Talks In Berlin-No Commitments Made 7
07/05/1935 Lloyd George Pushes Anti-Submarine Fight 7
07/05/1935 Plattsburg Camp Forms (‘Citizens Military Training Camp’) Regiment 11
07/06/1935 Japan And Soviet Agree On Board To Settle Grave Boundary Issues 1
07/06/1935 President (Roosevelt) Rejects Ethiopia’s Appeal For Peace Effort (From Him)-He Voices Hope Of Accord-French Rebuff Britain 1
07/06/1935 Objector To New Reich Army Service Jailed; (Protestant) Deacon Would Not Wear Swastika Insignia 1
07/06/1935 Issue Over ‘Insult’ Imperils Nanking-Japanese Army Implies That Double Dealing By Dictator Chiang (Kai-Shek) Is Root Of Ills 4
07/06/1935 Poland Sees Gain In Berlin Parleys 4
07/06/1935 Soviet Orders 16 Planes Of Maxim Gorky Type 4
07/06/1935 Secret Truce Terms (With Japan) Are Denied By China 4
07/06/1935 Paris Bars Pledge To Back Up Britain-Rome Breathes Easier 5
07/06/1935 Austria Speeding Bill On Hapsburgs-Little Entente Adamant-G.E.R. Gedye 5
07/06/1935 (Heidelberg) Students Punished For Insulting Hitler 5
07/06/1935 Rights Of Accused Reduced In Reich 5
07/06/1935 91 German Doctors Here For Brief Tour (Picture) 5
07/06/1935 World Youth Drive Sought To End War 15
07/07/1935 U.S. Advises Its Citizens To Begin Leaving Ethiopia; 125 There, 113 In Missions-Indicates Fear Of War 1
07/07/1935 Mussolini Asserts People Back Army 6
07/07/1935 (Church) Tells Missioners To Stay In Ethiopia 6
07/07/1935 British Again Seek Support Of France 6
07/07/1935 Mongolians Fear Japanese Invasion 7
07/07/1935 50,000 Japanese Test Air Defenses 7
07/07/1935 Heidelberg (Teaching) Corps Assailed By Nazis 8
07/07/1935 Nazis Tell Powers Their Naval Plans 8
07/07/1935 300,000 Veterans At Rally In Reich 8
07/07/1935 France Reduces Army 8
07/07/1935 Rosenberg Reads Nazi Foe’s Attack-Raps Heathen Doctrines 9
07/07/1935 Late (Berlin) Bishop’s Post Filled (By Konrad Von Preysing) 9
07/07/1935 New Deal’s Pacts For (International) Trade Praised (At The University Of Virginia’s Institute Of Public Affairs) 17
07/07/1935 Ethiopian War Cloud Darkens All Europe E-4
07/07/1935 Britain Harassed On African Policy E-4
07/07/1935 Italian War Spirit Increased By Eden E-4
07/07/1935 Geneva Is Gloomy On Ethiopian Issue-Clarence K. Streit E-4
07/07/1935 No Clash In France Expected Just Yet (Picture, Col. De La Rocque, Leader Of Croix De Feu) E-4
07/07/1935 Soviet For Peace, Prepares For War-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
07/07/1935 Picture: Soldiers Of ‘The Lion Of Judah’ E-4
07/07/1935 German Women Accept New Role-Gain In Respect Is Claimed E-5
07/07/1935 Nazi Extremists Checked E-5
07/07/1935 Picture: Line-Up In The Arbeitsdienst E-5
07/07/1935 Japan Indifferent To Filipino Plans E-5
07/07/1935 Influence Of U.S. Aided Chaco Peace-Hull’s Views Often Cited E-7
07/07/1935 Picture: Col. Frank Knox, Possible Republican Presidential Candidate) E-7
07/07/1935 Ickes, Harold L., Back To Work: The Story Of Pwa, The Macmillan Co., N.Y Book 1
07/08/1935 Britain Expected To Drop Her Effort To Curb Italy; Rift With France Deepens-French Face A Dilemma 1
07/08/1935 American Clergy To Pray For Peace In Africa; Plan Appeal For Washington To Aid Ethiopia 1
07/08/1935 Federal Funds To Permit Jobless Aliens To Return Home (To Aid Unemployment In U.S.) Urged In (N.Y.) Relief Report 2
07/08/1935 German Army Fails To Show Equipment 6
07/08/1935 New Social Order Held Nation’s Need 6
07/08/1935 France In Dilemma On Ethiopian Issue 8
07/08/1935 Our (Refusal) Note On Africa A Blow To Geneva-Motives Are Criticized-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
07/08/1935 War By September Predicted In Rome 8
07/08/1935 U.S. Neutrality Assailed 8
07/08/1935 Reich Press Cautious On Italy’s Adventure 8
07/08/1935 (U.S. Ethiopian) Mission Not To Evacuate 8
07/08/1935 (Anglo-German) Naval Pact Makes Scandanavians Arm-Balance In Baltic Upset 9
07/08/1935 (Plattsburg Citizens Military Training Camp) Warned On Next War 9
07/08/1935 Reich Not Excited By Hapsburg Issue 10
07/08/1935 Catholics Warned To Obey Reich’s Laws 10
07/08/1935 Soviet Vice Premier Scores Japan’s ‘Plot’ 10
07/08/1935 Danzig Frees Officials 10
07/08/1935 ‘Permanent’ (U.S.) Link To Britain Hailed (By British Rev. Albert D. Belden)-A Tie To ‘Save The World’ 13
07/08/1935 Franc’s Attackers Will Be Punished 23
07/08/1935 German Recovery Seen Losing Pace 23
07/08/1935 Employment Peak Buoys The British 23
07/09/1935 Germany Building Two (26,000-Ton) Battleships (Two 10,000-Ton Cruisers) And 28 Submarines-Plane Carrier Planned 1
07/09/1935 Bankers Fear War Will Strain Italy-Clarence K. Streit, Basel 1
07/09/1935 Morgenthau Asks New Taxes As Step In Reducing Debt 1
07/09/1935 (Louisiana Senator Huey P.) Long Says Roosevelt Is ‘A Liar And A Faker’ And ‘Just Getting As Smart As I Was’ At 14 2
07/09/1935 Paris Fears Clash Of Left And Right 5
07/09/1935 Roosevelt Urged To Caution (Cardenas) Mexico 6
07/09/1935 Soviet Champions Women Employees 7
07/09/1935 Ethiopian Slavery Is Commons Issue 8
07/09/1935 Il Duce Confident None Can Halt Him-Has No Fear For Austria 8
07/09/1935 Ethiopian (Conciliation) Parley (In Holland) Likely To Break Up 8
07/09/1935 British Unemployed Fewest In Five Years 9
07/09/1935 Tokyo Army Seeks Wider Authority 12
07/09/1935 Mongolia Pacific In Reply To Japan-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
07/09/1935 Reich May Back France 12
07/10/1935 African War Sure As Frontier Issue Ends Conciliation 1
07/10/1935 200 Chinese Riot In Court Against Japan As Editor Is Jailed For Insult To (Japanese) Emperor 1
07/10/1935 A. F. Of L. Warned On Bar To Negroes-Immediate Action Urged 9
07/10/1935 Clothiers Exceed (German-) Jewish Aid (Dollar) Quota 11
07/10/1935 Red Cross Urges Ethiopia To Join It-Fears A Barbaric War-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 14
07/10/1935 Britain Unlikely To Bar Arms Sales To Ethiopia 14
07/11/1935 Italy Said (In London) To Ask Part Of Ethiopia As Price Of Peace-Ethiopia Turns To League 1
07/11/1935 Italy Lists New Affronts To Nationals In Ethiopia 1
07/11/1935 Austria Wipes Out All Anti-Hapsburg Laws; Opens Way For Restoration Of The Empire-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
07/11/1935 Navy Considering New (Dreadnought (Plus Others)-’Competition’ Is Denied 5
07/11/1935 Russians Threaten Japan On Mongolia 10
07/11/1935 Germany To Punish Sterilization-Educator Is Arrested 11
07/11/1935 Finland Rebuffed In Protest To Soviet-Refuses Information On Alleged Deportation Of Finnish-Born Farmers 11
07/11/1935 Ethiopia Demands Action By League-Condemns Curbs On Arms 12
07/11/1935 Japan Is Shunning Dispute In Africa 12
07/11/1935 War Council Held At Il Duce’s Call-Ethiopia Stand Assailed 13
07/11/1935 Mussolini Is Said To Plan (Ethiopian) Rebellion 13
07/11/1935 Italy Held Aiming At Full Conquest (London Report) 13
07/11/1935 League Is Unlikely To Hasten Action-Journal Reproaches U.S.-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 14
07/11/1935 Framing U.S. Neutrality 14
07/11/1935 Year Fails To Cut Jobless In World-Reich Reports Big Reduction 15
07/11/1935 New Deal Hailed In (Virginia) Institute (Of Public Affairs) Talks-’Money Meddling’ Hit 16
07/12/1935 Hull Joins With Powers Combatting War In Africa; Tells Italy Of Concern 1
07/12/1935 Portrait Of King George (V) Given To Roosevelt 1
07/12/1935 War Unjustified Hoare Tells Italy-Asks Support For League 1
07/12/1935 Peace Body (National Peace Conference) Backs Hull On Ethiopia 2
07/12/1935 League Clarifies Impasse On Africa-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 2
07/12/1935 Italians Relieved By Hoare’s Speech 2
07/12/1935 Britain Still Studies Ethiopian Arms Plea 2
07/12/1935 U.S.-Japanese Amity Urged (In Tokyo) To Aid Peace 10
07/12/1935 Ban On Jews (In Germany) Increased 11
07/12/1935 Germany’s (Economic) Revival Real (Rev. John Haynes) Holmes Says-Germany On Feet Again-Church Fight Hopeless 17
07/12/1935 Nazi Curbs Eased On Jewish Doctors-Russian Status Better 17
07/13/1935 Hull Backs Kellogg Pact As Basis For Our Policy; Reminder To Italy Seen 1
07/13/1935 (Col. Dreyfus Dies In His Paris Home-Cleared In 1906 (Pictures, P. 5) 1
07/13/1935 Japan Has Trade Interest In Ethiopia, Envoy Says 1
07/13/1935 Dreyfus A Victim Of An Army Plot 4
07/13/1935 Italians Welcome Britain’s Retreat 6
07/13/1935 12 American Fliers Ready To Aid Ethiopia: Julian, Harlem ‘Eagle,’ Enlists For Service 6
07/13/1935 Reich Is Tolerant Of (Sir Samuel) Hoare’s Speech 6
07/13/1935 Italians Reported Molested In Ethiopia 6
07/13/1935 Russian Recognition Granted By Belgium 6
07/14/1935 Haile Sellassi I. Rejects Idea Of An Italian Sphere 1
07/14/1935 U.S. And Soviet Make Deal For Reciprocity In Trade; To Spend $30,000,000 Here 1
07/14/1935 Soviet Railways Require $200,000,000 Outlay 1
07/14/1935 Coup By Heimwehr Looms In Austria As Chancellor (Kurt Schuschnigg) Is Injured In Auto Crash 1
07/14/1935 Italy Makes Threat To Quit The League 3
07/14/1935 Briton (Zionist Jew, Sir Herbert Samuel) Warns Italy On Reaction To War 3
07/14/1935 King George (V) Views Crack Army Troops-Frederick T. Birchall, Aldershot 5
07/14/1935 Germans See Fall Of Soviet Purchases (U.S.-Russian Trade Pact) 7
07/14/1935 Belgians See Gains In Soviet Recognition 7
07/14/1935 (Richard) Strauss Resigns From Reich Post (Jewish Librettist, Stefan Zweig, Given As Cause) 11
07/14/1935 Clash On New Deal Winds Up (Virginia’s Ninth) Institute (On Public Affairs) 21
07/14/1935 Poland To Abolish Dictatorial Regime 21
07/14/1935 Germans Striving To Improve Steel-Arms Link Is Seen 21
07/14/1935 Two More Killed In Belfast (Ireland) Rioting 23
07/14/1935 Alien Bill Author Hits Mac Cormack N-2
07/14/1935 Garden Devotees Back From Japan N-6
07/14/1935 Ethiopia Princess Sees A World War-Cousin Of The Emperor N-7
07/14/1935 Reich Mark Deals Will Be Outlawed (In Latin America) F-9
07/14/1935 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
07/14/1935 We Remind Powers Of Anti-War Powers-Forms Basis Of Our Policy E-3
07/14/1935 Despite Rumors, The President (Roosevelt) Keeps Fit E-3
07/14/1935 Baldwin Acts Warily With Election Coming-Frederick T. Birchall E-4
07/14/1935 Reich Grows Cool To Austrian Union (Picture, Empress Zeta) E-4
07/14/1935 Neutrals See Need To Protect League-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
07/14/1935 British Must Make Decision On China E-6
07/14/1935 Experts Help Lift Japan From Slump E-6
07/14/1935 Harlem Ponders Ethiopia’s Fate E-10
07/14/1935 Hull Reemphasizes Our Foreign Policy E-11
07/14/1935 Distribution Of Major Naval Forces-And Britain’s Problem (Picture ‘Deutschland,’ German Pocket Battleship) E-11
07/14/1935 Lorant, Stefan, I Was Hitler’s Prisoner: A Diary, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y Book 5
07/14/1935 Europe Gropes For A Course-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome Mag. 1
07/14/1935 Moscow Soft-Pedals ‘World Revolt’ Mag. 6
07/14/1935 A Muzzled Press Serves The Nazi State Mag. 8
07/14/1935 Six Russian Women (Parachute Jumpers) Roto.
07/15/1935 Mussolini Faces Ruin If He Yields In African Dispute 1
07/15/1935 Nazis Told Hitler Points Way To God-Bishop Defies His Foes 4
07/15/1935 Germans Abandon ‘Battle Of Fats’ 4
07/15/1935 Reich Still Firm For Hitler Pacts 4
07/15/1935 Soviet Welcomes U.S. Trade Accord-Big Rail Sales Doubted-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
07/15/1935 3 Powers Confer On Africa Dispute 7
07/15/1935 Harlemites Rally To Ethiopia’s Aid 7
07/15/1935 German Army’s Rise Inspected By Hitler 7
07/15/1935 Picture: 16th Infantry Recruits Advancing Through Gas At Governor’s Island 7
07/15/1935 (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Talk On Africa War Peril 7
07/15/1935 Boycott Of Italy Urged (By Rev. Dr. Christian F. Reisner, Methodist) 7
07/15/1935 (General Douglas Macarthur, Before Rainbow Division Veterans) Assails Pacifist Pleas 9
07/15/1935 Army Seeks Funds To Make War Maps-War Department Asks $2,000,000 18
07/15/1935 Relief Families Held Well Off Physically 18
07/15/1935 Bar Groups Assails (Bruno Richard) Hauptmann (‘Show’) Trial (For Kidnapping Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.) 19
07/15/1935 Vienna Not Eager To Greet (Richard) Strauss-’Slights’ Recalled 20
07/15/1935 Dr. (Robert) Spier.(Presbyterian) Pleads For Collectivism-Communist Ideal Traced 21
07/15/1935 Return Of Gold To France Is Slow 25
07/15/1935 U.S. Silver Buying Steading Market 25
07/16/1935 Jews Are Beaten By Berlin Rioters; Cafes Are Raided-200 Nazis (Un-Uniformed ‘Rowdies’) Sweep Down On Berlin’s ‘White Way’ (Kurfuerstendamm) Driving Bleeding Men Along Street-Passing Cars Searched-Anti-Semitic Editorials Blamed-Police Put Jews Under ‘Protective Arrest’ 1
07/15/1935 Italy Has 245,000 Ready To Initiate War In September 1
07/15/1935 James Roosevelt Asks New Deal Aid 2
07/15/1935 Texans Still Fight Elliott Roosevelt (As Executive Vice President In Texas Young Democrats) 2
07/15/1935 Hapsburg Return Held Intolerable (By Official Czech Press)-Danger Of War Stressed 4
07/15/1935 Britain’s Support Shifting To Italy-Many Offer Ethiopian Aid 5
07/15/1935 Roosevelt Urged (By Committee For Ethiopia) To Act For Peace 5
07/15/1935 Picture: Ethiopians March Out To Defend Their Country 5
07/15/1935 Eunuchs To Aid Ethiopia 5
07/15/1935 Reich Jails French Monk (For Currency Smuggling) 5
07/15/1935 George V Reviews Huge Fleet Today-160 Vessels Are In Line 6
07/15/1935 U.S. Amity Stressed To South Americas (By Spruille Braden) 6
07/15/1935 Lloyd George (‘New Deal’) Plan Spurned In Britain 6
07/15/1935 Navy May Receive Virgin Isles’ Rule 7
07/15/1935 Hitler Welcomes British Veterans 7
07/15/1935 (U.S.) Exterminators Strike (450 Men, Exterminators And Fumigators Union, Local 155) 20
07/15/1935 Morgenthau Gives Credit Assurance 25
07/16/1935 French Budget Cut 10 Billion Francs 25
07/16/1935 Manganese Key To U.S.-Soviet (Trade) Pact 36
07/16/1935 2 Negroes Lynched By Mississippi Mob 40
07/17/1935 Reaction To Riots Alarms Germans; Beating Continues-Storm Troopers Ordered To Wear Uniforms As Regime Blames ‘Agents Provacateurs’-More Jews Are Assailed-Vatican Sends Protest 1
07/16/1935 Japan’s Army Abandons Politics; Moderates Victorious On Policy 1
07/16/1935 Ethiopia Is Ready To Summon Army-Italy To Use 600 Planes 1
07/16/1935 242 In House Ask Inquiry On Mexico 1
07/16/1935 Texas Group Backs Elliott Roosevelt 2
07/16/1935 Editor (Varian Fry, ‘The Living Age’) Describes Rioting In Berlin-Nazis Chanted Of Hatred-Made Systematic Search Of Autos 4
07/16/1935 Punished For Hitler Slur-Six Heidelberg Students Said To Be In Concentration Camp 4
07/16/1935 Midshipman (E. W. Wood, Jr., Uss Wyoming) Tells Of Fight In Berlin-Says Man (?) Who Felled Woman In Riots Challenged Him 4
07/16/1935 Riots Break Out Again In Belfast-Many Severely Injured-Homes Of Many Catholics Are Destroyed By Mob After Cortege Is Fired On 6
07/16/1935 More China Rights Revealed By Japan-Spokesman Says Truce In 1933 Gave (Japan) Air, Rail, Telegraph And Radio Privileges-Nationalists For Amity-Japanese To Start Airline 7
07/16/1935 Sees Financial Aid For Italy Abroad-Assails Our ‘Solicitude’ 7
07/16/1935 Drastic Economies Decreed In France-Government Pay Is Cut-Payment On Rents Reduced, Prices And Rent Lowered-No Devaluing, Laval Says 8
07/16/1935 Troop Movement (At Camp Dix) Experiment Today-34-Mile Pace To Be Set 9
07/17/1935 Boom In Building In 1936 Held Likely (Dr. F. A. Pearson, Cornell, Roosevelt Advisor) 9
07/17/1935 (Senator Robinson) Denounces (Senator) Schall As Roosevelt Foe 12
07/17/1935 (Illinois Senator Lewis) Wants British To Pay Her (War) Debt With Isles (Off U.S. Shores) 15
07/17/1935 (Columbia University, Teachers’ College) Educators Uphold Bulk (Number) In Teachers 21
07/17/1935 World Scout Chief (Lord R. S.S. Baden-Powell) Hails Gains In U.S. 21
07/17/1935 Reich’s June Trade Balances Exactly 28
07/17/1935 Trade With China Urged By Forbes-Would Send Her Capital 28
07/18/1935 League Prepares To Meet This Month On Ethiopia; Emperor Suggests Deal-Ready To Give Territory In Exchange For Outlet On Red Sea 1
07/18/1935 League Is Urged To Aid Refugees-James G. Mc Donald’s Report (League High Commissioner For Refugees Coming From Germany, Later Head Of President’s Commission On Refugees) Says 80,500 Fled After Nazis Obtained Power-65,000 Have Been Placed-15,000 In Precarious Situation 1&8
07/18/1935 Nazis Tighten Law On Sterilization; Answer Catholics-Drive On Jews Is Pushed 1
07/18/1935 Ethiopian Lions To Fight Italians, Istanbul Hears 1
07/18/1935 Italians Capture Non-Stop Sea Plane Mark By 3,086-Mile Flight To British Somaliland 1
07/18/1935 ‘Motorized’ March Is Made By Army-224 Men In 24 Trucks 3
07/18/1935 London Sees Hope Of Averting War-Rome Outlay Stressed-Frederick T. Birchall, London 4
07/18/1935 African Heat Said To Kill 10 Italian Soldiers Daily 4
07/18/1935 Ethiopian Ruler Ready To Trade Territory For A Port On Red Sea-G. L. Steer, Addis Ababa 4
07/18/1935 Britain Shifts Her Troops 4
07/18/1935 (Joseph C. Green, State Dept.) Urges (U.S. Gov’t) Licensing Of Arms Exports-Accuses Munitions Firms 4
07/18/1935 (‘Princess’) Denies (Blood) Relationship To Haile Selassi 4
07/18/1935 Mussolini Fails In Wooing (British-Controlled) Arabs 5
07/18/1935 U.S. Is Urged (By National Peace Conference) To Act In Ethiopian Dispute 5
07/18/1935 France Launches Light (7,600-Ton) Cruiser (‘Marseille’) 5
07/18/1935 King George (V) Sees Fleet ‘Do Battle’ 6
07/18/1935 Courage Of Laval On Budget (Cuts) Hailed (In Paris)-Later Fights Expected 6
07/18/1935 Fighting Spreads In Ulster (Ireland) Capital 6
07/18/1935 Mexico To Create Big Reserve Army 7
07/18/1935 Big Province (Sinkiang) Of China Is In Hands Of A Soviet 7
07/18/1935 Aid To Reich In Air Is Laid To British-Documents Are Barred-But Sir William Jowett (Att’y. General-Signed Pre-Nuernberg Trial Protocols For England In London!) Cites Figures On Increase In Arms Sent To Nations Fighting 7
07/18/1935 Priest Held In Mexico 8
07/18/1935 No War Recruiting Here (In U.S.-May Lose Citizenship) 11
07/18/1935 Hull Gets Protest On Red ‘Propaganda’ 17
07/18/1935 Roosevelt Is Firm On Trade Program-He Says Reciprocal Agreement With Russia Will Mean More Business 27
07/18/1935 Public Debt ($29,177,786,318) Highest In Nation’s History 27
07/19/1935 Emperor Exhorts Ethiopia To Fight ‘To The Last Man’-Pledges His Own Blood-U.S. Backs Peace Efforts 1
07/19/1935 Reich Strikes At Catholics; Rules Attacks By Priests Are Assaults On Nazi State-Goering Edict Is Stern (Text, Pp. 1 & 2) 1
07/19/1935 Anti-Jewish Riots Renewed In City-(Anti-Jewish) Boycott Pushed In City 2
07/19/1935 Comintern Seeks Aid For Red Army-Task Of Congress Will Be To Enlist World Proletariat As Allies In Event Of War-Civil War Would Be Aim-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
07/19/1935 Business Worried By Paris (Laval) Decrees 2
07/19/1935 New Gains Shown In Britain’s Trade 2
07/19/1935 Belfast Mayor Asks End Of Fatal (7 Dead!) Riots 2
07/19/1935 (Rev.) J. H. Holmes Defends Views On Nazi Gain-Telling Of Hitler’s Success 2
07/19/1935 Nazi Secret Police Arrest An American (M. C. Harbeck, Editor Of [Jehovah’s Witnesses] Bible Students’ Magazine, ‘Golden Age’-On Currency Violations) 2
07/19/1935 Desire For Peace Reasserted By U.S.-More Details Revealed 3
07/19/1935 Italians Admonish League On Haste 3
07/19/1935 Army Goods Buyer (Joseph Silverman) Expended Big Sums (First Of Many Articles) 3
07/19/1935 Flier Urges Aviators To Shun African War 3
07/19/1935 Ethiopia Accepts Red Cross Treaty-Formal Adherence Is Expected Soon 3
07/19/1935 Picture: Haile Selassi 3
07/19/1935 Japan Bars Backing Italians In Dispute 3
07/19/1935 Britain Not To Back Italy 3
07/19/1935 Soviet Flight Will Begin In Strict Secrecy; Plane May Start For San Francisco Today 4
07/19/1935 Picture; Army’s New Mystery Bombing Plane (Boeing B-17) In Seattle 5
07/19/1935 Roosevelt Greets Disabled Veterans 8
07/20/1935 Anti-Semite Police Chief (Count Wolf Von Helldorf, Picture, P. 4) Named To ‘Purge’ Berlin Of Jews And Communists-New Attacks In Street Occur-Churchmen Await Arrest 1
07/19/1935 Paris Arrests 1,000 At Demonstration Against Pay Cuts-Police Heavily Armed 1
07/20/1935 Ethiopians Rally To Defend Nation-Impressive Unity Shown 1
07/20/1935 Danzig Shake-Up Is Seen As Discontent Is General 1
07/20/1935 Roosevelt Jokes At Press Parley-Off On A Week-End Cruise 3
07/20/1935 British Aid Asked In Distress Areas-Unemployment Is 34.5% 3
07/20/1935 London Is Fearful Of Events In Reich-Worried By Many Items 4
07/20/1935 London Is Disturbed By Belfast Rioting 4
07/20/1935 Japan Mobilizes Fleet For Test 5
07/20/1935 Picture: Newly Appointed Ethiopian Consul General, John H. Shaw 5
07/20/1935 Foreign (200 Teachers, Students And ‘Sociologically Minded Travelers’) Balked In Moscow-’Pledge’ To U.S. Alleged 5
07/20/1935 Ethiopian Official Stresses Patriotism 5
07/20/1935 Soviet Seeks Credits For Vast Trade Here 5
07/20/1935 Soviet Orders 7 Ships 5
07/20/1935 British Party Scores ‘Alarmist’ Air Plan 5
07/20/1935 Ethiopia Thanks (Presbyterian) Church (For Sympathy) 5
07/20/1935 Russia Is Doubtful Of Finns Neutrality 13
07/20/1935 69 German Teachers Here For 6-Day Visit 13
07/20/1935 New Deal Attack Stirs Mayor’s (La Guardia’s) Ire-No Time To Stab President (Roosevelt) In The Back 14
07/20/1935 Cuban Trade Pact Brings Gain To U.S.-Machinery Sales High 17
07/20/1935 Italians Purchase Three More Ships 27
07/21/1935 Priests Who Assail Nazi ‘Purge’ Today Will Be Arrested-Vatican Protests Anew 1
07/21/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Still Hopes To Check Italians 1
07/21/1935 Arabian Troops Seize Chamberlain’s Son; British Soldiers Accidentally Cross (Trans-Jordan-Saudi Arabian) Border 1
07/21/1935 Ethiopia Refuses To Submit To Italy-Decries Refusals To Aid 5
07/21/1935 British Still Work For Peace In Africa 5
07/21/1935 Mussolini Assailed (By National Council Of The American Youth Congress) Here 5
07/21/1935 Nazi Youths Ruin (Confessional Protestant) Chapel In A Raid-Members Asked Redress 6
07/21/1935 Senators Deplore Nazi Intolerance 6
07/21/1935 Jews (American Jewish Congress [Organized And Headed By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] And Jewish Labor Committee ] Headed By B. Charney Vladeck]) To Plan Curb On German Attack 6
07/21/1935 Germany To Deport American (H. C. Harbeck, Watchtower Bible Society ] Jehovah’s Witnesses]) 6
07/21/1935 Reich Announces Decree-Text Of Official Statement On Prosecution Of (‘Political’) Catholics 7
07/21/1935 Poland Rejects Danzig Guilders-Orders Duties On Goods Sent From Territory To Be Paid In Zlotys Only-Currency Curbs Fought 8
07/21/1935 Congleton Protest On Beer At Nazi Camp Unheeded As Kinnelon Defends Waldfest 8
07/21/1935 Italian Complaints Rejected By Japan 8
07/21/1935 Japan Sends Soviet Sharp Reply To Note 8
07/21/1935 Soviet Cooperatives Get Property Back 8
07/21/1935 Paris Frees Most Of 1,500 Arrested-18 Found To Be Aliens 9
07/21/1935 (Jewish) ‘Ritual Murders’ Denied (In Shanghai Report-Attributed To German Woman) 10
07/21/1935 Canadian Surtax Is Reply To Japan-New 33 1/3% Levy Ordered 12
07/21/1935 Croat Flag Flies Over Zagreb Again-Serbs Forced To Join In 12
07/21/1935 Grain Thieves To Die In Russia 12
07/21/1935 Brazil Still Delays U.S. Trade Treaty 12
07/21/1935 Pirandello (Italian Playwrite) Backs War With Ethiopia-Calls For Our Sympathy 21
07/21/1935 (Upton) Sinclair And (Hamilton) Fish Attack New Deal N-1
07/21/1935 Dreyfus Unaware To End He Had Been Victim Of (French Army) Plot-Likened To Nazi Movement In Reich (Apparently By The Author, Walter Littlefield) N-1
07/21/1935 New Drive To Aid (German) Jews (By The ‘Committee Of One Hundred,’ Chairman Nathan Straus-Supported By United Jewish Appeal-Want $1,250,000) N-5
07/21/1935 Enemies Of Drefus Left A Trail Of Forgeries, Perjuries And Murders (Picture) N-6&7
07/21/1935 ‘Educating’ Critics Of (U.S.) Trade Treaties F-9
07/21/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-Nazi Turmoil (Picture: Cardinal Faulhaber [Munich]) E-1
07/21/1935 Nazi Reich In Throes Of New ‘Purification’-Edwin L. James E-3
07/21/1935 Glory And Spoils Urge Ill Duce Toward War-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-3
07/21/1935 Nazis’ Blows Strike Catholics And Jews E-4
07/21/1935 Sectarian Hatred Intense In Belfast E-4
07/21/1935 (2 British) Anti-German Cartoons: ‘A New Bride For Frankenstein’ & ‘Uphill Work’ (British Peace Efforts) E-4
07/21/1935 U.S. Soviet Pact Aids Both Nations-Confidence Is Bolstered-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
07/21/1935 Laval Makes Gain In Reducing Costs-Budget Still A Problem E-4
07/21/1935 Finland Striving To Stay Neutral E-4
07/21/1935 Hapsburgs’ Foes Still Ban Return-Benes’s (Czechoslovakia) View Unchanged-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
07/21/1935 British Foreign Policy (Sympathetically) Analyzed-Harold Callender E-5
07/21/1935 Ethiopia Receives Turks’ Sympathy E-5
07/21/1935 Swabian Germans Uphold Swastika E-5
07/21/1935 Anti-New Deal Cartoon: ‘Stunting’ E-6
07/21/1935 Foreign Enlisting Forbidden In U.S.-Yet Those Who Seek To Join Other Forces May Do So If They Go Abroad E-7
07/21/1935 Dr. Sze (Pro Chiang Kai-Shek) Foresees A Stronger China-Patience With Factions E-11
07/21/1935 Canada And U.S. Are Drawing Closer E-11
07/21/1935 Cuba Buys More U.S. Goods (With Loaned U.S. $?) E-11
07/21/1935 Ethiopia Girds For A Hard War Mag. 1
07/21/1935 The Nations Appraise Their Men-Of-War Mag. 8
07/21/1935 Re-Armed Germany; First Photographs Of Hitler’s Secret Tank Corps Roto.
07/22/1935 Catholic Priests Silent On Nazi-Church Dispute, Except In South Germany-Jews Under New Curbs 1
07/22/1935 $10,000,000 Agency (‘Refugee Economic Corporation’) Will Aid Refugees-Company To Make German Fugitives Self-Supporting Announced By (Felix M.) Warburg-To Offer Stock To Public 1
07/22/1935 Britain Gave Italy Rights Under Secret Pact In 1891 To Rule Most Of Ethiopia (Map, P. 9)-Protocol Still In Effect-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
07/22/1935 Negro Graduates Called On To Lead (At Presbyterian Church) 2
07/22/1935 1,000 Nazis Attend Waldfest In Jersey 3
07/22/1935 Anti-Semitism Laid To Reich Depression (Balfour Declaration Not Mentioned-By London Jewish Board Of Deputies) 4
07/22/1935 Lloyd George (‘New Deal’) Plan Held Impractical 5
07/22/1935 Soviet-U.S. Flight Is Set For Today-Fliers To Study Ice Cap (Not War-Time Supply Route From U.S.?)-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
07/22/1935 Army Planes Begin Tests In 5 States-Attack Squadrons Used 6
07/22/1935 Chinese Aviators Halted At Border 6
07/22/1935 Canadian Is Jailed For Slur In Austria 7
07/22/1935 British Hold War In Africa Is Certain-Frederick T. Birchall, London 8
07/22/1935 Nazi Rift Obvious Over Police Head 8
07/22/1935 Religious Bodies Unite In Ethiopia 8
07/22/1935 British Approve Laval (Economic) Program 21
07/22/1935 Reich Finds French Still Undertaxed 21
07/23/1935 New Nazi Drive On ‘Reactionaries’ Spread To Nation-More Jews Are Attacked-Church Activities Curbed-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/23/1935 Terre Haute Put Under Troop Rule In General Strike 1
07/23/1935 Italy’s War Costs Cut Gold Reserve 1
07/23/1935 British End Naval Quotas But Seek To Limit Fleets; Propose A Parley In 1942 1
07/23/1935 Present Naval Ratio To Stand For Two Years, Capital Believes 1
07/23/1935 House Hears Plea (From N.Y. Rep., Emanuel Celler) For Reich Boycott-Asks Action By All Faiths In This Country To ‘Punish Germany’ 5
07/23/1935 New Deal ‘Insane’ (Maryland) Governor Nice Asserts 7
07/23/1935 Riots Over Religion Grow In Free State (Ireland) 7
07/23/1935 Nazis’ Foes Battle With Fists Here (American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] & Jewish Labor Committee [B. Charney Vladek])-Row Over Abraham Cohen (Editor, ‘Jewish Forward’) 8
07/23/1935 Japanese Bullets Hit American (Missionary) Area 11
07/23/1935 British Naval Stand Assailed By (Senator Key) Pittman-They Would Treat (Washington Naval) Pact As ‘Scrap Of Paper’ 11
07/23/1935 Britain Stiffens Attitude On Italy-Frederick T. Birchall, London 13
07/23/1935 Big Army Shake-Up Continues In Japan 13
07/23/1935 Britain Adds Funds For Bigger Air Force 13
07/23/1935 Greeks Boycotting Ships Bearing Arms To Africa 13
07/23/1935 Ethiopia Seeks Peace 13
07/23/1935 Soviet Still Hides Mystery (Trans-Polar) Plane-Harold Denny, Moscow 21
07/24/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Puts Curb On Germans Here-He Bars Special City Trade Licenses For Them Despite U.S.-Reich Treaty Of 1925-Discrimination Against American Jews Violated The Pact, La Guardia Declares 1
07/23/1935 America Is Hailed At Ethiopian Fete (In Addis Ababa) 1
07/23/1935 Anti-Semites Firmly In Saddle As Persecution Spreads In Reich-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/23/1935 (Samuel) Untermyer (Founder And Head Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights) Predicts Reich Religious War-Urges Catholics And Protestants To Join Boycott Of Nazis 3
07/23/1935 (‘Agrarian’) Rising Forces Out Mexican Governor (Of Tabasco) 6
07/23/1935 (House Military Committee) Agrees To Request More Army Planes 6
07/23/1935 Britain Puts Hope Of Peace In League-Baldwin Affirms Policy 7
07/23/1935 Japan Threatens War Against China-Says That Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Must Be Prepared To Fight Unless He Becomes Friendly To Tokyo 7
07/23/1935 Argentina Amazed At Protest (At Its Restrictions) On Press 7
07/23/1935 British Warned By Roman Press-Mussolini For Colonizing 8
07/23/1935 London Sees Italy Under Bad Strain 8
07/23/1935 Britain Increasing Her Fleet At Malta 8
07/23/1935 Reich Suppresses Catholic Veterans-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
07/23/1935 German Civil Servants Face Anti-Catholic Ban 9
07/23/1935 Japanese Hail End Of The Navy Ratios 10
07/23/1935 Danzig Overrides Polish Tax Decree 10
07/23/1935 (N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein Presses Anti-Nazi Measure (To Bar Use Of Mails To Undesired, ‘Fascist’ Publications) 10
07/23/1935 Germany Is Warned Economy Is Vital 10
07/24/1935 U.S. Studying Plan For Curb On Navies-Building Will Continue 10
07/24/1935 Vatican Reveals Protest To Berlin On Concordat 10
07/24/1935 Spain Bars Meeting For Rebel Amnesty 10
07/24/1935 Cramer A Liberal; Was An Educator (Graduate Work At Columbia University)-Virgin Islands Governor-Catholics Oppose Him 11
07/24/1935 ‘American Hitler’ (Raymond J. Healy) Planned Violence-Also Accused Jews Of Ritual Murders, Decision By Magistrate (Louis B.) Brodsky Says 11
07/24/1935 Vast U.S. Amazes German Tourists 17
07/24/1935 Amos Pinchot (Who Supported Roosevelt In 1932) Foe Of New Deal Now 18
07/25/1935 Roosevelt Desires Congress To Voice U.S. Neutrality-Bars Protracted Debate 1
07/25/1935 Nazis Threaten Foreign Reporters For ‘Lies’ On Anti-Semitic Drive-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/25/1935 Break With Reich Over Persecutions (Of Jews) Urged By Senator (William H. King, Utah) 1
07/25/1935 Japan To Increase Anti-Russian Arms 1
07/25/1935 British Pledge To Us To Balk War-Sanctions Held Likely 1
07/25/1935 Army Goods Buyer (Joseph Silverman) Assailed In Inquiry 6
07/25/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Denounced For German (License) Curb-Nazis And Other Groups Here Indignant-He Stands His Ground-Court Action Is A Possibility 8
07/25/1935 Free Speech Urged By (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd In Berlin-Backs Religious Freedom-Our Envoy Holds Propaganda Is The ‘Error Of Our Time’ Leading To World Discord (Text) 8
07/25/1935 Reich To Free American-But Order M. C. Harbeck (Watchtower Editor, Jehovah’s Witnesses) To Sever All Connections In Germany 8
07/25/1935 Berlin Laughs At (Utah Senator William H.) King-Official Refuses To Take The Senator Seriously 8
07/25/1935 Churches In Fear Of New Nazi Curbs 9
07/25/1935 Austrians Mourn Slain Chancellor (Dollfuss)-Nazis Glorify Slayers 9
07/25/1935 Foreign Critics Give Italy Pause 10
07/25/1935 Another Ship Sold For Rome Troops-Fourth In Three Months 10
07/25/1935 Poles Threaten To Coerce Danzig-Warns Reich On Support 11
07/25/1935 (Dr. Willis N. Huggins, Negro Educator) Asks Negroes To Act To Bar African War 11
07/25/1935 Japan Apologizes To Us 11
07/25/1935 Japanese Assail Italy 11
07/25/1935 (Josephus) Daniels (U.S. Ambassador To Mexico) Praises Aim Of (Roosevelt’s) ‘Good Neighbor’ (Policy) 12
07/25/1935 Teachers Warned Of (N.Y. A.) Youth Program-Threatens Schools With ‘Fascist’ Control 17
07/25/1935 First Plattsburgers (1915 Officers’ Training Camp) Get Reunion Plans 17
07/25/1935 Picture: Harlem Fliers Training For Service In Ethiopia (At Roosevelt Field) 20
07/26/1935 Mussolini Offers Conciliation Plan In Ethiopian Row-Arms Halted By Britain 1
07/26/1935 World’s Reds Cast Low With Liberals To Fight Fascism-Revolution Is Put Aside-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
07/26/1935 Germany Prescribes Axe For Treasurer Of Reds (Max Hoelz) 1
07/26/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Rebuffed On German (License) Curb-State Department Denies It Got Complaint That Reich Violated Trade Pact-Windels Repeats Stand-Overruled Again By La Guardia-Germany Fears License Ban May Set Precedent 1
07/26/1935 Berlin Riots Mar Olympic Planning-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/26/1935 New Move Made For Coal Peace 2
07/26/1935 Reich Press Sees ‘Hostile Act’ (La Guardia Actions On License Ban For German) Here-Fears It As Precedent 8
07/26/1935 Editor (Varian Fry Of ‘The Living Age’) Holds Riots Inspired By Nazis-Says Hanfstaengle Admitted Storm Troopers Not Jews Hissed Him-Insists Police Looked On-American Seized For Blocking Party Propaganda For Removing Anti-Semitic Posters 8
07/26/1935 Nazis Push Drives On All Their Foes-Anti-Semitism Is Pressed 8
07/26/1935 Women Workers Fewer In Germany 8
07/26/1935 Nazi Paper Reproves Attacker Of Jews 8
07/26/1935 (N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein In Clash In House On Reich-Assails Hitler As Madman And (Texas Rep. Thomas L.) Blanton Retorts U.S. Should Mind Its Own Business (Dickstein Clearly Favored In Write-Up) 9
07/26/1935 Vienna Is Defiant In Dollfuss Rites-’Legion’ Honors Killers 9
07/26/1935 (500) Philadelphians Urge Protest To Germany-Seeks Extension Of The Economic Boycott 9
07/26/1935 Mexican Women Demand Churches 10
07/26/1935 Noted Britons Offer Another ‘New Deal’ 10
07/26/1935 New Decrees Slash Expenses Of France 10
07/26/1935 Argentine News Decree (To Control Press) To Stand 10
07/26/1935 (Native) Women Aid Ethiopia 10
07/26/1935 League Receives Italian (Peace) Proposal 11
07/26/1935 Austria Restricts (Hapsburg) Restoration Moves 11
07/26/1935 Helen Gahagan (‘Douglas’) 18
07/26/1935 Bank Of France Shows Gold Loss 27
07/27/1935 Pwa Gives Aliens Special Cut 1
07/27/1935 Berlin Is Nervous As Another Purge Is Believed Near-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/27/1935 Reds Rip (German) Flag Off Bremen, Throw It Into Hudson; 2,000 Battle The Police-Anti-Hitlerites Slip Through Guard At Vessel-Crew Attacks Invaders 1
07/27/1935 League Summoned To Discuss Ethiopia-U.S. Will Remain Aloof-Clarence K. Streit 1
07/27/1935 Police Fell Camera Men Snapping (Bremen) Riot Pictures 1
07/27/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Cites Hull In Retort On Nazis-Quotes 5 Releases Charging Reich Discrimination Against U.S. Bond Holders (Justifying His Refusal To Issue Licenses To Germans) 2
07/27/1935 Vatican Protests New Berlin Curbs 2
07/27/1935 Jews Ask Protest To Germans By U.S.-(Utah Senator William H.) King Seeks Investigation 2
07/27/1935 Picture: The Stars And Stripes Raised In Ethiopia (Aloof?) 2
07/27/1935 British Arms Ban Only Temporary-Heavy Shipments To Ethiopia Likely If League Declares Italy The Aggressor 2
07/27/1935 Ethiopia Has Faith In League’s Effort-Emperor Confident War Will Be Averted-Firm Against Giving Territory To Italy 2
07/27/1935 War Date Is Forecast (Within The First Two Weeks Of September) 2
07/27/1935 (Dr. Franz Metzner, Ass’t. To Wilhelm Frick) Denies Nazis Caused (Kurfuerstendamm Anti-Jewish) Riot (July 16, 1935) 2
07/27/1935 U.S. To Stay Aloof In African Dispute-For Good Neighbor Policy 3
07/27/1935 Danzig Is Defiant Of Polish Decree-Warsaw Is Likely To Act 3
07/27/1935 Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Shuns Issues With Japan-Nanking Is In Confusion-Hallett Abend 3
07/27/1935 Reds Would Back Anti-Fascist War-Policy A Full About-Face-Harold Denny, Moscow 3
07/27/1935 Reds Riot Anew At Police Station (Bremen Riot-Pictures) 5
07/27/1935 (Bremen) Demonstrators Condemn ‘Religious Persecution’ 5
07/27/1935 Col. (Edward Mandell [Mandel] House (Huis), 77, Reveals He Made First Draft Of The Covenant Of The League Of Nations 6
07/27/1935 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Sees Big War After Conflict In Africa 6
07/27/1935 (Prof. A. V. Deforest) Blames The Navy For Macon Crash 13
07/27/1935 German Imports Further Curtailed-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 23
07/28/1935 Berlin Holds La Guardia Has Broken Trade Treaty; Washington Regrets (Bremen) Riot-Avoids Formal Protest-Press Release Calls Upon U.S. To Enforce Observance Of Pact-No Action By Washington-Berlin Rowdies Curbed-Jew-Baiting Is Forbidden By New Chief, But Government Will Ace In ‘Another Way’ 1
07/27/1935 Berlin Is Angered By (Bremen) Ship Riot Here 1
07/27/1935 Ban On Italian Warships In Suez Canal Is Proposed 1
07/27/1935 Mussolini Vague In Note To League; Council On July 31-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
07/27/1935 Nazis Ask World To Combat Jews-American Clergyman (Unitarian, Rev. L. M. Birkhead, Kansas City, Kansas) Learns Streicher’s Plans At Secret Office In Nuremberg (On Way To Russia) 2
07/27/1935 Nazi (Dr. Ernst Hanfstaengle) Denies (Editor Varian) Fry Report (See Entry, July 26, 1935, P. 8) 2
07/27/1935 German Catholic S Expected To Resist (Government) 2
07/27/1935 Franco-Reich Talks Resumed At Paris 2
07/27/1935 Berlin Restricts Anti-Jewish War-More Arrests Are Made-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 3
07/27/1935 Rome Sees League Fettered By Note 5
07/27/1935 World Peace Is Held To Require Aid Of U.S.-British Economists Offer 5-Year Recovery Plan Calling For American Cooperation (Resembling Lloyd George’s ‘New Deal’ Scheme) 5
07/27/1935 U.S. Group Backs Japan For (World) Court 7
07/27/1935 Russia Held Threat To Baltic Nations (Helsingfors, Finland) 10
07/28/1935 ‘Plattsburg 15’ Gathers At Camp N-4
07/28/1935 Church (Disciples Of Christ) Will Urge Peace In Ethiopia N-7
07/28/1935 Institute (Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, National Conference Of Jews And Christians) Will Hear Report On Mexico N-7
07/28/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-The Nazi Drive E-1
07/28/1935 Italy And Japan Find Adventure Is Costly E-3
07/28/1935 The New Nazi Drive: An Economic Diversion E-3
07/28/1935 Picture: Hitler And Streicher Together E-3
07/28/1935 British Plan Likely To Bring Naval Race E-4
07/28/1935 Italy Feels Strain Of Army Expenses E-4
07/28/1935 Vital Issue Faced By League Council-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
07/28/1935 Unity In Ireland A Distant Dream E-4
07/28/1935 France Is Zealous To Protect League E-4
07/28/1935 Soviet Searching For Polar Seaway-New Alrline Is Planned (Not A Wartime Supply Route?)-Harold Denny, Moscow E-5
07/28/1935 Africa’s Lure For Europe (Map: European Colonies In Africa) E-5
07/28/1935 Picture: Professor Felix Frankfurter (Columbia Univ.-Nicholas Murray Butler, Pres.) Gives Council On New Deal Measures E-10
07/28/1935 Constitution Issue Now In The Making E-10
07/28/1935 Dreams Of Old Stir The Hapsburgs Mag. 4
07/28/1935 America’s Influence Wanes In Europe Mag. 8
07/29/1935 Red Penetration In U.S. Revealed; Comintern Still Seeks A Revolution 1
07/29/1935 Reich Unrest Rises With Price Of Food-Arrests Are Nazis’ Reply-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/29/1935 Ethiopians Attack Italians In Darkness Killing Forty; Emperor Replies To League-Italians Demand Rejected-Britain Seeks French Aid (Map, P. 6) 1
07/29/1935 Sweden To Permit Arms To Be Sent To Ethiopia 1
07/29/1935 Huge British Navy By 1942 Reported-12 Battleships In Plan 1
07/29/1935 Nazi Faddists Busy As Higher-Ups Rest-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
07/29/1935 (William) Green (President Of A. F. Of L.) Calls On U.S. To Act To Check Hitler; Urges All Americas To Boycott Germany 4
07/29/1935 Germany Presses War On Catholics-Jews Further Curbed 4
07/29/1935 1,646 Irishmen Refugees (Belfast Report) 4
07/29/1935 Control Of Ethiopia By League Suggested 6
07/29/1935 Regime In Russia And Reich Assailed (By N.Y. C. Pastors) 13
07/29/1935 The ‘Fighting Irish’ Reach Camp Smith 16
07/30/1935 Italy Will Attend Meeting Of League On African Dispute 1
07/30/1935 Reich Curbs Drive On ‘Foes’ Of State To Halt Critics 1
07/30/1935 Mystery Ray ‘Sees’ ‘Enemy’ At 50 Miles (Radar?) 1
07/30/1935 France Will Strengthen Force On German Border 1
07/30/1935 Reds Arouse Idle In U.S., Chief Says-Stresses Youth Control-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
07/30/1935 British Skeptical Of Geneva Results 4
07/30/1935 Italian Soldier Eager To Advance 4
07/30/1935 7 American Fliers Will Help Ethiopia 4
07/30/1935 France To Act For Peace 4
07/30/1935 Ethiopians Form A Red Cross Unit-People Cheer Disciplined Troops 4
07/30/1935 (2,500 Bible School Teachers) Urge Roosevelt To Act (In Ethiopia) 5
07/30/1935 Nazis Face Danger In Economic Field-Exports Still Shrinking 6
07/30/1935 Nazi Foes In City Draw Up Programs-Plans Further Demonstrations At Ships-Police Tactics Assailed 6
07/30/1935 Reich Anger Rises On Ship (Bremen) Riot Here 6
07/30/1935 Germany Sentences Catholic Clergyman-Property Seized 6
07/30/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Stays Firm In German Dispute (Sees Victor Ridder, Editor,-New Yorker Staats Zeitung Und Herold’) 7
07/30/1935 Church Head (Dr. Ivan Lee Holt, President, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Assails Reich For Disorders-Deplore ‘Barbaric Treatment’ Of Jews And Christians 7
07/30/1935 Brazil Orders Warships 7
07/30/1935 Cuban Sugar Raisers To Thank Roosevelt 8
07/30/1935 British Naval Plans Not Revealed To U.S. 8
07/31/1935 Nazis Widen Religious War; U.S. Regrets Persecution; Berlin Protests (Bremen) Riot Here-Anti-Semitism Is Gaining-Jewish Firms Failing-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/31/1935 Strong Berlin Note Scores Flag Insult-Text Is Sent To (Herbert) Lehman 1
07/31/1935 U.S. Sympathizes With Reich Jews-Roosevelt Gives Support 1
07/31/1935 Anglo-French Rift On Africa Is Seen-British For Quick Action 1
07/31/1935 Reds Seek A Vast Strike In U.S.; Plan World Blow At Bourgeoisie 1
07/31/1935 The German Situation 1
07/31/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Is Denounced By 6,000 Germans (In N.Y.)-Ballot Fight Is Urged 2
07/31/1935 Mayor Is Adamant In Curb On Kress (German Denied License) 2
07/31/1935 (N.Y. Rep. Emanuel Celler) Asserts President (Roosevelt) Supports (Anti-German) Protests (In U.S.)-Direct Warning Is Alleged 2
07/31/1935 Polish Girl (Lotte Teichgraeber) The Nazis Beat (For Intimacies With A Jew) Demands High Damages 2
07/31/1935 Gas Attack Horrors (Of World War I) Related For Britons 3
07/31/1935 France, Reich In Accord 3
07/31/1935 Italy Seeks Delay In Geneva Decision-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
07/31/1935 Plight Of Farmers In France Is Serious 4
07/31/1935 (Union Of South Africa-Whites) Rush Aid To Ethiopia 4