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William Lindsey collection — 1942 NYT headlines

December 1942
Date Headline Page
12/01/1942 Rationing Of Gas Goes Into Effect On National Scale 1
12/01/1942 (Senator Tom) Connally (Texas) Praises Yugoslav Fighters-(‘When That Day Comes, The Name Of Draja Mikhailovitch And His Brave Patriots Will Stand High On The List Of Those Who Dared That Man Should Be Free’-Senate Speech-When The Day Came, Where Was Tom?) 3
12/01/1942 Civil Disobedience Is Urged (By British) In Italy 6
12/01/1942 Jobs Rise To New Peak-207,000 More Took Non-Farm Employment In Month (Total Of 33,555,000 Jobs) 13
12/01/1942 Arroyo Sees U.S. Leading World (Picture With Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler After Arroyo Received Honorary Lld From Columbia University) 19
12/02/1942 Palestine Assembly Appeals To Allies (To Stop Slaughter Of Jews) 7
12/02/1942 Jews To Mourn And Pray Today-For Millions Doomed Under Nazi Rule 12
12/02/1942 Canada, U.S. Agree On Post-War Aims 13
12/02/1942 Excerpts From Beveridge Report And Digest Of Provisions 14
12/02/1942 Post-War Britain Mapped By Labor 14
12/02/1942 Beveridge Plan Treats Man And Wife As A ‘Team’ 15
12/02/1942 55 Billion Output For War This Year 17
12/02/1942 (Mcnutt) Warns Of Crisis In ‘43 Farm Labor-Record Harvest Needed 19
12/03/1942 President (Roosevelt) Widens Control By Ickes Over Oil Industry 1
12/03/1942 Our National Debt Passes 100 Billions 1
12/03/1942 Hard Fight Is Seen By Polish Premier (Gen. Sikorski) 10
12/03/1942 Cuban Jews Mourn; Latins Score Nazis 10
12/03/1942 Many Join Prayer For The Oppressed 10
12/03/1942 Eden Says Allies Must Stay United-Sees No Rift With Soviet 13
12/03/1942 Britains Are Split On Beveridge Plan 13
12/03/1942 Filene’s Sons Co. Increases Profits 43
12/04/1942 More Restrictions And Rationing Seen In ‘43 By (Leon) Henderson 1
12/04/1942 Y. W. C. A. Aides Urge Gains For Negroes 7
12/04/1942 Frankfurt Bombed Heavily By R. A. F 11
12/04/1942 Two-Thirds Of Jews In Poland Held Slain (According To Secret Jewish Labor Groups) 11
12/04/1942 Lehman, Hoover Confer On Relief 17
12/04/1942 Rail Men Warned By M’nutt Of Bias (Against Women & Negroes) 19
12/05/1942 WPA Is Abolished; Roosevelt Points To War Work Rise (Yearly Appropriations For WPA On P. 32) 1
12/05/1942 Red Army Seizes Don-Volga Towns 1
12/05/1942 Allied War Output Double That Of Axis, Nelson Says (Text Of Speech, P. 10) 1
12/05/1942 Nazi Morality On Animals’ Level, German Catholic (Fulda) Bishops Warn 1&3
12/05/1942 Many Anti-Nazis Seized In France 4
12/05/1942 4,000 In French Phalanx (Frenchmen Ready To Fight U.N. If They Invade-Swedish Report) 4
12/05/1942 Argentina Indicts German Diplomats 5
12/05/1942 Our (Pacific) Attitude Scored (By Maj. Myron K. Barrett) 5
12/05/1942 ‘Big Four’ (China, Russia, U.S., & Britain-No France!) Equality in Peace Is Urged (By Walter Nash) 6
12/05/1942 Term Of Benes (Czech Presidency) Extended (Indefinitely By Czech State Council In London-’Un’) 8
12/05/1942 Relief Group (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Aids 795,000 Overseas 9
12/05/1942 Senate, House Joins In Palestine Plea-63 Senators, 181 Representatives Assail Germans For Mass Murder Of Jews In Europe Names) 9
12/05/1942 Roosevelt Wants More War Output 11
12/05/1942 Forrestal Warns Of War Optimism 11
12/05/1942 ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ (Francis Biddle Tells Critic, A Disagreeing U.S. Commissioner) 16
12/05/1942 2/3’Ds Page Advertisement: ‘To The Conscience Of America’-The Committee For A Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews-Signed: Pierre Van Paassen 16
12/05/1942 Lehman Sworn In As Relief Director (Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations ‘Frro,’ State Department-Many Notables Present-Roosevelt, Hull, Rosenman, Hopkins, Etc.) 17
12/06/1942 M’nutt Named Manpower Dictator Of Nation (Text Of Executive Order On P. 63) 1
12/06/1942 Navy Reveals Damage Done At Pearl Harbor (2,343 Dead, 960 Missing-Pictures Pp. 68, 69, 70, & 71) 1
12/06/1942 China Forbids Aid (To Indians) In Indian Struggle (Against British) 5
12/06/1942 Quaker Committee Reviews War (Relief) Work 12
12/06/1942 Nazis Show Fear Of British (Social) Reform-Attack Beveridge’s Call 24
12/06/1942 Poland To Demand Part Of Germany-National Council (London) Asks Frontier Further ‘Toward The West’-’Large Access To The Sea’ 25
12/06/1942 Franco Wishes Hitler Victory Over Russians 37
12/06/1942 Shake-Up Held Due In U.S.-Education (By Dr. George N. Schuster, President, Hunter College) Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Speaks 41
12/06/1942 17,000 Russians Die In Finnish Prisons (Swiss Report) 42
12/06/1942 Nazis Force Dropping Of (Pro-U.N.) Finnish Minister (Karl August Fagerholm-Against Deporting Foreign Jews) 42
12/06/1942 (Dr. Eduard C. Lindeman, Vassar) Says All-Out War Takes In Pacifists Stresses Russian Link 45
12/06/1942 (Jewish Agency & General Council Of Palestine Jewry) Ask Jews’ Enlistments 46
12/06/1942 War Study Urged For (Last Two Years Of) High School (By U.S. Educators Meeting In Toledo, Ohio) 49
12/06/1942 FBI Net Spread For Foes In Nation-(Francis) Biddle Reviews Years Task 59
12/06/1942 Navy Statement On Pearl Harbor Attack 69
12/06/1942 U.S. Fired First, Tokyo Radio Says 69
12/06/1942 Year Of Warfare Finds Our Mood Transformed-Attack Of Dec. 7 Unified The Nation, But Questioning Has Since Risen In The Capital Over Our Conduct Of War E-3
12/06/1942 Britons Rush To Study Beveridge E-5
12/06/1942 Map: Russian Front At Current Time E-5
12/06/1942 Census (Bureau) Shows Changes In Nation Due To War E-8
12/06/1942 Fromm, Bella, Blood And Banquets; A Berlin Social Diary, Harper & Bros., N.Y., Berlin’s Scandals Book 4
12/06/1942 Reiss, Curt, The Self-Betrayed-Glory And Doom Of The German Generals, G. P. Putnam Sons, N.Y Book 4
12/06/1942 Since Pearl Harbor: A New America-By Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 5
12/06/1942 They (The Norwegians) Live For Revenge-Sigrid Undset Mag. 20
12/07/1942 U.S. And 7 Allies Raid Europe (France & Holland) In Biggest Daylight Attack 1
12/07/1942 President Of Finland Defends War Role-Will Not Join Any Offensive 5
12/07/1942 Nazis Take Blankets From Danish Army-Demand For Rifles And Horses Refused 5
12/07/1942 Roosevelt Hails Unity For Victory-President Quotes Milton 8
12/07/1942 Japan’s Duty Held U.S. Annihilation-Our (U.S.’S) ‘War Plot’ Dwelt On 9
12/07/1942 (Fulgencio) Bastista (President Of Cuba) Will Fly To Capital To Be Guest Of Roosevelt 10
12/07/1942 Beveridge Says His Security Plan Would Be Of Aid To All The World 11
12/07/1942 German Situation Is Likened To 1918 (By Yugoslav Minister In Exile) 11
12/07/1942 Advertisement; 2 Full Pages: ‘We Shall No Longer Witness With Pity Alone,’ A Proclamation On The Moral Rights Of The State-Less And Palestinian Jews 14&15
12/07/1942 Why Should The Italian People-Join The United Nations Now? (Subject For Essay Contest) Il Progresso Italo-Americano 19
12/07/1942 (Sumner) Welles Advocates Plan Like Wilson’s-’Association’ Of The United Nations (Victors) Is Vital For Our Safety, He Declares 21
12/08/1942 Hull Links Axis Code To Pearl Harbor Act (Picture Of Pearl Harbor, P. 5) 4
12/08/1942 President (Roosevelt) And Hull Commend Foreign Service For Wartime Duty 13
12/08/1942 (Robert E.) Sherwood (Roosevelt Speech Writer) Hails Words As War Aid (Propaganda?) 19
12/08/1942 Halifax Says Axis Would Split Allies-Warns Of Axis Propaganda (Text Of Speech) 22
12/08/1942 Role Of Churches In War Praised (By Dr. Luther A. Weigle, President, Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ) 28
12/09/1942 Franco Says World’s Choice Is Fascism Or Communism (Text Of Speech, P. 4) 1
12/09/1942 Switzerland Urges Unshackling Of War Prisoners On Both Sides 1
12/09/1942 Hull Reassures Fighting French 3
12/09/1942 (Latin American Labor Unions) To Protest Nazi Murders (Of European Jews) 8
12/09/1942 (British, Arthur, Cardinal) Hinsley (London) Pleads For Jews (Mentions Campaign Of Extermination) 11
12/09/1942 (Connecticut Alien Enemy Hearing Board) Gives (Jan) Valtin (Richard Julius Hermann Krebs) A Hearing 12
12/09/1942 (Maj. Gen. Fulgencio) Batista (Cuba) Is Feted (By Roosevelt, Hull, Wallace, Et Al.) On Capital Visit 14
12/09/1942 President (Roosevelt) Renews Pledges To Jews 20
12/09/1942 Seized (Enemy) Patents (50,000) Freed To (U.S.) Industry 21
12/09/1942 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Is Both Praised And Blamed For Her Activities (Gallup Poll) 23
12/09/1942 (Charles P. Taft) Reports War Gains In Social Welfare 24
12/09/1942 Prince Eitel Dead (59); (2Nd) Son Of Ex-Kaiser (Heart Attack At Potsdam) 28
12/09/1942 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘The Copper Wire That Will Hang Hitler’-General Cable Corp’n. 44
12/10/1942 (Britain) To Unshackle (German) Prisoners 4
12/10/1942 Picture: Nazi Order (In North Africa): Leave The Trucks, But Save The Rubber (Tires) 7
12/10/1942 Post-War (Relief) Needs Listed By Allies (Lord Cranborne)-Archbishop Of York Demands Punishment Of Germans For Polish (Jewish) Massacres (‘Exterminations’) 12
12/10/1942 Allies To Confer On Rehabilitation-’British Lehman’ Is Urged 12
12/10/1942 One Year War Cost Above ‘17-’18 Total 13
12/10/1942 U-Boats Quit Cuba, Batista Reports-German Spies Rounded Up 14
12/10/1942 Scarcities Of Food In Europe Related 19
12/10/1942 Charges Of Race Bias Renewed By (Commissioner Of Welfare, William) Hodson 19
12/10/1942 Parley Set On Role Of Education In War (New York Adult Education Council) 30
12/10/1942 (Du Pont) Invests $4,000,000 In (U.S.) Treasury Issue 41
12/11/1942 Hitler Changes Army, Air, Navy Chiefs 1
12/11/1942 Britain To Unchain Nazis Tomorrow-No Word From Berlin 1
12/11/1942 Aid To Russians Setting A Record (3,000 Planes, 4,000 Tanks, 30,000 Vehicles To Russia In Last 12 Months From ‘Great Britain And The United States’) 3
12/11/1942 Nazis Terror Rule In Russia Pictured (Russian Report)-Germans’ Habits Filthy-Nazi Chaplain ‘Friendly’ 6
12/11/1942 Poles Ask Allies To Halt Slaughter-Report Germans Have Slain One-Third Of 3,130,000 Jewish Population-Note Charges Extermination Of Entire Polish People Is Nazis’ Objective 8
12/11/1942 Hays Censorship Office) Bars ‘Damn’ In Film Of Marines 9
12/11/1942 (Fulgencio) Batista Praises (Good) Neighbor Policy-He Hails Atlantic CharterN. A. Rockefeller His Host 14
12/11/1942 Pearl Buck Holds Real War Aim (Freedom) Lost 16
12/11/1942 75 Professors Go ‘Back To School’-Take Refresher Courses To Increase Value In War 16
12/11/1942 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Bars Male Reporters 29
12/11/1942 (Home Insurance Co.) Finds War Plants Free From Sabotage 47
12/12/1942 Overseas (U.S.) Forces Total 1,000,000 MeN-1end-Lease Rises 1
12/12/1942 Reich Held Facing A Manpower Crisis (Moscow Report) 3
12/12/1942 Rioting In Iran Is Laid To Axis Agitation; Teheran Quiet After British Troops’ Visit (Scarcity Of Bread Reported) 4
12/12/1942 Adult Education In War Aims Urged 14
12/12/1942 New Jewish Group (Council For Judaism, Non-Zionist) Being Formed Here (Opposed To A Jewish State, Flag, & Army) 20
12/13/1942 British Open New Drive In Libya And Pierce Nazi Line, Berlin Says 1
12/13/1942 Roosevelt Orders (Montgomery) Ward To Sign (Union Agreement) And Avery (Pres. Of Board) Pledges Obedience 1
12/13/1942 U.S. Opens Talks On Persecutions (Of ‘Jews And Other Peoples’)-(Maxim) Litvinoff Sees (Sumner) Welles-Orthodox (Jews) In Britain Fast 11
12/13/1942 Finns Deny Ousting Jews 18
12/13/1942 Russia Is Called Big Peace Factor (By John Scott Who Lived In Soviet Russia 10 Years)-Post-War Changes Seen 35
12/13/1942 Mrs. Buck’s Stand On War (Objectives Loss) Criticized 40
12/13/1942 Cuban President (Maj. Gen. Fulgencio Batista) Has Busy Day Here (Pictures) 50
12/13/1942 Britain Unshackles Captives, Nazis Talk (British Claim They Acted In Reprisal For British Troops Shackled In Dieppe Raid) 53
12/13/1942 (Senator Harry) Byrd Charges War Cloaks (Government-Supported Social) ‘Reforms’ 67
12/13/1942 Industries Rush To Use Patents Seized By Us From Enemy Holders (Owners) F-1
12/13/1942 Hambro, C. J., How To Win The Peace, J. H. Lippencott Co., Phila., Pa., Plans For The Peace To Come Book 1
12/13/1942 Rukeyser, Muriel, Willard Gibbs, Doubleday, Doran, & Co., N.Y Book 3
12/13/1942 The War In Maps: An Atlas Of The New York Times Maps, Oxford University Press, N.Y Book 8
12/13/1942 Lehman Talks Of His New Job (Director Of State Department’s Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations-’Frro’) Mag. 17
12/14/1942 Rommel Again Retreats To West 1
12/14/1942 Axis Tries To Cut (Encircling) Net At Stalingrad 1
12/14/1942 24-Hour Raids Loom Over Axis With ‘Secret Weapon,’ Arnold Says 1
12/14/1942 Egypt Is Warming To American Army (Undisclosed Number) 4
12/14/1942 Petain Will Build New French Army-400,000 Workers Sought 4
12/14/1942 British Chief Rabbi Appeals To Allies-Asks That Children, At Least, He Spared From Nazis (Extermination) In Poland 5
12/14/1942 Mikhailovitch Praised (By British War Office) 5
12/14/1942 Big French Army In Africa Visioned (By Occupying U.N. Powers) 5
12/14/1942 Batista At War Plants 8
12/14/1942 Schools Describe Wartime Program-’All The Children’ Tells How Studies Have Been Revised To Meet The (Alleged) New Needs 15
12/14/1942 (Jewish) Resettlement Plans Are Discussed Here (Hsias To Spend $750,000 In This Hemisphere) 15
12/15/1942 Madagasgar Given (By British Invaders) To Fighting French 1
12/15/1942 Rommel Retreat Mystifies British 5
12/15/1942 Day Of Prayer For Jews (By Catholics In Sweden-Swedish Report) 12
12/15/1942 Advertisement, Full Page: French Relief 21
12/15/1942 (Negroes) Offer Racial Plan To Develop South 30
12/15/1942 (Fulgencio) Batista Discusses Invasion Of Spain (In Speech) 48
12/16/1942 British Again Reject Plea To Form A Jewish Army 5
12/16/1942 Yugoslavs Rally To Mikhailovitch (British Report) 7
12/16/1942 Atlantic Charter Lauded By (Cuba’s President, Maj. Gen. Fulgencio) Batista 11
12/16/1942 Palestine Move Mapped-Dr. (Nahum) Goldmann Sees A Post-War Opportunity To Care For Jews 14
12/16/1942 Lehman Proposes Joint Relief Plan (With All Of U.N.) 17
12/17/1942 Hoover Favors A Quick Pact After War And Parleys Later 1
12/17/1942 Japan Lets Y. M C. A. Aid War Prisoners 3
12/17/1942 (Fulgencio) Batista Off For Home (Cuba) 3
12/17/1942 Strategy Put First By Polish Premier (President, General Wladyslaw Sikorski) 6
12/17/1942 Lone Nazi Planes Attack England 10
12/17/1942 Goebbels Says War Runs In Nazis’ Favor 11
12/17/1942 5 Shortages Listed (By Dean William F. Russell, Teachers College, Columbia University) In Our Education 19
12/17/1942 Colleges To Train 250,000 In Service-Men Will Be Selected 23
12/17/1942 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Supports Jewish Army Plea 25
12/17/1942 Wages Are Soaring For Domestic Help-Housewives Are Worried 43
12/17/1942 Vonsiatsky Under Fire-U.S. Seeks To Revoke Citizenship Of Russian Fascist (Early ‘Operation Keelhaul’?) 60
12/18/1942 11 Allies Condemn Nazi War On Jews-United Nations Issue Joint Declaration Of Protest On ‘Cold Blooded Extermination’ 1&10
12/18/1942 Quinine Loss Offset By Synthetic Drug (Atabrine, Under Confiscated I. G. Farbenindustrie Patent-Statement By Rear Admiral Charles E. Stephenson, Director, U.S. Typhus Commission) 4
12/18/1942 Hull Advocates Unity Of Allies 5
12/18/1942 Roosevelt Praises Canada’s War Help-Cites Need Of Post-War Unity 5
12/18/1942 Son Of President (Elliott Roosevelt) In Risky Air Post (Air Reconnaissance) 7
12/18/1942 30,000,000 French Held (Considered) De Gaullists 7
12/18/1942 Medal (D. S. M. Given To (Robert D.) Murphy (Roosevelt’s Personal Representative In North Africa) 8
12/18/1942 Nazi Retribution Widened By Eden-He Warns German People Of Responsibility If Cruelties To Jews Are Continued-M. P.’s Stand In Silence-Canada Lines Up With Movement 10
12/18/1942 (William Dudley) Pelly Convictions (Criminal Sedition) Upheld On Appeal (To U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals) 17
12/18/1942 Educators Object Of Army Program 24
12/19/1942 Movies Must Submit Scenarios To The Owi 1
12/19/1942 Picture: German Bombing In England-House: ‘Built 1498 Destroyed 1942’ 4
12/19/1942 Advertisement, Full Page: French Relief Societies, Inc 11
12/19/1942 Roosevelt Ends (Disagreeing Newspaper) Reporter (German) Iron Cross 23
12/19/1942 Colleges Pledge All-Out War Aid-Educators Generally Accept Eclipse Of Liberal Arts As Essential In Victory Drive 36
12/20/1942 Our Income In ‘42 Put At 117 Billions-’41 Expansion Duplicated 4
12/20/1942 Vichy To Adopt Nuremberg Laws-’Absolutely No Civic Rights’ Will Be Left To 1,500,000 Jews Paris Declares (Louis Darquier De Pellepoix, Vichy Minister For Jewish Questions Mentioned) 6
12/20/1942 Sweden Modifies Nazi Trade Accord-Iron Ore Exports (To Germany) Cut 13
12/20/1942 Nazis Use Violence To Get French Labor (Washington Report) 14
12/20/1942 Enemy Patents Go To Our Industries-Monopolistic Use Barred 20
12/20/1942 Allies Describe Outrages On Jews (Shooting, Gassing, Electrocution)-Extermination Is Feared 23
12/20/1942 Anti-Jewish Bias Denied By Finland 48
12/20/1942 Wagner, Ludwig, Hitler, Man Of Strife, W. W. Norton & Co., N.Y., New Light Upon The Earlier Years Of Adolf Hitler Book 3
12/21/1942 Hitler Sees Ciano And Laval To Formulate New Strategy 1
12/21/1942 Allies Execute 6 Spies (Shot In North Africa) 4
12/21/1942 Axis Loss Serious In Matratin Trap-New Zealanders In Way 4
12/21/1942 Jewish State Seen By Senator (Claude) Pepper (Florida-S.S. Wise And Other Zionist Notables Present At Dinner)-Democracies Will Set It Up, He Says At ‘Victory Drive Dinner’ 7
12/21/1942 Yugoslavia’s Rift (Civil War Of Croats And Others Against Mikhailovitch Serbian Faction) Only One Trouble (Labeled ‘Propaganda Campaign’ In London) 8
12/21/1942 (George S.) Messersmith Hails Mexican War Effort 9
12/21/1942 (Federal) Council (Of Churches Of Christ In America) Condemns Attacks (By Germans) On Jews Nazis Assailed In Declaration Of Federal Church Group 17
12/21/1942 2,000 At (London) Rally (Protest Persecution Of Jews) 17
12/21/1942 Women Fight Nazis (In Underground) In Occupied Lands 18
12/21/1942 Rabbis To Weigh Role Of Judaism In Peace-Meet Today (In Cincinnati, Ohio) To Sift Relationship To Christianity (Names Of Christian Well-Wishers) 21
12/22/1942 Germans Retreating ‘In Disorder’ (Moscow Report) 1
12/22/1942 Plans To Save Jews Discussed In London-Jewish Agency Official (Moshe Shertok) Says Some (Jews) Can Escape Europe 3
12/22/1942 Ukraine Killings Charged-Moscow Reports 2,000,000 Slain In Region By The Germans 5
12/22/1942 Nazis Warn Serbs (Mikhailovitch) They Face Gassing (For Guerrilla Activity London Report) 11
12/22/1942 Yugoslavia’s Rift (Mikhailovitch And His Serbs Vs. Croats, Etc.) Is Laid To Russia 12
12/22/1942 Victory Not Cure, Rabbis Are Told (In Cincinnati)-Post-War Rights Of Israel 21
12/22/1942 Swift & Co. Output Largest In History-$1,409,905,770 Sales Value In Year To Oct. 31 35
12/23/1942 Firm Cooperation With Russia Urged (By W. H. Davies & Sidney Hillman) 8
12/23/1942 Picture: Newly-Finished Pentagon Building In Washington-Built In 14 Months Instead Of Normally Required 7 Years 10
12/24/1942 Baruch Gives $1,000,000 To Men Fighting For Liberty ($20,000 To American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, $100,000 To Russian Relief Society, $5,000 To Refugees From Germany) 1
12/24/1942 Poles’ Rift Bared By Sikorski Visit (To Washington)-Premier’s Opponents Here Wage Bitter Campaign Against Him For Russian Pacts 5
12/24/1942 A. F. L. Head (William Green) Condemns Nazi Killing Of Jews 6
12/25/1942 (Admiral) Darlan Shot Dead By Frenchman In Algiers-Roosevelt Brands Act ‘First Degree Murder’ (See His Earlier Remarks!)-Assassin Is Seized-Giraud Takes Over 1
12/25/1942 Pope Assails Peril Of ‘Godless State’-Condemns Herding Of Humans As Lifeless Things, Denounces Marxian Socialism (Text Of Speech, P. 10) 1
12/25/1942 Nazi Is Held Unfit To Rear His Child-Nazism Is Likened To Plague (By Judge John E. Mc Geehan) 12
12/25/1942 Alcoa Contests Monopoly Charge (Brought By Justice Department) 24
12/26/1942 Giraud Expected To Succeed Darlan (But Not De Gaulle!); Assassin Must Die (Name Not Revealed)-London And Washington See Giraud As The Best Choice-De Gaulle Is Silent 1
12/26/1942 Axis Broadcasts Accuse Churchill (Of Darlan’s Murder) 3
12/26/1942 Murray (CIO) Condemns’ Axis Murders’ (Of Jews) 4
12/26/1942 Rabbi Sees A Bond Between Religions (Christianity & Judaism) 6
12/26/1942 (Dr. Israel Goldstein) Says Jews On Soil Are Aid To British 7
12/26/1942 Churchmen (Fellowship Of Southern Churchmen) Urge Full Negro Rights 9
12/26/1942 3 Faiths Allied By Year Of War 13
12/27/1942 Giraud Chosen Darlan’s Successor-Darlan’s Assassin Executed (Name Not Remembered In Article) 1
12/27/1942 Roosevelt Names Anti-Typhus Board (Director To Be Appointed By Sec. Of War & Operate With Army, Navy, & U.S. Public Health Service) 2
12/27/1942 Dutch Jews Warned-Are Told To Be Prepared For ‘Sudden Departure’ 3
12/27/1942 Hull Hails Darlan For Aid To Allies 7
12/27/1942 Triumph Of Godly Over Nazis Seen (By Rabbi Louis I. Newman) 9
12/27/1942 Axis (Scientific) Publications Still Reaching U.S. 9
12/27/1942 New Ship (‘Booker T. Washington’) Praised By Negro Captain (Mixed Crew, Especially Chosen) 14
12/27/1942 (Dr. Israel Goldstein) Hits (Jewish) Anti-Zionists As Obstructionists 26
12/27/1942 ‘Red Light’ Areas Declared Ending (By Charles P. Taft) 27
12/27/1942 Cartoon: A Report On Rommel’s Plight-’Seeing Stars And Stripes E-11
12/28/1942 Throw Out Hitler And Mussolini Poletti (N.Y. Governor) Urges Italians By Radio 1&6
12/28/1942 Elliott Roosevelt Is Decorated For Air Survey Work In Africa 1
12/28/1942 New Goering Distinction (Hermann Goering Division) 3
12/28/1942 Sikorski In Mexico To Discuss Refugees 4
12/28/1942 German-Americans Warn The Germans-Fifty Prominent Citizens Ask For Overthrow Of Hitler 5
12/28/1942 (Woodrow) Wilson Predicted War If He Failed-Within A Generation, He Said If World Did Not Agree On Prevention Method 7
12/28/1942 Jewish Scholars Meet (The American Academy For Jewish Research-Paper Presented On Russian Khazar State) 9
12/28/1942 Advertisement, Full Page (See P. 5):-’Add Your Name To Ours’-’We Americans Of German Descent, Utterly Repudiate Every Thought And Deed Of Hitler And His Nazis’ (Names Of Supporters) 13
12/28/1942 Plan Reclamation Of Palestine Land-Jewish Leaders Would Redeem 500,000 Acres To Aid Homeless (In Detroit Mich., Memorial Service For 2,000,000 Victims Of Nazism) 15
12/28/1942 (Child) Delinquency Gains As Result Of War 16
12/28/1942 (Rev. Dr. Dilworth Lupton) Warns On (Post-War) Isolationism 17
12/28/1942 Orchestra Of WPA Likely To Disband-Plays In Carnegie Hall 22
12/29/1942 (Henry A.) Wallace Demands Warmonger Curbs And A Peace Union-Isolation Called Fatal (Text Of Speech, P. 19) 1
12/29/1942 War Guilt Court Reported On Way-Described As Including Staff, Procedure Rules, Preliminary Gathering Of Evidence-Prepare Tribunal For Post-War Trial Of Axis Criminals (Roosevelt & Hull Are Driving Force) 3
12/29/1942 German ‘Butchery’ Is Decried By (Jan) Smuts (Union Of South Africa)-Nazis Are Sowing Dragon’s Teeth, Says Prime Minister 13
12/29/1942 Picture: A 2 Cent Postage Stamp, A Tribute To United Nations-All In Red Ink 42
12/30/1942 Mexico Will Admit 5,000 Refugee Poles (Sikorsky Reveals Agreement With Germany To Send Monthly Packages To 33,000 Polish POW Still Held By Germany-Safe Delivery Guaranteed) 4
12/30/1942 U.S. Concern (American Bosch) Severs Ties With Reich Firm (Robert Bosch G. M. B. H.) 10
12/31/1942 Reich Asks Neutrals To Maintain Stand 4
12/31/1942 122 Refugees Land-After 2½ Years Of Exile (From Holland), They Find Haven In Surinam (Announced By Joseph C. Hyman, Executive Vice Chairman Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-104 Of 122 Are Jewish) 4
12/31/1942 Clothes For Nazis Reduced By Ration 5