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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

December 1935
Date Headline Page
12/01/1935 Chinese In North Give Up, Concede Autonomy Plan; Will Detach 2 Provinces 1
12/01/1935 Mussolini Issues 88 Decrees To Aid Italy’s War Plan 1
12/01/1935 (George N.) Peck (President, Export-Import Bank) Resigns Trade Post Over Pact With Canada; Long A Storm Center-Hull’s Victory A Factor 1
12/01/1935 Non-Belief In Naziism To Be Divorce Grounds Under Changes Planned In German Law 1
12/01/1935 United States Soldiers On Guard At Tientsin; ‘Can Do’ Regiment Protects Peiping Railroad 1
12/01/1935 Women Here Oppose Race For Armament 8
12/01/1935 Hadassah (Cleveland) Session Honors Miss Szold-(Rabbi) Brickner Urges Loyalty 27
12/01/1935 Build Bigger Navy, (U.S. Sec. Of Navy, Claude A.) Swanson Advises-Constructing 64 Ships 32
12/01/1935 5 Nations Will Pit Demands On Navies (London Naval Conference) 32
12/01/1935 75 Italians Sail From Here To Enter War; Doctors And 2 Ambulances Also Are Sent 34
12/01/1935 Schacht Defends Capitalist System-Favors Stock Companies-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 35
12/01/1935 200,000 (Jews) Expected To Leave Germany 35
12/01/1935 Neutrality Theory Is Called ‘Illogical’ (By Prof. James W. Garner, Univ. Of Illinois, At Berlin Academy Of German Law) 35
12/01/1935 British See Japan Taking China Area 36
12/01/1935 U.S. Calls (Trade) Accord To Japan’s Attention 36
12/01/1935 Women Pledged To Win Equality 40
12/01/1935 Japan Shoves Along On Her Chinese Grab E-3
12/01/1935 Italy Dreads Blow Of An Oil Embargo E-4
12/01/1935 Deny That League Is Run By Britain-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
12/01/1935 Real French Crisis Is Lack Of Leaders E-4
12/01/1935 (London) Naval Conference A Salvage Task E-4
12/01/1935 Powers Hesitate To Hurt Mussolini E-4
12/01/1935 Hitler Wars On Catholics (Picture: Dr. Alfred Rosenberg) E-5
12/01/1935 Fabulous Wealth Seen In Manchuria E-5
12/01/1935 War Port Built (By Italy) At Terrific Cost E-6
12/01/1935 New Canton Chief (Gen. Chen Chia-Tang) Increases Power E-6
12/01/1935 Flight Of China Clipper Opens A New Travel Era E-7
12/01/1935 Cartoon: Anti-Italian, Anti-Japanese E-9
12/01/1935 The Naval Race Reaches A Crisis-Hanson W. Baldwin Mag. 1
12/01/1935 Into Ethiopia-With Rome’s Legions Mag. 6
12/02/1935 Britain And France Draft A New Offer To Mussolini; Would Halt Oil Boycott 1
12/02/1935 Prussian (Confessional Synod) Pastors (Martin Niemoeller Et Al.) Defy Nazi Orders To Cease Attacks (On The State-Picture: Niemoeller, The ‘Submarine Pastor’) 1
12/02/1935 China Balks Japan In Northern Plans; Army Is Angered 1
12/02/1935 (U.S.) Debt Over $30,000,000,000 1
12/02/1935 No War In Europe Seen By Experts-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 10
12/02/1935 Canada Disclaims Proposing Oil Ban-Backs Pacific Steps Only 10
12/02/1935 (U.S.) Isolation Policy Far Ahead In Poll 11
12/02/1935 Ethiopians Await Religious Revival 11
12/02/1935 Jews Flee Polish Town (Radom Area)-One Killed, 10 Hurt 11
12/02/1935 Ethiopian Morale High In South-Harold Denny, Jijiga 12
12/02/1935 Exiles Of Soviet (‘N.Y. Relief Society For Socialist Prisoners And Exiles In Soviet Russia’) Appeal For Help 14
12/02/1935 Palestine Appeal To Seek $2,500,000 17
12/02/1935 Union Of Pacifists To Bar War Urged 26
12/02/1935 Steel Output Up To Peak For 1935 35
12/03/1935 Japanese Insist On Naval Parity; See Brief (London) Parley 1
12/03/1935 Italians Admit Pinch Of Sanctions; Unemployment Problem Is Feared 1
12/03/1935 Nazis To Repress Protestant Foes 1
12/03/1935 Army Concentrates Planes In 23 Hours 9
12/03/1935 Italians Prepare For Sanctions War-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome 13
12/03/1935 British Hope Italy Will Halt Armies 14
12/03/1935 Offer By Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Balks Japan Anew-Japanese Anger Mounts-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 16
12/03/1935 Two Trade Pacts Are Proclaimed (By U.S.-Canada & Brazil) 16
12/03/1935 German Admiral (Raeder) Ignores The Swastika In His Flag 17
12/03/1935 Gloom And Suicide Verboten In Reich 20
12/03/1935 Libel Suit (In London) Settled By Dr. Hanfstangl-London Express Will Pay Costs 20
12/04/1935 Evasion (Of U.S. Neutrality Law) To Be Prosecuted, Hull Tells Arms Traders; Britain Stands By League 1
12/03/1935 Hull’s Oil Policy Challenged In Suit 1
12/03/1935 Left Scores Laval On Right ‘Armies’ 1
12/03/1935 ‘First Houses’ Open, Roosevelt Hails (His) New Slum Policy 1
12/03/1935 Virginia Prospers; Roosevelt Strong 6
12/03/1935 North China Acts To Curb Japanese 10
12/04/1935 Britain And U.S. Begin Trade Pact Surveys-Work Independently On Bases For A Reciprocal Accord 10
12/04/1935 Ickes Now Denies He Urged Oil Ban-Holds U.S. Policy Stands 12
12/04/1935 Italy Cuts School Hours 12
12/04/1935 British Optimistic Despite War Peril-London In Dynamic State-Walter Duranty, London 13
12/04/1935 Strong Measure On Neutrality Due-Bill Giving President (Roosevelt) Wider Power Reported Being Drafted 13
12/04/1935 Statement On Arms (Trade) Registration 13
12/04/1935 Churches (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Support (Roosevelt’s) Neutrality Stand-Urge Him To Go Further 14
12/04/1935 Reich (Confessional) Synods Defy Ban On Activities-Refuses To ‘Bend Knee’ (Prof. Friedrich Dibelius, Dahlem) 15
12/04/1935 Hitler Nullifies Ruling By Goering-Reinstates Governor Of East Prussia, Suspended For Beating (Hitting) Official 15
12/04/1935 (German Czech) Denies Hitler Wants Any Czech Territory 15
12/04/1935 (Germans) Jailed As Race Defilers (For Intimacies With Jewish Women) 15
12/05/1935 Atlantic Air Mail Backed By Farley; Test Fund Sought 1
12/05/1935 Anglo-French Peace Plan Proposed As Alternative To Sterner Curbs On Italy 1
12/05/1935 Italy’s Finances To Be Kept Secret-(Harold L.) Ickes (Second!) Oil Stand Hailed 1
12/05/1935 U.S. Held Leader In Arms Science (Congressional Committee Study) 1
12/05/1935 $2,654,500 Is Spent (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) On European Jews (Germany & Eastern Europe-$902,000 Went To Germany-34% Of Total!) 10
12/05/1935 Ickes (Secretary Of Interior) Says Nation Is At Cross Roads-Assails ‘Exploiting Class’ 11
12/05/1935 Resignations Cut (Daniel C.) Roper (Sec. Of Commerce Business Advisory) Board In Half-Many Foes Of New Deal 14
12/05/1935 British Now Fear U.S. Role Is 2-Sided-Begin To Realize Neutrality Policy Would Apply To Them If They Get Into War-Harold Callender 16
12/05/1935 Ethiopians Wary Of Pursuing Foes-Guerrilla Tactics Begin 17
12/05/1935 Addis Ababa Sees Stalemate In War 18
12/05/1935 War Toys Leading In The American Market 18
12/05/1935 King And Queen Of Italy Give Wedding Rings To Mussolini For Defense Of Their Country 19
12/05/1935 Reich Repudiates Its Marks Abroad-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 20
12/05/1935 More Clergy Defy Nazi Church Edict-Trickery Laid To (Reich Minister For Church Affairs Hanns) Kerrl 20
12/05/1935 (World Court) Overrules Danzig Senate 21
12/05/1935 Seeks British Air Subsidy 22
12/05/1935 Britain Reminded Of (Wwi) Debt 22
12/05/1935 Sees Catholic Regret At Roosevelt Honor (At Notre Dame Univ.-Because Of Widespread Church Persecution In Mexico & Roosevelt Has Done Nothing To Combat It) 29
12/05/1935 $88,712,000 Gold Sets Import Mark-Total Exceeds 10 Billion 44
12/06/1935 U.S. And Britain Warn Japan On North China Activities; Hull Cites Treaty Rights-Text, P. 16 1
12/06/1935 Boom Year Is Seen For Naval Building-German Plans Disclosed 1
12/06/1935 Rebel Churchmen Face Nazi Threat Of Treason Trials-Informs (Martin Niemoeller And (Bernard) Jacobi They Must Yield Or Be Jailed 1
12/06/1935 (Brig. Gen. William [‘Billy’]) Mitchell (Congressional Committee Study) Charges Curb By Air Lobby-Elliott Roosevelt Sees Libel 7
12/06/1935 (British) Sell Arms To Ethiopia 10
12/06/1935 Italy Must Expand Col (Edward Mandell) House Declares 11
12/06/1935 Italy Is Apathetic Toward Peace Bait 12
12/06/1935 United Naval Action Against Italy Urged (In London) 12
12/06/1935 Picture: Ethiopian Sniper 12
12/06/1935 Ethiopians Strike Back Of Foes’ Lines 14
12/06/1935 Briton Forecasts New Colonial Map 14
12/06/1935 Nazi Organ (‘Der Angriff’) Makes A Threat To Jews-Says Question Must Be Reopened Unless Anti-Reich Agitation Abroad Ceases 15
12/06/1935 Reich Courts Get Power To Exclude Public 15
12/06/1935 League Refugee Aid Is Urged At Geneva 15
12/06/1935 Japanese Demand (Nanking War Minister) Ho (Ying-Ching) Leave Peiping-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 16
12/06/1935 Victor F.) Ridder (N.Y. WPA Administrator, Later Publisher Of ‘New Yorker Staatszeitung And Herold’) Requests $30,000,000 More 18
12/07/1935 Italian Air Raid Wrecks Dessye Palace, Hospital; 32 Killed, 200 Wounded-Women And Children Die-Red Cross Tent Set Afire 1
12/07/1935 Laval Victorious As Parties Agree To Discard Arms 1
12/07/1935 Army And Navy Criticism Curbed By President (Roosevelt), Church Group (National Conference Of Jews And Christians Plus Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America [Dr. Samuel Mc Crea Cavert & Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Sizoo]) 1
12/07/1935 York (Picture) Archbishop Here Fears War 3
12/07/1935 Bremen At Pier, Kept Under Guard-130 Police Watch Docking 3
12/07/1935 Man Who Sewed Mayor (La Guardia For Slander And Lost) Braves His Ire Again 3
12/07/1935 Japan Doubts Use Of Force In China-Silver Plans Threatened-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 8
12/07/1935 Roosevelt Denies Lagging On Peace-Avoiding Part In Strife 10
12/07/1935 Hospital Bombing (By Italy) Stirs Washington-Staff Refused To Leave 10
12/07/1935 Emperor Protests Hospital Bombing-Women, Children Victims 10
12/07/1935 Sanctions Evasions Laid To Reich Firms (Imply Trade With Italy Via Austria) 10
12/07/1935 Goering Says Reich Seeks ‘Place In Sun’ (To Give Back To Germany Her ‘Place In The Sun’)-Asserts That Germany Chose To Purchase Arms Rather Than ‘Buy Butter And Lose Freedom’ 11
12/07/1935 (Kyffhaueser Student Bund) Students Refuse To Join Nazi Body (‘Nazi Student Bund’) 11
12/07/1935 Stalin Presents Gifts To Farmers-Sees ‘Well-To-Do Life’ 11
12/07/1935 Jews (Synagogue Council Of America) Urge World To Restrain Nazis-Moral Forces Summoned 14
12/07/1935 Roosevelt Favored In Poll At Columbia (University) 15
12/07/1935 Oil Embargo Asked By (Elmira College) Model Council 17
12/08/1935 (George N.) Peek (Recently Resigned From Govt. Post) Denounces (U.S. Trade) Pact With Canada 1
12/08/1935 Naval Parity Set As Tokyo Minimum (At London Naval Conference) 1
12/08/1935 Pro-Tokyo State Is Formed In China With Nanking’s Aid-Chiang (Kai-Shek) Becomes Dictator-Absolute Power 1
12/08/1935 Armed Units Defy New French Bills-Croix De Feu Bitter 36
12/08/1935 Italian Envoy Denies Bombing Of (Ethiopian) Hospital 36
12/08/1935 50 Bombs Dropped In Dew Dessye Raid-Red Cross Files Protest 37
12/08/1935 U.S. Asked (By Raymond Leslie Buell, President, Foreign Policy Association) To Put An Embargo On Oil (If We Don’t Choose To Be ‘A Silent Partner Of Italian Aggression,’)-Also Urges Copper Ban 38
12/08/1935 Our Policy On Italy Denounced At (Pro-Italian) Rally 38
12/08/1935 Spain May Permit Jesuits To Return-Would Enable Churches To Re-Establish Schools 39
12/08/1935 Schacht Foresees Debt Payment Cut-Lays Trade Lag To U.S.-Condemns Sanctions-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 41
12/08/1935 Two Reports Made On Refugee Work 41
12/08/1935 New Deal Revives In North Carolina-Farmers Changing Tune N-1
12/08/1935 Neutrality Policy Studied By (National League Of ) Women Voters) N-8
12/08/1935 Russia’s Purchasers Rose Sharply Here F-10
12/08/1935 (Glen L. Martin) Delivers (4) More Bombers F-10
12/08/1935 Pinch Of Sanctions Is Uneven In Italy E-4
12/08/1935 Russia’s New Hero Sticks To (Coal) Mine E-4
12/08/1935 Distrust Of Nazis Reich Church Issue (Pictures Hanns Kerrl & Martin Niemoeller) E-4
12/08/1935 Devaluation Issue To Fore In France E-4
12/08/1935 Appeal From China Doubted By League-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-5
12/08/1935 Nine-Power Treaty Invoked By Powers-America And Britain Act Together In A Warning To Japan (In London) E-5
12/08/1935 Cost Of Navy Race Aids London Parley-The (Status Of) Five Navies As The Conference Meets (Germany Not Even Listed!) E-6
12/08/1935 ‘Good Neighbor’ Policy On Trial E-6
12/08/1935 Cartoon: Our Neutrality Policy ‘All Tangled Up’ E-9
12/08/1935 Hallgren, Mauritz A., The Gay Reformer, Profits Before Plenty, Under Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alfred A Knopf, N.Y.-’Mr. Hallgren Sees Him As A Courageous And Intelligent Opportunist.’ Book 3
12/08/1935 Here Is Stresemann’s Own Record Book 9
12/08/1935 Fate Links Britain And France-Harold Callender Mag. 1
12/08/1935 Italy Tightens Its Belt On The ‘Day Of Inequity And Shame’ Roto.
12/09/1935 New Ethiopia Peace Terms Fixed By Hoare And Laval As Final Offer To Italians-Italy Would Get Almost Half Of Ethiopia 1
12/09/1935 Big Stride In Army Reported By (U.S. Sec. War, George H.) Dern-College Propaganda Hit 1
12/09/1935 World (Moral) Code Urged By British Prelate (Archbishop Of York) 4
12/09/1935 Battleships Of U.S. Held Obsolete (By Admiral William H. Standley, U.S.Chief Of Naval Operations, Washington)-306 Ships Active In Year 9
12/09/1935 What (London) Naval Powers Want 9
12/09/1935 Japan To Try To Cut U.S. Sea Supremacy 9
12/09/1935 ‘Sabotage’ Spikes British Ship’s (Royal Oak’s) Guns (Electrical Problems) 10
12/09/1935 Anti-British Riots Renewed In Cairo-2 Trolley Cars Burned 11
12/09/1935 (Confessional Synod) Protestants Defy Nazi Church Bans-State Avoids Arrests 13
12/09/1935 (International) Jews Plan A Bank For German Funds 13
12/09/1935 Jews (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Vote Drive To Aid Refugees 15
12/09/1935 (Chinese) Leaders (War Lords) At Odds On Split In China 15
12/10/1935 U.S. Asks 20% Naval Cut As London Parley Opens (Texts, P. 19); Britain And Japan Cool-Tokyo Puts Parity First-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
12/10/1935 Notre Dame (Univ.) Hails Roosevelt Aims-Cardinal Mundelein (Chicago) Praises Policies Designed To Bring Help To Forgotten Man (No Mention Of Roosevelt Inaction On Mexican Church Persecution-Mundelein Violently Anti-German!) 13
12/10/1935 Raids On Catholics Go On In Germany 15
12/10/1935 Jews’ Homes Bombed (At Lepnica Near Kattowitz & Hrubaczow) In Big Polish Drive-Anti-Semitic Agitation Spreads Over Country 15
12/10/1935 (Jewish) Lawyers Are Attacked In Rumania 15
12/10/1935 1,550 Die In South As Ethiopians Win 17
12/10/1935 U.S. Navy Cut Plan Believed Doomed-Britain Wants Cruisers 18
12/10/1935 British Will Seek End Of Navy Ratios 18
12/10/1935 U.S. Naval Proposal Condemned In Japan 18
12/10/1935 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt Names Ten ‘First Women’ 29
12/10/1935 Pictures: Named As Ten Most Prominent American Women For 1935-Eleanor Roosevelt & Anne O’Hare McCormick Included (First Pictures I’ve Ever Seen Where Eleanor Looked Better Than Someone Else-Anne O’Hare McCormick!) 29
12/11/1935 British Accept (Anglo-French) Peace Plan With Slight Modifications; It Goes To Rome And Addis (Ababa) 1
12/11/1935 Ethiopia Reports Italians Are In Retreat, Following Reverses On Both War Fronts 1
12/11/1935 Italy Seeks Deal On Peters Pence-Germany Willing To Let Rome Employ Funds In Reich To Buy Goods Useful In War 1
12/11/1935 ‘Right To Die’ Drive Is Pushed In Britain-Voluntary Euthanasia 16
12/11/1935 Japan’s Army Bars New Acts In China 17
12/11/1935 156,000 More Idle, Germany Reports-Total Of 1,985,000 Jobless-Nazis Fail To Reach Goal 19
12/11/1935 Polish (Born) Jews Ordered To Leave Germany (Approx. 50,000 In Germany All With Polish Citizenship)-Hundreds Notified To Depart 19
12/11/1935 (Rabbi Manneheimer & Hugo Aul Sentenced For Racial Defilement) 19
12/11/1935 Rice Sees Theatre Improvement By WPA 29
12/11/1935 Reichsbank Shows A Gain In (Gold) Reserve 37
12/12/1935 Ethiopia To Reject (Anglo French Peace) Terms, Envoy Forecasts In Paris-Addis Ababa Is Hostile 1
12/12/1935 Starhemberg Bids Austria Be Leader Of Germanic Lands-Vice Chancellor In Challenge To Hitler 1
12/12/1935 Indian Blood Bars Mexicans As Citizens (Legal Immigrants!-Buffalo, N.Y.) 4
12/12/1935 Britain Notifies Us She Will Default (On Wwi War Debt)-10 Other Debtors (List!) Silent 7
12/12/1935 Anti-Jewish Riots Renewed In Poland-Traders’ Stalls Demolished-Several Jews Beaten 14
12/12/1935 Nazis Commence ‘Battle Of Stork’-4 Children Per Home Aim-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
12/12/1935 Drive On Einstein’s Kin (Daughters Who Left Germany Two Years Ago-Property Confiscated On Basis Of Hostility To German Regime!) 15
12/12/1935 Borah Astounded At (Franco-British) Ethiopian Plan-Glad We’re Not Member (Of League) 19
12/12/1935 Americans Assail Dessye Bombings (Addis Ababa Report) 21
12/12/1935 Egyptian Cabinet Resigns In A Body-Blame Placed On British-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo 22
12/12/1935 Two Destroyers Launched Under Guard; Damage To Cruiser Causes Watchfulness 29
12/12/1935 New Spirit Is Found In Our College Life-Institutions’ Presidents Are Keeping Pace With Change 30
12/13/1935 Tokyo Navy Plan Routed At (London Naval) Parley-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
12/13/1935 Russia Won’t Pay, Senator (J. Hamilton Lewis, Illinois) Asserts-(U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Returns On The Same Ship 6
12/13/1935 U.S. Buying Silver Outside Of London-Morgenthau Refuses To Tell, However, Where Purchases Are Now Being Made-U.S. Needs More Silver For One-To-Three Ratio 16
12/13/1935 U.S. Silver Policy Assailed In China 16
12/13/1935 Foe Of Nazi Church Is Assailed As Jew (Pastor Gerhard Jacobi, Berlin-Brandenburg Confessional Synod-Der Angriff-Asserts His Mother Was Of Jewish Extraction) 16
12/13/1935 Reich Gets Claim Of Foreign Jews-Damage From Many Countries Mount-Threats Made To Berlin-Germany Is Told To Pay Or Face Likelihood Of Attachment Of German Property-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 17
12/13/1935 ‘Ghetto’ Is Created In School In (Lwow) Poland 17
12/13/1935 Egypt Reinstates 1923 Constitution-Cabinet Does Not Resign 19
12/13/1935 League Betrayed (Nobel Prize Laureate, Sir Norman) Angell Believes 20
12/13/1935 More Funds Asked For Navy Reserve 20
12/13/1935 Reduction Declared Japanese Naval Aim-Ready For Any Cut If All The Powers Are On Same Basis 20
12/14/1935 (Anglo-French) Peace Plan Held Doomed As League Publishes Text (P. 8 & Map); Eden Prepares To Fight It-Details Amaze Geneva 1
12/14/1935 Roosevelt Favors Big Naval Reserve 1
12/14/1935 Japanese Occupy Kalgan In China; Advance Is Likely 1
12/14/1935 War Planes Thrill Crowds At Miami 5
12/14/1935 Parity With U.S. Japan’s Real Goal, Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
12/14/1935 Lenin’s Brain Is Sliced (At Soviet Brain Institute) For Microscopic Study 7
12/14/1935 (Hubert Fauntleroy) Julian (‘Harlem’s Black Eagle’-Picture) Back Home, War Career Ended 8
12/14/1935 U.S. Missionary Killed (In Ethiopia)-Handling Unexploded Bomb 8
12/14/1935 Civil Planes Lead U.S. War Exports 9
12/14/1935 Ethiopia Reports Rout Of Italians 9
12/14/1935 More Jews Lose Property (No Mention Of Compensation!) In Reich 10
12/14/1935 Goebbels Orders Truce With Enemies Of Nazis 10
12/14/1935 Nazis Delay Trial Of Catholic Priest (Mgr. Bannasch, Treason) 10
12/14/1935 Private Nazi Courts Revealed In Austria 10
12/15/1935 Japanese Reject British Navy Plea 1
12/15/1935 (Thomas Garrigue) Masaryk (Picture, P. 33) Resigns Czech Presidency-Wants (Foreign Minister Eduard) Benes (Lately On League Council) Successor 1
12/15/1935 War Planes Add (Miami) Air Race Thrills 29
12/15/1935 Ukrainian Plotters (At Warsaw Trial) Seek To Shift Blame 32
12/15/1935 Germany Sounded On Limit On Arms-Hitler Tells British Envoy Pact Must Include Russia And North African Forces-Asks Revision Machinery-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 35
12/15/1935 League Protection Is Asked By Egypt-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 35
12/15/1935 Bucharest Jews Beaten 36
12/15/1935 5 Finns Robbed (Of Cash) In Russia (On Business Trip) 37
12/15/1935 Picture: Miss Henrietta Szold Founder Of Hadassah N-6
12/15/1935 Birthday Tribute For Miss Szold, 75 N-6
12/15/1935 Rise In U.S. Power Over Cities Found-Dr. Bronisch, Berlin Official, Sees The Centralization Trend Here Like That In Reich-He Cites Pwa (Ickes!) As Example N-7
12/15/1935 Rebuffed In London, Japan Takes Kalgan E-3
12/15/1935 British Loss Of Prestige Is Dictators’ Gain-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-3
12/15/1935 League Gets A Shock From (Anglo-French) Peace) Ethiopian Deal-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
12/15/1935 Stars And Stripes Fly On Versailles Library E-4
12/15/1935 Cartoon: Anti-Italian E-4
12/15/1935 Egypt’s Victory Due To Students-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo E-4
12/15/1935 (London) Naval Conference Nearing First Crisis E-6
12/15/1935 Japan Gets Hold On China Proper (Picture: Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek-Described As Giving In To Japanese Demands!) E-6
12/15/1935 Picture: Daniel C. Roper, U.S. Sec. Of Commerce (Father-In-law Of Dr. Frank Bohn) E-10
12/15/1935 Doughboys Of A Troubled China Mag. 8
12/15/1935 Democracy In America; 100 Years After (Alexis De Tocqueville)-Henry Steele Commager Mag. 9
12/16/1935 Autonomists Seize Tientsin’s Seaport By Routing (Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Troops 1
12/16/1935 Hitler Is Assailed By (3,500) Non-Nazis (‘German-American League For Culture’) Here-(Emil Ludwig, Jewish Refugee) Author Backs Boycott (Frank Bohn Is Son-In-law Of Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C. Roper) 10
12/16/1935 Arms Talk Futile, Hitler Tells British-While War Rages 19
12/16/1935 Estonian Nazis Aided By Groups In Finland 20
12/16/1935 Reich Red Leader (Ernst Thaelmann, Later Killed In Bombing Of Buchenwald By U.S.) Is Held In Danger 21
12/16/1935 $40,000,000 Outlay By Steel Concern-(Jones & Laughlin) To Build In Pittsburgh 33
12/16/1935 Peace Uncertainty Hits Reich’s Trade 33
12/18/1935 Japanese Planes Bomb City In China As Troops Attack 1
12/18/1935 Italians Are Forced Back As Battle Opens In North 1
12/18/1935 Roosevelt To Ask Congress To Vote Pwa (Ickes!) $500,000,000 1
12/18/1935 100 Attack Planes Ordered By Army-400 More Ships Slated 12
12/18/1935 Naval Compromise Offered By British-U.S. Appears Favorable-Frederick T. Birchall, London 13
12/18/1935 Germany’s Exports Reach New High 16
12/18/1935 British See France Now Blaming Them 17
12/18/1935 Communist Chief (Rudolf Claus) Beheaded In Reich 20
12/18/1935 British Boy Scouts Drop Swastika Badge 20
12/18/1935 (Naturalized) British Jew (Rudolph Selz) Forced To Leave Germany (For ‘Racial Pollution’ Charge) 20
12/18/1935 Plans Made To Aid (Birobidjan)Jewish Settlers (In Ussr) 32
12/19/1935 Mussolini Assails Joint (Anglo-French) Peace Plan 1
12/19/1935 (Dr. Eduard) Benes Is Elected Czech President-Wishes Of Dr. Masaryk Carried Out-Country Hails Action (Benes Was Recently Head Of League Sanctions Commission)-G.E.R. Gedye, Prague 11
12/19/1935 Sherrill Suggests Deal On War Debts 14
12/19/1935 Ethiopia Is Called ‘Most Uncivilized’ (By British Lt. Col. Rocke)-Defends Action Of Mussolini 19
12/19/1935 Germany Delays New Law On Jews-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 22
12/19/1935 Guard For Hitler Stressed By Reich-27 Courts Are Created 22
12/19/1935 Honduras And U.S. Sign Trade Treaty 48
12/20/1935 All Nations Speed Building Of War Planes; Many Powers Cloak Programs In Secrecy 1
12/20/1935 57.69% In (Literary Digest) Test Poll Oppose Roosevelt 2
12/20/1935 Mexico (President Lazaro Cardenas) May Try Ousted Senators 16
12/20/1935 Japanese See War With Russia Near-Hallett Abend, Tientsin 17
12/21/1935 Japan Calls Steps By Soviet Warlike 1
12/21/1935 Britain Rushes Egyptian Forts To Bar Invasion From Libya 1
12/21/1935 Mussolini Decides To Go To His Goal; Britain Asks Help 1
12/21/1935 U.S. And Holland Sign Trade Treaty 7
12/21/1935 North China Sees ‘Autonomy’ Flaw-Tie With Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Wanted-Hallett Abend, Tientsin 7
12/21/1935 Frances’ Exports To Italy Increase 8
12/21/1935 Ethiopia Diplomat Here To Raise Funds 8
12/21/1935 Tokyo Gets Report On (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee) Attack (On Japan) 8
12/21/1935 Nazis Oust (Confessional Synod) Pastor (Gehard Jacobi) Of Berlin Church 9
12/22/1935 5 Nations (Turkey, Greece, Rumania, Yugoslavia & Czecho-Slovakia) Promise War Aid To Britain If Italians Attack-Geneva Hears Of Intrigue 1
12/22/1935 (Dr. S. Parkes) Cadman Warns Of (German) Peril 9
12/22/1935 Nazi Police Force Delivery Of Milk-Goering Mobilizes Gestapo To Combat ‘Passive Or Open’ Resistance Of Farmers-Sabotage Held Treason 20
12/22/1935 Nazi Writer (Hanns Obermeister) Holds Jesus Never Lived-Original Sin Is Derided 20
12/22/1935 Large Jewish (Armament) Firm (Simson Co.) Confiscated By Nazis-Charged With Profiteering Under The (Weimar) Republican Regime 20
12/22/1935 (Julius) Streicher Dines 15 Reds 20
12/22/1935 Eupen (Malmedy-Moresnet) Expulsions (Of Germans) Scored 20
12/22/1935 Gen. Sung (Chah-Yuang, Peiping) Rejects Japan’s Demands 21
12/22/1935 Italian Bluff Won, Says Soviet Press (Izvestia)-Walter Duranty, Moscow 22
12/22/1935 (Pacifist, Viscount) Cecil Sees Peace In An Oil Sanction-Holds Geneva Is In Peril 23
12/22/1935 Our ‘War’ Exports To Italy Increase 24
12/22/1935 103 Swift (Douglas) Bombers Ordered For Army-And 13 New Boeing (B-17) ‘Flying Fortresses’ 24
12/22/1935 Palestine Council Outlined To Arabs-Curbs Put On Its Rights-Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem 24
12/22/1935 Anti-Fascist (Paul Reid, Executive Sec., ‘American League Against War And Fascism’) Sees Nation Facing War 24
12/22/1935 Nazis Raid Dance Of Yorkville Foes (‘German Workers Club, Inc.’)-15 In Uniform 27
12/22/1935 Mussolini’s Job Now Is To Beat Ethiopia E-3
12/22/1935 Rome Seeks A Military Decision E-4
12/22/1935 Picture: Sir Robert Vansittart (Ww Ii Bitter, Implacable Enemy Of Germany) Shares In The ‘Peace Plan’ Censure E-4
12/22/1935 Public Opinion Against Triumphs In Britain-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-4
12/22/1935 Berlin Bases Hopes On British Entente-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Berlin E-5
12/22/1935 Egypt Sees Hope For Independence-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo E-5
12/22/1935 Life Is Changing In Russia (For Better Implied)-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-5
12/22/1935 Election Of Benes Reassures Czechs-Nation Backs President-G.E.R. Gedye, Prague E-5
12/22/1935 Three Issues That Disturb The World; Italy’s Air-Fleet, Germany’s Arms, Japan’s Navy E-6
12/22/1935 Calles Again Opposes (Mexican President) Cardenas E-6
12/22/1935 Smuggling Of (Mexican) Aliens Still Bothers Texas E-12
12/22/1935 Christmas At A Crisis Of Civilization Mag. 2
12/23/1935 Eden Appointed Foreign Minister (Succeeds Sir Samuel Hoare); Italy ‘Dismayed’ 1
12/23/1935 Materials To Cost WPA $400,000,000; Buying Is Speeded 1
12/23/1935 Held As Nazi Raider In Fracas At (‘German Workers Club, Inc.’) Dance 4
12/23/1935 Germany Admits (Simson Co., Armament) Factory Seizure-Entire Family Is Ousted (Fritz Sauckel, Later Tried At Nuernberg, To Be A Director Of New Organization) 8
12/23/1935 Jews Fail To Block Palestine Council 9
12/23/1935 Ethiopians Laugh At Italian Planes-Tanks Equally Harmless-Harold Denny, Jigija 10
12/23/1935 Italians Dismayed (Of Eden For Hoare) 11
12/23/1935 Britain Will Bring Army Up To Date 11
12/23/1935 Tokyo Army Opens Drive On Mongolia 13
12/23/1935 Racial Purity Held A Myth By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia Univ. Pres. & Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)-Urges World-Mindedness 17
12/23/1935 Reich Is Lighted Up By Fires Of Pagans-Ancient Rite Is Invoked On Hilltop To Herald Festival Of The Winter Solstice-Nazi Groups Celebrate 22
12/24/1935 Italy Is Disturbed By British Feelers On Help In A War 1
12/24/1935 Report Venezuela In A State Of War 1
12/24/1935 Ethiopia Is Pleased With British (Foreign Minister) Change 8
12/24/1935 Selection Of Eden Hailed At Geneva-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
12/24/1935 Map: Japan’s Influence Spreads Westward 9
12/24/1935 Soviet Rewarding Crack Producers 9
12/25/1935 Parts Of Shanghai Under Army Rule As Rioting Mounts-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
12/25/1935 Soviet Tells Foes Of Fleet Increase 1
12/25/1935 Nazi Activity Here Limited By Hitler 2
12/25/1935 Brazil To Denounce Old Trade Treaties-To Protect Advantages Gained In (New) Pact With U.S. 2
12/25/1935 Embargo Extension Urged By Senators (Pope & Clark) 3
12/25/1935 Haile Selassie Sends Greeting To The U.S. 3
12/25/1935 Friends Of Ethiopia Meet 3
12/25/1935 Nazis’ Church (Confessional Synod) Foe (Gerhard Jacobi) Put Under Arrest-In His Home In Berlin, 6
12/25/1935 Berlin Rabbi (Emil Bernhard Cohn) Is Arrested (For Openly Criticizing The Nuernberg Laws) 6
12/26/1935 Executive Power Over All Exports Urged (By ‘National Peace Conference’) In Wartime 1
12/26/1935 Pro-Tokyo Official (Tang Yu-Jen) Slain In Shanghai; Japanese On Guard 1
12/26/1935 (Methodist) Bishops Join Fight For Curb On Aliens-New Deal Is Attacked 3
12/26/1935 Leaders Of Church (Rev. S. Parkes Cadman, Chairman, ‘American Christian Committee For German Refugees’) Aid Nazis’ Victims (Long List Of Supporters) 4
12/26/1935 Text Of Proposed Neutrality Act As Drafted By (Unofficial) Peace Group 10&11
12/26/1935 Army Plans To Buy 82 Pursuit Airplanes 20
12/27/1935 Supremacy In Air Is Hitler Answer To British ‘Feeler’ 1
12/27/1935 Reich Gets Japan To Ban Caricatures Of State Heads 1
12/27/1935 Fire In CCC Camp Kills 4 (U.S. Army) Officers 1
12/27/1935 (National Peace Conference, An Unofficial Pressure Group) Sees U.S. Refusing To Pick Aggressor 10
12/27/1935 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman (Chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee) Critical Of Japan’s Envoy 12
12/27/1935 World Jewry Asked To Resist Two Moves 12
12/27/1935 $35,000,000 Plant For U.S. Steel Unit-To Scrap Obsolete Mill 27
12/28/1935 Uruguay Expels Soviet Minister To Stop Revolts 1
12/28/1935 Germany Makes Offer To Britain For Limitation Of Her Air Forces-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
12/28/1935 Ethiopia Demands Indemnity By Italy 5
12/29/1935 Laval Victorious With Margin Of 20 (296 To 276) 1
12/29/1935 Report Russia Offering Air Fleet To Aid Britain 1
12/29/1935 Debt Delay Refused To Austria By U.S. 14
12/29/1935 Picture Wilson As Eager For War-Historians Say He Wanted To Fight In 1916 But Was Deterred By Congressmen-lansing’s (Uncle By Marriage To Dulleses) Role Assailed 16
12/29/1935 Russian Industry Makes Big Strides 19
12/29/1935 Italians Beaten, Says Wehib Pasha (Turkish Defender Of The Dardanelles)-Lawrence Stallings, Harar 20
12/29/1935 Italy Seeks Rubber And Tin In (British) Singapore 20
12/29/1935 Mexico Sees End Of Revolt Threat 21
12/29/1935 Fast Naval Building Is Reported In Japan 21
12/29/1935 (Chromium) Ore In Philippines Held Vital To U.S.-Military Needs Stressed 21
12/29/1935 Japanese Invade New Area In China 21
12/29/1935 Japan Rules Out Deal With China 21
12/29/1935 Reich Denies Offer Of British Air Pact 21
12/29/1935 German ‘Aryan’ Jailed (Racial Defilement-Since Nuernberg Laws, Germany Refers To ‘German Blooded’ Rather Than ‘Aryan’) 21
12/29/1935 Oil Ban By U.S. Soon Is Predicted By Nye 22
12/29/1935 Japan’s (Or Is It Americas’?) ‘Holy Man’ (Christian, Dr. Toyokiko Kagawa) Praises Roosevelt N-9
12/29/1935 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
12/29/1935 Danger Of Germany Dominates Europe-Edwin L. James E-3
12/29/1935 France Again Torn By Angry Strife E-4
12/29/1935 Picture: Hitler & Von Blomberg E-4
12/29/1935 Reich Army Victor In Bout With Nazis-Guido Enderis, Berlin E-4
12/29/1935 War On Peace Is Still Europe’s Big Question-Harold Callender, London E-5
12/29/1935 Map: The Inland Sea Than Now Bristles With Armaments (The Mediterranean) E-5
12/29/1935 If Britain And Italy Should Come To War E-5
12/29/1935 Palestine Council Fought-Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem E-5
12/29/1935 Tokyo And Moscow Hasten War Plans-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-6
12/29/1935 Australia Raises Defense Outlay E-6
12/29/1935 Students Again Stir China E-6
12/29/1935 A New Year-And New Horizons Mag. 1
12/29/1935 (Thomas G.) Masaryk’s Old Pupil (Eduard Benes) Takes Up The Task-G.E.R. Gedye, Prague Mag. 4
12/30/1935 League Aid Asked By (High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, James G.) M’donald To End Nazi Persecution-Sees World Challenged-Asserts 500,000 In Reich Are Being Crushed (Not So Worried Apparently About 3,500,000 Jews In Poland) 1
12/30/1935 Russians ‘Happier.’ Scorn Vodka; Its Use Is Down 50% Since 1913-Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
12/30/1935 Deals On Colonies May Give Germany Portuguese Lands-Frederick T. Birchall London 1
12/30/1935 Ship Subsidy Bill Offers Direct Aid-Based On Roosevelt View 1
12/30/1935 Vandenberg Urges Firm Neutrality 7
12/30/1935 Germany Silences (Confessional Synod) ‘Fighting Pastor’ (Martin Niemoeller)-Under Arrest At Home-Church Peace Announced 8
12/30/1935 Booklet To Show Nazi Press Reader-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
12/30/1935 Text Of Resignation Of League Commissioner For German Refugees (Picture: James G. Mc Donald) 12&13
12/30/1935 Reich Law Defined (By James G. Mc Donald) As Officials’ Whim-Sees Forced Emigration 12&13
12/30/1935 M’donald’s Stand Backed In Britain (By London Times) 13
12/31/1935 Lord (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) Reading (Presided At Wwi Trial Of Roger Casement, Then, Appointed High Commissioner And Special Envoy To U.S. In 1917-’Born A Jew.’) Dies; Began Life As Cabin Boy 1&16
12/31/1935 British Unemployed Lowest In Five Years-More Jobs In Iron Plants, Coal Mines 5
12/31/1935 (U.S. Reciprocal) Trade Pact In Effect With Netherlands-Switzerland Permanently On The (U.S.) Favored-Nation List-Status Of France Unsettled 5
12/31/1935 French Hang Back On Aid To British-Give Conditional Pledge 6
12/31/1935 Hull Denies Acting In Cuban (Election) Campaign 6
12/31/1935 Germany Building ‘Mosquito’ (Torpedo Boat) Fleet-Also An Aircraft Carrier 7
12/31/1935 British Intervene In Memel Dispute-Frederick T. Birchall, London 7
12/31/1935 Diplomats Cool To Fete On Date Of Nazi ‘Revolt’ (Jan. 30) 7
12/31/1935 Britain Is Aroused By M’donald Plea 7
12/31/1935 Reich Church Peace Plot-Offer Constructive Ideas Or Be Silent 7
12/31/1935 Lord (Rufus Daniel Isaacs) Reading (‘Born A Jew’) Reading Held A Second Disraeli 16