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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

October 1942
Date Headline Page
10/01/1942 Hitler Says Aim Is To Hold Gains; Promises Stalingrad Will Be Held (Map)-Roosevelt Is Denounced (Text, P. 8) 1
10/01/1942 Churchill Says Raid On Dieppe Cost Allied Forces Losses Of Nearly 50% 1
10/01/1942 Picture: Ceremony Marking Start Of United Yugoslav (Picture Of Draja Mikhailovitch) Relief Drive-Yugoslav Relief Seeks $2,000,000 For Prisoners, Children, Refugees 5
10/01/1942 Goebbels Tells Nazis Of Our (America’s) Complete Hatred 9
10/01/1942 Recognition Is Asked (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) For Jewish War Role 9
10/01/1942 (Felix) Frankfurter Sees Economy Reformed-Links War To Education 25
10/02/1942 Hans Marseille, Nazi Ace (158 Victories) Is Killed In North Africa 2
10/02/1942 U.S. (Negro) Soldier Killed (Stabbed) In Brawl In Ireland 3
10/02/1942 Hull Sees Hitler Warning Germans (Of Impending Greater Hardships) 6
10/02/1942 Jail For Jehovah (Witnesses) Men 9
10/03/1942 President (Roosevelt) To Fix Wages, Farm Prices Today 1
10/03/1942 Vichy Will Force Men To Go To Reich 1
10/03/1942 (Rudolf) Hess Sought Pact (With British), Nazi Source (Stockholm Paper) Avers 3
10/03/1942 Picture: British Occupy Madagascar To Eliminate Axis Threat To Allied Supply Lines 5
10/03/1942 Letter: Fascist Outrages Revealed (In Italy By Count ‘Sforza’) 14
10/04/1942 Roosevelt Freezes Wages, Rents, Farm Prices-New Era Ordered (Text Of Order, P. 45) 1
10/04/1942 Nazis Say Ukraine Is Providing Food 9
10/04/1942 Big R. A. F. Bombers Hammer Krefeld 12
10/04/1942 (Leo T. Crowley) To Run Aliens’ War Plants 12
10/04/1942 Canada War View Sobered By (50%Loss At) Dieppe (Mostly Canadian Troops!) 19
10/04/1942 172 Aliens Held In Cuba (In Concentration Camps) 24
10/04/1942 (Sumner) Welles Indicates Levant’s Big Role (Praises Turkey) 31
10/04/1942 Rabbi Louis I. Newman Says (In Synagogue) We Must Strive To Make Reichsfuehrer Anxious (Accuses Germans Of Bestiality But Makes No Mention Of Jews Being Mass Murdered) 40
10/04/1942 Map Of Eurasia Showing Freeze Lines At Each Month & Allied Supply Lines Through Iran & India; Murmansk & Archangel E-4
10/04/1942 War Slows Increase In (U.S.) Population (Quotes U.S. Census Bureau) E-6
10/04/1942 Ager, Herbert, A Time For (U.S.) Greatness, Little Brown & Co., Boston Book 1
10/04/1942 Picture: Russian Shown Guarding (U.S.) Lend-Lease Lorries Book 4
10/04/1942 Women In Uniform (Waacs) Mag. 6
10/05/1942 Stalin Says Aid From Allies So Far Is ‘Little Effective’ 1
10/05/1942 Mikhailovitch Story Denounced As False-Pro-Axis Charge (By N.Y. ‘Daily Worker’) Involving Him Is Decried By Allied Officials 2
10/05/1942 New Palestine Plan (Of Dr. Judah L. Magnes Who Lives In Jerusalem) Opposed By Zionists 3
10/05/1942 Excerpts From Goering’s Speech (Food For Germans) 4
10/05/1942 U.S. Board To Hear Negro Job (Discrimination) Charges 6
10/06/1942 Yugoslavia (London) Regime (In Exile) Backs Mikhailovitch 3
10/06/1942 (Sumner) Welles Says Aid (To Russia) Is Rushed-(U.S. Ambassador) Standley Confers On Soviet Aid 4
10/06/1942 New French Protest (National Council Of The Reformed Church Of France) Hits Abuse Of Jews (But Mentioned No Mass Murder Of Them) 6
10/06/1942 French Crops Set On Fire-Vichy Says British Drop Incendiaries And Land Red Arsonists 6
10/06/1942 (German-American) Bundist Loses Citizenship 16
10/06/1942 (Gov’t. Officials) Study Readjusting Education To War 21
10/06/1942 Letter: Mr. Laski’s Thesis Disputed-No Epitaph On Capitalist Democracy 22
10/07/1942 Allied Planes Attack Essen; Mosquitoes Raid In Holland 1
10/07/1942 Refugees Perturb Swiss (Most Of Whom Are Jews) 5
10/07/1942 (U.S. Ambassador) Standley To Seek Soviet Aid In U.S.-Admiral Reveals Criticism In Russia Of Quality Of Arms Sent There By Allies 12
10/07/1942 President (Roosevelt) Praises (‘Organized’) Labor’s War Work-(William) Green Pledges Support 52
10/08/1942 Allies Plan To Punish ‘War Criminals’-Roosevelt Says U.S. Will Join In Investigation Of Atrocities 1&11
10/08/1942 Dr. Jonah B. Wise Says Jews Here (In U.S.) Must Guide Immigration (To Palestine-No Mention Of Mass Murder Of Jews) 8
10/08/1942 U.S. Will Admit French Children-Haven Is Offered To Those Whose Parents Have Been Returned To Germany (Announced By Sumner Welles) 10
10/09/1942 Nazis To Conscript Belgian Workers 1
10/09/1942 (Sumner) Welles Pledges All Aid To Russia 7
10/09/1942 Partisans Opposing Mikhailovitch Slain By The People, U.S. Learns-Thousands Reported Killed In Spontaneous Uprising (U.S. Government Report) 8
10/09/1942 Refugee Aid Planned 8
10/10/1942 U.S., Britain Will Give Up Extraterritoriality In China 1
10/10/1942 Berlin Threatens More Shacklings (Of British Troops)-Promises Threefold Reprisal 5
10/10/1942 World Citizenship Urged By Dr. (Ralph Barton) Perry-Scores Mindless Opinion 9
10/11/1942 Dollar Curb On Nazis Penalizes Refugees-Money Smuggled Out Of Europe Barred In Latin Exchange 7
10/11/1942 Nazis Lower Bars To Officers’ Corps 9
10/11/1942 Germans Here Plan Punishment Of Nazis-Second Reich Politicians Look To A New Free Republic (Association Of Free Germans-Advocate Trials For Acts Against German People And The Peace Of The World) 14
10/11/1942 Petain Is Warned By Mikhailovitch (Croats Most Ruthless) 25
10/11/1942 Poles Studying In (German) Prison Camps-Y. M. C. A. Expert (Dr. D. A. Davis) After Tour, Says Geneva Convention Is Being Observed 26
10/11/1942 (U.S. Ambassador) Standley Arrives In Iran 31
10/11/1942 Zionists To Meet Here (Hadassah-Greeting From Roosevelt-Senator ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley, Principle Speaker) 42
10/11/1942 Extending Ideals Seen (By Rabbis) As War Aim 43
10/11/1942 Political Refugees Get Bid To Mexico-Must Intend To Work (Speaks Of Persecutions-Says Atrocities Fault Of Nazi Chiefs Not Individual Soldiers) 43
10/11/1942 Cornell Training Commando Men D-5
10/11/1942 History Study Attracting Few In Adult Classes D-5
10/11/1942 Colleges Seen Facing New Job-Dr. Robert C. Clothier Looks Ahead To The Needs Of Post-War Era D-6
10/11/1942 ‘Hang The Kaiser’ Cry Heard In New Version E-3
10/11/1942 Milton, George Fort, Abraham Lincoln And The Fifth Column, (Mentions Clement Vallandingham), The Vangard Press, N.Y Book 5
10/11/1942 ‘The Day Of The New World,’-By Henry A. Wallace Mag. 3
10/12/1942 150 Poles Hanged In Nazi Reprisals-Blast Destroyed An Army Train, Killing 30 4
10/12/1942 No More (French) Resistance Met (By British) In Madagascar 4
10/12/1942 Hanover Bombed By R. A. F. In Day 5
10/12/1942 Refugee Ship Arrives (In Baltimore From Portugal On ‘Serpa Pinto’ Of ‘Nearly’ 300 Passengers, 120 Are Jewish) 9
10/12/1942 Dr. (B.) Braunstein Asks The United States To Aim The Jews (Ln Palestine-Advocates ‘A Free And Open Palestine’) 11
10/13/1942 Palestine’s War Aid Hailed By President (Roosevelt)-’Substantial Contribution’ 10
10/13/1942 U.S. May Run Iran (Rail) Road-British-Operated Railway Takes Supplies To Russia 10
10/13/1942 Goering’s Foreign Holdings Listed By Bbc; $8,000,000 Is Estimate, Including U.S. Bonds 15
10/13/1942 Edith Cavell Honored (By Belgians In London Exile) 15
10/13/1942 Owi Telling Truth, Elmer Davis (Owi Chief) Says 18
10/14/1942 Belgian Saboteurs Burn Plants, Crops (London Report Says) 6
10/14/1942 ‘Planned Economy’ To Bolster Allies 46
10/15/1942 Nazi ‘Wolf Packs’ Off South Africa 9
10/15/1942 France To Send Us Jewish Children-50,000 To Come To U.S.-1,000 To Go To Canada, 500 To The Dominican Republic-Must Have Lost Parents (Deported To Eastern Europe) 11
10/15/1942 1,000 Gather Here At Zionist (Organization Of America) Meeting-War Aid Of Jews Cited 13
10/15/1942 Roosevelts Greet 1,000 Of Hadassah (Zionist Women’s Organization Of America) 28
10/16/1942 Soviet For War Crimes Trials; Starting At Once With (Rudolf) Hess 1
10/16/1942 R. A. F. Smashes At Havre Docks And Blasts A Netherlands’ Factory 7
10/16/1942 Russia’s Declaration For War Crimes Trials 8
10/16/1942 (Sumner) Welles Non-Committal On (Rudolf) Hess-Many Indicted For War Crimes 8
10/16/1942 Arab Ties Opposed By Zionist Leader (Judge Louis E. Levinthal, Zionist Organization Of America) 13
10/16/1942 Drafting Of Labor Predicted By Mc Sherry Because Workers Fail To Shift Voluntarily 13
10/16/1942 Effigies Of Hitler Hung In Yorkville 16
10/16/1942 (Sumner Welles) Explains (French Child) Refugee Plan-Race Or Nationality Of Children Will Not Figure 21
10/16/1942 Hadassah’s Rescue Of (Homeless, Jewish) Children Told 24
10/17/1942 R. A. F. Blasts Cologne 1
10/17/1942 2,000 Greeks Find Refuge In Turkey-Many Lived In America 4
10/17/1942 Poland (Government-In-Exile In London) Indicts 10 (Germans) In 400,000 Deaths-They Head List Of 3,000 (German) War Criminals To Be Brought To Trial After Peace 6
10/17/1942 ‘Dictator’ Trend In (U.S.) Nation Assailed-(By Mrs. John L. Whitehurst) Hits ‘World Socialism’ 12
10/17/1942 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Endorses Aims Of Zionists 13
10/17/1942 Jewish State Held A World Problem 13
10/17/1942 Record (U.S.) Boom Seen In Post-War Era 19
10/18/1942 Italy ‘Frees’ 51,000 For Work In Reich 1
10/18/1942 Big R. A. F. Day Raid Blasts Le Creusat 1
10/18/1942 (Francis Biddle) Asks Death Law For Saboteurs 15
10/18/1942 Switzerland Host To 13,000 Refugees (‘Proportion Of Jews Is Not Indicated’) 18
10/18/1942 Zionists Repudiate (Dr. Magnus’ Ichud) Bi-National Policy 22
10/18/1942 Palestine Filling A Dual War Role-Its Plants Save Shipping 31
10/18/1942 Barnard (College) Devises History Course Of New Scope D-5
10/19/1942 Nazis Are Rallied For ‘Last Chance’-Goebbels Declares That This Is The Decisive Year 2
10/19/1942 Fuel-Drum Bridge Aids Stalingrad’s Army 2
10/19/1942 (Archbishop Of) Canterbury Asks Post-War Guilty Must Be Punished But The German People Spared, He Says 6
10/19/1942 Zionists Hear Aims Praised By Mayor (La Guardia) 12
10/19/1942 Unity Of Churches Is Called Urgent 19
10/20/1942 (Pravda) Asks That British Clarify (Rudolf) Hess Status-Contends He Should Be Tried Now As A Criminal 6
10/20/1942 Presbyterians Ask $1,000,000 Fund (Fund For War Service) 10
10/20/1942 (Jewish) Aliens Now Shy Over Their Status (In U.S.) 12
10/20/1942 Digest Of Owi Report On Faults And The Superiorities Of American Planes 14
10/20/1942 (N.Y. Att’y. Gen., John J.) Bennett Pledges Fight Against Bias 17
10/20/1942 Venezuela To Get ($20,000,000-U.S. Export-Import) Funds 31
10/21/1942 Laval Tells French Labor It Must Survive In Germany 1
10/21/1942 Red Army Crushes Nazi Mass Attacks (At Moscow) 1
10/21/1942 Daylight (Mosquito) Raiders Blast 3 Reich Cities (Hanover, Wilhelmshaven, & Bremen) 5
10/21/1942 Posters: Prize Winners In Exhibition Of United Hemisphere War Posters 6
10/21/1942 Allied Aims Shape A Post-War World 8
10/21/1942 Secrecy Is Ordered On Prisoners Of War (By U.S. Office Of Censorship) 8
10/21/1942 Classify War Criminals-Poles (Gov’t. in Exile In London) Decree Death For Germans 8
10/21/1942 FBI To Investigate Lynching Of Three (Negroes In Mississippi-Francis Biddle Order) 11
10/21/1942 Mass (German-American) Bund Trials Now In Prospect 12
10/21/1942 New Law Is Urged For Deportations (By Federal Judge Simon H. Rifkind) 12
10/21/1942 Dorothy Thompson Quits Coudert Foes 15
10/21/1942 (Lotte Lehmann) Changes Alien Status (Now ‘Austrian’ Not ‘German’) 15
10/22/1942 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) Repel Axis In Big Battle 1
10/22/1942 Hull Encourages French To Resist (Germans)-Likens Laval To Hitler 1
10/22/1942 Nazis Pushed Back (In Stalingrad) 1
10/22/1942 Big Commitments (By.U.S.) Likely After War (Article By Callender) 6
10/23/1942 Housing Demanded For Negro Labor (By National Committee On The Housing Emergency) 17
10/23/1942 Full Page Advertisement For Radio Station Wnew: ‘Deathless Lidice’ 42
10/24/1942 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye (North Dakota) Assails Acts Of Willkie And (Henry) Luce 4
10/24/1942 Roosevelt Holds Foe Are Outlaws 5
10/24/1942 Germans Moving Oil Refineries From Western Europe To Russia 5
10/24/1942 Vichy France Gets Its Labor Orders (From Germany) 6
10/24/1942 Belgians (Saboteurs) Blow Up Fort And Factory (At Liege) 6
10/24/1942 Extirpation Of Jews Expected In Norway (Stockholm Conjecture) 7
10/24/1942 First Synthetic (Rubber) Retread Is Put On Auto In Jersey 10
10/24/1942 Butter Supplies Shrinking Rapidly 12
10/24/1942 Lehman Assails Dewey On Record-Roosevelt Message Read 13
10/24/1942 Gimbel Earnings Almost Doubled (Over ‘41) 25
10/25/1942 More Nazi Thrusts Fail At Stalingrad 1
10/25/1942 Skoda Employees-Slain By Germans-Families Shot With Them (For Sabotage-Reuters [British] Dispatch From Somewhere On The German Frontier) 7
10/25/1942 55,000 Frenchmen (Workers) Expected By Reich 7
10/25/1942 Conflict Depicted (By Rabbi Schachtel) As ‘War Of Spirit’ (No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews-Accusations By Other Rabbis) 9
10/25/1942 Nazi’s Wife Writes Of (R. A. F.) Raid On Cologne (Letter Found On Body Of Dead German Soldier In Russia) 15
10/25/1942 (National Woman’s Party) Links War Service With Equal Rights 25
10/25/1942 Blitz Scars Seen By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (On London Visit) 34
10/25/1942 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Breaks Still More Tradition E-7
10/26/1942 (U.N.-Allied) Planes Blast Axis Line In Egypt 1
10/26/1942 27 Rabbis Officiate At Wedding Ceremony Of Naomi Sternberg To Rev. Dr. Baruch Korff (Vita) 12
10/26/1942 Plenty Of Jobs Seen After War (By Stuart Chase Of 20th Century Fund Warns Against’Any Ill-Advised Attempt To Overturn The Economic System’) 17
10/26/1942 Soviet Peace Role Seen By Einstein 17
10/26/1942 Shift To War Jobs Speeded By WPA 25
10/27/1942 Chilean Fisticuffs Debate Axis Break 1
10/27/1942 Nazi Fliers Harry English Villagers-Raiders Strike Singly8 Britons Killed 3
10/27/1942 Young (Robert) Hopkins (Son Of Harry) Turns Up (With Morgenthau And Other New Deal Notables In London) 8
10/27/1942 New (Citizenship) Status For Nazis (Germans) In Poland 9
10/27/1942 India’s Disturbers Go Underground 11
10/27/1942 Mayor (La Guardia) Urges ‘Death’ For Hitler And Duce 19
10/27/1942 La Guardia Urges (Dean) Alfange (American Labor Party) Support 20
10/27/1942 Bennett Attacks ‘Jim Crow’ Barrier 20
10/27/1942 40% Of Print Jobs Assist War Effort 34
10/27/1942 Picture: Hans Max Haupt On Trial For Assisting His Executed Son Herbert Hans 46
10/28/1942 Nazi Spy (Ernst Peter Burger) Tells Why Saboteurs Studied (Trained) 1
10/28/1942 Our ‘Best Run War, Knox Asserts Here 1
10/28/1942 (‘Atlantic’) Charter Says ‘All’ President (Roosevelt) Replies 4
10/28/1942 Benes (Czech) Says Reich Has Lost 4,000,000 8
10/28/1942 (Arch Mandel) To Head Russian Relief 10
10/28/1942 Full Page: ‘Just Two Years Ago They (The Greeks) Helped Save Our Lives’-Greek War Relief Association, Inc 15
10/28/1942 1,250 At Refugee (Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee-’Linked To Communists,’ Says Clare Boothe Luce) Dinner 24
10/29/1942 (Archibald) M’ Leish Resigns As Owi Assistant 1
10/29/1942 (Walter) Lippmann Urges U.S. Recognize De Gaulle 2
10/29/1942 West Is Draining Nazi Air Strength 4
10/29/1942 Roosevelt Hails Greeks’ Heroism 6
10/29/1942 Negro Regiment Urged (By Lt. Gov. Charles Poletti) 6
10/29/1942 How To Hate Germans Stirs Writers’ Group (Rex Stout, Clifton Fadiman Of P. E. N. Club) 20
10/29/1942 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Receives 3 Kings (Monarchs Were Introduced To Mrs. Roosevelt By A. J. Drexel Biddle) 25
10/30/1942 Bennett Attacks Slur On War In ‘Ad’-(Ad Said ‘New Deal Wanted And Hurried Us Into Fight’-In An Upstate Paper) 1
10/30/1942 Polish Guerrillas Kill Nazi Officers 3
10/30/1942 Henry-Haye (French Ambassador From Vichy) Sees (Sumner) Welles 7
10/30/1942 Hitler Said To Aim For Mid-East’s Oil 8
10/30/1942 Roosevelt Tells Of Faith In Turkey (In Letter To Inonu) 8
10/30/1942 India League Seeks Help Of Roosevelt 8
10/30/1942 High Court Rules Army Tries Spies (German Saboteurs Already Executed) 8
10/31/1942 Japanese Fleet Quits Solomons 1
10/31/1942 Roosevelt Studies Registry Of Women As Manpower Aid 1
10/31/1942 Nazis Push Closer To Caucasus Pass-Stalingrad Line Holds 1
10/31/1942 U.S. Aides Concerned Over (Japanese) Rubber To Nazis 2
10/31/1942 British Clinch Grip Upon Madagascar 3
10/31/1942 Hull (In Talk Before Rabbis) Pledges End To Attack On Jews-’Shocked By Nazi Brutality (No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews) Morgenthau Rumor Denied 5
10/31/1942 Belgium Protests Nazi Deportations (Of Workers To Germany) 5