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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

August 1942
Date Headline Page
08/01/1942 Nazis Push On In Western Caucasus, But Drive On Stalingrad Is Stalled 1
08/01/1942 9 (Governments-In-Exile) Bid U.S. Warn Axis On Acts (Of Alleged Barbarity) 1
08/01/1942 Army’s Spy Trial (Of 8 Saboteurs From Submarine) Upheld By (Supreme) Court (Text, P. 3) 1
08/02/1942 87 Aliens Seized In FBI Raids Here; Coast Maps Found 1
08/02/1942 Nazis At Soviet Rail Towns; Stalingrad Defenders Hold 1
08/02/1942 British Bombs Smash Duesseldorf-City On Rhine Fired 1
08/02/1942 Russians Fight On In Pripet Marshes 4
08/02/1942 (George S.) Messersmith (In Mexico) Sees War Peril Ignored 12
08/02/1942 Race Bias Seen Key To Harlem Crime-Low-Rent Housing Vital 28
08/02/1942 Decline In Bias Seen 28
08/02/1942 War Plants In (N.Y.) State Hiring More Negroes F-5
08/02/1942 Russian Cartoons: ‘Wipe Out The Fascist Barbarians; No Mercy To The Enemy’ E-5
08/02/1942 To The Navy, He’s Just ‘Bill’ (Admiral William Leahy-Roosevelt’s Chief Of Staff) Mag. 9
08/03/1942 German Threat To Russians’ Oil Is Focus Of Don-Caucasus Battles 3
08/03/1942 Pictures: Supplies To Russia Via Murmansk 3
08/03/1942 Negro Gains Seen In Equality Fight (By NAACP) 17
08/04/1942 9 More Face Loss Of U.S. Citizenship-Some Defended The Axis 8
08/04/1942 Dr. (Richard) Willstaetter, Nobel (Prize) Winner, Dies 20
08/04/1942 $9,285,000 Spent In Jewish Relief-Joint Distribution Committee Tells Of 17 Months’ Work 20
08/05/1942 Text Of (India’s Non-Cooperation) Resolution (With England) Drafted By Gandhi 6
08/05/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Supports Racial Equality Plea 13
08/06/1942 British Repudiate 1938 Munich Pact 1
08/06/1942 U.S. Films Barred From Vichy’s Areas-Rule Effective Jan.L, In Unoccupied Zone And North Africa 7
08/07/1942 Nazi Flier’s Aide (Max Stephan) To Die As Traitor To This Country-Sentenced To Be Hanged 1
08/07/1942 Free French-Tell Of Nazi Brutality-Russians Greatest Sufferers-French Assigned To Bury Them Get Typhus 7
08/07/1942 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) Seize Two More Towns 7
08/07/1942 British Will Form Palestine Force-Regiment Of Separate Jewish And Arab Infantry Battalions To Be Created At Once 8
08/08/1942 Gandhi Issues Call For Disobedience (Excerpts P. 3) 1
08/08/1942 Nazis Gain 80 Miles In Caucasus-Oil Field Menaced 1
08/08/1942 Indians Forbidden (By British) To Shut Up Shops-Blow At Gandhi Seen 3
08/08/1942 Palestine Force Eyed With Reserve (By Committee For A Jewish Army) 4
08/09/1942 6 Nazi Spies (Of 8 Saboteurs Landed By Submarine) Die; Clemency For Two-Executions In Capital Jail Carry Out Verdict Of Army Commission (Appointed By Roosevelt, Pictures P. 34) 1
08/09/1942 Gandhi Arrested (By British) 1
08/09/1942 (British) Submarines Bear Aid To Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) 20
08/09/1942 Two Cleared Of Bias (By President’s Committee On Fair Employment Practice Of The War Manpower [Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg] Commission) 29
08/09/1942 1942 Cotton Crop Largest Since 1937 32
08/09/1942 (Francis) Biddle Asks Teeth In Sabotage Laws 34
08/09/1942 Sketches Of Spies (Lives Of Executed German Saboteurs Landed From Submarine) Bare Nazi System 35
08/09/1942 Palestine Playing Vital Role In East (By Julian Louis Meltzer) E-4
08/09/1942 6,000,000 Alien Labor For Nazi War Machine E-5
08/09/1942 Paul Robeson (Communist) As ‘Othello’ X-1
08/10/1942 Riots Flare In India; Gandhi Mobs Fight 1
08/10/1942 Gandhi Aides Fear Fast Will Kill Him (Picture Of Indian Leaders Arrested By British) 6
08/10/1942 Jews In Palestine Endorse (British) Army Move (To Form Jewish And Arab Regiments In Army) 6
08/10/1942 U.S. Blacklist Shocks Swiss Trade Circles 24
08/11/1942 Russians Fall Back (In Caucasus) 1
08/11/1942 Indian Riots Spread 1
08/11/1942 Huge R. A. F. Bombs Blast Osnabrueck 1
08/11/1942 Germans Release 1,000 Frenchmen (Former POW Of The Germans As A Result Of The Agreement Sending French Workers To Work In German Factories) 4
08/11/1942 Navy Justifies Pay Received By Kimmel 4
08/11/1942 Ideals Of (Free) Masons Held Doom Of Axis 16
08/11/1942 (U.S.) Blacklist No Shock To Swiss Traders 27
08/12/1942 (Representative Hamilton) Fish (From Roosevelt’s District) Wins By 2 To 1; All ‘Isolationists’ Leading In State 1&11
08/12/1942 Nazis Offer Vichy One Man (French Pow) For Three (French Workers) 3
08/12/1942 800 Polish Priests Reported Killed (By Inter-Allied Information Board) 4
08/12/1942 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) Defeat German-Croat Force 4
08/12/1942 Cuban Immigration Head Quits 5
08/12/1942 Win Or Die (Actually ‘Win Or Perish’) Says (Lt. Col. Frank B. Murphy) 8
08/12/1942 (Jehovah’s Witness) Jailed As Draft Evader 11
08/12/1942 Roosevelt Gives Pledge To Jews (‘No Compromise In The Struggle Against Hate, Intolerance, And Bigotry’) 19
08/13/1942 Twelve Face Trial As Saboteur Aides-(Francis) Biddle Says Treason Indictments Will Be Sought Against Most Of This Group 6
08/13/1942 (William Dudley) Pelley Sentenced To Term Of 15 Years 6
08/13/1942 Bombay Rioting Wanes On 5th Day 8
08/13/1942 Disorders In India Reported ‘In Hand’ (By British) 9
08/13/1942 Movie: ‘The Pied Piper,’ Monty Woolley 15
08/13/1942 New Export Form To Tighten Curb On Goods To Suspected Axis Firms 27
08/14/1942 President (Roosevelt) Orders Navy To Take Over Plant In Bayonne (N. J. Text P. 10) 1
08/14/1942 Five Slain (By Police) In India In Two Outbursts 3
08/14/1942 Cotten Opposes Altruism In Peace-Retiring Colgate President Says He Hopes ‘We Will Not Be Generous’ To Enemies 14
08/15/1942 German Thrust To River West Of Stalingrad Is Admitted 1
08/15/1942 Rioting Resumed In Cities Of India-4 Killed In Madras Area-8 Wounded In Calcutta 3
08/15/1942 Negro Soldier Attack (In Beaumont, Texas) Brings (Francis) Biddle Action 6
08/15/1942 Manpower Control Ordered (By British) In Palestine (‘If The Nazis Get Palestine, It Will Not Be The Germans Who Will Kill Off The Jews, It Will Be The Arabs.’-Lord Wedgewood) 8
08/16/1942 Nazis Strike Hard For Stalingrad 1
08/16/1942 Vichy In Seizure Of Jews-Its Deporting Of 4,000 For Nazi Labor Reported By Paris Press 11
08/16/1942 Serbs (Under Mikhailovitch) Press Fight On Axis Garrisons 17
08/16/1942 Wasp Not Struck, Germans Now Say 21
08/16/1942 Aid To Russia Weighed In Light Of Nazi Gains E-4
08/16/1942 50,000 Japanese (-Americans) Relocated In West E-10
08/16/1942 In Wartime What News Shall The Nation Have (Elmer Davis & Byron Price, Interviewed By Arthur Krock) Mag. 3
08/16/1942 Mac Leish Attacks ‘The New Isolationism’ Mag. 8
08/17/1942 Russians ‘Scorch’ Oil Field In Retiring From Maikop-Wells Destroyed-Russian Oil Equipment And Stores Removed Before Retreat 1
08/17/1942 Jinnah Cautions Britain On India 3
08/17/1942 Nazis Promise Food To Lure Greek Labor 3
08/17/1942 Vichy Offers Wine To Bring In Copper 3
08/17/1942 Poles (Polish Gov’t. In Exile In London) Back Jewish State 5
08/18/1942 Terrain Raises Bastion For Iran 2
08/18/1942 Nazis To ‘Germanize’ Wide Area Of Poland-Plan To Evacuate 500,000 From Danzig-West Preussen Zone 2
08/18/1942 Emigre And Son (Michael & Lenart Katz) Seized-Swedish Police Charged Use Of Clandestine Radio (Russian Emigres) 2
08/18/1942 2 Killed, 42 Hurt In New India Riots (Against The British) 3
08/18/1942 R. A. F. Photos Show Destruction Of Mainz-135 Acres-Devastated 4
08/19/1942 (British) Commandos Raid Nazi-Held Dieppe 1
08/19/1942 Moscow Puts Faith In Might Of Allies 7
08/19/1942 Schools ‘Too Soft’ Teachers Are Told (By Lt. Col. Frederick E. Swanson, In Gary, Indiana) 14
08/19/1942 Rents Are ‘Frozen’ In 38 More Areas (By Office Of Price Administration) 32
08/20/1942 Defenders Of Stalingrad Brace For New Blows After Halting Foe-Krasnodar Lost 1
08/20/1942 2,058 (Of 16,000 U.S. Citizens In Canadian Army) Transferred To American Forces 3
08/20/1942 Cardinal Bertram (Of Breslau) Quits As Chief Of Reich Bishops 10
08/20/1942 (8,000 Jews Arrested In France And Deported To Polish Silesia) 11
08/20/1942 Lehman Stresses Social Gains Here (Democratic Keynote Address) Roosevelt Work Hailed 15
08/20/1942 Bahr Trial Bares Spy Aims Of Nazis 21
08/20/1942 (William S. Farish) Says U.S. Fared Best In I. G. Patent Pool (Before War) 22
08/21/1942 Russians Hard Pressed At Stalingrad 1
08/21/1942 Swiss Deportations For Axis Protested-Basle Paper Says Refugees Being Ousted (To Germany) Face (‘Certain’) Death 7
08/21/1942 Morgenthau Asks More Bond Buying 14
08/21/1942 (American Federation Of Teachers) Urge Aid In Adult Education (In Gary, Indiana Conference) 16
08/22/1942 President (Roosevelt) Warns Atrocities Of Axis Will Be Avenged-Those Guilty Of The ‘Barbaric Crimes’ Will Be Tried In Victimized Countries, He Says (Text, P. 4) 1&4
08/22/1942 Evacuation Of Exiles From Europe Grows-1,500 A Month By The End Of Year Is Predicted (By Emanuel Rosen, Director Of The Immigration Service Of The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-36,000 Refugee Jews To U.S. & Pan-American Countries Since The Start Of War) 3
08/23/1942 (Dean) Alfange (Greek) Is Named By A. L. P (American Labor Party) To Run For (N.Y.) Governorship 1
08/23/1942 Brazil Declares War On Axis 1
08/23/1942 Rioting Resumed In Indian Villages-Peace Formula Sought 14
08/23/1942 15 Yugoslav (Mikhailovitch-Guerrilla) Fliers Blast Axis Base 22
08/23/1942 Army Sets Goal In War Education-Will Use Schools And Colleges 23
08/23/1942 Nazis Warn Danes To Curb Sabotage-R. A. F. Linked To Suspects 25
08/23/1942 Vast Navy Activity Based On Virginia (N. African Invasion-Eight Months After Pearl Harbor!) 26
08/23/1942 Iraqi Aid Pledged To Allies (By Nuri As-Said) 28
08/23/1942 (Incendiary) Bomb For Sabotage (From Executed Saboteurs Which Landed From Submarine) Added To (U.S.) War Show 32
08/23/1942 Chief Educators Of The Country To Visit Capital D-5
08/23/1942 Pay-As-You-Go Idea (Withholding Tax) For Income Taxes F-1
08/23/1942 R. A. F. Bombs’ Havoc Is Telling On Reich (‘Bomber Harris’) E-4
08/23/1942 (Mikhailovitch) Guerrilla Blows Cheer Yugoslavs (‘Still Fights Axis’) E-4
08/23/1942 Britain And India-By Sir Stafford Cripps Mag. 3
08/24/1942 Stalingrad’s Peril Mounts-New Command South Of Caucasus Is Set Up By (Gen. Henry Maitland) Wilson To Meet Nazis 1
08/24/1942 Axis Accuses U.S. In Brazil’s Move (Declaration Of War Against Germany) 4
08/24/1942 (Senator Edwin C. Johnson, Colorado) Urges Middle East Jewish Army 6
08/25/1942 Hitler Ties Courts Close To The Party-Names (Otto Georg) ThierackJustice Minister 1
08/25/1942 Swiss Ease Rules For Refugee Entry 3
08/25/1942 Ickes Backs (Rexford) Tugwell In Puerto Rico Row 10
08/25/1942 (Archbishop) Mooney Calls War Crisis For Church 25
08/26/1942 Wlesbaden Bombed In First R. A. F. Raid 5
08/27/1942 Vichy Seizes Jews; Pope Pius Ignored (Those Who Entered France Since 1936 Will He Sent To Work In Germany) 3
08/28/1942 Americans Raid Rotterdam 1
08/28/1942 25,000 (Alien) Jews Reported Held In South France For Deportation By The Nazis To The East 4
08/29/1942 1,500 Polish Refugees Find A Haven In India (Mary Skrycka From Vilna, Via Iran To India) 2
08/29/1942 $25,000 Sent Abroad (By Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Care For Children-It Will Go To Evacuate Jews From French ‘Danger Zone’ 5
08/29/1942 Picture: The Camera (Airplane) Scans Dieppe In Preparation For Raid 7
08/29/1942 Bulgaria To Squeeze Jews 7
08/29/1942 (U.S.) Schools Become Adjuncts Of Army 13
08/29/1942 (Russian) Girl Sniper Calm Over Killing Nazis-Miss PavlechenkoThinks Only Dead Germans Are Harmless (‘The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian’) 17
08/30/1942 German Oil Needs Are Not Yet Met-Near East Supply Vital 3
08/30/1942 Action Speeded To Crush Treason (By Francis Biddle) 7
08/30/1942 Swiss Seek Way To Admit Refugees 18
08/30/1942 U.S. Reform Rabbis State Principles (Signed Manefesto)-Palestine Aid Pledged (Mentions Suffering Of Jewish People But Claims No Mass Murder Plan By Germans) 26
08/30/1942 Gandhi’s Campaign (Against British) Goes Underground 29
08/30/1942 Vichy Charges R. A. F. Killed 26 In Train 35
08/30/1942 Plan Of Partition For India Is Studied E-5
08/30/1942 Davis, F. & Lindley, E. K., How War Came, Simon & Schuster-The Road That Led Us To War; A Revealing Account Of What Went On From France’s Fall To Pearl Harbor-(Actually An Exercise In What The Roosevelt Regime Wanted The Public To Believe As To How The War Started) Book 1
08/31/1942 Teacher Shortage Of 50,000 In Sight 14
08/31/1942 Stress Total War Teachers Are Told (By Elmer Davis, Owi & Senator Thomas, Utah) 19