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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

November 1942
Date Headline Page
11/01/1942 Biggest Day Raid On Britain In 2 Years Hits Canterbury 1
11/01/1942 Death Of 55 Poles In Day Reported (Reprisal For Destruction Of Train) 6
11/01/1942 Army Has 800,000 In Forces Abroad-300,000 Men Since Sept. 2-Mc Cloy Then Put A. E. F. At About 500,000 16
11/01/1942 Extension Urged Of Balfour Pledge-Rabbi (Louis L.) Newman Says Liberty And Progress Would Be Aided By Its Renewal-Holds Adversity Purifies 28
11/01/1942 Chaplain Wrecks Legend Of Dec. 7 (Chaplain William A. Maguire Says He Did Not Man A Navy Gun At Pearl Harbor Attack) 35
11/01/1942 (Francis Perkins) Asks 3,000,000 Rise In Women Workers 52
11/01/1942 Manpower Shortage Widely Felt, Presses A Question On Congress E-7
11/01/1942 Colleges Of Country Now Mobilized For War E-9
11/01/1942 Education Policies Of Government Hit (By Dr. Samuel P. Capen, University Of Buffalo) E-9
11/01/1942 Palestine Moves: Program Has Been Marked, An Authority (Dr. Judah Leon Magnes, Resident Of Jerusalem) Asserts E-11
11/01/1942 World In France: From Versailles To Pearl Harbor, By Leopold Swartzschlld, L. B. Fisher Pub. Corp., N.Y.-’How Germany Won The Peace’ Book 1
11/01/1942 A New Constitution Now, By Henry Hazlitt, Whittlesey House, N.-Y.-’Is The United States In Need Of A New Constitution?’ Book 3
11/01/1942 A Treasury Of Great Poems, English And American, Louis Untermeyer Book 8
11/01/1942 ‘He Is Our Eisen And This Is Our Hour’ (Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower) 7
11/01/1942 Chemist Who Created A State (Dr. Chaim Weizmann) Mag. 12&39
11/01/1942 No ‘Hyphens’ (‘Hyphenate Americans’) This Time Mag. 18
11/02/1942 Morrison Chides (U.S.) Critics Of Britain-Some ‘Talk As Though We Were The Britain Of 1776’ 3
11/02/1942 Yugoslavs Report Croatia Victories (Moscow Report-No Mention Of Guerrilla Leader’s Name) 3
11/02/1942 (3 Speakers — McConnell, Eichelberger, & Goldstein) Stress Jewish Problem 4
11/02/1942 Morgenthau Back From London Visit 5
11/02/1942 Cardinal (Dougherty, Archbishop Of Philadelphia) Calls For War To Death (‘If We Do Not Win, ‘Vultures’ Will Devour Us.’) 10
11/02/1942 Hitler Burned In Effigy (Union City, N. J.) 11
11/02/1942 Palestine Project Pushed By Senator (Thomas, Utah) 21
11/02/1942 Jewish Fund Asks Palestine Colony (Senator Saltonstall, Mass., Hails Plan) 22
11/02/1942 (Louis) Lipsky (Vice-President Of Zionist Organization Of America) Accuses England 22
11/02/1942 Mail Gifts Eased To Axis Captives 23
11/03/1942 Halifax’s Son Killed In Fighting In Egypt (Two More Sons-British Library Of Information) 3
11/03/1942 Yugoslavs (Under Mikhailovitch) Divert Large Axis Forces 7
11/03/1942 Gandhi Holds U.S. Involved In India-Ally Of Britain’Cannot Disown Responsibility’ 10
11/03/1942 Refugees (From Portugal On Ship ‘Carvalho Araujo’) At Baltimore (30 Polish Engineers On Way To Canada) 11
11/03/1942 Radio Jobs Open For Women In War 20
11/04/1942 Fish And Coudert Win (Opposed By Liberals)-Fish Is Re-Elected 1
11/04/1942 Polish Governor Reported Ousted (Stockholm Report)-Hans Frank Dismissed As ‘Too Humane’ To Please Hitler 2
11/04/1942 French Bombings Hit Doriot (Pro-NSDAP) Party 15
11/04/1942 Shipbuilding Tops Sinkings By Enemy 15
11/04/1942 Big Nazi Spy Ring Is Traced To Chile-Center Of Espionage In Americas 19
11/04/1942 Spy Trial Witness (Defendant) Charges Duress 19
11/04/1942 The First Edition Of The New Stars And Stripes 19
11/05/1942 U.S. Forge Of 7,000 Arrives In Egypt 1
11/05/1942 Rommel In Full Retreat, Tanks, Guns Smashed 1
11/05/1942 Says Tugwell Plots To Capture (Nationalize Puerto Rican) Utilities 18
11/05/1942 (Harry L.) Hopkins Predicts Big Shift Of Labor 19
11/05/1942 Fish To Continue Fight On New Deal (Representative From Roosevelt’s Home District) 30
11/06/1942 British General Announces Complete Victory As Fliers Pound Rommel’s Retreating Army 1
11/06/1942 Von Thoma Seized When Car Was Hit (Gen. Georg Von Stumme Killed) 3
11/06/1942 All Jews’ Aid Asked For Russia’s Battle (By Rabbi J. H. Herz, Chief Rabbi Of Britain) 8
11/06/1942 Wounded Germans Flooding Austria 8
11/07/1942 50 Colleges Close Because Of War 1
11/07/1942 Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise In Mexico City-He Will Hold Conferences About Aid To Oppressed Jews Abroad (No Mention Of Mass Killings Of Jews) 3
11/07/1942 Mikhailovitch Finds Inspiration In U.S. 4
11/07/1942 Madagascar Signs British Armistice 4
11/07/1942 Roosevelt, Hull Felicitate Soviet (On The 25 Th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of The Soviet Union) 8
11/08/1942 American Forces (Under Eisenhower) Land In French Africa 1
11/08/1942 Petain Says Vichy Will ‘Defend’ Lands 1
11/08/1942 (U.N.) Appeals And Proclamation To French People 8
11/08/1942 (General) Juin Heads Chiefs Of African Forces 16
11/08/1942 Full Unity Urged With Russians (By Congress Of American-Soviet Friendship) 36
11/08/1942 Russians Hold Nazis In Caucasus; Armored Trains Stop Foe’s Tanks 38
11/08/1942 Sweden Deplores Terror In Norway 38
11/08/1942 Rommel Routed (Map, E-4) E-1
11/08/1942 Rommel’s Defeat Linked To Nazis’ Caucasus Push (Map Of Caucasus) E-5
11/08/1942 Infamous Prelude To Pearl Harbor (By Arthur Krock) Mag. 1
11/09/1942 Marshal (Petain) Is Bitter-He Finds Roosevelt Note ‘Stupefying’ And Denies All Its Premises-Weygand Called In-Orders Issued To Defend Empire 1
11/09/1942 Hard Fight At Oran 1
11/09/1942 General Giraud Emerges To Urge French In Africa To Join (U.N.) Allies 1
11/09/1942 Pictures: Officers In Charge Of American Operations In Africa 8
11/09/1942 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Letters And Petain’s Reply 10
11/09/1942 Our Vichy Policy, A Help, Hull Says 10
11/09/1942 Batista (Cuba) Refuses Spy Aid (Heinz August Luning To Be Shot) 10
11/09/1942 Excerpts From The Speech Made By Reichsfuehrer Hitler At Munich 13
11/09/1942 (Henry A.) Wallace Assures Russia Priority (Text) 19
11/09/1942 Spiritual Revival Hailed By Lehman-Speaks At Jewish Parley (No Mention Of Killing Of Jews)-Hails Our ‘New Vigor’ 26
11/10/1942 Giraud Gets Post As French Leader (From U.S. & Britain) 1
11/10/1942 Roosevelt Rebukes Laval As Diplomatic Ties Are Cut 1
11/10/1942 (Tom) Connally Pledges Revival Of France 6
11/10/1942 Roosevelt Extols U.S. Aid In Egypt (Hundreds Of Tanks & 20,000 Trucks) 10
11/10/1942 (Francis) Biddle ‘Unable’ To Defer Ap Suit 23
11/10/1942 Opening Of Palestine To (Jewish) Immigrants Urged (By Rabbi Israel Goldstein-Opening Under ‘Jewish Auspices’) 23
11/10/1942 Banks Now Listing Vichy As An Enemy 35
11/10/1942 Volume In Stocks Best Of The Year 35
11/11/1942 Hitler To Take Over All France And Corsica 1
11/11/1942 Churchill Credits Plan To President (Roosevelt-11 Months After Pearl Harbor Attack!) 1
11/11/1942 Rios (Chile) Promises U.S. Full Cooperation 3
11/11/1942 Giraud Wore Garb Of Woman To Flee (German Captivity) 4
11/11/1942 Hitler Message To French People 6
11/11/1942 R. A. F. Planes Blast Hamburg At Night 7
11/11/1942 Education Called Force For Victory (By Chester S. Williams) 17
11/12/1942 Petain Protests New Nazi Invasion 1
11/12/1942 Hull Denounces Nazi French Move 3
11/12/1942 Indians See Threat In Churchlll Talk (Unrest, Dislike Of Britain) 3
11/12/1942 Giraud Fled By Air In A British Plane 4
11/12/1942 Hitler Letter To Petain (Text) Announcing Move Across France 4
11/12/1942 Learn To Hate Foe (General) M’nair Tells Troops-It’s Kill Or Be Killed 4
11/12/1942 Peril To Refugees In France Growing (200,000 Jews In Unoccupied Zone, Many Possess U.S. Visas-Valid Or Forged) 7
11/12/1942 Roosevelt Hails French As Allies (But Not Vichy Government!) 20
11/13/1942 A Spy Thriller Trip By (General Mark) Clark Paved Way For Africa Drive (Attack-Not Unlike Hess’s?) 1
11/13/1942 Nazi Peace Terms To Vichy Reported (By London) 3
11/13/1942 War Transformed By U.S., Smuts Says 5
11/13/1942 (General) Pershing Appeals To French To Fight 5
11/13/1942 Vichy Americans Arrive At Lourdes-’Incriminating’ Papers Reported Found In (Vacated) U.S. Embassy 7
11/13/1942 3,052 Planes Sent To Russia In Year (4,084 Tanks & 30,031 Vehicles-London Report-Sent By U.S. And England In The Past 12 Month Period) 10
11/13/1942 Rabbi (Philip) Bernstein (Rochester, N.Y.) In War Work 10
11/14/1942 Darlan Proclaims African ‘Command’ 1
11/14/1942 Pole Urges Pact In Eastern Europe 7
11/14/1942 C.I.O. Head (Philip Murray) Congratulated (By Harry Bridges) On His Re-Election 30
11/15/1942 Six Found Guilty Of Treason In Aiding German Saboteurs 1
11/15/1942 Scientists Deny Race Superiority 41
11/15/1942 Aims In War Listed By Jewish Women 42
11/15/1942 Palestine Still A HaveN-1,000 French Orphans Awaited If Journey Possible (38,000 Had Arrived By Sept. 30, 1942) 44
11/16/1942 French Troops Assist Ours In Raid On Arabs Near Oran 1
11/16/1942 Allies In October Got $915,000,000 (Lend-Lease) Aid 8
11/16/1942 (Rep. George Grant, Alabama) Says Four Freedoms Include Jewish Army 10
11/16/1942 733 Rabbis Rebuke Anti-Zionist Jews-Sees Post-War Misery 14
11/17/1942 U.S. Smashes Japanese Fleet In Solomons 1
11/17/1942 De Gaullists Bar A Darlan Deal; Seek U.S. Reassurances On Status 1
11/17/1942 Bbc Floods Europe With African News 5
11/17/1942 (Striking) Girls (In Luxembourg) Deported To Reich 9
11/17/1942 Andorra Receives Hitler ‘Guarantee’ 11
11/17/1942 World Solidarity Urged For Peace (By Governments In Exile)-Germany’s Fate Is A Topic 15
11/17/1942 1,521 (Notables) Sign Appeal For Jewish Army (Names Listed) 23
11/18/1942 Portuguese Protest Allied Plane Flights (Violations Of Its Territory) 1
11/18/1942 President (Roosevelt) Says Darlan Deal Is ‘A Temporary Expedient’(Was It Ever!) 1
11/18/1942 Nazis Plunder Art, Moscow Declares-Captured (German) Officer Quoted 13
11/18/1942 Zionists Demand National Status-U.S. Senators Back Plea (Many Notables Among Them) 17
11/18/1942 (Justice Department) To Naturalize 200 Outside Country (On The Basis Of An Administrative Order) 27
11/19/1942 1,000 (North African Refugees) Going To Palestine (With The Help Of The American Occupation Forces) 3
11/19/1942 Within Yugoslavia, I (‘House Divided Against Itself’) 12
11/19/1942 Columbia Rubber Is Offered To U.S. (3,000 Tons A Month) 14
11/19/1942 (Harold Ickes) Opposes Inquiry Over Puerto Rico (And Behavior Of His New Deal Comrade, Rexford Tugwell) 15
11/19/1942 Novelist (Walter D. Edmonds) Condemns Germans As Brutal (Not Just Nazis In Particular But Germans In General) 23
11/20/1942 Spain Will Resist Coup By Either Side 1
11/20/1942 Nazis Defeated In Caucasus, 5,000 (Germans) Dead 1
11/20/1942 Plan To Oust Hitler Is Laid To Generals (London Report) 3
11/20/1942 ‘Son Of L. S. Amery’ Heard On Nazi Radio 6
11/20/1942 Laval Is Denounced By Hull As Hitlerite 9
11/20/1942 Output Of Planes Ordered Doubled 12
11/20/1942 Army And Navy Set Up Typhus Commission-Admiral Stephenson Heads Study To Prevent Disease 16
11/20/1942 Isolation Policy Is Seen As Ended 18
11/20/1942 War Stress Seen Changing Values 20
11/21/1942 Laval Indicts U.S. On Africa, Pins Hope On Nazi Entente 1
11/21/1942 (Governor Herbert) Lehman To Direct Relief Of Peoples Freed From Axis (See Nov. 22, 1942 For Name Of Agency) 1&6
11/21/1942 (General Ritter Von) Thoma (Captured In North Africa) In England, Closely Guarded 4
11/22/1942 Lehman Forecasts Years Of Service In War-Torn Lands 1&47
11/22/1942 Briton (Sir William Beveridge) Outlines Post-War Reform 6
11/22/1942 Cairo Dean Scores Jewish Army Plan 18
11/22/1942 (U.S.) Educators Discuss Winning The Peace 21
11/22/1942 Cemetery Steel Digs Grave For The Axis (Urns Salvaged By U.S. From Cemeteries) 30
11/22/1942 Announced By White House (Lehman Named Director Of The Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations-Frro-In The State Department) 47
11/22/1942 Editorial (In Puerto Rico) Demands Impeaching Of Tugwell 47
11/22/1942 Count (Leopold Von) Berchtold Of Austria Is Dead (79) 52
11/22/1942 Laval Finds His Level; Now Talks Like Hitler E-3
11/22/1942 We Have A Blitzmaker Too (Roosevelt)-By W. H. Lawrence Mag. 10
11/23/1942 Russians Open Offensive At Stalingrad 1
11/23/1942 R. A. F. Bombs Reich In A Night Assault 4
11/23/1942 Don’t Underrate Foe (United States); Nomura Warns Japan 5
11/23/1942 Nazi Imputes Guilt Of Raids To Swiss-Says They ‘Tolerate’ R. A. F. Flights Over Them 5
11/23/1942 Editorial: Mr. Lehman’s New Post 22
11/24/1942 (British) Commando (Capt. G. S. Courtney) Piloted (General Mark) Clark To Algiers 6
11/24/1942 Hebrew Papers Mourn-Black Borders Around Reports Of (Mass) Killings In Poland 10
11/24/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Hints Of Income Ceiling 15
11/24/1942 U.S. Aid To Europe In Education Seen (By G. D. Stoddard) 21
11/24/1942 Gov. Lehman Ready For Federal Job (Director Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations-Frro-In State Department) 27
11/24/1942 Lehman Concerned By Plight Of Jews-Says Survival Will Hinge On Location In Palestine 46
11/25/1942 Jan Valtin (Richard Krebs, Communist) Taken For Deportation (Vita) 1&15
11/25/1942 Chicago Trio Get Death Penalty For Treason, Wives Prison Terms 1
11/25/1942 Curtin (Australia) Sees An End To Pre-War Chaos-Return To Unemployment And Slums Is Barred 4
11/25/1942 Churchill ‘Gag’ On De Gaulle Seen 6
11/25/1942 Himmler Program Kills Polish Jews-Officials Of Poland Publish Data-Dr. (Stephen S.) Wise Gets Check Here By State Department (Gas Chambers Alleged) 10
11/25/1942 (Rabbi S.S.) Wise Gets (Sumner Wells) Confirmation (Jews Were Exterminated And Are Being Exterminated) 10
11/25/1942 Allies Act To Bar Ransom To Nazis (Trading With The Enemy Act Is Invoked) 12
11/25/1942 9th ‘Night Of Stars’ Aids (United) Jewish (Appeal) Drive-Lehman Makes Appeal 18
11/25/1942 Roosevelt Plans Foreign Aid Talk (To Explain Function Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Office-Frro-In U.S. State Department) 25
11/26/1942 The President Buys First New Victory Loan Bond (Apparently The Only One He Ever Bought-Probated In His Estate) 1
11/26/1942 Goebbels Bids Nazis Learn From Defeat 1
11/26/1942 (French) Workers For Reich Are Put At 200,000 6
11/26/1942 Slain Polish Jews Put At A Million (Rabbi) S(tephen) S. Wise Explains His Stand-Abbatoir For Deportees-Mass ElectrocutionsInjection Of Air Bubbles (Belzec, Poland) 16
11/26/1942 Lehman Arranges To Begin New Task (Director Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Office-’Frro,’ U.S. State Department) 37
11/27/1942 De Gaulle Appeal To Roosevelt Seen 1
11/27/1942 1,000 Jews Sent Out Of Norway By Nazis 3
11/27/1942 Liberated Allies Charge Brutality (Of Axis) 4
11/27/1942 Pledge Of U.S. Aid To Chile Revealed 6
11/27/1942 Kurusu Accuses Us Of Starting War (Hull Note Of Nov. 26, 1941 Was Fuse) 14
11/27/1942 12 Americans Held In German Prison-(Y. M. C. A.) Reports On Conditions 15
11/27/1942 U.S. Seen As Center Of Jewish Culture (By Dr. Mordecai Soltis) 21 Junior Hadassah Gets War Reports 40
11/28/1942 French Scuttle Fleet, Ruin Its Toulon Base 1
11/28/1942 Hitler Letter Tells Petain ‘Treachery’ Made Him Act 1
11/28/1942 Mexico Pays U.S. $2,500,000 (Of $40,000,000) On Claims (For Confiscated Oil Properties) 1
11/28/1942 Hitler’s Letter To Marshal Petain (Text) 4
11/28/1942 Poland In Appeal On Nazi Outrages-Underground Aids Jews-Says Germans’ Killings Total 1,400,000 7
11/28/1942 Palestine Called A Post-War Haven (By Dr. Nahum GoldmannHolds It Key To New Future For Jews Who Survive Nazi Domination) 11
11/28/1942 Two Die In Riot Of Negro Soldiers 28
11/29/1942 300 Killed By Fire (Coco-Nut Grove, Boston) 1
11/29/1942 French Scuttlings Hailed In (Synagogue) Sermons-(Rabbi) Schachtel Scores Killing Of Jews 10
11/29/1942 Democratic Rights Are Seen In Danger-Epstein Warns Of Extension Of Military Authority 10
11/29/1942 7 Of Jehovah Sect Ordered Rehired (By Presidential Board) 32
11/29/1942 Lehman (Director Of State Department’s Frro) Pleads For All Creeds 34
11/29/1942 Slaughter (Of Jews) In Poland Condemned By (Matthew) Woll (Of The C. I. 0. Refers To ‘Systematic Extermination’ Of Jews) 44
11/29/1942 Weizmann Warns Of Complacency-Right To Rebuild Palestine As Jewish Commonwealth Is Deemed Essential 46
11/29/1942 4,000,000 Women Now In War Jobs 46
11/29/1942 Japanese Troops Died In Holocaust-Our Fllers Slaughtered Them By Thousands In Sinking 8 Transports In Solomons 51
11/29/1942 Picture: U.S. Bombing Attack On Lille Steel & Locomotive Works 58
11/29/1942 Phi Beta Kappa Group (At Radcliffe) To Initiate First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) 61
11/29/1942 World Peace Unit Is Vital, (Elmer) Davis Says-Hull’s Plan Is The Base 64
11/29/1942 Thompson, Dorothy, Listen Hans, Houghton Mifflin Book 3
11/30/1942 Churchill Tells Italy To Oust Leaders Or Face Shattering Allied Blows (Text P. 5) 1
11/30/1942 New British Book (Front Line. 1940-1941) Tells (British Version Of) Blitz Story 3
11/30/1942 Palestine Growth After War Mapped (By National Labor Committee For Palestine) 11