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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

June 1935
Date Headline Page
06/01/1935 Many In Congress Oppose Roosevelt 1
06/01/1935 Cabinet Is Formed In Paris On Pledge Of Full Authority-(Pierre) Laval Is In Foreign Post 1
06/01/1935 British Set Parity In Air As Condition Of Pact With Reich-Building Will Be Pushed 1
06/01/1935 Americans Assailed In Flandin’s (Goodbye) Speech 2
06/01/1935 Japan Denies Plan For Invading China 2
06/01/1935 Italians Mobilize 4 More Divisions 2
06/01/1935 Columbians Beat Reich Envoy Badly 4
06/01/1935 U.S. Fleet Sails Homeward Bound 15
06/01/1935 Four (Rutgers Univ. Students) Deny Nazism Tainted (German) Teachings 16
06/01/1935 6 Columbia Ousted Threaten To Sue-Asks Inquiry By (Columbia Univ. President, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 17
06/02/1935 British Get Hold In West Ethiopia-Will Dominate The Lake Tsana Region Under Deal Made By Egypt With Emperor-Americans To Build Dam-Joseph M. Levy 1
06/02/1935 Bouisson Prepares Dictatorial Rule (Of France) 1
06/02/1935 (Pacific) Navy Games Prove Value Of Big (Pearl Harbor) Base 5
06/02/1935 Finland Gets First Of War-Debt Notices-She Is The Only Country Expected To Pay On June 15(Debt List!) 23
06/02/1935 ‘Battle Of Franc’ Is Declared Won 25
06/02/1935 Hitler Sends Reply To British Questions 25
06/02/1935 Reich Threatens To End Church Aid (From State) 32
06/02/1935 Our Envoy (John Cudahy) Denies Poles Favor Reich-Says Foreign Policy Of Warsaw Is Still Based On Alliance With France-Sees No Immediate War 32
06/02/1935 Restrictions Cut German Crime 50%-All Suspects Watched 32
06/02/1935 Eight More Nazis Seized In Vienna 32
06/02/1935 Demands On China Stressed In Tokyo 32
06/02/1935 Reich Police Order American Priest Out (Had Made Charges Of ‘Paganism’ Against German Church) 32
06/02/1935 Brutality In Jails Is Laid To Austria-Herded With Criminals 34
06/02/1935 Berlin Protests New French (-Russian Mutual Aid) Pact-Paris Rejects Argument 34
06/02/1935 ‘Aryan’ Can’t Wed Jew (Pforzheim Decision) 34
06/02/1935 Check On Streicher Reported In Vienna 34
06/02/1935 Mexican (‘Goldenshirts’) Group Opens Anti-Semitic Drive 34
06/02/1935 Reich Angers Finns By Arrest Of Woman (Red Suspect) 34
06/02/1935 Columbia (University, Anti-War Activity) Ousters Laid To ‘Big Money’ N-1
06/02/1935 Paris Battles Again To ‘Save The Franc’ E-3
06/02/1935 Britons Hail Talk Of Unity With U.S.-New Debt Move Possible E-4
06/02/1935 Germany Sees Allies In Balkans E-4
06/02/1935 Chamberlain, William Henry, The Russian Revolution; 1917-1921, Macmillan And Co., N.Y.-’The Heroic And Tragic Drama Of Russia’s Revolution’ Book 3
06/02/1935 Blomberg Builds A New German Army-Emil Lengyel Mag. 7
06/02/1935 Censors In Europe Extend Their Sway Mag. 8
06/03/1935 Swiss Reject ‘New Deal’ Recovery Plan, Staunchly Defending The Gold Standard 1
06/03/1935 Reich Naval Party (Von Ribbentrop, Chief Negotiator) Arrives In London (Picture) 9
06/03/1935 Reich’s Pastors Plead For Clergy In Jails 9
06/03/1935 Heimwehr’s Pledge To Schuschnigg Made 9
06/03/1935 Commons Debate (On German Air Accord) Pleases Germany 9
06/03/1935 350 U.S. Educators To Study In Russia (University Of Moscow-List Of Participants-Columbia University Participating) 12
06/03/1935 Jews Not A Race, Dr. (Cyrus) Adler Asserts-Religion Called Only A Tie 22
06/03/1935 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Urges Rabbis To Look Forward-They Are Warned They Now Face Deeper Grief Than Israel Has Known For 1,000 Years 22
06/04/1935 Ethiopians Attack 2 Italian Outposts; 30 Natives Slain 1
06/04/1935 Britain To Oppose German Naval Bid-Will Declare Desire For 35% Of Her Strength Unreasonable Because Of Limited Coast-Hitler Diplomacy Scores 1
06/04/1935 Austrian Legion Reassembled In Germany; Trucks With Newly Equipped Men Go South 1
06/04/1935 Nazis Aided Marriages With 400,736 Loans 1
06/04/1935 Nine (Pacifists) Ready To Sue In Columbia (University Ouster) Row (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace!) 11
06/04/1935 Part Of German (Commercial) Pact Is Preserved By Hull-All But Most-Favored-Nation Clauses 17
06/04/1935 Prague Wins Release Of Man (Josef Lamperberger) Held By Nazis 18
06/04/1935 Japan’s Civilians Bar Coup In China 18
06/05/1935 New Paris Cabinet Beaten By 2 Votes; Franc Drops Again 1
06/05/1935 Irish Hope Of Peace With Britain Revived By Coming Cabinet Shifts 1
06/05/1935 British See Parity In Reich Naval Bid 4
06/05/1935 Italian Press Asks Force In Ethiopia-Five Troop Ships Sail 5
06/05/1935 Soviet Gets Credit (250,000,000 Crowns) To Buy Czech Arms-Harold Denny, Moscow 5
06/05/1935 Soviet Newspaper (Pravda) Urges End Of Religious Beliefs 5
06/05/1935 All Banks Closed By Danzig Regime 6
06/05/1935 Austria Frees German 6
06/05/1935 Reich Liberates Eighteen Pastors (Confessional Synod)-Battle To Be Carried On 7
06/05/1935 Nazi Secret Police Is Ruled Law Unto Its Self; Actions Are Not Subject To Judicial Review 7
06/05/1935 Reich Bars Editors For Catholic Plea-Nazi Papers Condemn It 7
06/05/1935 (Bernard S.) Deutsch Decries Columbia (University Pacifist) Ousters 15
06/05/1935 Soviets New Films To Shun Propaganda 22
06/06/1935 Reich Stocks Boom On Fears For Mark-Regime Combats Trend-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/06/1935 Paris Riots Flare; Leaders Struggle To Set Up Cabinet 1
06/06/1935 Breslau Cardinal Disavows Appeal-Backs Nazi Officials’ View On Currency Smuggling And Plans Canonical Action-Protestant (Confessional Synod) Clergy Defiant 4
06/06/1935 Reich Honors Two Jews With Life-Saving Medals 4
06/06/1935 ‘Clean Slate’ And Equality For Germany Are Urged By Archbishop Of Canterbury 4
06/06/1935 Italy To Dispatch New Troops Today-British Again Assailed 4
06/06/1935 Terror Silences Emigre (Josef Lampersberger) Freed By German Police 4
06/06/1935 7 Catalan (Spanish) Rebels Get 30-Year Terms 4
06/06/1935 Demands On China Widened By Japan-Insists Chiang (Kai-Shek) Must Act 6
06/06/1935 Bill To Curb Arms (Traffic) Offered In Senate-Licensing Is Provided For 6
06/06/1935 Air Corps Stations Approved By House 7
06/06/1935 Jewish Ban Hinted At (Rutgers University) Nazi Hearings-(German Department Head) Dr. Hauptmann Testifies-Says He Believes In Absolute Academic Freedom-Calls Wilson Slur (Which Someone Alleged He Made) A Lie 13
06/06/1935 Morgenthau Hits Rich Tax Evaders 17
06/06/1935 Columbia (University) ‘Unjust.’ Deutsch Declares-In Letter To (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Asking He Sift Ousters (Of Pacifists) 23
06/06/1935 French 7½% Bonds Decline 7 Points 34
06/07/1935 Baldwin To Be Premier In British Shuffle Today; (Sir Samuel) Hoare For Foreign Office 1
06/07/1935 Japanese Troops March In Tientsin; Army Heads Meet 1
06/07/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Completes Cabinet In France 1
06/07/1935 Dominions Are Freed From British Law (Statue Of Westminster) 1
06/07/1935 Franc Is Steadied With Outside Help-U.S. And British Control Funds Hold Dollar And Pound Rates Firm (See Entry, June 18, 1935, P. 13) 4
06/07/1935 Belgrade Receives Goering In Silence 4
06/07/1935 New Naval Ships Excel In (Pacific) War Game 5
06/07/1935 (Czechoslovakian Foreign Minister, Eduard) Benes To Be Feted On Moscow Visit-Russia To Play Old Role-Harold Denny, Moscow 5
06/07/1935 Reich (Confessional) Synod Says It Must Obey God 6
06/07/1935 Italy Bans Paper Attacking Britain-Foreign Writers Warned 8
06/07/1935 Senate Ratifies Arms Traffic Pact-Senator King Is Only Opponent 8
06/07/1935 (Rutgers University) Nazi Hearing Bars Anti-Jewish Issue 8
06/07/1935 Man Defies Nazis To Pull Down Sign (In N.Y. C.) 8
06/07/1935 1,914 (Civilians) Are Assigned To (Plattsburg & Fort Niagara) Training Corps 9
06/08/1935 Japan Reinforcing Troops In Tientsin 1
06/08/1935 Baldwin In Power; (Sir Samuel) Hoare Is Regarded As Pro-American-Farewell By (Ramsay) Macdonalds 1
06/08/1935 (Premier, Pierre) Laval Gets Emergency Powers; Deputies Uphold Him, 324-160 (He May Now Rule By Decree) 1
06/08/1935 Navy Chief Hails Results Of (Pacific War Game) Tests 2
06/08/1935 Britain Repeats Default On ((War) Debt (To U.S.) 2
06/08/1935 600 In Night Court (N.Y. C.) Hiss Nazi Defense 3
06/08/1935 Italian Charges (Against Abyssinia) ‘Wild,’ Says Eden 4
06/08/1935 Goering Is Seeking Anti-Soviet Bloc 5
06/08/1935 Critics Of Germany And Danzig Seized (In Danzig) 6
06/08/1935 3 States To Send 1,833 To Camp Dix 22
06/09/1935 China Surrenders On Japan’s Terms, Tokyo Is Informed 1
06/09/1935 Mussolini Defies Britain And Likens His Policy To Hers-He Will Settle Scores-London Irked By His Tone 1
06/09/1935 Baldwin Appeals For British Unity 1
06/09/1935 Roosevelt Works Hard At Hyde Park 3
06/09/1935 Jobs Barred To Aliens Held Grave Problem 19
06/09/1935 Hull To Continue War Debts Quest 20
06/09/1935 Social Aim Upheld By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 21
06/09/1935 Nazi Refugees Look To Latin Countries (Brazil & Argentina-League High Commissioner On Refugees From Germany, James G. Mc Donald) 22
06/09/1935 Navy To Request Fast Auxiliaries 27
06/09/1935 Germany Seeking New (Dawes-Young Debt) Moratorium 29
06/09/1935 Nazis’ Interest Mild In Changes Abroad 29
06/09/1935 (Allen W.) Dulles (8th International Studies Conference On Collective Security) Urges Speed In Building For Peace 29
06/09/1935 U.S. Warship At Tangku (Destroyer ‘Stewart’) 29
06/09/1935 Czech Foreign Head (Eduard Benes) Slighted By Poland 29
06/09/1935 Benes Stresses Unity With Soviet-Reply To Reich Planned 30
06/09/1935 Firmness In Policy Expected Of (Sir Samuel) Hoare 30
06/09/1935 Goering Threatens Belgrade Publisher 30
06/09/1935 (Berlin) Curbs Jewish Film Men 30
06/09/1935 Decade Of Unrest In Europe Is Seen-H. G. Wells Foresees War 31
06/09/1935 Brazilians Assail U.S. Trade Treaty-End Of Reich Ban Urged 31
06/09/1935 Britain Will Follow Tory Foreign Policy-Pro-Americanism Is Expected E-3
06/09/1935 Union Labor Maps Our A Militant Program E-3
06/09/1935 Baldwin To Strive For Amity With Us E-4
06/09/1935 Berlin Increases Wide Propaganda-Economic Power Is Used-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-4
06/09/1935 Soviet Heartened By (250,000,000 Kronen = $1,045,000) Loan In Prague-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
06/09/1935 Nazis Check Stock Boom-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-4
06/09/1935 Anti-German Cartoon: ‘The Wooden Horse’ E-4
06/09/1935 War Is Inevitable In Belief Of Italy E-5
06/09/1935 Face-Saving Plan Sought In The East E-5
06/09/1935 America Upsets A Geneva Boycott-U.S. Influence Growing E-5
06/09/1935 President (Roosevelt) And Press; A Unique Forum Mag. 3
06/09/1935 France Still Wracked By The Old (Right-Left) Feud Mag. 5
06/10/1935 China Is Removing Troops And Japan Delays Action; U.S. War-Ships Go To Area-13 Destroyers On Way 1
06/10/1935 (Julius) Striecher Predicts Hitler Will Win Back (Former German) Colonies 1
06/10/1935 Reich’s (Inferior) Army Held Bar To Rash War (By Foreign Policy Association) 5
06/10/1935 New Chief Of Staff Is Named In Poland (By Rydz-Smigly, Pilsudski’s Successor In The Polish Army) 5
06/10/1935 Germans Return Home (To Reich) 6
06/10/1935 Jewish Youth Back Rule By Democracy (Youth Division Of The American Jewish Congress, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 9
06/10/1935 Roosevelt Viewed (By Dr. Charles Francis Potter, First Humanist Society) As Man Of Destiny 13
06/11/1935 China Seen Giving All Real Control In North To Japan 1
06/11/1935 U.S. Sends No Ships To Tientsin Region-No Move Likely In Crisis 5
06/11/1935 Berlin Aims To Ban Paris-Soviet Pact-Insists It Voids Locarno 6
06/11/1935 18 ‘Charges’ Voted Against New Deal 10
06/11/1935 Hull Urges Peace As World Policy 13
06/11/1935 Benes And Litvinoff Stress Security Need 16
06/12/1935 British Get Reich To Limit Its Navy In All Categories-Hitler Comes To Terms-Augur, London 1
06/12/1935 Japanese Prepare 4-Province Regime In Northern China-Soviet Friction Possible 1
06/12/1935 Prince Of Wales (Edward) In Bid To Germany-Berlin Jubilant At News 1
06/12/1935 Rome-Berlin Deal Is Held Unlikely-Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 8
06/12/1935 Italy To Default (On War Debt), Hull Is Notified 8
06/12/1935 (Richard) Strauss To Lose Nazi Music Post (First Of Several Articles) 9
06/12/1935 38 More Germans Lose Citizenship-Thousands Now Banned 9
06/12/1935 Key To Super Race Found In Nutrition 10
06/12/1935 Deutsch Charges Evasion By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For Peace-Over Ousting Of Pacifists) 17
06/12/1935 France Bans Loans Against Gold Bars 31
06/12/1935 More Gold Gained By The Reichsbank 37
06/13/1935 China Ignores Ultimatum; Japanese Troops Massed; Occupation Today Feared 1
06/13/1935 Hull Demands End Of Trade Warfare 1
06/13/1935 Mussolini Bars New York Times Because Of Criticism In Editorial 1
06/13/1935 Nazi Regime Releases (Ernst) Torgler, Red Leader (Jailed With Ernst Thaelmann); Cleared In (Reichstag) Fire Trial, He Was Held 3 Years (In Plozensee, Berlin) 1
06/13/1935 France To Hold Up Anglo-Reich Pact-United States Hopes For Limitation 12
06/13/1935 Tokyo Aggression Laid To 1933 Truce-China’s Surrender Cited 12
06/13/1935 (Masonic) Shrine Braves Rain To Hail Roosevelt 25
06/14/1935 Explosion Wrecks (Wittenberg) Reich War Plant; Deaths Put At 52 (Later Many More) 1
06/14/1935 Nanking Requests Resisting Of Japan By Gen. Chiang (Kai-Shek) 1
06/14/1935 Italy Ousts Writer For Chicago Paper (Chicago Tribune) 1
06/14/1935 Burgomeister Of Reinsdorf (Wittenberg) Tells How Explosion Spread Disaster 3
06/14/1935 (Czech Foreign Minister, Eduard) Benes Says Peace Rests On 2 Years (1936 & 1937)-Praises Security Pacts-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
06/14/1935 China’s War Chief Walks Out On Japanese; Leaves No Leader With Whom They Can Deal 4
06/14/1935 Fiscal Investigator May Be Sent To China-Hull Says U.S. May Follow The Example Of The French And British Governments 4
06/14/1935 Japan Wants Cut In Siberian Force (Of Russians)-Sees No Danger Of War 5
06/14/1935 Reich Legalizes Curb On Jewish (Medical & Dental) Students 7
06/14/1935 Five Radio Officials Sentenced By Reich (For Corruption) 7
06/14/1935 Danzig Expels (Latvian) Publisher 7
06/14/1935 Migration To Reich Planned By Danzig 7
06/14/1935 Turks Adopt Plan To Fortify (Dardanelles) Straits 7
06/14/1935 Paris Sees Hitler Scoring On Navy 8
06/14/1935 Germans Initial (Dutch) Accord 8
06/14/1935 (Rutgers University) Professor (Head Of German Department, Dr. Hauptmann) Holds Reich Is Truthful-Only Facts Sent Out 17
06/15/1935 Nazi Power Pact Invoked By China To Curb Japanese-No Action In Washington-Moscow Watching Anxiously, Is Silent-Hopes U.S. And Britain Will Act 1
06/15/1935 Cardenas Cabinet Resigns In Mexico In Coles Dispute-Executive (Cardenas) Backs Labor 1
06/15/1935 Gold Clause Step Hinted In Capital-Roosevelt Cancels Trip 1
06/15/1935 Italy Talks Terms On Ethiopian Row-Augur, London 1
06/15/1935 Seven Go To Jail For Relief Frauds 3
06/15/1935 (Rutgers University German Professor) Dr. (Leinhard) Bergel Denies Communist Tinge-He Opposes Dictators 5
06/15/1935 (Wittenberg) Blast Dead Count By Reich Doubted 6
06/15/1935 Chaco War Halts After Three Years (Bolivia & Paraguay) 6
06/15/1935 Anglo-Reich Talks On Navies Resumed 6
06/15/1935 Finland Is Warned To Add To Defenses 6
06/15/1935 Indicated In Threat Against President (Roosevelt) 6
06/15/1935 Reich And Poland Clash Over Danzig-Protests Exchange Curb 7
06/15/1935 Civil War’s Start Laid To Virginian (Roger Pryor-Says Professor William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador To Germany-Cites Personal Conversation He Had With Pryor) 13
06/15/1935 300 (Hunter College) Students Protest Anti-War ‘Reprisals’ 13
06/15/1935 Four Nations (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia & Hungary) Join (U.S. War) Debt Defaulters (England, France, Belgium & Others) 15
06/15/1935 (Prof. Joseph P. Chamberlain Of Columbia University, Representative Of League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany [James G. Mc Donald]) Backs (United) Jewish Appeal (To Be Used For Refugees From Germany And Other Lands & Settlement Of Jews In Palestine) 15
06/16/1935 Italy Will Seize All Silver Money 1
06/16/1935 Flight To Midway Is Made By Clipper 1
06/16/1935 (U.S. Secretary Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Aid (Ass’t. Sec. Of Commerce, Ewing Y. Mitchell) Ousted By The President (Roosevelt); Refused To Resign-His Successor (John Monroe Johnson) Is Named (Picture, Mitchell, P. 24) 1
06/16/1935 Navy’s New (Grumman Pursuit) Plane Shown In Air Meet 10
06/16/1935 Foreigners (Germans) Sue On (U.S.) Gold Seizure 18
06/16/1935 Nazis Would Lead Pan-America Move (Says Colin Ross In Mexican Article Published In Berlin)-World Race Unity Sought-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 19
06/16/1935 German Army Fliers Flee French Pilots 20
06/16/1935 British Official Asks Tolerance On Reich-She Must Be Brought Back (In) To League By Friendliness 20
06/16/1935 Monarchists Gaining In Vienna, Budapest 20
06/16/1935 Our Trade In China Is Safe, Saito (Japanese Ambassador To U.S.) Says 21
06/16/1935 Japanese Remain Ready To Advance (In China)-Chinese In Many Talks 21
06/16/1935 Legislative Council Likely In Palestine (About Arab-Jewish Disagreements) 23
06/16/1935 (U.S.) Navy Seen As Free From Red Menace N-7
06/16/1935 Chinese Plans Waver, But Japanese Do Not E-3
06/16/1935 Europe Shifts Pieces In Diplomatic Game-Frederick T. Birchall E-4
06/16/1935 (Premier, Pierre) Laval Setting Out On Rough Voyage-Compromise Rule Again E-4
06/16/1935 Germany Hopeful Of Britain’s Amity E-4
06/16/1935 Accord On Navies Doubted In London E-4
06/16/1935 Italo-British Rivalry Arises On Africa E-4
06/16/1935 Anti-German Cartoon E-4
06/16/1935 Nazi Propaganda Splits Hungarians E-5
06/16/1935 Japan Now Unfolding Her Plan For China E-5
06/16/1935 Anti-Japanese Cartoon E-9
06/16/1935 Expansion Of CCC (Directer Fechner, Picture) A Big Undertaken (Is To Have 1,540 Camps, 247,000 Men) E-10
06/16/1935 Canada Enacts New Deal E-11
06/16/1935 New (Italian) Dreams Of African Empire Mag. 1
06/16/1935 Training Leaders: A Test Of Colleges (Dr. James Bryant Conant Picture) Mag. 3
06/17/1935 President (Roosevelt) Sets Up New NRA And Picks Staff To Run It; $300,000,000 White Collar Aid 1
06/17/1935 U.S. Rescued Franc In Recent Crisis (M. Jean) Tannery Reveals-He Praises Morgenthau-’Broad Understanding Of The Situation Averted Trouble’-Clarence K. Streit, Basle 1
06/17/1935 Hoover Deplores ‘Fiat’ Government (Text, P. 4) 1
06/17/1935 Germans Stress Gains In Britain 5
06/17/1935 Tientsin Aroused By Japanese ‘War’ 6
06/17/1935 Chahar Accepts Japanese Terms 6
06/17/1935 Canton Reports Fire On Fleeing Warships 6
06/17/1935 Baldwin Will Bar Lloyd George Aim-To Reject ‘New Deal’ As Without Advantages 6
06/17/1935 Mussolini Foresees History Repeating 6
06/17/1935 Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace) Conferees (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President Of Columbia University, Chairman) To Ask (Currency) Stabilization 7
06/17/1935 Cornell Is Warned Of Social Change 8
06/17/1935 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard) Urges Need Of Courage 8
06/17/1935 Dr. Angell (President Of Yale Univ.) Assails Soviet Brutality-Democracy Held One Hope 10
06/17/1935 ‘Intelligent Men’ Blamed (By Rev. Dr. Henry S. Leiper) For (Economic) Crisis 10
06/17/1935 (Pan-American) Clipper Guided By Vigilant Radio (Beam) 13
06/17/1935 (Annual Session, National Conference Of Jewish Social Service) Discuss Condition Of Jews In Europe-Race In America Warned-Points To (Father) Coughlin And (Senator Huey P.) Long 17
06/17/1935 5,000 Attend Fete Of German Societies-Swastika And Flag Of Old Germany Fly Over Gathering At Franklin Square 19
06/17/1935 British Army Acts In A Vast (Patriotic) Pageant 20
06/17/1935 Razumni Acts Here In Debut In Yiddish (Play) 20
06/17/1935 Trade Recovery Slower In Reich 27
06/18/1935 Britain Consulting U.S. On North China Crisis; Japan Reduces Forces 1
06/18/1935 Ousted Roper Aide Files Graft Charge Against 2 (New Deal) Bureaus 1
06/18/1935 Cardenas, Victor, Reforms (Mexican) Cabinet 1
06/18/1935 Export Levy Stuns German Business-Otto D. Tolischus 8
06/18/1935 World Unity Urged By (Harold Butler) Director Of I. L. 0 8
06/18/1935 Germans Report For Army Service 8
06/18/1935 Reich Naval Rise Opposed By Paris 9
06/18/1935 Britain Is Active In Far East Also-China Showing Caution 10
06/18/1935 Japan Cuts Army In China By Half 11
06/18/1935 Canton Ships Flee To (Hong Kong) British Waters 11
06/18/1935 Sinister Secrecy On Tangku Pact Denied; Tokyo Says China Wanted Parts Withheld 11
06/18/1935 Japan Buys (Low Grade) Chilean (Copper) Ore 11
06/18/1935 (U.S.) Averted World Money War-Morgenthau’s Action In Saving The Franc May 30 (1935) Will Aid Plan For Stabilization-Senators Approved Act 13
06/18/1935 Gold Bloc Praises U.S. Aid To Franc-Clarence K. Streit, Basle 13
06/18/1935 Gold Bloc Benefits On Disclosure Of (U.S.) Aid (To France) 13
06/18/1935 Hull Urges Work To Avert All War 14
06/18/1935 New Deal Derided By (Virginia Senator, Carter) Glass At Tufts 17
06/18/1935 (Dr. Malzberg, Lake Placid Convention) Denies Jews Show Wider Mental Ills 24
06/19/1935 British Give Reich A 35% Naval Ratio; 45% In Submarines-Basis Of World Pact Seen (Text, P. 4) 1
06/19/1935 Roosevelt Orders (Nra) ‘Chiseling’ Survey-Much Evidence Found 1
06/19/1935 Pact Allows Reich 40 To 100 Submarines-Germany Could Build Eighteen New-Type Battleships 4
06/19/1935 France To Reduce Army 4
06/19/1935 Paris Sees Affront In New Naval Pact 5
06/19/1935 Berlin Overjoyed By Naval Treaty-Frederick T. Birchall 5
06/19/1935 Reich Imports Cut To Check Deficit-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 5
06/19/1935 U.S. Tempers Hope On Anglo-Reich Pact 5
06/19/1935 Japan, Funds Low, Seeks Arms Curb 6
06/19/1935 Berlin-Rome Talks On Austria Gaining 6
06/19/1935 Over Production Causes Stock Decline In Japan 6
06/19/1935 French Hopes Rise For Stabilization-Bankers Pleased At Tannery’s Friendly Gesture Toward U.S. Because Of Aid To Franc-See Other Signs Of Amity 7
06/19/1935 Dr. Angell (President Of Yale Univ.) Warns Of ‘Raucous Voices’ 11
06/19/1935 (Prof. Philips Bradley, Amherst College) For Neutrality Act Before Another War 15
06/19/1935 (National Conference Of Jewish Social Services, Lake Placid, N.Y.) Asks Jews To Map Cultural Program-Reich Experiences Cited 20
06/19/1935 Jewish Women Plan To Revive Traditions-Institute (On Contemporary Jewish Affairs Of The National Council Of Jewish Women) Meeting Here, Studies Adult Education System For Refugees And Others 22
06/19/1935 Jewish Law Expert Here-Dr. Henry Sliosberg Gives View On ‘Protocols (Of The Elders) Of Zion’ (From Earlier ‘Trial’ In Berne, Switzerland-’Too Fantastic’) 22
06/20/1935 Britain Disavows Speech By (Edward) Prince (Of Wales)-Royal Heir’s Friendly Gesture To Germany Is Called No Affair Of Government 1
06/20/1935 Roosevelt Asks Inheritance Taxes And Other Levies On Big Fortunes (Text, P. 2) 1
06/20/1935 (Rutgers University Professor Lienhard) Bergel (Supporting) Witnesses Called ‘Left Wing’ 2
06/20/1935 More Naval Pacts Sought By Britain-Eden To Reassure (Premier Pierre) Laval 6
06/20/1935 Paris Holds Pact Ends Unity Policy-Hitler’s ‘Victory’ Stressed 6
06/20/1935 Warsaw Prepares For Larger Fleet-Jerzy Szapiro 6
06/20/1935 Paris Sees Scrapping Of (1922) Washington (Naval) Pact 6
06/20/1935 Chinese Reforms Sought By Japan-Hallett Abend 7
06/20/1935 Britain Planning No Move On China-Consultations Going On 7
06/20/1935 Continual Strain On Franc Is Shown-Morgenthau Wins Praise 8
06/20/1935 Religious Liberty Demanded In Reich (By Augsburg Confessional Synod) 9
06/20/1935 All Ethiopian Men Prepare For Army-Adowa Victory (Over Italians, March 1, 1896) Recalled 9
06/20/1935 Curb On Navy Bids Sought In Senate 12
06/20/1935 Texas ‘Missioner’ Is Held In Russia 20
06/21/1935 German Veterans Hailed In England-(Edward) Prince Of Wales Praised 1
06/21/1935 Ethiopia Demands Border Observers-Geneva Officials Uneasy-Clarence K. Streit 1
06/21/1935 Eden To Urge Paris To Get Berlin Pact; Said To Have Offer 1
06/21/1935 Battleship Proposal In Britain Opposed 6
06/21/1935 Germans Defended In Czech Parliament-Will Not Accept A Position Of Secondary Importance, Says An Aide Of (Konrad) Henlein 6
06/21/1935 Germany Reveals A Budget Deficit-Arms Expenditure Hidden-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 7
06/21/1935 (Goebbels) Suspends Nazi Rallies (For July) 7
06/21/1935 (Albert) Einstein And (Thomas) Mann (Both Refugees) Get Harvard (James Bryant Conant, Pres.) Honor 8
06/21/1935 (Rutgers Univ. German Prof. Lienhard) Bergel (Support) Movement Laid To Small Groups-Witness At Hearing Thinks A Few Jewish Members Of National Student League Started It 9
06/21/1935 (Harold L.) Ickes Denies Rift Or Row In Relations With (Harry) Hopkins 12
06/21/1935 20,000 At Benefit For Jewish (National) Fund (To Purchase Land In Palestine For Jewish Settlers)-La Guardia Praises Aims 14
06/21/1935 Gold Certificates In Banks A Record-Bank Of France Replenishing Its Balances Here 29
06/21/1935 Stock Stagnation Is Puzzling Japan 36
06/22/1935 British Ask Soviet To Discuss Navies; Paris Cool To Eden-French Still Unplacated-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
06/22/1935 Alien Preference In (Harold L. Ickes’) Pwa Is Charged-Veterans And Citizens Should Have First Choice 5
06/22/1935 Britain Defends Treaty With Reich-Says All Powers Benefit 6
06/22/1935 Stalin Hemmed In By Delighted Children As He Visits Park And Mingles With People (Compare Entry, June 22, 1935, P. 1) 6
06/22/1935 Italy Will Ignore Ethiopian Appeal (To League Of Nations For Border Observers)-Plea Is Termed Absurd 6
06/22/1935 Mussolini Smiles To Placate Italy-Anne O’Hare McCormick 6
06/22/1935 British Labor Clash During (World) War (I) Revealed 6
06/22/1935 Italy To Increase Fliers And Add To Border Army 6
06/22/1935 15,000 (Confessional Synod Adherents) Defy Nazis In A Church Rally 7
06/22/1935 Goebbels Seeking Intelligent Nazis-Men Needed For Big Jobs-Frederick T. Birchall 7
06/22/1935 (World War I & Ii Propagandist, Walter) Lippmann Assails Democracy’s Drift-He Asks ‘Positive Conception Of State’ To Avoid Communism Or Fascism-Fears Revolt By Youth 13
06/22/1935 (Head Of German Dept., Rutgers Univ., Prof.) Dr. Hauptmann Saw (Woodrow) Wilson As A Friend (Did Not Call Him A ‘Schweinhund’) 17
06/22/1935 (U.S.) Gold Profit Use At Once Unlikely 23
06/23/1935 Eden Finds Paris Firmly Opposed To German Navy-French (Premier Pierre Laval) Demand Security 1
06/23/1935 Drive For Law To Deport 6,000,000 Aliens Will Be Organized All Over The Country (To Relieve The Unemployment Situation) 1
06/23/1935 Soviet Is Accused Of Propaganda Here 6
06/23/1935 Germans Promise To Observe (Naval) Ratio-Reich Plans More Gains 18
06/23/1935 Nazis Hold Rites For The Solstice (Paganism Accused) 20
06/23/1935 Irish Draft Pact For British Peace 20
06/23/1935 Negro Is Lynched, Another Whipped (Wiggins, Miss.) 21
06/23/1935 World Leadership Is Urged On Nation (By Canadian Editor, J. S. Dafoe) 23
06/23/1935 Poles Off To Seek Reich Trade Treaty-Will Ask Payment For Exporters-Suppress Boycott Body 24
06/23/1935 Baptists Hail Plan For Political Step 27
06/23/1935 (William B. Ziff, President, Zionist Revisionist Organization Of U.S. And Canada) Pessimistic On Palestine 27
06/23/1935 Japanese Attack Dumping Protests F-5
06/23/1935 Hold Latin America Duped By Germans-American Funds Tied Up F-9
06/23/1935 Vast (Political) Machine Held Aid To Roosevelt F-10
06/23/1935 Europe Talks Navies; Washington Listens E-3
06/23/1935 Reich Forges Ahead As A Military Power E-4
06/23/1935 Reich Navy Treaty Debated In Geneva-But Most Are Hostile-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
06/23/1935 Soviet Says Nazis Won On Sea Power-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
06/23/1935 Agreement Vital In British Voting-Augur, London E-4
06/23/1935 Austria Reverts To Medieval Idea-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
06/23/1935 (British-German) Naval Pact Blow To France E-4
06/23/1935 Mussolini Is Warned On African Campaign E-5
06/23/1935 Vast Stake In China Guide Powers’ Action E-5
06/23/1935 Ill Duce Strikes At Press E-5
06/23/1935 Anti-Italian Cartoon E-5
06/23/1935 Anti-(U.S.) Tax Cartoon E-9
06/23/1935 Old Social Struggle Is Renewed In Mexico E-11
06/23/1935 I.L.O. (Harold Butler, Director) Sets Up Code Of Labor Practice E-11
06/23/1935 De Valera Sees Ireland ‘At War’ (With England) E-11
06/23/1935 Our Population Nearing Its Peak E-11
06/23/1935 Schuman, Frederick L. The Nazi-Dictatorship:A Study In Social Pathology And The Politics Of Fascism, Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y Book 3
06/23/1935 Anti-German Cartoon Book 3
06/23/1935 Restless Japan Moves On China Mag. 1
06/23/1935 Washington (Roosevelt) Now Pauses To Take Stock Mag. 3
06/24/1935 Borah Goes To Aid Of The President (Roosevelt) On New Tax Plan 1
06/24/1935 Roosevelt Talks To 6 Shy Children (Compare Entry, June 22. 1935, P. 6) 1
06/24/1935 Will Revalue Gold In Bank Of Canada-Bennett Explains Plan 4
06/24/1935 (Morris) Rothenberg Assails Zionist Factionalism 4
06/24/1935 (British Laborite, Herbert Morrison) Calls Hitler ‘A Fool’-Flays Dictators 5
06/24/1935 Lavish (Government) Spending Worries Germans-Schacht Discounts Fears-Otto D. Tolischus 6
06/24/1935 Anti-Semitic Views Voiced By Goering-He Assails Communists-Streicher Exhorts Youth To Hate Jews 6
06/24/1935 Nazis In Balloon Seized After Landing In (Metz) France 6
06/24/1935 Nazis See Reaction To Pact Favorable-Reich Holds Its Part Done 7
06/24/1935 Rome Gives Eden A Tepid Reception 7
06/24/1935 Nazis Stress Theme Employed By Jesus (To Catholics And To The Confessional Synod-Rendering Unto Ceasar That Which Is Caesar’s Etc.) 7
06/24/1935 Labor Slate Leads In Zionist Balloting 13
06/24/1935 Roerich Activities (In Russia) ‘Embarrass’ U.S. 15
06/24/1935 Frenchmen Praise America In (World War I Memorial) Rite 17
06/24/1935 Travel Peak Here For German Line 35
06/25/1935 Mussolini Seeking Deal On Ethiopia In Talk With Eden 1
06/25/1935 Roosevelt In Sudden Move Demands Immediate Action On Wealth-Sharing Taxes 1
06/25/1935 Nye Group Urges Shipbuilder Curbs-Profiteering Is Charged 1
06/25/1935 Germanism Soars At Pagan Festival-Frederick T. Birchall 10
06/25/1935 Germans Fete Group Of French Veterans 10
06/25/1935 (U.S.) Envoy Doubts War Against Ethiopia 11
06/25/1935 Japanese Unions Fear War In China 11
06/25/1935 U.S.Not To Protest German (-British) Navy Pact 11
06/25/1935 France Will Hasten Her Naval Program 11
06/25/1935 Japan Plans A Bid For China’s Amity 11
06/25/1935 Wide Rise In Arms Shown By League 11
06/25/1935 Chile Buying Planes From Europe (20 British Received) For Army 11
06/25/1935 Schacht Extends Reich (Dawes & Young) Moratorium 12
06/25/1935 Native-Born Child Back (From German Visit) With A ‘Heil’ 21
06/25/1935 U.S. Led The World In Exports In 1934 (England 2Nd, Germany 3D)-Japan In Seventh Place 35
06/26/1935 Reich Gives Pledge On U-Boats In War 1
06/26/1935 Japanese Order Attack On Chahar-Latter Fired On Patrol 1
06/26/1935 Roosevelt Signs Bigger Navy Bill-Rise In Officers Voted 2
06/26/1935 Alien (Illegal Entry) Frauds Laid To An Ex-Official (At Ellis Island) 3
06/26/1935 (Harry L.) Hopkins To Decide Housing Projects 4
06/26/1935 Picture: Hugh S. Johnson, New Pwa Chief (In N.Y.?) 5
06/26/1935 Divide On Treaty For French Aid 6
06/26/1935 France Held Free Of All Navy Curbs-Approves 35,000-Ton Battleship 8
06/26/1935 France (Premier Pierre Laval) Sends (Unfavorable) Reply To Germany’s Note (On Franco-Russian Mutual Aid Pact) 8
06/26/1935 Laval Bars (French) Pact With Reich Alone-Plans ‘Bolder Measures’ 8
06/26/1935 Envoys Elevated By U.S. And China 8
06/26/1935 British Business Loath To Stabilize (Currency) 9
06/26/1935 Ethiopia Is ‘Calm’ Under War Threat-Italian Protest Scorned 10
06/26/1935 Eden Finds Il Duce Firm On Ethiopia-Italy Wants Far Lands 10
06/26/1935 Cubans Thank U.S. For Economic Aid 10
06/26/1935 Conciliators Meet On Ethiopia Issue (In Holland) 10
06/26/1935 Hitler Greeting Sent To British Veterans 12
06/26/1935 All Germany Hails New (Richard) Strauss Opera-Acclaim Dispels Rumors That He Is To Lose Post Because A Jew (Stefan Zweig) Wrote (‘The Silent Woman’) Libretto 19
06/26/1935 Asserts Judaism Remains Religion-Trend Laid To Zionism 22
06/26/1935 Reichsband Adds To Gold Reserve 37
06/26/1935 Franc Drops To 6.63C, At Par With Dollar 37
06/27/1935 British Fear War In Africa In Fall; Eden Fails In Rome 1
06/27/1935 U.S. To Pay Panama Gold Due On Canal 1
06/27/1935 Battle Under Way At Chahar Border-Japan Widens Demands 1
06/27/1935 Dictatorship Temporary, Says Soviet Envoy (Alexander Troyanovsky) Who Sees Russians Turning To Democracy 1
06/27/1935 ‘Red Hunt’ Absolves Chicago University (Of Communist Teachers) 3
06/27/1935 Navy Asks For Bids On 13 New Vessels-Eleven More To Follow 5
06/27/1935 Three Members Quit The Roper (Business Advisory) Council 5
06/27/1935 British Mediation Foreseen By Italy 8
06/27/1935 Conciliators (In Holland) Study Documents On Africa 8
06/27/1935 Ask French Army Sums 8
06/27/1935 Anglo-Reich (Naval) Pact Assailed By Lords-New Ship Ratio Deplored 9
06/27/1935 Military In Japan Warned On Funds 10
06/27/1935 Germany Decrees Compulsory Labor-Jews Forbidden To Serve 10
06/27/1935 Nazis Curb Courts On Church Rulings-A Blow To Protestants 10
06/27/1935 (Naturalized U.S. Citizen, Charles Nettlebeck Held) Incommunicado In Reich 10
06/27/1935 Austria Is Stable Starhemberg Says-Fears German Subsidies 11
06/27/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Still Ready To Talk With Reich 11
06/27/1935 Rabbis (Central Conference Of American Rabbis, Chicago) Vote Down Anti-War Report-Peace Referendum Urged (Reject 100% Pacifist Stand) 13
06/28/1935 Conscription Of (Unmarried) Girls Stirs Dismay In Reich; Families Fear Effects Of The Labor Camps 1
06/28/1935 President (Roosevelt) Asks Congress To Outlaw Damage Suits Over Gold Clause Repeal 1
06/28/1935 Paris Navy Minister Critical Of Britain 8
06/28/1935 Hearing On Ethiopia Will Begin Tuesday 8
06/28/1935 British Build 5-Gun Plane (Fairey-Fantom); Swift Craft Fires Shells 8
06/28/1935 London And Paris Come To Deadlock 8
06/28/1935 Huge Peace Vote Revealed By (British Pacifist, Lord) Cecil 11
06/28/1935 British Back China Against U.S. (Financial) Policy 11
06/28/1935 Gold Rises Again In Bank Of France 23
06/29/1935 Nazis Tax Refugee For Quitting Home-Where Death At Sight Had Been Threatened 6
06/29/1935 U.S. Wins In Paris On Stabilization-American Draft Of Resolution Will Be Adopted By World Chamber (Of Commerce) Today 7
06/29/1935 Mussolini Labors On Pontine Farms-Breakfasts With Hosts 7
06/29/1935 Lloyd George (‘New Deal’) Bloc Is Menaced By Rift 7
06/29/1935 British Defense Loan Urged By Churchill-He Declares The Fleet Must Be Rebuilt-Admiralty Head Calls For A Strong Navy 7
06/29/1935 Nazis Will Mark 1934 Blood Purge (Number Of Dead Not Given!)-Goebbels To Tell Plans-Army Now Held Real Ruler 7
06/29/1935 (Premier Pierre) Laval Avoids A Vote On Huge Arms Funds 7
06/29/1935 James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, Later President’s Committee On Refugees) Warns Of Spread Of Anti-Semitism (At Brooklyn Women’s Division Of United Jewish Appeal) 8
06/29/1935 Poles To Shun (‘Mock’) Elections 8
06/30/1935 (U.S.) Treasury Deficit $3,472,000,000 For A Year; Gross National Debt Is At $28,700,000,000 1
06/30/1935 Sixty New (Consolidated P-3Y) Planes Ordered By Navy 4
06/30/1935 Nazism Now Viewed As State Religion (Hitler Youth Leader ‘Named Trautmann’) 5
06/30/1935 Pacific Plane Line To Cost $4,000,000 5
06/30/1935 Danzig Retreats In (Foreign) Exchange Clash-Otto D. Tolischus 7
06/30/1935 Nazis Exhibit War Tanks-Says Construction Of Its Tanks Is No Secret 7
06/30/1935 Nazi Group Loses (N.Y.) Suit (For Newspaper) 7
06/30/1935 Russians Accuse Japan Of Invasion-Acts Held Provocative-Harold Denny, Moscow 8
06/30/1935 Hitler Carefully Guarded In Munich Appearances 8
06/30/1935 Stalin Puts A Curb On Red Youth Body 8
06/30/1935 Berlin Apathetic To Big Nazi Rally 8
06/30/1935 (Hans Frank) Nazi Minister Gives Advice To Jurists-Whatever Is Useful To A Nation Is Right And What Harms It Is Wrong 8
06/30/1935 Floods Devastate Industrial Japan 12
06/30/1935 ‘War In Air’ Seen At British Exhibit-Secret Craft Is Revealed 13
06/30/1935 Baldwin Pledges Ties To Old Allies-Praises Curb On Reich 16
06/30/1935 Reich Bars Swiss Paper (‘Baseler Nachrichten’) 16
06/30/1935 Nation’s Teachers (National Education Association, Meeting Denver, Colorado) See Recovery Rise 18
06/30/1935 400 Here (United Anti-Nazi Conference Committee) Demand Nazis Free Foes-Protest Sent To Hitler (Rosenfeld, Fleischer, J. W. Wise) 20
06/30/1935 (Rabbi Sidney S. Tedesche) Sees Medievalism Loosed Upon Jews (In Germany)-Held Bad For All World 21
06/30/1935 (Sidney) Hillman (Strong Roosevelt Supporter) For Curb On Supreme Court 27
06/30/1935 Say Russia Dreams Of World At Peace (Norman Wait Harris Foundation, University Of Chicago) N-2
06/30/1935 Saxon Girl Vanishes; Planned To Wed Jew N-2
06/30/1935 Anglo-French Front Very Badly Strained-Old-Style British Diplomacy N-3
06/30/1935 The Nation’s Finances; A Year-End Survey N-3
06/30/1935 British Now Inclined To Favor The Pact-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris N-4
06/30/1935 French Now Want Terms With Reich-Peace Is Fervent Hope E-4
06/30/1935 Paganism Becomes Serious For Reich-Many Parents Worried E-4
06/30/1935 Rome And Berlin Moving Closer E-4
06/30/1935 Russia Sees Japan Seeking Mongolia E-4
06/30/1935 Britain Keeps Navy Veto (Over Germany)-Augur, London E-4
06/30/1935 Picture: French Premier Pierre Laval And Anthony Eden E-4
06/30/1935 Danzig Nazis Bring Crisis To Free City (Map)-Jerzy Szapiro E-5
06/30/1935 Anglican Prayer Annoys Japanese E-5
06/30/1935 Dictatorial Spirit Ebbs In Yugoslavia-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
06/30/1935 Italy Menaces Europe’s Balance-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-5
06/30/1935 South Still Loyal To The New Deal E-6
06/30/1935 (New York Representative Samuel Dickstein, Chairman, House Immigration And Naturalization Committee) Condemns Moves To Harass (Deport 6,000,000) Aliens-Defends The Kerr Bill (To Allow Them To Remain In U.S.) E-10
06/30/1935 Door To Be Shut On All Gold Suits-Old Principle Involved E-12
06/30/1935 Roosevelt Recharts His Course Mag. 1
06/30/1935 One Year After Germany’s ‘Blood Bath’ (‘All Outstanding Opponents Of The Present Regime Were Swept Into Unhonored Graves And None Was Left Who Could Stand Against It.’ — No Number Of Victims Given-Adenauer, Kurt Schumacher, Etc. Not Mentioned!) — Frederick T. Birchall Mag. 3, 1