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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

July 1942
Date Headline Page
07/01/1942 Refugee Ship (Drottningholm) In; U.S. Detains 800 1
07/01/1942 Change In Egypt (Gen. Sir Claude Auchinlek For Lt. Gen. Neil M. Ritchie) 4
07/01/1942 Jews (Jewish Agency For Palestine) Ask 32,000 Army (Plus Home Guard Of 40,000-50,000-12,000 Already In British Army-Want 20,000 More) 4
07/01/1942 Reich’s Foreign Workers Get ‘Authentic’ News (Their Own Foreign Language Newspapers) 5
07/01/1942 Decision On Trial Of 8 Nazis (Saboteurs Landed By U-Boat & Captured) Today (By Francis Biddle) 6
07/01/1942 Nazi Flier (Hans Peter Krug) A Witness At (Max Stephan) Trial In Detroit (Helped Krug Escape Concentration Camp In Ontario) 7
07/01/1942 No Supply Ship Lack, Harriman Declares-Tonnage Available For All War Theaters, He Says In London 8
07/01/1942 Soviet Rebuffs Sweden (Iron Ore Ship ‘Ada Gorthon’ Not Sunk By Russian Submarine) 13
07/01/1942 ‘Economic Front’ Urged By (Sumner) Welles 14
07/01/1942 U.S. Warning Bomb Halts Refugee Ship-215 Here On Portuguese Liner Tell Of Inspection At Sea (Ship Under The Auspices Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 14
07/01/1942 Picture: Dr. George D. Stoddard Appointed Head Of N.Y. State Education 26
07/02/1942 Germans Report Capture Of Sevastopol 1
07/02/1942 British Ready To Move Fleet; Won’t Yield French Warships-Prepared To Withdraw From Alexandria And Destroy Equipment At Base If Necessary-Might Wreck Suez Canal 1
07/02/1942 Bayonets Opened Nazi Desert Trap — Germans Fled In Panic 4
07/02/1942 Allies Are Urged (By London Polish Government-In-Exile) To Execute Nazis-Report On Slaughter Of (700,000) Jews In Poland, Asks Like Treatment For Germans-Gas Chambers (At Chelmno, Poland) Are Used (To Kill Jews) 6
07/02/1942 Job Discrimination Debated In South-Segregation A Big Issue 44
07/03/1942 700 Refugees Held For 3D Day On Ship (Drottningholm)-Justice Department Says It (Loyalty) Must Be Proved By Passengers 3
07/03/1942 How British Struck To Halt Rommel 3
07/03/1942 ‘We Are Whipped’ Petain Stresses 4
07/03/1942 (Francis) Biddle Says Peace Is Being Forged-Allies (U.N.) In ‘Honest Fight’ 6
07/03/1942 General Dyestuff, 3 Other Concerns Seized (By Leo T. Crowley) In Round-Up Of German Alien Property (For Confiscation) 7
07/03/1942 Yugoslavia’s King (Peter) Vows Fight To End-High Praise For Guerrillas (Gen. Mikhailovitch) 18
07/03/1942 (Racially) Biased Employers Lose U.S. Facilities (Instructions From Anna M Rosenberg, War Manpower Office) 19
07/03/1942 (Robert H.) Jackson Deplores Lax History Study (Text, P. 28) 19
07/05/1942 Pearl Harbor Loss Of Navy Is Made Up (Says Senator Ellender, Louisiana) 2
07/05/1942 (Francis) Biddle Describes Fight On Sabotage-9,405 Aliens Arrested 8
07/05/1942 Messages Of Many Nations (Heads Of State) To The President (Roosevelt) 22
07/05/1942 Pessimism On War Decried By Rabbis 24
07/05/1942 (Roosevelt) Marks 4th (Of July) By Working, Buying War Stamps (First Sheet Of The New 3-Cent ‘Win The War’ Issue) 30
07/05/1942 Educator (Geo. Harmon Knowles) Backs History Study D-5
07/05/1942 Middle East Prize-Wehrmacht Reaches For It E-1
07/05/1942 Herr Hitler Launches Drive For Caucasus E-3
07/05/1942 Arabs Fealty To Britain Unshaken By Reverses E-5
07/05/1942 Russia’s Fighting Forces & Russians Don’t Surrender Book 1
07/06/1942 Costa Rico Rioters Smash Axis Shops 1
07/06/1942 Russians Say German Casualties Were About 10,000,000 (In First Year Of War In Russia-Germans Say 271,612 Killed; 65,730 Missing) 3
07/06/1942 Unity After War Urged By (Owen J., [Pearl Harbor]) Roberts 5
07/06/1942 1941 Report To Nazis (Of Impending German Attack On Russia) Denied By (Russian Ambassador) Ormansky-(Sumner) Welles Warning Of Impending Attack Kept Secret He Says 6
07/06/1942 $100,000 For Jerusalem (From Jewish National Fund) 7
07/06/1942 Clergymen Ask (Post-War) Program 7
07/06/1942 (Leaders In Three Faiths) Say Moral Code Must Save World 8
07/06/1942 (Emil) Ludwig Asks Fight On ‘German People’-He Calls Them World Menace(Ludwig Is Jewish) 8
07/06/1942 Picture: Dr. Robert Ley-Germany Calls On Her Youth To Fill The Gap Of Labor 8
07/06/1942 (N.Y. State Att’y. Gen.) Bennett Holds Fugitives From Reich May Buy, Sell (N.Y.) Property 8
07/07/1942 Soviet Oil Supply (Baku) Held Nazi Target (No Mention Of Trans-Iranian Railroad) 2
07/07/1942 Strolling Barred To Jews In Berlin-All Rights Of Jews Gone-Will Expel Netherland Jews 3
07/07/1942 Trucks Are Sought To Gather (Scrap) Rubber (In U.S.) 10
07/07/1942 Waac Will Train 2 Negro Companies 14
07/07/1942 (Federal Agents) End Investigation On Refugee Ship (Drottningholm) 21
07/07/1942 (N.Y. State Att’y. Gen., John J. Bennett) Says New York Refugees Can Deal In Real Estate 21
07/08/1942 He (President Roosevelt) Will Support Any Liberal Who Backed His War Policy 100% Before Pearl Harbor 1
07/08/1942 President (Roosevelt) Divides Alien-Property Role-Crowley And Morgenthau Named In Part Victory For Treasury 3
07/08/1942 British Hang 2 Spies After Secret Trial 3
07/08/1942 Deserts Bar Way Of Axis To Iraqi Oil 4
07/08/1942 Pictures: (German-American) Bund Leaders Accused Here By The FBI 16
07/08/1942 Secrecy Surrounds Saboteurs’ Trial (Francis Biddle Is The Prosecutor At Commission Set Up By Roosevelt’s Orders To Try The 8 Germans Landed From Submarine) 25
07/08/1942 Spy Trial Starts In Grim Secrecy; 8 Saboteurs Hidden From Public Military Court Sits Five Hours On First Day-U.S. Seen Demanding Firing Squad, But Life Of Dasch May Be Spared 1
07/08/1942 Nazis Warn French On Aiding (U.N. Para-) Chutists 3
07/08/1942 British In Egypt Seen In Dire Peril 4
07/08/1942 Doctors Bid Gandhi Rest For Two Weeks, But He Is Loath To Delay Move To Get British Out Of India 5
07/08/1942 (London) Poles Spurn Posts Under Nazi Regime (Allege Attempt At Extermination Of Polish Nation) 8
07/10/1942 7 Witnesses Heard In Nazi Spy Case; Communique Vague 1
07/10/1942 R. A. F. 2-Ton Bombs Blast U-Boat Base (Wilhelmshafen) 1
07/10/1942 Yugoslav Patriots (Under ‘Legendary General Draja Mikhailovitch’) Take War To Italy 4
07/10/1942 Vichy Orders Death For Crop Arsonists 5
07/10/1942 Anti-Semitism Charged (To London Polish Army In Exile) 5
07/10/1942 Quick Easy Source (Of Rubber For U.S.) Doubted (5 Plants Listed As Agricultural Sources) 10
07/10/1942 ‘Scottsboro Boy’ Held In Jail Here (For Molesting N.Y. Woman In Subway) 19
07/11/1942 Nazis Say Russians Run On Wide Front 2
07/11/1942 Selling Axis Assets In Central America-San Salvador Takes Lead 5
07/11/1942 (Elmer) Davis’ Instructions On War News 7
07/11/1942 Gen. (Frank R.) Mc Coy Predicts A Long Spy (8 Saboteurs) Trial 15
07/12/1942 250,000 Jugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) Smash At 4 Foes (Fearless Patriots) 1
07/12/1942 Nazis Held Unable To Repeat ‘41 Drive (In Russia-By Soviet Commentator) 2
07/12/1942 Huge Russian Losses Reported By Nazis 2
07/12/1942 Rabbi Newman Urges Full Aid To Russia 4
07/12/1942 Peace Plan Survey Set Up By (Sumner) Welles 10
07/12/1942 Eaker Commands (U.S.) Bombers In Europe (Deputy To Spaatz) 18
07/12/1942 Poles (Guerrillas) Kill Nazi Butcher (Erich Guttart, In Lublin) 24
07/12/1942 Keep (Harry) Bridges Here President (Roosevelt) Is Urged (By 600 Educators & Others) 28
07/12/1942 History Study Plan Outlined By (Dr. John W.) Studebaker (U.S. Commissioner Of Education) D-5
07/12/1942 Sees Real Gain In New Methods (Progressive System Of Education) D-6
07/12/1942 Synthetic Rubber In Sight For 1943 F-1
07/12/1942 Treasury To Meet Huge Debt In Year F-1
07/12/1942 The Nazi Midsummer Drive To The East E-1
07/12/1942 Secrecy Long Required In War Saboteur Trials E-3
07/12/1942 British May Attempt To Beat Rommel Now E-3
07/12/1942 Goebbels Offers ‘The Whole Truth’ E-5
07/13/1942 Trial Of 8 Nazis (Saboteurs From Submarine) To Resume Today-Picture: Attorney General Francis Biddle Questioning Mr. Lenman 3
07/13/1942 Americans Speed Railways In Iran (Trans-Iranian Railway) 3
07/13/1942 Ural War Plants Sped 3
07/13/1942 Picture Of Lidice Before Being Destroyed By Germans 4
07/13/1942 Essen Toll (In R. A. F. Raid) Put At 2,000 (By British) 4
07/13/1942 Iron Ore (Swedish Ship) For Reich Sunk (In Baltic) 5
07/13/1942 Production To Crush Axis, Knudsen Says 30
07/14/1942 Palestine Aid Recruits (With $1,000,000) 6
07/14/1942 Scottsboro (‘Boy’) Figure Gets 90 Days Here (For Molesting A N.Y. White Woman In The Subway) 13
07/14/1942 Voting By Japanese (-Americans) On (West) Coast Is Curbed (In Earl Warren Ruling) 15
07/14/1942 (Leo T. Crowley) Denies Policy Is Set For Alien Property (Confiscation & Sale) 27
07/15/1942 Death For Treason Faces U.S. Nazi Aides 1
07/15/1942 Mannerheim Sets Finnish Goal As Return Of Liberated Karelia 3
07/15/1942 Gandhi Affirms ‘Open Rebellion’ (Against British)-He Declares There Is No Room Left For Negotiation With Britain On Freedom (Of India) 7
07/15/1942 (New Jersey Man) Praises Hitler, Jailed (90 Days) 9
07/16/1942 Gandhi Foresees Violence In India-Warns Britain It May Not Be Possible To Curb Masses 3
07/16/1942 Peterhof Palace, Peter The Great’s Versailles, Destroyed By Nazi Army In Winter Campaign (Picture Of The Original) 5
07/16/1942 Big Italian Force Fights Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) 7
07/16/1942 Vichy Orders Curbs On Jews In Colonies 8
07/16/1942 Immigration Plot (For Polish & Russian Immigrants) Charged To Alien (Maximiliano Birnbaum Alias Max Burns) 38
07/16/1942 U.S. Grants Nazi All Of His Wishes (Loses U.S. Citizenship, Is Interned) 38
07/17/1942 10 Saboteur Aids To Get Quick Trial 1
07/18/1942 Long Island Phase Of Spy Trial (Of 8 Saboteurs From A Sub-Marine) Ends 4
07/18/1942 4 Leaders Of (German-American) Bund Lose (U.S.) Citizenship 4
07/18/1942 Aircobras (Bell P-39’S) Score In Soviet Fighting 6
07/18/1942 Nazis Arrest Jews In Paris Round-Up-Possibly 20,000 ‘Aliens’ To Be Sent To East, Berlin Says 6
07/18/1942 Army Tests Buna (Synthetic Rubber) Tires 6
07/18/1942 Picture: Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Sells A War Bond To Captain Charles B. Sculley 26
07/19/1942 Berlin Says Army Is East Of Rostov 7
07/19/1942 Red Army Supply Sped To Don Front-Caspian Sea Route (Final Link In Trans-Iranian Railway) Busy (From Supply Bases In Iran) 7
07/19/1942 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch’s Partisans) Raiding Along The Danube 15
07/19/1942 End Near In Case Against 8 Nazis (Saboteurs Landed From A Submarine) 18
07/19/1942 War Prosperity Not Evenly Spread-Gallup Poll F-4
07/19/1942 Hitler Striking Hard To Knock Out Russia E-4
07/19/1942 Cartoon: Gallows With ‘Nazi Criminal’ Underneath E-5
07/19/1942 Britain Is Unyielding On New India Demands E-5
07/19/1942 Dangerous Aliens Get Short Shift (Picture: Earl G. Harrison, Commissioner Of Immigration) E-5
07/19/1942 Margaret Bourke-White, Shooting The Russian War, Simon & Schuster, N.Y., Book 3
07/20/1942 Russians Abandon Voroshilovgrad 1
07/20/1942 (Jewish Groups) Fight Mass Slaughter (Meeting At Madison Square Garden, Evening Of July 21, 1942-Sponsored By 3 Jewish Organizations) 4
07/20/1942 Aided 3,600 Refugees (Hsias Reports Its Work-Isaac L. Asofsky) 4
07/20/1942 (Wendell) Willkie Says War Liberates Negro-Race Prejudice Breaking Down(Etc.)28 28 Industries Using More Negro Help 28
07/21/1942 Russians Bomb Koenigsberg 1
07/21/1942 Bombs In Paris Blast 3 Nazi Labor Offices 5
07/21/1942 Spy Case Defense (Of 8 German Saboteurs From Submarine) Takes Over Today 38
07/22/1942 Nazi Punishment Seen By Roosevelt-Says Hitler Will He Held To ‘Strict Accountability’ (Message Read At Madison Square Garden Jewish Rally, July 21, 1942) 1&4
07/22/1942 (Admiral William) Leahy Will Do Detail Work To Help President (Roosevelt) Plan War 1
07/22/1942 Argentina Is Irked By U.S. ‘Dictation’ 5
07/22/1942 (Admiral William) Leahy’s Role In War 5
07/23/1942 Stalingrad Peril Grows 1
07/23/1942 Thrust To Rostov Claimed By Nazis 2
07/23/1942 Argentina Confirms U.S. Seized (Argentinian) Tanker (‘Vlctoria’) 3
07/23/1942 Yugoslavs (Draja Mikhailovitch) Taking Heavy Toll Of Foe 5
07/23/1942 Gandhi Rules Out Work With Japan 8
07/23/1942 Mrs. Elizabeth) Dilling Named In Conspiracy Bill 21
07/23/1942 Secret Spy Trial Recessed For Day 21
07/24/1942 Hull Sets Limits On ‘Freedoms’ After War-Liberty For The Fit (Text, P. 4) 1
07/24/1942 Eden Bars Deals Short Of Victory 5
07/24/1942 Picture: An American Plane Is Delivered To The Russians ‘Somewhere In The Middle East’ 7
07/24/1942 Saboteur’s Mother (Mrs. Erna Haupt, Chicago) Held In $50,000 Bail 8
07/24/1942 T. W. Trenchard (Dies-Trial Judge Of Bruno Richard Hauptmann) 19
07/25/1942 Russians In Desperate Rostov Stand 1
07/25/1942 Capture Of Rostov Claimed By Nazis 2
07/25/1942 U.S., Yugoslavia (Roosevelt & King Peter, Who Supports Draja Mikhailovitch) Pledge War Unity 5
07/25/1942 ‘21-Nation’ Hissing Given ‘Hitler’ Here (By 30 Children) 15
07/25/1942 (Convict) Offers To Kill Hitler If Freed From Prison (In Illinois) 15
07/26/1942 Japan’s War Plans Last Fall Related (Pre-Pearl Harbor Plans) 1&11
07/26/1942 Vichy And Berlin At Odds On Aliens-Refugees Will Go To Poland-60,000 Jews Are Deported From The Netherlands (To Germany) German-Occupied Russia) 16
07/26/1942 President (Roosevelt) Praises (Admiral William) Leahy’s Vichy Role-’Well Done,’ 17
07/26/1942 Cripps Links Peace To Raw Materials 18
07/26/1942 Hull Speech (July 24, 1942) Held ‘Clarion Call, To All-It Should Hearten Victims Of Nazis, Rabbi (Louis I. Newman, Rabbi Israel Goldstein Refers To ‘Mass Murder Of Almost 1,000,000 Jews In Nazi-Held Europe-Refers To Messages From Roosevelt & Churchill) 21
07/26/1942 Homes Of 120 Aliens Raided (By FBI) In Detroit 23
07/26/1942 President (Roosevelt) Extols Hoover, FBI Chief 25
07/26/1942 Swedish Ship Toll In War Rises To 150 F-7
07/26/1942 Map: Allied Supply Lines From Iran Through Caspian Sea E-1
07/26/1942 (Admiral William) Leahy’s Role In The War E-5
07/27/1942 250,000 In Poland Reported Killed (By The Germans According To Polish Government-In-Exile In London) 3
07/27/1942 Fighting In Yugoslavia (Mikhailovitch-’Draja’s Chetniks Must Get Aid If They Are To Continue Operations.’) 3
07/27/1942 Cripps Sees Peril (Loss Of Essential Raw Products To U.N. War Effort) In Gandhi’s Move-Broadcast To U.S. Says It Is Unthinkable That ‘Visionary’ (Gandhi) Should Thwart Allies 7
07/27/1942 Spy Trial (8 German Saboteurs From Submarine) Nearing End 11
07/27/1942 Better Democracy Seen After The War-The Rev. J. W. Houck Finds Many Old Prejudices Vanishing 13
07/28/1942 U.S. Does Not Regard Austria As In Reich 3
07/28/1942 Pictures: Wreckage Of Paris Renault Works After R. A. F. Raid 7
07/29/1942 R. A. F. Chief (Sir Arthur T. ‘Bomber’ Harrls) Warns Germans To Revolt Or Risk Air Scourge 1
07/29/1942 British Withdraw In Desert Battle-But Claim The Initiative 6
07/29/1942 Yugoslavs (Nadj & Mikhailovitch) Driving Axis From Bosnia 7
07/30/1942 Court Gets Spies’ Defense (8 German Saboteurs From Submarine); They ‘Escaped’ To The U.S.; (Francis) Biddle Upholds ‘War’ Trial 1
07/30/1942 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) Seize Dalmatian Harbor (Ugrugora) 9
07/31/1942 Reich Army Denies ‘Mercy Killings’ (Of Incurably Wounded Or Permanently Incapacitated Men On Eastern Front) 3
07/31/1942 (Sylvester) Viereck Arraigned On Second Charge (Plus Six Others, Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling Included) 4
07/31/1942 Neutral Ship (From Lisbon) Brings European Refugees (Arranged By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee & Hsias-586 Passengers, Some Bound For Canada) 6
07/31/1942 (Harry) Hopkins Marries In White House 17