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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

February 1942
Date Headline Page
02/01/1942 Vichy Denies U.S. Food Has Gone To Reich 16
02/01/1942 Basra (Iraq) Is Speeding Russia’s Supplies (Through Basra, Mosul, Transiranian Railroad, Caspian Sea To Russia) 20
02/01/1942 Russian Medicine Cuts War Deaths 22
02/01/1942 Chilean Minister (Juan Bautista Rossetti) To Ask Axis Break 27
02/01/1942 Argentina Sets Up Anti-Axis Control 29
02/01/1942 Polish Rabbi (Chief Rabbi Of Warsaw) To Be Honored (Moses Schorr, Died In Russia After Poland’s Partition By Russia & Germany In 1939) 29
02/01/1942 Enemy Aliens Here Get New Warning (By Francis Biddle, Depart-Ment Of Justice) 30
02/01/1942 Bullitt Describes U.S. Aid In Africa 30
02/01/1942 Enemy Alien Curb Extended On Coast (Francis Biddle) 31
02/01/1942 Ford Threatens Suit Against Klan (For Publishing The Anti-Jewish Papers Which He Had Previously Written And Published Himself) 35
02/01/1942 Roosevelt Hailed In (Rabbis’) Sermons Here 38
02/01/1942 Racial Freedom Shown At Vassar (Suggestion Of National Conference Of Christians & Jews) D-6
02/01/1942 Rommel Advances E-1
02/01/1942 Pearl Harbor Attack Regarded As Efficacious In Bring About Concerted Effort E-6
02/01/1942 Prisoners Produce For War (Frances Biddle Applauds Work-Brushes, Shoes, Textiles, Mattresses, Etc. E-8
02/01/1942 Sigrid Undset (Vita) Book 1
02/01/1942 ‘Either They Die Or We Do’-Story Of Mikhailovitch’s Chetniks Mag. 1
02/02/1942 Uruguay To Grant Port Use To Soviet 2
02/02/1942 Rothschild Estate Taken (Vichy Confiscation Decree) 2
02/02/1942 Chetnik Position Called Dangerous 3
02/02/1942 Iraqi War On Axis Indicated By Nuri-Allies Consolidate Grip On Iraq And Its Oil) 3
02/02/1942 Identity Of Private (On Radar Duty) Who Warned That Foe Was Approaching Pearl Harbor Revealed 3
02/02/1942 Russia’s War Output Up 40% Since 1940-Great Arsenal In Urals Now Producing 4
02/02/1942 (Francis Biddle) Warns On Penalty For Enemy Aliens 30
02/03/1942 Nazi ‘Spring’ (‘Shock’) Troops Speeded To Russia (To Halt Russian Drive) 1
02/03/1942 ‘Legal’ Pillage Of Italy (As In France) Indicated In (British-Captured) Nazi Letters (A La Bryce Committee?) 4
02/03/1942 Spiess, Nazi Ace, Killed (In Russia) 6
02/03/1942 Allies Keep Check On Pulse Of Arabs (In Iraq & Iran) 8
02/03/1942 Reich ‘Sanitary’ (Disease) Line (‘Cordon Sanitaire’) Bars Diseased Troops Return (At Approximately The Polish-German Frontier) 10
02/03/1942 (Lord) Halifax Discusses Fate Of Germany 10
02/03/1942 Hull Felicitates (Sumner) Welles 11
02/03/1942 52 Germans, Italians Detained On Arrival (In U.S.)-Are Sent Sent To White Sulfur (Springs, West Virginia For Internment) 12
02/03/1942 (Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver) Reports 15,000 (Palestinian) Jews Fight (In Army) With (Along-Side) British (Describes Jewish-U.N. Cooperation In War) 13
02/03/1942 Picture: Japanese Aliens Taken Into Custody In California 14
02/03/1942 Red Cross Says Japanese Agree To Exchange Data On Prisoners 40
02/04/1942 U.S. Aid To Russia 50% Under Promise (Amount Of Promise And Delivery Not Stated) 1
02/04/1942 (Leon) Blum Is ‘Condemned’ He Tells Riom Court (War-Guilt Trials By French) 4
02/04/1942 Iran Supply Route (For Russia) Improves Rapidly 6
02/04/1942 Free French Complete Two Supply Roads In Africa 7
02/04/1942 126 Typhus Cases Listed In Germany (Jews Crammed Into Cramped Quarters,-Louse-Infected-138 Cases Of Typhus In Eastern Europe) Spain Needs Typhus Serum (Swiss Report) 8
02/04/1942 Dr. De Valin Dies; Fought Epidemics (Yellow Fever, 1905 & Bubonic Plague, 1914 In New Orleans) 20
02/04/1942 City Colleges Face Negro Bias Inquiry (By Joseph T Sharkey) 21
02/05/1942 Nazi Middle East Drive Seen As Forced Soon By Oil Lack 1
02/05/1942 Diphtheria In Greece Kills Many (700-800 Daily) Children 3
02/05/1942 Picture: Scorched Earth (Rubber Factory) Left By Retreating British In Malaya 5
02/05/1942 California Aliens Face Changed Way-(Francis Biddle’s) New Orders Curb Aliens In 3 States 7
02/05/1942 Nazis Fail To Stop Russians’ Advance (In Smolensk Area-Near Katyn Graves!) 8
02/05/1942 Zionist Rally Here Asks Jewish Army-Dr. S.S. Wise Makes Plea Plea (Supporting Jewish Organizations Named) 12
02/05/1942 Eight French Ships Will Be Taken Over (Confiscated By U.S.) 15
02/05/1942 Shortage Of Coca Held To Be Remote (In U.S.A.) 18
02/06/1942 Greeks Despoiled And Starving Under Germans (Sumner) Welles Asserts (British Blockade) 1
02/06/1942 Uruguay To Patrol With U.S. Warships 2
02/06/1942 (Fulgencio) Batista (Cuba) Host To (George S.) Messersmiths 6
02/06/1942 Boy (Soviet Guerrilla) Hanged By Nazis, Joins Soviet Heroes 7
02/06/1942 Take Lead In War (Francis) Biddle Urges Bar (Association) 10
02/06/1942 (Governor Lehman) Proclaims Negro Week 11
02/06/1942 Railroad Profits Doubled In Year-Highest Mark In Decade 30
02/07/1942 Food Leak To Nazis Traced To France (By Lloyd’s Of London) 4
02/07/1942 Deaths Of Hunger On Rise In Athens 4
02/07/1942 Nazis Hunt Labor To Race With U.S. 6
02/07/1942 Sabotage Increases In German Poland 6
02/07/1942 Official Poster: National Conference Of Christians & Jews-’Brotherhood Week’ 19
02/07/1942 Death Penalty Restored (By President Roosevelt, In Courts Martial Trials) 19
02/07/1942 (Judge Michael A.) Musmanno (Sacco And Vanzetti Trial, Nuernberg Tribunals And Eichmann [Jerusalem] Trial) Enters (Pennsylvania Supreme Court) Race 19
02/08/1942 (Archibald) Mac Leish To Clear (Censor) U.S. Speeches, Even By Cabinet Officers (Picture) 1
02/08/1942 Kimmel And Short Ask Retirement 4
02/08/1942 Real Cooperation With Russia Urged (By Jan Masaryk, Of Czechoslovakia) 29
02/08/1942 Domination By Soviet Seen If It Wins War (By Dennis Mc Enroy, Chicago Times) 31
02/08/1942 Negroes Pay Tribute To Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 35
02/08/1942 (Earl Warren) Bars Alien Links As Coast Job Test 41
02/08/1942 (Francis) Biddle Designates 18 Arizona Areas Which Aliens Must Leave By Feb. 24 41
02/08/1942 G. W. Stephens Dies; Headed Saar (First World War German Occupation) Body (1926-1928) 50
02/08/1942 Germany Tightens Europe Trade Grip F-6
02/08/1942 War Fails To Down British Retailing F-7
02/08/1942 Cartoon: The Production Race (U.N. Vs. Axis) As Seen By Britain’s Mr. Low (Cartoonist) E-3
02/08/1942 The Black Terror Called Gestapo Mag. 5
02/09/1942 Todt ‘Wizard Of Communications’ For Hitler, Dies In Plane Crash-Directed Arms Production 4
02/09/1942 Nazi Plan For Jews Is A Prison State-Strict Ghetto Code (By George Axelsson) 5
02/09/1942 Mexican Road Plan Awaiting U.S. Loans 5
02/09/1942 Typhus Danger Arises (In Spain & Portugal) 5
02/09/1942 Nazi Line Pierced Below Leningrad 7
02/09/1942 ‘Dictator’ In War Declared Useful (By Dr. Albert Sturm, Univ. Of Michigan) 10
02/10/1942 Fire-Swept Normandie Keels Over At Pier; 1 Dead, 128 Hurt, Blaze Termed Accident 1
02/10/1942 U.S. Warns Vichy Of Possible Break 1
02/10/1942 Vichy Reveals Cost Of Nazi Occupation 5
02/10/1942 (Admiral) Leahy Sees Petain, Darlan 5
02/10/1942 (Admiral William H.) Standley Nominated As Envoy To Russia-Retired Admiral Is Expert On Far East And Supply Problem 6
02/10/1942 Nazis List Labor Reserve-Expect 1,200,000 Unemployed In Europe To Work For Them 6
02/10/1942 Negroes Hear First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt)-She Tells Unity Rally In Capital We Must Win War And Peace 8
02/10/1942 Nazi Prisoners In Russian (Pow) Camp Handle Own Discipline And Work 10
02/10/1942 (Sir Stafford) Cripps Denies Plan Charged To Soviet-Repudiates Aim To Bolshevize Europe If Allies Win War 10
02/10/1942 Todt’s Death Seen As Help To Goering-Munitions (Supply) Post Goes To (Professor Albert) Speer (36 Years Old-Picture) 11
02/10/1942 Text Of War Shipping (Administration) Order 12
02/10/1942 Hearing Is Asked By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Awaits Bid From Critics (Named Melvin Douglas, Ultra Liberal Actor, As Head Of Office Of Civilian Defense) 13
02/10/1942 Jehovah’s Witness Loses Case 14
02/10/1942 Morgenthau Will Soon Ask Debt Limit To Rise To $110,000,000,000 Or No Limit Whatever 16
02/10/1942 (Francis) Biddle Exempts 2 Alien Classes 21
02/11/1942 Lend-Lease Aid Nears 30 Billion 5
02/11/1942 Vichy’s Aid To Axis Listed By British 10
02/11/1942 Jewish Army Plan (To Organize Jewish Army) Gets Wide Support (In U.S.) 11
02/11/1942 The (Weapons) Supply Line (To Russia, Etc. Is The Road To Victory (Trans-Iranian Railway) 20
02/11/1942 Roosevelt Hails (Boy) Scout’s War Aid 42
02/12/1942 Food Sent To British Cost $367,000,000-Lend-Lease Deliveries Exceeded 3 Billion Pounds In 9 Months 2
02/12/1942 Red Army’s Blows Sap Nazi Strength 8
02/12/1942 (James M.) Landis Shapes Ocd (Office Of Civil Defense) ‘Built For Action’ 15
02/12/1942 Draft Status Set For Aliens In City-Allies To Be Part In L-A (Axis Nationals In 4-C) 19
02/12/1942 Du Pont Ends Sale Of Contract Nylon (Production To Go To The Military) 31
02/13/1942 Roosevelt Confers With Soviet Aides 5
02/13/1942 (U.S. Educators) Ask Avila Comacho (Mexico) To Aid 5 Refugees 5
02/13/1942 Jewish Army (In Palestine) Aim Urged As A Right (By Moshe Shertok, Jewish Agency Of Palestine) 7
02/13/1942 Raczynski Tells Of Polish ‘Misery’ (Under German Occupation) 12
02/13/1942 Ickes Hits (Rexford G.) Tugwell Foes 12
02/13/1942 U.S. Bombers Seen Winning The War 17
02/14/1942 Roosevelt Scores Levying Poll Tax 1
02/14/1942 Roosevelt Signs Chinese Loan ($1/2 Billion) Bill-Owen Lattimore Says Closing Burma Road Would Not Affect China’s Will To Fight On 5
02/14/1942 More Aid To Russia Is Asked By (Senator Claude) Pepper (Florida) 9
02/14/1942 Women Speed Jobs In War Factories 10
02/14/1942 3,000 Jews To Enter Palestine By March 31-1,250 (Legal Entry Permits) Are Granted By British (6,000 Asked-From Russia, Turkey, Iran, India, & Afghanistan) 11
02/14/1942 U.S.-Mexico Gains In Trade Forecast-Sequel To War Program 23
02/15/1942 Nazi Death Order Widened In France-Decree Hits Any One Aiding Or Hiding American Civilians 1
02/15/1942 Baltic Farming Directed (For Germans By Heinrich Lohse) 5
02/15/1942 R. A. F. Bombs Reich Cities (Aachen & Koeln) 17
02/15/1942 Red Army Thrusts Steadily Forward-Hitler Summons Von Brauchitsch 20
02/15/1942 British Rush Food To Succor Greeks-Two Swedish Ships Chartered (Allowed Through British Blockade) 25
02/15/1942 Full Program In (Prosecution Of) War Drafted By Educators D-5
02/15/1942 Indiana To Revise Its Social Studies D-5
02/15/1942 Largest Earning Since 1929 Shown (By U.S. Steel Industry) F-2
02/15/1942 Guayule (Desert Plant) For Rubber E-2
02/15/1942 Mexicans Ready To Work With Us (In War Work) E-5
02/16/1942 Singapore Surrenders Unconditionally 1
02/16/1942 (N.Y.) Job Bias Committee Starts Work Today 12
02/16/1942 Nazi Revenge Seen In (Staten Island) Synagogue Fire (Arson Suspected) 18
02/17/1942 Pool Of Manpower Rises To 26,500,000 As Third Draft Ends 1
02/17/1942 (Richard Bormann) Gets Hess’s Place As Hitler’s Successor 2
02/17/1942 New Soviet Loan By U.S. Is In View 8
02/17/1942 Riom Is Crowded For Vichy’s (War Unpreparedness) Trial 9
02/17/1942 Picture: Russian Partisans-Film Of The Defense Of Moscow Depicts Army’s And People’s Fight 9
02/17/1942 (Sumner) Welles Stresses New-World Front 10
02/17/1942 Roosevelt Pushes Aid For War Idle 11
02/17/1942 Governors (Herbert Lehman) Plead For Racial Unity (In U.S. As Example) 12
02/17/1942 Pictures: Tide Turning: The United States, Arsenal Of Democracy, Rushing Supplies To Other United Nations 14
02/17/1942 11 Jurors Chosen For Viereck Trial 17
02/17/1942 Job Discrimination By Labor (Against Negroes) Charged (By President Roosevelt’s Committee On Fair Employment Practices-First Hearing In Nyc) 23
02/17/1942 (400) Interned German Ill (Trichinosis, Crew Of ‘Columbus’) 23
02/17/1942 Morgenthau Gets (97%) Aniline’s Shares 31
02/18/1942 Nazis Charge (Dutch, Dr. Eelco N. Van Kleffens) Plot To Murder Hitler (And Von Ribbentrop) 3
02/18/1942 Pool (Cartel) In Transport Allowed By (Francis) Biddle (During War) 10
02/18/1942 President (Roosevelt) Vetoes Bill For Guayule (Rubber)-Insists That Latin America Be Included 13
02/18/1942 Travel Rule Eased For Enemy Aliens (Pointed Out By [Jewish] National Refugee Service, Inc.) 14
02/18/1942 Rationing Of Sugar Likely On March 16 16
02/18/1942 Viereck Is Accused Of Writing Lundeen Text And Mailing It To 125,000 Under (Rep. Hamilton) Fish’s Frank 21
02/19/1942 Vichy Denies Deal (With Germany) On Madagascar-Envoy Talks To (Sumner) Welles 7
02/19/1942 Soviet Guns Punch Gaps In Nazi Lines 8
02/19/1942 3,000 Stoves (Field Type-Kerosene) Sent To Russia 9
02/19/1942 Wiretapping Bill Is Urged By (Francis) Biddle-He Says Confused Law Barred Access To Japanese Cable Messages From Hawaii 11
02/19/1942 Detroit’s Plants Taking On WomeN-100,000 Jobs Possible 16
02/19/1942 4 Correspondents (2 Americans) Are Hurt Near Vichy 21
02/19/1942 (Brig. Gen. William C. Rose) Says Colleges Fail To Train Leaders 22
02/20/1942 (Leon) Blum Challenges Riom Court As War Guilt (Unpreparedness) Trial Opens 1
02/20/1942 Churchill Reorganizes War Cabinet 1
02/20/1942 (Brig. Gen. Dwight D.) Eisenhower As War Plans Chief Completes Army Staff Recasting 3
02/20/1942 Smolensk (Near Katyn Graves) In Peril Of Soviet Pincers 4
02/20/1942 Vichy Reply To U.S. Is Unsatisfactory 5
02/20/1942 Near East Awaits Big Blow By Nazis-Germany Held Desperate-Lack Of Oil-United Nations Call On Our Factories To Get Out Materials For Them 7
02/20/1942 (Dr. Barclay Acheson) Sees U.S. Fighting To Save Heritage 7
02/20/1942 (Enemy) Alien Property Run By Treasury (Department-Morgenthau) 10
02/20/1942 (George) Hill Links (Rep. Hamilton Fish, His Employer) With Viereck Acts 11
02/21/1942 Army Gets Power To Move (‘Resettle’) Citizens Or Aliens Inland 1
02/21/1942 Mrs (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Quits Ocd (Office Of Civilian Defense) To Free Agency Of Attack 1
02/21/1942 Algerian Jews Curbed-Special Status Received In 1870 (Isaac Adolphe Cremieux Decree) Is Abrogated By Vichy 4
02/21/1942 Text Of Roosevelt’s Alien (Restriction-Resettlement) Order 6
02/21/1942 (Representative Hamilton) Fish Shouts ‘Lie’ At Viereck Trial-Does Not Contradict (George) Hill (His Former Employee) 7
02/21/1942 ‘Aggressive War’ Forecast By (Adolf A.) Berle (Jr., ‘In Which We Propose To Conquer’) 9
02/21/1942 Births In Nation 2,500,000 In 1941-Net Population Increase Is 1,090,000 11
02/21/1942 Palestine Serves As Refugee HaveN-30,000 Admitted In 30 Months Of War24,000 Of Them Are Jews 21
02/22/1942 Vichy Brings Battleship Dunkerque Home-Had Been Badly Damaged By British At Oran 1
02/22/1942 (Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) Heads Jewish Appeal (Lehman, S.S. Wise, & E. M. M. Warburg) 7
02/22/1942 Ending Of (Racial) Apathy Urged In (Jewish) Sermons-Tolerance Is Stressed 8
02/22/1942 Rival Nazi Church Assailed In Russia (By Sergius, Communist Metropolitan Of Moscow)-Asks A Return To (Russian) Fold 12
02/22/1942 Defense Stubborn In The Riom (French Unpreparedness) Trial 13
02/22/1942 Latin America Sets Record In Students Here D-5
02/22/1942 Trials At Riom Focus Attention Upon Vichye 3
02/22/1942 Riom Setting Veils Trial E-5
02/22/1942 Retribution For War Crimes Held To Be Fear Of Germans-Alexander N. Sack E-6
02/22/1942 Trouble-Shooter (Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg, War Labor Board) Mag. 18
02/23/1942 U.S. Consul Blocks (Sale Of Ship To) Nazis (At Istanbul) 4
02/23/1942 Russian War Relief To Get $114,000 Aid-Donations Made At Conference Of 683 Jewish Groups 9
02/23/1942 Mrs. (F. D.) Roosevelt Berates Critics, Defends Course As Ocd Official (Describes Opponents As A Small Group Of ‘Unenlightened Men,’ Renewing Fight For ‘The Privileged Few’) 23
02/23/1942 Racial Bias (‘Anti-Semitism’) Held Treason To U.S. (By Rev. Henry Smith Leiper, American Secretary Of The World Council Of Churches) 24
02/23/1942 (Fulton J.) Sheen Condemns False Tolerance 24
02/24/1942 Stephan Zweig, Wife End Lives (With Poison) In Brazil (Left Note, ‘Lacked Strength To Go On.’) 1
02/24/1942 U.S. Seeking Data On Vichy’s Fleet 3
02/24/1942 Wright To Produce (Aircraft) Engines In Brazil 9
02/24/1942 (Morgenthau) Asks ‘Hemisphere Dollar’ 11
02/24/1942 Educators Study School War Role 19
02/24/1942 Treasury (Department) Relaxes Refugee Fund Curb 23
02/24/1942 Woman Scientist (Margaret Mead) Is Recipient Of Gold Medal For Studies Of Primitive Peoples Of Pacific (Subsequently It Was Found That Her Studies Were Falsified And Her Work Discredited!) 24
02/24/1942 Roosevelt Orders One Housing Head-End Of Waste Called Aim 38
02/25/1942 (Francis) Biddle Presents War ‘Secrets’ Bill 1
02/25/1942 Von Papen (& Wife) Escapes A Bomb In Ankara (Bomb Exploded In Hands Of Assassin Who Was Blown To Bits) 5
02/25/1942 750 (Jewish) Refugees On Ship (‘Struma,’From Constanta, Rumania) Blown Up In Black Sea (Flying Panamanian Flag-Jews From Bulgaria & Rumania, Being Towed By Turkish Tug-Passengers Had Entry Papers For Neither Turkey Nor Palestine) 7
02/25/1942 Germany To Pass (British Relief) Wheat For Greece (Through German Blockade) 9
02/25/1942 (Mrs. Viereck) Says Mrs. Lundeen Took Viereck Data (From File) 10
02/25/1942 Daladier Is Too Ill To Appear In (Riom) Court 10
02/25/1942 The Economic Pact With Britain (Text) 12
02/25/1942 Dried Soup Going To Polish Refugees (Emigres In Russia) 22
02/26/1942 Unabridged Text Of Stalin’s Order Of Monday 8
02/26/1942 Nazis Blame British For Papen Bombing 8
02/26/1942 Viereck All Right, Mrs. Lundeen Says-British Censor On Stand 10
02/26/1942 Alien Internment Confirmed (By Francis Biddle) For 448-5,151 Foreigners Seized 10
02/26/1942 Federal Housing Is Centralized At Last (As Originally Planned!) 18
02/27/1942 Soviet Seizes Japanese Holdings, Masses Troops Opposite Sakhalin 1
02/27/1942 Pearl Harbor Rift (Between Kimmel & Short) Denied (By Admiral William H. Standley, Newly Appointed Ambassador To Russia) 2
02/27/1942 Relief Speeded To Iran (To Polish Refugee Camps-20,000 Women & Children) 2
02/27/1942 (Lord) Halifax Says ‘Lies’ (Designed To Disunite U.S. And England) Imperil The Peace 4
02/27/1942 Picture: George Messersmith At Avila Comacho’s Reception In Mexico City 4
02/27/1942 Oil Shortage Seen In European Axis 7
02/27/1942 Educators Offer All Aid To Win War 13
02/27/1942 Mrs. (F. D.) Roosevelt Asks Foreign-Born To Help This Nation Win The War 19
02/28/1942 Jews Of Palestine Mourn Refugee Dead (On ‘Struma’-Ran Into A Mine Field) 2
02/28/1942 (Sir Stafford) Cripps Asks Help Of Nazis’ Victims (Appeals For Sabotage Of German Production) 3
02/28/1942 Germans In Russia Ban Collectives 4
02/28/1942 Daladier At (Riom) Trial Praises De Gaulle 5
02/28/1942 Raids On British Cities Have Ended Nazis Assert 7
02/28/1942 Pearl Buck Urges Negroes To Aid U.S.-’Natural Bitter-Ness Toward White Man 18
02/28/1942 OPA Ready To Put Ceilings On Rents 30