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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

March 1942
Date Headline Page
03/01/1942 Kimmel And Short Will Stand Trial (Say War And Navy Departments); Date Is Undecided (They Never Stood Trial!) 1
03/01/1942 President Orders, (Donald M.) Nelson Arranges Bigger War Output 1
03/01/1942 Pearl Harbor Raid As Seen By A (Mary Knoll) Nun 6
03/01/1942 Koreans Here Urge Recognition By U.S.-Roosevelt Spurs Movement 10
03/01/1942 Picture: (Yugoslavian-Serbian) General Draja Mikhailovitch Leads Serb Guerrillas 12
03/01/1942 Daladier Accuses Petain Of Neglect (At Riom Trial) 15
03/01/1942 Vast Partisan Aid Backs Red Army 16
03/01/1942 Registry Of (Enemy) Aliens Is Completed Here 21
03/01/1942 Pictures: Britain’s Commandos And Parachutists Raid Occupied France 25
03/01/1942 Death And Misery In Athens Pictured-Corpses Lie In Streets-(British Blockade) 27
03/01/1942 Extinction (‘Extermination’) Feared By Jews In Poland-Hunger, Disease Strike 28
03/01/1942 Nazis’ Lack Of Soap Stressed In Britain (Coal Mentioned As A Source-Actually Made ‘Soap’ From Autooxidation Of Wax Extracted From Brown Coal-Cobalt Catalyst) 34
03/01/1942 (White) Detroiters In Riot On (Federal Sponsored) Negro Project 40
03/01/1942 Supplies Of Tin Still Ample Here-Stocks Built Up By Government In Anticipation Of War-Consumption High F-1
03/01/1942 Cartoon: Indian Volcano Of Unrest E-3
03/01/1942 Situation In India Held Analogous To That In Eire E-6
03/02/1942 (Japanese) Aliens Will Be Moved As Needed, Gen. De Witt Replies To Opposition 8
03/02/1942 Detroit (Race) Riot Issue Put Up To Capital (Washington) 12
03/02/1942 (Professor Frederick L. Schuman) Says We Must Map New Order Or Lose (Peace) 34
03/03/1942 U.S. War Mission Will Go To India 1
03/03/1942 Nazis Seen Irked Over (French War Unpreparedness) Trial In Riom 7
03/03/1942 Korean Liberty Plea Wins U.S. (Sumner Welles’) Sympathy 7
03/03/1942 Vierecks Letter Barred At Trial-1933 Note To Roosevelt Ruled Irrelevant 13
03/03/1942 Bureau (National Institute Of Immigrant Welfare, Inc.& Friendly Alien Service Information Bureau) Will Aid Aliens 13
03/03/1942 3 Agfa Officials Removed (By Treasury Department-Morgenthau) 14
03/04/1942 Taxes Doubled On Lower Incomes In Treasury Plan (See P. 14) 1
03/04/1942 R. A. F. Attacks Factory Areas Around Paris 1
03/04/1942 General Trujillo Sells His Yacht To Our Navy 4
03/04/1942 Ankara Assassin (Attempt On Von Papen) Known 6
03/04/1942 Daladier Accuses Makers Of Arms (Who Does He Mean Here?) 7
03/04/1942 20 Paris Hostages Doomed By Nazis (Retaliation For Killing Of German Sentry) 7
03/04/1942 Red Army Smashes Foe On All Fronts-Guerrillas Seize Region 8
03/04/1942 Somoza (Nicaragua) Charges Arson 8
03/04/1942 Viereck Lawyer Barred From Case (By Presiding Judge) 10
03/04/1942 Jewett Attacks (Francis Biddle) War Secrets Bill (‘Too Much Secrecy’) 11
03/04/1942 Executions Are Urged (For Black Marketeers By British) 11
03/04/1942 Work Or Fight Law Urged By Bar Group 12
03/04/1942 Guayule Project (For Rubber) Pushed 13
03/04/1942 Lend-Lease Passes 47 Billions; More Than A Third Of War Funds 15
03/05/1942 500 Dead And 2,000 Wounded In Paris (Raf) Raid-A ‘Cowardly Slaughter’ Petain Says Of R. A. F. Attack On Suburbs 1
03/05/1942 (Sumner) Welles Upholds (Raf) Raid In Paris Area (Renault Motor Plant) 8
03/05/1942 Air Weakness Laid To Staff In France (Riom Trial) 9
03/05/1942 Viereck Pictured As Working Slyly 11
03/05/1942 Group Here (‘Democracy In Action’) Seeking Negro Help In War 16
03/05/1942 President Roosevelt’s Year-By-Year Record From Bank Holiday To Reorganized Army 10
03/05/1942 Women’s War Work May Enlist 6,000,000 19
03/05/1942 Manganese Output (For Un) To Be Lifted 1,400% 31
03/06/1942 Viereck Convicted Of False Registry 1
03/06/1942 100 Poles Executed (Polish Information Bureau, N.Y.-Two German Police Attacked) 5
03/06/1942 Movie: ‘The Invaders’-Leslie Howard-’Among The Best Of The Anti-Nazi Movies’ 17
03/07/1942 The Chief, Marshall, Meets With His Streamlined Staff (Generals Mc Nair, Arnold, Mc Narney, & Somervell) 1
03/07/1942 Goebbels Renews Warning To (German) People 4
03/07/1942 U.S. To Send Flour To Hungry Greeks (2,300 Long Tons-And The French?) 4
03/07/1942 Riom Court Sifts 1939 (French) War Decision-In Secret Sitting, It Looks Into Paris Meeting At Which Stand Was Taken With Poland 6
03/07/1942 Picture: Guayule Planting-It May Solve Rubber Shortage 9
03/07/1942 (Francis) Biddle Urges Fight To Keep New Deal-Continued Battle For Liberalism Is Necessary, He Says 15
03/07/1942 General Aniline Clears $4,115,731 (Confiscated By Morgenthau) 22
03/08/1942 National Income 94½ Billions In ‘41, Highest in History 1
03/08/1942 Von Papen Bomb Is Laid To Reds (By Germans) 8
03/08/1942 Petain Denounces R. A. F.’s Paris Raid (At Mass Funeral For 240) 9
03/08/1942 120 Leaders Join In Jewish Appeal (William Rosenwald, Pres, Of [Jewish] National Refugee Service) 31
03/08/1942 Thorny Issue Is Raised By Bombing Of French (By R. A. F.) E-3
03/08/1942 ‘Arsenal Of Democracy’ (U.S.) Faces Stupendous Task E-3
03/08/1942 War Production Moves Toward Roosevelt Goal E-3
03/08/1942 German Arms Industry Shows First Weakening E-4
03/08/1942 Stephan Zweig, Amerigo, A Comedy Of Errors In History Book 9
03/08/1942 Big Four Of Our Streamlined Army (Generals Marshall, Mc Nair, Somervell, & Arnold) Mag. 4
03/09/1942 Sweden Increases Her Bars To Nazis 4
03/09/1942 Soviet (Consulate) Gives Up 2 In Papen Bombing (At Ankara) 5
03/09/1942 Nazi Casualties In East Are Fixed At 1,500,000 (Swiss Source Allegedly Quoting Germans) 6
03/09/1942 Nathan To Aid Ort Drive (For Jewish Refugee Aid ‘In Countries In Which They Have Found Refuge’) 9
03/09/1942 Zionists Attack (British) Palestine Policy (Ship ‘Struma,’ Sailing From Constanta, Rumania, With Emigrant Jews On Board, Hit Mine Field, Sank, Mentioned) 12
03/09/1942 25 000 Persons Aided In Flight From Europe Since Fall Of France, Hebrew (Sheltering & Immigrant Aid Society) Group Told (Earl G. Harrison Spoke-4,475 Came To U.S. Through Lisbon [Claiborne Pell]) 12
03/09/1942 (Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen) Asks Funds For Refugees 21
03/10/1942 Essen Is Blasted In R. A. F. Offensive 1
03/10/1942 Columbia (Nation) Takes Over Axis Alien Property 3
03/10/1942 Paris (R. A. F.) Raid Called A ‘Sad Necessity’ (By Prof. Jean Perrin) 7
03/11/1942 (Anthony) Eden Asserts (Japanese) Foe Murdered Britons 1
03/11/1942 100 Secret Newspapers Published In Poland With Allies Aid By Air (‘A Merry Journal Published In Poland In The Days Of Horror’-Picture P. 9) 1&9
03/11/1942 Writer (‘Izvestia’) Says Nazis Drained Ukrainians (After Extensive ‘Scorched Earth’ Policy Carried Out By Russians?)-Charges 400,000 Were Taken To Reich For Forced Labor (After Russian Deportation Program Of Russians To Urals?) 3
03/11/1942 R. A. F. Causes Havoc At Krupp (Essen) Factory 6
03/11/1942 Palestine (British) Regime Defended In (House Of) Lords 7
03/11/1942 Averted Civil War Blum Says At (Riom) Trial 8
03/11/1942 Soviet Newspaper, ‘Izvestia’) Says Bomb Was A Papen Plot 10
03/11/1942 Mexicans Divided On Help To U.S. 10
03/11/1942 (Treasury Department-Morgenthau) To Guard Property For Coast’s Japanese) Aliens 11
03/11/1942 M’ Lelsh Accuses Japanese In Spain (Of Trying To Create Disunity In U.S.) 11
03/11/1942 Mc Connell To Head Ex-German Firm (National Aniline)-Treasury (Dept.-Mqrgenthau) Now In Charge 14
03/11/1942 Untaxed Send In Funds To Win War 15
03/11/1942 India Problem Put Up To Us (By American League For India’s Freedom-Roger N. Baldwin & Others) 18
03/11/1942 Movie: ‘A Kiss For Cinderella’-Luise Rainer (Jewess) 22
03/11/1942 Allied Chemical Clears $21,416,566-Exceeded 1940 By 30% 29
03/11/1942 American Bemberg (Controlled By U.S. Treasury Dept.-Morgenthau) Has $245,420 Net 31
03/12/1942 (Sir Stafford) Cripps Will Carry New Plan To India 1
03/12/1942 Picture: Men Of Conquered Poland Carry On In Russia (Polish Auxiliary Corps, Unmindful Of Katyn Massacre!) 3
03/12/1942 M’nutt Warns U.S. It Must Get Tough-Complacency Must End 11
03/12/1942 Blum Warns (Riom) Court Liberty Will Live-Lays War Guilt To Axis 13
03/12/1942 50,000 Danes In Reich Spur War Industries 13
03/12/1942 Abdullah Of Trans-Jordan (Pro-British) In Interview Scorns Haj Amin El Hasseini (Mufti Of Jerusalem) As Axis Tool 13
03/12/1942 (Leo T.) Crowley To Hold (Confiscated) Alien’s Property (Henceforth As Alien Property Custodian. Morgenthau Loses Some Of His Power) 15
03/12/1942 Roosevelt Hails Girl Scouts In War 21
03/12/1942 $21,588,790 Earned By Eastman Kodak 29
03/13/1942 Stockholm Bans Anti-Nazi Papers 1
03/13/1942 Ezio Pinza Seized As Enemy Alien; FBI Takes Singer To Ellis Island 1
03/13/1942 Riots Sweep Rio (De Janeiro, Brazil); Axis Assets Seized 1
03/13/1942 Tojo Says We (Japanese) Face Stronger Nation (The U.S.) 2
03/13/1942 Swiss Aid Prisoners 2
03/13/1942 (British) Palestine Policy Holds-Will Not Relax Rules Against Illegal (Jewish) Immigration 2
03/13/1942 Pictures: Britain Goes Underground To Build Her Fighting Ships Of The Air 3
03/13/1942 Ravaged Children Accuse Nazi Army (Moscow Report) 8
03/13/1942 Ringed Nazis Eating Horses (Moscow Report) 8
03/13/1942 (Leo T.) Crowley To Center (Concentrate) On (Enemy) Alien Business (Confiscation) 10
03/13/1942 The ‘Struma’ Disaster (See Above) 18
03/13/1942 Sir William Bragg Dies, Famed Physicist, 79 19
03/13/1942 Dr. Robert Bosch, Invented Magneto (Dies, 81) 19
03/14/1942 R. A. F. Pounds Kiel And French Bases-British Raids Grow 1
03/14/1942 British Applied Scorched Earth In Rangoon By Pressing Buttons 3
03/14/1942 British Not Abused In Reich Swiss Say 4
03/14/1942 Swiss To Aid Children-To Spend 3-Month Periods In The Country 5
03/14/1942 Daladier Accuses Accusers At Riom 6
03/14/1942 Anti-Axis Rioting Continues In Rio (De Janeiro, Brazil) 7
03/14/1942 Terror Of Nazism In Balkans Told (By S. B. Jacobson, Chief Representative Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee In Balkans) 7
03/14/1942 Viereck Is Sentenced To 2 To 6 Years; Reads 1,000 Word Statement To Court 9
03/14/1942 (Francis) Biddle Calls War Job Of All In U.S. 13
03/14/1942 Wpb Takes Over Wood Pulp Supply 27
03/15/1942 Roosevelt Discusses Russia, Jobs And Ships 9
03/15/1942 Yugoslav Women (Under Mikhailovitch) Join Fight On Axis-Yugoslav Raids Grow 20
03/15/1942 Dutch Art Escapes Big-Scale Looting 21
03/15/1942 Rio (De Janeiro) Not Planning To Go To War (With Axis) Now (Just Looting Germany’s Assets With U.S. Protection) 25
03/15/1942 Nazis Halt Deportations-Respite For Jews Laid To Lack Of Railway Equipment 27
03/15/1942 Roosevelt Ready To Seize (U.S.) Railroad 34
03/15/1942 42,000,000 Are Seen Ready For War Job 36
03/15/1942 Report War Output Exceeding Quotas F-1
03/15/1942 Ample Supplies Of Wheat Seen For The United Nations This Year F-1
03/15/1942 Roosevelt Adventures In Role Of Architect-Jeffersonian Touch In Both E-3
03/15/1942 California Gets Tough (With Its Japanese) Mag. 1
03/16/1942 Hitler Predicts Soviet Rout This Summer, Admits Delay 1
03/16/1942 Kharkov Victory Near, Says Soviet 1
03/16/1942 25,000 Shelter In London Nightly, And A New Communal Life Arises 1
03/16/1942 Hitler,S Memorial Day Speech 3
03/16/1942 Crucial Spring Is Near In Russia 4
03/16/1942 Group Here (Jewish National Fund) To Buy Land In Palestine (With Proceeds Of Testimonial Dinner For Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-1,000 Acres-Establishment Of Large Jewish Army Urged) 7
03/16/1942 63 U.S. Jewish Rabbis Oppose Jewish Army 8
03/16/1942 Fight To The Finish (To Conquer Germans And Punish Them). Masaryk Urges Jews 18
03/17/1942 Allied Unity Plea Made By President (Roosevelt) 1
03/17/1942 (Riom) Trial Seen As Key To Fate Of Vichy 5
03/17/1942 Hitler Sees Doom (Sumner) Welles Declares 5
03/17/1942 Tax Collections Highest In History 23
03/17/1942 New Aniline Officials-Group Designated By Morgenthau Elected Yesterday 32
03/18/1942 M’arthur In Australia As Allied Commander;-General Flies Out-Order By President (Roosevelt) 1
03/18/1942 Reich Woos France For Cultural Ties (And Cooperation In The Manufacture Of War Weapons) 9
03/18/1942 (Gov’t.) Will Speed Output On Farms Of Aliens-Fair Recompense Is Pledged Japanese And Others Who Are Moved Inland 15
03/18/1942 (French) Generals At Riom Hit Army Morale 16
03/18/1942 Chileans Attack Axis Properties 17
03/18/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Backs ‘Pressure Groups’ (Favoring Roosevelt) 26
03/19/1942 (Lt. Gen. George H.) Brett Says One U.S. Flier Beats 2 Of (Japanese) Foe Every Time 1
03/19/1942 (Rear Admiral William H.) Standley Is Honored By Navy Decoration (Dsm) 5
03/19/1942 Mexico Celebrates Day Of Oil (Confiscation Of U.S. And British Oil Firms In Mexico) Seizures 6
03/19/1942 Leningrad Life Now Near Normal-Markets Are Reopened 9
03/19/1942 Poland Describes Outrages By Nazis-White Book, 240 Pages Long, Tells Of Systematic Murder And Effect At Degradation (Published By Polish Government-In-Exile, London-’Stern Persecution Of Jews’ Mentioned) 10
03/19/1942 Gamelin Breaks Silence At (Riom) Trial-Backs Daladler 12
03/19/1942 Quick Aid To Turkey Indicated By (Sumner) Welles 13
03/19/1942 Camp For (Japanese) Evacuees Ready Next Week-Relocation Will Follow 14
03/19/1942 6,731 (Enemy) Aliens Arrested (By FBI) 15
03/19/1942 War Aid Planned For 200 Colleges-$50,000,000 U.S. Expenditure 23
03/20/1942 India Nationalists Still Bar War Aid-Will Not Back Britain Unless Cripps Brings More Than Offer Of Future Liberty 2
03/20/1942 (Tolan Committee) Urges Alien Board For Resettlement 6
03/20/1942 Aliens In Draft Face War Service 7
03/20/1942 Drop Riom Trial, De Brinon Urges 10
03/20/1942 Roosevelt’s Hold (On Public) Shows Decrease-But 78% Of Voters Approve His Policy 10
03/20/1942 (Jewish Groups-Many Named) Asks (Sumner Welles For) Inter-Cession In Palestine Issue 11
03/20/1942 Soldier Education Undertaken By Army (With Aid Of U.S. ‘Educators’) 11
03/21/1942 Pole (Stanislaw Mikolajczyk) Urges Nazi Penalty-Post-War Reconstruction Plan (By Forced German Labor) 3
03/21/1942 Pictures: Scenes In Riom 3
03/21/1942 President (Roosevelt) Says He Told Fib On Mac Arthur; Guests Believed General Rowed To Australia 4
03/21/1942 Tokyo Says Allies Break War Rules-(Sumner) Welles Denounces Axis 5
03/21/1942 4,000 Yugoslavs Slain By Nazis In Day-Long Reprisal Massacre 6
03/21/1942 ‘Struma’ Disaster Analyzed 16
03/21/1942 (George) Hill’s (Representative Hamilton Fish’s Secretary) Sentence Cut; A ‘Dupe’ Says Judge 18
03/22/1942 Roosevelt Seizes Peoria Railroad Crippled By Strike 1
03/22/1942 Citizenship Bar Is Eased-President (Roosevelt) Lets Loyal Nationals (Loyal To U.S.?) Of Enemy Nations Apply (Executive Order) 7
03/22/1942 ‘Mixed’ (Racial) Division Urged On Army-Intolerance Is Assailed 9
03/22/1942 Chile Seeks Deal With Axis On (Immunity Of Their) Ships (From Axis Attack) 27
03/22/1942 New Soviet Army Ready For Battle 29
03/22/1942 Iraq’s Oil Is Held Sealed To Hitler 32
03/22/1942 Need Of Oil Spurs Hitler 33
03/22/1942 Vichy Reports Nazi Gift (To Aid R. A. F. Victims In Paris) 41
03/22/1942 Tells Of Backing For Jewish Army-Dr. S.S. Wise Announces 350 Rabbis Support Proposal (Some Names Given-Jewish Army To Fight Under British Command And For ‘Israel’ Later!) 45
03/22/1942 Is The Blitzkrieg (German) Soldier Gone? Mag. 10
03/23/1942 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Confident Of A Sound (Post-War Peace 8
03/23/1942 Archbishop (Spellman) Gives Views On Conflict-He Opposes Any System That ‘Would Destroy The Things We Cherish Most’ 17
03/23/1942 $201,652,508 Earned By General Motors-Sales Records Broken 23
03/23/1942 Peter Salm, ‘Refugee’ Heading (School) Class, Says He Is Happy To Join ‘Farm Front’ 25
03/24/1942 8,000 Alien Seamen Hunted For Crews-Deserters’ Round-Up Ordered By (Francis) Biddle To Aid Arms Flow (From U.S. To Anti-German Countries) 1
03/24/1942 U.S. Quinine Survey Calls For Caution-Stockpile Held Ample For 1 To 2 Years 5
03/24/1942 Argentina’s Mission In U.S. Will Return-Buenos Aires Source Says Only Belligerants (U.S. Allies) Can Get Arms (From U.S.) 5
03/24/1942 Dr. Hermann Strauss A Suicide In Berlin-Head Of Jewish Hospital There(On Eve Of Deportation To Polish Ghetto) 9
03/25/1942 Workmen Cut Hull To Rescue 32 Trapped On Oklahoma, Dec 7
03/25/1942 E(Arl) G(Ray) Harrison Nominated (By Roosevelt As Federal Immigration And Naturalization Chief) 5
03/25/1942 Nazis Hurl 500,000 Against Red Army-Allied Arms Aid Soviet 5
03/25/1942 (Sumner) Welles Is Evasive About Argentina (And Armaments) 6
03/25/1942 Riom Trial Hears Of Nazi Surprises 8
03/25/1942 Winter Conquered Goebbels Declares-He Calls For ‘Victory At Any Price’ 10
03/25/1942 Drafts Self-Rule For (Japanese) Alien (Relocated) Colony 11
03/25/1942 Financial Revival Is Seen After War 33
03/25/1942 Quinine Shortage To Be Countered (With 8,000% Increase In Atabrine Production Of I. G. Farbenindustrie Patent) 33
03/26/1942 Nazis Offer To Pay For (Torpedoed) Chilean Ship (‘Tolten’) 10
03/26/1942 Daladier Refuses To Hush At (Riom) Trial 11
03/26/1942 Chrysler Is Tripling The Capacity Of Arsenal For Producing Tanks 18
03/26/1942 Lindbergh Asked To Work For Ford (By Henry Ford) 18
03/27/1942 Roosevelt Speeds Soviet Aid; Bids Officials Drop All Bars 1
03/27/1942 (Japanese) Aliens Clear Land At Owens Valley (For Relocation Camp) 5
03/27/1942 Riom Court Hears Evidence On French Artillery’s Lack Of Aviation (Promised By Roosevelt) In War-Riom Trial Continues 7 New Vichy Curb On Jews (Use Of Gentile Pseudonyms By Jewish Writers Forbidden) 7
03/27/1942 50,000 Kiev Deaths Charged To Nazis (By Russians-Ralph Parker) 8
03/27/1942 Russian Dandelions (Kok-Sagyz) May Give Us Rubber 12
03/27/1942 Synthetic Quinine Put Under Inquiry-Alien Property Custodian (Leo T. Crowley) Acts On German Patents For (U.S.) Production Of Atabrine 13
03/27/1942 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Near 80 To Continue Work-Declares That United Nations Must Win If The World Is Not ‘To Come To An End’ 25
03/28/1942 ‘C In C’ Roosevelt Spurred Soviet Aid-Took Action On March 17 3
03/28/1942 Germans Say (Marcel) Deat Escaped ‘A Bomb’ 4
03/28/1942 100,000 Yugoslavs Plan An Offensive (Under Mikhailovitch-Seeks Arms From Un) 4
03/28/1942 Treasury (Morgenthau) Forces 23 Bosch Oustings-Army Shares In Move 7
03/28/1942 Eisenhower Named To Be Major General 8
03/28/1942 Ban On Shipments To Argentina Is On 21
03/29/1942 $904,319 Aid For Russia (Russian War Relief, Inc.) 12
03/29/1942 Magazines In English (‘Illustrated London News’ & ‘Life’) Among Hitler’s Reading 19
03/29/1942 New Man-Power Head (Fritz Sauckel-Hanged At Nuernberg) Is Named In Germany 22
03/29/1942 Roosevelt Signs War Powers Bill-Gives Seizure Powers-Second Measure Of Its Kind 35
03/29/1942 Our Men Aid In Middle East-Trans-Iranian Railway E-5
03/29/1942 The Men Around The President (King, Marshall, ‘Hap’ Arnold, Sumner Welles, Rosenman, Mac Leish, & Harry Hopkins) Mag. 8&9
03/30/1942 (Henry A.) Wallace Hits (Rep. Martin) Dies As Aiding The Axis 1
03/30/1942 Australians Cheer U.S. Negro Troops 3
03/30/1942 Yugoslav Guerrillas Wreak Vengeance On Pro-Germany White Russian Colony (Refers To A ‘Left Wing’ Not Completely In Accord With Mikhailovitch-Tito?) 7
03/30/1942 President (Roosevelt) Urged (By 12,000) To Free (Earl) Browder 19
03/30/1942 1,050 More (Companies) Blacklisted (By U.S. State Dept.) 19
03/30/1942 New Record High For Steel Output 25
03/31/1942 Warships (U.N. Convoy Enroute To Russia) Battle On Arctic Route 1
03/31/1942 Germany Draining Reichbank’s Money 2
03/31/1942 Halt In Riom Trial Ordered By Vichy 9
03/31/1942 Internment Camp Set Up (For Axis Nationals) By Brazll 10
03/31/1942 Learned In Denmark Languish In Prison 10
03/31/1942 Optimism On India Expressed In U.S.-(Summer) Welles Voices His Hope 15
03/31/1942 Text Of Cripps Broadcast To The People Of India On Proposals 15
03/31/1942 (Treasury Dept.-Morgenthau) Seeks Axis Trade ‘Cloaks’ 18
03/31/1942 At Dinner Here In Honor Of Poland’s Leader (Picture: General Wladyslaw Sikorski) 19
03/31/1942 Lew Ayres (Hollywood Actor) Is A Conscientious Objector; 23