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William Lindsey collection — 1935 NYT headlines

October 1935
Date Headline Page
10/01/1935 Italy Ready To Begin War In Africa When Mud Dries; 30,000 Troops On The Way 1
10/01/1935 Europe Divided Into Two Camps-Democracy Headed By Britain, Seeks Ententes In Opposition To Dictatorships-Russia Is A Third Factor-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
10/01/1935 Negroes On Reds’ Slate (N.Y.) 4
10/01/1935 ‘Jehovah Witness’ And Ken Of Henry James Are Arrested For (U.S.) Flag ‘Insult’ At Lynn 9
10/01/1935 Continue Expansion Of Army And Navy 9
10/01/1935 Ethiopians Count On British Fleet-Will Use Munitions Freely To Prevent Italian Advances, Relying On Blockade-Look For Short Conflict-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 16
10/01/1935 Ethiopia Called Aggressor (By Virginia Gayda, Rome) 16
10/01/1935 Italy Now (Already) Feels Trade Sanction-Says Serious Curbs Are Effected By Britain And United States-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome 17
10/01/1935 Britain’s Course Backed By Labor-(Italy) Termed A ‘Lawbreaker’ 17
10/01/1935 Malta Deports 5 Italians For Anti-British Action 18
10/01/1935 British Suffer 70 Casualties In Ambush By Hostile Tribesmen In Northern India 18
10/01/1935 Germans In Memel Claim A 90% Vote-Lithuanians Are Gloomy-Otto D. Tolischus 18
10/01/1935 French Delay Reply To British Question 18
10/01/1935 Jews In Reich Barred By Engineers’ Group 18
10/01/1935 Germans See British Leaning To (Versailles) Revision 18
10/01/1935 Reich Short Fats, Meats And Fruits; Housewives Fearful, Stocking Up 25
10/01/1935 Olympic Boycott Urged On Pastors (National Council Of Methodist Youth) 25
10/01/1935 Columbia (University-Dr. Irving Sorge, Teachers’ College) Devises Test To Show How Minds Of Adults Are Swayed By Propaganda 25
10/02/1935 Britain Asks French Stand If Italy Attacks Her Navy; Thinks Ethiopian War Sure-Query Is Put To (Premier Pierre) Laval 1
10/02/1935 Britain Won’t Act Alone-Wants Unity In Sanction-Augur, London 1
10/02/1935 Italians Sobered By British Enigma-Rome Sees Direct Threat 1
10/02/1935 Roosevelt Is Assailed-(Col. William J. ‘Wild Bill’) Donovan (Organized ‘Office Of Strategic Services’ For Roosevelt Before And After Our Entry Into War) Says President (Roosevelt) Coerces State Governments 3
10/02/1935 Reich Women Wait In Line For Butter-Cattle Dealers Curbed 6
10/02/1935 Berlin Works Out Anti-Jewish (Nuernberg) Rules 6
10/02/1935 German Critic Is Seized (Allegedly Put In Badsulza Concentration Camp) 6
10/02/1935 Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Backs Out Ending His Power 6
10/02/1935 Hitler Tours Reich With Army Leaders 6
10/02/1935 Lithuania Forced Off Gold Standard-Jews Are Emigrating (To Palestine)-Otto D. Tolischus, Memel 6
10/02/1935 Rice Seizures (For Taxes) In China Stirs Japanese Ire 9
10/02/1935 Japan’s Navy Hostile To Parley This Year 9
10/02/1935 British Lay Plans To Defend Egypt 10
10/02/1935 Ethiopians Push Final War Plans 10
10/02/1935 Americans Speed Medical Aid In Ethiopia; Hospital Unit Off For Duty At The Front 12
10/02/1935 U.S. Embargo To Cover Only Arms 12
10/02/1935 France’s Air Force To Begin Manoeuvres 12
10/02/1935 (James) Donahue (Woolworth Heir), Regretfully, To Ask Italy’s Pardon (For Pro-Ethiopian Outburst In Italy) 12
10/02/1935 Strict (U.S. Neutrality Held Impossible (By Idaho Senator James P. Pope) 13
10/02/1935 Wheat Pushed Up By Talk Of War 41
10/03/1935 Big Italian Force Invades Ethiopia; Mussolini Rallies 20,000,000 Fascisti; Roosevelt To Keep Us ‘Unentangled’-President Warns Nation 1
10/03/1935 Ethiopia Will Arm Today-Emperor Tells League 50,000 Foes Have Crossed Border 1
10/03/1935 Moves In The War Crisis 1
10/03/1935 Italy Will Fight Mussolini Asserts-He Warns Of Sanctions-Says ‘War’ Will Be Met With War (Text, P. 3) 1
10/03/1935 Britain’s Cabinet Gets Eden Report-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
10/03/1935 Dr. K. F. Mather (Harvard) Defies Teacher’s Oath Law: Its Author Denounces Him As Red Aide 1
10/03/1935 Map: Where Italian Invasion Is Reported 2
10/03/1935 Neighbor Of Italy Sees Sanctions Peril 2
10/03/1935 Reich Peace Pledge Is Given To Laval 3
10/03/1935 League Receives Ethiopian Protest-Step Embarrasses Laval-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 4
10/03/1935 Picture: Gen. De Bona, Italian Commander-In-Chief In Africa 5
10/03/1935 Italians Relieved That Die Is Cast-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome 6
10/03/1935 Swedish General (Erik Virgin) Lauds Ethiopians-Says Warriors Do Not Hesitate To Fight The Most Modern Arms-Cites Attack On Tanks-He Asserts Italian Victory Over Abyssinians Would Be A Tragedy For Freedom 7
10/03/1935 Tribesmen Pour Into War Region-lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 8
10/03/1935 Japanese Vexed By Chinese Course-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 9
10/03/1935 Moscow Festive As Rationing Ends-Caviar Cues Are Long 9
10/03/1935 Soviet Will Offer Baths To Eskimos 9
10/03/1935 Japan Pushes Drive To Win Aims In China; Naval Display Linked To Manchukuo Policy 9
10/03/1935 Reich Seeks To Win Austria From Italy 10
10/03/1935 Nazis Are Angered By ‘Friends’ (Of The New Germany) Here 10
10/03/1935 (Women’s Division Of The American Jewish Congress, Headed By Mrs. Stephen S. Wise) Stamp Urge (German) Boycott 10
10/03/1935 Memel Poll Count Begins 10
10/03/1935 British Laborites Favor Sanctions 11
10/03/1935 French Battleship (‘Dunkerque’) Launched In Drydock 11
10/03/1935 Only Nazis To Get Jobs 11
10/03/1935 (Bernard) Baruch Sees Hitler As World Menace 12
10/03/1935 Picture: The Chief (Ethiopian) Advisors Of Emperor Haile Selassie 12
10/03/1935 Hull Urges Peace In Plea To World-Is Silent On Sanctions 13
10/03/1935 The Statement By Secretary Hull 13
10/03/1935 Strive For Peace, Hull Bids Church 13
10/03/1935 Roosevelt As ‘Foe’ Sees Navy Fight 14
10/03/1935 President (Roosevelt) Well Guarded 14
10/03/1935 U.S. Arms Exports To Italians Scant-None Go To Ethiopia 15
10/03/1935 U.S. Navy Watchful On European Events-Bid For A Light Cruiser Opened 15
10/03/1935 Gen. (Malin D.) Craig Named As Chief Of Staff (Succeeding General Douglas Macarthur) 26
10/03/1935 (Robert M.) Hutchins Defends (University Of Chicago, Another Rockefeller Institution Like Columbia) College (Red) Contacts 27
10/03/1935 Treasury Deficit Largest In Peace 37
10/04/1935 Italian Airplanes Bomb Adowa And Adigrat; 1,700 Casualties Include Women And Children; League Council Acts On Sanction Tomorrow 1
10/04/1935 India Will Assist Britain In Africa 1
10/04/1935 Italian Advance Guided By Planes-Ambush In Hills Feared 1
10/04/1935 League Is Called To Act Upon Italy-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/04/1935 Ethiopia Orders Full Mobilization 2
10/04/1935 Pictures: Mussolini’s Sons & Nobile Galeazzo Ciano 2
10/04/1935 Map & Picture: Where Italian Armies Have Entered Ethiopia 3
10/04/1935 Italy Tells Tribes She Guards Them-Emperor Outlines War 3
10/04/1935 War Risk Rates To Italy Doubled (By British) 3
10/04/1935 Britain Is Praised By German Press-Her Fight For League Of Nations And Ethiopia Receives General Applause-Reich’s Neutrality Is Held To Be Much Like Stand Of United States For Peace 3
10/04/1935 French (In Toulouse) Fight Italians 3
10/04/1935 Conquest By Italy In 6 Weeks Forecast (Gordon Mac Creagh) 3
10/04/1935 Roosevelt Ready To Issue Embargo 4
10/04/1935 Nye Says Congress Will Forbid Loans 4
10/04/1935 1,200 Extra Police On ‘War Duty’ Here (Negro-Italian Disorders) 6
10/04/1935 (Dr. James T. Shotwell, Columbia University) Sees Italy Way Wrong 6
10/04/1935 Hull Aide (Sumner Welles) Returns (Had Been In England, France And Italy On Vacation-(Had He Seen Bullitt Or Was He On A Secret Mission?-Praises Roosevelt’s Speech At San Diego) 6
10/04/1935 British Tories Ask Stronger Defense 7
10/04/1935 Tokyo Tops Buyers Of Our Arms Goods-Britain Outstrips Italy In Such Purchases In The Last Eight Months-Ethiopia Took 83 Trucks-France A Larger Purchaser Of Gases (?) Than Any Of The Other Countries (Department Of Commerce Report) 8
10/04/1935 Ethiopians To Use Own Tactics Early-Observers Are Sure They Will Disregard Officers And Battle En Masse-Arms Are Filtering In-lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 9
10/04/1935 Picture: (Ethiopians) On Warpath Again 9
10/04/1935 Advance Startles The Italian Envoy 10
10/04/1935 Eritrea (And Italian Somaliland) Is Promised As Prize By Emperor-Cheers Troops With Vision Of Conquest In Italian Territory 10
10/04/1935 Invaders To Face A Roadless Waste 11
10/04/1935 Adowa Was Scene Of Italian Rout In 1896; Menelik’s Warriors Cut Army To Pieces 11
10/04/1935 Foreigners Menaced By Angry Ethiopians 11
10/04/1935 Germans Are Urged To Use Less Butter-Pork Shortage Continues 12
10/04/1935 (La Guardia) Anti-Nazi Actions Scored (By N.Y. State Council Of The Steuben Society) 12
10/04/1935 2,500 Memel Ballots Voided 12
10/04/1935 Roosevelt Defends Use Of ‘New Methods’ 16
10/04/1935 Army Tank Speeds 60 Miles An Hour (Also, Other Things To Brag About!) 18
10/04/1935 Nazi Jailed Sailor (William Francis Gill, Slurred Hitler) Works Way Home (A Hero!) 18
10/04/1935 (German) Boycott Group Meets-300,000 Jews Must Be Helped Out Of Europe, Says Dr. S.S. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise 18
10/05/1935 Italians Press Advance On Adowa; Fighting Reported On Other Fronts; League Group (Under Eduard Benes) Reports Against Italy 1
10/05/1935 Link With Britain Approved By Paris-Agrees To Use Of Ports 1
10/05/1935 Baldwin Pledges Britain To Rearm-Sees Dictator Menace-Text, P. 4 1
10/05/1935 Mussolini Asks London And Paris To End Danger Of War In Europe 1
10/05/1935 Harvard Teachers Told (By Pres. James Bryant Conant) To Sign Oath (Or Be Fired) 1
10/05/1935 Ethiopia Rushes Troops To South-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 2
10/05/1935 American Negro Pilot (John Robinson) Bests 2 Italian Planes 2
10/05/1935 Battle For Adowa Ragse In The Night (Map) 3
10/05/1935 Ethiopians Appeal For Moral Support 3
10/05/1935 Guerrilla Tactics Held Tribal Hope-Capt. B. Liddell Hart 4
10/05/1935 Italy Sees Danger Only From Britain looks To France For Aid 5
10/05/1935 Germany Awaits League Sanction 5
10/05/1935 Japan May Act With League In Sanction, Officials Discreet But People Back Ethiopia 5
10/05/1935 Central Europe Cold To Italians-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 5
10/05/1935 Meaning Of ‘Sanctions’ As Defined In Britain 5
10/05/1935 (Ethiopian) Emperor Plans S. P. C. A. (How Civilized!) 5
10/05/1935 Roosevelt To Act When War Is Sure 6
10/05/1935 Italy ‘Land-Grabber’ F. B. Kellogg Asserts 6
10/05/1935 Churches Support Roosevelt On War-Cadman Hits Mussolini-Federal Council (Of Churches Of Christ In America) Voices Strong Backing For His Declared Aim Of Keeping U.S. Neutral 6
10/05/1935 Our Neutrality Doubted (N.Y. Univ. Prof. Clyde Eagleton) 6
10/05/1935 Hitler’s Fall Near, (B. Charney) Vladeck (Head Of American Ort) Declares-Secret Mass Movement Is Gaining Momentum In Reich-Grynszpan, Frankfurter, Hirsch, Kristallnacht, Etc. ?) 7
10/05/1935 Labor Is Pledged To Neutral Stand (By William Green, A. F. Of L.) 7
10/05/1935 Activity Of Reds In (Harry L. Hopkin’s) WPA Studied (By (N.Y. WPA Administrator General Hugh S. Johnson) 8
10/06/1935 Adowa And Adigrat Still Hold Out After Three Days Of Fierce Fighting; League Acts On Aggressor Tomorrow 1
10/06/1935 France And Britain Near An Entente-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
10/06/1935 Italians Find Way To Adowa Is Hard-Guerrilla War Is Waged 1
10/06/1935 Roosevelt Proclaims Embargo On Arms To Italy And Ethiopia 1
10/06/1935 (Herbert) Hoover Denounces (Roosevelt’s) Spending ‘Joyride’: Sees ‘Huge Waste’-Text, P. 35 1
10/06/1935 Morgenthau Enters Spain As A ‘Tourist’ (At The Time Spain Had A Leftist Government And Was Getting Ripe For Revolution) 6
10/06/1935 New Religious Zeal Urged On All Faiths-President (Roosevelt’s) Backing Of Appeal For Demonstration Today Is Read In United Plea 7
10/06/1935 Admiral (Yates) Stirling Fears War Spread 9
10/06/1935 (Pan-American) Clipper Takes Off On Flight To Guam 9
10/06/1935 Nazis (Friends Of The New Germany) Locked Out At A Meeting Here-Lease Cancelled At Last Minute 26
10/06/1935 Anti-Nazi Demonstration Held At Yorkville (Mostly ‘German-Americans’-Dr. Kurt Riesenfeld Spoke In Yiddish, Methodists Also Present) 26
10/06/1935 Reich Jails 3 Priests (Foreign Currency Violations) 26
10/06/1935 (Hanns) Kerrl Takes Over Reich Church Rule 27
10/06/1935 (Fatal) Assault (On Edmund Baumgartner, A Jewish Football Player) Denied By Reich (Also Several Times Hereafter!) 27
10/06/1935 Chiang (Kai-Shek) To Meet Red Drive 27
10/06/1935 Pasha Sees Thirst As Italy’s Big Foe-Lawrence Stallings, Harar, Ethiopia 28
10/06/1935 Rome Sees Course Free Of Obstacles 28
10/06/1935 Greater Dangers Feared By Berlin-Strict Neutrality Urged 28
10/06/1935 150 British Ships On Guard In Crisis 28
10/06/1935 Negro Leader Bans Anti-Italian Drive (Supporting Roosevelt And His Neutrality Stand!) 28
10/06/1935 Fund Sought Here To Aid Ethiopians (Negro Dr. W. N. Huggins) 29
10/06/1935 Italy Denounced By British Clergy 31
10/06/1935 Adowa Defended By 2 New Armies-Ethiopia Uses Artillery (Map) 32
10/06/1935 Soviet Won’t Join In A Protectorate-Prelude To Big War Seen 33
10/06/1935 Austrian Nazis Fool Rivals Of Ethiopia 33
10/06/1935 Rabbi (Barnett R. Bruckner, Cleveland) Urges Pope (Pius XI) Act To Stop War-Dictatorship Is Attacked 33
10/06/1935 Women (Headed By Eleanor Roosevelt) Plan Peace Plea 33
10/06/1935 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Arms Proclamation 34
10/06/1935 Armed Neutrality Urged By Children N-1
10/06/1935 Gold Coming Here Is Mostly British F-1
10/06/1935 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/06/1935 War In Africa Tests Our Fixed Neutrality E-3
10/06/1935 Defiant Italy Begins Ethiopian Adventure E-3
10/06/1935 Europe Looks Far Ahead To A Greater Crisis-A Clash Of Dictatorships And Democracies-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-3
10/06/1935 Defiance By Italy Surprise To Geneva E-4
10/06/1935 Britain Draws The Line On Italy E-4
10/06/1935 Italians Support War Despite Peril-Infuriated By Britain E-4
10/06/1935 French Reluctant To Back Up Britain E-4
10/06/1935 Large Map: Ethiopia, History Of Country E-5
10/06/1935 Lake Tana’s Control An Ethiopian Issue E-6
10/06/1935 Munitions Traffic Proves Elusive E-6
10/06/1935 Egyptians (British Colony) Fearful Of Next Door War E-6
10/06/1935 German Overture Finds Austria (Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg) Shy E-6
10/06/1935 Why Britain Watches Lake Tana E-6
10/06/1935 Nazi Trade Policies Cut Food Supplies-Otto D. Tolischus E-12
10/06/1935 (Soviets) Reward Russian Peasants E-12
10/06/1935 Italy Maps A Historic Course-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
10/07/1935 Adawa And Adigrat Fall To Italians-Little Resistance Is Met 1
10/07/1935 Roosevelt Limits Travel On Ships-Proclamation Text 1
10/07/1935 Mussolini Reveals Talks With British 1
10/07/1935 People Betrayed (By Roosevelt) Republicans Hold 2
10/07/1935 Roosevelt Extols Power Of The Bible 4
10/07/1935 15,000 Hail Hitler At Exercises Here (At Madison Square Garden)-600 Police At The Garden 5
10/07/1935 Geneva Welcomes Our Neutral Move 6
10/07/1935 (Ramsay) M’donald Condemns Italy’s Move To War 6
10/07/1935 Italians Slowed By Water Needs 7
10/07/1935 American Red Cross Offer Its Aid In War; Asks Both Sides Whether They Want Help 7
10/07/1935 Britain Fearful Of League Delays-Frederick T.Birchall, London 7
10/07/1935 Ethiopia Appeals For Medical Help-Stresses Lack Of Funds-Josef Israels 2D, Addis Ababa 7
10/07/1935 Morgenthau Avoids Sailing At Gibraltar (Courtesy Calls On One Or Two Spanish Cabinet Ministers) 7
10/07/1935 Chicago (Tribune) Reporter Dies (Malaria) In Ethiopia 8
10/07/1935 Kenya Group Asks Natives To Aid Ethiopia, Then Fight To ‘Emancipate’ Africa’s Negroes 8
10/07/1935 Fast Tanks Rout Adowa Ethiopians-A Counter Attack Fails (Map) 9
10/07/1935 Officer Analyzes 1896 Adowa Rout (Of Italians) 9
10/07/1935 Soviet Will Not Aid In World Repartition, Moscow Press Says, Stressing Peace Efforts 10
10/07/1935 Hitler Opens Drive For ‘Food Freedom’-Plea For National Self=Sufficiency-Democracies Breed War, He Declares And Dictatorships Make For Peace-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
10/07/1935 200 Join In (United Jewish) Appeal For (German) Exiles-$3,250,000 Fund Sought (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee & James G. Mc Donald Involved) 15
10/08/1935 League Council (Presided Over By Czech, Eduard Benes) Finds Italy Guilty; Moves To Invoke Sanctions At Once; Italians Fortify New-Won War Lines 1
10/08/1935 France Demands British Pledge In Return For Aid Against Italy 1
10/08/1935 Law Held To Bar New Moves By Us 1
10/08/1935 Envoys In Ethiopia Send Air Raid Plea 1
10/08/1935 Fall Of Dictators Is Seen By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-World Outlook Is Dark But Not Hopeless 12
10/08/1935 Nazis In New Drive On Jews In Trade-Fresh Curb Almost Daily-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 13
10/08/1935 Reich Church Regime Opposed By Clergy (Reich Brotherhood Of Confessional Synods) 13
10/08/1935 Reports Nazi Spirit Here 13
10/08/1935 (Ohio) Woman Ready To Go To Aid Of Ethiopia 16
10/08/1935 Ethiopia Perfects Lines Of Defense 16
10/08/1935 Text Of League’s Report On Italy’s Aggression 16
10/08/1935 Map: Ethiopia’s Defense Strategy 17
10/08/1935 Text Of French Note 17
10/08/1935 Japan Puts Curb On Blunt Officers 19
10/08/1935 Czechs And Russians Cement Ties At (Prague) Fete 19
10/09/1935 (George) Lansbury Resigns As Laborite Chief On (Italian) Sanction Issue 1
10/09/1935 Exporters Ignore Roosevelt Decree-Ready To Accept Orders From Either Belligerent For Cash If It Arranges Shipment 1
10/09/1935 Red Agitators In (Harry L. Hopkin’s) WPA Called ‘Nuisances,’ Johnson Acts To Curb Radical Element 6
10/09/1935 Hull Statement On Foreign Policy 12
10/09/1935 Ethiopia Orders Italy’s Envoy Out-Protection For Them Is Promised 12
10/09/1935 Jibuti Gets Word Of (Italian) Swift Advance-Harold Denny, Jibuti 13
10/09/1935 Reich Press Lauds Roosevelt (Stand) On War 13
10/09/1935 (Emil) Ludwig (Jewish Author From Germany) Here, Sees Italy As The Victor 15
10/09/1935 (U.S.) Nazis In Uniform Cause A New Riot (In N.Y.) 18
10/09/1935 Nazis (Friends Of The New Germany) Score German Societies 18
10/09/1935 Anti-Nazi Parley Sought-Dutch Group (Alliance Israelite Universelle) Asks World Congress (World Zionist Congress ?) To Fight Anti-Semitism 19
10/09/1935 Alien Frauds Laid To Ex-Federal Aide 19
10/10/1935 Austria And Hungary At Sanctions Against Italy 1
10/10/1935 Britain Still Bans Arms For Ethiopia 1
10/10/1935 Trade Bars Rise Against Italians 1
10/10/1935 (Governor Herbert Lehman) Urges Tribute To Poles 4
10/10/1935 Dictation By (Apparently Germans Only) State Decried By Rabbi 8
10/10/1935 Nazis Seize Jews Re-Entering Reich-Aryan Emigres Held Too-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 13
10/10/1935 Nazis Relief Drive Opened By Hitler-Drive To Last Six Months 13
10/10/1935 Communists’ Fund Seized (In Berlin) 13
10/10/1935 Austrians Favor End Of Italian Tie-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 15
10/10/1935 Japanese Navy Bars Newest British Plan 15
10/10/1935 Arms Exporters Warned By U.S. (Treasury [Morgenthau] Dept.) 17
10/10/1935 Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gives Plan To Outlaw War 19
10/11/1935 51 League Nations Condemn Italy; Name Committee To Apply Sanctions 1
10/11/1935 Hull Emphasizes Warning On Trade 1
10/11/1935 Britain Imposes First Sanction On Italy; Bars A Broadcast By (Count) Aloisi To America 1
10/11/1935 (Trans-) Atlantic Planes Are Almost Ready 3
10/11/1935 (Germany’s Dr. Karl) Ritter Talks (With Hull) Fail To Prevent Break-Trade Rupture With Germany Nears Despite Visit Of Special Envoy-State Department Refuses To Relent And Retaliation Is Expected From Reich 12
10/11/1935 Reich Press Hails (German) Victory In Memel (Balloting)-80% German Vote There Called Plebiscite That Should Bring Territory Back To Berlin-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
10/11/1935 Germany Arrests A Catholic Bishop (Mgr. Peter Legge, Meissen, Germany-Smuggling Currency) 12
10/11/1935 German Marching Song Uses ‘John Brown’ Tune 12
10/11/1935 Sanctions Vital U.S. Experts Say-Long War Held Required 16
10/11/1935 American Missions To Stay In Ethiopia-Need At The Front Cited 17
10/11/1935 British Sympathy Shown For Austria-Frederick T. Birchall, London 18
10/11/1935 Lansbury Assails British Churchmen-Denounces Prelates Who Back ‘Warlike Measures’ And Who Demand More Weapons 18
10/11/1935 Reports Italians ‘Dying Like Flies’-Quick Death For Some (Canadian Report) 20
10/11/1935 Soviet Sees Reich Profiteering By War-Fear Berlin-Finnish Link 21
10/12/1935 U.S. Keeps Embargo Against Ethiopians-Banned List Is Unchanged 1
10/12/1935 League Puts Arms Embargo On Italy, While Lifting That Against Ethiopia-U.S. Arms List Is Used-Powder And Explosives Are Added To Items In Roosevelt Ban-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/12/1935 Harar Chief Says Italians Are Using Gas; Shows Despair At Tactics So Disgusting-Lawrence Stallings, Harar 8
10/12/1935 Text Of The League Plan 9
10/12/1935 League Firmness Surprises Berlin 10
10/12/1935 Nye Assails Shippers Here 10
10/12/1935 Tokyo Ultimatum Is Seen At Swatow-Japan’s Warships Watch 11
10/12/1935 Egyptians Cheer Parade Of British 11
10/12/1935 Capital Is Puzzled By Stimson Letter (‘Stimson Doctrine’) 11
10/13/1935 League Drafts A Financial Embargo (On Italy) 1
10/13/1935 Mussolini Speeds His Navy Defenses 1
10/13/1935 Italian Minister Defies Ethiopians-Then Foes Outwit Him-Harold Denny, Addis Ababa 1
10/13/1935 Gov. La Follette Favors Roosevelt 2
10/13/1935 Japanese Accept Philippine Quota-U.S. Share Is Increased 29
10/13/1935 Britain Will Lift Ethiopian Arms Ban-U.S. To Watch Shipments 32
10/13/1935 Group Formed To Aid Ethiopian Red Cross 32
10/13/1935 Italians Defiant Of World Censure-Anne O’Hare McCormick Rome 34
10/13/1935 Europeans Will Aid Ethiopian Red Cross 34
10/13/1935 South Americans Evade Sanction 36
10/13/1935 (Italian) Medal Is Returned By Amelia Earhart (Putnam) 37
10/13/1935 War Pleases Transvaal (Boers) 37
10/13/1935 Soviet Will Sell Wheat To Italy N-3
10/13/1935 Text Of General (Hugh S.) Johnson’s Farewell Address As (N.Y.) WPA Administrator Here-Found Red Agitators Constantly On The Job N-13
10/13/1935 The News Of The Week In Review-Italy Outlawed E-1
10/13/1935 Roosevelt Sits Tight On Neutrality Terms E-3
10/13/1935 League’s Sanction Must Be Collective-Germany And Japan Unbound E-3
10/13/1935 Geneva Stages Test Of World Peace Hope-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
10/13/1935 Britain And France Far Apart In View-Frederick T. Birchall, London E-4
10/13/1935 Naval Expansion By Britain Near-Harold Callender, London E-4
10/13/1935 Reich Clergy Face Supremacy Issue-Problem 4 Centuries Old-Picture: Hanns Kerrl E-4
10/13/1935 Italy’s War Machine Finds Heavy Going (Map) E-5
10/13/1935 Italy Dreams Of Empire E-6
10/13/1935 Europe Looks To Us, Says (Idaho) Senator Pope E-7
10/13/1935 Bluff Seen In German Arms Talk-Walter Duranty, Berlin E-7
10/13/1935 Texas Cotton Men See War As An Aid E-10
10/13/1935 Fascism’s Army Put To The Test Mag. 1
10/13/1935 (Viscount) Cecil (Pacifist) Says Force Must Bolster Peace Mag. 3
10/14/1935 Mussolini Annexes Adowa-League To Bar Basic Goods 1
10/14/1935 Moscow Protests Japanese (Border) ‘Raids’ 1
10/14/1935 Italians Prepare For Lower Living-War Preparations Go On 1
10/14/1935 Mexico Atheistic, Lay Report Finds-Harshest Laws Passed 6
10/14/1935 Japan Preparing New Step In China-Holds Policy Unchanged 7
10/14/1935 Laval Disclaims Armed Sanction 8
10/14/1935 (Dr. Wilhelm) Frick Sees League Failing In Mission 8
10/14/1935 Fund For Ethiopia Stops Collecting-Requests Sympathizers To Make Contributions To The Local (American) Red Cross Chapters 8
10/14/1935 Ethiopia Is Aghast At ‘Civilized War’-Lawrence Stallings, Harar 11
10/14/1935 Nazis Will Press Jewish Trade Curb 12
10/14/1935 (Prince Windisch-Graetz) Holds Stresemann Led (Hungarian Franc) Forgery Plot-Worked At War Ministry-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 13
10/14/1935 Nazi Fete In Palestine 13
10/15/1935 Ethiopian Chiefs Ignoring Emperor 1
10/15/1935 WPA (Harry L. Hopkins’) Army Projects Unable To Attain Employment Goal 1
10/15/1935 President (Roosevelt) Scored By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt-Ruin Seen In Spending 8
10/15/1935 Reich Brain Trust Set Up By Hitler-Fuehrer To Scan Ideas 12
10/15/1935 Memel Vote Put At 81.7% German-Area’s Governor Resigns 12
10/15/1935 New Ban On Jews Hits Reich Stocks-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 13
10/15/1935 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Foes Win Reich Church Rule 13
10/15/1935 Text Of Financial Ban (Against Italy) 15
10/15/1935 Vote Issue Is Arms Says Chamberlain 16
10/15/1935 Hull Puts Peace Up To New World-Stands Firm On Embargo 16
10/15/1935 Lloyd’s Prepares To Outlaw Italy; Insurance Ban Would Be A Blow 17
10/15/1935 Morgenthau Visits French Finance Head-Courtesy Call Unlinked (To Currency) Stabilization, He Says 17
10/16/1935 Reich Recreates Its General Staff; Gen. Beck Is Its Chief-Violates (Versailles) Pact Provision-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
10/16/1935 Pictures: Gen.Hugh S. Johnson & Victor F. Ridder (Later Publisher Of The New Yorker Staats Zeitung And Herald-Now Taking On Job As WPA Administrator For New York) 3
10/16/1935 Nation Won’t Risk War, Hull Warns-Text 10
10/16/1935 Dr. (Richard) Gottheil (Professor Of Semitic Languages, Columbia Univ.) Sees End Of Mussolini (Long A Zionist Associate Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Attended 2Nd Zionist Congress Together-Herzl Presided) 11
10/16/1935 Four U.S. (Navy) Radio Men Arrive In Addis Ababa-Will Set Up Station To Keep Washington Informed Of War News (Names Of Men Given!) 12
10/16/1935 Ethiopians Guard Every Water Hole-Lawrence Stalling, Harar 14
10/16/1935 British Fleet Begin Manoeuvres Covering Approach To Suez Canal 14
10/16/1935 Col. (E. M.) House Pleads For Aid To League-Urges Our Joining To Support SanctionsAnd Make War Impossible 15
10/16/1935 Morgenthau Visits French Bank Heads-He Also Calls On Laval-Denies Any ‘Official’ Talks On Stabilization But Says U.S. Is Ready For Them 16
10/16/1935 U.S. ‘Good Neighbor’ To Japan, Says (Secretary Of War, George H.) Dern 16
10/16/1935 Scrap Iron Going To Italy 16
10/16/1935 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Refuses To Quit As Reich Bishop, Embarrassing Nazis; New Directorate 16
10/16/1935 China Moves Army To ‘Repel Invasion’ 17
10/16/1935 Japan Concede Big British Fleet 17
10/16/1935 American Woman (Teacher) Murdered In China 17
10/16/1935 Ship Building Up Only In Germany-Loss Here Is Largest 47
10/17/1935 Anti-Soviet Songs Doom 2 Minstrels 1
10/17/1935 Britain Refuses To Withdraw (Mediterranean) Fleet 1
10/17/1935 U.S. Oil Concerns To Sell To Italy Despite British Plea For Embargo 1
10/17/1935 Eden Tightens Aim For Trade Boycott-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/17/1935 Ethiopians Sweep Into (Italian) Somaliland 1
10/17/1935 Another Warship (Destroyer ‘Clark’) Launched By Navy 3
10/17/1935 U.S. To Be Asked To Boycott Italy-Washington Cool To Plan 16
10/17/1935 Sisterhood Is Urged To Aid World Peace (Talk By Justine Wise Tulin-Justine Wise Polier Was Rabbi Stephen S. Wise’s Daughter [?]) 16
10/17/1935 Export Rise Taking Reich Out Of Red-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 20
10/17/1935 Secret War Study Bared In Germany 20
10/17/1935 Reich’s Rising Debt Irritating To Poles 20
10/17/1935 Sales Forced On Jew Boomerang To Nazis 20
10/18/1935 Starhemberg Ousts Fey To Gain Austrian Control (Pictures, P. 13-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
10/18/1935 President (Roosevelt) Presses Neutrality Stand-Duce Called Adventurer 1
10/18/1935 President (Roosevelt) Assailed By Col (Theodore) Roosevelt 2
10/18/1935 U.S. To Prosecute Munitions Sales (By Its Citizens) 7
10/18/1935 Parkes (Editor Of Janes Fighting Ships) See Japan Setting Navy Pace-Fears A Building Race 9
10/18/1935 Japan Praises (Secretary Of War George H.) Dern As Four-Day Visit Ends 11
10/18/1935 New Church Board Backs Nazi Policy-Withdraws From Politics-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
10/18/1935 (Student) Duelling Societies To Merge With Nazis 12
10/18/1935 (French Ambassador) Laboulaye Talks With Hull On (Ethiopian) War 15
10/18/1935 Italy Sees Britain Determined On War 18
10/18/1935 Zionist Head (Morris Rothenberg) Returns (Wants Jews Settled In Palestine) 24
10/19/1935 Powers Halt Mediterranean Crisis; Britain And Italy To Reduce Forces; France Pledges Naval Aid To British-London To Recall 2 Ships 1
10/19/1935 Standard (W. C. Teagle-Rockefeller Interests!) To Sell Its Oil To Italy 6
10/19/1935 Italians In Brazil To Boycott Britain 6
10/19/1935 (Italian) Planes Mow Down Makale Villagers-Harold Denny, Addis Ababa 7
10/19/1935 Worst Foe Of Italy Is Lack Of Water; Flow From War Area Wells Is Brackish 7
10/19/1935 Japan Is Warned Canton (Marshal Chen) Will Fight 8
10/19/1935 Japan Still Open For Naval Talks 8
10/19/1935 Vienna Increases Military Forces 8
10/19/1935 German Duelling Corps Disbands, Bowing To Fuehrer’s Will 8
10/19/1935 Czechs Order Curb On A Polish Consul 8
10/19/1935 Trade Fleet Seen As 90% Obsolete 33
10/19/1935 6,000 Teachers War On Bay State Oath 34
10/20/1935 Ethiopia Prepares To Trap Italians-Harold Denny, Addis Ababa 1
10/20/1935 Anti-Fascist Aim Denied By Baldwin 1
10/20/1935 50 Nations Vote Boycott Of All Italian Exports; Cut Of ‘Key’ Materials-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/20/1935 Reich Opens Center To Rewrite History 28
10/20/1935 Opposition Pasters Are Saved In Reich (By Hanns Kerrl) 28
10/20/1935 Canton Hopes U.S. Will Check Japan-Hallett Abend, Canton 29
10/20/1935 31 Priests Seized By Mexican Army 29
10/20/1935 Austria To Deport (Ladislaus Benes, Editor Of American-European Press Service)-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 30
10/20/1935 Reich Coal Exports To Italy Jump 100% 31
10/20/1935 Haile Selassi Decrees Army Must Pay For Food (It Seizes) 32
10/20/1935 (U.S.) Reds Boo The Rex As (Italian) Fascists Sail 34
10/20/1935 Two Czech Consuls Ousted By Poland 35
10/20/1935 Mussolini Found Weaker In Italy (By M. E. Ravage) N-8
10/20/1935 Peace Talk Drops Grain Prices Hard F-8
10/20/1935 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/20/1935 European Situation Eases Up Somewhat E-3
10/20/1935 Italy Believed Ready To Limit Her War Aims-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Rome E-3
10/20/1935 Value Of Sanction Pondered By Geneva, Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
10/20/1935 Picture: Czech Eduard Benes, Assembly President Who Guided (Italian) Sanctions Through League E-4
10/20/1935 Britain’s Defenses On Land Increased E-4
10/20/1935 Political Unrest Growing In Egypt (Feeling Against British)-Joseph M. Levy, Cairo E-4
10/20/1935 Sanction Balked In South America E-4
10/20/1935 Italy Demands More Room E-5
10/20/1935 Reich Biding Time, Is Strictly Neutral E-6
10/20/1935 (U.S. Sec. Of Commerce, Daniel C.) Roper (Picture) Finds Business Backing Revised Nra E-11
10/20/1935 (Victor F.) Ridder (Later Editor Of’New Yorker Staatszeitung And Herold’) Takes Office For Final WPA (Harry L. Hopkins) Drive (Ridder, N.Y. Administrator For WPA) E-11
10/20/1935 The Vast Menace Of ‘Grandeur’-Harold Callender Mag. 1
10/20/1935 Pitfalls In The Path Of Neutrality Mag. 3
10/20/1935 Ethiopia A Melting Pot Of Many Races (Implication ‘Like Us.’) Mag. 4
10/20/1935 March Of The Children Under Dictators Mag. 12
10/20/1935 Britain On Guard At The Suez Canal Roto.
10/21/1935 Ethiopians Trap 500 Foes; Italians Push Air Attack; Britain Hastens Armament (‘At Top Speed’)-British Store Munitions-Unrivaled Power Is Aim 1
10/21/1935 Nazi Bias On Olympic Proved (Jeremiah T.) Mahoney Says, Insisting On Ban 1&3
10/21/1935 Italians See End Of British Threat-Text, P. 3 1
10/21/1935 British Neutrality Rule Cuts Italian Ships Stay (In East Africa) 1
10/21/1935 Sister Of Lenin (Anna Ulyanova), A Plotter, Is Dead-Had Been Exiled Twice 10
10/21/1935 Italian Advance Pleases Ethiopia-Invaders Cannot Withdraw From Makale Without Loss Of Prestige-G. L. Steer, Addis Ababa 12
10/21/1935 Picture: Italy Honors Those Who Fell At Adowa In 1896 12
10/21/1935 Freeing Of (Ethiopian) Slaves Gives Italians Problems Of Jobs And Payment To Former Owners 13
10/21/1935 Italy’s War Move Draining Her Gold-Fall Began In April 1928 13
10/21/1935 (Italian) Calls League Unfair In Condemning Italy 13
10/21/1935 Italians Waiting (At Adigrat) On Road Builders 13
10/21/1935 Italian Hospital Ship Sails (From Eritrea) With 212 Sick 13
10/21/1935 Jews Here Reply To Hitler’s Charge (That Jews Predominate In The Communist Cause) 15
10/21/1935 Berlin Restricts Police On Church (Dispute) 15
10/21/1935 (French Premier Pierre) Laval Re-Elected To French Senate 16
10/21/1935 No ‘Lower Races,’ Soviet Scientists (Prof. L. G. Webber Of Bekhteroff Institute Of The Brain, Leningrad) Find; Brain Study Challenges ‘Bourgeois’ Theory 16
10/21/1935 (Pan-American) Airline Speeded To Latin America 16
10/21/1935 Lewis, Sinclair, It Can’t Happen Here, Doubleday, Doran-)In This Book Lewis [‘Mr. Dorothy Thompson’] Refers To The Idea Which Was Rather Widespread But Seldom Admitted That What The U.S. Needed For Recovery Was A ‘Little Ole War.’) 17
10/22/1935 Italians Advance In South; Britain Checks Arms Ships; League Invokes Paris Pact 1
10/22/1935 Hint Sent To U.S. (By League) On Kellogg Pact-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
10/22/1935 British Curb Italy By Neutral Policy-Warships’ Visits Limited 1
10/22/1935 Nya Planning Jobs For 94,000 Pupils 4
10/22/1935 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Home (From European Visit) In Optimistic Mood-Gold Flow Means Europeans Think U.S. Best Place To Invest, Secretary (U.S. Treasury) Says-(Currency) Stabilization No Closer (Picture)-Visited Spain And Portugal (& France!)-Met By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 9
10/22/1935 Hapsburg Secret (Mayerling Death Of Rudolf) Hushed In Vienna-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 10
10/22/1935 Ludendorff Urges Rule By War Lord-Would Curb Politicians-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
10/22/1935 Nazi Teachers Preferred 10
10/22/1935 Christians Urged (By James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, Etc.) Urged To Aid Reich Exiles-Says (In London) They Have Duty To Help Jewish Refugees (Praises Zionists For Their Palestine Efforts) 11
10/22/1935 Haile Selassie To Have Double In Battle To Divert Attention From The Real King 12
10/22/1935 Rome Hopes Gain As (British) Talks Continue 12
10/22/1935 Ethiopia Is Arming As Italians Delay (Map)-Harold Denny, Addis Ababa 13
10/22/1935 Neutrality Stand (By Roosevelt) Praised By Women (Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt’s ‘National Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War’) 13
10/22/1935 Funds For His War Sought By Il Duce 14
10/22/1935 Italy Challenged On (Dum Dum) Bullet Denial (Report From London!) 14
10/22/1935 Rockefeller Cash For London’s Ill (L60,000) 14
10/22/1935 Recovery Is Near Says Dr. (George F.) Warren (Professor, Cornell Univ.)-Former Roosevelt Financial Advisor 15
10/23/1935 Peace Parley Is Expected As (Sir Samuel) Hoare Tells Commons Sanction Can Be Avoided (‘Salient Points Of Talk’ P. 12) 1
10/23/1935 City Officials ‘Loot’ Art Display Sent By Japan As Good-Will Token 1
10/23/1935 U.S. Will Restate Policy To League-To Define Neutrality Act 1
10/23/1935 Italy Encouraged By Britain’s Tone 1
10/23/1935 France Moves To Disarm Political Leagues As Rivalry Develops Into Acute (Chaotic) Situation 1
10/23/1935 24 New CCC Camps Ordered In State (Total Of 129) 3
10/23/1935 500 In WPA (Hopkins) Return To Industry Daily (Victor F. Ridder, N.Y. WPA Administrator) 6
10/23/1935 Geneva Is Anxiously Awaiting U.S. Reply-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
10/23/1935 Neutrality Measure Not Applied By Egypt (‘British’); She Is Undecided Regarding Italian Vessels 13
10/23/1935 An Italian Success In South Reported 13
10/23/1935 U.S. Trade Unhurt By Neutral Decree 14
10/23/1935 Funds For Ethiopia Raised By (N.Y. City College. Leon Trotsky [Lev Bronstein’s] Alma Mater) Students 14
10/23/1935 Ethiopia Isolates Jailed Ex-Ruler (Lij Yasu-Lived In Chains For 18 Years After Haile Selassie Usurped Throne) 14
10/23/1935 (U.S. State Department) Radio Link Set Up Direct To Ethiopia 15
10/23/1935 (Premier Ismail) Sidky (Pasha) Condemns Britain On Egypt-Finds No Italian Threat 15
10/23/1935 Japanese Proposals Accepted By Chinese (‘Leaders’ In Shanghai) 15
10/23/1935 (White Guard) Russian (Officer) Executed For 1920 Betrayal-20 Trotskyists Seized 16
10/23/1935 Nazi Official Loses Job; Slept As Hitler Talked 16
10/23/1935 Shortage Of Butter And Cream In Berlin 16
10/23/1935 (‘Blume’) Holds Jews Responsible-Says If Hitler Is Harmed, They Will Lose Their Heads (‘The Jews Have Declared War Against National Socialism’) 16
10/23/1935 Einstein And (Alfred E.) Smith Ask Aid For Exiles-Say Christian Refugees From Germany Face Starvation In Various Parts Of The World-Denounce Fascist Terror 22
10/23/1935 Race Pride Scored By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-She Advises Barnard Girls To Avoid Superior Feeling And Cultivate World View 23
10/23/1935 $14,617,000 Of Gold Engaged In Britain-Deal Is Called Puzzling 29
10/24/1935 Rome Asks Sanction Delay As An Aid To Negotiations; Baldwin Urges More Arms-Text, P. 12 1
10/24/1935 President (Roosevelt) Renews Pledge Of No War 1
10/24/1935 CCC Again Builds A War Cantonment (North Dakota Senator, Gerald P. Nye Charged That The U.S. Has Spent More Money In Preparation For War Than Any Other Country!) 5
10/24/1935 France Puts Curb On Armed Groups 10
10/24/1935 Reich To Maintain Trade With Italy-Tokyo Attitude Similar 11
10/24/1935 German Propaganda Termed Successful 11
10/24/1935 Says Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Refused To Resign-’Submarine Pastor’ (Martin Niemoeller, Dahlem) Declares That As A Result, Kerrl Has Taken Mueller’s Office 11
10/24/1935 Izvestia Hints U.S. Seeks Britain’s Aid-Roosevelt’s Action In Imposing Embargo Due To Desire To Placate London 12
10/24/1935 U.S. Ready To Join London Navy Talk 14
10/24/1935 U.S. Exports Mount On Goods For War 14
10/24/1935 (Henry L.) Stimson Criticizes Our War Trade Ban-Holds President’s (Roosevelt’s Proclamation Does Not Go Far Enough To Block Italy’s Program 15
10/24/1935 Stalin, Model Son, Says ‘Sob Story’-Papers Print Sentimental Account Of His Visit To 75-Year-Old Mother (In Tiflis-Moscow Report) 16
10/24/1935 Sessions Of (Presbyterian) Synod End In Protests 22
10/25/1935 End Of Dole By Dec. 1 Predicted By Roosevelt 1
10/25/1935 Churchill Terms Rearmed Germany Chief Menace Now-Styling Reich ‘Armed Camp,’ He Says It Stirs Anxiety Comparable To No Other-Links Africa War To It (Long Article!) 1
10/25/1935 (London) Naval Parley On Dec. 2 Is Called By The British;The Other Nations To Be Represented 1
10/25/1935 President (Roosevelt) Returns To The White House (From Fishing Trip)-Admiral Standley (Chief Of Naval Operations) Calls 3
10/25/1935 8,000 Clergy Reply To Roosevelt’s Letter 3
10/25/1935 Mayor (La Guardia) Presents Gifts From Japan-Keeps None For Himself 8
10/25/1935 Hitler May Scrap Rhineland Curbs-They Say France Is Weak-Augur, London 12
10/25/1935 President (Roosevelt) To Avoid Pledge To League 12
10/25/1935 Argentina Enforces Curb On U.S. Goods 12
10/25/1935 Picture: (Surrendered) Ethiopian Chief (Haile Selassie’s Son-In-law) At Italian Headquarters 12
10/25/1935 Monkeys Battle Italians Stringing Telephone Lines 12
10/25/1935 Laval Presents Peace Proposals 12
10/25/1935 U.S. Isolation ‘Dead,’ Prof. (Arthur) Newell (Boston) Says (Urges Cooperation With British-Opposes Senator Nye) 12
10/25/1935 Ethiopian Leaders Favor Offensive-Joseph Israels, 2D, Addis Ababa 13
10/25/1935 Ethiopians Meek In Conquered Area 14
10/25/1935 (Nova Scotian Prime Minister, Angus Lewis Macdonald) Warns Americans Against Dictators 14
10/25/1935 Japan Is ‘Insulted’ By 2 U.S. Sailors-Accused Of Tearing (Japanese) Flags At A Cafe In China While Drunk 14
10/25/1935 U.S. (International Labor Organization Delegation) Wins In Geneva On 40-Hour Week 15
10/25/1935 Jews’ Names Barred On Reich War Shafts (Memorials-See Later Entry!) 15
10/25/1935 Soviet Star At Kremlin Replaces Romanoff Eagle 15
10/25/1935 New Step To Oust Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Fails 15
10/25/1935 Scandinavian Lefts Makes Reich Uneasy 15
10/25/1935 Butter ‘Bootlegging’ Appears In Germany 15
10/26/1935 Baldwin Warns Sanctions May Mean Naval Blockade; Wants Our Attitude First-Sees Lone Move Possible-He Says British Fleet Must Bear Brunt Of Curbing Aggressor-Calls For Modern Ships 1
10/26/1935 Italy Still Sees British Hostility-Fleet Regarded As Peril 1
10/26/1935 Drive Is Started On Pwa (Harold L. Ickes, Administrator!) Kickback 2
10/26/1935 Nazis Hope To Regain (Pommerania? Memel?) Territory As British Talk Of (Versailles) Treaty Revision-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 7
10/26/1935 2 Reich Spies Are Exchanged For 3 French Ones 7
10/26/1935 British Hew (Naturalized, Rudolf Selz) Is Arrested Under Reich Racial Law (Racial Pollution/Defilement) 8
10/26/1935 Emperor Scorns An Onerous Peace 9
10/26/1935 Italian Ships To Carry 80,000 (Polish) Jews To Tel Aviv (Other Movements Reported Through Rumania) 9
10/26/1935 Persecution (Of Russians) Laid To Japan By Soviet 9
10/26/1935 Recovery Program Outlined In Poland 9
10/26/1935 Speakers (Dr. James T. Shotwell, Prof. Columbia Univ. & Director, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Plus Others) Heckled, Hissed By Women 17
10/27/1935 U.S. Pledges Moral Effort To Aid The League On Peace; No Commitment Made-Hull Reserves Liberty Of Action In The Italo-Ethiopian Conflict-Texts, P. 34 1
10/27/1935 Britain Imposes Credit Sanctions (On Italy) 1
10/27/1935 (Jewish) Hospital Patients Largely On Relief 12
10/27/1935 The ‘March Of Time’ Cut In Two States-Feared Nazi-Jewish Scenes Would Rouse Race Feeling 28
10/27/1935 (North Dakota) Senator Nye Sees Peril In Sanction-Vanderberg In Like Stand 34
10/27/1935 Ethiopia Imprisons (Tribal) Chief Known As Italian Puppet 34
10/27/1935 27,256 (Air Raid) Shelters In Paris 34
10/27/1935 Roosevelt Urges Warship Building-World Conditions Cited 35
10/27/1935 Big Merchant Fleet Is Urged To Aid Navy 35
10/27/1935 British Drive (Invasion Of Ethiopia) In 1868 Is Guide To Italians 35
10/27/1935 (Leo Y.) Chertok To Take Up (Oil Concessions) Claim In Ethiopia-Backers All British 35
10/27/1935 Reich Protestants Fly The Swastika 36
10/27/1935 Butter Shortage Spreads In Reich-Meatless Days Decreed 36
10/27/1935 Jewish Names To Remain (On German War Memorials) 36
10/27/1935 Jew Jailed For Kissing (Non-Jewish Girl In Frankfurt A/M.-Racial Defilement) 36
10/27/1935 Austrian Army Gets Old Imperial Flags 36
10/27/1935 15,000 March Here In ‘Peace Parade’ N-1
10/27/1935 Capital Here Seen Ready For Mexico F-1
10/27/1935 (London) Conference Called For Navy Increases E-3
10/27/1935 British Diplomats Are Playing A Dual Role-Tries To Back League And Placate Mussolini E-3
10/27/1935 Pictures: Churchill ‘For A Bigger Navy’ & Lloyd George, ‘Against A ‘Deal’’ E-3
10/27/1935 League Looks To Us For Aid On Sanction-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-4
10/27/1935 France Is Divided But Not In Danger E-4
10/27/1935 Germans Are Sour Over Vienna Coup-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-4
10/27/1935 Italy Finds War Costly E-4
10/27/1935 Vienna Looks To The Left E-4
10/27/1935 (London) Navy Parley Coup By Britain In View E-5
10/27/1935 Soviet Watches Mongolia (Map) E-5
10/27/1935 Time And Mountains Fight For Ethiopia (Map) E-6
10/27/1935 Answer By Hoare To Italian Charge E-6
10/27/1935 Ethiopia Mans Her Rocky Forts Mag. 1
10/27/1935 The British Empire Girds For A Test-Harold Callender Mag. 3
10/27/1935 The New German Army Mag. 6
10/27/1935 Germany Is Forging A ‘Nation In Arms’-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin Mag. 7
10/27/1935 A New (U.S.) Chief Of Staff (Gen. Malin Craig) Sharpes The Army Mag. 8
10/27/1935 Picture: Eleanor Roosevelt Roto.
10/28/1935 France Accepts Sanctions; Geneva Expects Our Help 1
10/28/1935 Egyptians’ Resentment Mounts Over British Military Measures 1
10/28/1935 Rome Now Relying On Arms Not Talk 1
10/28/1935 175,000 New Farms In (New Deal, Guy Rexford Tugwell-’Tugwelltown’) Resettling Plan 2
10/28/1935 ‘Half-Baked’ Ideas Laid To Roosevelt (By American Liberty League) 2
10/28/1935 Roosevelt Silence On Mexico Scored (Catholic Persecution) 3
10/28/1935 Sees Secret Drill By Austrian Left 7
10/28/1935 (Newspaper) Concession Is Made To Reich By Austria 7
10/28/1935 Reich Sees Il Duce Balking Its Plans-Policy Not Revealed-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
10/28/1935 British Laborites Praise The Fleet-Ridicules Italian Navy 8
10/28/1935 Fascists (Sir Oswald Mosley) Will Not Enter British Election Contest 8
10/28/1935 France Keeps Her Mediterranean Air Base At Full Strength In The Crisis With Italy 8
10/28/1935 Leper Colonies Planned By Italians In Tigre Area 9
10/28/1935 Nazi Purge Threat Is Made By Goering-Hitler Alone Decides Issues-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
10/28/1935 10,000 In London Urge Nazi Boycott-Attlee Sees ‘Barbarism’ 10
10/28/1935 Book Sale Decline Worries Nazis 10
10/28/1935 Britain’s Textiles Revived By War 23
10/28/1935 Industrial Output Larger In Germany 23
10/29/1935 Hitler Repudiates Reich Neo-Pagans; Backs Christianity 1
10/29/1935 Double Launching (Two Destroyers) Marks May Day 3
10/29/1935 (General Hugh S. Johnson, Former N.Y. WPA Administrator) Scores New Deal; Backs Roosevelt-Made Work Is Attacked 7
10/29/1935 New Call To Arms Rings In Ethiopia-Harold Denny, Addis Ababa 10
10/29/1935 Pneumonia Danger Is Facing Italians 10
10/29/1935 Italy Said To Need War To Aid 1,000,000 Idle (Letter From Italy) 10
10/29/1935 10 Nations Accept Trade Sanction-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 11
10/29/1935 U.S. Activities At Geneva Housed In One Building (Under U.S. Berne Minister, Hugh Wilson. Later, After William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador To Germany) 11
10/29/1935 Laval Pessimistic On Mediation Talk 11
10/29/1935 (U.S. Ambassador To France Straus & Premier Laval) Discuss Franco-U.S. (Trade) Pact 11
10/29/1935 Baldwin Qualifies Blockade Threat 12
10/29/1935 (48) Navy Planes To Fly To Midway Island (From Pearl Harbor)-For An Advanced Base Test In The Pacific 14
10/29/1935 Jews To Be Settled In Soviet (Birobidjan, Eastern Siberian) Territory 14
10/29/1935 Japan Would War On Reds In China-Hallett Abend, Shanghai 15
10/29/1935 Japan Bars Ceding Mandated Islands 15
10/30/1935 (21 Gun)Salute For (Philippine Pres. Manuel) Quezon Stirs A New Issue-’Protectorate’ (Of U.S.) Is Hinted 1
10/30/1935 Protestants Gain Amnesty In Reich; Pastors To Return-(Hanns) Kerrl Stops All Legal Action Against Independents And Fines Are Remitted 1
10/30/1935 London And Paris Renewing Entente, Make Peace Move 1
10/30/1935 Mussolini Orders Meatless Meal-Rebates Given By GermanyBring Crisis 7
10/30/1935 (Shanghai) Chinese Dismayed By Japanese Note-Hallett Aband, Shanghai 9
10/30/1935 Japan’s Welcome Thrills Americans 9
10/30/1935 President (Roosevelt) Confers On Our Neutrality-Some Annoyed At Geneva 10
10/30/1935 Sanctions Order Confuses London-Canada Forbids Credits 11
10/30/1935 Ethiopian Slaves, Freed (By Italians) Cannot Believe It True 11
10/30/1935 29 Nations Agree To Full Sanction-France Bans All Credits 11
10/30/1935 Idea Of A Boycott Dreaded By Italy-Anne O’Hare McCormick 12
10/30/1935 Germany Extends Its Press Control 13
10/30/1935 All Germans To Save For ‘Bread’-Rearming Is Held To Assure Freedom 13
10/30/1935 Birmingham (University) Invites Exiled (Primarily German) Scholars 13
10/30/1935 Churchill Sees Reich An Armed Colossus-He Warns, Germany Is Spending L800,000,000 A Year ‘In Warlike Preparations’ 13
10/30/1935 Reich Jew Gets Jail Term For Slapping ‘Aryan’ Boy 13
10/30/1935 Briton Seized For Sketching German Railway (Technical) Details 13
10/31/1935 Roosevelt Warns On War Commerce; Move Aids League-Statement Called Tantamount To Declaring For Ceasing U.S. Trade With Italy 1
10/31/1935 French And British Draft Naval Steps 1
10/31/1935 Germans Protest Churchill Attack As Libeling Hitler (In Strand Magazine Article) 1
10/31/1935 Dr. S.S. Wise Aids M’goldrick (In Political) Fight 2
10/31/1935 Roosevelt Leaves To Vote At Home-To Act At Masonic Rite-Raising Two Of His Sons To Master Degrees Here 4
10/31/1935 Japan Is-Seeking China Show-Down-Reds Used As A Wedge 9
10/31/1935 (Rep. Hamilton Fish) Assails (Trade) Pact With Japan 9
10/31/1935 Hitler Guards Aid Reich Pagan Drive (Picture: Hitler) 10
10/31/1935 New German (Subsidy, Shipping) Deal Cuts Our Shipping 10
10/31/1935 U.S. Neutral Policy Is Praised By Reich 10
10/31/1935 Catholic Workers Protest In Austria 10
10/31/1935 Laval In Conflict With The Chamber 10
10/31/1935 Nazis Shift Professors 10
10/31/1935 Ethiopian Chiefs Swell War Fund-Arms Caches To Be Bared-Lawrence Stallings, Addis Ababa 12
10/31/1935 New War Minister Likely For Ethiopia 12
10/31/1935 Peace Suggestion Sent To Mussolini 12
10/31/1935 Italy Mobilizes Women And Ships-Merchant Craft May Arm 13
10/31/1935 Kellogg Urges U.S. Treat Italy As Outlaw; Backs Roosevelt Steps To Keep Out Of War 13
10/31/1935 Workers Kept From War Protest To Haile Selassie 13
10/31/1935 Envoys Said To Help British Arms Makers 13
10/31/1935 (Bishop William T. Manning) Issues Prayer For Peace 13