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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

July 1944
Date Headline Page
07/01/1944 Hull Puts Onus On Helsinki; Cites Warnings On Hitler Tie 1
07/01/1944 Europeans Ask U.S. (Cordell Hull) To Feed Children 2
07/01/1944 Robot Bombs Kill Babies In Nursery 3
07/01/1944 (Flying) Fortress While Ablaze Deals Lethal Blow On Berlin (Picture) 3
07/01/1944 Ambassador Of Norway Calls On Allies To Police Reich After War To Balk Rearming 4
07/01/1944 Civil War In Poland Forecast By (Prof. Oscar) Lange 4
07/01/1944 (3,000 Refugee) Jews In Italy Aided (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; 571 Already Transplanted To Palestine) 5
07/01/1944 Methodists To Get New Bishop (G. Bromley Oxnam) Here 13
07/02/1944 Roosevelt Appeal For Unity Starts (Bretton Woods, N. H.) Monetary Parley 1&14
07/02/1944 German ‘Hostages’ Seized By (Ffi) French (To Be Executed If Ffi Executed By Germans) 4
07/02/1944 (Picture) Corp. Herman Berkowitz (Chicago) Gives Aid And Comfort To A 19 Year Old Nazi Prisoner (Punctured Intestines And Bladder, Fractured Leg) 5
07/02/1944 Finnish Concerns Blacklisted (By U.S.) 11
07/02/1944 350,000 More Jews Believed Doomed-400,000 Sent To Poland From Hungary Up To June 17 (Report From ‘Hungarian Source In Turkey’) 12
07/02/1944 New Palestine Financing-Scraps Conservative Methods Of Raising Large Sums (L1,000,000-Tapping U.S. Treasury?) 13
07/02/1944 Morgenthau’s Talk To Monetary Conference (Text, Bretton Woods, N. H.) 14
07/02/1944 New World Currency System Is Possible, League Of Nations Report Due Soon Says 14
07/02/1944 Jews Urged (By Dr. Mordecai M. Kaplan, Dean Of Teachers’ Institute, Jewish Theological Seminary) To Plan Rule For Palestine 21
07/02/1944 (Picture) Morgenthau-Bretton Woods Conference Chief E-5
07/02/1944 ‘We Failed In 1919-Shall We Fail Again?’ Mag. 14
07/03/1944 (German) Foe Starves Danes Into Ending Strike 1
07/03/1944 Nazis Press Drive On Maquis As Sabotage Rises In France 1
07/03/1944 (Eric) Johnston Predicts Growth In Siberia (‘Siberia Reminds Me Of My Own Country’) 1
07/03/1944 Inquiry (By Int’l. Church Org.) Confirms Nazi Death Camps (At Auschwitz And Birkenau-More Than 1,715,000 ‘Eradicated’ Between April 15. 1942 And April 15. 1944-Rev. Paul Voght, Fluechtlingshilfe [Misspelled ‘Fluchtlingshilfe’], Zuerich And International Church Movement Ecumenical Refugee Commission, Geneva-Report By Paul Voght-Totals Compiled Two Months Ago-’Hungarian Jews Slaughtered’-’Cyanide Gas Caused Death’-Camps Opened March 12, 1943-2,000 To 8,000 Daily) 3
07/03/1944 Allies’ Investments In Rome Inventoried 5
07/03/1944 $20,600,000 Spent In Aiding Refugees 9
07/03/1944 Axis Loot Is Topic For Money Parley (Bretton Woods, N. H.-Lord Keynes Present) 12
07/03/1944 UNRRA To Distribute No Shoddy Products 14
07/03/1944 Russia Told How To Make Neoprene Rubber By Du Pont After Negotiations By U.S. (Gov’t. With Russia) 24
07/04/1944 21 German Generals Lost In Three Weeks 5
07/04/1944 Swedes Hold Quislings (50,000 Refugees In Sweden-Used To Alleviate Labor Shortage) 6
07/04/1944 N. E. A. Group (National Education Ass’n.) Backs Fight On Bigotry 16
07/05/1944 Germans Yield In Danish Strike; Patriots (Saboteurs) Wreck Part Of Aarhus 1
07/05/1944 Britain Weighs Plan For Jewish Brigade (100 000 To 150 000 Armed Men-A Fine Nucleus For The Israeli Army [Haganah]) 11
07/06/1944 Mining Of Kiel Canal Aided Invasion Plans (Blocked At Least 1,000,000 Tons Of Cargo Sorely Needed By Germans In France) 4
07/06/1944 Two Death Camps (Auschwitz And Birkenau) Places Of Horror 6
07/07/1944 De Gaulle Arrives; Meets Roosevelt-’My I’m Glad To See You,’ Says (‘Sincere’) Host 1
07/07/1944 (U.S.) Five Power Margin 4 To 1 Over Nazis (Robert Patterson) 3
07/07/1944 Patriots (Underground Partisans) Liberate 5 Areas Of France 3
07/07/1944 5,000 Planes Pour Bombs On Germans 5
07/07/1944 German People Held Guilty In Slaughter (Of Jews By Brendan Bracken British Minister Of Information-Propaganda’) 5
07/07/1944 Britain Is ‘Broke’ 2 Ministers Say 7
07/07/1944 Naturalized (U.S.) Citizen Need Not Be Patriotic (U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals Decision) 17
07/07/1944 German Prisoners (Of War) Strike (Punished-Solitary Confinement, Bread & Water) 17
07/08/1944 Santos (President Of Columbia) A UNRRA Deputy (Picked By Lehman) 5
07/08/1944 Laughlin Assailed In Ejection (Sedition) Case (O. John Rogge, Leftist, Anti-German U.S. Prosecutor) 7
07/09/1944 Germans Raze Villages And Slay Population In Greece And France (Bbc Broadcasts; Lidice-Reprisals) 1
07/09/1944 U.S. Robot Of 1918 Better Than Nazis’ (V-2; Built To Bomb Berlin From France) 5
07/09/1944 Rabbis In Palestine Seek Aid Of Pontiff (Hungarian Jews!) 12
07/09/1944 Prelate (Archbishop Of Canterbury) Talks For Jews 13
07/09/1944 (U.S.) Bill Of Rights Unshaken By War (Assertion Of American Civil Liberties Union) 17
07/09/1944 Half (40%-50%) Rome’s Jews Taken By Germans (Rabbi Prof. Anton Zolli Of Rome) 18
07/09/1944 Italians Sabotage Germans In North 19
07/09/1944 Morgenthau Sees Monetary (Bretton Woods) Accord 23
07/09/1944 Pictures: Harry Dexter White (Born ‘Weit,’ Morgenthau’s ‘Brains’) And Lord Keynes, Bretton Woods Economists E-6
07/10/1944 Blitz Over London Hit 3 Landmarks 1
07/10/1944 Zionists Appeal For Jews In Europe 5
07/10/1944 Massacre Of Jews In Hungary Scored (Special Protestant Services) 9
07/11/1944 Berlin Confirms Food Stringency-Potato Crop 20,000,000 Tons Off 1
07/11/1944 Vilna Surrounded (By Russians) 1
07/11/1944 French Patriots (Partisans) Slay Laval Aide 4
07/11/1944 Picture: French (Woman, Alleged) Collaborationist Is Treated To A New Hair Do 5
07/11/1944 Polish Underground Fights Fleeing Nazis 5
07/11/1944 Picture: James A. Farley With James J. Walker And James W. Gerard (Former Anti-German U.S. Ambassador To Germany) 11
07/12/1944 Boycott Of Nazi Films Is Announced By Swiss 6
07/12/1944 Judge Denies Halt In Sedition Trial (O. John Rogge, U.S. Prosecutor) 7
07/12/1944 Urals Hum To Feed Red Army Machine (By W. H. Lawrence-Run By 3,000,000 Evacuated By Russia From Western Russia Ahead Of Germans By Red Army!) 9
07/13/1944 Hull Hails Denmark For Combatting Nazis 3
07/13/1944 (British Commando Officer) Officer (Disguised) In Shepherd Garb Kills German Commandant (In Yugoslavia) 3
07/13/1944 Trial Of Germans By Jews Proposed (By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Pres. Of American Federation Of Polish Jews) 6
07/14/1944 Vansittart Demands (Surrender Of) 50,000 Gestapo Men (As A Prerequisite To Armistice) 3
07/14/1944 Last Of Nazi Aides Sail From Argentina 3
07/14/1944 Steinhardt Predicts Closer Turkish Aid; Envoy Reports To Roosevelt On (Turkish) Parleys 8
07/15/1944 Army, Navy Boards Are Named To Sift Pearl Harbor Facts 1
07/15/1944 (Georges) Mandel, Nazis’ Foe Reported Murdered (Allegedly Wanted To Continue 1940 War From Morocco) 1
07/15/1944 Hull Again Scores Nazi ‘Massacres’ (‘Nearly 1 Million Hungarian Jews’) 3
07/15/1944 (Brown-Lipe-Chapin Division Of General Motors) Produces 100,000th Machine Gun 7
07/15/1944 Russian Migration Not Planned Ahead-Industries To Stay There (In Urals) Many Refugees Already Have Returned (To Cities From Which They Had Been Deported To Keep Them Out Of The Hands Of The Germans!) 8
07/16/1944 Execution Of B-29 Airmen Indicated By Japanese Radio 1
07/16/1944 UNRRA Limits Role In Aid For Europe (Limited To Health, Welfare, And Repatriation Of DP’s) 9
07/16/1944 200 (German POW) Threatening To Strike Up State Go Back (To Work) As Colonel Implies No Work No Food 10
07/16/1944 Break With Reich By Turkey Hinted 16
07/16/1944 Danes Bomb Nazi Trains 22
07/16/1944 Picture: Helen Gahagan Douglas (Wife Of Melvin Douglas) 26
07/16/1944 Daughter Of Fish Sets (U.S. Entry Into) War Blame (On Roosevelt) 26
07/17/1944 Poles Document Claims On Reich 3
07/17/1944 Vichy Sending More (Workers) To Work In Germany 4
07/17/1944 Picture: A Lesson To The Collaborationists In Cherbourg (Women With Heads Shorn By ‘French Patriots’) 5
07/17/1944 Dr. Hooton (Harvard) Assails Racial Prejudice 26
07/18/1944 57,000 Nazis Parade In Moscow As Prisoners From White Russia 1
07/18/1944 $4,000,000 For The UNRRA 16
07/18/1944 (Navy Court) Plans Pearl Harbor Case 21
07/18/1944 Bund, Klan Linked At Sedition Trial 32
07/19/1944 Picture: 57,000 German POW On Parade In Moscow 1
07/19/1944 German Staff Has Plans Now For Next War (Sumner) Welles Warns 1
07/19/1944 Prison Mutiny Linked With Mandel Slaying 4
07/19/1944 Nazis Goad Parisians To Jeer War Captives 4
07/19/1944 Horthy Promises Not To Oust (Hungarian) Jews 5
07/19/1944 Ontario Refugees (Oswego) On Way (From Italy) 5
07/19/1944 (August Cardinal) Hlond (Held At Bar-Le-Duc, France) Rejects Nazi Offer (Freedom For Anti-Communist Support) 9
07/19/1944 Prejudice On Jobs Corrected By Fepc 9
07/20/1944 Jewish Rally (American League For A Free Palestine) Urges Gas Attacks On Nazis 4
07/20/1944 Jews Abroad Get Aid Of $10,459,472 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-For First Half Of Year-Equals Amount Used Entire Previous Year) 19
07/20/1944 (Earl G.) Harrison Resigns (As Commissioner Of) Immigration (And Naturalization) Post 20
07/20/1944 War Work Taught 236,000 In (N.Y. City) Schools 21
07/21/1944 Roosevelt Nominated For Fourth Term 1
07/21/1944 Hitler Escapes Bomb-’Bruised’ 1
07/21/1944 Hitler A Target Of (Many) Similar Plots 3
07/21/1944 Texts Of Hitler, Donitz, & Goering Talks 3
07/21/1944 Sweden Foresees Himmler Terror 4
07/21/1944 U.S. Groups In Spain Succor Refugees (Society Of Friends, Jewish ‘Joint,’ And Others-25,000 Evacuated Through Spain To North Africa ‘Including Jewish’) 5
07/23/1944 Photograph: Hitler Confers With His Loyal Aides; Revolt Minimized, Kesselring Maps Murder; Tells Army To Kill Hostages To Balk Italian Sabotage 3
07/23/1944 General (Von Rundstedt) Is Slain Over Nazi (Oradour Sur Glane) Massacre 4
07/23/1944 Soviet Industry Rises During War 12
07/23/1944 Nazis Rebuff Eden On (50) Slain (British) Captives 21
07/23/1944 ‘Shake Hands With The Devil’ (A Negotiated Peace With Germany) E-3
07/23/1944 Prescription For Germany (Curb Those Gullible And Sentimental People Preaching Caution And Mercy For Germany) Mag. 8
07/23/1944 (Sumner) Welles Offers A Post-War Plan (The Time For Decision) Book 1
07/24/1944 Rival (Pro-Russian) Polish ‘Government’ Set Up (By Russians) In Liberated (Lublin) Area 1
07/24/1944 Only Allied Force Can Beat Reich, (Ilya) Ehrenburg Says (‘One Of Russia’s Best Known Authors’-Albeit For ‘Black,’ Anti-German Propaganda!) 6
07/24/1944 Pope (Pius XII) Condemns Neo-Communism 7
07/24/1944 Text Of Articles Of Agreement For The Establishment Of The (U.S. Supported) International Bank (Bretton Woods, N. H.) 10
07/25/1944 Beer Bottles Used For (Crude) German Mines 1
07/25/1944 Lublin Captured (Majdanek Concentration-Pow Camp Captured By Russians) 1
07/25/1944 (Col. Gen Otto) Von Stulpnagel Shot By French (‘Patriots’-Partisans); Germans Destroy Border Village 1
07/25/1944 Concentration Camp In France Reported (Set Up Near Cherbourg To Contain Suspected French Collaborationists) 3
07/25/1944 Latvian Nazis Listed In Killings Of Jews-(26,000 Killed, Reported By A Jewess Arriving In Sweden-A Mrs. Selma Anderson-’Hid 1-1/2 Years From Gestapo, ‘ Reported To Allied War Crimes Commission) 4
07/25/1944 Eden Urges Curb On Reich, Japan-Warns That People Of Both Countries Always Will Be A Menace To Peace 5
07/25/1944 Mikhailovitch Balks-Rejects Government Of Subasitch 6
07/25/1944 (14 Japanese-Americans) Won’t Eat At Tule Lake 10
07/25/1944 Pearl Harbor Inquiry Board Begins Work 11
07/25/1944 (350,000 German) Refugees In Reich From East 11
07/26/1944 Synthetic Rubber Fulfilling (U.S. Needs-836,000 Tons) Needs, Director (Col. Bradley Dewey) Resigns 1
07/26/1944 Goebbels Gets The Task Of Finding Manpower For Final (German) Stand (Text) 1&5
07/26/1944 16 Reich Generals (Russian Captives) Ask Army To Quit 1
07/26/1944 Paris Finds Bluebeard (Dr. Marcel Peliot-In SS Uniform) 3
07/26/1944 Evidence To Shift In Sedition Trial (O. John Rogge, Chief Federal Prosecutor) 20
07/27/1944 Argentina Called ‘Deserter’ By U.S. (Hull)-Argentina Denies Helping The Axis 1
07/27/1944 (Yugoslav) Partisans Storm Islands 3
07/27/1944 (British) Bomb Put At Hitler’s Feet (Was) British, Goebbels Says 5
07/27/1944 Reza Pahlevi, Shah Of Iran 16 Years (Dead, Age Unknown-Forced By Invading British And Russians To Advocate In Aug. 1941 For Refusing To Cooperate-Iran Used As A Lend-Lease Storehouse For War Goods-Shah Detained On Mauritius, Died In Johannesburg, Union Of South Africa Succeeded By Son) 17
07/28/1944 (General) Mc Nair Killed In Normandy (Trained U.S. Ground Forces, Called ‘Brains Of The Army’ By Marshall) 1
07/28/1944 Goebbels Order Forbids All Vacations For Women 2
07/28/1944 Mc Nair Vita 3
07/28/1944 Maquis (French Partisans) Traps Foil Nazi Panzer Attack 4
07/28/1944 5,000 Germans Slain In Battle Tito Says 6
07/28/1944 German Warns French-Says Interior Forces Will Be Shot When Caught 6
07/28/1944 Jews In Palestine To Elect Assembly 6
07/28/1944 3,000,000 Garands Made 6
07/29/1944 Most German Amusements End; Low Living Standard Is Ordered 1
07/29/1944 Allies Map Return Of War’s Homeless (20-30 Million-Under UNRRA Auspices 8 Million In Germany-No Jews Mentioned-All Other Nationalities Listed-2 Million ‘Stateless Persons’-Intergovernmental Committee Responsible For The 2 Million ‘Stateless Persons’-Displaced Persons Also In Hands Of UNRRA) 5
07/29/1944 (Congressman) Dies Links Pac To Whitehouse 26
07/30/1944 Doolittle For (German) Knockout 3
07/30/1944 Nc Nair Is Called ‘Maker Of Armies’ 8
07/30/1944 Bombers Again Hit Leuna (Synthetic) Oil (And Gasoline) Plants (In Germany) 11
07/30/1944 (Argentina General) Farrell Regime Defends Actions (Is Helping U.N.) 12
07/30/1944 British List Chiefs In Bombing Of Hitler 23
07/30/1944 Social Reform Rushed In Canada 26
07/30/1944 Turkey Moves Forward To Join The European Family Of Nations Book 1
07/31/1944 Turk-Reich Split Judged Imminent (By Joseph M. Levy) 1
07/31/1944 Negro (Anti Aircraft And Quartermaster) Units Commended (By Eisenhower) 3
07/31/1944 (Norman) Thomas Decries Too Harsh Peace (At Oberlin, Ohio) 26