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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

May 1942
Date Headline Page
05/01/1942 Stalin Says He Seeks No Foreign Soil (Doesn’t Define ‘Foreign’) 1
05/01/1942 Picture: Carlton J. H. Hayes, U.S. Ambassador To Spain, Honored By Christians & Jews (For Understanding And Cooperation Among Catholics, Protestants, & Jews) 13
05/01/1942 (Community Service Center) Tells Of Aid To Negroes 40
05/02/1942 (Admiral William) Leahy Quits Vichy, ‘Sorry’ To Go, Laval Aides, Diplomats At Train 5
05/02/1942 Loyal (Enemy) Aliens Victims Of Bias (Says Eleanor Roosevelt) 6
05/02/1942 (Winthrop Chemical Co.) Offers Atabrine (I. G. Farben) License (Patent!) 6
05/02/1942 Dr. J. L. Seligsohn Dead-Leader Of German Jews (President, Hilfsverein Der Deutschen Juden) Had Been Imprisoned Since 1940 (In A Concentration Camp-Joint Distribution Committee Report) 6
05/03/1942 Fight Is Ruled Out By India Congress 1
05/03/1942 War Called Test Of Liberal Ideas (By President Of Colby College) D-7
05/03/1942 R. A. F. Offensive Found Gaining Its Objectives E-5
05/03/1942 (Montbatten) Chief Of The Commandos Mag. 15
05/03/1942 56 Hostages Slain By Nazis In Lille (Reprisal For French Killing Of Germans) 5
05/03/1942 Palestine Dissidents (‘Terrorists’-Stern Gang) Wage War On Police 9
05/03/1942 Jewish Army More Gets Support Here 10
05/03/1942 (U.S.) Prosecutors To Hear (Francis) Biddle (On Wartime Problems & Policy) 11
05/03/1942 Saving Nazi Youth Seen Church Duty-Minds Are Held Poisoned 12
05/05/1942 (R. A. F) Raids Left 7,000 Dead In Rostock 1
05/05/1942 U.S. Warns Vichy Not To Resist (Madagascar Seizure By British)Fight On The British Would Bring General Clash 1
05/05/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Aids War Bond Drive 18
05/05/1942 (Father) Coughlin Weekly (‘Social Justice’) Ends Publication (Banned From Mails By Government [Biddle] Order) 23
05/06/1942 Corregidor Surrenders Under Land Attack 1
05/06/1942 British Hit Madagascar Base, Vichy Resists-Laval Protests ‘Aggression’ But Won’t Seek U.S. Break 1
05/06/1942 Mrs. (Anna M.) Rosenberg In 2 Federal Jobs While Making $22,500 On The Side 1
05/06/1942 Europe Impressed By American Step (Support Of British Invasion Of Madagascar) 3
05/06/1942 Stuttgart Bombed In Big R. A. F. Raid 10
05/06/1942 Labor Must Merit Gains (Francis) Biddle Says 14
05/06/1942 (Jan) Masaryk (Czech) Says Future Depends On America 15
05/06/1942 Names Switzerland As Haven For Waifs-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Reveals New Plan For European Children 16
05/07/1942 R. A. F. Hammers Stuttgart Again 1
05/07/1942 Nazi ‘Offensive’ Hits At Partisans-Germans Open Drive To Clear Their Rear Of Guerrillas 6
05/07/1942 40 More Are Shot By Nazis In France (In Retaliation) 7
05/07/1942 Weekly Gas Ration Is 2 To 6 Gallons 11
05/07/1942 M’nutt Predicts Labor Migrations-Calling For 10,500,000 More Workers 14
05/07/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Praises Hadassah 40
05/08/1942 Madagascar Base Surrenders To The British 1
05/08/1942 Yugoslavs (In London Exile) Charge Axis Slew 465,000 (Yugo-Slavs) Tells Of Wide Atrocities-Hungarians Accused Of Killing 100,000 8
05/08/1942 (National) Income Is At Rate Of 106 Billion Now-All-Time National Peak 14
05/08/1942 Lehman Signs Bill To End Racial Ban (Announces He Is Not To Be A Candidate For Re-Election) 19
05/09/1942 German Cardinal (Michael Cardinal Von Faulhaber) Indicts Nazi ‘War On Christianity’ 1
05/09/1942 Hitler Held Forced To Risk All In Russia-Polish Commander (Anders) Suspects Initial Nazi Successes 4
05/09/1942 Yugoslav (Mikhailovitch) Forces In Critical Plight-Retreat To Hills Likely 5
05/09/1942 Publicity, A Weekly Barred From Mails (On Biddle’s Order) 11
05/10/1942 Jewish Appeal (For Overseas Needs And Palestine) Endorsed 29
05/10/1942 Weeding Out Of Foes (In U.S.A.) Finished, (Francis) Biddle Says 33
05/10/1942 Zionists Sessions Are Opened Here-Policy For Rest Of War To Stem From 3-Day Conference That Attracts World Leaders-Palestine Role Stressed-3,000,000 European Jews Uprooted (Stephen S. Wise Wants Jewish Army-Uprooted Jews Pictured As Mistreated But No Mention Of Mass Murder Of Jews) 37
05/10/1942 Teachers Carry Big War Tasks Besides Classes D-6
05/10/1942 Our Aid To Russia Sails In Increasing Volume E-4
05/10/1942 Hess Mystery A Year Later E-4
05/10/1942 Can Hitler Conquer Russia-C. L. Sulzberger (No) Mag. 3
05/10/1942 Revenge For This-(Rotterdam) Mag. 17
05/10/1942 Churchill Warns Nazis Of Gas Reprisals 1
05/10/1942 Russian Agency (‘Tass’) Had Charged Use Of Poison Gas By Nazis InCrimea 1
05/10/1942 Ben-Gurion Outlines Program For Solving Palestine Problem (At Hotel Biltmore Zionist Conference) 6
05/10/1942 Political Advertisement: Do You Want A ‘Hamfish’ Congress?-The Union For Democratic Action (Against Fish’s Candidacy) 9
05/11/1942 Arms Jobs To Call 6,000,000 Women 10
05/12/1942 Nazis Open Drive In South Russia-250 Mile Front-Offensive Starts 1
05/12/1942 Official (Darquier De Pellepoix, Commissioner For Jewish Problems) Explains Vichy Aims On Jews Says France Must ‘Annihilate’ Their ‘Permanent Plot’ 7
05/12/1942 Zionists In Accord At (Biltmore Hotel) Meeting Here-Free Palestine Is Asked 12
05/12/1942 Isolation Seen Repudiated In U.S. (By Woodrow Wilson Foundation) 15
05/12/1942 Asparagus Crisis Relieved In Jersey-U.S. Job Service Rushes Cutters There To Save Crop 20
05/13/1942 Father) Coughlin Unit Loses Plea (Henry Glicman, Referee Of Hearings) 8
05/13/1942 Roosevelt’s Conduct Of War Approved By 8 Out Of 10 Voters, Gallup Poll Finds 10
05/13/1942 U.S. Urged To Train Boys To Be Officers (By Dr. James Bryant Conant, President Of Harvard Univ.) 17
05/13/1942 Socialist And Negro Added To (N.Y. City College) Faculty 20
05/14/1942 Feat Of (Palestine) Jewish Troops (Carried Water To British Troops In Libya) 2
05/14/1942 New Curbs In Berlin-Jews Are Forbidden To Attend Hitler’s ‘Historical Parades’ 2
05/14/1942 All German Civilians In Poland Will Arm (Against Terrorists!) 3
05/14/1942 Nazis Rush Police To Occupied Lands-Surge Of Sabotage Is Reported All Over Continent 8
05/14/1942 WPA Ready To Feed City In War Crisis 21
05/14/1942 Urges Government Help ‘Free’ South-Washington Must See That ‘Feudal System’ Ends 38
05/15/1942 Free Use Of All Its Patents Offered To U.S. By I. T. & T 31
05/16/1942 Anger Of Public Grows In Mexico-Mexican Casino Stoned 2
05/16/1942 Polish Institute (Of Arts And Sciences In The U.S.) Is Founded Here 8
05/16/1942 Wants Jobs For Negroes (National Catholic Committee On Negro Employment) 8
05/17/1942 (Earl) Browder Is Freed As President (Roosevelt) Cites Need Of War Unity (Commutation Of Sentence) 1
05/17/1942 Chetniks (Mikhailovitch) Battling Hungarian Troops 13
05/17/1942 (Roosevelt) Aids United Jewish Plea (In Letter To Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) 29
05/17/1942 Prado (Peru) Is Greeted By Lehman Here-(Lehman Is Obviously Being ‘Exposed To The Public.’ This Is One Of Many Articles At This Time To Keep His Name In The Papers Before He Is Finally Made Head Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations [State Department’s ‘Frro’] Which Preceded His Appointment As Chief Of UNRRA) 33
05/17/1942 Jewish Congress To Map War Role-Greetings From Roosevelt-Dr. Stephen S. Wise Gives Keynote Address To 500 Delegates At Chicago Meeting (No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews) 38
05/17/1942 Germans Worried But Determined-(Their) New Motto, ‘We Must Win’ E-4
05/18/1942 Shortages In Italy And Reich Increase Grumbling In Axis 1
05/18/1942 Jews’ War Record Cited By Senator (Scott Lucas, Ill.-Picture Of Herbert Lehman) 7
05/18/1942 (Carl Sherman) Seeks New Agency To Fight Race Bias (At Chicago American Jewish Congress Conference-Attacks Against Father Coughlin But No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews) 8
05/18/1942 Morgenthau Gets Amherst Citation-Honorary Degrees Also Go To (John J.) M’cloy (Future U.S. High Commissioner Of Occupied Germany) 13
05/19/1942 Kharkov Defense Is Costly In Arms-Nazis Reported Short Of Arms-Russians Well Supplied (By U.S.) 3
05/19/1942 (American) Red Cross Doubles Its Aid To Russia 3
05/19/1942 (Military) Service Plan Devised For Palestine Jews 5
05/19/1942 (American) Jewish Congress (In Chicago) Demands Role In Peace; Calls For Postwar Reconstruction Of World ($1,000,000 Budget Adopted) 13
05/20/1942 Nazis Take Offensive Below Kharkov 1
05/20/1942 British Clash With French Aloft And On Sea Off Algiers 1
05/20/1942 Argentina Orders Axis Agent Ousted 5
05/20/1942 Guns In Vichy Fire At Bombers Aloft (Nationality Undisclosed) 5
05/20/1942 Stern Justice Asked For Reich By Briton (Vansittart) 6
05/20/1942 Britons To Get More Eggs In Powder Form From U.S. 6
05/20/1942 Saboteurs Dynamite Railroad In France-Five Jews Shot In Paris Following Shooting And Blast 10
05/20/1942 (Archbishop Of) Canterbury Justifies Bombing Of Luebeck 14
05/21/1942 R. A. F. Smashes At Mannheim 1
05/21/1942 Ration Cuts (In Food) Announced) (In Germany) 4
05/21/1942 Nazis Deny Inhumanity (In Greece) 5
05/21/1942 Vichy French Down More R. A. F. (2) Craft (In North Africa) 9
05/21/1942 War Unit (To Handle Problems Of Enemy Aliens, Property, Objectors, Etc.) Is Set Up By Justice Agency (Under Francis Biddle) 10
05/21/1942 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Son (Elllott) On Promotion List 11
05/21/1942 Navy Will Enlist Negroes To Fight 11
05/21/1942 Control Of Bosch Taken Over By U.S. (Leo T. Crowley, Custodian Of Alien Property) 32
05/22/1942 Lehman Call To (Federal) War Post Expected Within A Month 1
05/22/1942 (Brig. Gen.) George’s Ashes Here 3
05/22/1942 Report On Salvaging Normandie 4
05/22/1942 Mobilized Britons Put At 22,000,000 8
05/22/1942 Hitler Defended (By Duke Of Bedford) To British Lords 9
05/22/1942 Picture: Spruille Braden & President Fulgencio Batista (Cuba) 13
05/22/1942 Extra $1,000,000 Asked For Palestine-Jewish Agency Calls For Fund For Urgent War Needs 14
05/22/1942 The (Presidential) Executive Order As A Deadly Weapon (By Arthur Krock) 20
05/23/1942 15,000 Nazis Killed As Russians Check Foe Near Krakov 1
05/23/1942 Dewey Joins Fight For Defeat Of (Representative Hamilton) Fish 1
05/23/1942 Nazis At Kharkov Claim Initiative 5
05/23/1942 Nazi Army’s Flaws Traced (By Russians) To Purges 5
05/23/1942 Treasury Writ Asked (By Francis Biddle); First In This War 7
05/23/1942 ‘Aid-To-Russia Day’ Is Set For June 22 10
05/24/1942 Britain Puts Ban On ‘Hate Schools’ (By Lt. Gen. Sir Bernard C. Paget) 9
05/24/1942 Nation Is Warned Of Over Confidence (By Rabbi Israel Goldstein & Others) 24
05/24/1942 Britain Short Of Labor 25
05/24/1942 (Jewish National) Refugee Service Seen Aiding War (William A. Rosenwald, President) 26
05/24/1942 Cartoon: ‘The Ax-Man Over Europe’ E-4
05/24/1942 Fear May Lie Behind Nazi Repression-Even More Brutality Is Likely As Invasion Threat Spurs Unrest E-4
05/24/1942 Cartoon: ‘The Last Resort’-Nazi Poison Gas E-9
05/24/1942 Daily Rate Of U.S. War Expenditures July 1940 To April 1942 E-10
05/25/1942 Greeting To Moscow Sent By Jews (Jewish Council For Russian War Relief) Here 3
05/25/1942 Russians Appraise U.S.-Built Planes (Bell P-39’s & Curtiss P-4O’s) 5
05/25/1942 U.S. Urged To Use Refugee’s Skills (By Jewish National Refugee Service-England Using 70,000 Refugees From Enemy Countries-Like Germany?) 7
05/25/1942 Palestine Group (Arch-Zionists) Will Celebrate (Names!) 16
05/25/1942 Palestine Expenditures-$3,800,000 Spent In 6 Months On Jewish National Home 16
05/25/1942 Ort To Open School In Canada On Friday-First In Month America Has Enrollment Of 100 Refugees 30
05/25/1942 Searle Denounces Race Job Barriers 30
05/26/1942 President (Roosevelt) Offers Hope For Palestine (For Jewish National Home-No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews Only Complaints Of Concentration Camps & Ghettos) 13
05/27/1942 Nazis Kill 400 In Lithuania For Death Of 2 Germans (Swedish Report) 7
05/27/1942 (President’s Committee On Fair Employment Practices) Tells (Orders!) 8 Concerns To Lift Race Bars 17
05/27/1942 500 Refugees (Origin Uncertain) Settled In Dominican Republic (James N. Rosenburg, Chairman Of Settlement Association-Apparently With Trujillo’s Blessing) 19
05/27/1942 Frau Eva Chamberlain, Daughter Of Cosima Wagner And Grand-Daughter Of Liszt Dies (75) 23
05/27/1942 J. R. Brinkley; Goat Gland Doctor (Dies 56) 24
05/27/1942 Hire Negroes Only For New (Sun) Shipyard 43
05/28/1942 Heydrich Of Gestapo Hurt (Assassination By Czech-British Commandos) Big Reward Up For Assailant 1&2
05/28/1942 Germans Are Asked For Clothing Rags 2
05/28/1942 Lend-Lease Accord Is Offered To China 7
05/28/1942 Improved (U.S. Government) Housing For Negroes Asked (By Charles Abrams, Housing Expert) 15
05/28/1942 (Roosevelt) Asks $600,000,000 For War Housing 15
05/28/1942 Germany’s Hangman (Heydrich-Justifying His Assassination) 16
05/29/1942 (Harry Renton) Bridges Ordered Deported At Once In (Francis) Biddle Decision 1&8
05/29/1942 Argentina (Under Castillo) Stays On Neutral Path 4
05/29/1942 Synthetic Quinine (Atabrine) Stirs (German) Patent Issue 10
05/29/1942 Poinsettia Yields Rubber (In Australia) 10
05/29/1942 A Continent United (Against Germany) 16
05/29/1942 Foe Sabotage Here Seen Non-Existent 25
05/30/1942 John Barrymore Dies In Hollywood (60) 1&6
05/30/1942 Mexican Deputies Vote For War (With Germany); Senate Called For Action Friday 1
05/30/1942 Nazi Reserve Stocks Held Near Depletion 5
05/30/1942 Prejudice Is Disloyal 14
05/30/1942 Appraising Reinhard Heydrich 16
05/31/1942 (Sumner) Welles Predicts Post-War World Policed By (U.N.) Allies 1
05/31/1942 Russian Unit Of U.S. Tanks Ready To Battle Germans 1
05/31/1942 Allies Helping Us Under Lend-Lease (Stettinius)-Resources Of All Pooled 10
05/31/1942 Line-Up (Of Nations) Of World War Ii 15
05/31/1942 Time Favors Foes Nazi Organ Warns 16
05/31/1942 (Reinhard) Heydrich Attack Laid To ‘Chutists’ 17
05/31/1942 Slovakia To Oust Jews (Evacuation But No Killing Mentioned) 17
05/31/1942 Third Summer Of The War Finds Hitler No Longer Free To Choose His Field E-3
05/31/1942 Mexico’s War Entrance Alters National Policy E-4
05/31/1942 ‘An Objective Study Of Nazi Policies In Poland,’ By Simon Segal, The New Order In Poland, Alfred A Knopf, N.Y Book 3
05/31/1942 The Race Barrier ‘That Must Be Destroyed’-Pearl S. Buck Mag. 3
05/31/1942 The Growing Army Of British Women Mag. 8