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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

April 1942
Date Headline Page
04/01/1942 Roosevelt Says Pacific Body Fights Powers Of Darkness 1
04/01/1942 R. A. F. Raid On Luebeck Heaviest’ Of Its Kind-Berlin Reports Say Nearly Half Of Town’s Center Is Ruined 2
04/01/1942 U.S. Not Selling Guns To Argentina 5
04/01/1942 Daladier Suggests Axis Faces Defeat (Riom Trial) 8
04/01/1942 Picture: Japanese Hunting License (U.S. Soldier) 8
04/01/1942 (Justice Department) Plan Action Against (Fritz) Kuhn 9
04/01/1942 Mexico Is Expecting (Lend-Lease) Material From U.S. 10
04/01/1942 Cornell Will Hunt Rubber In Plants 14
04/01/1942 FBI Tightens Curb On 256,000 (Enemy) Aliens 23
04/02/1942 Jews’ Death Laid To Reich-Netherlanders (In London) Say 740 Of 1,200 Sent To German (Salt & Sulfur) Mines (At Mauthausen) Perished (From Poisonous Vapors) 5
04/02/1942 Help Russia Now, J. E. Davies Urges-Soviet Victory Forecast 7
04/02/1942 Convoys To Russia Get Bigger Escort 8
04/02/1942 Green German Troops Go To Eastern Front 8
04/02/1942 British Urged To ‘Win’ Germans After War-’Treat Them Rough’ Advocates Hear Plea For Re-Education 8
04/02/1942 Tanks Still Issue At Trial In Riom 9
04/02/1942 Child Labor (12-17 Years Of Age) In State Has Almost Doubled In The Last Year, Official Statistics Show (Over 136,300 Children Involved) 18
04/02/1942 (Revocation Of U.S.) Citizenship By U.S. To Be Fair 23
04/03/1942 R. A. F. Blasts Poissy (France) Works 1
04/03/1942 U.S. Enters Dairy Business Today 1
04/03/1942 $3,000,000 Is Paid To U.S. By Mexico (Claims Against Mexico By U.S. Citizen For Confiscation Of Oil Properties) 4
04/03/1942 Ribbentrop Called Bomb Plot Target 6
04/03/1942 Typhus Incidence Rises (Geneva Report)-Spring Rush Of Disease Reported Threatening Nazi Army 7
04/03/1942 Reich Hints Drive Is Now On In Russia 8
04/03/1942 Daladier (At Riom Trial) Charges Treason Aided Foe-Supply Failures Cited (Supplies From U.S.) 10
04/04/1942 700 (Axis) Internees (Sent) To U.S. (From Central American Countries) 5
04/05/1942 Greek Guerrlllas Harassing Germans-Derail A Train And Smash At A Motor Column, London Hears 3
04/05/1942 Tojo Warns Japan-War ‘Remains To Be Fought’ 3
04/05/1942 Typhus Drops In Reich 3
04/05/1942 Roads In Bulgaria To Be Built By Nazis 15
04/05/1942 Future Schools Viewed (By Educators) As Link In Social Service D-5
04/05/1942 Riom (Trial) Drama Is Played Out E-4
04/05/1942 India Offers A Vast War Theater For A Two-Power Axis Offensive E-4
04/05/1942 Hitler Exploits Fears Of The German People-Masses Support War Because Of Dread That Revenge Would Follow Defeat (Did He Over Do It?) E-5
04/05/1942 1917 And 1942-We Have A Tougher-Minded Realism Than We Had In 1917 Mag. 13
04/06/1942 Reports Nazi Slaughter Of Jews (By Anti-Fascist Jewish Committee-Reports 86,000 Jews In & Around Minsk, 25,000 At Odessa & ‘Tens Of Thousands’ In Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia) 2
04/06/1942 U.S. Prisons Aid War Work-Output Almost Doubles(Federal Bureau Of Prisons Under Francis Biddle) 8
04/07/1942 Paris District Bombed (By R. A. F.) Again; Big Force Hammers Cologne 1
04/07/1942 Refugees (Loyalty Committee Of Victims Of Nazi And Fascist Oppression) Plan Drive (For Funds-Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, A Sponsor) 5
04/08/1942 U.S. To Help Mexico Speed War Output 11
04/08/1942 Navy Combat Units Opened To Negroes (By Secretary Knox) 19
04/08/1942 Lehman Says U.S. May Hire Aliens 19
04/08/1942 U.S. Buys Dried Eggs-$12,750,000 Purchase Is The Largest (Lend-Lease Purchase) Made So Far 27
04/09/1942 Marshall And (Harry) Hopkins Arrive In London To Discuss American ‘Expansion’ In Europe 1
04/09/1942 R. A. F. Raiders Find Luftwaffe Absent 6
04/09/1942 Unitarians See War Aimed At Freedom-30 Ministers Of Six States Put Out ‘Statement Of Faith’ 8
04/09/1942 Cuba Chooses (Enemy) Alien (Concentration) Camp (On Isle Of Pines) 8
04/09/1942 Presbyterian Group Calls On Christians To Perform Their Duty ‘In A Necessary War’ 9
04/10/1942 Japanese Capture Bataan And 36,000 Troops 1
04/10/1942 Book Of Petain’s Speeches Given Roosevelt; Envoy Hopes It Will Clarify Vichy’s Policy 7
04/10/1942 Refugee Ship (‘Guinea,’ From Lisbon, Portugal) Reaches Cuba (400 Aboard-Mostly German Jews) 7
04/10/1942 30 Enemy (Alien) Homes Raided (By FBI) 7
04/10/1942 (Enemy Alien Property) Custodian (Leo T. Crowley) Seizes Holdings Of Aliens 9
04/11/1942 Lozovsky Predicts Nazis’ Defeat In Russia (In 1942); Hails Flow Of U.S. Supplies To Red Army 6
04/11/1942 Nazi Losses Mount As Red Army Gains 6
04/11/1942 California To Aid Non-Enemy Aliens-Farmland Abandoned By The Japanese And Loans To Run Them Are Available 28
04/12/1942 President (Roosevelt) To Call Lehman To Capital For War Service 1
04/12/1942 (Sumner) Welles Defines (U.N.) Objective 19
04/12/1942 German Reserves Rushed Into Soviet 20
04/12/1942 Nazis Rush To Bury Dead-Bodies Uncovered By Spring Thaw Raise Health Problem (Swiss Report-Another Katyn ?) 24
04/12/1942 Shift At Riom (Trial) Predicted 32
04/12/1942 President (Roosevelt) Asks $7,000,000 Help (Relief) For China In A World Wide Broadcast To Aid Fund 34
04/12/1942 Text: Indian Replies To The British Cabinet’s Proposals 40
04/12/1942 Germany Drives Harder For More Manpower E-3
04/12/1942 Our Case No Better In Argentina And Chile E-6
04/12/1942 Letter: Forced Moving Of All Japanese Regarded As Unjust E-8
04/12/1942 Is Communism A Menace To Us-Joseph E. Davies (No) Mag. 3
04/13/1942 Nehru Says India Won’t Fail British 3
04/13/1942 Iran Rails (Trans-Iranian Railway) Speed War Aid To Russia 3
04/14/1942 Refugee Ship Sunk, 290 Safe Here 1
04/14/1942 Lord Montbatten Heads Commandos 7
04/14/1942 (U.S. Supreme Court) Rules Bias Charge Libelous If False 19
04/15/1942 Mailing Ban Put On (Father Charles E. Coughlin’s Weekly) Social Justice (By Francis Biddle) 1
04/15/1942 Vichy Reinstates Laval At Nazi Demand 1
04/15/1942 President (Roosevelt) Sees 2 Or 3 Years’ War Until We Are Certain Of Survival 1
04/15/1942 Washington Alert-Recall Of (Admiral William) Leahy Now Held Likely 1
04/15/1942 Germans Die For Hoarding 3
04/15/1942 M’leish Deplores Anti-Russian Bias (By U.S.) 8
04/16/1942 Cuba Seizes 50 (Axis) Aliens-Going To (Isle Of Pines, U.S.) Concentration Camps 4
04/16/1942 Palestine Booms War Industries 9
04/17/1942 Nazis Fail To Halt Russians’ Advance 5
04/17/1942 Vichy Is Accused Of Anti-Semitism (By Ilse Myer, A German Jewess) 7
04/18/1942 War Production Of Allies Exceeds Axis Nelson Says 1
04/18/1942 Envoy (Admiral Leahy) Summoned (From France)-Leahy Is Recalled 1
04/18/1942 British Blew Up Burma Oil Wells 1
04/18/1942 Russians Advance In Smolensk Area 6
04/18/1942 Scientist (Dr. Ashley-Montague) Derides Nazi Racial Myth 6
04/18/1942 Mrs. Morgenthau Stresses Thrift 8
04/18/1942 Nazis Warn Brazil To Modify (Pro-U.S.) Policy-Threaten A Trade Boycott After War-Put Blame On Roosevelt 9
04/18/1942 Grand Jury To Act On ‘Social Justice’-To Call Father Coughlin (Francis Biddle Plans Role) 17
04/19/1942 U.S.-Mexican Board Fixes All Awards (For Confiscated U.S. Oil Properties In Mexico) 1
04/19/1942 M’nutt Made Head Of Our Manpower (Similar To Fritz Sauckel) 1
04/19/1942 Morgenthau Hails (Jewish) Welfare (Board) Agency 23
04/19/1942 U.S. Aid To Russia Soared In March-Rise Of 150% Over February (Total Above $3 Billion) 35
04/19/1942 (Gen. Draja Mikhailovitch) Asks Petain To Fight (Germans) 35
04/19/1942 More Oil Is Lost By United Nations (British Destruction Of Burma’s Oil Fields)-Britain Controls (Iranian And Iraqi) Oil F-1
04/19/1942 Picture: Gen Draja Mikhailovitch Serbian Patriot E-4
04/19/1942 Huge India Looms Up As Key To War In East E-5
04/19/1942 Attack On ‘Axis-Line’ Press (Father Coughlin’s ‘Social Justice’) E-7
04/19/1942 Lowenthal, Marvin, Henrietta Szold: Life And Letters. Viking Press, N.Y Book 6
04/19/1942 Much-Discussed ‘Bill’ (William O.) Douglas Mag. 10
04/20/1942 200,000 Fighting Poles (In England, Iran, North Africa, Middle East) 6
04/20/1942 Dewey For ‘Cruel’ War-But In United Jewish Appeal Speech, He Warns On Callousness 8
04/20/1942 (Survey) Shows Isolationist Rout 9
04/20/1942 Home Soap Making Frowned On By Opa (Wants Glycerine To Make Nitroglycerin) 18
04/21/1942 U.S. Seizes 4 Plants Of Brewster (Aeronautical) Corporation; Poor Management Charged (By Senator Harry F. Byrd) 1
04/21/1942 3 Reich Bombers Fire On A Train In Britain 2
04/21/1942 Hitler, 53, Spends Routine War Day 3
04/21/1942 Text Of Laval’s Appeal To French People 4
04/21/1942 Hitler’s Birthday ‘Observed’ Here-’Guest Of Honor’ Is Hanged 6
04/21/1942 Text Of Mac Leish’s Address Warning Against Nazi ‘Peace’ Drive 15
04/21/1942 Half Page Advertisement: Committee For A Jewish Army (Composed Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews)-Sponsors Named 17
04/21/1942 (Father) Coughlin Admits Magazine Control 18
04/22/1942 U.S. To Join R. A. F. In Bombing Nazis 1
04/22/1942 Hitler, In (German) Red Cross Plea, Calls Winter Worst Foe 5
04/22/1942 Free French Here Assail Riom Trial 8
04/22/1942 (Earl G. Harrison) Says (Enemy) Aliens Will Be Moved 16
04/22/1942 Mrs. (William) Leahy Dies In Vichy Hospital 23
04/22/1942 War Output Of General Electric Is Seen At Billion (Dollar) Value This Year 35
04/23/1942 (Francis) Biddle To Push Sedition Inquiries Beginning In Chicago, Then Here (‘Dirty Little Sheets’ Will Be His Targets) 15
04/23/1942 Alien Custodian (Leo T. Crowley) Gets Full Control 15
04/24/1942 Halifax Sees War Remaking England-Holds Victory Is Certain 6
04/24/1942 Estate Of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Mother $1,089,872; Nine-Tenths Left To Chief Executive 19
04/25/1942 President (Roosevelt) Calls War Output So Big Goal Can Be Raised 1
04/25/1942 R. A. F. Carries Out Record Attacks On Rostock Plane Plants 1
04/25/1942 Luebeck Damage Said To Exceed Coventry’s 2
04/25/1942 This War Must Be Last Says Angell 11
04/25/1942 Du Pont’s Sales At Record Level 19
04/26/1942 General Giraud Flees Nazi Prison Camp-He Also Escaped In 1917 1
04/26/1942 Iran Typhus Fight Aided (By American Red Cross-Anti-Typhus Vaccine) 8
04/26/1942 Europe Reports Rise In Sabotage 9
04/26/1942 Mail Ban Is Kept On (Father Coughlin’s) Social Justice 33
04/26/1942 Business Index: 1932-1942 F-1
04/26/1942 Canada Holding War Plebiscite-All Parties Are For It E-5
04/27/1942 R. A. F. Blasts Rostock, Skoda Plant 1
04/27/1942 Excerpts From Reich Fuehrer Hitler’s Review Of The War 4
04/27/1942 Text Of Statement Widening Hitler’s Power 4
04/27/1942 Nazis Execute 6 Belgians 5
04/27/1942 Hitler Accuses History Of Betraying Him (Accuses Adversaries Of Conspiracy Against Him) 14
04/28/1942 Canada Votes ‘Yes’ On Issue Of Lifting Pledge On Draft 1
04/28/1942 Gandhi Is Critical Of U.S. Influence-Nehru Asks Allies’ Aid 2
04/28/1942 (Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian) Begins Shift To U.S. (Confiscation) Of Enemy Patents 4
04/28/1942 Soviet Presents New Atrocity List-Charges Germans Aim To Move Several Million Russian Workers To Reich 5
04/28/1942 Vichy Publishes Text Of Riom Prosecution In Charges Of Ex-Chiefs Sold-Defense Not Mentioned 9
04/28/1942 General Motors Earns $23,229,991-War Work 90% Of Total 29
04/29/1942 Rostock Damage Vast, Nazis Say-Germans Plan To Destroy Britain’s Historic Spots If Stralsund Is Raided 5
04/29/1942 U.S. Help Revives Bath After Blitz (Bombed Day Before) 5
04/29/1942 Public Calls It ‘2D World War’ (Gallup Poll)-’War For World Freedom’ 9
04/29/1942 Palestine Policy Of Britain Scored (By American Jewish Conference) (Leon) Blum And Mandel Lauded 9
04/29/1942 President (Roosevelt) Bids All Put Pay Into Bonds (See The Probation Of His Will And That Of His Mothers,’ April 24, 1942, P. 19) 13
04/29/1942 Hitler Drafts Labor Through Gauleiters 13
04/30/1942 Gandhi Bars War To Resist Invader 4
04/30/1942 25 Czechs Are Hanged (Rioted To Avoid Conscription) 7
04/30/1942 Gen. Giraud, Now Escaped, Sent His Thanks From German Prison Camp To U.S. For Food (Packages) 8
04/30/1942 ‘We Went In Fighting’ — Although The Treacherous Attack On Pearl Harbor Was The Immediate Cause Of Our Entry Into The War, That Event Found The American People Spiritually Prepared For War On A World-Wide Scale’-Franklin D. Roosevelt Radio Address (Germans Accuse U.S. Of Conspiracy To Cause War) 18
04/30/1942 Picture: Leo T. Crowley (‘Alien Property Custodian’) 27