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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

January 1944
Date Headline Page
01/01/1944 Hitler Sees Crisis In 1944; Warning To Germans Grim 1
01/01/1944 Mikhailovitch Disavows ‘Strong’ Words On President (Roosevelt), Churchill 3
01/01/1944 UNRRA Puts Relief On Equality Basis 4
01/01/1944 Bogota (Columbia) Acts On Germans 4
01/02/1944 Roosevelt Urges War Cooperation Go On Into Peace 1&20
01/02/1944 4,100 Nazi Planes Destroyed By Eighth Air Force In 1943 1
01/02/1944 Poles Again Call For (Polish-Russian) Frontier Right 5
01/02/1944 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns Against (Post-War) Isolation 20
01/02/1944 Baruch Soon To Offer First Post-War Plans E-3
01/02/1944 Don’t Stir Distrust Of Russia-W. L. Willkie Mag.1
01/03/1944 More Trials Of Nazis Likely Soon In Russia (Karkov Hangings Of Captured Germans Were Only The ‘First Blows’ Against Germany) 3
01/03/1944 Industrial Output Up 50% In The Urals 4
01/03/1944 ‘Sabotage’ Is Seen In Rescue Of Jews (By N. Y Rep. Emanuel Celler & Iowa Sen. Guy M. Gillette-Americans Opposing Schemes) 9
01/03/1944 $75,000,000 Aid For Jews (Overseas By U. J. A.) 9
01/04/1944 600 Jews To Go To Haifa-(From Lisbon, Portugal & Spain-Had Been There ‘Since War’-J. D. C. Sponsor) 5
01/04/1944 Roosevelt Acts In Rail Race (Negro) Case 13
01/05/1944 Nazi War Loss Put at 6,000,000 Men (By U.N. Experts) 3
01/05/1944 Rumania Gives Jews Freedom (From Forced Labor) By Ransom 4
01/05/1944 Schools Are Urged (By National Conference Of Christians And Jews) To Fight Prejudice 42
01/07/1944 President (Roosevelt) Says Lend-Lease Is Big Help in Red Victories 1
01/08/1944 85,946 War Planes Made Here In 1943 6
01/08/1944 Nazi Fate Forecast By (Henry) Morgenthau, Sr.-(Advised Ridding Germany Of Kaiser In 1918. Now Warns Germans Of A Thorough Defeat-No Armistice This Time-Will Teach Reich The Lesson Of ‘What War Means’) 29
01/08/1944 (German) War Prisoners Here Found Well Treated-Baptist Editor Says They Learn Democracy (‘Re-Education’) 35
01/08/1944 Soviet Women Fill Civilian Job Needs 41
01/08/1944 ‘The Nightmare That Is A Reality,’ Arthur Koestler, Hungarian-Born, Served With Spanish Loyalists. Says ‘The Greatest Mass Killing In History Goes On Daily, Hourly, As Regularly As The Ticking Of Your Watch.’ (Doesn’t Say Where, How, Or Anything Else!) Mag. 6&30
01/11/1944 Berlin Seen Gone As Asset To Nazis 6
01/11/1944 Convicts To Salvage Old Shoes For Use By UNRRA Abroad (Are These Shoes From ‘Gassed’ Germans?) 21
01/12/1944 Claims Of Poland In East Held Weak (By British)-11,000,000 Population In Area Beyond (East Of) Curzon Line Called Mostly Non-Polish 4
01/12/1944 Curzon Line And U.S. 4
01/13/1944 Halifax Says Nazis Bred Vicious Youth-Calls It ‘Devil’s Broth’ 7
01/13/1944 Picture: Nazi Leader (Rommel) Inspects His Festung Europa 8
01/13/1944 (Hotel) Fined In Refusal Of Room To Negro (N.Y. State Law) 22
01/14/1944 20 Key Reich Areas Reported In Ruins 3
01/14/1944 Vichy Labor Draft For Reich Resumed 6
01/15/1944 Palestine Jewry Plans To Carry Relief Operation To Europe-Rehabilitation Units Will Follow Allied Armies’ Advance (Vengeance Units Closely Behind!) 4
01/15/1944 (Abraham H.) Feller To Aid Lehman (UNRRA As General Counsel) 15
01/16/1944 Keep Soviet Friend Says Stettinius 1
01/16/1944 Anti-Semitism Held Weapon Of Hitler (By Newbold Morris-’Treason Against God, Treason Against The Country!’ 8
01/16/1944 260,000 Refugees Admitted Since ‘33 (Jewish National Refugee Service) 12
01/16/1944 Fight Against Typhus Increases In Naples (Mass Delousing) 32
01/16/1944 Vansittart’s ‘Twelve Points’ For Germany Mag. 1
01/16/1944 E. R. Stettinius, Lend-Lease Weapon For Victory, Macmillan, N.Y.-Review ‘Helping Hands Across The Sea’ (Weapons For Russia From U.S.) Book 1
01/17/1944 President Praises (Jewish National) Refugee Service (William Rosenwald, Retiring Head) 4
01/17/1944 Refugee Ship Chartered (‘Nyassa’ By Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society-300 Jews From Mlranda Camp In Spain Going To Palestine) 8
01/18/1944 Morgenthau Opens Fourth Loan Drive (War Bonds): War Chiefs Hear-Hanging Of Nazis Hailed (By Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 1&40
01/18/1944 Post War Policies I 14
01/18/1944 (Francis B.) Biddle Backs Ickes On Keeping Mines (Appropriated By U.S. Government) 21
01/19/1944 Belgium Reports Atrocities Rising-Government (In London) Warns Germans That Day Of Reckoning Is Near 4
01/20/1944 Goebbels Foresees Attack (Invasion Of Europe By U.N.) In 90 Days 3
01/20/1944 Refugees From Nazis Flee Through Spain (6,000 Get To Africa Every 15 Days, Spanish Official Says) 11
01/20/1944 Mexican Labor Sought (By U.S.-Need 5,000 Woodcutters-As ‘Foreign Workers’Or ‘Slave Laborers’ ?) 11
01/21/1944 Germany Living Up To Pact On Prisoners, Y.M.C.A. Official (Hugo Cedergren) Reports After Tour 3
01/21/1944 Post-War Policies Iv (Series) 6
01/21/1944 11 Roosevelt Years Hailed By (Senator ‘Dear Alben’) Barkley 12
01/22/1944 Nazis Spreading More Peace Talks 2
01/23/1944 Roosevelt Sets Up War Refugee Board (Morgenthau-Stimson-Hull) 11
01/24/1944 Bulgarians Urged (By Russia) To Sever Nazi Ties 4
01/24/1944 Refugee Jews (180) Leave Portugal (On Board ‘Nyassa’) For Palestine (To Be Joined In Cadiz, Spain By 650 More) 5
01/24/1944 Nazi (Sauckel) Urges Workers To-Increase Output 6
01/24/1944 Picture: Flow To Start To Worlds Largest Oil Butadiene Plant (Port Neches, Texas-Synthetic ‘Buna’ Rubber) 8
01/24/1944 Cavert Says Churches Are Chief Centers Of Resistance To Nazis In Occupied Lands 11
01/24/1944 Presidents Move (Establishment Of War Refugee Board-Dominated By Morgenthau!) Praised By Zionist (Dr. Israel Goldstein, President Of Zionist Organization Of America) 15
01/25/1944 Americans Swim Rapido River To Escape Crossfire Of Germans (A Fiasco Ordered By Gen. Mark Clark) 1
01/25/1944 (Rabbi) Bruckner (On Tour Of Fronts) Sees Gain Of World Democracy 10
01/25/1944 House Gives Hull Control Of UNRRA (Roosevelt Deprived Of Financial Control-Given Instead To Hull) 16
01/26/1944 Curbs On Cartels Planned By Allies 5
01/26/1944 $1,350,000,000 Fund Is Voted For UNRRA 11
01/27/1944 Argentina Breaks With The Axis (After Much U.S. Pressure!) 1
01/27/1944 Soviet Blames Foe (Germany) In (Katyn) Killing Of Poles (Supported By Roosevelt, Harriman And Many Others Of The ‘Faithful’) 3
01/27/1944 Europe’s Neutrals Still Supply Nazis 4
01/27/1944 Alfange Demands (Jewish) Rescues In Europe 4
01/28/1944 Japanese Threaten To Sink Mercy Ships (In Retaliation For Admitted U.S. Sinking Of Their Hospital Ships) 1
01/29/1944 Nation Aroused By (Japanese) Atrocities-Ruin Japan Is Cry (Story Released In Time For Morgenthau’s Bond Drive) 1
01/29/1944 Britain Joins U.S. In Oil Stoppage As Spain Continues Aid To The Reich 1
01/30/1944 Roosevelt Calls On People To Give ‘Victory Dollars’ 1
01/30/1944 Anger Over Japanese Atrocities Almost Doubles War Bond Sales 1
01/30/1944 Roosevelt (War Refugee Board Is Negotiating) To Save (Jewish) Refugees 1&15
01/30/1944 Nazi Atrocities Reported (By Russians-13,000 Killed At Sarny, Poland) 4
01/30/1944 Brazil Marks (2Nd Anniversary) Break With Axis Countries 9
01/30/1944 Allies: (Food) Blockade Of Spain Is Seen 13
01/30/1944 Hull Says People Ignored War Signs (Pearl Harbor Investigation) 19
01/30/1944 (Rabbi Goldstein) Opposes Brutality Toward Japanese (Inspiteof Atrocity Stories-No Such Tolerance Shown Germans!) 28
01/30/1944 Half A Billion Hungry People-Herbert Lehman Mag. 1
01/30/1944 Der Fuehrer, Heiden, Konrad, (Pictures Of Hitler, His Mother, & His Father, ‘Ne Schickelgruber’) Book 1&19
01/31/1944 Hitler Says Soviet Menaces All The Nations In Europe (Text, P. 4) 1
01/31/1944 New Group (National Committee Against Nazi Persecution And Extermination Of Jews) Set Up To Protect Jews (By Justice Frank Murphy, Wendell Willke, Henry Wallace, & Many Others) 5
01/31/1944 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Endorses Jewish Homeland 5
01/31/1944 New Bill Of Rights For World Sought (By Joseph M. Proskauer, American Jewish Committee-Solution To Jewish Problems Included) 5
01/31/1944 Weizmann Sees End Of White Paper In War, With Need To Open Palestine Fully To Jews 5
01/31/1944 Poles Ask Allies To Define (Polish-Russian) Border 7
01/31/1944 Lehman Names Mary Mc Geachy As Chief Of The UNRRA Welfare 14