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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

August 1944
Date Headline Page
08/01/1944 Kaunas Falls; Red Army 10 Miles From (Warsaw) City 1
08/01/1944 Nazis Ridicule Report That Rommel Is Wounded 2
08/01/1944 Germany’s Oil Cut 50% (Leo T.) Crowley Says 3
08/01/1944 Map Of Eastern Front Aug. 1, 194. (Sobibor, Lublin, And Belzec Captured) 9
08/01/1944 Army To Use Ddt Powder On Malaria Mosquitos (And Body Lice To Combat Typhus) 10
08/01/1944 Treasury (Morgenthau) Praises Zionists’ Bond Aid (Rightful Claim Of Jews To Palestine) 10
08/01/1944 40,000 Here Seed Way To Save Jews (See July 31 Entry) 17
08/01/1944 Alien Population In U.S. Drops To 3,400,000 Being Smallest Total In 35 Years (Earl G. Harrison) From Increased Rate Of Naturalization) 17
08/02/1944 New (Swiss) Code Will Bar Hitler’s Gang From Taking Refuge With Swiss (Pressure From Un!) 1
08/02/1944 Negroes (Truck Drivers) Carve Nazis With Jungle Knives (Apparent Journalistic Glee, Probably Journalistic ‘Creative Writing’) 4
08/02/1944 Senator Bilbo In Hospital 10
08/02/1944 Book: Sumner Welles, The Time For Decision 13
08/03/1944 (Gen.) Mc Nair Killed By American Bomb That Fell Short In St. Lo Attack 1
08/03/1944 Canada Says Nazis Shot 19 Prisoners 3
08/03/1944 Mexico Aids Jewish Refugees (Colony Established) 3
08/03/1944 UNRRA Aides To Study Operations In Italy (Refugees From Italy And Yugoslavia) 10
08/04/1944 German Church Denounces Nazis For Killing Unwanted Groups (German Confessional Church [Niemoeller]-3,000 Word Statement) 4
08/05/1944 (French) Collaborators Take Lives 3
08/05/1944 Canadian Premier Hits Nationalism 7
08/05/1944 War Torn Europe’s Refugees Seek Sanctuary Here (Oswego, N.Y.) 984 Refugees Here On Way To Shelter 13
08/05/1944 Concessions To (600,000 Hungarian) Jews Reported By Hungary (Visas To Palestine Included) 24
08/05/1944 More (Jewish) Shelter Camps Urged (By The Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) 24
08/06/1944 Dewey Declares Roosevelt Unfit For Post War Job 1
08/06/1944 Mikhailovitch Offers To Fight Under Yugoslav But Not Tito 1&23
08/06/1944 Merrill Maurauders Break In Morale-Many Ill Sent To Duty (On Line) 1&17
08/06/1944 Senegalese (Freed From German Prison Camps) Grab Guns To Kill (Former) German Captors (Not An Unusual Occurrence When Any U.N. Troops Were Freed Or ‘Liberated’) 2
08/06/1944 (982) Refugees Settle In (Barbed-Wire-Enclosed) Oswego Camp 29
08/07/1944 Russians Capture Huge (Drogobych, Galician Oil Refinery 1
08/07/1944 Russian Ultimatum To Finland Reported 4
08/07/1944 Pictures: The Penalty For Aiding The (German) Enemy In France 5
08/07/1944 Oswego Refugees Get Ickes Welcome (Picture, Looks Like Sheppard Field, Texas When I Was There) 17
08/08/1944 Russians Take Oil Town (Borislav) 1
08/08/1944 Nazis Tighten Oil Curb-Conserves Supply For Army Vehicles 3
08/08/1944 Traitors In France Seek More Power 3
08/08/1944 Nazis (Synthetic) Oil Bombed As Far As (Blechkamer) Silesia 5
08/08/1944 Vengeance Is Urged On Guilty Germans (By Ilya Ehrenberg, Pravda) 8
08/08/1944 New Havens Urged For Stricken Jews (By Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe, Hotel Commodore, Gabriel M. Wechsler, Exec. Sec.) 19
08/09/1944 Guam Natives Tell Of (Japanese) Captors’ Abuses 5
08/09/1944 London Poles Weigh Terms From Moscow 6
08/09/1944 Panicky Germans (German Refugees From The East) Return To Berlin 6
08/09/1944 French Guerrillas Cut Germans’ Lines 7
08/09/1944 Gandhi’s Adherents (25) Seized (By British) 11
08/09/1944 Asks Aid To Turkey In Rescue Of Jews (Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe-Dean Alfange, Leader Of N.Y. Liberal Party. ‘Though I Am A Christian, I Have Been A Life-Long Zionist And An A Firm Believer In The Political Aims Of Zionism’) 13
08/10/1944 Report Nazis Kill 8 Officers’ Families (For Assassination Attempt On Hitler) 1
08/10/1944 Son Finds Parents In (Oswego) Refugee Camp (Sgt. Joseph Flink, Jewish-Polish Refugee From Berlin Saw Name In List Published In Yiddish Newspaper. Flink Came To U.S. With Wife In 1938. Became Citizen Dec. 4, 1944) 5
08/10/1944 Czechs, Poles Plan A German Exodus (10,000,000 Germans To Be Forcibly Deported With U.N. Blessings!) 8
08/10/1944 Roosevelt Rejects Gift Made Of Japanese Bone (Carved From A Dead Japanese Soldier. Returns It To Sender. Suggested Burial. Story Released After Complaint By Tokio Catholic Archbishop) 30
08/11/1944 Roosevelt To Hold Post For Wallace If Democrats Win 1
08/11/1944 Morgenthau On Return From Normandy Says French Accept (His) Invasion Money 3
08/11/1944 Horthy (Hungary) Pledges Jews Aid 4
08/11/1944 2,000,000 Homeless (Uprooted) Expected After War (9,000,000 Conscripted. Another 3,000,000 Displaced-Total Of 12,000,000 Displaced Besides The 2,000,000-UNRRA-About 2,000,000 Went To Palestine Immediately After The War) 6
08/11/1944 Full Role Of Reich Planned By Allies 8
08/11/1944 Poles In Warsaw (Bor Uprising) Appeal For Help (From Un) 8
08/11/1944 Leon Blum Death In Camp (Lublin) Reported (‘Again,’ This Time By Konstantin Sihonoff, ‘One Of The Soviet Unions’s Ace War Correspondents And Top-Flight Play Wrights’-A Real Tear Jerker! First Reference Found To ‘Vernichtungslager’) 17
08/12/1944 General Tito At His Mountain Headquarters (Picture-A La Fidel Castro) 3
08/12/1944 Picture: Opening New Route For China’s (Lido Military Supply Road) Much Needed Supplies 5
08/12/1944 Food Of (1,800 Striking) German Prisoners Get (Stockton, California. ‘Short Rations’ Protesting ‘Lengthened Work Day’) 5
08/12/1944 Argentine Paper Bars (Sumner) Welles’ Idea 13
08/12/1944 State Legion Bars Haven To Shield Hitler And Other Leaders Of Nazis From Trial 13
08/13/1944 Slovakia Under Martial Law To Protect Fleeing Germans 1
08/13/1944 3,000 Estimated Purged (3,000 To 4,000 By Reuter Swiss Sources For Attempt On Hitler) 18
08/13/1944 Netherlands Nazis Worried By (Dutch) Minister (From London) 19
08/13/1944 250 Notables (Names Given) Join Persecution Fight-Justice Murphy Enlarges The Committee To Aid Jews-Anti-Bigotry Drive Planned 19
08/13/1944 Proskauer (Ajc) Urges Equality Clause-Writes To Hull Offering Aid Of (American) Jewish Committee In Formulating Peace Terms (Proskauer Is In The Process Of Being Eliminated As A Jewish Power In The U.S. By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Founder Of The ‘American Jewish Congress’) 19
08/13/1944 Retailers Prepare For German Defeat S-9
08/13/1944 Germans See Doom In Sweep Of Russians-A Great Horde Of Refugees Adds To Growing Defeatism In The Reich E-4
08/13/1944 ‘We Are Going Into Germany To End The Evil Once And For All Time. On To ‘Tamed Berlin’’-Ilya Ehrenberg Mag. 12&32
08/13/1944 Cartoon: ‘Coming Events’ (German Hanging On Gallows) Mag. 43
08/14/1944 Germany To Shrink Under Allied Plan-East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, And Rhine Left Bank Are Expected To Go-10,000,000 (Germans) To Be Shifted (Deported!) 6
08/14/1944 Top Negro Fighting Men Meet Overseas (Picture: Joe Louis And Brig. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis) 6
08/14/1944 Defeat Of Hitler Is Declared The Business Of The Church By Aid Of Christ’s Philosophy (By Baptist Fred Robert Tiffany) 13
08/14/1944 Von Paulus (Captive In Moscow) Declares Reich Has Lost War 13
08/15/1944 Laval Said To Refuse Vichy (Declaration Of) War On Allies 3
08/15/1944 (Von) Paulus Turnabout Pleases Moscow (By W. H. Lawrence) 8
08/15/1944 Picture: Mourning The Massacred Citizens Of Lublin (Victims Buried-Mass Grave Beside Lublin Castle) 9
08/15/1944 Russians Using Western (Rail) Gauge (Russian Gauge Changed To Fit Western Rolling Stock) 9
08/15/1944 Son Of J. P. Kennedy Killed In Action (Did Not Approve Of U.S. Entering War) 18
08/16/1944 Woman (Mme. Emillienne Moreau) Says Laval, Petain Must Die 5
08/16/1944 Picture: Marshal Tito And Churchill 5
08/16/1944 Negro Troops Beat Italian Prisoners 7
08/16/1944 Allies’ Desertion (Of Poland) Charged By Pole (Tomasz Araszewski) 10
08/17/1944 Argentina’s Gold In U.S. Is Frozen 1
08/17/1944 Hordes Of (French) Refugees Inside Allied Trap (Over 100,000) 5
08/17/1944 Mme. Mikhailovitch Dead ([Of Typhus] At Auschwitz, Report By Polish Underground) 5
08/17/1944 Danes Seek To Rid Nation Of Germans 8
08/17/1944 Refugees (Minimum Of 500,000) To Get Citizenship (U.S. Gives Asylum To 1,000 Refugees ‘Mostly Jews’ Approved By Italian Government. 800 Austrian; German And Polish Jews Recently Sent To Palestine-Germans Machine Gunned Refugee Boats) 9
08/17/1944 (Ama) Urge Early Return Of Doctors In War 19
08/18/1944 Foes Won’t Escape Occupation Again President (Roosevelt) Asserts 1
08/18/1944 Silesia Also In Peril (Gen. Ivan Chernyakhovsky, 37 Year Old Jewish Tank Expert) 1
08/18/1944 5,000 Ffi (Guerrilla) Troops Trap 430 Germans 5
08/18/1944 U.S. And Britain Aid Jews Of Hungary (To Give ‘Temporary Refuge’ To Any Able To Leave Hungary-U.S. State Department Statement Text) 5
08/19/1944 Roosevelt Urges Training Of Youth But Puts Method Up To Public 1&9
08/19/1944 Patch Hails Guerrillas For Their Help In France 3
08/20/1944 Roosevelt Orders 99 Plants Seized In San Francisco 1
08/20/1944 Ffi (Guerrillas) Said To Rule Abandoned Vichy 1
08/20/1944 Picture: The French Show No Sympathy For Nazi Sympathizers (Woman’s Hair Shorn) 13
08/20/1944 Gandhi Says Allies Lack Full Candor 21
08/21/1944 Kimmel Disputes Truman On Hawaii 1
08/21/1944 Long Occupation Of Reich Urged By Britons (Sir John Wardlow Milne) To Guarantee Peace 1
08/21/1944 (U.S.) Paratroops On Job With Maquis (Guerrillas) Aug. 1 (Capt. Millis Brandes) 5
08/21/1944 Christians Asked To Overhaul Aims-Dr. (Ralph) Walker (Baptist) Says Adherence To Second-Rate Causes Handicaps Religion 13
08/21/1944 (William) Green Sees Role For Ilo (International Labor Organization) In Peace (Perhaps He Rather Sees A Role For Himself!) 15
08/22/1944 Truman Declares ‘Court Martial’ Will Disprove Kimmel Protest 1
08/22/1944 Warsaw Defense Sagging As Red Army Cuts (Bialystok-Warsaw) Rail Link 1
08/22/1944 Refugees (320 From Budapest) Reach Basle (Switzerland)-Will Be Placed In Camps 10
08/22/1944 Germany Losing Swedish Iron Ore 11
08/22/1944 UNRRA To Consider Aid To Enemy (Italian) Area 18
08/22/1944 Allies And Germany Plan New (Wounded Prisoner) Exchange 18
08/22/1944 (Francis) Biddle Plans Suits On Trusts In 6 Months 19
08/23/1944 Ffi (Guerrillas) Gain Control Of 14 Departments (Map P. 5) 1&5
08/23/1944 Southern Bank Of Western Bug (River) Captured By Russians (Treblinka Not Mentioned) 2
08/23/1944 Big Bombers Press Blows At Nazi Oil (Oderthal, Silesia And Vienna Area) 6
08/23/1944 $100 If Hitler Shot By Sept. 5 (Offered By Salida, Colorado Rotary Club) 6
08/23/1944 Ban On War Criminals (Sanctuary) Urged (By Swedish National Metal Workers) 6
08/23/1944 16,000,000 In Prisons (And Internment Camps) Get Red Cross Help 13
08/24/1944 47 Railroads Sued (Francis Biddle) As Western Trust 1
08/24/1944 Malkinia Gorna On Warsaw Bialystok Railroad Captured By Russians (Treblinka Not Mentioned) 2&10
08/24/1944 Photograph: (Hitler’s Dance) 5
08/24/1944 Gripsholm Sails With War Prisoner Gifts; Takes Nazis In Exchange For Americans 13
08/25/1944 1,900 ‘Heavies’ Rip Nazi Oil Sites (Targets GiveN-1euna, Freital, Etc.) 1&7
08/25/1944 Morgenthau Defends Invasion Currency (Not Inflationary For France) 5
08/25/1944 Palestine Refuge Put To Congress (By Roosevelt And Hull) 6
08/25/1944 (Oswego) Refugees Amazed By American Life 15
08/26/1944 Rumania Declares War (On Germany) 1
08/26/1944 Germans Warned Of D-Day-British Alert Alien Workers (In Germany) For Leaflet Instructions (Bbc Exhorts Foreign Workers To Revolt) 2
08/26/1944 Death To Germans By Word Of Maquis (French Guerrillas) 3
08/26/1944 Alien Inventors, Mostly German, Win 109 Patents In Single Week (Parachutes, Synthetic Rubber, & Fuel-Alien Property Custodian) 18
08/27/1944 Bulgaria Will Desert Nazis, Be Neutral 1
08/27/1944 Iceland Demands Return Of Bases (Taken By British And U.S.) 5
08/27/1944 Mikhailovitch Out By Decree Of King (Peter-Tito In) 12
08/27/1944 (Area Around Treblinka Overrun By Russians About This Time. No Mention Of Treblinka) 26
08/27/1944 ‘Battle Of Annihilation’ Mag. 6
08/29/1944 Berlin Protests To U.S. (German P.O.W.’s Put Onto U.S. Tanks Attacking St. Malo As Shields) 5
08/29/1944 (American Jewish Conference) Plan Is Offered For War Trials 9
08/30/1944 Nazi Mass Killing Laid Bare In (Majdanek) Camp (W. H. Lawrence) 1
08/30/1944 Polish Home Area Wins ‘Combat’ Status As U.S., Britain Warn Nazis On Reprisals 8
08/30/1944 (Jews And Greek) Clergy Ask (U.S.) Government To Succor Jews 15
08/31/1944 600 Germans Interned In Britain To Go Home (Money And Valuables Held By Alien Property Custodian Until War’s End) 3