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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

January 1942
Date Headline Page
01/01/1942 Gay Throngs Greet ‘42 In Times Square Undaunted By War 1
01/01/1942 Russians Win Kaluga (Poland) 1
01/01/1942 Axis Appeals To Arabs 4
01/01/1942 Alien Camera (And Short Wave) Ban Widened To All U.S. 7
01/01/1942 Cuba Arrests 5 Germans 9
01/01/1942 100 Million (Dollars) Urged For (Synthetically) ‘Made’ Rubber 11
01/01/1942 Venezuela Breaks With Axis Regimes-Brazil Reaffirms (Anti-Axis) Stand 14
01/01/1942 NBC, CBS Sued (By Dept Of Justice) As Radio Monopoly 23
01/01/1942 U.S. Tied Axis In ‘41 In Vital War Items (Oil, Planes, Machine Tools, Etc.) 28
01/01/1942 Hemisphere Unity Sought By Faith-Bishop HurleyAnd Dr. Thorning Call War A Fight For Religious Liberty 29
01/01/1942 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Warned U.S. Of Japan In 1933-Unity In War Is Urged 33
01/01/1942 Duties Of Churches To Aid War Listed (By Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, President Of National Conference Of Christians And Jews) 34
01/01/1942 Early Oil Accord (With Mexico Over Confiscated U.S. Oil Property) Aim Of U.S. Expert 51
01/02/1942 Hitler Reported On East Front To Stem (German) Rout (By Russians) 1
01/02/1942 (British) Commandos Raid Lofotens (Norway); Seize Nazis, Block Shipping (Iron Ore Etc.) 1
01/02/1942 Retiring Nazis Said (By Russians) To War On Civilians 3
01/02/1942 Petain Beseeches Nazis For Mercy-Petain’s 1942 Message (Text) 4
01/02/1942 French Shift Judge For (Riom, French) War Guilt Trial 4
01/02/1942 (U.N.) Leaders Resume (Washington) War Conferences 6
01/02/1942 Picture: The Nazis Prepare To Execute A 15 Year Old (French) Hostage 10
01/02/1942 A War Job For All (Herbert C.) Lehman Declares 12
01/02/1942 (Francis Beverley Biddle) Orders Axis Aliens To Give Up Arms 12
01/02/1942 (Axis) Aliens Surrender A Flood Of Cameras (To U.S.) 12
01/03/1942 26 (‘United’) Nations Pledge All Resources For Victory (Over Axis) 1&6
01/03/1942 Nazis Rush 3 Fortified Lines To Bar Russian Invasion 1
01/03/1942 Nazi State Church Plan Proposes To Ouster Other Faiths And Ban Bible 1
01/03/1942 33 In (German) Spy Ring Get Heavy Sentence (In U.S. Court) 1
01/03/1942 Signatures To ‘United Nations’ Declaration 4
01/03/1942 U.S. Tanks Prove Prowess In Libya 7
01/03/1942 Serbian Prelate (Unnamed Archbishop) Charges Killing Of 180 000 In Nazi-Invaded Croatia 8
01/03/1942 Map: Existing German-Russian Front 9
01/03/1942 Cotton Rat Aids Typhus Research (‘Dreaded War Disease That Cost Millions Of Lives In The First World War’-Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research) 17
01/03/1942 President (Roosevelt) Appeals For Alien Workers (To Help U.S.) 32
01/04/1942 (U.S. Medical) Supplies Reach Russia (Via Archangel) 4
01/04/1942 Army Maps Plan Of War Education-Morale Division Proposes To Teach Our Soldiers What U.S. Is Fighting For-Lecture Series Outlined (By College Professors) 6
01/04/1942 6,182 Convictions Year’s FBI Total-(Francis B.) Biddle Reports They (Defense Cases) Took Precedence-(Robert H.) Jackson Tells How His Agents ‘Edited’ News Sent By Secret Nazi Radio 13
01/04/1942 Detention Of Nazis Authorized By Cuba (Batista) 17
01/04/1942 Service In Hawaii Aids War Surgery 22
01/04/1942 Picture: Investigating Committee At Scene Of Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor 28
01/04/1942 U.S. Keeps Tanks Rolling In Libya 29
01/04/1942 Reich Church Plan Is Assailed Here (By H. S. Coffin, R. W. Sockman, J. Sutherland, F. H. Knubel & N. V. Peale) 38
01/04/1942 Picture: At Sea With A United States Convoy On Its Hazardous Journey Through The Pacific War Area 44
01/04/1942 Aliens To Enter Civilian Defense-Jewish Council Is Providing Center D-5
01/04/1942 (Dr. Ordway) Tead Sees In War An Educational Aid D-6
01/04/1942 United Nations-A Pledge For Victory E-1
01/04/1942 Axis Retreat On Two Fronts E-1
01/04/1942 Only 2,971 Enemy Aliens Held (By U.S.) 1,100,000 Being Watched Here Are Unmolested (Francis M. Biddle, Jr.) E-8
01/05/1942 Unified Allied Command In Atlantic And War-Material Board Reported 1
01/05/1942 (U.N.) Accord Is Opened (By U.S. State Department) To All Axis Foes 2
01/05/1942 Killing Of Typhus Victims By Nazis Confirmed (Authentic Information From Stockholm-’Tens Of Thousands’ Involved) 3
01/05/1942 Morgenthau Hails Defense Bond Sale 10
01/05/1942 Triple Tank Output Asked Of Chrysler 10
01/05/1942 (Francis) Biddle Bars Persecution Of Enemy Aliens-Enemy Alien Defined 11
01/05/1942 3/4th Full Page Advertisement: ‘Jews Fight For The Right To Fight’ Committee For A Jewish Army 13
01/06/1942 100,000 Nazis Face Huge Soviet Noose 1
01/06/1942 Nazis Raze A Town To Get Serb Chief — Mikhailovitch Had Already Moved On 4
01/06/1942 Picture: Winter Time In Iceland: Homes Of U.S. Troops At The Allied Outpost 5
01/06/1942 10,000 (Ford) Trucks For Russia (Army-Edgewater Assembly Plant) 6
01/06/1942 Cuban Arrests (Of 4,084 Germans) Ordered (By Batista-Costa Rica And Mexico Follow Suit) 6
01/06/1942 Russian ‘Mastery’ Over Nazis Is Seen 7
01/06/1942 Reds Here Support War On Axis ‘Gang’ 11
01/06/1942 Lend-Lease For Czechs 11
01/06/1942 Free Germans Adhere (To United Nations Manefesto) 11
01/06/1942 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler On Short Wave (U.S. Must Be Prepared To Take Leadership) 24
01/07/1942 Nazis Insist Vichy Crush Terror 1
01/07/1942 British Delighted ‘Yanks Are Coming’ 3
01/07/1942 3,600 (Enemy) Aliens Held In All (Francis) Biddle 6
01/07/1942 Spreading Of Typhus In Europe Is Laid To German Army Shifts-Epidemic In Poland 8
01/07/1942 Molotoff Accuses Nazis Of Atrocities (52,000 Killed In Kiev, More Killed Elsewhere) 8
01/08/1942 (Lawrence) Steinhardt Named Envoy To Turkey, Critical Post 1
01/08/1942 Nazi Line (In Russia) Smashed 1
01/08/1942 Argentina Balks At War Upon Axis 1
01/08/1942 Recalls Stimson Warning (On Japan, 1932) 6
01/08/1942 More Nazi Crimes Listed By Soviet (Molotoff-Looting, Attacks On Women & Girls)-Mass Murders Described 7
01/08/1942 Rubber Output Aid Urged On Congress (Guayule & Kok-Sagyz, The Russian Dandelion) 15
01/08/1942 New Alien Listing Planned By (Francis) Biddle (3,234 In Custody) 19
01/09/1942 Jewish (National Fund Of America) Fund Celebrates-Sending $240,000 To Palestine-Marks Its 4Oth Year 4
01/09/1942 (Sumner) Welles Faces Task In Rio De Janerio (Conference-Picture) 7
01/09/1942 Shah In Tehran (Reza Pahlavi) Backs Democracy 8
01/09/1942 U.S. Attorneys Give Rules For Aliens 10
01/09/1942 German Ties Shed By (U.S.) Big Industry 10
01/09/1942 (U.S. Gov’t.) Aids Discrimination Suit (By Negro) 13
01/10/1942 Russians Press Wide Offensive 1
01/10/1942 Nazi Plan To Seize Latin America Reported By A Franco Agent 4
01/10/1942 British Claim Typhus Has Spread To Reich (Bbc Broadcast) 6
01/10/1942 Knudsen And (Sidney) Hillman Want Aliens To Work-Employees Are Asked Not To Discriminate In Hearing 18
01/10/1942 Threats By (German-American) Bund Revealed By (German) Allen-$300 Gift (From Him To Bund) Was Forced 32
01/11/1942 Nazis Rush Revolt (In Germany) Denial; Indicate Defeat In Russia 1
01/11/1942 Falange Declared Active In Orient 3
01/11/1942 Brazil Stands Pat To Bar War Entry-Bar To Fifth Column Urged (Argentina) 9
01/11/1942 Axis Killers Face Trials-Delegates Of Nine Occupied (‘United Nations’) Countries To Plan Penalties (Holland, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Luxembourg, & Free French) 13
01/11/1942 Vichy Africa Says (By ‘High Ranking French Officers’ In Lebanon) To Pin Hopes On Us 16
01/11/1942 3 Kearny (Destroyer) Heroes Win Navy’s Cross 20
01/11/1942 (Labor Leaders) Assert (West Coast) Employers Refuse Alien Help 21
01/11/1942 (Charles A.) Levine Held Here As Alien Smuggler (Edward Schinek) 22
01/11/1942 Nazis Open Special Institute (In Cracow) To Fight Typhus; New Serum Is Made Only In Small Amounts 24
01/11/1942 Goebbels Attacks Swiss And Swedes-Pro-Red Stand Charged 24
01/11/1942 German Societies (In U.S.) Pledge U.S. War Aid-1,300 Groups In City Join(Names)-Leaders Stress Loyalty 27
01/11/1942 Canada Hesitates Over Wider Draft 28
01/11/1942 Canada Air Chief Urges Axis Lesson-Calls For ‘Healthy Hate’-We Should Behave Like ‘Victors Not Victims’ (Air Marshal William A. Bishop) 29
01/11/1942 Freedom House To Open (Names Sponsors) 29
01/11/1942 Negro Groups Find An (Negro) Apathy To War 30
01/11/1942 Roosevelt Speech (On Jan. 6) Hailed As Pledge (By Rabbi Israel Goldstein, And Others-Jewish Army For Palestine Discussed) 31
01/11/1942 Anti-Prejudice Drive Set For Protestants (National Conference Of Christians & Jews-Dr. Henry Noble Mc Cracken-Vassar) 33
01/11/1942 War Labor Board To Fix Own Policy 33
01/11/1942 J. F. Rutherford Sect Leader (Jehovah’s Witnesses) Dies 46
01/11/1942 Group Unifies War Program Of Educators D-5
01/11/1942 U.S. Blueprint-For Allied Victory (Produced 60,000 Planes, 8 Mm Tons Shipping, & 45,000 Tanks In 1942, 75,000 Tanks In 1943) E-1
01/11/1942 Mr. Davies’ Book (Mission To Moscow) Regarded As Incorrect Picture (Moscow Trials And Army Purges Not A Weeding Out Of A Pro-Hitler Faction) E-7
01/11/1942 Labor Faces Vast Shift To War Work-Walter Reuther ‘Idea Man’ E-8
01/11/1942 Seized (By Mexico) Nazi Ship (‘Orinoco’) Pays A Visit Here S-8
01/11/1942 Churchill’s Mother (Lady Randolph Churchill, Born Jennie Jerome. Her Father, Leonard Jerome And August Belmont [Schoenberg] Founded U.S. Horse Racing) Mag. 2
01/11/1942 Rubber-All-Vital To The United States Mag. 6
01/11/1942 Four South American Leaders (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, & Venezuela) Mag 8&9
01/12/1942 Yugoslavs (Mikhailoitch’s Chetniks) Attack Retreating Nazis 5
01/12/1942 Alien Camp Made Enclosed Prisons (By Immigration Service-Fences, Towers, Flood Lights, Alarm Systems At Fort Lincoln, N. D., Fort Missoula, Montana, & Fort Stanton, New Mexico-Crystal City, Texas Not Mentioned!) 6
01/12/1942 Germany To Annex Netherlands Soon 6
01/12/1942 Negroes Kept In (Army) Camp After Louisiana Riot 9
01/12/1942 Church Is Warned On Intolerance (By Episcopalian Bishop Beverly D. Tucker) 12
01/12/1942 Chaos After War Called Unlikely (By Rev. John Walter Houck, Congregational Church) 12
01/12/1942 Decent Treatment Of (Enemy) Aliens Is Hailed (Rev. Wesley Megraw) 12
01/12/1942 Drive Opens To Aid Jewish Agencies-Drs. Silver & J. B. Wise Point To Military Value Of Aiding Hitler’s Victims ([Jewish] National Refugee Service, J. D. C., United Palestine Appeal) 13
01/13/1942 Huge Plan Rushed For Rubber Making 1
01/13/1942 Mikhailovitch Made War Minister By (Yugoslav) Regime In London 7
01/13/1942 Brazil Taking Over Axis Air Line Service 7
01/13/1942 Ecuador To Oust (Axis) Aliens 9
01/13/1942 Text Of Order For War Labor Board 14
01/13/1942 Alien Hearing Boards Set-Biddle Reveals 92 Have Been Created 14
01/14/1942 (Donald M.) Nelson Made Head Of Arms Program With Sole Control 1
01/14/1942 Uruguay Gets Arms By Lend-Lease Pact 1
01/14/1942 ‘Scorched Earth’ (By British) Cheats (Japanese) Foe Of Malay Rubber, Tin, Loot 1
01/14/1942 U.S. (Treasury Department-Morgenthau) Ousts Five Aniline Executives As ‘Personifying’ Nazi Domination (Morgenthau Vs. I. G. Farbenindustrie Property) 1
01/14/1942 Pictures: German Bombs Dropped On England-’Satan’ 3,968 Lb. Giant, Largest 3
01/14/1942 China Scores (Roosevelt) Plan To Beat Nazis First 4
01/14/1942 All 26 (United Nations) Allies To Have Voice In Washington 5
01/14/1942 Nine (U.N.) Governments To Avenge Crimes-Atrocities Of Axis Listed 6
01/14/1942 Pictures: London Rebuilds (Bomb Damage) 7
01/14/1942 Petty Discomfort (Of British) Worst Of Bombing 7
01/14/1942 Refugee Home Lent For City’s War Work 18
01/14/1942 58 Ambulances For (N.Y.) City’s Pets Mustered For Use Should Enemy Raiders Drop Bombs 23
01/14/1942 Defense Job Set For Prison Labor-Acute (Labor) Shortage Is Noted 32
01/15/1942 1,800 In Europe On New (U.S.) Blacklist; Windsor’s Swedish Friend On It 1
01/15/1942 Morgenthau Says (U.S.) Scorched Earth Dried Up Valuables In Philippines 3
01/15/1942 Pictures: Nazi Saboteurs On Way To Federal Prison (They Attempted To Damage Their Own Ships Before Seizure By U.S.) 6
01/15/1942 British Consider Feeding Greeks 7
01/15/1942 Brazil To Rebuff Axis Reporters 8
01/15/1942 Nazis (German Diplomats) To Leave Mexico 8
01/15/1942 Picture: A New Development In The Rubber Tire Market (Guayule) 9
01/15/1942 Data Asked On Bias In War Industries (By President Roosevelt’s Committee On Fair Employment Practices-Jews & Negroes) 10
01/15/1942 Post-War America Pictured In A Boom 13
01/15/1942 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant Sets Value Of Colleges In War 16
01/16/1942 (Summer) Welles At Rio (De Janeiro Conference) Urges Axis Break (By All Countries In Western Hemisphere-Text, P. 4) 1&4
01/16/1942 Germans Branded Cruel To Russians (By ‘Non-Russian Diplomatic Source’) 6
01/16/1942 Concentrated (Raf) Raid Is Made On Hamburg 6
01/16/1942 Spreading Of Typhus In Poland Is Reported (Epidemic In Lwow) 11
01/16/1942 Nazis Cede Ship (‘Windhuk,’ A Passenger Ship) To Brazil 12
01/16/1942 Axis Aliens To Get Cards Of Identity (1,100,000 Involved-Biddle Announcement) 15
01/16/1942 (Seiberling Tires) Says Rubber Here Will Last 2 Years 17
01/16/1942 (George) Hill (Hamilton Fish’s Secretary) Found Guilty (Of Perjury); Bail Is Denied Him 23
01/17/1942 21 On A Lost Plane, Miss (Carole) Lombard One 1
01/17/1942 Ex-Premier (Leon) Blum Is Ill-Awaiting Trial For ‘War Guilt’ (By French At Riom For France’s Being Unprepared For War) 3
01/17/1942 Religious Services: Anti-German 14
01/17/1942 War Work Is Put Ahead Of Politics 20
01/18/1942 (Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver) Calls For Arming Of Palestine Jews-Linked With World Peace-Message (Of Support) Sent By (Jan) Smuts (Of South Africa) 8
01/18/1942 U.S.-British Accord ‘Complete’ On War 11
01/18/1942 No (Red Cross) Bar To Negroes As Blood Donors (Admiral Ross T. Mc Intyre) 16
01/18/1942 New (Enemy) Alien Board Named (By Francis Biddle) 16
01/18/1942 China’s Aloofness From War Hinted-Doubts Wisdom Of Further Fighting If Hitler Is To Be Beaten First (As Decreed By Roosevelt!) 18
01/18/1942 Many Refugees Aided By Y. W. H(Ebrew) A. During ‘41 (Mrs. Felix M. Warburg, President) 24
01/18/1942 U.S. Food Purchase For Russia Revealed (Lend-Lease-17,500,000 Lbs. Of Sugar) 25
01/18/1942 Secret Rio (De Janeiro Conference) Talks (Sumner Welles) Indicate Progress 27
01/18/1942 Argentina Jails German Leaders-(Pres.) Castillo Backs Action 28
01/18/1942 Russian Guerrillas Impede Nazi Retreat 28
01/18/1942 (U.S.) Treasury (Department-Morgenthau) Closes 100 Axis Concerns-Enemy Owners Unmasked 30
01/18/1942 Lithuania Fights Typhus 31
01/18/1942 (Thomas) Mann Made A Consultant At Library Of Congress 32
01/18/1942 Work Camp Plan Urged For Youth (By Dr. Jay B. Nash-’Along The Lines Practiced By The German And Russian Youth Organizations’) D-5
01/18/1942 Defense Work At 17 Colleges D-7
01/18/1942 Huge Rise In Trade Is Seen After War-Praises U.S. Foresight F-7
01/18/1942 An Interview With William L. Shirer Book 2
01/18/1942 Rev. Henry Ward Beecher (Abolitionist) Book 15
01/18/1942 Hitler’s Sinister Two (Himmler & Goebbels) Mag. 10
01/19/1942 Brazil Takes Lead For Axis Break 1
01/19/1942 Axis Property Seized (In Columbia) 5
01/19/1942 Ecuador Interns Germans 6
01/19/1942 Report Dr. K. O. Lange (Physicist, Professor At Harvard & Mit) Held As Enemy Alien 9
01/19/1942 Interracial Justice Discussed At (Catholic) Forum 9
01/19/1942 Palestine Called A Vital War-Base (By Admiral Yates Stirling, Jr.)-Jewish Army Supported-Knox And Morgenthau Send Word (Messages Of Support) 12
01/19/1942 Calls Us To Save Christian Justice-Resistance To Tyranny Is Well Justified As Part Of Christ’s Program-Cause Of Conflict Traced By Coffin-Just Peace Is Urged 13
01/19/1942 Women May Face Active War Duty (Says Frank Knox) 14
01/19/1942 (Secretary) Wickard Sees Need (For Americans) To Use Less Sugar (So The Russians May Have 17.5 Million Pounds?) 14
01/19/1942 Aviation Gasoline For U.S. Is Assured 27
01/19/1942 (Enemy) Aliens Warned To Produce (Identification) Cards 27
01/20/1942 Nazis Build Bomber That Can Reach U.S. 1
01/20/1942 San Juan Politicians Ask (Rexford) Tugwell Ouster 8
01/20/1942 Hull Hails (President) Vargas’ (Brazil) Speech (Supporting U.S. In War) 8
01/20/1942 Picture: German Minister To Mexico And Wife On Way To U.S. For Internment 9
01/20/1942 Women In War Depicted In (British) Films 16
01/20/1942 Judge Challenged (By Government) On (Sylvester) Viereck’s Trial 21
01/21/1942 Russians Take Mozhaisk, Nazis’ Line Sags; Last Nazi Stronghold In Moscow Sector Falls 1
01/21/1942 Argentine President (Ramon S. Castillo) Bars Axis Break (In Regard To American Foreign Ministers Meeting At Rio De Janeiro Being Pressured By Sumner Welles) 1
01/21/1942 Thousands Of Canadian Airmen, U.S. Officer Group Reach Britain (‘We’ve Been Training So Long With The Canadians’) 2
01/21/1942 (U.S.) Arming The World Roosevelt Hints (Almost Every Part Of The Globe) 3
01/21/1942 Roberts Investigating Board May Cite (Hull’s Two) Pearl Harbor Warning (S) 4
01/21/1942 Picture: As Sumner Welles Addressed The Inter-American Conference At Rio (De Janeiro) 8
01/21/1942 Nazi Air Line (Confiscated By Brazil) Replaced (New Ownership) 8
01/21/1942 Foreign-Born Here Helped By Women (Federation Of Jewish Women’s Organizations-’Over 50,000 People Called At Our DepartmentThere Are About 200,000 Refugees In The United States’ Mrs. Benjamin J. Garfunkel) 15
01/21/1942 Judge Goldsborough Removes Himself In Viereck Case As (Justice Department) Bias Charge Is Dropped 19
01/22/1942 All American Republics To Break With Axis-Argentina Agrees 1
01/22/1942 Routed Nazis Flee Mozhaisk Pocket 1
01/22/1942 British Raid Emden (Holland), Start Many Blazes 5
01/22/1942 Roosevelt Pledge Reassures Chinese (Of U.S. Dedication To Chinese Aid) 6
01/22/1942 Argentine Executive Visited By U.S. Envoy (Ambassador Norman Armour-Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!) 8
01/22/1942 Hull Warned Military (About Japanese Attack Possibility) 8
01/22/1942 Japan Outclassed In Raw Materials 10
01/22/1942 Synthetic Rubber Is Ready To Serve 11
01/22/1942 Agfa Ansco Workers Back-Ousted Official (Defying Treasury Department-Morgenthau Action) 11
01/22/1942 Army Will Require All ‘42 Wool Output-Needs Will Total 200,000,000 Lbs 24
01/22/1942 92 Billion (National) Income In ‘41 A New Record 30
01/23/1942 Russians Drive On, Crush Nazi Stand 1
01/23/1942 U.S. Speeds (600,000) Men, Arms To Pacific 1
01/23/1942 Argentines Balk At Rio (De Janeiro) Accord; Angered At (Senator) Connally’s Remarks 1
01/23/1942 Polish Unity Is Pledged (To London Poles-Sikorski In Russia 3
01/23/1942 Dutch Set Afire Borneo Oil Fields 4
01/23/1942 Bremen And Emden Bombed By British 6
01/23/1942 Nazi Woes Heavier, Dr. Goebbels Writes 7
01/23/1942 All-Negro Division Forming For Army-Pursuit Squadron 11
01/23/1942 War Scrap Sought Throughout City 23
01/23/1942 Deliveries Of Sugar In 1941 Net Record (7,995,377 Tons In 1941 & 6,890,616 Tons In 1940) 29
01/24/1942 Russians Gain 65 Miles In North To Kholm; Nazis Swept Back 1
01/24/1942 Nazis Reveal Need Of Men; Hungary Sells Aid Dearly 1
01/24/1942 Justice (Frank) Murphy Asks ‘Fiery Zeal’ 2
01/24/1942 Poles, Czechs Sign Confederation Pact 4
01/24/1942 Advance Of Typhus To Berlin Reported (By Clandestine Sender Allegedly Heard By Cbs) 7
01/24/1942 Argentines Happy Over (Modified) Pact On Axis (At Rio De Janeiro Conference Called By U.S. State Department) 8
01/24/1942 (Francis Biddle) Bars Publication Of (Enemy) Alien Arrests (And Detentions) 9
01/25/1942 Peru And Uruguay Break With Axis 1
01/25/1942 Roberts (Pro-Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Investigation) Board Blames Kimmel And Short (Text Pp 30-31) 1
01/25/1942 Easier Ratifying Of (U.S.) Treaties Urged (By Senator Claude Pepper, Florida) 4
01/25/1942 Axis Aliens Warned On Identity Cards 6
01/25/1942 Many In Industry To Avoid Draft (Says Col. Arthur V. Mc Dermott) 10
01/25/1942 Orson Welles In U.S. (Tank Production) Film 12
01/25/1942 Picture: Brig. Gen. John H. Hildring, One Of Army’s Youngest (And Most Anti-German, Philo-Semitic) Generals, Appointed Assistant Chief Of Staff 12
01/25/1942 Text Of The (Rio De Janeiro) Speech By Under-Secretary (Sumner) Welles 17
01/25/1942 Rio (De Janeiro Conference) Result Pleases Hull 17
01/25/1942 Argentina Is Firm On Bonds To Axis 18
01/25/1942 Mexico Is Hopeful Of A Leading Role (In Break With Axis) 19
01/25/1942 Eventual Change By Argentina Seen 20
01/25/1942 Cold Helps Save Russian Bullets-Nazi Soldiers Forced To Take Cover Freeze Quickly 24
01/25/1942 U.S. Asked To Give Unity To President (Roosevelt By Rabbi Hyman J. Schachtel Mentions Henry Ford’s Denunciation Of Anti-Semitism) 36
01/25/1942 Search For Substitutes D-8
01/25/1942 Dividends In 1941 4th Highest Ever F-2
01/25/1942 President Offers Labor Peace Plan-Philip Murray Favored Fdr’s Plan E-8
01/25/1942 The (Pictorial) Story Of Franklin D. Roosevelt Mag. 4-7
01/25/1942 Harbor Camp For Enemy Aliens (Ellis Island) Mag. 29
01/25/1942 Pictures: Participants In Rio De Janeiro Inter-American Conference (Called By U.S.) Roto. 1
01/26/1942 (Francis) Biddle To Thank (Federal) Convicts Personally For War Work 5
01/26/1942 Zionists Again Ask Fighting Unit (As Jewish National Unit-London Report) 6
01/26/1942 Mexico Lists Rio (De Janeiro Conference) As Argentine Victory 8
01/26/1942 19 Countries Ready On Anti-Axis Unity 8
01/26/1942 Rules Are Issued On Alien Identity (By Francis Biddle) 10
01/26/1942 (Maurice) Wertheim Warns Against Disunity (President, American Jewish Committee) 13
01/26/1942 Morgenthau Hails Labor’s Aid In War 16
01/26/1942 Cotton At Highest Since Peak Of 1929 23
01/27/1942 Bolivia, Paraguay Act Against Axis 10
01/27/1942 (Rio De Janeiro) Parley Gives Aid To United Nations 10
01/27/1942 Russians Enraged By Nazi Vandalism 12
01/27/1942 Poles Declare Nazis Mistreat Prisoners-Some Russians Are Killed Outright At Camps (Also Jews) 12
01/27/1942 Axis Latin Funds (In Costa Rico) Frozen 14
01/27/1942 Prices Of Grains Best Since 1937 36
01/28/1942 Power To Control Supplies At Retail Goes To (Leon) Henderson (Price Administrator) 1
01/28/1942 Dublin (Ireland) Protests Arrival Of A. E. F. (In Northern Ireland) 4
01/28/1942 (Swede) Finds German Cities Short Of Potatoes 5
01/28/1942 Nazis Try To Stir Revolt In India-Would Split The British 6
01/28/1942 R. A. F. Bombers Strike At Hannover, Emden 7
01/28/1942 British Plan Gift Of Food To Greece (In Violation Of Their Own Blockade) 12
01/28/1942 Members Of Joint U.S.-Great Britain War Boards (Harry Hopkins And Six Others) 14
01/28/1942 3 Boards To Pool Allied Resources-Announcement Of Joint War Boards 14
01/28/1942 Links Lend-Lease To Strategic Goals 14
01/28/1942 Roosevelt Gains Public Esteem-Confidence In Him Highest Since Pearl Harbor 17
01/28/1942 Miss (Frances) Perkins Bids (U.S.) Labor Toil Longer 27
01/28/1942 Cotton Again Tops Marks Since 1929 34
01/29/1942 Rio (De Janeiro) Parley Closes In Unity As Brazil Breaks With Axis 1
01/29/1942 Soviet Warns Tokyo On Coveting Siberia 1
01/29/1942 Manpower Shortage Held Acute In Reich 2
01/29/1942 Danes Watch For Typhus-Lice Found After Germans’ Visit 6
01/29/1942 Germans Execute 20 In Paris And Belgium (For Anti-German Activities) 9
01/29/1942 Brazilians Round Up Axis Sympathizers 9
01/29/1942 3,000 Nazi Tanks In Moscow Drive Failed To Smash Soviet Defense 10
01/29/1942 Roosevelt Praises Rio (De Janeiro) Parley’s Results 11
01/29/1942 U.S. Grants Bolivia A $25,000,000 Credit; La Paz (Bolivia) Defies Axis Threat Severing Ties 11
01/29/1942 U.S. To Mobilize 60,000,000 For War (Ultimate Objective) 12
01/29/1942 Rosenwald, Silver, J. B. Wise To Head Jewish Campaign (To Aid Refugees In U.S., Palestine, & Europe) 12
01/29/1942 Red Cross To Use Blood Of Negroes (In Blood Bank)-Will Be Processed Alone 13
01/29/1942 War Powers Bill Passed By Senate-Heavy Penalties For Violators 14
01/29/1942 Canada’s Population Is Now 11,419,896 39
01/30/1942 R. A. F. Bombers Raid Muenster In Reich 3
01/30/1942 Labor Continues (To Be) Big Nazi Problem 7
01/30/1942 Hitler Promotes Rommel To Marshal For Bengazi (Victory) 8
01/30/1942 Lend-Lease Turns To Latin Supplies-Dollar Assistance Seen 9
01/30/1942 (Francis Biddle) Orders (Enemy) Aliens Out Of Zones On Coast 11
01/30/1942 Alien Shops In City Supervised By U.S. 11
01/30/1942 Enemy Registration Near-All Over 14 Must Report 11
01/30/1942 Justice Letts Declines Plea To Disqualify Himself (By Defense Lawyers, In Sylvester Viereck Trial-See Judge Goldsborough, Jan. 21, P. 19) 11
01/30/1942 Germans Put Out Of Schering Corp.-Treasury (Department-Morgenthau) Ousts Eight Officials 12
01/30/1942 Nylon Hose Output Due To End As Wpb Finds ‘Most If Not All’ The Yarn Needed For War Use 33
01/31/1942 Russian Slave (Conscripted) Labor Said To Be Nazi Plan (Swiss Report) 3
01/31/1942 Parts Of Hitler’s Review Of War To Party Members On National Socialist Anniversary 4
01/31/1942 (Louis Greenspan) Jailed In Refugee Fraud (Defrauded Dr. Heinz Lippman) 6
01/31/1942 South Africa Orders Death For Sabotage 6
01/31/1942 Anglo-Soviet Pact Is Signed By Iran 7
01/31/1942 Dead In This War Fewer By Millions Than In Last 7
01/31/1942 Coast Axis Aliens Face Business Ban 8
01/31/1942 Hitler’s Birthday Greeting To The President (Roosevelt) By Anne O’Hare Mc Cormick-Hitler Took Power On Roosevelt’s Birthday In 1933. Roosevelt Had Been Elected And Inaugurated As President Shortly Before This. Obviously Roosevelt Hated Him Even Then, Before He Had Even Begun His Program For Germany) 16