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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

November 1935
Date Headline Page
11/01/1935 League Moves To Enforce Italian Boycott By Nov.15; Anti-British Riots In Rome-46 Nations For Action-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/01/1935 State Department Obtains Data On Rise In Our Exports To Italy 1
11/01/1935 British Add Terms For Shifting Fleet (From Mediterranean)-3 More Ships Go To Malta 1
11/01/1935 (Nationalist Premier Of China And 3 Others (Apparently About To Get Agreement With Japan) Shot; Assassin Is Slain 1
11/01/1935 Tuned In Moscow, 7 Germans Get Jail 8
11/01/1935 (German) Protest On Churchill (Strand Magazine Article) 9
11/01/1935 More Scrap Iron Going To Japan (From Panama Canal Zone) 9
11/01/1935 24 New French Bombers (Farman F-221) To Be Biggest In World 10
11/01/1935 Town Hall Forum Notes War Peril (Dorothy Thompson, Mrs. Sinclair Lewis) 11
11/01/1935 Poles To Free Thousands To Ease Crowded Jails (50,000 Prisoners-3,000 ‘Political’) 11
11/01/1935 (Engineer, John L. Mc Bride) Says England ‘Dupes’ U.S. (On The Ethiopian Issue) 11
11/01/1935 Baldwin Again Bids U.S. To Join League-Feels Sure Of Sympathy 13
11/01/1935 Says Navy Will Cost Britain L250,000,000 13
11/01/1935 British Steel Output Is Pushed To Limit-Semi-Finished Foreign Product Bought 13
11/01/1935 Red ‘Purge’ Denied At City College 18
11/01/1935 (New Deal) Tax Deception’ Hit By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt 21
11/02/1935 Wang’s (Wang Ching-Wei’s) Assassin Struck At Japan (Was Against China’s Policies [Seeking Peace With] Japan) 1
11/02/1935 Picture: Ethiopian Warrior At His Ease 4
11/02/1935 Ethiopian Troops Vouch For Visions (Illusions)-Harold Denny, Addis Ababa 4
11/02/1935 Armaments Termed Best Check On War 4
11/02/1935 British Alarmed For Funds In China 5
11/02/1935 First Conscripts Report In Reich-Air War Academy Opened-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 6
11/02/1935 Hints At Nazi Claim On Foreign Citizens 6
11/02/1935 Soviet Persecuting Clergy, Finns Charge-Lutherans Declared Driven From Homes 6
11/02/1935 Germany Rations Dealers In Butter-Ration Cards In Berlin 7
11/02/1935 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Urges Government To Buy All Munitions Plants To Assure Peace (And Employment?) 7
11/03/1935 Italy Is Isolated By Sanctions Vote-Ethiopia Begs For Funds-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/03/1935 28 Alleged Spies For Germany Are Seized; Czechs Charge Berlin Radio Warned Them 1
11/03/1935 (N.Y. Mayor) La Guardia Scores Slur On Dr. S.S. Wise (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Daughter Is Judge Justine Wise Tulin) 12
11/03/1935 World At A Crisis Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. Of Columbia University & Pres. Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Holds-Fears For Civilization 33
11/03/1935 (Nationalized) British Jew (Rudolph Selm) Freed From Munich Jail (Charged With Racial Pollution) 34
11/03/1935 Nazis Fine Priest Not Flying (National) Banner-14 Years Asked For Nun (On Currency Smuggling) 34
11/03/1935 (Ethiopian) Guerrilla Tactics Checking Italians-Josef Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 37
11/03/1935 Sanctions Thrust Egypt In Dilemma-U.S. Also Involved-Josef Levy, Cairo 37
11/03/1935 Ethiopians Camouflaged-Dye Their White Robes Color Of Earth To Fool Italians 37
11/03/1935 British Medical Unit Will Aid Ethiopia 37
11/03/1935 Reich Is Irritated By Powers’stand-New Franco-British Alliance 37
11/03/1935 2 Powers Refuse To Boycott Italy 38
11/03/1935 Germany Approves Idea Of Cooperation 38
11/03/1935 China Now Talks Of A Russian Pact 39
11/03/1935 U.S. Army Will Send Officer (Capt. John Meade) To Ethiopia (Marine Col. Pedro Del Valle Already There For A Month As Observer-Maj. Norman Fiske On His Way There From Rome) 44
11/03/1935 Our Neutrality Role Still In The Making-Edwin L. James E-3
11/03/1935 Egypt Disregards Rome Propaganda-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo E-3
11/03/1935 British Election Is Flat-Picture, Churchill E-3
11/03/1935 Sanctions Rouse Italians E-3
11/03/1935 Paganism Worries Reich Protestants-Picture: Alfred Rosenberg E-5
11/03/1935 Rich (Ethiopian) Lands Beacon The Invaders (Map) E-5
11/03/1935 Italy’s Modern Army Slower Than Old One-Capt. B. H. Liddell Hart E-5
11/03/1935 Japan Ready To Act Against China Again (Map) E-6
11/03/1935 Russia Confident As Industry Rises E-6
11/03/1935 War Halts Europe’s Recovery-Harold Callender E-6
11/03/1935 Finer, Herman, Mussolini’s Italy, Henry Holt & Co., N.Y.-A Hostile But Searching Study Of Mussolini’s Italy Book 3
11/03/1935 The Democratic Idea Undaunted-In Its Battle Against Dictatorship Mag. 1
11/03/1935 Picture: John Buchan (Lloyd Goerge’s Wartime Director Of Information, Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General Of Canada Roto.
11/04/1935 Chinese Abandon Silver Standard; Note Issue Unified-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
11/04/1935 Archbishop (John T. Mc Nicholas) Disavows Attack On Roosevelt (In His Remarks On Treatment Of Catholics In Mexico) 3
11/04/1935 New Deal Fails, Socialists Hold 4
11/04/1935 Picture: Capt. John Meade, First U.S. Military Attache To Addis Ababa 14
11/04/1935 (England) Will Order 13 Warships 14
11/04/1935 Italians Prepare For Hard Winter-Say British Advise Negus (Haile Selassie-Map) 15
11/04/1935 Ethiopia Perfects System Of Supply-Harvest Now Being Cut-G. L. Steer, Addis Ababa 15
11/04/1935 Ethiopian Oil (Concession) Deal Alive, King (Haile Selassie) States 15
11/04/1935 Halts German Arms (Bound For Ethiopia) 15
11/04/1935 Goering Sounds ‘Place In Sun’ Cry-Dedicates Rhine Bridge 17
11/04/1935 Reich Held To Have Small Chance For Strong Showing In Olympics 30
11/05/1935 China’s Money Plan Angers Japanese-They Accuse The British 1
11/05/1935 Check Endorsed By Negus Is Cleared To Bank Here 14
11/05/1935 U.S. Sanctions Aid Sought By League-German Help Also Vital-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 14
11/05/1935 Egypt Resentful Of British Rebuff 14
11/05/1935 British Demand Italy Satisfy 2 Conditions 14
11/05/1935 Mussolini Spurns Check For U.S. Magazine Joke 14
11/05/1935 Germany Is Building 16 New Submarines-Three Battleships And Two Cruisers 17
11/05/1935 Nazis Ritual Replaces Prayer In Some Schools (‘Pagan’) 17
11/05/1935 Nazis Told To End Anti-Jewish Acts-Dr. Schacht Orders Cessation Pending Decrees Enforcing The Nuremberg Laws-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 18
11/05/1935 Shortage Of Food Is Worrying Nazis 18
11/05/1935 Poland And Germany Sign A Trade Treaty 19
11/05/1935 Miss (Helene) Mayer (Jewish Olympic Fencer From Oakland, Cal.) Demands Full Reich Rights 20
11/05/1935 Ottawa Turns Out For Tweedsmuir (John Buchan) 27
11/05/1935 Immigration Aide (F. A. Tuttle) Jailed For Fraud 29
11/06/1935 Republicans Win Majority Of 14 In State Assembly; Foes Seek Rebuke For The President (Roosevelt) And The New Deal-Democrats Sweep State 1
11/06/1935 Peace Talks Begun By Britain In Rome; Our Oil Exports Up 1
11/06/1935 Oil Sales To Italy By U.S.Go Up 600%-Roosevelt To Get Data 4
11/06/1935 Ethiopia Drafting Terms Of Peace-War Spirit Not Dimmed-Joseph Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 6
11/06/1935 Reich Sentences Nun To 10 Years In Prison (Currency Smuggling) 9
11/06/1935 Gen. (Sir Francis) Bingham Dies (72); Disarmed Germany-(A La Versailles) Knighted For War Work 27
11/07/1935 Hull Advocates A Positive Policy To Prevent War-Move For Broader Neutrality Act Seen In His Plea Against Mere Negative Measures (Text, P. 9)-Reich To Bar War Profits-Ethiopian Armies Mass (Yet Again!) 1
11/07/1935 London Is Worried By Canadian Move For U.S. Trade Pact-Gold Shipments Cited 1
11/07/1935 Anti-Jewish Signs Down (In Berlin) For Olympics-American Groups Scored 1
11/07/1935 Capital Watchful On Chinese Silver 4
11/07/1935 Nazis Break Truce With Protestants 6
11/07/1935 New Reich Conscripts To Talk Oath Today 6
11/07/1935 Emperor On Radio Asks American Aid-Holds Justice Will Win-Joseph Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 7
11/07/1935 (U.S.) Navy Radio Improves Service To Ethiopia 7
11/07/1935 Reich Move Helps League Sanctions-Blow To Italy Seen-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
11/07/1935 Il Duce Adamant On (British) Fleet (Cut) Demand 11
11/07/1935 Dr. (Heinrich) Bruening Sails (To ‘Europe’) After Secret Visit (And Talks) Here; Former German (Weimar) Chancellor In Seclusion 12
11/07/1935 ‘Static-Less’ Radio (Armstrong ‘Fm’) Startles Experts 25
11/08/1935 President (Roosevelt) In City;Unusual Guard Set By Police For Visit-Here For Masonic Rite 1
11/08/1935 China-U.S. Talks On Silver Are Seen-Japanese Anger Cools 8
11/08/1935 Protestants Meet On New Reich Crisis 8
11/08/1935 Jew Jailed At Hamburg (For Racial Defilement) 8
11/08/1935 Germany Unfurls New War Banner-Flag With Swastika Raised On Land And Sea As Conscripts Take Oath To Obey Hitler-Popular Interest Is Mile-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
11/08/1935 Germany Denies Aiding Sanctions-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 13
11/08/1935 Brazil Refuses To Aid Sanction-But Trade Deal Is Denied-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
11/08/1935 Britain Troubled By U.S. Oil Policy 14
11/08/1935 (Bernard) Baruch Advocates Closed Mind On War-Backs The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Neutrality Moves-Questions A Boycott From Which Others Abstain 14
11/08/1935 (Admiral) Standley (Chief Of Naval Operations & Later On Roberts Pearl Harbor Investigation Board) Attacks Foes Of Big Navy 15
11/08/1935 Episcopal Bishops Condemn New War 15
11/08/1935 British Allay Fears Of Egypt Over Fleet (Presence In Mediterranean) 15
11/09/1935 President (Roosevelt) Joins (Canadian) Premier (W. L. Mac Kenzie King) To Speed Canadian (Trade) Treaty 1
11/09/1935 German Steel (Temporarily!) Wins Pwa (Harold L. Ickes) Order Here-Deal Is Being Held Up 1
11/09/1935 Rome And London Fail Of An Accord 1
11/09/1935 45 Navy Seaplanes (From Pearl Harbor) To Start Manoeuvres In Pacific Today To Extend U.S. Defenses (To Midway Island) 1
11/09/1935 Second Brazilian (Scientist) Dies, Victim Of Typhus (Research) Study 3
11/09/1935 Roosevelt Turns To Foreign Affairs-He Takes Up Reports On Italo-Ethiopian Situation 5
11/09/1935 Miss (Sarah) Wambaugh (Boston, Technical Adviser And Deputy Member Of The Saar Plebiscite Commission-Prominent In Later Plebiscite Controversy) Gets A (Doctorate Of Social Sciences) Degree At Geneva (University) 6
11/09/1935 Y. W. C. A. Celebrates 80th Birthday Today (Founded In London As Adjunct Of Florence Nightingale’s Work During The Crimean War) 6
11/09/1935 16 Nazi Martyrs Get Honors Today-Victims Of The Munich Putsch Of 1923-Frederick T. Birchall, Munich 7
11/09/1935 British Flagship Pays Visit To This City; Admiral To Join In Armistice Celebration (Of U.S.) 7
11/09/1935 Reich Demands Reports On Home Pig-Fattening 7
11/09/1935 Czechs To Try Woman (Anna Dienel, Eger) As Leader Of (German) Spies 7
11/09/1935 Big Reich Idle Rise Seen 7
11/09/1935 Protest Eupen Verdict (Eupen-Malmedy-Moresnet Annexation Dispute) 7
11/09/1935 Refusal Of Gold (Payment To U.S. Bond Holders) Upheld In Britain-Must Accept U.S. Currency 21
11/10/1935 Japanese Troops Invade Shanghai To Avenge Killing (Of Japanese Marine)-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
11/10/1935 Italians Prepare For First Battle South Of Makale-Ethiopia Gets More Arms 1
11/10/1935 41 Naval Planes (From Pearl Harbor) Reach Objective (Midway Island) 2
11/10/1935 Pwa (Harold L. Ickes) Won’t Bar Use Of German Steel-Cite High Domestic Cost 5
11/10/1935 (Mexican Archbishop) Ruiz Says Mexico Bars Church Peace 37
11/10/1935 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Sees Peril Of Anarchy 37
11/10/1935 Japanese Troops Start War Games 37
11/10/1935 Roosevelt To Ask New Ban On War 38
11/10/1935 Russia Consolidates Its Power In Karelia 38
11/10/1935 Lord (Admiral) Beatty Asks Big Navy Increase 39
11/10/1935 Red Youths (Communist Youth Organizations, Moscow) To Form Anti-Fascist Groups 39
11/10/1935 Jail Priest As (Currency) Smuggler 39
11/10/1935 (Italian) Naval Concessions Held British Aim 40
11/10/1935 Italians Protest Egypt’s (Britain’s) Sanction-U.S. Re-Exports Increase 40
11/10/1935 Many War Scribes Leaving Ethiopia-Unable To Get To Front-Harold Denny, Harar 40
11/10/1935 Greece Is Courted By Italy And Britain 40
11/10/1935 Ethiopia Belittles Loss-Joseph Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 40
11/10/1935 British Arms Firm Gets Ethiopian Order 41
11/10/1935 16 Slain Hitlerites Buried As Royalty-Frederick T. Birchall, Munich 42
11/10/1935 Germany’s Credit Near Danger Point-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 42
11/10/1935 Bremen Honor. ‘Executioner’ (August Sahlbusch Allegedly A Member Of The ‘Fehme’) 42
11/10/1935 Franco-Reich Bid For Amity Seen 42
11/10/1935 Gen. (Smedly D.) Butler Calls For Stronger Peace 42
11/10/1935 Strict Neutrality Urged By Mrs. Ross-Opposed By Mrs Dean N-1
11/10/1935 British Officers To Attend (U.S. Armistice) Dance N-4
11/10/1935 Reich Ban Decreed On Lotte Lehmann N-8
11/10/1935 German Begins To Pay Price Of Rearmament-Pictures; Goering And Schacht-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-3
11/10/1935 League Must Rely On Its Moral Force-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
11/10/1935 Many Greeks Fear Link With Britain E-4
11/10/1935 Italy Turns On Britain E-4
11/10/1935 Picture: Britain Stands By In Egypt E-4
11/10/1935 Firmness Of British Laid To Fear Of War-Harold Callender E-5
11/10/1935 Japanese Stiffen Attitude On China-Currency Move Resented E-5
11/10/1935 Hungarians Remap Europe (Maps) E-5
11/10/1935 Race Issue Is Unreal To High Ethiopians E-6
11/10/1935 Italy Feels Pinch The Germans Felt-War Blockade (In World War I) Recalled E-6
11/10/1935 Tuscany Grumbles At Ethiopian War E-6
11/10/1935 Silver Law Reaches Its Climax In China E-11
11/10/1935 Filipinos Assume Their Burdens E-11
11/10/1935 Reciprocity Hopes Revived In Canada E-12
11/10/1935 Two Silent Minutes (For Armistice) And Then-(Rearmament) Mag. 1
11/10/1935 As Italy Faces The Test Of Sanctions Mag. 3
11/10/1935 Britain Goes To The Polls (Churchill Expected To Be Lord Of The Admiralty) Mag. 5
11/10/1935 Soviet Russia Discovers ‘Home, Sweet Home’ Mag. 12
11/10/1935 A Jumping Tank Of Russia Roto.
11/11/1935 Army Chiefs Urge Peace Be Guarded-(Sec. Of Navy Claude A.) Swanson Warns Of Peril 2
11/11/1935 French And U.S. Flags Are Hung At Versailles 2
11/11/1935 (U.S. Chief Of Staff, Genera. Malin Craig) Urges Small Army But ‘Adequate’ Navy 2
11/11/1935 Training For Peace Urged By (General John J.) Pershing 2
11/11/1935 (N. J.) Gov. Hoffman Urges America To Prepare 2
11/11/1935 Italy And Germany In Talks At Munich-Details Kept Secret 9
11/11/1935 Ethiopia Promises Fighting In A Month-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 9
11/11/1935 Peace Group (‘World Peaceways’) Protests (Admiral Standley’s Talk) 9
11/11/1935 Garibaldi (Exile) Upholds Campaign Of Italy (In Ethiopia) 10
11/11/1935 Polish Nationalists Hail (Violent) Outbreaks On Jews (In Warsaw) 11
11/11/1935 Farmers Avoiding Nazi Fixed Prices-Otto D. Tolischus 12
11/11/1935 London Times Issue Confiscated In Reich 12
11/11/1935 Picture: British-Born Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning, Later An Arch Interventionist 14
11/11/1935 Neutrality Of U.S. Called Vain Hope (By Rev. Dr. Henry A. Atkinson, Secretary Of ‘World Alliance For International Friendship Through Churches’)-Churches Urged To Act 14
11/11/1935 4 Moslems To Die In Anti-Soviet Plot-Trial Widely Publicized 15
11/11/1935 (Russian) Railroad Man Is Executed (Negligence In Wreck) 15
11/11/1935 Americans Affected By Crisis In Karelia 15
11/11/1935 1,200 Pledge Aid To Jews (American Ort Drive-$500,000) 15
11/11/1935 Reich Trade Lifted By Polish Treaty 27
11/12/1935 Canada And U.S. Agree On Terms Of Trade Treaty 1
11/12/1935 Roosevelt Puts World Peace First In National Aims-We Arm For Protection-Text, P. 15 1
11/12/1935 British Oust Nazi (Voelkischer Beobachter) Writer After Reich Bars Consul (For Communicating Military Secrets To London) 1
11/12/1935 Shanghai Chinese Ask War On Japan-Tokyo In Pacific Mood 1
11/12/1935 No Quarter Given In Gorahai Battle 10
11/12/1935 Hands Off Europe, War Board Urges 10
11/12/1935 Hitler At Funeral Of Nietzsche’s Sister 11
11/12/1935 (Ben Gurion) Heads Palestine Jewish Agency 11
11/12/1935 Paris-Berlin Deal Is Deemed Nearer-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 12
11/12/1935 Use Of Nazi Steel (For Pwa Project) Upheld By Moses-Protest Is Sent To Ickes (Pwa Administrator)-Washington Sees Dumping 12
11/12/1935 ‘Robbery Of Liberty’ Put In A Nazi’s Speech 12
11/12/1935 25,000 At Tribute Hear War Assailed 14
11/12/1935 War Menace Seen By World Leaders 15
11/12/1935 Peace Hope Placed In English Nations-Urge Firm American Tie 16
11/12/1935 (Dr. Ross Mc Intire) Declares Exercise Keeps Roosevelt Fit 21
11/13/1935 Ethiopians Report Victory In Fierce Battle In South With Many Of The Foe Killed 1
11/13/1935 Britain To Ignore (Retaliation) Threat By Italy 1
11/13/1935 Ickes Sees Evasion (Of Responsibility) Over German Steel 1
11/13/1935 Japanese Children Stoned In Shanghai-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
11/13/1935 Protests Growing On German Steel (Purchased For Pwa Project) 6
11/13/1935 (Admiral William H.) Standley (Chief Of Naval Operations) Sees President (Roosevelt) 7
11/13/1935 Reich Bans Export Of Raw Materials-Move Laid To Home Needs-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 13
11/13/1935 Britain Resumes Talks With Italy-Bargains On Cut In Fleet 14
11/13/1935 Ethiopian Captain Hero Under Surgery-Lawrence Stallings 16
11/13/1935 Jewish Emigrants Aid Reich Revenues Under ‘Escape Tax’-Non-Jews Also Assessed-Otto D. Tolischus 16
11/13/1935 Nazi Editor Objects To Report Of (Dr. Walther Frank) Speech (Given In Oct. 20 N.Y. Times) 16
11/13/1935 Canada Is Pleased By Trade Treaty (With U.S.) 17
11/14/1935 Berlin Mayor Put On Trial By Nazis-Made Purchases From Jewish Owned Store-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
11/14/1935 Anti-British Riots Flare Up In Egypt; Two Dead, 88 Hurt-Students Lead Disorder-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo 1
11/14/1935 U.S. And Soviet In Pact On Orient, Tokyo Hears 1
11/14/1935 Texas Prosecutor Condones Lynching-Sees Justice (Will Of The People) Done 3
11/14/1935 Germany’s Steel Sold Under Cost 6
11/14/1935 (German) Steel Row Likely To Go To President 6
11/14/1935 U.S. Studies Plan To Add Navy Men-No Link To London Parley 8
11/14/1935 Kerrl Promises Church Liberty-Reverses (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Stand 10
11/14/1935 Nazis Angered On Memel 10
11/14/1935 ‘Aryan’ Youths Ask Jewish Home Jobs 10
11/14/1935 120,000 Acres In Ecuador Granted To Jewish Group (For Immigration) 10
11/14/1935 Hitler Is Not So Bad, (Methodist) Bishop (R. J.) Wade (From Stockholm, Sweden) Asserts 10
11/14/1935 Few Italian Goods Will Escape Boycott 12
11/14/1935 Paris-Berlin Accord Depends On Russia 12
11/14/1935 Arabs Strike In Palestine-’Pro-Zionism’ Of Wauchope 12
11/14/1935 Ethiopia Reports A Gorahai Victory-Fighting There Goes On-Harold Denny, Harar 13
11/14/1935 Church Women (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Plan Campaign For Peace 13
11/14/1935 Break Is Admitted In U.S.-Italian (Trade) Pact 14
11/15/1935 Egypt’s Students In New Fatal Riot-Disorders Found Not Result Of Italian Propaganda-Country Still Pro-Ethiopian-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo 1
11/15/1935 (Harold L.) Ickes (Sec. Of Interior & Director Of Pwa) Puts Curb On German Steel-Reversal Of His Stand 1
11/15/1935 Chinese Are Ready To Fight Japanese; People Still Flee-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
11/15/1935 250,000 See Quezon In As Philippines President 1
11/15/1935 Mayor (Fiorello La Guardia) Orders Ban On German Steel-Says Only Commodity We Can Get From ‘Hitlerland Is Hatred And We Don’t Want’ That-(Samuel) Untermyer (Head And Founder Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights) Threatens Suit 4
11/15/1935 Catholic Bishop (Peter Legge, Meissen, Germany) Put On Trial In Germany (For Currency Exchange Violations) 15
11/15/1935 300 Ethiopians Die In Battle In South-Clash Apparently Is That In Which Addis Ababa Claimed A Victory 16
11/15/1935 (General John J.) Pershing Silent On War 16
11/15/1935 Lack Of Camels Worries Italian Command As British Move To Head Off Shipments 16
11/15/1935 Atrocities Are Charged-Ethiopians Accuse Foe’s Soldiers Of Violating Young Nuns 16
11/15/1935 Italy Sees Harm In Egyptian Riots 17
11/15/1935 Roosevelt Learns War Trade Goes On 17
11/15/1935 Flax For Army Uniforms Urged As A German Crop 17
11/15/1935 (Joseph P. Kennedy) Declares Europe Likes Our Policies 18
11/15/1935 Soviet Orders End Of Rubles Traffic 18
11/15/1935 Picture: Irene Joliot Curie 25
11/16/1935 Italians Repulsed In Clash In South-Harold Denny, Harar 1
11/16/1935 Reich Puts Laws On Jews In Force; Trade Untouched-Decrees Execute Nuremberg Acts Banning Citizenship And Intermarriage-25% Jews Still ‘German’-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1&6
11/16/1935 Roosevelt Affirms Pwa Rule To Ban Foreign Materials-Row On French Cement 1
11/16/1935 Hull Warns War Traders They Violate Our Policy; British Curb Sanction Foes 1
11/16/1935 Baldwin Obtains A Majority Of 244-(Ramsay) M’donald And Son (Malcolm) Lose 1
11/16/1935 Mussolini Orders Counter Boycott 7
11/16/1935 Emperor Terms Italy Least Suited Power To Carry Out Civilizing Mission In Africa 7
11/17/1935 Italy Sends Staff Chief (Marshal Pietro Badoglio) To Speed War In Ethiopia; De Bono (69 Years Old) Is Called Home 1
11/17/1935 (Roosevelt Protege, Guy Rexford) Tugwell Has Staff Of 12,089 To Create 5,012 Relief Jobs 1
11/17/1935 Diplomatic Corps In Berlin Aroused By Law S On Jews-U.S. (Friendship) Pact Held Violated 1&34
11/17/1935 Nazis Form Special Force To Combat Reds; SS Men To Watch Storm Troops And Army 1
11/17/1935 Dr. (S. Parkes) Cadman Warns Teachers On Oath-Sees A Fascist Menace 9
11/17/1935 Palestine Growth Hailed (Eduard Benes, Viscount Cecil, David Lloyd George, Jan Christian Smuts, Lord Snell & Sir Norman Angell) 26
11/17/1935 Teaching Is Defined By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt-It Is To Tell Not Advocate, She Says-Doubts Wisdom Of Forbidding Word ‘Communism’ 29
11/17/1935 Hoover Address Attacking New Deal And Giving A Fiscal Program 31
11/17/1935 Watch Tower Group (Jehovah’s Witnesses) Termed Subversive (By British Commission) 32
11/17/1935 Reich Exports Set New High For Year-Subsidies’ Extent Secret-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 34
11/17/1935 Slights Goering,Is Jailed 34
11/17/1935 Germans Here (‘German-American League For Culture’) Asks Ban On Olympics 34
11/17/1935 (Wisconsin Students) Protest Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador) Visit (To Madison, Wis.) 36
11/17/1935 France Tells Italy She Supports League 37
11/17/1935 Gap Is Weakness In Italians’ Line (Map) Capt. B. H. Liddell Hart 37
11/17/1935 Italians Retreat Down Tafan River 38
11/17/1935 Egypt’s Students Riot In Five Cities-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo 40
11/17/1935 Japan Will Press For Naval Equality; Delegates Sail For London (Naval) Conference 40
11/17/1935 New Neutrality Law Urged By (Norman) Thomas 40
11/17/1935 Finland And Sweden Are Urged To Rearm 40
11/17/1935 Picture: Mussolini And His Followers Celebrate Armistice Day 40
11/17/1935 We May Soon Extend Our Neutrality Plan E-3
11/17/1935 New Line Likely In British Foreign Policy E-3
11/17/1935 Geneva Is Anxious As Sanctions Start E-4
11/17/1935 Franco-German Feelers Revived-Picture: Von Ribbentrop E-4
11/17/1935 Soviets Optimistic For Trade With Us-Picture: U.S. Amb. To Moscow, William Christian Bullitt-Denies That There Have Been New Talks On Soviet Credits E-4
11/17/1935 Great Britain Gets Rebuff From Japan E-5
11/17/1935 Egypt Adds To British Burdens (Picture)-Harold Callender E-5
11/17/1935 The Shadow Of War Broods Over Europe-Walter Duranty, Antwerp E-6
11/17/1935 Italy To Ask International Sea (Map)-Augur, London E-6
11/17/1935 Hail Rydz-Smigly As Pilsudski’s Heir-His Attitude Not Clear-Jerzy Szapiro E-6
11/17/1935 Alabama Seeks End Of Scottsboro (Rape) Case (Picture) E-7
11/17/1935 Picture: Walter Duranty Book 5
11/17/1935 The New Russia Comes Of Age-Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 1
11/17/1935 The King Of Kings (Haile Selassie); Man Of Many Roles-Joseph Israels 2D, Addis Ababa Mag. 6
11/18/1935 U.S.-Canada Treaty Terms Given Out By Roosevelt; He Sees Trade Doubled-Text, P. 12 1
11/18/1935 Major Concessions Paralleled In Pact Setting Up New Minimum Tariff Rates 1
11/18/1935 Fierce Ende Gorge (Map) Battle Described By Eyewitnesses; Italian Column Escapes Big Losses In Danakil When (Ethiopian) Foes Flee 1
11/18/1935 Tokyo Army Backs North China Break (Secession)-Chiang Kai-Shek (Nanking) Warned 1
11/18/1935 Fifteen Are Seriously Injured In France As Nationalists (Croix De Feu) And Socialists Battle 1
11/18/1935 Egyptians Parade For Slain Student-Police Are Outwitted-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo 6
11/18/1935 (American Volunteer, Hubert Fauntleroy) Julian (‘Black Eagle Of Harlem’) Off In Huff From Addis Ababa-’Through With Ethiopia’ 7
11/18/1935 Italian Curbs Press On U.S. Neutrality 7
11/18/1935 German Will Form (Governing) Directorate In Memel 8
11/18/1935 German Peasants Asked To Foil Plot-(Rudolf) Hess Calls On Them At Goslar Congress To Defeat ‘Jewish Bolshevism’ Aim-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
11/18/1935 Britain Seeks Way To Act With Soviet-Augur, London 11
11/18/1935 Japanese Take (Ocean) Soundings Where U.S. Hold Rights 11
11/18/1935 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Breaks With Roosevelt-Calls Promises Unkept (The Beginning Of A Long Period Of Bitterness) 15
11/18/1935 Rockefeller (Church Contribution) Ban Stirs Pulpits Here 18
11/18/1935 Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Rebukes (Wisconsin) Student Reporter-Denies Any Persecutions (‘Of Catholics And Jews In Germany’) 25
11/19/1935 Hitler And Japan Warned By Soviet-Stalin’s Slogan, ‘Be Gay’ 1
11/19/1935 North China (Puppet) State To Rise This Week, Japanese Assert-As Ties With Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Are Cut 1
11/19/1935 Methodists Criticize Roosevelt Policies-Condemns Farm Policy Of ‘Wanton Destruction’ 6
11/19/1935 Roosevelt Chided On Mexican (Church Persecution) Issue 7
11/19/1935 Capital Cautious On Chinese Crisis (Map)-Non-Recognition Is Seen 11
11/19/1935 Reich Sees Gains In Sanctions Issue-War Danger Is Stressed-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 13
11/19/1935 Police Bar March Of Cairo Students-British Buses Attacked-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo 13
11/19/1935 4 Americans Deny Provoking Fascisti 13
11/19/1935 Reich Trials Hint (German) Unrest Is Growing-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
11/19/1935 Anti-Nazi Parade (In New York City) Revived 14
11/19/1935 U.S. Trade Treaty Signed For Brazil-Value To Us In Doubt 17
11/19/1935 (Trade) Treaty Is Praised Widely In Canada 19
11/19/1935 British Like (Canadian) Pact Hoping To Benefit 19
11/19/1935 Dr. (Arthur E.) Morgan (Antioch College, Chairman Of Tennessee Valley Authority, Enthusiastic Roosevelt Supporter, Disciple Of John Dewey, Columbia University) Assails (U.S.) Colleges’ Methods 26
11/20/1935 Japan To Modify North China Plan-Ultimatum Is Reported 1
11/20/1935 Ickes Cites Record To Hit La Guardia-Mayor An ‘Explanation Point Boy,’ 2
11/20/1935 Heavy Gold Drain On France Goes On 4
11/20/1935 (Guy Rexford) Tugwell Protests Published Figures (On His New Deal Projects) 5
11/20/1935 (German Ambassador To U.S., Dr. Hans) Luther Is Guarded In Western (Minneapolis) Hotel 7
11/20/1935 Hoover Denounces New (Canadian) Trade Treaty-Sees A Blow To Farmer 9
11/20/1935 Roosevelt Urges Liberalized Trade 10
11/20/1935 British Hold Reich Writer (Dr. Hermann Gortz) As Spy In ‘War’ Of Intelligence Services 12
11/20/1935 Church Body (‘World Alliance For International Friendship Through Churches’) Hails (Roosevelt’s) Neutrality Action-Fights Military Training 12
11/20/1935 Medical Supplies Given To Ethiopia (‘American Aid For Ethiopia’-A Number Of Those Who Later Became ‘Interventionists’) 12
11/20/1935 Ukrainian Plotters On Trial In Warsaw 12
11/20/1935 Monopoly On Gold Declared By Italy 14
11/20/1935 U.S. Hears Views Of British On China-No Action Is Seen-But Concern Is Displayed 15
11/20/1935 Emperor’s Plane Off For The Front-Destination Secret-Josef Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 15
11/20/1935 (Hubert Fauntleroy Julian) Fears Ethiopian Tragedy (Catastrophe) 15
11/20/1935 (New, Reinstated) Greek King (George Ii) Turns Against Dictator (Tsaldaris)-Accepts British Advice 16
11/20/1935 Nazis Campaigning Against Churchill-In MemelGerman Fails To Form (Governing) Directory (In Spite Of Recent Election)-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 17
11/20/1935 British Considering Credit For Russia 17
11/20/1935 (Berlin Bishop, Konrad Von) Preysing Defends (Bishop Peter) Legge (Meissen-Accused Of Illegal Currency Transactions) 17
11/20/1935 Reich Court Upholds Ousting Of Catholic (Refused To Allow Children To Join Hitler Youth-London Times Report) 17
11/20/1935 Colleges Are Closed By Riots In Warsaw-New Anti-Jewish Outbreaks (By ‘Nationalists’) Are Reported In Capital As Well As In The Provinces 17
11/20/1935 (French Premier Pierre) Laval Entangled In Snarl Of Pacts-Walter Duranty, Paris 18
11/20/1935 Bodies Of De Rothschilds To Be Taken To Holy Land (For Burial-Baron Edmond De Rothschild, ‘Father Of Jewish Colonization In Palestine’) 18
11/20/1935 (Emil) Ludwig (Refugee Jewish Writer) Sees War In Africa Ending (Italy & Germany ‘Are A Menace To Peace.’) 19
11/21/1935 North China Split Suddenly Put Off-Japan’s Army Is Incensed 1
11/21/1935 Anglican Bishops Fight Nazi ‘Ghetto’ (Nuernberg Laws)-Church Assembly In London Votes Sympathy With Jews-Urges World Pressure-(Bishop Of) Canterbury Sees Peril 1
11/21/1935 Tanks Easy To Capture, Ethiopian Officer (Wolde Giorgis) Says 1
11/21/1935 Earl Jellicoe (Battle Of Jutland) Dies; War Storm Center 1
11/21/1935 Order Is Cancelled For German (Pwa) Steel 3
11/21/1935 Croix De Feu Bids Laval ‘Protect’ It 13
11/21/1935 New (Nuernberg) Jewish Laws Ready In Germany-Are Less Harsh Than Hitler Had Sought At First-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
11/21/1935 Supply Troubles Hinder Italians-Roads Are Main Problem-Capt. B. H. Liddell Hart 16
11/21/1935 Ethiopia Will Bar Peace Aiding Italy-Mediation Moves Feared-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 17
11/21/1935 War Aids U.S. Cotton And British Textiles 17
11/21/1935 Prince In (Cbs) Radio Plea For Help To Ethiopia-To United States For Support Of Sanctions Against Italy 17
11/21/1935 Methodists Fear Attack On Liberia-England’s Stand Hailed 24
11/22/1935 (Harold L.) Ickes (U.S. Sec. Of Interior) Asks Oil Men To Cease Shipping Products To Italy 1
11/22/1935 Ethiopia Waging Hopeless Fight, Foreign Observers Are Convinced-Harold Denny, Harar 1
11/22/1935 Hitler Consults Envoy Of France (Andre Francois-Poncet)-Amity Move Is Furthered-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
11/22/1935 Hull Assails Foes Of Canadian (Trade) Pact 2
11/22/1935 Map: Proposed Route Of China Clipper Across Pacific (San Francisco To Manila, Ultimately To Canton-Watchout Japan!) 3
11/22/1935 10,000 In Parade Against Hitlerism (Meeting In Madison Square Garden-’Anti-Nazi Federation’) 6
11/22/1935 Steel Collusion Charged By Ickes-Same Held True Of (French) Cement 7
11/22/1935 Tokyo Rift Nears On Upset In China-Japanese Show Indignation 8
11/22/1935 Italy To Furlough 100,000 In Army-Will Mean Big Saving 9
11/22/1935 Wehib Pasha Finds Italians ‘Timid’-Lawrence Stallings, Harar 10
11/22/1935 Air Goal Of Britain Set At 2,190 Planes-Also, 3,000 Personnel 10
11/22/1935 British Sea Tests Awes Cairo Chiefs 10
11/22/1935 Stalin Sees Soviet Near Communism 12
11/22/1935 Reich Will Enroll Two Army Classes-Work Camps Compulsory-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
11/22/1935 (German Stock) Exchanges Bar Jews 14
11/22/1935 Baldszus (Lithuanian) Will Form (Governing) Directory In Memel (In Spite Of Recent Pro-German Plebiscite) 14
11/22/1935 Anti-Semitic Riots Go On In Budapest-Beat Jewish Students-Nazi Hand Suspected 15
11/22/1935 Brazilian Congress Asks Ban On Fascists (‘Integratistas’) 15
11/23/1935 China (Nanking, Chiang Kai-Shek) Talks War If North Secedes-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
11/23/1935 China Clipper Off (To Manila) On First Mail Trip Across The Pacific 1
11/23/1935 Roosevelt To Ask 4,000 Men For Navy-Plans Relief Fund Cuts (Picture) 3
11/23/1935 Italy Fears A Ban On U.S. Oil Exports-Held Essential For War 6
11/23/1935 U.S. Exports To Italians (List) 6
11/23/1935 Morale Of Troops Delights Emperor-Josef Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 7
11/23/1935 Fleeing Jews Pay Reich 8,268,000 Marks In Month (Oct.-’Escape Tax’ For Education Etc.) 10
11/23/1935 U.S. Likely To Set Reich Import Curb 10
11/23/1935 Nazis Denounced By Church Council (‘Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America,’ Rev. Ivan Lee Holt, President & Presiding At This Meeting) 20
11/23/1935 Methodists Stand Back Of President (Roosevelt) On (Lack Of Any Action On Religious Persecution In) Mexico 20
11/23/1935 Tolerance Drive Urged By Leaders (Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, Director, ‘National Conference Of Jews And Christians’-Newton D. Baker Co-Chairman) 20
11/23/1935 Canada To Lift Soviet Embargo 24
11/23/1935 Brazilians Differ On Pact Aid To U.S. 24
11/24/1935 Nazis Raid Palace Of Berlin Bishop (Count Conrad Von Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos) And Seize Advisor 1
11/24/1935 Italy May Leave League If It Extends Sanctions; Ethiopians Seize Towns 1
11/24/1935 3-Power Parleys On Arms Foreseen 1
11/24/1935 Floating French Prison (‘La Martiniere’) Starts Voyage To Guiana (Devil’s Island-340 Prisoners On Board, 300 More To Board At Algiers ‘For The Country’s Good’-The Second Trip Of The Year) 21
11/24/1935 (Philippine President Manuel) Quezon Prepares For One-Man Rule (‘Only God Can Get Me Out’) 25
11/24/1935 $250,000 Is Sought For Nazi Refugees (‘Primarily Non-Jews’-’Emergency Committee In Aid Of Political Refugees From Nazism,’ Dr. Frank Bohn, Chairman [Son-In-law Of Daniel C. Roper!]) 26
11/24/1935 Nationalist Jews Dissolved By Reich-Advocated Assimilation 27
11/24/1935 Cotton Export Ban By Hull Possible 29
11/24/1935 Mexico Seizes 25 As Education Foes-Catholic Homes Raided 29
11/24/1935 Germans Hoard Butter 29
11/24/1935 (Count Carlo) Sforza Sees Italy On Wrong Course-Here For Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace) Event (Other Participants In Meeting Named) 31
11/24/1935 (National Council Of Jewish Women) To Discuss Reich Exiles N-6
11/24/1935 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt (‘Pacifist,’ Feminist, & Ardent Roosevelt Supporter) Issues Notice Of (Annual’Conference On The Cause And Cure Of War’) Parley (Jan. 21) N-6
11/24/1935 Polish Unit In (N.Y.) Federation (Of Women’s Clubs) N-6
11/24/1935 Oil Supply Becomes An Economic Weapon-Japan’s Weakness Recalled-Edwin L. James (It Didn’t Get Any Better In 1941) E-3
11/24/1935 Eyes Of Germany Turned On Russia-Nazi Propaganda Grows-Frederick T. Birchall E-4
11/24/1935 France Troubled By Many Questions E-4
11/24/1935 Sanctions Make Italy An Army-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome E-4
11/24/1935 Reich Fines Catholic Orders E-4
11/24/1935 Picture: (Hitler) Back Where He Began (Munich)-But Now In Triumph E-5
11/24/1935 Nazi Radicals Gain Upper Hand E-5
11/24/1935 Britain’s Firm Stand On League Explained-Sir Norman Angell (Picture) E-5
11/24/1935 Britain To Alter Industrial Policy-Seeks To Recapture For Nation Its Old Status Of ‘World’s Workshop’ E-5
11/24/1935 Threats Of Japan Find China Divided (Numerous Factions-Canton [More Belligerent To Japan Than Chiang Kai-Shek Whom It Reproaches As ‘Supine’], Nanking [Chiang Kai-Shek] & Others) E-6
11/24/1935 (Hull’s) Tariff Pacts Begin To Aid World Trade E-12
11/24/1935 ‘Manifest Destiny’ Stirs Japan-Hugh Byas Mag. 1
11/24/1935 Great Britain Chooses ‘The Plain Man’ (Baldwin ?)-Harold Callender Mag. 3
11/24/1935 Egypt Strains To Burst Her (British) Fetters Mag. 4
11/24/1935 Roosevelt Perfects Remote Control Mag. 6
11/25/1935 New State Set Up In Northern China In Pro-Tokyo Coup-Hallett Abend 1
11/25/1935 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Charges (U.S.) Link With League (Of Nations)-Sees Us Forced To War 2
11/25/1935 (Jewish) Youths To Aid Palestine (Jewish National Fund Of America) 5
11/25/1935 (Dr. Franz) Oppenheimer Is Honored (By Zionist Club-Einstein, Felix Frankfurter & Others Present) 9
11/25/1935 ‘Tepid’ Christians Held Church Peril 10
11/25/1935 Italy Fears Blow Of An Oil Embargo 11
11/25/1935 Says U.S. Can Help In Shortening (Ethiopian) War (By Supporting England) 12
11/25/1935 Catholic Schools Face German Ban-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 13
11/25/1935 Church In Mexico Silent On Arrests-Killings Laid To Group 20
11/25/1935 Germans Find U.S. Backing Sanctions-Ickes Statement Noted 29
11/25/1935 Row On Franc Hits Gold-Bloc Moneys 34
11/25/1935 (U.S.) Isolation Feared In A Church Poll-Armament Cut Backed 40
11/26/1935 Martial Law For Brazil (Revolt) Is Proclaimed By Vargas (Picture, P. 16) 1
11/26/1935 Britain Is Warned By Japan To Keep Hands Off China 1
11/26/1935 King George (Ii Of Greece) Ends His 12-Year Exile-G.E.R. Gedye, Athens 1
11/26/1935 Oil Sanction Gains Backing At Geneva-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/26/1935 (U.S. Sec. Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper Forcing Safe Ships 1
11/26/1935 (Raymond Leslie) Buell (President Of ‘Foreign Policy Association’) Finds U.S. A War-Supply Base-Holds Italy Has A Case 12
11/26/1935 Italians Retreat, Defeated In South (Map)-Harold Denny, Harar 13
11/26/1935 Lij Yasu (Ethiopian Emperor Deposed By Haile Selassie) Dead In Ethiopia (After Years In Chains & A ‘Lingering Illness’-Usurper, Negus, Haile Selassie Goes Into Mourning) 13
11/26/1935 Stahlhelm Here Told To Carry On 20
11/26/1935 Miss (Helene) Mayer (Living In California) Accepts Berlin Olympics Bid-Fencer Is Assured By Officials Of Full (German) Citizenship-Despite The Anti-Jewish Laws 20
11/26/1935 Two Jailed In Reich In Synagogue Stoning Youths Get Three-Month Terms For ‘Individual Action’-Jews Barred From Buying Realty 20
11/26/1935 ‘Live’ Constitution Defended By (U.S. Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper-Sees New Deal Hampered 23
11/26/1935 Army Gets Bids For CCC Supplies 47
11/27/1935 Washington Not To Relax Effort To Curb War Trade 1
11/27/1935 (London) Naval Parley Seen As Certain To Fail 1
11/27/1935 (Nanking [Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek]) China Seeks Deal To Bar New China Splits-Hallett Abend 8
11/27/1935 London Is At Odds On Policy In China 8
11/27/1935 Aide Of Goebbels (Walther Schulze-Wechsungen) Ousted For Graft 11
11/27/1935 Reich Jews Plead For Haven Abroad-Berlin Zionist Paper (‘Jewish Review’) Calls Upon All Nations-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 11
11/27/1935 Austria Cheerful Despite Her Woes-But It Prefers Isolation-Walter Duranty, Vienna 11
11/27/1935 German (Albert Spiess) Is Executed (Betraying Rearmament Secrets) 11
11/27/1935 Picture: Emperor Haile Selassie In State (Horse-Drawn) Coach-Was Formerly That Of Kaiser Wilhelm Ii 12
11/27/1935 Italy Protesting (U.S.) Ban On Oil Tanker 13
11/27/1935 Death Of (Legitimate Heir & Emperor) Lij Yasu Ends A Grave Peril (No Pun Apparently Intended-For Usurper, Haile Selassie) 14
11/27/1935 Shakespeare Boom Gaining In Russia 17
11/28/1935 Japanese March Into North China; Seize Rail Center 1
11/28/1935 Italy Orders Army Moves To Warn Europe Of War 1
11/28/1935 Italy Increases The Price Of Gold 25% 1
11/28/1935 (Warm Springs, Georgia) Children Prepare Roosevelt Tribute 2
11/28/1935 Industries Widen New Deal Boycott 10
11/28/1935 WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Will Create Jobs For Women-Total Will Reach 3,800 19
11/28/1935 Hanfstaengl To Testify In His London Libel Suit 23
11/28/1935 Reich Jails 3 Nuns In Money-Law Case 23
11/28/1935 Big Gold Mystery Develops In Reich 24
11/28/1935 Arms Trade Vital, Says.British Official 26
11/28/1935 Dr. (Friedrich) Rosen Is Dead; German Diplomat (Signed Peace Treaty With U.S.-Foreign Minister In Wirth Cabinet) 31
11/28/1935 Lotte Lehmann Sings In Charity Concert (For Jewish Blind & Auxiliary Institutions) 38
11/29/1935 (U.S. China) Clipper Finishes Flight At Manila (11 Hours & 25 Minutes Flying Time) 1
11/29/1935 British Ask Japan Her Aims In China; Pacific Pact Cited 1
11/29/1935 Mussolini Is Ready For Desperate Act If Oil Is Cut Off 1
11/29/1935 Reich Declares All Men 18 To 45 Army Reservists 1
11/29/1935 (‘Committee On International Assistance To Refugees’) Studies Refugee Work (Hears James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner On Refugees From Germany) 5
11/29/1935 Frankfurt (A/M) Sets Up Separate Classes (For Jewish & German Children) 6
11/29/1935 Warsaw Rounds Up Anti-Semitic Rioters-Most Of Those Arrested Are Students-Stern Measures Breaking The Drive 6
11/29/1935 Reich Butter Lack Brings Ban On Whipped Cream 6
11/29/1935 Back Hitler Youth (State) Officials Are Told 6
11/29/1935 Nazis Confirm Ban On Jewish League (League Of National German Jews) 6
11/29/1935 Laval Is Upheld As Chamber Sits 7
11/29/1935 Tientsin Unmoved By Japan’s Troops-Do Not Fear New Regime 9
11/29/1935 (Zionist Leader Jacob De Haas) Finds Europe Depressed 9
11/29/1935 Pacifist Fallacy Is Seen By Britain (Nobel Prize Winner, Sir Norman Angell)-He Favors Commitments 10
11/29/1935 (Legitimate Heir) Ex-Emperor (Lij Yasu) Buried Secretly In Ethiopia 10
11/29/1935 Even 15-Day Credit Forbidden For Italy-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
11/29/1935 Hadassa Tells Aim To 1,500 (Cleveland Conference)-Asks Palestine Support 13
11/29/1935 11 Catholics To Go On Trial In Mexico-Indicted As Foes Of The State 13
11/29/1935 (Anti-German U.S. Ambassador, Dr. William E.) Dodd Stresses Need Of Assuring Peace-In Berlin 16
11/29/1935 ‘La Juive’ (At Metropolitan Opera) For Charity (Hadassa And Other Related Organizations) 22
11/30/1935 France, Britain Warn Italy Of Unity If Facing Attack 1
11/30/1935 Spending Peak Is Passed, Our Credit Best In World, Roosevelt Answers Critics (Atlanta, Georgia Speech)-Points In Roosevelt Speech-Text, P. 4 1
11/30/1935 Hitler Is Defiant To Foes At Home, Fears None Abroad-Stands On Armed Power 1
11/30/1935 ‘German Day’ On Dec. 15-Non-Nazis Plan Counter-Action To Pro-Hitler Observances (‘Deutsch-Amerikanische Kulturverband’-’German-American League For Culture’-Founded Two Months Ago To Unify All ‘Non-Nazi’ Groups [Dr. Frank Bohn!]) 5
11/30/1935 (U.S. London) Naval Delegates (Norman H. Davis, Ambassador-At-Large; Admiral William Standley, Chief Of U.S. Naval Operations, Phillips & Others) Start For London 7
11/30/1935 War Is Near, Says J. T. (James Truslow) Adams 7
11/30/1935 Nazis Seize Funds Of Opposing Synod (‘Confessional Church’ & ‘Confessional Synod’) 8
11/30/1935 Japanese Cabinet Approves A Huge Budget; Army And Navy To Get 46.8 Per Cent Of It 8
11/30/1935 Nazis To Try (Karl Messelbeck, Naturalized) U.S. Citizen (On ‘Attempted High Treason’) 8
11/30/1935 Hanfstangl Denies Oxford Slur At (London Libel) Trial 13
11/30/1935 Letter: Our Entry Into The War (Wwi)-Reginald I. Lovell 14
11/30/1935 (Rabbi Barnett R. Brickner, Cleveland, Ohio) Calls Jew Victim Of Mass Hypnosis-Tells Haddassa (At Cleveland Conference) Palestine Must Be Made Homeland For (German Jewish) Refugees (Economic Boycott Aimed At Extermination Of 9,000,000 Jews)-Junior Group Adds Members 16
11/30/1935 Man Called ‘Bum’ By La Guardia Sues 17