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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

September 1942
Date Headline Page
09/01/1942 Rommel Launches New Attack In Egypt; Stalingrad’s Lines Dented In The South, But Russians Advance On Enemy’s Flank 1
09/01/1942 Navy Will Launch Or Start 150 Vessels On Labor Day 1
09/01/1942 Scholars Confess They Are Confused-Scientists And Philosophers To Bring ‘Men Of Affairs’ To Next Columbia (University) Conference (Names Given) 1&17
09/01/1942 98 Face Nazi Doom In Turmoil Of Europe; Execution Of 54 Poles And 11 Czechs Noted (London Report) 4
09/01/1942 U.S. Factor Big In Fourth Year (Of War)-Foe On Wane, (Polish General, President) Sikorski Says 4
09/01/1942 I. R. A. Threat Seen To American (Military) Units (In Ulster) 6
09/01/1942 Winter Aid Plea Issued By Hitler (To Help Their Soldiers On The Russian Front) 9
09/01/1942 Red Cross Aid Reaches 20,000,000-Help To Russia Growing 9
09/01/1942 Hitler As Screen Villain (Max Factor, Hollywood Make-Up Specialist) 22
09/02/1942 British Check Rommel’s Thrust-Nazis Gain On Stalingrad Flank 1
09/02/1942 Belfast Is Barred To A. E. F. In Tension 4
09/02/1942 Ship Losses Fall; More U-Boats Sunk 5
09/02/1942 More Jews (‘Foreign’ Or Non-French Jews) Arrested In South Of France 5
09/02/1942 Orthodox Hindus Warn Britain They Will Fight For Freedom 5
09/02/1942 Food Cuts Deepen Germans’ Gloom 8
09/02/1942 (Anthony) Eden Praises Norway And Poland For Faith; Sees Example For All Freedom-Loving People 9
09/02/1942 (U.S.) Army Absorbs (Confiscates) Town (Pointbille, N. J.) Adjoining Fort Dix 9
09/02/1942 (Rear Admiral C. H. Woodward) Says All Have Part In Outcome Of War 12
09/02/1942 President (Roosevelt) Upheld (By Federal Court) On (Japanese) Alien Round-Up (On West Coast) 18
09/02/1942 Jews In America Aid 3,000,000 Overseas 20
09/02/1942 Baron (Alphonse) Rothschild Dies (64) In Bar Harbor (Left Austria In 1940) 23
09/02/1942 3 Nazi Spies Get Terms Of 15 Years-Get No Sympathy From Court Crimes Committed Before The War 25
09/02/1942 Believe Industry Can Fill Wool Bids (35,000,000 Woolen And Worsted Fabrics) 30
09/02/1942 Post-War Fascism Feared By (Dean) Alfange (Candidate) 42
09/03/1942 Bahr Gets 30 Years As Court Asks Spy To Implicate Aides 1
09/03/1942 Stalingrad Line Again Pierced (By Germans); British Hold Desert Defenses 1
09/03/1942 500,000 (U.S. Soldiers) Overseas (John J.) Mc Cloy Reports 1
09/03/1942 Nazis Threaten To Shackle Britons As Reply (Retaliation) To Alleged (British) Dieppe Order (Germans Shackled) 1
09/03/1942 Paris Chides Roosevelt-Broadcast (Asserts His Counsel ‘Led France To Decadence, To War, And To Defeat.’) 3
09/03/1942 Goebbels Pleads For Deeper Hate (Of Allies) 4
09/03/1942 50,000 Jews Dying (‘Like Flies’) In Nazi Fortress (Theresien-Stadt)-French Aid Fleeing (Non-French) Jews-Bishop (Allege, Toulouse) Defends (Non-French) Jews (No Mention Of Mass Murder) 5
09/03/1942 3 British Womens’ Units Cleared Of Drunkenness And Immorality 5
09/03/1942 Premier Warns Danes Against Sabotage-Buhl Stresses Nazi Punishment Would Be Death 6
09/03/1942 U.S. Officer’s Car Stoned In Belfast-Our Men Get Nazi Salute 8
09/03/1942 War Preparation Is Aim Of Schools (Says Dr. John E. Wade, Superintendent Of N.Y. C. Schools) 17
09/04/1942 President (Roosevelt) Warns Youth To Choose Death Or Freedom (Text, P. 4) 1
09/04/1942 British (R. A. F.) Bombers Sear Karlsruhe; Sinclair Urges Sabotage In Reich 1
09/04/1942 Students Debate On ‘Better World’ 4
09/04/1942 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Talk Thrills Children-All Eager To Aid In War 4
09/04/1942 Nazi U-Boat Losses Now At War Peak 7
09/04/1942 Fiery (Anti-British) Pamphlets Are Issued In India 12
09/04/1942 Wavell Urges India To Rely On Her Army (To Suppress Unrest) 12
09/04/1942 (Martin) Dies Asks Rejection Of (Francis) Biddle (Unfavorable) Report (Of The FBI’s Investigation Of Communists In The U.S. Government) 14
09/04/1942 2 (U.S. Army Officers) Lose Their Posts For Army Air Hoax-Relieved Of Commands For Photos Purporting To Show 5 Th Column Markers 25
09/05/1942 Russians Check Stalingrad Drive; Rommel Again Retires In Africa; Budapest Bombed (By Allies) For First Time 1
09/05/1942 War Plants Need 5,000,000 Women 1
09/05/1942 U.S. Tank Men Fight (As Part Of British Army in Egypt) 1
09/05/1942 U.S. (State Department) Rebukes Vichy On Deporting (Of Non-French, Refugee) Jews 3
09/05/1942 Picture: A Russian Train And American Tank Fall Victims To Nazis (In East Karelia) 3
09/05/1942 Group (Dr. Judah L. Magnes, Resident Of Palestine) Advocates Jewish-Arab State But American Zionist Officer (Col. Morris J. Mendelsohn) Attacks Move As ‘Propaganda’ And Its Leader As ‘Quisling’ 3
09/05/1942 Deportation Of Jews New Goal In Reich-Few Left Held Indispensable To War Industry, Swiss Report (However, This Is A Swedish Report!) 3
09/05/1942 A. E. F. Jews (In Northern Ireland) To Worship In Presbyterian Edifice 3
09/05/1942 Polish ‘Black Book’ (615 Pages, G. P. Putnam’s Sons) List Nazi Crimes’ 4
09/05/1942 Nazis Kill Bishop (Matej Palik), 3 Aides In Prague (Alleged To Have Hidden Heydrich’s Czech Assassins In British Pay) 4
09/05/1942 (Nelson) Rockefeller List U.S. Funds For War 6
09/05/1942 (Waste) Fats Quota Is Set At ½ Billion Lb. (Per Year) 8
09/05/1942 Problem In Britain Over Women (In Armed Forces) Seen 8
09/06/1942 Morgenthau Demands Tax On Spending To Stop ‘Boom’ 1
09/06/1942 President (Roosevelt) Praises Labor, Warning Of War Sacrifices 1
09/06/1942 New Leaders Seen Rising In Russia (By Dr. Solomon M. Schwartz) 3
09/06/1942 Mediation By U.S. Sought By Indians (Dismayed By Hull’s July 23, 1942 Speech) 5
09/06/1942 India Leader Here On The Flying Ace-He Represents 80,000,000 6
09/06/1942 65,000 Shops Closed In Reich During War (Because Of Manpower Shortage) 10
09/06/1942 U.S. Tankmen Tell Of (Egyptian) Desert Victory 12
09/06/1942 Mrs. (Henry. A.) Wallace Sees 700 Waacs March 13
09/06/1942 Anti-Jewish Move (Deportation Of Non-French Jews) Is Harming Laval 14
09/06/1942 More Slaves In Norway 14
09/06/1942 Better Schools Foreseen (By Dr. W. W. Charters, Ohio State) As A Direct Result Of The War D-5
09/06/1942 Educator (Dr. Finlay Foster, English Literature, Western Reserve University) Urges History Study D-6
09/06/1942 Princeton Does Wide War Work D-6
09/06/1942 Post-War Plans As College Aim (Paul M. Limbert, Professor Of Education, Springfield College) D-7
09/06/1942 Foreign Traders To Hear (Sumner) Welles-To Study War Problems F-7
09/06/1942 British Are Determined To Crush Rommel Nowe 3
09/06/1942 U-Boat Toll Ebbs As Building Spurts E-5
09/06/1942 The Black Book Of Poland 615 Pp., G. P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y., ‘The Restoration Of Slavery, How Hitler’s New Order Systematically Degrades The People Of Poland’ ‘Father, Do Not Forgive Them For They Know What They Do.’ Book 1
09/06/1942 Soldiers Read (In Red Cross Libraries) To Understand The War Book 2
09/06/1942 Reves, Emery, A Democratic Manefesto, Random House, N.Y., ‘A Long, Hard Look At The Promised Post-War Utopia’ Book 4
09/07/1942 Picture: Mass Execution Of Soviet Citizens By The Nazis (Russian Source ‘This Picture Was Found On A German Soldier, Kurt Seidler, Who Was Killed On The North-Western Front.’ This Was A Very Poor, Unclear Picture, Typical Of Many More To Come) 3
09/07/1942 300 Sick Serbs Shot By Nazis In Norway-Were Killed To Halt Typhus 3
09/07/1942 New Threat Made To Nazis’ Victims-Persons In Seized (Occupied) Areas Must Help Or Be ‘Eliminated’ (Swedish Report Allegedly Quoting Rosenberg) 6
09/07/1942 (King Peter, Yugoslavia Asks Yugoslavs To ‘Follow General Draja Mikhailovitch,’) 6
09/07/1942 (James M.) Landis Denounces Too Much Complacency; We Have To Be Tough To Win War, He Adds 7
09/07/1942 (C.I.O.) Fight Munitions Lay-Off-Ask Wpb To Restore 3,000 Jobs 7
09/07/1942 Picture: Molotoff’s Niece (Former Esther Mary Carp) Wed Here (To Leon Seligman) 12
09/07/1942 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Envisions ‘Truly New World’-’Age Of Europe’ Is Ending, While ‘Age Of Americas’ Is Here-Sees Center Coming Here 21
09/07/1942 War Of Annihilation Is Seen (By Forrestal) In Pacific 21
09/08/1942 President (Roosevelt) To Congress: Curb Prices Or I Will (Text, P. 14) 1
09/08/1942 Leningrad Is Held Second Nazi Goal-If Stalingrad Falls, Germans Will Strike Next In North 2
09/08/1942 Stalingrad’s Plants Rush Tanks To Field, Foe Says-Says Russians Lost 108 Tanks In Futile Attacks At Stalingrad 2
09/08/1942 Picture: S. Pinkney Tuck, U.S. Charge D’affairs, Vichy 8
09/08/1942 Our Plane Losses 1 To 5 Says (Lt. Gen. George H.) Britt 13
09/08/1942 (Rev. Robert I.) Gannon (Fordham University, Close Associate Of Spellman) Disavows Isolationist View 19
09/09/1942 White House Says (U.N. Military) Decisions Were Made At London Talks 1
09/09/1942 U.S. Rejects Vichy Raid Protest; Warns Laval Of More Bombings 1
09/09/1942 French Rift Grows On Deporting (Non-French, Refugee) Jews 9
09/09/1942 Nazis Charge Sweden Helps Communists 11
09/09/1942 Enemy Interests In Ehret’s (Brewery Interests) Seized (By Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian) 13
09/09/1942 13 Of German Origin Lose U.S. Citizenship 13
09/09/1942 (Herbert) Lehman Outlines (Labor’s) Post-War Status 19
09/09/1942 (Donald M.) Nelson Sanctions Jewish Holidays (On War Jobs) 19
09/10/1942 Nazi Dieppe (Raid By British Forces) Film Finds Lisbon Cool 8
09/10/1942 (Averell) Harriman’s Appeal For Quick Aid To Our Russian Allies 10
09/10/1942 Britain’s War Cost Is L12,250,000 Daily 13
09/10/1942 905 Barred Zones (For Civilians, Etc.) Are Set Up By (U.S.) Army 15
09/11/1942 British Attack Madagascar 1
09/11/1942 Churchill Bars India Compromise, Stands By Offer-Calls Gandhi Move ‘Revolutionary,’ Perhaps Intended To Aid Japan (Text, P. 8) 1
09/11/1942 (U.S. Is Fighting ‘Soft War’ Claire (Boothe) Luce Tells Republicans 1
09/11/1942 1,000 Nazi Soldiers Jailed In Norway (Mutiny & Desertion Implied) 2
09/11/1942 Nazis Again Assail Press Of Sweden-’Unneutral’ Charge Made 3
09/11/1942 Picture: Devastation At Mainz By R. A. F 3
09/11/1942 U.S. Soldier Killed 20 Nazis At Dieppe 3
09/11/1942 France Troubled By Ouster Of (Non-French, Refugee) Jews-Pleas To Petain Futile 4
09/11/1942 Picture: R. A. F. Devastation In France 5
09/11/1942 Mexico’s Defense Geared To U.S. Aid 5
09/11/1942 Dominigan (Republic) Haven (For 500 European Refugees At Sosua) Praised As Model (Need Room For 100,000 More) 5
09/11/1942 Yugoslavs Describe Nazis’ Abuse Of Serbs (Mikhailovitch’s Chetniks A Report By ‘An Unnamed Serb Who Escaped From A German Prison Camp And Whose Present Whereabouts Were Not Disclosed.’) 6
09/11/1942 War On Judaism By Nazis Related-7,000,000 Jews Under German Rule To Be Denied Religious Rites On Rosh Ha-Shanah-Record Is Documented-New Year Message In Britain (Mass Murder Of Jews Not Mentioned) 13
09/11/1942 Our Steel Output Exceeds All Axis 22
09/12/1942 Duesseldorf Is Battered By R. A. F 1
09/12/1942 Hold Or Die Stand-Red Army, Back To Volga, Is Ordered To Battle (German) Foe To Finish 1
09/12/1942 Ousting Of (Non-French, Refugee) Jews Charged By Vichy 2
09/12/1942 Yugoslav Raiders (Under Mikhailovitch) Harry Wide Areas 2
09/12/1942 (Sir Stafford) Cripps Says Gandhi Barred Solution-Final India Data Issued By Grady 4
09/12/1942 Roosevelt Is Urged As Leader Of Allies (By William Duncan Herridge) 6
09/12/1942 Hull Greets The Jews 11
09/12/1942 Shofar Call Keyed To Faith In Victory (Stephen S. Wise Speaks Of ‘Nazi Barbarity To The Jews,’ End Of Anti-Semitism In The U.S.A., A Jewish Battalion In Palestine, But Not A Word About The Mass Murder Of Jews) 11
09/13/1942 Churchill’s View Disputed In Delhi (India) 1
09/13/1942 R. A. F’s. Hurricanes On New Job (Wrecking Trains Running At Night) 3
09/13/1942 (U.N.) Guerrillas (Of Four Nations) Unite In Sabotage Push (Against Germans Throughout Eastern Europe) 5
09/13/1942 Mikhailovitch Presses Attack 5
09/13/1942 Canada’s War Peak Timed For Spring 9
09/13/1942 (Russian) Letter Says Nazis Hanged 45 (Russian) Women (Moscow Report) 13
09/13/1942 Secret German Radio Asks Workers’ Revolt (Cbs Report) 16
09/13/1942 (Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian) Seizes Alien (Real Estate) Property 30
09/13/1942 Dr. H. W. Odum (President, Commission On Inter-Racial Cooperation) Declares Racial Appeal Lacks Old Power (In Southern Politics-Cites Arnall Victory Over Talmadge In Georgia Gubernatorial Election) 36
09/13/1942 Cathedral Scrap Donated For War (By Bishop William T. Manning) 36
09/13/1942 Pershing, 82 Today Looks To Victory-Greeted By Army Chiefs 38
09/13/1942 U.S. History Urged As ‘Must’ Subject-Understanding Of Birth And Growth Of The Country Are Held Vital To Victory 51
09/13/1942 New Year Sermons (Rosh Ha-Shanah) Stress Jews’ Role (Rabbis David De Sola Pool, Stephen S. Wise, Et Al. Accuse Hitler Of Tyranny And Attempt To Enslave Jews But No Mention Of Mass Murder) 52
09/13/1942 War Will Rule All Class Work In City Schools-Million Pupils Here Face New Curricula Geared To The Emergency (And Propaganda?) D-5
09/13/1942 Sees War Aiding Adult Education D-6
09/13/1942 President’s (Roosevelt’s) War Power Is Vast And Unshackled (By Arthur Krock) E-3
09/13/1942 Russians See Stalingrad As Key To The War (Map Showing Supply Lines Through Caspian Sea & Iran-But Murmansk Supply Route Also Involved!) E-3
09/13/1942 Vital Targets (Cities) In The Two-Front Attack On Hitler’s Reich (Dresden Not Listed) E-4
09/14/1942 Nicaragua (President Anastasio Somoza) Holds 13 In Axis Revolt Plot 1
09/14/1942 Forced Labor Law At Vichy Opens Way To Supply Nazis (Men, 18-50; Women, 20-35) 1
09/14/1942 Macedonians Join Balkan Revolt (With Mikhailovitch) 1
09/14/1942 U.S. Troops In Egypt (With British Forces) Hailed By Roosevelt 3
09/14/1942 Big (North Atlantic) Convoy Battle Reported By Nazis Pictures: An R. A. F. Daylight Attack Over Occupied France 4
09/14/1942 Picture: Prayer And Laughter (Bernard L. Montgomery) On The Egyptian Battlefield 6
09/15/1942 Federal Workers Put On Draft Basis Under Orders Of Manpower Board M’nutt Rules Jobs-Roosevelt Gives Him The Power To Shift Any Of 2,300,000 Employees-Without Their Consent 1
09/15/1942 President Warns Our Production ‘Is Only Little Past Half-Way Mark’-Lend-Lease Exports Now 3½ Billions 1
09/15/1942 Text Of The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Sixth Report On Lend-Lease Operations 4
09/15/1942 German Radio Says U.S. Troops Are On Persian Gulf Island (Bahrein) 7
09/15/1942 5 U.S. Fliers (Tokyo Raiders) Interned In Russia Want Mail-(U.S. Ambassador) Standley Sees Them 8
09/15/1942 Argentina Bans Nazi Federation (Cultural Group) 11
09/15/1942 (Lt. Col. Frank D.) Murphy Denounces Indifference To War 16
09/16/1942 Hull Warns Vichy On Labor Draft; Condemns Deportation Of (Non-French, Refugee) Jews (To Germany Where The ‘Nazis’ Intend To ‘Enslave, Maltreat, And Eventually Exterminate Them’) 1&11
09/16/1942 Esthonians Form A Hitler (Volunteer Waffen Ss) Corps 3
09/16/1942 Wide ‘Conspiracy’ Pictured In India (By Sir Reginald Maxwell) 9
09/16/1942 British (War) Relief Unit In Boston Is Bombed 16
09/16/1942 Boom Is Forecast In Post-War Period (By James L. Wick) 34
09/16/1942 Rise Of 17 Billion Seen In U.S. Income 35
09/17/1942 Nazis Fight In Outskirts Of Stalingrad 1
09/17/1942 Madagascar Asks For Armistice; British Propose Terms To French 1
09/17/1942 Nazis In Caucasus Seek Manganese 2
09/17/1942 War Spending Tops 5 Billion In August 3
09/17/1942 (Free) Masons’ War Fund ($250,000) Half Way In 4
09/17/1942 R. A. F. Eagles (Americans Serving In R. A. F.) Put In U.S. Airforces 5
09/17/1942 Croat Terrorists Defy Axis Pursuit (Mikhailovitch Getting Arms From Russia By Plane-Swiss Report) 7
09/17/1942 U.S. Radios’ Facts Win World Trust 8
09/17/1942 (Senator Styles) Bridges (New Hampshire) Opposes U.S. As Policeman-Says Theory That We Must Supervise World After War Is Dangerous-Holds Goal Is Liberation-Dr. Spahr Of N.Y. U. Criticizes ‘Four Freedoms’ Concept 9
09/17/1942 Aid To Russia-Now Is Urged By (Ex-French Minister Of Aviation) Cot-Reds Fighting For Democracy 10
09/17/1942 FBI In 75 Raids, Seizes Enemy Aliens 15
09/17/1942 (Associate Justice, Lt. Col. Frank) Murphy Ends Army Duty 16
09/17/1942 Communists Win Place On (N.Y.) Ballot 46
09/18/1942 Manpower Post For Mrs. (Anna M.) Rosenberg (Picture) 1
09/18/1942 Nazis Halted Within Stalingrad-Battle In Streets 1
09/18/1942 Wiesbaden (R. A. F.) Target 1
09/18/1942 Laval Interns A Catholic Leader In Wake Of Church Plea For Jews 1&9
09/18/1942 Goebbels Cautions Nazis On Optimism 3
09/18/1942 Hull Places Origin Of War At Mukden (Sept 18, 1931) 4
09/18/1942 Madagascar Bars Britain’s Terms (For Armistice) 8
09/18/1942 New Terror Begun By Nazis In Europe (Execution, Arrests-Retaliation For Sabotage) 9
09/18/1942 U.S. (Gov’t.) War Powers Called Temporary (By Representative James W. Wadsworth) 19
09/19/1942 Congress Giving Roosevelt Power To Curb Inflation (See Sept. 8, 1942, P. 1) 1
09/19/1942 German Killings In France Follow Attacks On Troops 1
09/19/1942 116 Are Executed In Paris By Nazis (For Attacks On German Soldiers) 1
09/19/1942 Canada Lost 67% Of Force At Dieppe (In ‘British’ Commando Raid) 1
09/19/1942 Hull Sternly Jogs Japan On Captives-Stresses We Obey Rules New 4-Ton Bombs Dropped On Reich (By R. A. F.) 5
09/19/1942 Axis Warns Chile U.S. Has Designs (On It) 6
09/19/1942 3 Yiddish Shows To Open Monday 9
09/19/1942 Danielle Darrieux Is Wed To Diplomat (Porfirio Rubirosa) 11
09/19/1942 War Mood Marks Day Of Atonement (Yom Kippur) 13
09/20/1942 Fighting Speeches (By U.S. Cabinet Secretaries) Cheered By (American) Legion 1
09/20/1942 Pope Has Long Talk With (Myron C.) Taylor; Move To Aid (Non-French, Refugee) Jews In France Seen 1
09/20/1942 Yugoslav Attacks Find Foe Off Guard-Patriots (Mikhailovitch) Press Attacks British Bombers Drop Arms On Increasing Scale Red Bands Still Resist Mikhailovitch) 17
09/20/1942 German (August Luning) Sentenced To Die In Cuba As Spy For Berlin 19
09/20/1942 Faith And Courage, Yom Kippur Theme (In Synagogues)-Bravery Under Persecutions And Hope For Future Urged-Rabbi Goldstein Hails Father Schaillet For Opposing The Deportation Of (Non-French) Jews (In France-No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews) 26
09/20/1942 (Representative, N.Y., Vito) Marcantonio To Aid Reds (Communists) 30
09/20/1942 (Maj. Gen. Walter C. Short) Goes From Army Post To Help Ford Plant (Picture) 31
09/20/1942 Influence Of War Marks Opening Of All Colleges D-5
09/20/1942 Teachers’ Ideas On History Are Outlined By Dr. Knoles (Stamford University) D-5
09/20/1942 N.Y. U. Revise Whole (Educational) Program D-6
09/20/1942 Bryn Mawr Effort To Center On War D-6
09/20/1942 Stakes In The Battle Of Stalingrad (Map: Trans-Iranian Rail-Road & Trans-Indian Supply Routes To Russia) E-1
09/20/1942 Cartoon: Laval Auctioning Off Enslaved French Labor E-5
09/20/1942 Map: German-Soviet Front & Soviet ‘Industrial Triangle’ In The Urals E-5
09/20/1942 Letter: Freedom For India-Anuf Singh E-9
09/20/1942 Fried, Hans Ernest, The Guilt Of The German Army, Macmillan Co., N.Y. ‘The Career Soldiers Of Germany’ Book 4
09/20/1942 British Commandos Book 11
09/21/1942 Stalingrad’s Armies Hurl Nazis Back 1
09/21/1942 R. A. F. Flies 1,200 Miles To Raid Munich 1
09/21/1942 British Dispute A Nazi Claim To Sinking Of 38 (U.N.) Convoy Ships (On Way To Murmansk-To Supply Russia) 1
09/21/1942 (Lord) Halifax Says War Tests Christianity-Its Survival Is Real Issue 1
09/21/1942 Disease Index Up In Reich 4
09/21/1942 (Ilya) Ehrenburg (Russian ‘Black’ Propagandist) Hails French 7
09/21/1942 Members Of (Jehovah’s Witnesses) Sect Beaten In 2 Cities (Little Rock, Ark. & Klamath Falls, Ore.) 16
09/22/1942 (Donald M.) Nelson Demands Tougher Civilians In (American) Legion Address Stern Justice To Axis Is Urged (Text, P. 10) 1
09/22/1942 207,373 Executed By Nazis In Europe (Report Of Inter-Allied Information Committee Of Governments In Exile-Total Of 200,000 Of The Foregoing Were Poles) 1&5
09/22/1942 Map: Stalingrad Sector 1
09/22/1942 Swedes Show Contempt For Nazis By Ousting All In County Councils 1
09/22/1942 Pictures: Japanese Evacuees From West Coast At The New Home Provided By Uncle Sam-(From Their Outside Appearances, These Buildings Appear To Be Tar Paper Shacks Not Too Unlike Those I Saw At Majdanek And Birkenau!) 3
09/22/1942 (Sugar Beet) Growers Get Labor Of 15,000 Japanese (Evacuees)3 Pinkney Tuck Renews Parleys With Laval 7
09/22/1942 Negro Boys Honor Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-For Her Racial Work 19
09/22/1942 (Robert E. Sherwood) Says Axis On Radio Can’t Stand Truth 19
09/22/1942 (FBI) Seize 84 Negroes In Sedition Raids 22
09/22/1942 (Gustav Stolper, German Refugee Economist) Says U.S. Will Set Post-War Economy 29
09/23/1942 Germans Execute 70 At Bordeaux (Reprisal For Attacks On Germans) 1
09/23/1942 R. A. F. Men Dodge Chimneys To Hit French Power Plant 1
09/23/1942 More U.S. Arms Sought By Mexico 5
09/23/1942 Apathy Laid To U.S. In India’s Struggle (With England For Independence) 6
09/23/1942 (Bolivian Chamber Of Deputies) Would Exclude Jews (From Future Immigration To Bolivia) 6
09/23/1942 World Security Asked-Churches Want Isolation Ended, Methodist Meeting Is Told (By Dr. Walter Van Kirk, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 6
09/23/1942 Nazis Held Massing On Murmansk Front-Finns Expect A Big Drive There After The Fall Of Stalingrad 8
09/23/1942 Soviet Canals Aid Vast Reclamation-Uzbekistan Harvest Trebled Enabling Feeding Of Many Evacuated From West 8
09/23/1942 Battles In Yugoslavia (By Mikhailovitch) 10
09/23/1942 Dutch Ask Germans Not To Deport Jews 10
09/23/1942 Backing For Allies (U.N.) Urged By (Gen. Rafael L.) Trujillo (Of Dominican Republic) 11
09/23/1942 (FBI).Find No (Negro) ‘Eleanor Clubs’ 13
09/23/1942 Women Of Japan Called Fanatical (By Joseph C. Grew, For Supporting Their Soldier Husbands) 16
09/23/1942 Mrs. Stephan (Recently Convicted In Spy Case) Now Alien 19
09/23/1942 Picture: Anna Seghers (Vita) (Das Siebente Kreutz) 23
09/23/1942 U.S. Has Arrested 6,800 Aliens In War 27
09/23/1942 Key Woman Seized In (Negro) Sedition Cults 27
09/23/1942 Presidential Curb Of Exports Upheld 46
09/24/1942 Most Of Attacked (U.N.) Convoy Reached Russia, Say British 1
09/24/1942 (U.S. Cemetery Plots Expected To Give Large Scrap Yield 1
09/24/1942 Goebbels Says Foe Plans Enslavement (Of Conquered Germans)-Nazi Says Germany Has No Such ‘Horrible’ Program 3
09/24/1942 Vichy Orders Death (Or Life Imprisonment) For (Possession Of) Radio Senders 3
09/24/1942 Columbia (University) Pledged To Service Of War (By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler) 5
09/24/1942 Nazis In Holland Find Sabotage Rise 5
09/24/1942 Russians Say Nazis Alter Nordic Myth-German Kin Peoples Now Relegated To An Inferior Status Tass Reports 7
09/24/1942 Private Charities Held Need In War (By Women’s Division Of Jewish Federations) 12
09/24/1942 American Women (Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Thompson, Et Al.) Broadcast Greetings To Polish Women 12
09/25/1942 We’re Losing War, Bard Warns Here, Calling On U.S. To Awake 1
09/25/1942 Flensburg Raided 1
09/25/1942 (Martin) Dies Names 19 In The (U.S.) Government As Members Of Communist Group 1
09/25/1942 Nazis Hint At Attack On Caspian Red Fleet (Part Of Trans-Iranian Supply Rout From U.S. Germans To Transport Boats Overland To Caspian) 3
09/25/1942 Right To Tricolor Given Madagascar (By British)-BritishHonor French Flag 4
09/25/1942 Excesses Charged To Police In India 4
09/25/1942 Paris Seizes 4,000 Jews (Of Rumanian Origin-Dr. Sigismund Bendel?)-Sent To Drancy Internment Camp 5
09/25/1942 Vichy Bars Coercion In Reich Labor Plan-Says Workers Will Be Asked To Go To Germany, Not Forged 6
09/25/1942 U.S. Troops In Britain Praised For Morals 6
09/25/1942 ‘We Are Over The Hump’ (Henry A.) Wallace Declares-Nazis Soon Will See Cause Is Lost, He Says, Praising Soviets 9
09/25/1942 Democrats Urged (By S. E. Pettingill) To Fight New Deal-Warns Congress Is Becoming ‘Reichstag’ 15
09/25/1942 War Jobs Await 5,000,000 Women-Work Bias Condemned 16
09/25/1942 Roosevelt (‘Atlantic Charter’) Speech (Manuscript] Is Given To (N.Y. Public) Library 17
09/25/1942 Roosevelt Warns Colleges Of Task-1,350 Educators, Guests Come From 34 States 18
09/26/1942 British Bomb Oslo (Norway) As Quisling Talks 1
09/26/1942 Nazis Plans Held Disrupted By Soviet Stalingrad Stand 1
09/26/1942 Pictures: Destruction At Duesseldorf After R. A. F. Raid 3
09/26/1942 Pictures: Karlsruhe Devastation (8,000 Lb. Bombs) 3&5
09/26/1942 Airplane Guns Used Against Indian Mobs (By R. A. F.) 3
09/26/1942 U.S. And Brazil Sign $14,000,000 Accord 3
09/26/1942 Willkie Watches Battle In Rzhev-General BradleyFinds Them (Captured Germans) ‘A Poor Lot, Thin, Ill-Fed,’ Clothed In Cotton 4
09/26/1942 Revolt In Croatia Reported Growing (British Report) 5
09/26/1942 Map: Supply Routes To China & Russia Via India & Iran 6
09/26/1942 (Elmer) Davis Order Cuts 523 Publications 17
09/27/1942 More Aid To Soviet Vital Says Willkie 1
09/27/1942 Seething Oslo (Norway) Faces Drastic Curbs As R. A. F., Patriots Spread Havoc 1
09/27/1942 Convoy To (Murmansk) Russia Biggest, Eden Says 6
09/27/1942 Railway Sabotage Urged By Britain 10
09/27/1942 Goebbels’ Tactics Hint At Nazi Woes 13
09/27/1942 U.S. Troops Visit Palestine Farms 21
09/27/1942 Roosevelt Picked 184 Federal Judges (About Two-Thirds Of Total Number) Only 110 Nominees Of Other Presidents Still Remain In The United States Courts 37
09/27/1942 Leaders Are Listed By (Women’s Volunteer) Jewish Charities 47
09/27/1942 History Studies In High School Under Attack (By Prof. Samuel Mc Kee, Jr., Columbia University) D-5
09/27/1942 Nations’ Classes Center On War D-5
09/27/1942 Bucknell Revises Whole Curriculum D-5
09/27/1942 Planning For Post-War Education Needs Held Necessary To Assure Real Peace (University Of Illinois Meeting) D-5
09/27/1942 Girls Prepared For Peace Era D-6
09/27/1942 Dr. Wright Asks (For) More Guidance (By Colleges) D-6
09/27/1942 Stalingrad Holds-Russia’s ‘Verdun’ On The Volga(Map) E-1
09/27/1942 Map: The Russian Front E-4
09/27/1942 Seghers, Anna, The Seventh Cross (Das Siebente Kreutz-Trans-Lated By James A. Galston), Little Brown And Co., Boston-’This Novel’s Greatest Horror Is The Horror That Is True.’-By Louis Kronenberger (Made Into War Propaganda Movie) Book 1
09/27/1942 Gray, Wood, The Hidden Civil War: The Story Of The Copperheads, The Viking Press, N.Y Book 5
09/27/1942 Butler, Nicholas Murray, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Charles Scribner’s Sons, N.Y Book 26
09/27/1942 The One And Only Mikhailovitch-By Ray Brack Mag. 7
09/27/1942 Backdrop Of The Struggle In India Mag. 11
09/28/1942 Americans Seized In Nazi (Vichy) France; Some Are Put In Zoo In Monkey House 1
09/28/1942 (U.S.) Negro Troops Praised (By British) 3
09/28/1942 Advertisement, Full Page: India, The Time For Mediation Is Now (List Of Pro-Indian Supporters) 9
09/29/1942 Pictures: U.S. Bombing Attack On Rouen 3
09/29/1942 Map: Stalingrad Sector 4
09/29/1942 (Judge) Orders Mrs. (Elizabeth) Dilling To Washington Trial-Chicago Judge, However, Expresses Doubt As To Her Guilt (As Charged-Held To The End Of The War And Released) 4
09/29/1942 Vichy Hushes News Of U.S. Food Relief (Shipped On ‘Mount Everest’ To Marseille, Sept. 16) 6
09/29/1942 Fighting French Link War Cause To Russia (Treaty With Germany) 7
09/29/1942 Detroit Is United (Justice, Lt. Col. Frank) Murphy Declares 13
09/29/1942 Women Go Forth On Salvage Drive-For House-To-House Job 20
09/29/1942 (Dr. George B.) Stoddard Demands Teaching Tolerance 24
09/29/1942 More Prison Goods Urged For War Aid 25
09/29/1942 Birth Jump Puts U.S. At 134,000,000 (U.S. Census Bureau) 25
09/29/1942 ‘Wickedness’ Asked In Views On Enemy (‘Wickedness’ Is Necessary To Properly Think Of Enemy) 44
09/29/1942 Bennett Opposes ‘Mere Armistice’ 44
09/30/1942 Hitler Speech Today To Aid (German Winter) Relief Drive 1
09/30/1942 20 British Boys Die In School Bombing (By Germans) 2
09/30/1942 1,400 U.S. Citizens Seized In France (Sent To Internment At Compiegne & Vittel) Hull Finds No Grounds (For Action) 4
09/30/1942 O. W. I. Lists (Admiral William D.) Leahy In Top Staff Role (Above Marshall, King, And Arnold) 8
09/30/1942 American Eagles (Americans Serving With R. A. F. Before Pearl Harbor-Now) In U.S. Air Forces 9
09/30/1942 Map: The Long Battle Front In Russia 10
09/30/1942 (Samuel Dickstein, [N.Y.] Bill) To Ease Citizenship (Attainment) For Aliens In (U.S.) Army-70,000 Have Been Drafted 12
09/30/1942 (Dr. Reinhold Schairer, Exiled German Educator) Urges Axis Defeat To Save Decencies 23
09/30/1942 D. A. R. Now Invites (Negress) Marian Anderson 25