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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

March 1935
Date Headline Page
03/01/1935 Saar Returns To Germany Today; Its People In Patriotic Ecstasy 1
03/01/1935 Abyssinia Massing Troops Says Italy-90,000 Reported At Border 1
03/01/1935 U.S. Bodies (Samuel Untermyer’s ‘Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights’) & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s American Jewish Congress & William Green’s American Federation Of Labor) Protest Nazi Talk (Of Dr. Julian Lippert) On Jews (Lippert Had Asked That Boycott Of German Goods Be Disbanded)-New Anti-Semitic Speech 10
03/01/1935 Nuremberg Pushes Anti-Jewish Moves-Blame Put On Streicher-Anne O’Hare McCormick 10
03/01/1935 Protestant Disunity Helps Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) 10
03/01/1935 Lithuania Guards Memel From (German) Coup-Otto D. Tolischus 11
03/01/1935 Poles To Cut Duties On British Exports-Warsaw Gets Concession 12
03/01/1935 (Sir John) Simon Visits Paris; Strengthens Ties-Eastern Pact Stressed 13
03/01/1935 (U.S. Secretary Of Agriculture, Henry Agard) Wallace Sees End Of Capitalist Era-He Asks Educators (At Atlantic City Conference) To Teach Social Duty 14
03/01/1935 Nazis May End Ban On (Symphony Director Wilhelm) Furtwaengler (Who Supported Paul Hindemeth) 17
03/01/1935 Imports Of Gold Down In February 34
03/02/1935 Saar Gives Delirious Ovation As It Rejoins Reich-He (Hitler) Urges French Amity-All Germany Rejoices 1
03/02/1935 Reds In United States Gaining, Says Pravda 2
03/02/1935 Japan Welcomes U.S. Help On China-Denies Talking Of Loan 4
03/02/1935 ‘Big Labor’ Called Threat By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler-Sees Inflation Danger 4
03/02/1935 U.S. Calls On China To Protect Americans As The Reds Continue To Ravage Provinces 4
03/02/1935 Trial Of (Dr. Anton) Rintelen Will Open Today (In Vienna) 4
03/02/1935 Reich Nazis Stage Greatest Holiday 5
03/02/1935 Picture: Joseph Buerckel, Governor Of Saar 5
03/02/1935 German Jews Hail (Dr. Julius) Lippert’s Speech (Asking For End Of Jewish Boycott Of German Goods)-(U.S. Jewish) Boycott Is Denounced 5
03/02/1935 200 More Flee The Saar, 90 Ex-Police Among Them 5
03/02/1935 Czechs Hold 13 In Alleged Espionage Plot; Ring Bared By Arrest Of German 6
03/02/1935 Son’s (Friedrich Wilhelm’s) Plea For Ex-Kaiser Said To Have Moved Hitler 6
03/02/1935 Army Air Command Unified (Under Gen. F. M. Andrews) At Langley-1,000 Planes Are Ready 6
03/02/1935 Bishop Bares (Of Berlin) Dies (63); Led Fight On Nazis-Mentioned For Cardinal-Denounced ‘German Religion’ As Pagan Philosophy To Avoid Church Doctrine 15
03/03/1935 French Dismayed As Pound Tumbles; Talk Of Devaluating 1
03/03/1935 Britain Proposes Joint (4-Power) China Loan 1
03/03/1935 (Dr. Anton) Rintelen Denies Part In Putsch (In Which Dollfuss Was Slain) 5
03/03/1935 (Sir John) Simon Will Arrive In Berlin Thursday (March &) 5
03/03/1935 (Mexican Catholic Archbishop) Cites Mexican Outrages (Against The Church) 5
03/03/1935 17 Nazis Doomed To Die (In Salzburg For Smuggling Explosives Before Putsch) 5
03/03/1935 U.S. Amends (Geneva Arms Traffic) Treaty To Guard Neutrals-Clarence K. Streit 6
03/03/1935 Nazi Chiefs Hailed As They Tour Saar-Torchlight Parade Held 8
03/03/1935 Saar Fete Finds Frankfurt Calm-City’s Old Order Held Upset-Anne O’Hare McCormick 9
03/03/1935 5 Reich Theologians Retired For Protest-Objected To (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller’s Policy 9
03/03/1935 Prospects Of Fair Encourage Leipzig-Barter Offers Invited 10
03/03/1935 (U.S.) Isolation Viewed (By Herbert Agar) As A Vital Policy N-3
03/03/1935 We And The British Talk About Far East-Tokyo Invited To Take Part E-3
03/03/1935 Cartoon, British: Anti-Japanese E-3
03/03/1935 Germany And Poland Hold Keys To Peace-Sir Austen Chamberlain E-4
03/03/1935 Soviet Seeks Peace But Perfect Army-Railroads Are Problem, Walter Duranty, Moscow E-4
03/03/1935 2-Year Army Term Is Likely In France E-4
03/03/1935 Map: Britain’s Lines Of Defense E-4
03/03/1935 Serbs Keep Down Races Of ‘Kindred’ (Slavs)-G.E.R. Gedye E-5
03/03/1935 3 Of 25 Nazis Theses (Published Feb. 24, 1920) Full Carried Out-Anti-Capitalism Dropped-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-5
03/03/1935 Japan And China Draw Together E-5
03/03/1935 Picture: Chiang Kai-Shek E-5
03/03/1935 Roosevelt’s Two Years: Ten Epic Chapters E-7
03/04/1935 (Chinese) Amity With Japan Backed By Chiang (Kai-Shek) 5
03/04/1935 British Fear (Sir John) Simon Will Fail In Berlin-Diplomatic Gains Cited-Frederick T. Birchall, London 8
03/04/1935 German Hopes High Over (Sir John) Simon’s Visit-Guido Enderis, Berlin 8
03/04/1935 Barter Is Feature Of Fair In Leipzig-Trade In Kind Denounced 8
03/04/1935 Britain Held Timid In Policy On Reich-Lays Fears To Rearming-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
03/04/1935 Prices Advance In Great Britain 28
03/05/1935 Britain To Increase Arms; Loss Of Faith In Pacts Seen-White Paper Cites Weakness Of Security Treaties, German Peril And Rearming Of Japan, Russia And United States 1
03/05/1935 Reich To Aid Trade With New Subsidy-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
03/05/1935 Japan Would Give China Help Alone 2
03/05/1935 Industry Rally For The Third Reich 3
03/05/1935 Two High Officials Removed By Nazis 3
03/05/1935 Eden Will Go To Berlin 3
03/05/1935 Text Of General (Hugh S.) Johnson’s Denouncement Of Father Coughlin And (Senator) Huey Long 10
03/06/1935 Hitler Ill, Defers Talk With (Sir John) Simon; Charges Irk Reich-White Paper Is Resented-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
03/06/1935 Abyssinia Agrees On Neutral Zone-Arms Barred From Area 8
03/06/1935 French See Snub To (Sir John) Simon By Reich-Praise (Ramsay) M’donald’s ‘Courage’ In Admitting Germany Does Not Deserve Confidence 8
03/06/1935 British Air Budget Rises L3,089,000-Navy Will Get More Too 8
03/06/1935 Von Seeckt Will End His Service To China-To Turn Over Advisory Position To Gen. Von Falkenhausen 8
03/06/1935 Storm Troop Chief (Wilhelm Friedrich Loeper) Assails Veterans-Claims Hitler’s Support 9
03/06/1935 Russians Envisage Near Eastern Pact-Shift In Poland Seen-Walter Duranty, Moscow 11
03/06/1935 Jersey’s Nazi Curb Faces Senate Snag 20
03/06/1935 Return Is Planned By (Conductor, Wilhelm) Furtwaengler-Six Week Stay (In U.S.) Arranged 22
03/07/1935 Chinese Reds Halt Government (Chiang Kai-Shek) Troops 3
03/07/1935 (Sir John) Simon’s First Trip May Be To Moscow-Frederick T. Birchall, London 10
03/07/1935 Nazi Radicals Won On Simon’s Visit (To Berlin)-Army Heads Overruled 10
03/07/1935 Delay In Simon Visit Rouses Polish Fears 11
03/07/1935 German Officers Honor ‘Traitors’ (Kurt Von Schleicher & Ferdinand Von Bredow, Killed In Purge, July 13, 1934) 11
03/07/1935 Rise In Army Term Certain In France 11
03/07/1935 Britain Increases Naval Budget Too-(London Naval) Treaty Limits Building 12
03/07/1935 British Yield Point On (Geneva Arms Traffic Accord) Publicity 12
03/07/1935 Demilitarization In Saar 12
03/07/1935 (German-Polish) Spies’ Exchange Sought 15
03/07/1935 Bandit Of Corsica To Get Guillotine 17
03/07/1935 Soviet Peasants Now Using Forks 25
03/08/1935 New Deal Failure, (Senator) Huey Long Retorts; Tells Won Schemes-NRA Fascism, He Holds (Text, P. 16) 1
03/08/1935 War Talk In Senate Raises Army Fund-Japan’s Stand Is Debated 1
03/08/1935 (WPA Director Harry L.) Hopkins (Also Of ‘Fera’) Gets Power To Condemn Lands 6
03/08/1935 Jobs Increasing Hopkins Asserts 7
03/08/1935 China Loan Backed By U.S. And Japan-Tokyo Willing To Join 9
03/08/1935 Italy Mobilizes A Second Division 11
03/08/1935 1,000,000 Troops Needed By Reich, Says ‘Expert’ 12
03/08/1935 Eden Will Visit Russia And Poland-Hitler Talk Paramount-Frederick T. Birchall, London 12
03/08/1935 Nazis Bar Foreign Funds 13
03/08/1935 Refugee Aid In Brazil (James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 14
03/08/1935 Testify Dollfuss Doubted (Anton Von) Rintelin 15
03/09/1935 Big Army Bill Wins In Senate, 68 To 15 1
03/09/1935 Mexico’s Primate (Mgr. Diaz) Free After Ordeal 1
03/09/1935 Nazis Renew Drive Against The Jews-Expulsion Is Held Aim-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 4
03/09/1935 Reich University Term Is Cut For Forced Labor 4
03/09/1935 Nazis Free Netherlander 4
03/09/1935 Argentines Fight Fascist Menace 5
03/09/1935 11 Women Hailed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 17
03/09/1935 Government To Send Settlers To Alaska 17
03/10/1935 Reich Churchmen (Confession Synod’s Brotherhood Council) Score Nazism As Anti-Christian-Challenge Today From Free Pulpits 1
03/10/1935 Germany Renews (Sir John) Simon’s Invitation 1
03/10/1935 Britain Is Promoting Peace, Says Baldwin 2
03/10/1935 Dr. (Anton) Rintelen Linked With Nazi Terrorist (Hugo Weidenhammer) 2
03/10/1935 (Gen. Kurt Von) Schleicher Death Gets New Version-’Accident Of Nazi Revolution’ Army Officers Are Said To Have Been Told-Rehabilitation Act Seen 6
03/10/1935 British-Reich Hitch Buoys Soviet Hopes 6
03/10/1935 Kovno (Lithuania) Trial (Of Germans) Arouses Ire Of Reich Press 6
03/10/1935 Goering To Marry German Actress (Emmy Sonnemann-Picture)-Romance Is His Second 7
03/10/1935 Gain In Employment Reported In Reich 7
03/10/1935 Reich Storm Troops And Veterans Clash 8
03/10/1935 American Churches In Reich To Continue 8
03/10/1935 Japan Celebrates (1905) Battle Of Mukden (Japanese-Chinese Victory Over Russia In Russo-Japanese War) 9
03/10/1935 (Mac Faden Co.) Seeks Barter With Poles 9
03/10/1935 (Belgium) Widens Anti-Nazi Move-Adds Liege To Areas Under Restriction (Moresnet-Malmedy-Eupen) 12
03/10/1935 Reich Industrialist (Dr. Karl Hellferich) Assails Trade Bars 21
03/10/1935 Mexican Primate (Archbishop Pascual Diaz) Protests (His) Arrest (In Mexico) 23
03/10/1935 Kosher Butchers To Sign (Nra Code) 31
03/10/1935 French Duelist Suffers Three Sword Cuts; (Premier Pierre-Ettienne) Flandin Forbids Prosecution Of Fighters N-1
03/10/1935 Hitler Cold (Implied Deception!) Better After British Chill-Eden To Be Sent To Moscow E-3
03/10/1935 Britain Looks To Russia E-3
03/10/1935 Britain Notes Delay In German’s Arming E-4
03/10/1935 Reich Sees Denial Of Equality Again-Germans Very Indignant-Guido Enderis, Berlin E-4
03/10/1935 Danzig Nazis Seek Reunion Mandate-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
03/10/1935 Fear Of Germany Disturbs British E-4
03/10/1935 Italy Is Building Big Reserve Army E-4
03/10/1935 Flandin (Radical Socialist) Fights For Franc E-4
03/10/1935 Soviet To Tighten School Discipline-Less Stress On Marx-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-5
03/10/1935 Sterling Leads Dance Of World Exchanges (Picture Flandin) E-10
03/10/1935 Groping For A Road To European Peace-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
03/10/1935 The Arms Trade: A Question Of Ethics-Harold Callender Mag. 5
03/11/1935 Treasury Uses $642,000,000 Gold Profit To Retire All National Bank Notes; Calls In Bonds Reducing Public Debt-Inflation Seen Avoided 1
03/11/1935 (British) White Paper Faces Double Fire Today 5
03/11/1935 Russia Prepares To Export Cotton-Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
03/11/1935 Flandin Backs Army Plan 5
03/11/1935 Nazis Strike Back At Church (Confessional Synod) Rebels-Three Pastors (Martin Niemoeller, Eduard O’rourk & A Priest Named Leffer) Arrested 6
03/11/1935 700 (National Council Of) Jewish Women Begin Convention (New Orleans)-Hitler To Be Condemned 8
03/11/1935 Churches Oppose (U.S.) Navy Manoeuvres (Long List Of Signatures) 10
03/11/1935 Spain Is Planning To Cheapen Peseta 25
03/12/1935 Reich’s Air Force Becomes Official; Army In Control-Plans No Longer Secret 1
03/12/1935 Soviet Is Urged To Buy From Us-Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
03/12/1935 (U.S.) Attacks On Jews Scored In (American Jewish Committee Report 7
03/12/1935 (Sir John) Simon Reassures Reich In Commons-U.S. Used As Red Herring 8
03/12/1935 Nazi Agents Seize (Confessional Synod) Church Manifesto-Mueller (Supported By NSDAP) Again Balked 10
03/12/1935 Nazi Official Is Ousted (By German Government) 10
03/12/1935 (Mrs. Arthur Brin, President Of National Council Of Jewish Women, New Orleans Conference) Urges Jewish Women To Fight Demagogues 10
03/13/1935 Roosevelt Calls For End Of Utility Holding Companies (Text, P. 4) 1
03/13/1935 French Bill Calls For Big War Ships To Rival Vessels Of Italy And Reich (Also U.S. & British ?) 1
03/13/1935 Hitler’s Remarks Cause Austria Protest; His Demand For Vote Called Interference 1
03/13/1935 Fists And Epithet Halts (Nye Senate [Munitions]) Arms Inquiry 6
03/13/1935 Petition Opposes Drill By The CCC-(Roosevelt) Militaristic Step Feared 7
03/13/1935 Washington Views Cuba With Concern (Political Unrest) 8
03/13/1935 Stalin Supports Privacy On Farms-Cites Peoples’ Interests 9
03/13/1935 (Ramsay) M’donald Gains; Will Keep His Post (As Prime Minister) 9
03/13/1935 (Japanese Ambassador) Saito Asks Easing Of Trade Barriers 9
03/13/1935 139 Germans Lose Their Citizenship-New List Consists Mostly Of Jews-Sentence Of Starvation (N.Y.T. Report From Berlin)-New Wave Of Anti-Semitism 10
03/13/1935 Germany Is Eager For (Sir John) Simon’s Visit-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
03/13/1935 Priest Is Acquitted In Reich Of Attack On State 10
03/13/1935 Reich Warned Self Sufficiency Is Visionary (A Liberal Extrapolation Of Remarks Made By Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Friedrich Bergius)-Synthetic Materials Termed (By Him) A Makeshift (Unless In Time Of Extreme National Need) 10
03/13/1935 Typhus Spreads In Chile 10
03/13/1935 (U.S.) War Game In Canal Zone 10
03/13/1935 President (Roosevelt) Enters News Guild Fight 12
03/13/1935 Navy Yard Begins Cruiser Brooklyn 21
03/14/1935 German Air Force Violates Treaty, France May Warn-Reich’s Action Illegal 1
03/14/1935 3,000-Year-Old Archives Found; Data Confirm Biblical History 1
03/14/1935 Briton (London Times) Sees Hands Of Roosevelt Tied 4
03/14/1935 (Sir John) Simon Will Travel To Berlin March 24 (Before Continuing On To Moscow!)-Failure (In Berlin) Feared In London 10
03/14/1935 War Plane Defined By Geneva Experts-Clarence K. Streit 10
03/14/1935 Reich Bars Jews In Manual Trades-Order Spurs Emigration 13
03/15/1935 Reich Burns Oil In Planes; Would Foil Radio Beams (?)-Diesels’ Employment In Bombers Seen-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/15/1935 Japan Is Opposed To Pacific Airline-Says American Bases On Islands Could Be Converted At Any Time For Military Use-Mandate Area Involved 1
03/15/1935 Soviet To Add Arms If Reich Gets Aid (From England) 1
03/15/1935 Roosevelt Unworried Over His Ancestors, He Writes Jewish Editor Who Asked Of Faith (Of His Ancestors-Alleged By Editor To Be Jewish) 1
03/15/1935 ‘Mystery Plane’ (Dc-2) Being Used By Army In Test Flights 3
03/15/1935 (Assistant Secretary Of State, Sumner) Welles Sees Cuba Free From Curbs 3
03/15/1935 (National Council Of) Jewish Women To Aid Refugees From Reich (New Orleans, Triennial Conference) 6
03/15/1935 (William) Green Says Labor Is Losing Patience-He Predicts Wide Strikes 7
03/15/1935 Argentina Ousts Fascist Governor 8
03/15/1935 Danzig Poles Unite On Election Ticket-Move To Combat Growth Of Nazism In Free City 8
03/15/1935 Britain Abandons Navy Ratio Hopes 9
03/15/1935 Trade Pact Urged On France And U.S.-End Of Quotas Proposed 10
03/15/1935 (Prime Minister, Ramsay) Mac Donald Receives Text Of Lloyd George ‘New Deal’ 10
03/15/1935 Baden Curbs Critics Of Anti-Church Book (Alfred Rosenberg’s Myths Of The Twentieth Century) 10
03/15/1935 (Dr. Anton) Rentelen Gets Life As Austrian Rebel-Insists He Is Innocent 12
03/15/1935 Large Gain In Gold By Bank Of France 37
03/16/1935 France Adds Year To Army Service 1
03/16/1935 Roosevelt Victor On Relief; Senate Votes Him Control Of Wages On Public Works 1
03/16/1935 20,000 Philatelists In Rush For Stamps (Already Owned By Roosevelt, Ickes And Others-A Gift From Postmaster General James A. Farley, The ‘Great Stamp Scandal’) 1
03/16/1935 Swing To The Right By Roosevelt Seen (By Republican Chairman, Chase Mellen, Jr.) 2
03/16/1935 (National Council Of) Jewish Women (New Orleans Convention) Back Social Legislation 7
03/16/1935 Reich Takes Over Church Finances-Parishes Must Pay Taxes 8
03/16/1935 Mussolini Offers Yugoslavia Amity-Prince Paul Reciprocates 8
03/16/1935 Stalin Will Hold Talks With Eden 8
03/16/1935 Woman (Pro-NSDAP) Is Sentenced To Death By Austria (Had Stood As Guard During Fiance’s Punishable Activities) 8
03/16/1935 Belgian Currency Seen As Tottering 9
03/16/1935 Germany To Offer Television Service-Within Thirty-Mile Radius Of Berlin 9
03/16/1935 Japanese Ask China To Settle Old Debts 9
03/16/1935 Roosevelt Orders Telephone Inquiry-Press Telegraph Studied 21
03/16/1935 Washington Sticks To Pacific Air (Line) Plan-Japan Has No Cause For Concern 32
03/17/1935 Germany Creates Army Of 500,000 Orders Conscription; Scraps (Versailles) Treaty; Entente Powers Confer On Action 1
03/17/1935 Hitler’s Statement 1
03/17/1935 Reich Move Spurs French Alliances-Clarence K. Streit 1
03/17/1935 France Consults Powers On Reich 1
03/17/1935 (Marriner S.) Eccles Finds It Cheaper For U.S. To Borrow Than Bear The Cost Of Issuing Greenbacks 2
03/17/1935 (Samuel) Untermyer (Founder Of ‘Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights) Urges Federal (2%) Sales Tax 25
03/17/1935 German Rejoices As Versailles Treaty Is Scrapped; A Great Army (500,000) Is Created 30
03/17/1935 Caution Is Counsel Of British Press 30
03/17/1935 Observers Here Hail Reich’s Move-Hull Confers With President (Roosevelt) 30
03/17/1935 Pershing’s Views On Reich ‘Very Strong,’ He Asserts (He Refuses Comment, But Is Known To Be Anti-German!) 30
03/17/1935 Hitler Proclaims His Action Is Defensive; Nazis Say ‘The Chains Have Fallen’ 31
03/17/1935 Blomberg Backs The Old Tradition-Served Under The Kaiser 31
03/17/1935 Hitler’s Most Pointed Words On Rearmament In Appeal To People Justifying His Stand 31
03/17/1935 Airbase In Ireland Planned By Berlin-Augur, London 31
03/17/1935 Big Army Reserve Long A Reich Policy 31
03/17/1935 Text Of Nazi Party’s Statement On Military Policy 31
03/17/1935 Yugoslavia Is Alarmed 31
03/17/1935 Italy Launches Cruiser (Eugenio Di Savoia) 31
03/17/1935 Peace Vote A Blow To British Cabinet-92.8% For Disarmament 32
03/17/1935 Reich Prohibits Sending Of Packages To Russia 32
03/17/1935 Moscow Sees End Of The London Plan 32
03/17/1935 Shock To Group (‘Foreign Affairs Institute’-Dr. James Shotwell, Columbia University, Chairman, Newton D. Baker, Allan Dulles, Etc.) Here 32
03/17/1935 (Briton) Scores Our (Nye Senate) Arms Inquiry 32
03/17/1935 Potsdam Pastors (Confessional Synod) Seized 32
03/17/1935 Jews (Of America) Urged (By American Jewish Congress, An Instrument Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) To Aid In Defense Abroad-Action Here Also Asked (By Bernard S. Deutsch) 34
03/17/1935 French Mint Issues Medal For Roosevelt N-4
03/17/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-’Scrap Of Paper’-Hitler Arms The Reich E-1
03/17/1935 German Conscription Alters Military May-Declares (Versailles) Treaty Now Dead E-3
03/17/1935 Germany Demands New Deal On Arms-She Would State Terms E-4
03/17/1935 Soviet Fears War Is Plan Of Berlin E-4
03/17/1935 Berlin Drills For Air Raid E-4
03/17/1935 ‘Anti-German’ Map-’A Geography Lesson For Young Germany’-Actually A Map Of The German Populations Of Europe E-4
03/17/1935 Nazi Propagandists Go To South America E-4
03/17/1935 Britain Stands Pat On Sterling Policy E-5
03/17/1935 Force (Col. Fulgencio Batista) Rules Once More In Cuba E-5
03/17/1935 China Compelled To Turn To Japan E-5
03/17/1935 America’s Security In Pacific Restudied-Admiral Yates Sterling E-7
03/17/1935 Map: Hawaii’s Strategic Position In The Pacific E-7
03/17/1935 Germany After Hitler Has Been Removed-Prince Hubertus Loewenstein (Associate Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Book 9
03/17/1935 Japan’s Hand Lies Heavy On Manchuria Mag. 1
03/17/1935 (U.S.) Wings Over Pacific X-13
03/18/1935 500,000 See Hitler Review Military Parade In Berlin; Reich Arrests 700 (Protestant) Pastors (‘Perhaps Thousands’)-Niemoeller Is Silenced-Flocks Are Indignant 1
03/18/1935 British Ministers In All-Day Parley 1
03/18/1935 Nazis Open Drive For Full Control In Danzig; List 1,300 Meetings In Effort To Win Election 1
03/18/1935 Westchester ‘Bunds’ Arouse (Jewish) Resentment 3
03/18/1935 Great Nations Vie For Air Supremacy-We Fired Starting Gun 5
03/18/1935 We Top France In The Air, Paris Senator Contends 5
03/18/1935 Hope Of Arms Pact Seen By Senators 7
03/18/1935 German Military Display Marks Army’s Rebirth And Honors War Dead 8
03/18/1935 Germans Jubilant Over Hitler’s Act-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Leipzig 8
03/18/1935 Italy Opens Talk On Reich Rearming 8
03/18/1935 Blomberg Asserts Reich Sovereignty-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 8
03/18/1935 Air Fleet To Test Berlin’s Vulnerability As City Is Darkened Tomorrow Night 8
03/18/1935 Soviet Is Gratified By Reich Blunder, Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
03/18/1935 Racial Rule Awaited In Reich ConscriptioN-1eague Of Jewish Front Fighters Wants Equality Status For Non-Aryans 8
03/18/1935 Poland Not Happy Over Reich’s Action 8
03/18/1935 Nazi Salute (By Germans) In England 8
03/18/1935 (American Newspaper) Editors See War Forced By Hitler-Reich Is Called ‘Pariah’ 9
03/18/1935 Enthusiasm For Hitler Less Fervent In Munich 9
03/18/1935 France Looks To Britain To Take The Initiative On Germany’s Conscription Move 9
03/18/1935 Paris Awaits Lead By London On Reich 9
03/18/1935 Mild View Is Taken By British Press 9
03/18/1935 (Samuel) Untermyer (Founder Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League For Human Rights) Scores Hitler’s New Move-Is Challenge To Civilized World (Speech At Los Angeles Americanization League) 9
03/18/1935 Austria Alarmed By German Move 9
03/18/1935 Huge Reich Army Is Defended Here (By Dr. Hans Borchers, German Consul General) 9
03/18/1935 (American Jewish Congress) Votes To Enlarge German Boycott-Dr. S.S. (Stephen S.) Wise Is Elected (Boycott Committee Headed By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, N.Y.) 18
03/19/1935 Soviet Is Alarmed: Seeks Joint Action-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
03/19/1935 Britain Protests (Text!) To Hitler; Will Send (Sir John) Simon To Confer; Washington Also May Act 1
03/19/1935 U.S. Is Considering A Protest To Reich-Roosevelt Talks With Hull And (Norman H.) Davis 1
03/19/1935 Paris Would Rush New Arms Parley-France To Send Protest 2
03/19/1935 Briton Cites Reich To Justify (British Munitions) Budget 2
03/19/1935 Berlin Is Cheered By World Inaction-But Goebbels Is Amazed-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
03/19/1935 Storm Troops Make Way For New Conscript Army 2
03/19/1935 Dutch See New Perils 2
03/19/1935 Germany Speeds New Army Plans-Mobility Must Be Chief Aim-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 3
03/19/1935 Italy Drops Idea Of Punishing Reich 3
03/19/1935 Reich Arms Firms Show Stock Gains 3
03/19/1935 Ex-Crown Prince Hails Conscription Law As Offering New Hope To Youth Of Germany 3
03/19/1935 (League) Council Meeting On Reich Proposed 3
03/19/1935 Austria Also Plans To Use Conscription 3
03/19/1935 Britain Is Building Speedier Aircraft-Our Planes Show Way 4
03/19/1935 84 More Jews Lose Reich Citizenship 4
03/19/1935 Germany Led 17 Nations In 1934 Industrial Rises 4
03/19/1935 (Senator Key) Pittman (Roosevelt Supporter) Urges U.S. To Shun New (‘Entangling’) Pacts 4
03/19/1935 German Pastors Remain In Prison 4
03/19/1935 Ruler Of Ethiopia Rebukes Italians-Challenges Border Acts-Sees ‘Deliberate Inventions’ 5
03/19/1935 (Marriner S.) Eccles Says Banks Must Aid (U.S.) Treasurey 31
03/20/1935 Belgian Cabinet Out In Gold Crisis 1
03/20/1935 Britain Lines Up 2 Powers (Italy & France) Behind Program At Berlin; French Demand Firmness-(Sir John) Simon To Speak For All 1
03/20/1935 Soviet Jails 1,074 After Reich Move-Some Held Foreign Aides-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
03/20/1935 War Profits Curb, Drafting Industry, Offered Senators-Army Pay For (Industry) Executives 1
03/20/1935 Jews To Be Barred By New Reich Army-Will Not Be Asked To Make Contributions Either-Draft To Affect Germans (Nationals) Abroad 2
03/20/1935 Four Power Union (England, France, Italy & Russia) Urged (By Alfred Duff Cooper, Later Churchill’s Minister Of Information) To Fight Any Aggressor 2
03/20/1935 Italy Stiffens Attitude Toward Germany; Wants More Than A Protest On Violation 2
03/20/1935 Arrested Pastors Freed In Germany-Detention Of 700 Ended 2
03/20/1935 Reich And France Pushing Air Lines 2
03/20/1935 Rintelen’s Condition Held To Warrant Life Sentence 2
03/20/1935 Austria Promises To Respect (St. Germain) Treaty 2
03/20/1935 Rhineland Barred As Issue At Present 2
03/20/1935 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Sees Reich Facing Decision 3
03/20/1935 More Air Strength Sought By Britain 3
03/20/1935 Roosevelt Delays Action On German Arms Until He Learns Results Of Britain’s Talks 3
03/20/1935 Berlin Darkened Against (Practice) Air Raid 3
03/20/1935 Flandin Assailed For ‘Surrender’-Cabinet’s Position Shakey 3
03/21/1935 Roosevelt Guided By ‘Neighbor’ Policy-Hopes It Will Be Extended To Europe Too, In Actions On Arming By Germany 1
03/21/1935 Paris Asks League Action, Sends Berlin Sharp Note; (Pierre) Laval Will Visit Moscow-3 Powers (Italy, France & England) Set Meeting 1
03/21/1935 Wartime (Industrial Executive) Salaries Assailed By (John T.) Flynn 5
03/21/1935 $1,120,000 In Gold Is Sold (By U.S. Treasury-’Morgenthau’) To Mexico-Other Sales Hinted 6
03/21/1935 Roosevelt Will Sign Filipino Constitution 6
03/21/1935 Air Lines Of U.S. Lead The World-New Clippers Skim Seas 17
03/21/1935 Churchill Condemns Firing On Indian Mob-Death Toll At Karachi Now 34 17
03/21/1935 Metaxas Quits In Greece 17
03/21/1935 France To Convoke Council Of League-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 18
03/21/1935 Jewish Shop Only Victim Of Reich Air Manoeuvres (Wrecked By ‘Storm Troopers’) 18
03/21/1935 Soviet Puts Army Of Reich At 880,000-Harold Denny, Moscow 18
03/21/1935 French Arrest German For Photographing (Maginot) Fort 18
03/21/1935 Reich Is Unmoved By Arms Protests-Berlin Not To Alter Plan-Frederick T. Birchall. Berlin 18
03/21/1935 Italians Approve French Decision 18
03/21/1935 London Will Act To Appease Paris 19
03/21/1935 Realistic Air Raid Thrills Berliners 19
03/21/1935 Premier Flandin’s (Picture!) Speech To French Senate (Protest To Germany) 19
03/21/1935 Reich Editor Seized; Differed With Nazis 19
03/21/1935 An Official’s View Of Mexican Unrest 20
03/21/1935 Nazi Foe (Berthold Jacob) Vanishes From Basle Hotel-Believed Kidnapped By The German Secret Police 20
03/21/1935 Abyssinia Accused In Hew Border Raid-100 Camels Stolen By Armed Band 24
03/21/1935 Plot To Kill (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Is Reported In Cuba 24
03/22/1935 Germany Rejects Protests Made By France And Italy; Seeks New Deal In Europe-Sees Case Legally Ended 1
03/22/1935 France Votes Funds To Induce Enlistments; East Prussia Being Fortified, Soviet Hears (Reports) 1
03/22/1935 Indict 7 On Charge Of Pwa (Under Harold L. Ickes) Conspiracy-28 Overt Acts Are Listed 2
03/22/1935 ‘New Deal’ For Norway 2
03/22/1935 Mexicans Turning Against Cardenas-Church Issue Menacing 14
03/22/1935 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Sees Need Of ‘Good’ Dictators 14
03/22/1935 Entente To Hold Series Of Parleys-(Sir John) Simon Foresees Blocks 16
03/22/1935 France Sees Reich Outwitted By Her 16
03/22/1935 Criticism Of France Protested (By Sir Austen Chamberlain) In Britain 16
03/22/1935 Soviet Places Faith In Tri-Power Parley 16
03/22/1935 Reich Contrasts World Arms Costs-Says Germany Spends Less Than Others For War Equipment 17
03/22/1935 Text Of The Notes Protesting German Military Moves 17
03/22/1935 Reich Has Surplus Of Trade With U.S. 18
03/22/1935 U.S. Remains Silent On German Rearming 18
03/22/1935 (Julius) Streicher Puts Curb On Violent Threats 18
03/22/1935 (Gen. Maxime) Weygand Deplores Diplomacy Failure 18
03/22/1935 Treasury Is Ready To Sell Some Gold-Morgenthau Says He Will Consider Applications Of Foreign Countries 33
03/23/1935 Entente To Ignore Reich Unless Armament Is Cut 1
03/23/1935 Soviet Envoy (Alexander A. Troyanovsky) Fears A New World War 1
03/23/1935 Russia Hands Over Line In Manchuria (To Japanese) 1
03/23/1935 Combination Against Germany Re-Forms As Entente Nations Plan To Isolate Her 8
03/23/1935 (Sir Austen Chamberlain) Charges Germany Has Broken Faith 8
03/23/1935 Reich Must Wait For Larger Navy 8
03/23/1935 ‘Invisible’ Torpedo Developed By Reich 8
03/23/1935 French Hail Italy As Their New Ally-Britain Called Deserter 8
03/23/1935 Sanctity Of Pacts Our Chief Concern-Borah, Roosevelt Confer-Senator Believes War In Europe Will Be Averted Through Great Britain’s Efforts 8
03/23/1935 Germans Organize New Zeppelin Line-Eckener Will Head Firm 8
03/23/1935 Goering Acclaims Conscript Service 8
03/23/1935 Italians Would Lift The Arms Restriction On Austria, Hungary And Bulgaria Now 8
03/23/1935 British Paper Urges Good Faith By All 8
03/23/1935 Gifts To Aid Reich Army Are ‘Arms Thanksgiving’ 8
03/23/1935 Nazis Forbid Jews To Fly Reich Flag 8
03/23/1935 Chinese Fearful Of Japanese Move 9
03/23/1935 Ethiopia Defiant, Explorer Finds 9
03/23/1935 Italians Accede To Ethiopian Plea 9
03/23/1935 Church Opposition Rebuffed By Reich-It Recognizes Mueller Only 9
03/23/1935 Mexico Weakened By War On Religion 12
03/23/1935 (S. B. Finkel) Asks Jewish Group (National Federation Of Temple Brotherhoods) To Help Refugees (Supported By Eleanor Roosevelt) 12
03/23/1935 Roosevelt Desires Permanence Of CCC 17
03/24/1935 3 Ex-Allies Agree On United Front To German Menace 1
03/24/1935 Mussolini Calls More Men To Arms 1
03/24/1935 (Jacob W. Mack, Cincinnati) Says Jewish Hope Is Unity, Self-Help 17
03/24/1935 New Constitution Adopted By Poles-Lower House Of Parliament Votes System Which Abolishes Democratic Rule 21
03/24/1935 New Deal Premier (Dr. Paul Van Zeeland) Chosen In Belgium-Admirer Of Roosevelt Economy-A Graduate Of Princeton 21
03/24/1935 Arm To Back Pact, Baldwin Advises-Britain Must Be Prepared To Enforce Any Security Agreement, He Warns 24
03/24/1935 British (Sir John Simon & Anthony Eden) To Arrive In Berlin Tonight 24
03/24/1935 Reich War Gases Held Good As Any-Their Use Found Limited 25
03/24/1935 Reich Handicaps Non-Nazi Pupils 25
03/24/1935 Eugenic Exposition Opened In Germany (Marriages Between Pure Germans Promoted) 25
03/24/1935 British Hope Nazis Will Act For Peace 26
03/24/1935 Danzig Bars (Social Democrat) Newspaper 26
03/24/1935 Reich Orders Radio Curb 26
03/24/1935 Emigre And Wife Kidnapped By Nazis 27
03/24/1935 (Hanfstaengl) Sees Reich’s Army As Peace Bulwark 27
03/24/1935 Reich To Let (Opposition) Clergy Read Protest Today 27
03/24/1935 (Senate-House) Conferees Agree On A Bigger Army-Provision For 40% Increase 28
03/24/1935 (Dr. Charles A.) Beard Considers President (Roosevelt) Weaker (Than Previously) N-2
03/24/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-Pictures: Simon, Hitler, Pierre Laval E-1
03/24/1935 German Naval Plan Concerns The British-Our Fleet May Be Affected E-3
03/24/1935 Map: Focal Points In Europe-Lands Taken From Germany And Lands Allegedly Coveted By Germany E-3
03/24/1935 (Sir John) Simon In Berlin To Fathom Germany’s Aims E-3
03/24/1935 Britain Is Turning Back To Alliances E-4
03/24/1935 Franco-British Aid Is Hope Of Moscow-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
03/24/1935 Poland Unmoved By Reich’s Army (Picture: Pilsudski, ‘Dictator Of Poland’)-Jerzy Szapiro E-4
03/24/1935 British Air Front Touches Germany-Belgium And Holland Included In The Area That London Must Now Defend-Augur, London E-4
03/24/1935 Italy Sees Austria Doomed By Hitler-Despairs Of France’s Aid E-4
03/24/1935 Germans Hope For Boom E-4
03/24/1935 New German Army Ranks Near The Top E-5
03/24/1935 Ours Is Still A ‘Neighbor’ Policy E-5
03/24/1935 Picture: Strongest In Europe: The Russian Army E-5
03/24/1935 Germany’s Army: A Great Symbol Mag. 1
03/25/1935 Poland Rebukes Germany And Now Turns To France; Britain’s Envoys In Berlin 1
03/25/1935 Italy’s Army Move Approved In Paris 4
03/25/1935 10,000 Cheer (Oswald) Mosley In Defense Of Nazis 4
03/25/1935 (Temple Brotherhoods) Widen Way To Aid Jewish Refugees 4
03/25/1935 Warning To Europe Urged By (Father Charles E.) Coughlin-France, Italy, England Should Know We Will Not Aid Them Against Germany, He Says 4
03/25/1935 British Arms Industry Reports Rising Profits 4
03/25/1935 Sterilizations Reach 189,677 In Germany 5
03/25/1935 Mass Held In Poland To Mark New Reform-Head Of Jewish Club Resigns 6
03/25/1935 Briton Sees Need For Stabilization-AppealsFor Accord With United States 6
03/25/1935 France To Try 21 As Spies Of Soviet 7
03/25/1935 Rosenwald (In Boston) Pleads For Jews In Europe 10
03/25/1935 (Rexford Guy) Tugwell To Head $950,000,000 Plan For Land Relief 1
03/25/1935 Hitler Insists The Soviet Imperils Peace Of Europe; Asks Austrian Plebiscite 1
03/25/1935 (Prime Minister Ramsay) Mac Donald Holds Versailles Treaty Is Not Abrogated By Germany’s Act 1
03/25/1935 New Deal Cabinet Named In Belgium (By Premier Paul Van Zeeland, An Admirer Of Roosevelt) 6
03/25/1935 Missing Nazi Foe (Berthold Jacob) Jailed In Germany-Kidnapping Is Indicated 8
03/25/1935 Hitler Is Likened To Christ By Nazi-(Julius) Streicher, In Violent Attack On Jews, Cites A ‘Similarity’ In Their Lives 9
03/25/1935 Italo-Ethiopian Clash Occurs In Eritrea; Rome Protests And Will Demand Reparations 9
03/25/1935 Flandin Appeals For United France-Four Navy Craft Voted 9
03/25/1935 Poland Asks Reich Not To Irk Britain-Would Avoid A Quarrel 10
03/25/1935 Neighbors Combat Italian Arms View 11
03/25/1935 Three Faiths Back Wagner Labor Bill 12
03/25/1935 America Extolled As Judaism’s Hope (By Judge Irving Lehman, Brother Of Herbert Lehman)-Nazi Hatred Contrasted 22
03/27/1935 Berlin Parleys Fruitless; End In A Warning By (Sir John) Simon; Memel Case Enrages Reich 1
03/27/1935 Four Memel Nazis Sentenced To Die 1
03/27/1935 (Secretary Of War, George H.) Dern Says Nation Needs Arms Firms-Urges Bigger Army, Navy 8
03/27/1935 Dr. S.S. Wise Replies To Father Coughlin-Denies Jewish Banking Firms Are Leading Participants In Loans To Foreign Countries (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 9
03/27/1935 Reich Shows Trend Away From Nazism-Many Dislike Party Rule-Anne O’Hare McCormick 12
03/27/1935 (London Daily Mail) Describes Oral Duel Of (Sir John) Simon And Hitler 12
03/27/1935 Laval Reiterates His Faith In Pacts-Lauds Mussolini For Aid 13
03/27/1935 British Aim To Bar Anti-Reich Front-Hear Of Polish Switch 14
03/27/1935 Peace Steps Urged By Jewish Groups-Roosevelt Is Petitioned To Espouse Polices Aiming To Avoid War 14
03/27/1935 Britain Rebuffed By Japan On Oil 15
03/27/1935 Scientists Unite To Spread Ideas-Social Factor Included 23
03/27/1935 Picture: John Buchan, Later Lord Tweedsmuir, Vita 23
03/28/1935 British See Crisis Nearer As Cabinet Hears (Sir John) Simon; Nazi Fury On Memel Rises 1
03/28/1935 Envoys In Ethiopia Tell Of Rich Aid (To Abyssinians)-300 Tanks Are Involved 1
03/28/1935 Bigger Navy Bills Passed By House 1
03/28/1935 Baruch Demands War Profits’ End By Heavy Taxation (Text Of Letter To Senator Gerald P. Nye, P. 16)-For ‘Pay As You Fight’ 1
03/28/1935 Royal (British) Couple Pays Call On Roosevelt 1
03/28/1935 Soviet Puts Hope In Eden Visit Today-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
03/28/1935 Russia Will Plead For Security Pact-Walter Duranty, Moscow 2
03/28/1935 Remilitarizing Of Reich Praised By Ludendorff 2
03/28/1935 (Pacifist, Viscount Cecil) Denies (British) Frontier (Lies On) Rhine 2
03/28/1935 Berlin Is Pleased At (Sir John) Simon’s Visit 3
03/28/1935 Picture: Germany Shows Her Strength As She Scraps The Versailles Treaty 3
03/28/1935 Eden Finds Hitler Fought In Trenches Opposite His 3
03/28/1935 Danzig Will Arrest Socialist Nominees 3
03/28/1935 Reich Bars (British Correspondent) Philip Gibbs 3
03/28/1935 Arms Firms Linked To British Officers 22
03/28/1935 (Walter) Gieseking Hailed In Varied Recital 25
03/29/1935 Russia Asks Cooperation To Avert The Peril Of War; Commons Questions Simon 1
03/29/1935 Baruch Sees War Ending Civilization-For Fixing Our Policies 1
03/29/1935 Nazi Buying Linked To Arms By Paris-High Prices Paid In Cash 2
03/29/1935 German Demands Held Aid To Soviet-Walter Duranty, Moscow 2
03/29/1935 Litvinoff-Eden Speeches 2
03/29/1935 Neurath Informs Powers Of Talks 2
03/29/1935 Demilitarized Zone Includes Saar Basin 2
03/29/1935 Nazi Press Pushes Drive On Lithuania 3
03/29/1935 Hitler And Eden Drew Maps On A Tablecloth; Laughed At Having Faced Each Other In War 3
03/29/1935 Nazis Will Suppress All Jewish Writers-Slated To Go (Leave Germany) 3
03/29/1935 Reich To Dominate Protestant Church 3
03/29/1935 Germans Are Anxious Lest Mark Suffer 4
03/29/1935 British Are Calm On Belgian Money (Crisis) 4
03/29/1935 Japan Shuts Door On Oil Negotiation 5
03/29/1935 Schwab (Bethlehem Steel) Defends (Ww I) Munitions Profit 13
03/30/1935 Russia Gains Hope Of Aid By Britain; Eden Sees Stalin-Security (Pact) Plan Winning 1
03/30/1935 Belgium Devalues Her Currency 25% (Initially); (Premier Paul Van Zeeland) Plans Big Reforms 1
03/30/1935 Germany Jails Priests, Friars And Nuns; Violations Of (Currency) Exchange Laws Charged 1
03/30/1935 3 Scandinavian Premiers To Discuss Reich Arming 1
03/30/1935 (Belgian Premier, Paul) Van Zeeland (Picture) Free To Manage Money 2
03/30/1935 Alarm Over Belga Is Lessened Here 2
03/30/1935 France Confident Of Franc’s Status 2
03/30/1935 Devalued Belga Adds To Reich’s Troubles 2
03/30/1935 Cordial Parleys In Moscow Gives Hope Of Closer Soviet-British Ties 8
03/30/1935 Britain Expected To Aid Soviet Plan 8
03/30/1935 Stalin-Eden Talks Include Commerce-Harold Denny, Moscow 8
03/30/1935 ‘Bleeding Borders’ Inflame Germany (Kattowitz Report) 8
03/30/1935 Reich Curbs Flag Waving To Conserve Wool Supply 8
03/30/1935 New Italian Force Hinted For Africa 8
03/30/1935 Nazi Church Foes Protest Arrests-Strife Of 1933 Revived 8
03/30/1935 Nazis Deprive (Jewish) Owner Of (Frankfurt A/M.) Theater Control 8
03/30/1935 Berlin Says Refugee (Berthold Jacob) Was Seized In Reich 8
03/30/1935 Anti-Nazi Appeals For Asylum Here 9
03/31/1935 Britain And Russia Agree On Treaties To Curb The Reich 1
03/31/1935 Ethiopia Refuses To Deal With Italy 1
03/31/1935 Britain Announces Surplus For Year; Totals L7,562,000 1
03/31/1935 President (Roosevelt) To Avoid Any War, Ways (Senator Gerald P.) Nye-He Quotes The Executive As Determined On Neutrality ‘At All Costs’ 26
03/31/1935 Philatelists Demand Destruction Of (James A. Farley) Gifts (Of Unperforated Stamps Etc. To Roosevelt, Ickes & Others) 26
03/31/1935 Reich Gives Army Right To Buy Land-Farmers Will Be Moved 30
03/31/1935 Swiss Send Protest Of Nazi Kidnapping (Berthold Jacob) 30
03/31/1935 Carmelites Face Reich Indictments-Breaking Fiscal Law 31
03/31/1935 Nazi Drive On Jews Gain In Virulence-More Germans Emigrate 31
03/31/1935 Stalin Told Eden Britain Holds Key-United Action Stressed-Walter Duranty, Moscow 32
03/31/1935 Prague Germans Protest 32
03/31/1935 Nazi Minister (Bernhard Rust) Joins Bitter Danzig Fight 32
03/31/1935 Soviet Is Assured Of British Support-Harold Denny, Moscow 33
03/31/1935 Picture: Eden And Litvinoff 33
03/31/1935 Bigger Air Force Seen For France 33
03/31/1935 French Are Pleased Over Moscow Talks 33
03/31/1935 Polish (-German) Border Is Quiet-Feeling Runs High 33
03/31/1935 American Academy (Of Political And Social Sciences) To Debate Fascism N-1
03/31/1935 $1,250,000 Is Goal Of (United) Jewish Appeal (For Jewish Refugees From Germany And Eastern Europe To Be Settled In Palestine) N-5
03/31/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-Stalin, Eden & Hitler E-1
03/31/1935 German Aims Expand With Regained Power-Anne O’Hare McCormick E-3
03/31/1935 French Dominance In Europe ‘At End’ E-4
03/31/1935 ‘Bolshevist Bogy’ Of Hitler Derided-Harold Denny, Moscow E-4
03/31/1935 Germany Clamors For Lost Areas-Map: ‘Bleeding Boundaries’ As Berlin Sees Them E-4
03/31/1935 Nazism In Austria Buoyed By Berlin-G.E.R. Gedye E-4
03/31/1935 A Series Of Parleys In Sight For Europe E-4
03/31/1935 Japan’s Mandate A Naval Asset E-5
03/31/1935 German Princess Assails The Bible E-12
03/31/1935 What Happens To Prisoners In The German Camps (Gerhard Seger & Karl Billinger)-Two Revealing Personal Narratives Book 4
03/31/1935 Europe Gropes For A Way Out-Harold Callender Mag. 1
03/31/1935 The ‘Rewards’ Of Communism Analyzed-Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 5
03/31/1935 A Prelate Discusses The Mexican Crisis Mag. 10
03/31/1935 Germany Mobilizes Her ‘Kultur’-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin Mag. 12