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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

April 1935
Date Headline Page
04/01/1935 Brown Uniforms Vanishing In Reich As Army Emerges-Old Military State Back-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/01/1935 Britain And Soviet Declare Interest In Peace Is Mutual-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
04/01/1935 Poles Wary, Resist Mutual Help Pact-Policy Is To Avoid Ties-Otto D. Tolischus 1
04/01/1935 Japan Rejects The Idea Of Alliance With Reich 1
04/01/1935 Power Shortage Found In Nation; Board Warns Of Wartime Peril 1
04/01/1935 Pastor Is Arrested After His Sermon (In U.S.) 2
04/01/1935 Britain Would Aid Trade With Russia-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
04/01/1935 Reich Is Fearful It Was Overbold-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Berlin 8
04/01/1935 Anglo-Soviet Statement 8
04/01/1935 Red Army Warns Of Reich Military-Plan For Fast Blow Seen 9
04/01/1935 Reich Youth Chief (Baldur Von Schirach, Picture) Denies He Is Pagan-Opposes Parts Of Bible 10
04/01/1935 Nazi Schools Held Propaganda Tools (By Dr. Isaac L. Kandel,, Professor Of Education, Teachers’ College, Columbia, Univ.) 10
04/01/1935 Berlin Ridicules Rumors On Army 10
04/01/1935 Catholics In Danzig Lead Fight On Nazis 10
04/01/1935 Anti-Semitism Here Seen 11
04/01/1935 Federal Aid Asked In School Distress 11
04/01/1935 Zionist (Organization Of America) Program Set Up-It Urges British To Allow More Immigration Into Palestine 13
04/02/1935 New Trial Ordered By Supreme Court In Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case 1
04/02/1935 Pope (Pius XI) Warns War Would Be Insanity; Appeals For Hope 1
04/02/1935 Soviet Is Assured Of Britain’s Amity-Harold Denny, Moscow 10
04/02/1935 Moscow Stirred Over Eden’s Visit-Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
04/02/1935 France To Enlarge Her Aerial Forces 10
04/02/1935 Poles In Dilemma As Eden Arrives-Otto D. Tolischus, Warsaw 11
04/02/1935 French Still Hold Polish Friendship-Tie To Reich Not Binding 11
04/02/1935 Hitler Lives Month Out And Underwriters Profit (Assassination Attempt Or ‘Invitation’?) 11
04/02/1935 Armed Aid Pact Studied By British 11
04/02/1935 Germany Buys (Swedish) Iron Ore 11
04/02/1935 Reich To Aid Army With Her Exports 12
04/02/1935 3 Powers Cautious On Memel Status 12
04/02/1935 (U.S.) War Debts $13,438,703,671 12
04/02/1935 Ethiopia Demands Italy Arbitrate-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
04/02/1935 Senate Group Acts To End War Gain 13
04/02/1935 (Samuel) Untermyer (Head Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights) Urges League Ban On Reich-Invoking Of ‘Economic Sanctions’ Would Cause Hitler’s Fall In Sixty Days, He Says 13
04/02/1935 Luxemburg Cuts Franc’s Value 10% 29
04/03/1935 House And Senate Clash On Drastic Bills To End All Profiteering In War 1
04/03/1935 Poland Is Veering To Anti-Reich Bloc; Invites Laval Trip 1
04/03/1935 U.S. Warns France Of Trade Reprisal 1
04/03/1935 Swiss Make Issue Of Nazi Kidnapping (Berthold Jacob) 1
04/03/1935 Methodists Warn Of Fascist Threat 3
04/03/1935 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case To Be Reopened-Silent On Negro Jurors 7
04/03/1935 Outline Of Senate Munitions Bill 10
04/03/1935 Navy Plant Rushes New Mystery (Rapid-Fire) Gun 12
04/03/1935 Italian Is Accused Of Killing Ethiopian 14
04/03/1935 Reich Takes Over All Judicial Rule 15
04/03/1935 Lithuania Is Seen Asking For Memel 15
04/03/1935 British Arms Head Makes Peace Plea 16
04/03/1935 Reich Army Now Able To Resist, Says Hess 16
04/03/1935 France Has Home Army Of 350,000, She Reports 16
04/03/1935 21 Republicans Go On Trial In Vienna-G.E.R. Gedye 17
04/03/1935 (Pierre) Laval Is Invited To Visit Warsaw 17
04/03/1935 Palestine School Is Praised At Fete 24
04/03/1935 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace & President Of Columbia University) Condemns Anti-War Strike 25
04/04/1935 Austria To Increase Army; Plans Two Year Service; Poland Bars Eastern Pact 1
04/04/1935 Navy Contract Aid Sought By ‘Friend’ Of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Son (James) 1
04/04/1935 Abyssinia Moving Troops To Border-British Take Precaution 1
04/04/1935 Britain Bars Idea Of Pacific Parley 12
04/04/1935 Kweichow Reds Push Toward Capital 12
04/04/1935 Britain’s Cabinet To Frame Policy 15
04/04/1935 Germans Control Swedish Arms Plants; Krupp Owns Essential Part Of One Company 15
04/04/1935 Swiss Will Hold Nazi As Hostage (For Berthold Jacob, Picture) 15
04/04/1935 Nazis Halt Schiller Play (‘Don Carlos’) That Pleads For Liberty 15
04/04/1935 (Samuel Untermyer’s Non-Sectarian Anti Nazi League For Human Rights) Urge Reich Coke Boycott 15
04/04/1935 Britain Bids Reich To Naval Parley 16
04/04/1935 France’s War Plans Revealed To Deputies 16
04/04/1935 Eden Fails To Win Poland To Treaty-Way Left Open For (Pierre) Laval-Otto D. Tolischus 17
04/04/1935 Polish Talks Please Reich 17
04/04/1935 Poles May Protest To Reich On Danzig 17
04/04/1935 Saar Reprisals Barred Frick Reminds Germany 17
04/05/1935 Nazi Chiefs Stage Military Display For Danzig Voters 1
04/05/1935 2 German Women In Exile Poisoned-Probed (Berthold) Jacob Kidnapping-Friends Doubt Suicide 1
04/05/1935 Eden Ends His Tour With Prague Visit-Czechs Soothed By Call-G.E.R. Gedye 2
04/05/1935 Berlin Says (Sir John) Simon Will Take Peace Plan Offered By Hitler To Stresa Conference 2
04/05/1935 Nazis Shift Buying From Us To Rivals 2
04/05/1935 100,000 Abyssinians Moving To Frontiers-Troops Reportedly Well-Armed And Equipped-Italy Mobilizing Many Volunteers 2
04/05/1935 France To Detain Conscript Class 2
04/05/1935 U.S. Still In Doubt On Naval Conference 2
04/05/1935 First Pictures Of Germany’s Air Force 3
04/05/1935 Denies Krupps Own Swedish Arms Stock 3
04/05/1935 Inquiry On Ship Bid Reveals War Talk 3
04/05/1935 U.S. Halts Planes On Way To Bolivia-War Use Called Unlikely 4
04/05/1935 Japan Is Critical Of British Policy 5
04/05/1935 (German) Exile University Prepares To Stay (Ira A. Hirschmann, Chairman Of The Board) 25
04/06/1935 Danzig Hails Hess As He Calls On City To Join Nazi Front 1
04/06/1935 Italy Seeks Unity In Facing Germany 4
04/06/1935 France Bolsters Eastern Frontier 4
04/06/1935 Nazi Kidnappers Of Mate Punished 4
04/06/1935 Roiderer, Scarred, In Berlin For Trial-New Wounds On His Face 4
04/06/1935 German Churches To Silence Bells 4
04/06/1935 (World) Zionists (Organization) Vote Big Budget-L329,000 For Jewish Reconstruction Activity In Palestine 4
04/06/1935 Social Scientists See Fascist Trend 16
04/06/1935 Picture: (Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Sets Fashion Note For Easter 16
04/07/1935 Danzig Dominated By Storm Troops On Eve Of Election 1
04/07/1935 Italy Wants Curb On German Arming 1
04/07/1935 Hostility To War Rules House Votes As Army Parades 1
04/07/1935 Hull Bids Europe Improve Economy 17
04/07/1935 Fascism Offsets Told To (American) Academy (Of Political And Social Sciences) 28
04/07/1935 (Czech Foreign Minister, Eduard) Benes To Visit Russia On Mission Of Peace 34
04/07/1935 British To Launch Aerial Gas Attack 34
04/07/1935 Paris Keeps Class Due To Quit Army 35
04/07/1935 Soviet Sees Peril In Stresa Failure-Presses Locarno Plea 35
04/07/1935 100,000 Ethiopians Moving To Border 36
04/07/1935 18,000 March Here In Tribute To Army N-1
04/07/1935 Anti-War Protest Defies Police Ban N-1
04/07/1935 Princeton To Hear New Deal Leaders N-5
04/07/1935 Germany And France Shape War Machines E-3
04/07/1935 Great Britain Dodges An Anti-German Bloc-Mussolini Openly Anti-Nazi E-3
04/07/1935 Four Paths Now Open To Britain-Hitler’s Offer Spurned, Augur E-4
04/07/1935 New Line-Up Ends Italo-Reich Idyl E-4
04/07/1935 Soviet War Fears Shift To The West-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
04/07/1935 Poland Weighs Alliances E-4
04/07/1935 Eden Sees Danger Of War As Remote E-4
04/07/1935 Laws Of Arrest Revised By Nazi-New ‘Protective’ System E-5
04/07/1935 Picture: Abyssinian Warriors: Guardians Of The Nation E-5
04/07/1935 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case) Ruling Disturbs The South-New Trial Disliked E-6
04/07/1935 Canada Cool To War Talk E-7
04/07/1935 Activities Of Spies Increase In Europe E-12
04/07/1935 A Strong Light On Germany Book 2
04/07/1935 Europe Reweighs The New Deal Mag. 1
04/07/1935 Britain’s Meteoric Eden Flashes Ahead Mag. 5
04/07/1935 The War Of Currencies; A World Drama Mag. 6
04/08/1935 Nazis Balked In Danzig Falling Short Of 2/3 Vote; Poles Protest Terrorism-Hitler Polled Only 59.9%-Otto D. Tolischus 1
04/08/1935 Gold Bloc Decides To Fight For Life 1
04/08/1935 Moscow Curbing Private Industry-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
04/08/1935 Ludendorff’s Star Rising Once More 4
04/08/1935 Britain Is Turning To League In Crisis 4
04/08/1935 Diplomats Doubt Accord At Stresa 4
04/08/1935 Danzig Nazis Able To Muster Division-Poles In Defensive Step 6
04/08/1935 Germans Storing Supplies Of Ammunition In ‘Potatoe Cellars’ And ‘Game Reserves’ 6
04/08/1935 Czechs See Peace In 3-Power Unity-Put Trust In Democracy-G.E.R. Gedye 6
04/08/1935 Eden Told To Rest; Stresa Plan Upset 7
04/08/1935 Arms Race Decried By Mary E. Woolley 8
04/08/1935 Abyssinia Is Ready To Fight Invaders-Disavows Desire For War 10
04/08/1935 Trip By Roosevelt Urged-It Might Aid European Peace, Dr. Stephen S. Wise Says 16
04/08/1935 War Protest Barred In Schools; ‘Unwise’ Gesture Campbell Holds 21
04/08/1935 Dancers In Exile Make Debut Here 22
04/08/1935 Permanent CCC Urged By (Its Directer, Robert) Fechner-1,000,000 Jobs Provided 22
04/08/1935 Reich Improves Fiscal Position 29
04/09/1935 Adolf S. Ochs (Owner Of N.Y. Times) Dead (77) 1
04/09/1935 Danzig Vote Held Blow To Nazism; New Poll Sought-Otto D. Tolischus 1
04/09/1935 (British Prime Minister, Ramsay) M’donald Will Go To Stresa Parley 13
04/09/1935 Soviet Pessimistic Over Stresa Talks 13
04/09/1935 Britain Questioned On Refugees’ Stand 13
04/09/1935 German Churches Snub Ludendorff 14
04/09/1935 Ethiopia Receives Big Arms Shipment-400 Machine Guns And 20,000 Rifles Arrive From Belgium And Czechoslovakia 14
04/09/1935 ‘Anti-Nazi’ Bill Passes In New Jersey-Outlawing All Race Propaganda 23
04/10/1935 Franco-Russian (Mutual Assistance) Alliance Within League Reported; Britain To Avoid Pledges-Armed Aid Is Promised 1
04/10/1935 Two (Sol Epstein, A Jew, And Hans Ziegler, A German,) Face Ax In Horst Wessel Murder; Termed Aides In 1930 Killing Of Nazi Hero 1
04/10/1935 Ludendorff Cool To Nazis’ Acclaim 2
04/10/1935 British Arms Plan Is Backed By Japan 2
04/10/1935 Germany Prepares To Exchange Spies (A Polish Baron) 2
04/10/1935 Saar Folk Bitter At Rise In Prices 3
04/10/1935 Big Private Trade Is Shown In Russia-Harold Denny, Moscow 3
04/10/1935 Convent Is Seized By German Court-Eight Pastors Arrested 3
04/10/1935 $1,000,000 Mulcted From Aliens Here-Officials Are Involved 4
04/10/1935 Reich War Spirit Is Called A ‘Myth’ 8
04/10/1935 Need Of Refugees Told By Bentwich-(James G.) M’donald Associate Asks Funds For 4,000 Non-Jews Now In France And Other Lands 18
04/10/1935 Goering Weds Today; Nazi Fete Already On 25
04/11/1935 Roosevelt Raises (Price Of) Silver To 71 Cents; World Price Is 64 1
04/11/1935 Four Nations (Turkey & ‘Little Entente,’ Rumania, Czecho-Slovakia & Yugoslavia) Join Security Alliance On Eve Of Stresa-Back The Paris-Moscow (Mutual Assistance) Accord 1
04/11/1935 Stresa Talk Today Finds Powers Split-Britain, France And Italy Seem Utterly Divided On Best Way To Deal With Germany-Frederick T. Birchall 3
04/11/1935 All Soviet Youths To Get Air Training 3
04/11/1935 Roosevelt Weighs Neutrality Policy-Hull Cites Complexity 3
04/11/1935 Germans Hopeful Of League Changes 3
04/11/1935 Danzig Mayor Close Chief Rival Newspaper (‘Volkstimme’) 3
04/11/1935 Safety Of Aliens Is Roiderer Issue (Richard Roiderer, U.S. Citizen, Accused In Germany Of Espionage) 4
04/11/1935 Nazis Behead Two For (Horst) Wessel Death (Sol Epstein & Hans Ziegler-Both Sentenced As Aides In Murder) 4
04/11/1935 Russians Send Gifts To New Jewish (Biro-Bidjan) Soviet 4
04/11/1935 (Wilhelm) Furtwaengler Row (With NSDAP) Ends 4
04/11/1935 Japanese Ask U.S. For (New) Trade Treaty-Our Curbs Deplored 5
04/11/1935 Reich To Deny Charge (Berthold) Jacob Was Kidnapped (From Switzerland By Germans) 5
04/11/1935 British Naval Chief (Sir Bolton Gyres-Monsell) Upholds Battleships 5
04/11/1935 Goering Married (Pictures Of Couple) In Nazi Splendor (By Reich Bishop Ludwig Mueller)-Hitler Is Her (Emmy Sonneman’s) Sponsor-Otto D. Tolischus 7
04/11/1935 2 (U.S.) Admirals Deny Collusion In Navy-Cooperation Is Defended 7
04/11/1935 Nazi Parade Saluted By 20,000 In Hoboken 9
04/11/1935 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Demands Data In NRA-Colt Case-Arms Contracts Involved 11
04/11/1935 Roosevelt To Aid Philippines Trade 12
04/11/1935 (Gen. John J.) Pershing’s Tribute (To Dead Owner And Publisher Of N.Y. Times, Adolph S. Ochs) Talks Of Sorrow-Day Of Mourning Proclaimed By (Major Fiorello) La Guardia 18
04/11/1935 Britain Bans (U.S.) Book (Bessie Cotter-’Indecent’) 19
04/11/1935 Hebrew University (Of Jerusalem) Marks Loth Birthday (Exercises In Minnie Untermyer Memorial Amphitheatre, Gift Of Samuel Untermyer) 21
04/11/1935 Gold Currencies Continue To Rise 33
04/12/1935 Roosevelt’s Move On Silver Checks Inflationist Bloc 1
04/12/1935 British Stand By Entente As Powers Meet In Stresa; Want Move By The League-Stress Solidarity Aim-Favor Generalizing Any Geneva Denunciation Of Reich’s Step 1
04/12/1935 3-Power (French-Italian-British) Communique 1
04/12/1935 Britain Willing To Let Reich Have (Others) Mandates But Draws Line At Turning Over (Returning) Any Of Hers (Ramsay Mac Donald) 2
04/12/1935 Soviet Now Looks To French Treaty 2
04/12/1935 Germans Hopeful Of Stresa Failure 2
04/12/1935 Arms Views Given In Symposium Here (N.Y. Branch Of League Of Nations Association-Solidly Anti-German!) 2
04/12/1935 Stresa Advances Power Of League 2
04/12/1935 Beaverbrook (‘The London Daily Express’) Plans Drive For U.S. Amity 2
04/12/1935 France To Use 60,000 (Troops) For (Building Maginot Line) Defenses In East 2
04/12/1935 Will Receive More Jews-Palestine (British) To Grant Labor Immigration Certificates For 8,500 2
04/12/1935 Saar Employer Gets Novel Punishment 2
04/12/1935 Police Spy Slain By Austrian Nazis 3
04/12/1935 Japan Rebuffs Us In Protest On Oil-Holds We Must Negotiate With Manchukuo On Question Of New Monopoly-She Offers To Mediate 3
04/12/1935 Greece Disturbed By Wide Plotting 3
04/12/1935 Picture: Benito Mussolini And Ramsay Mac Donald At Stresa 3
04/12/1935 Gen. Goering Shows Huge Array Of Gifts 3
04/12/1935 Secret Parley (With Whom?) Maps (U.S.) Fleet Manoeuvres; 154 Ships To Take Part In Pacific Drill 4
04/12/1935 First U.S. Vote Cast In World (International) Labor (Organization, The ‘Ilo’) Body (Dennison & David Dubinsky, U.S. Delegates-Both Known For ‘Liberal’ Or ‘Red’ Leanings) 4
04/12/1935 France And Japan Talk Trade With Us-Japanese View Clarified 7
04/12/1935 (Harry L.) Hopkins (WPA Administrator) To Cut Off Pennsylvania Relief (In Support Of Gov. Earle, An Ardent Roosevelt Supporter Confronted By Hostile Penn. Legislature) 14
04/12/1935 Education Flaws Weigh In (Congressional) Survey 25
04/12/1935 French Bank Gold Declines Heavily 40
04/12/1935 Cotton Rushes Up In Wake Of Silver 41
04/13/1935 Reich To Give Peace Pledge But To Avoid Security Pact; Stresa Solution Speeded-3-Power Communique 1
04/13/1935 (U.S. Citizen, Richard) Roiderer Is Freed In (German) Treason Trial-Dreaded Nazi People’s Court Acquits American Despite Blast At Dictatorship-Otto D. Tolischus 1
04/13/1935 Nation’s Students Strike For Peace; Disorders Are Few 1
04/13/1935 World-Wide Call To Prayer For Peace Issued By Church Groups Of All Faiths 1
04/13/1935 Model League Group Refuses To Join (Student) Strike (For Peace) But Half Of Students At Parley Walk Out (Clark Eichelberger, President Of Model Council Assembly-Also Head Of League Of Nations Association & Later Head Of Roosevelt-Supported Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies-An Extreme Interventionist) 3
04/13/1935 British Ministers Clash Over Stresa-Rift Laid To (Neville) Chamberlain 8
04/13/1935 (Ramsay) Mac Donald Thinks America Prays For Him As He Strives To Secure Peace For Europe 8
04/13/1935 Reich Is Striving To Satisfy Britain-Asks London To Mediate 8
04/13/1935 Economic Weapon Aimed At Germany-Threat Of PressureIs Seen As Cause Of Compromise Spirit-Allies Must Show Unity-Walter Duranty 8
04/13/1935 Priest Is Sentenced For Criticizing Nazis 8
04/13/1935 Germans Assail Paper-Protest Managua (Nicaragua-General Anastasio Samoza) Daily Prints Deprecatory Items About Reich 8
04/13/1935 U.S. May Answer Tokyo Note On Oil 9
04/13/1935 New (Trade) Curb On Japan Seen (By American Trade Commission) As Harmful 9
04/13/1935 (John G.) Winant (Roosevelt’s Head Of Social Security Commission, Later Ambassador To England) Appointed To (Ilo) Post At Geneva (Picture-After The War, A Suicide!) 13
04/13/1935 Local Option To Decide Palestine Days Of Rest 16
04/13/1935 Drastic New Deal Offered Canada 21
04/14/1935 Danubian Parley In Rome Is Decided On At Stresa; Franco-Italian Deal Near 1
04/14/1935 Berlin Explains Views On Eastern Pact; Calls Military Clause Peace Menace 1
04/14/1935 Nazis To Open War On Foes In Church 1
04/14/1935 (Bainbridge ) Colby (Secretary Of State Under Woodrow Wilson) Condemns (Roosevelt’s) New Deal Policies 6
04/14/1935 Roosevelt’s Policies Called Jefferson’s (By Democratic Arkansas Senator Robinson) 6
04/14/1935 (Mexican President) Cardenas Soothes Foreign Investors-As Long As They Obey Laws And Protect Their Workers 20
04/14/1935 2,000 Scouts Hold Manhattan Rally-Boy Scout Handbook Given To Roosevelt (Nominal Head Of Boy Scouts) 21
04/14/1935 (Sumner) Welles Acclaims Our Cuban Policy (Supporting Col. Fulgencio Batista’s Policies) 27
04/14/1935 Mexican Regime Assailed 27
04/14/1935 Open Red Hearing (On Communists In University Of Chicago) Denied Walgreen-(Robert M. Hutchins, Chancellor) Demands Data On Charge Of Radical Teachings (To Be Reviewed In Confidence!) 30
04/14/1935 $1,290,000 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Relief Abroad (For Germany, Austria & Eastern Europe) 31
04/14/1935 Eastern Pact Dead, Poland Proclaims 33
04/14/1935 Germany Elated At Stresa Result (A Failure) 34
04/14/1935 Paris Press Doubts German Sincerity 34
04/14/1935 Reich Weighs Plebiscite On Re-Entry Into League 34
04/14/1935 Fire-Eaters Yield To Logic In Stresa-French Military Ideas Killed-Soviet Definition Of An Aggressor Accepted-Walter Duranty, Stresa 34
04/14/1935 France Tempers Geneva Demands 34
04/14/1935 Italy Will Mobilize Two More Divisions 33
04/14/1935 (William C.) Bullitt Is Greeted On Return To Russia 34
04/14/1935 Russia Is Skeptical On German Offer-Harold Denny, Moscow 35
04/14/1935 Schacht Says Debts Are Key Problem 35
04/14/1935 Arms Trade Pact Passes A Reading (In Congress) 35
04/14/1935 British Foreign Trade Shows Sharp Rise; Exports Leading Imports In The Expansion 35
04/14/1935 7,000 (Maoist) Reds Killed, Nanking Informed 35
04/14/1935 Picture: Horst Wessel (Dead 5 Years-Murdered Jan. 14, 1930) E-2
04/14/1935 British Try To Make German Compromise (Without Presence Of Germans, Of Course) E-3
04/14/1935 Stresa Talks Held In Strict Seclusion E-4
04/14/1935 Paris Sees No Hope To Overawe Reich-Soviet’s Power Doubted E-4
04/14/1935 Soviet Seeks Curb For Private Trade-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
04/14/1935 Vienna Murmers At Treason Trials-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
04/14/1935 Arms Curb Urged By Scandinavians E-4
04/14/1935 Britain Defends (‘Her’) Mandate-She Is Determined Not To Give Up Former German Colonies Found To Be Valuable E-4
04/14/1935 Picture: ‘Scrap Of Paper’ (Allusion To Sir John Goshen’s Propaganda ‘Coup’ In World War I)-The Treaty Of Versailles E-5
04/14/1935 Versailles Pact Whittled Away E-5
04/14/1935 Brazil Bans Fascist Army E-5
04/14/1935 Preventing War E-9
04/14/1935 Increase In Army Long Recommended (By Generals Pershing And Douglas Macarthur) E-10
04/14/1935 Europe Also Seeking Recovery By Spending E-11
04/14/1935 War Orders And Inquiries From Europe Up; American Branch Factories Benefit So Far F-9
04/14/1935 America’s Place In The World Mag. 1
04/14/1935 Europe Relives 1914 Days-And Wonders Mag. 4
04/14/1935 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Talks Of The Future Of Cuba Mag. 4
04/15/1935 3-Powers (England, France & Italy) Agree To Resist Future Treaty Violations (Germany Obviously Meant); French Protest To League-Clarence K. Streit & Frederick T. Birchall 1
04/15/1935 Text Of Statement Made By 3 Powers-Berlin Will Be Notified 1
04/15/1935 Army, Navy Plan Huge Games-Parallel Moves Abroad 4
04/15/1935 Reich Hurts Japan In Caribbean Sales-Japanese Buying Small 9
04/15/1935 Outcome At Stresa Disappoints Reich-Own Security Stressed 11
04/15/1935 Text Of French Memorandum To League On German Arms 11
04/15/1935 British Churchmen Score (Increasing) Arms Trade 12
04/15/1935 Would Bar War To Defend Trade-Opposes Arms Traffic 12
04/15/1935 Picture: Leaders Of 3 Nations At The Stresa Conference-Pierre Laval, Benito Mussolini, Ramsay Mac Donald & Pierre Flandin 12
04/15/1935 Jews’ Status Worse In Reich (Since Winter), Says (London Jewish Board Of Deputies) Report 12
04/15/1935 Final Appeal Sent By (United Confessional) Synod To Hitler 13
04/15/1935 Shop Council Poll A Rebuff To Nazis-Otto D. Tolischus 13
04/15/1935 Spain Celebrates Birth Of Republic (4 Years Earlier)-Cash Reward For Troops 13
04/15/1935 3 Soviet Officers To Die 13
04/15/1935 Hitler Tours Arms Plants On Week-End Inspection 13
04/15/1935 Grau Says Revolt In Cuba Is Certain 13
04/15/1935 German Business Rejects War Talk-It Is Too Late For Powers To Halt Reich’s Armament Plans 27
04/15/1935 Industrial Uptrend Is Noted In Germany 33
04/15/1935 Soviet Ships To Ply The Arctic Passage-Harold Denny, Moscow 37
04/16/1935 Poles And Nazis Fight In Polish Corridor; German Killed, Several Injured In Clashes 1
04/16/1935 Widespread Air Alliances Are Developing At Geneva As League Gets Arms Issue 1
04/16/1935 Roosevelt Plan On Ship Subsidy Goes To Congress 1
04/16/1935 Alarm Over Reich Spurred 3 Powers (At Stresa) 4
04/16/1935 Air Pact With Italy Is Next French Aim-Move Reflects View That Only Encirclement Of Germany Can Assure Security-Mussolini Rejects Honor 4
04/16/1935 Reich Again Holds Up Dawes Loan Payment 5
04/16/1935 Germany Refuses To Give Up Emigre (Berthold Jakob-Salomon)-Insists He Is A Traitor 6
04/16/1935 (Guatemala) To Execute Terrorists 8
04/16/1935 Clipper Off Today For Manila Flight 8
04/16/1935 Czechs Uncover Spy Ring 8
04/16/1935 Girl’s Death Penalty Commuted In Austria (Assisted Fiance In Terrorist Activities) 9
04/16/1935 Polly Adler (New York City ‘Madam’) Enters A Plea Of Guilty 9
04/16/1935 2 Americas Join In Cultural Pact-Roosevelt Sees A Unity (Hull-Sumner Welles Project) 22
04/17/1935 Reich Censure Sponsored By 3 Powers As Germans Warn Smaller Countries 1
04/17/1935 New Deal Derided By Col (Theodore) Roosevelt-(Our) Children In Jeopardy 7
04/17/1935 (U.S. Senate World War I) Arms Inquiry Draws A British Warning 8
04/17/1935 German (Fritz Groen) Slain In Poland (A Farmer Attacked By Polish Terrorists) 9
04/17/1935 Britain Upbraided Over Debts To U.S. 11
04/17/1935 Text Of French Arms Proposal At Geneva 12
04/17/1935 Nazi Press Fumes At Move In Geneva 13
04/17/1935 Mutual Aid Pacts Called Peace Hope-Reich’s Isolation Is Seen-Harold Denny, Moscow 14
04/17/1935 Germany Obtains Export Surplus-Imports From U.S. Gain 15
04/17/1935 Peter Smidovitch, Soviet Aid, Dead-Settled Jews On Land (Biro-Bidjan) 23
04/17/1935 (German) Dawes Funds Again Withheld 35
04/17/1935 World Shipyards Continue To Gain 47
04/18/1935 League Censures Germany, Moves To Apply Sanctions For Future War Threats-Return Of Reich (To League) Remote-Council Vote Unanimous 1
04/18/1935 Franco-Soviet (Mutual Aid) Pact Settled In Geneva; Removes Delay In Giving Mutual Aid 1
04/18/1935 Japanese Textiles Pact Under (Roosevelt Tariff Commission) Inquiry 1
04/18/1935 Switzes (American Citizens) Set Free (After 16 Months) By French Court (On Charges Of Spying) 14
04/18/1935 (Ramsay) M’donald Appeals To German People-Urges Amity In Radio Talk-London Bars Big Reich Navy 16
04/18/1935 Danish View On Reich At Geneva Defended-He Refuses To Join Vote Of Censure 16
04/18/1935 Paris Hails Unity Of Action On Reich 17
04/18/1935 Lithuania Orders More Men To Arms-Takes Cue From France 17
04/18/1935 Nazis Levy Tribute On Vienna’s Shops-Sacrifices Are Exacted-G.E.R. Gedye 18
04/18/1935 Poles Are Relieved By Action Of (Foreign Minister Josef) Beck (He Voted With France For Censure Of Germany) 18
04/18/1935 Millions’ Plight Saddens Passover-Synagogue Sermons Stress Situation Of (500,000) Jews Under Nazi Rule In Germany-Many (3,500,000 Jews) Suffering In Poland 19
04/18/1935 Argentina Decree Blow To U.S. Trade 45
04/18/1935 Battleships Defended-Admiral (Yates) Sterling Declares It Is Backbone Of Navy 45
04/19/1935 Reich Protests To Britain Over Geneva ‘Betrayal’ (Of Germany); London Will Ignore It 1
04/19/1935 Britain And Italy Warn Germany On Rhineland 1
04/19/1935 Berlin Embittered By British Stand-Now Cool To New Moves 10
04/19/1935 Nazis Win In Polls For Labor Shops Units-MajoritiesUp To 91 Per Cent 10
04/19/1935 Nazis Get 8% Of Vote In The Netherlands 10
04/19/1935 Hitler To Appoint All German Judges-May Dismiss Them At Any Time 10
04/19/1935 German (Refugee) Cartoonist Tells Of Wide Curbs (In Germany) 11
04/19/1935 Pagans Privileges In New Nazi Order-Goebbels Critic Seized 12
04/19/1935 Poles Refute Berlin On Rumors Of Riots (Knows Nothing Of Them)-Deny New Anti-Reich Outbreaks-See Propaganda Pact Violated 12
04/19/1935 African Campaign Is Costly To Italy 12
04/19/1935 Switz (U.S. Citizens) Terms, Spies Of Soviet Mercenary 12
04/19/1935 French Bank Gold At An 8-Month Low 35
04/20/1935 France Holds Up (Mutual Aid) Pact With Russia; Quick Aid Is Issue 1
04/20/1935 U.S. Sharply Protests To Germany Against Discrimination On (War) Debts (Protest By U.S. Ambassador, Anti-German William E. Dodd-Germany Offered To Pay In Marks Instead Of Gold Dollars) 1&6
04/20/1935 Faith In Press Seen Lost In Reich 1
04/20/1935 Army Pays Hitler Birthday Tribute 6
04/20/1935 Tokyo Press Criticizes Our Naval Exercises; Hints That They Are Offensive In Character 66
04/20/1935 Soviet Troops Reported Invading Western China 6
04/20/1935 Starhemberg (Austria) Sees Mussolini On Arms 6
04/20/1935 Death For Pacifists (In Germany) 6
04/20/1935 China Peace Goal Pressed By Japan 7
04/20/1935 American Writers In Berlin Lauded (By Dorothy Thompson, Recently Expelled From Germany, In Washington Talk) 11
04/20/1935 Says 80% Of Press In World Is Censored 11
04/20/1935 Criminal Held Antiquated 15
04/20/1935 Trade In Germany Gained In March 24
04/20/1935 (U.S. Cruiser) Omaha Will Head The Asiatic Fleet 27
04/21/1935 Germany Rejects Verdict Of League On Arms Violation-Brief Sharp Note Sent 1
04/21/1935 Germany Warned By Russian Paper (‘Izvestia’)-Appeals To Reich People 4
04/21/1935 J. G. Mc Donald (Faithful Roosevelt Supporter) In Buenos Aires (Discussions On German Refugees) 4
04/21/1935 German Rearming Takes Big Strides 5
04/21/1935 Reich Spurs Drive To (Re-)Gain Colonies-Otto D. Tolischus 6
04/21/1935 Aviation Recruiting Begun By Mussolini 6
04/21/1935 Shop Council Vote Is 84 Per Cent Nazi 7
04/21/1935 British Arms Rise Defended By Eden 8
04/21/1935 Foreign Prelates Urge World Peace-National Is Decried 8
04/21/1935 Paris Sees Effort To Destroy Treaty (Of Versailles) 9
04/21/1935 41 Fighting Planes (Horst Wessel Squadron) Are Gift To Hitler (On His 46th Birthday) 10
04/21/1935 Morals Of Youth In Reich Deplored (In Germany)-Adjacent Camps For Boys And Girls Banned 10
04/21/1935 Austrian Nazis Mark Day 10
04/21/1935 Three Powers Urge Memel Settlement 10
04/21/1935 Catholic Students Get Nazi (Labor Service) Exemptions 11
04/21/1935 Isolation Assailed As Trade Deterrent 23
04/21/1935 U.S. Missionaries Regret (U.S. Pacific) War Games (An Irritant To Japan) 25
04/21/1935 68 Camps Listed For State CCC-Share In $30,000,000 Fund 30
04/21/1935 American Social Workers Teach Bulgars New Ways-Near East And Rockefeller Foundations Take Lead N-1
04/21/1935 Jewish-Arab Amity Urged By Einstein N-4
04/21/1935 President (Roosevelt) To Lead In (Easter) Worship Today N-8
04/21/1935 Japanese Agitation Seen As ‘Smoke Screen’ In Protectionists’ Fight For Higher Tariffs F-9
04/21/1935 Map: Europe Tightens The Barrier Around The Reich E-1
04/21/1935 Hitler’s Cooperation Is Becoming Difficult E-3
04/21/1935 Peace Hope Is Aided By Alliance Trends-Frederick T. Birchall E-4
04/21/1935 Britain’s (Economic) Recovery Leads The World-Nation Still Vulnerable E-4
04/21/1935 Treaty Aids Nazis In Polish Corridor (Riots!)-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
04/21/1935 Startling Figures On German Planes-Augur E-4
04/21/1935 Paris A Flurry Over Air Defense E-4
04/21/1935 Map: Europe Looks To The Air In The Present Crisis E-4
04/21/1935 Reich Sees World Still Defaming It E-5
04/21/1935 Doom Pronounced By (Soviet) Woman Judge-Harold Denny, Moscow E-5
04/21/1935 Illinois To Learn About ‘Red’ Youth (University Of Chicago Investigation) E-6
04/21/1935 Japanese Go After Panama Hat Trade E-7
04/21/1935 Cartoon: Anti-German E-9
04/21/1935 Open Subsidies Proposed To Aid Our Ships E-10
04/21/1935 Nazis Censorship Of Press Detailed (Prague Report) E-12
04/21/1935 Hitler’s ‘Hunches’: What Next?-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Berlin Mag. 1
04/21/1935 France Is Divided On Russian Snag 1
04/21/1935 Reich Enlists (Reclaims) Soil In Drive For Power (Land To Plant For Food) 1
04/21/1935 Protestants Face Control By Reich-Pastors Exiled By Police 2
04/21/1935 Baltic Guarantee Sought By Russia 2
04/21/1935 Reich Red Leaders (Ernst Thaelmann & Ernst Torgler) Still Held In Jail 2
04/21/1935 Berlin-Warsaw Pact Reported And Denied 2
04/21/1935 Formosan People Mostly Chinese 3
04/21/1935 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Calls Christ A ‘Jew Immortal’ (Accuses Christians Of Ignoring His Teachings And Thereby ‘Crucifying The Jewish People For 1900 Years’) 8
04/21/1935 Pagan Easter (‘Ostermond’) Kept By Many Germans 9
04/21/1935 Roosevelts Lead Nation In (Easter) Worship (Pictured ‘Together’) 10
04/21/1935 Plan United Slate Of Zionist (Organization Of America) Delegates (James G. Mc Donald, League Commissioner Of Refugees From Germany & Roosevelt Supporter Present) 13
04/23/1935 Huge Soviet Force Near Manchukuo 1
04/23/1935 (Louisiana Senator Huey P.) Long And (Father) Coughlin Classed By (Harold L.) Ickes As ‘Contemptible’ 1
04/23/1935 Direct Reich Talk Refused By Paris 4
04/23/1935 Soviet Confident Of Pact With Paris 4
04/23/1935 War Lords Menace China’s Red (Maoist) Drive 4
04/23/1935 Three Powers Send Protest On Memel (They Recommend Germans Be Included On Directorate Of Memel) 4
04/23/1935 Nation Is Warned On Danger Of War-Strict Neutrality Urged 5
04/23/1935 (Representative Hamilton Fish, N.Y.) Asserts New Deal Bars Free Speech 13
04/24/1935 House Navy Bill Asks $457,786,261 2
04/24/1935 Pick 52,000 Troops For War Game Test 2
04/24/1935 France Conscripts 120,000 ‘War Babies’ 8
04/24/1935 Reich Considers (Separate) Schools For Jews-Bids ‘Aryans’ Wed Early 8
04/24/1935 Hitler Forgets Australia In Arms Note Protest 8
04/24/1935 British And Reich Armies Again Exchange Officers 8
04/24/1935 U.S. Naval Aviation Put Above British 10
04/24/1935 World Trade Fell But Little In 1934-U.S. Imports Cut Most 39
04/25/1935 Berlin Gains In Air Bring Rival Capitols In Easy Reach-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/25/1935 President (Roosevelt) Raises Price Of Silver To 77.57 Cents As World Market Soars 1
04/25/1935 Danubian Treaties For Peace Sought (By Paris)-Poland Shuns Invitation 10
04/25/1935 Anti-Semitism Is Pushed (In ‘Der Angriff,’ Goebbel’s Magazine) 11
04/25/1935 Giant Pagan Rally Ordered In Berlin (‘Real German Religion’)-Ten Saxon Pastors Held 12
04/25/1935 Greece Executes 2 Rebel Generals 12
04/25/1935 U.S. (Economic) Mission Sees Chinese (In Nanking) 12
04/25/1935 (N.Y. City) Vice Group Gloomy On City’s Morals 13
04/26/1935 Germany Begins A Drive To End Non-Nazi Press-Otto D. Tolischus 1
04/26/1935 (James G.) M’donald Assails Reich As Chief Bar To Europe’s Peace (Mc Donald, A Long-Time Roosevelt Mouthpiece!) 1
04/26/1935 (Bainbridge) Colby (Wilson’s Sec. Of State) Sees Party Split By New Deal 7
04/26/1935 Situation Is Tense On Polish (-German) Border-Ten Germans Are Seized For Spreading False Rumors Of An Impending Plebiscite 8
04/26/1935 Germans Resent Article (By Roosevelt Appointee, James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 8
04/26/1935 France To Halt Flights By Germans Over (Maginot) Forts 9
04/26/1935 Germany Seeking Chilean Nitrate-Barters With Salvador 9
04/26/1935 Experts At Odds On Neutral Policy 10
04/26/1935 Treaty Naval Plea Is Made By Vinson 10
04/26/1935 1 German In Each 203 Sentenced In A Year 11
04/26/1935 Masses For Peace Begin At Lourdes-Cardinal Pacelli Arrives 21
04/26/1935 Gold Imports Lift Banks’ Reserves 35
04/27/1935 15,000 Nazis Rally Against Churches And For Paganism-Christianity Is Assailed 1
04/27/1935 German Miners Chief Is Slain By Nazis; F. E. Husemann Shot ‘Trying To Escape’ 1
04/27/1935 France And Russia Renew (Mutual Aid) Pact Talks 8
04/27/1935 Aggression By U.S. Is Feared In Japan-Manoeuvres And Pacific Airline Show Plan To Invade Far East 8
04/27/1935 (Henry L.) Stimson Scouts Isolation Theory-Asks Collective Action (Instead) 9
04/27/1935 (James G.) Mc Donald And Hitler 16
04/27/1935 40 Nations Attend Reich Film Parley-British Shun Meeting 21
04/28/1935 12 U-Boats Built And Germans Push Training Of Crews-London Cabinet Angered 1
04/28/1935 German Air Parity Is Called Remote-American Expert (Edward P. Warner) Denies Claim Hitler’s Forces Rank With Britain And U.S.-Puts Reich In 7th Place 5
04/28/1935 Nazis Arrest Many In Catholic Orders-Old And Ill Are Seized 6
04/28/1935 Anti-Nazis Attack Foes In Czech Town 6
04/28/1935 Nicaragua (Anastasio Samoza) To Buy (U.S.) Planes 6
04/28/1935 German May Day To Glorify Army-Frederick T. Birchall 7
04/28/1935 Russia Decorated For May Day Fete-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
04/28/1935 Nazis To Exclude Foes As Citizens-Jews And Enemies Of The Party To Be Barred By New Law, Declares Frick 9
04/28/1935 (Alfred) Rosenberg Explains German Press Curbs 9
04/28/1935 Hitler To Promise Wage Rise In Reich-Otto D. Tolischus 9
04/28/1935 Germans Excited Over Submarines-France Sees Showdown 14
04/28/1935 3 Soviet Workers Jailed For Anti-Semitic Attack 15
04/28/1935 President (Roosevelt) Guest Of (U.S.) Newspaper Men-New Dealers Also There 16
04/28/1935 Seizure Of Islands (British & French Island Off U.S. Coast) In War Suggested 28
04/28/1935 Methodists Demand Curb On War Service 30
04/28/1935 Map: 160 Ships To Begin (U.S. Pacific) War Game Friday 34
04/28/1935 British In Quandary Over German Policy-(Ramsay) Macdonald Berates Berlin E-3
04/28/1935 Germany Overspread By An Ominous Calm E-4
04/28/1935 Reich War Order Checked By France-Augur E-4
04/28/1935 French Conscripts Belie Fear Of War E-4
04/28/1935 Empire’s Defense New British Issue E-4
04/28/1935 Nazis Increasing Power In Austria-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
04/28/1935 Germany’s Pagans Gain Nazi Support E-5
04/28/1935 Japan Is Courting Australian Trade E-5
04/28/1935 Picture: Manuel Quezon, Philippines E-5
04/28/1935 Picture: Nazi Spirit In The German Church E-5
04/28/1935 Professor (Dr. I. Zolischan) Ridicules Idea Of Super Race E-12
04/28/1935 Eyes Turn To The Vast Red Army Mag. 1
04/28/1935 Picture: Stresa Principals-Pierre Laval, Benito Mussolini, Ramsay Macdonald & Pierre Flandin Roto.
04/29/1935 Nazis Find Expense Of Raw Materials Balk Arms Plans 1
04/29/1935 Faces Slapped In Church Feared 3
04/29/1935 Big Fleet Will Sail Today In (U.S. Pacific) War Game 5
04/29/1935 Jews Open Drive For Relief Abroad-$1,250,000 Fund Is Sought-’Black Despair’ In Germany (500,000 Jews) 5
04/29/1935 Reich Hopes To Get A New Naval Quota (From London) 9
04/29/1935 Lithuania To Name Reich As Intruder (In Memel Dispute) 9
04/29/1935 Reich Said To Own Base (Sylt, A ‘Second Helgoland) In North Sea 9
04/29/1935 Baltic States Push Military Air Forces 9
04/29/1935 Too Few Officers Seen On Our Ships 31
04/30/1935 British Reply To (German) U-Boats Likely To Be New Arming; Nazis Reopen Kiel School 1
04/30/1935 Britain Calls Japan Treaty Breaker On Oil; Holds Her Liable For Losses In Manchukuo 1
04/30/1935 Nazis Kidnap German (Joseph Lampersberger) From Czecho-. Slovakia; Armed Reich Guard Assists Brutal Attack 1
04/30/1935 Nazis Arrest Protestant Press Chief; Seek To Suppress News Of Jailed Clergy 9
04/30/1935 War Is Denounced By P. T. A. Congress 9
04/30/1935 Jewish Women Urged To Work For Peace 9
04/30/1935 Protocols Of Zion (Bern Trial) Branded As Fakes — Expert Testifies Documents Were Forged In Russia — Calls Them Plagerism 10
04/30/1935 Fleet Leaves Port For (U.S. Pacific) War Game — Manoeuvres Start Friday 11
04/30/1935 Map: Sylt Off Denmark 11
04/30/1935 (German) Submarine School Reopened At Kiel 11
04/30/1935 British ‘New Deal’ Rigid, (Sir Josiah) Stamp Says 27