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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

June 1942
Date Headline Page
06/01/1942 1,000 British Bombers Set Cologne On Fire-A 90 Minute Raid 1
06/01/1942 Picture: Air Marshal (Bomber) A. T. Harris Who Planned Cologne Raid 2
06/01/1942 Germans Concede Damage (To Koeln) Is Great 3
06/01/1942 Germany Is Warned of U.S. Air Plans — London Broadcast Says Our Own Bombing Must Be Expected Soon 3
06/01/1942 Palestine Jews Enlist-20,000 Are Already In The British Armed Forces 4
06/01/1942 Mayor (La Guardia) Pins Labels On Axis Leaders (Hitler-’Ober-Schwein,’ Mussolini-’The Yellow Cur,’ Mikado-’The Slimy Rat’-’Promised The Three Axis Leaders Would Be ‘Exterminated’ By The Free Peoples Of The World’) 15
06/02/1942 Cologne Death Toil Put As High As 20,000; With 54,000 Hurt (Cathedral ‘Unscathed’); Nazis Raid Canterbury (25-Plane Raid) 1
06/02/1942 Extinction Feared If Aid Fails Greeks 4
06/02/1942 (Count) Ciano Is Described As Gaining Wealth 4
06/02/1942 Picture: Herbert Claiborne Pell, U.S. Minister To Hungary 5
06/02/1942 Y. M. C. A. Man Tells Of Gestapo Torture 5
06/02/1942 Zionists Assailed (By Non-Zionist Rabbis) On Jewish Army 9
06/02/1942 New Group (‘Democracy in Action’) Seeks Aid Of Minorities (Message From Eleanor Roosevelt In Support) 15
06/02/1942 A Cologne Every Night Not Yet Possible-By Arthur Krock 22
06/03/1942 R. A. F. In Third Major Raid On Germany;-Essen Is Hit Hard 1
06/03/1942 Pro-Nazi Editor Is Slain In Paris-Assassin Escapes 1
06/03/1942 Mexico Welcomed By U.S. As An Ally 13
06/03/1942 Row Over (Employment Of) Negroes Stops (Dodge) Truck Plant 16
06/03/1942 Non-Zionist Session Ends Without Accord-Endorses Development Of Palestine 18
06/03/1942 Lehman Stresses Winning Of Peace-There Can Be No Compromise Victory 19
06/03/1942 The Rise Of (U.S.) Income 22
06/03/1942 (Alien Property) Custodian (Leo T. Crowley) Seizes 600 More Patents (3,000 Seized So Far; 58,000 Remain) 41
06/04/1942 ‘Murder’ By R. A. F. Charged By Vichy 1
06/04/1942 Damage In Essen Bad As In Cologne 1
06/04/1942 Mrs. Roosevelt (Eleanor) Asked To Cease Aid To ‘Reds’ 8
06/04/1942 Dewey Says Foes Exalt Race Bias 12
06/04/1942 (Senator Claude) Pepper (Florida) Demands Hitler Be Hanged (‘Hang Him Higher Than Haman.’) 12
06/04/1942 Job Status Is Told By Mrs. (Anna M.) Rosenberg (Who Has 5 Jobs) 38
06/05/1942 (Reinhard) Heydrich Is Dead; Czech Toll At 178 1&13
06/05/1942 Big R. A. F. Forces Bomb France, Fire Bremen 1
06/05/1942 Palestine Question Held Peace Problem-Poletti (N.Y. Candidate) Tells Jewish (American) Legion It (Palestine) Must Be Restored (To Jews) 8
06/05/1942 No Revenge Peace British (Earl Of Selborne) Declare-4-Power Control Seen-Guilty Individuals Will Be Punished 11
06/05/1942 Heydrich’s Fame Rested On Murder-A Specialist In Terror 13
06/05/1942 Hangman (Heydrich)-And Failure 16
06/05/1942 Congress Is Urged To Curb President (Roosevelt-’I Have The Utmost Respect For President Roosevelt’ But) 19
06/06/1942 Life In Berlin Gestapo Jail A Study in Mental Torture (By Anti-German Journalist, Harold Denny Who Just Returned Aboard The Swedish ‘Drottningholm’ After Having Been Captured By The Germans In Libya) 1
06/06/1942 (Admiral William) Leahy Sees Roosevelt 4
06/06/1942 Landon Gives Plan On Alcohol-Rubber 6
06/06/1942 Church To Stage Air Raid Drills 10
06/07/1942 Huge Overbuying Charged To Army-Business Men Estimate Orders Could Cloth 50,000,000 Men In Peacetime (Maybe The Russian Army Was Also Clothed By The U.S. As Well As Fed!) 1
06/07/1942 Hull Warns Finns On Helping Hitler 1
06/07/1942 Territorial Claims Of Russia Weighed 4
06/07/1942 Nazi Acts Decried By Reich Bishops (Fulda Catholic Conference-Text) 12
06/07/1942 Winant Would Bar Post-War Poverty-Allies Must Carry On Fight To End Social Evils 17
06/07/1942 Curb On Writing To War Prisoners 18
06/07/1942 M’leish Disclaims Fostering Hate 19
06/07/1942 (Sumner) Welles’ Outline Sets A Course For The Peace (Arthur Knock) E-3
06/08/1942 Prague Populace ‘Mourns’ (‘Hangman,’ Reinhardt) Heydrich-Funeral To Be In Berlin-Body Of Executioner Is Borne Through Streets Packed By Command Of Gestapo 2
06/08/1942 Lend-Lease Support In Palestine Urged-Representative J. B. Dengell Also Backs Jewish Army Plan 2
06/08/1942 Nazis Say (Russian) Guerrillas Wear Reich Uniform 2
06/08/1942 4½ Billion A Year Is Looted By Nazis-Vast Confiscation Cited 5
06/08/1942 Seymour (Yale University) Says We Will Save Liberty-We Will Extend Principle Of Freedom In Peace As Well As In War, He Declares 6
06/08/1942 Churchmen Who Defy Hitler (No. 1 Of Series)-Bishop Von Galen 6
06/08/1942 Pictures: Damage To Koeln By R. A. F. Raid 7
06/08/1942 Canadian Cardinal (Villeneuve) Cites Nazi Barbarity 8
06/08/1942 Calls Nazi Women ‘Brides Of State’-(Archibald) Mac Leish Tells Smith Seniors Foe Makes Patriotic Virtue Of Honorless Motherhood 16
06/08/1942 Vichy Will Shift Industrial Labor 23
06/09/1942 British Urge French To Quit Seacoast 1
06/09/1942 (Knights Templar Chief [Freemasons]) Says Nazis Fight Church (To ‘Exterminate Christianity’) 2
06/09/1942 3 More Allies (Belgium, Poland, & Greece) Get Lend-Lease Offer 10
06/09/1942 Reich National Debt Growing In Big Sums 10
06/09/1942 Hull Quotes Bishops In Scoring Hitlerism 12
06/09/1942 Roosevelt Wins Churchman Award (From Episcopal Church) 18
06/09/1942 Ending Of Slavery Is Called Our Task (Christian Science-’Let Us Die To Make Men Free’ Syndrome) 21
06/09/1942 (Dr. G. D. Stoddard, N.Y. State Commissioner Of Education) Urges Reorienting Of Enemies’ Youth 28
06/09/1942 Freedom’s Hope Seen In America (By Robert E. Sherwood) 44
06/10/1942 U.S. And Britain Pool All Production And All Food Resources For Victory 1
06/10/1942 ‘Vengeance’ Sworn At (Reinhardt) Heydrich Bier 9
06/10/1942 Post-War Refuge In Palestine Asked (By The 75 Of The Committee Of Christian Leaders, Clergymen And Laymen, In Behalf Of Jewish Immigration Into Palestine) 10
06/10/1942 Break With Vichy Opposed By (Admiral William) Leahy 11
06/10/1942 Germany’s Internal War Centers In The (Its) Churches-(By Ann O’Hare McCormick) 20
06/11/1942 Nazis Blot Out Czech Village (Lidice); Kill All Men, Disperse Others (Reprisal For Hiding Reinhardt Heydrich’s Assassins, From Britain, Dropped By Parachute For Assassination) 1
06/11/1942 Russian Guerrillas Control Ten Zones-Partisans In Nazis’ Rear Publish Papers, Run Radio Stations 8
06/11/1942 U.S. To Specialize In War Bombers-Fighters England’s Job 10
06/11/1942 Right To Ship (Drafted) Men (Overseas) Is Asked In Canada (But Never Obtained!) 10
06/11/1942 Jewish Groups Meet-26 Reform Synagogues Plan To Form Federation 10
06/11/1942 Picture: Sumner Welles, Honorary Lld (At N.Y. University) 18
06/11/1942 World’s Leaders (Many Named) Honor Weizmann-President (Roosevelt) Sends Greetings 21
06/11/1942 Minorities’ Rights In The Supreme Court (By Arthur Krock) 22
06/12/1942 Molotoff And Roosevelt Plan For 2D Front-Molotoff’s London-U.S. Trip Was Best-Kept War Secret-U.S., Soviet Agree 1
06/12/1942 Strong Nazi Drive Fought In Ukraine 1
06/12/1942 Soviet And Britain Sign War And Peace Pact-No Secret In Pact British Are Told 1
06/12/1942 Molotoff Outlines Nazi ‘Crime’ Program-He Charges They Introduced Practice Of Slaying Prisoners 9
06/13/1942 Text Of The United States-Soviet Agreement 6
06/13/1942 Nazis Blame Jews For Big Bombings (Of German Cities)-Goebbels Says ‘Extermination Of All In Europe And Perhaps Beyond’ Will Result (Recorded By United Press In N.Y. See June 21, 1942, P. 12) 7
06/13/1942 Churchmen Who Defy Hitler: Karl Barth 7
06/13/1942 War Guilt Laid To Nazi Leaders-Gallup Poll 8
06/13/1942 President (Roosevelt) Yearns For ‘Exciting’ Duty 8
06/14/1942 President (Roosevelt, Executive Order Text, P. 31) Forms Top News Agency (‘Office Of War Information,’ [‘Owi’]); Elmer Davis Chief 1
06/14/1942 258 Jews Reported Slain In Berlin For Bomb Plot At Anti-Red Exhibit (Lustgarten-Baumgruppe Working At Siemens) 1&9
06/14/1942 Escape (Of ‘One Man’) From Lidice Reported 9
06/14/1942 Arab-Jewish Deal In Palestine Urged-Dr. (Judah) Magnes (Of Palestine) Rebukes Extremists On Both Sides, Advocates Union In Bi-National State 25
06/14/1942 Picture: Hitler Float In U.N. Parade 38
06/14/1942 Educators Seek A Lasting Peace For All World D-5
06/14/1942 Russia In Program For Food Supplies F-3
06/14/1942 Laval Tries To Send Reich More Workers F-3
06/14/1942 Cartoon: The Inevitable Retaliation (Noose)-Heydrich, Hitler, Goering, Himmler E-3
06/14/1942 Diplomatic Shift Sensed In Turkey-Our Ambassador (Steinhardt Picture) Active E-4
06/14/1942 British, A Match For Nazis In Libya E-4
06/14/1942 Alien Restriction Tightens On (West) Coast (Pictures Francis Biddle & Gen. J. L. De Witt) E-9
06/15/1942 President (Roosevelt) Appeals For Revolt In Axis As 28 Allies Mass 1
06/15/1942 Aspirations Of The United Nations Voiced By President Roosevelt And 16 Envoys 4
06/15/1942 Knox Pledges Nazi Doom-Says ‘Butchers’ Will Be Erased As Was Town Of Lidice 5
06/15/1942 ‘Blockade’ Effects On Argentina Eyed (By U.S. State Dept.) 13
06/15/1942 Refugees (Since 1933) Cleared Of Taking Our Jobs-Study Suggested By First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Says They (Actually) Made Work (For The Rest Of Us-’Have Been Employing Americans’) 21
06/15/1942 Dr. Dodds (Princeton) Views Gains From War 26
06/16/1942 Lend-Lease Now Totals 4½ Billions-Roosevelt Says It’s Helping Shape Post-War World 1
06/16/1942 Vilna Massacre Of Jews Reported (Stockholm Report)-60,000 Slain In Two Weeks 6
06/16/1942 No Room For Nazis Mayor (La Guardia) Declares-World Cannot Hold American Democracy Also 11
06/16/1942 Dewey Is ‘All Out’ In Opposing (Representative Hamilton) Fish 15
06/16/1942 Peace Plans Urged By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt-She Sees Brotherhood Of Man As Goal For All 20
06/17/1942 Sweden Is Anti-Nazi Says British Visitor (Bishop Of Chichester) 3
06/17/1942 China Asks Allies For Pacific Drive (Offensive) 4
06/17/1942 Ideals Of Wilson Held Peace Guide (Halifax & Hu Shih At Princeton) 21
06/17/1942 Mme. Vera Figner, Enemy Of Czarism (Suspected Of Involvement In The Death Of Czar Alexander Ii) Imprisoned, Released-Dies At 90) 23
06/18/1942 (Sumner) Welles Suggests Cooling Off Time After War Is Won (Before Peace Treaty, Text P. 12) 1
06/18/1942 Convoy Loss Big, British Report 1
06/18/1942 (British) Bill Would Draft Aliens 13
06/18/1942 Medical Schools Accused Of (Racial) Bias (By Samuel Dickstein) 22
06/19/1942 British Retire In Libya, Tobruk Again In Peril 1
06/19/1942 Churchill Here For Talks On Second Front-Secrecy Is Imposed 1
06/19/1942 Heydrich Killers Slain Say Nazis, As Ultimatum To Czechs Expires 1
06/19/1942 War Outlay Nears A Billion A Week 7
06/20/1942 British Retire To Egyptian Border-Sevastopol Repels Heavier Drives 1
06/20/1942 Bid To Seize Rommel (By British Commandos Under Command Of Lt. Col. Geoffrey C. T. Keyes, Son Of Founder Of Commandos) Wins Posthumous V. C 5
06/20/1942 (Leo T.) Crowley Asks Reports On Foreign Patents To Trace Ownership And Alien Control 7
06/21/1942 Axis Circulates ‘Hot’ U.S. Currency-Spaniards Bring It In 2
06/21/1942 Killings By Nazis Scored In Pulpits (Synagogues)-Russian Treaty Lauded-Extermination Of Jews (See June 13, 1942, P. 7) 12
06/21/1942 Hunter Graduates Hazy On War Aims 22
06/21/1942 Boys To Camp Out As Berry Pickers 24
06/21/1942 Manpower Agency (Mc Nutt) Will Aid Negroes (Robert C. Weaver, A Negro, Will Join With President’s Committee On Fair Employment Practices) 38
06/21/1942 Yeshiva Widens Work D-5
06/21/1942 Rommel’s Libya Victory May Loose A New Drive E-5
06/21/1942 California Calls Farm Help E-7
06/21/1942 Madagascar, A Refuge-Island Believed To Be Suitable For (Jewish) Colonization (Letter) E-9
06/21/1942 When We Rebuild The World-By Ann O’Hare McCormick-A Review Of Hoover, H., & Gibson, H., The Problems Of Lasting Peace, Doubleday, Doran, N.Y Book 1
06/22/1942 Tobruk Falls, Axis Claims 25,000 Prisoners-Germans Drive Wedge Into Sevastopol Lines 1
06/22/1942 Big Push In Russia Held Beyond Nazis (By Soviet President, Mikhail Kalinin) 5
06/22/1942 Quarterly Reports On A Year Of The Campaign In Russia (Maps) 5
06/22/1942 Stalin’s Second Son (Col. Vassily Joseph) Wins Decoration For Bravery 6
06/22/1942 Culture Of Soviet Flourishes In War-(Ilya) Ehrenburg And (Aleksey Nikolayevich) Tolstoy Build (Propaganda) Reputations-Former Defines ‘Hate’ Of Armed Germans-Ehrenburg Molds Army Mood 6
06/22/1942 ‘Spring Offenslve’ Is Nazi Boomerang-Many Excuses Made 7
06/22/1942 Mr. Churchill, We Appeal To You-Committee For A Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews (Pierre Van Paassen, National Chairman-Supported By Lord Davies In Manchester Guardian) 10
06/22/1942 Jewish (National) Fund Work Hailed In Chicago-Weizmann Urges Loan For Land Buying 13
06/22/1942 Poliakov, Alexander, Russians (Partisans) Don’t Surrender, Dutton 13
06/22/1942 Labor Group (American Labor Party) Fights (Representative Hamilton) Fish 16
06/22/1942 Churches Asked (By Executive Committee Of Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) To End Race Bias 17
06/22/1942 Jewish Appeal Drive Gets Pledges Of Aid (From Jewish National Refugee Service & Other Jewish Organizations Which Are Listed) 32
06/23/1942 Laval Voices Hope For Reich Victory-Appeals For ‘Great Numbers’ Of Workers To Go To Germany To Free War Prisoners 1
06/23/1942 (German-American) Bundist Is A Suicide; Second In A Week-Was Under Subpoena 5
06/23/1942 Rommel Gets New Rank-Now A General Field Marshal-Wins Praise From Hitler 7
06/23/1942 Patents Once Owned-By Germans Seized (By Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian-Stainless Steel Among Patents Seized) 39
06/24/1942 Russians Fall Back At Kharkov 1
06/24/1942 Roosevelt And Churchill Call Shipping Experts In Crisis 1
06/24/1942 British In Africa Lack Killer Urge-Not Trained To Meet Fast, Angry, Tough Germans 3
06/24/1942 R. A. F. Bombs Fall On Emden Again; Havoc Likened To That Of Cologne (No Mention Of Comparison With Rotterdam) 8
06/24/1942 Wilkie Says (Racial) Bias Is A National Evil 15
06/24/1942 750 Enemy Patents Seized By (Leo T.) Crowley (Alien Property Custodian) 15
06/24/1942 A Difficult Moment For The War Leaders-Ann O’Hare McCormick 18
06/24/1942 Bosch Alien Stock Deposited With U.S. 29
06/24/1942 White Man’s Reign Over, Says (Senator Elbert D.) Thomas (Utah) 35
06/25/1942 Czechs Are Warned They Face Extinction (According To Czech Minister) 4
06/25/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Warns U.S. Against Fear-She Says France Fell Because Leaders Feared New Ideas-Sees It Here Sometimes 12
06/25/1942 (State) Governors Back President (Roosevelt) On War 18
06/25/1942 (30) Confederate Vets See Hitler’s Doom 24
06/26/1942 Axis Drives 60 Miles Into Egypt 1
06/26/1942 Russians Give Up Rail Hub To Nazis 1
06/26/1942 Gen. (Dwight David) Eisenhower Takes Up Headquarters In London 1
06/26/1942 677 Refugees Land (From Portugal, On ‘Serpa Pinta,’ At Staten Island); Many (50) Are Children-Son Of (Devil’s Island) Dreyfus Among Arrivals 5
06/26/1942 Training Schools For Refugees Open-Poletti (N.Y. State Candidate) Praises The Ort For Providing Institution (A Canadian Ort Also Exists) 7
06/26/1942 Laws To Put Down (Racial & Other) Bias Are Sought (By American Jewish Congress) 8
06/26/1942 Nazis End Jews’ Schools (In Germany, A Swedish Report) 10
06/26/1942 Picture: Hitler On His Recent Visit To Finland’s War Lord (Sic. Mannerheim) 11
06/26/1942 (American Newspaper) Guild Hits ‘Vermin Press’-Condemns Papers That Spread ‘Disunity And Defeatism’ 12
06/26/1942 German Is Accused Of Seeking War Job-Posed As U.S. Citizen To Get Work At Base, Indictment Says 22
06/27/1942 Big Rewards Paid In Heydrich (Assassination) Case 5
06/27/1942 Picture: Wings For Glider Pilots 6
06/27/1942 (Mac Leish] Hits ‘Isolationism’ Of Intellectuals 11
06/27/1942 Chemistry Firms Indicted As Trusts 23
06/28/1942 FBI Seizes 8 Saboteurs Landed By U-Boat-Invaders Confess-Face Death (Pictures, P. 30) Penalty 1
06/28/1942 Sermons (Synagogues) Deplore Pessimism On War 7
06/28/1942 Bulgaria To Act On Jews 8
06/28/1942 Typhus Scourges Athens-People Are Run Down 10
06/28/1942 Equality For Negro In War Work Urged (By A F of L & CIO) 27
06/28/1942 Educators Back Step To Further History Study D-5
06/28/1942 Cartoon: Cities Bombed In War E-2
06/28/1942 German’s Drive In Egypt Menace To Middle East-Egypt Still Securely Held E-4
06/28/1942 Scott, John, Behind The Urals, Houghton, Boston-How Soviet Industry Functions Book 8
06/28/1942 Kraus, Rene, Europe In Revolt, Macmillan Co., N.Y.-Concentration Camps Book 9
06/28/1942 With A Yank Over Cologne (Bombing Raid With R. A. F.) Mag. 3
06/29/1942 Soviet Accuses Nazis Of Gassing Peasants 3
06/29/1942 U.S. Help To Russia Via Basra (Trans-Iranian Railway) Increases 4
06/29/1942 Refugees In Levant (Many Kinds Mentioned) Praying For British (In North Africa) 6
06/29/1942 6,000 In Harlem Cheer War Pleas-Mc Nutt Says Negro Must Put His All Into Victory Or Else Lose His Freedom 10
06/29/1942 Minorities’ Rights Stressed By Dewey 10
06/30/1942 Matruth Lost (To British), British Reinforced By U.S. Planes, New Zealanders 1
06/30/1942 Libyan Reverses Laid To Heavier Nazi Guns 4
06/30/1942 Picture: Russian Paratroopers Who Will Attack Behind Nazi Lines 5
06/30/1942 1,000,000 Jews Slain By Nazis, Report (Of World Jewish Congress) Says-’Slaughterhouse’ Of Europe Under Hitler Described At London (Polish Bund Report) 7
06/30/1942 God Is Above State, Berlin Bishop (Count Konrad Von Preyslng) Says 10