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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

March 1944
Date Headline Page
03/01/1944 Jewish Charities Raise Record Fund 10
03/02/1944 Negro Shift From New Deal Is Seen In Harlem Balloting 1
03/02/1944 400 Germans Slain By (Guerrilla) Greek Forces-Guerrillas Headed By British Officer Blowup Train Near Mount Olympus 3
03/02/1944 $4,000,000 Pledged For Aid To Refugees-U.S., Britain To Share Equally To Help 20,000,000 In Europe (Claim 250,000-300,000 Jews Still In Poland-’In A Few Weeks, No More Than 50,000 Of Us Will Remain.’-S.S. Silverman 4
03/02/1944 Britain, U.S. Halt Shipment Of Arms, Supplies To Turks (Must Fulfill Terms Of Anglo-French-Turkish Agreement Making Turkey Essentially An Ally Of England) 1
03/04/1944 Roosevelt Hails Nation For Bond Drive Success 5
03/04/1944 U.S. Asked (By Senator Claude Pepper, Florida) To Join War Guilt Trials Pepper Offers Resolution In Senate For Our Participation With United Nations 7
03/04/1944 Japan Drafts All Students 1
03/04/1944 Many Jews Killed In Cherkassy Area-Tour Of Ukraine (By Reporter Ralph Parker) Reveals How Nazis Followed Plan To Exterminate Them 6
03/04/1944 Germans In France Widen Death Penalty-Will Impose It On Those Who Help Allies’ Parachute Agents 7
03/04/1944 Lepke (Buchhalter) Shows Fear As He Goes To Chair 30
03/04/1944 The Maquis (French Guerrillas): Allies In Hiding Mag. 20
03/06/1944 (U.S.) Army Drops Race Equality Book (Congressman Protests Publication By U.S. Army) 1
03/04/1944 Obliteration Raids On German Cities Protested In U.S. (By 28 Pacifists-Clergymen And Others-Names Given) 1
03/04/1944 Senate Expected To Defer Vote On Palestine Immigration Issue 1
03/06/1944 6-Ton Bomb Rocks plane High In Air (RAF) 3
03/06/1944 Nazis To Draft Cripples (Russian Report By Ilya Ehrenburg) 3
03/06/1944 Germans Said To Plan Moves In Next War 5
03/06/1944 Immigration Ban Opposed By (Francis Beverley) Biddle (In Talk Before Hebrew Sheltering & Immigrant Aid Society) 9
03/06/1944 Jewish Groups Here Pledge $1,000,000 Aid (Part Of $32,000,000 For Work At Home And Abroad) 9
03/07/1944 Roosevelt Calls On AFL To Allow CIO A Voice In ILO 1
03/07/1944 U.S. Sent 28,000 Planes To Allies And Kept 122,000 In Three Years (28,000 Planes Worth $1,600,000,000) 1
03/07/1944 (D. R. Daniel A.) Poling Deplores Bombing Protest (Protest Of Bombing Of German Cities By Pacifists) 4
03/07/1944 (U.S. Bomber Men Awed By Havoc In Berlin 5
03/07/1944 Charges Pentagon Operates At Loss (Alleges Roosevelt Used Unauthorized Funds In Building It) 10
03/07/1944 Increase (In Production) Is Planned For Mexican (Guayule) Rubber 10
03/07/1944 Youths’ Race Bias Charged To Adults (‘Parents’ By Dr. Alice V. Keliher) 18
03/08/1944 Lehman Will Visit Britain, Middle East-Plans To Start New UNRRA Body In Cairo And London 3
03/09/1944 Nazis Again Attempt To Lure French Aid 3
03/09/1944 Allies Begin Talks On Future Of Reich 6
03/09/1944 Roosevelt Hails Aid To Jewish Children (In A Letter To Henrietta Szold-Hadassah) 8
03/09/1944 President (Roosevelt) Backs Post-War Talks 28
03/10/1944 Roosevelt Backs Palestine Plan As Homeland For Refugee Jews 1
03/10/1944 (Burton K.) Wheeler Says Stalin Imprisons Millions-Quotes London Magazines Figure Of 10,000,000 4
03/10/1944 Refugee Plan Offered (By Jewish Women’s Council-Wants U.S. To Give Temporary Visas To Jews) 9
03/11/1944 Irish Refuse To Oust Axis Envoys-Dublin Mobilizes, Seeing Ultimatum (Text P. 4) 1
03/11/1944 Russia Insists Nazis Abuse Prisoner Code 5
03/11/1944 Oust Mikhailovitch British Urge King (Peter Ii, Yugoslavia) 7
03/12/1944 Pucheu (Vichy Minister Of Industrial Production) Sentenced To Die (By Algiers Military Tribunal) As Traitor 1
03/12/1944 (Germans) Charge U.S. Is ‘Blackmailing’ Neutrals Of Europe (Into Supporting U.N. Side) 5
03/12/1944 Nazis Hang 17 (Terrorists At Nimes) 12
03/12/1944 Protests (Of U.S. Pacifists) On (German Obliteration) Raids Deplored By Rabbi (William F. Rosenblum) 25
03/12/1944 Cartoon: ‘The Refugee Problem In Germany’-’The Quest For Lebensraum-New Style’ E-3
03/12/1944 Pucheu Trial Raises Many Issues E-3
03/12/1944 ‘A Russian Talks To A Mid-Westerner’ By Ilya Ehrenburg (One Of The Blackest Of The Russian ‘Black Propagandists’) Mag. 10&29
03/13/1944 Doenitz Speaking For Chief (Hitler) On Heroes Day, Says War Is For Germany’s Life Or Death 1
03/13/1944 Crafty Reich Plot Laid For Next War 9
03/13/1944 Jewish Institute Honors Dr. (Rabbi) S.S. Wise (Philip S. Bernstein, Rochester, N.Y., Present) 20
03/14/1944 German Massacre Of 10,000 (At Lwow) Reported (By Poles) 4
03/14/1944 Ben Hecht, A Guidebook For The Bedeviled 17
03/14/1944 Einstein (Referring To ‘German Peril’) Is Fearful Of Losing The Peace 20
03/15/1944 Churchill Indicates Plans For Blockade Of Ireland 1
03/15/1944 2,000,000 Reported Homeless In Berlin 4
03/15/1944 U.S. Air Leaflets To Reich Revealed 5
03/15/1944 More Partisans Raid South Serbian Lines 8
03/16/1944 Lehman In Algiers (UNRRA) Rules Out Politics 11
03/17/1944 (British) M. P.’s Would Sift Atlantic Charter-Churchill Rejects Motion 5
03/17/1944 Britain Executes 14th German Spy 6
03/18/1944 Dewey Asks Study Of Race Prejudice (By Special Commission) 1
03/18/1944 Swedes Deny Tale Of Nazi Peace Bid 2
03/18/1944 All Negro Fighter Group Set Up In Mediterranean (Commanded By Lt. Col. B. O. Davis) 3
03/19/1944 Nazi Peace Move Denied By Hitler 6
03/19/1944 Abuses By Poles In Iran Reported-Even Sold Relief Goods Supplied By Americans 8
03/19/1944 Advertisement: Ben Hecht, A Guide For The Bedeviled Book 21
03/20/1944 Patriots (Guerrillas) Wreck Train In France, Spain Says-50 Reported Killed 3
03/20/1944 Atlantic Charter Debated In London 6
03/21/1944 German Troops Occupy Hungary 1
03/21/1944 Pucheu Executed Amid Secrecy; He Gives The Command To Fire (A Prominent Industrialist-’Collaborated’) 1
03/21/1944 (Underground) Poles Battle Germans (Lukow District) 4
03/21/1944 Tito Battles Nazis-Partisans Kill 500 Germans 7
03/21/1944 Demand Renewed (By Dr. Nahum Goldmann, World Jewish Congress) For Jewish ‘Army’ (Urges Rescue Of Europe’s Jews Before Invasion) 8
03/21/1944 Redemption Notice Of Confiscated I. G. Farbenindustrie, Now Known As General Aniline And Film Corporation-5½% Debentures 28
03/22/1944 Finland Rejects (Russian) Armistice; Russia Warns Of Dire Fate 1
03/22/1944 World Unity (Under Atlantic Charter) Urged By Hull As Our Aim (Text P. 12) 1
03/22/1944 British To Try Haw Haw (William Joyce, An American Citizen, To Be Tried By British As A War Criminal) 4
03/22/1944 Roosevelt To Slow Draft Of Chemists 10
03/23/1944 1,400 U.S. Planes Smash At Berlin Without Any Fighter Opposition 1
03/23/1944 Nazis Helpless In Poland-Governor (Hans Frank) Says Police Can No Longer Maintain Order 7
03/23/1944 House Votes Right To Give UNRRA Fund-Sends President (Roosevelt) $1,350,000,000 Authorization For Agency 8
03/24/1944 6,720 Tons Hit Reich In 24 Hours-5,000 Planes Used 1
03/24/1944 Reich Food Crisis In Fall Predicted 3
03/24/1944 Plea Made For Hungarian Jews Managed By Nazi Occupation (By Dr. Israel Goldstein, Pres. Of Zionist Organization, Back From Visit To Britain) 4
03/25/1944 Roosevelt Warns Germans On Jews (Text On P.4, Picture Of Pehle Of War Crimes Investigation-Also On War Refugee Board) 1&4
03/25/1944 Hull Plan On Reich Barred In Moscow (Parley-Morgenthau’s Accepted) 5
03/25/1944 Picture: Raf Bombs Used In Bombing Germany-500 Lbs., 1,000 Lbs., 2,000 Lbs., 4,000 Lbs., & 12,000 Lbs 8
03/25/1944 Greek War Relief Leases 3 Floors 26
03/25/1944 Wants Nazi Lawyer, Must Accept A Jew (Ordered By Judge Simon H. Rifkind-’Father’ Of Post-War West German Constitution) 30
03/26/1944 Six Policemen Slain In Palestine; Curfew And Death Penalty Invoked 1
03/26/1944 Hull Will Consult Congress On Peace 5
03/26/1944 Rabbi (Israel Goldstein, Pres. Of Zionist Organization) Tells Of Visit In Wartime England (See Above) 5
03/26/1944 3-Zone Occupation Of Reich Suggested (By British Sunday Observer) 14
03/26/1944 Army Court Dooms 5 (Negroes) For Attacking Girl (In Australia) 30
03/26/1944 Atlantic Charter Seen In Need Of Redefinition E-4
03/26/1944 Book Review: Ben Hecht, A Guide For The Bedeviled (Favorable Review) Book 5
03/27/1944 33,000 Jeeps Aid The Russians; ‘Wheelies’ Conquer Ukrainian Mud 3
03/27/1944 Hitler Youth Sworn In (To Army) 4
03/27/1944 German Courts Cut Down-Half Judiciary Personnel Said To Be In Military Service 5
03/27/1944 Lehman Arrives In Cairo (From Algiers) 6
03/27/1944 Jewish Agency Hits Palestine (Violence) Outbreak (By Stern Gang) 8
03/27/1944 Respect For Basic Human Rights In Reich Asked In (Arch-Bishop Of ) Canterbury’s 8 Peace Precepts) 8
03/27/1944 (Dewey) Signs Bill Merging Jewish Charities 36
03/28/1944 Poles Order Underground Forces To Help Russians Fighting Germans 1
03/28/1944 (U.S.) Army Papers Admit Failure At Cassino 4
03/28/1944 American (Lt. Co!. Alfred K. Dumoulin, A U.S. Army Observer) Praises German Soldiers (Obstinacy & Skill) 7
03/28/1944 Trial Of 19 Opens In Nazi Agent Plot-(Sylvester) Viereck Appeal Fails 9
03/28/1944 Synthetic (Rubber) Content In Tires Increased (To 35% Minimum) 24
03/29/1944 Allies Plan To Give Poland East Prussia, Bar Corridor (Curzon Line To Be New Eastern Boundary Between Russia And Poland) 1&6
03/29/1944 2 Lwow Jews (Isador & Laura Herz, ‘Poles’) Tell Of ‘Death Forest’ 2
03/29/1944 German Units Sent From West To East 3
03/29/1944 Poles Help In War Now Asked By Nazis 3
03/29/1944 Roosevelt Backs Army On Palestine 3
03/29/1944 Jewish Group Admits Palestine Bombing-But Irgun Zvai Leumi Denies Tel Aviv Shooting 3
03/29/1944 Frenchman Admits Recruiting (Soldiers) For Reich 3
03/29/1944 Dewey For Offset To Anti-Semitism-Strengthening Of People Of U.S. Against Bias Within And Help To Victims Abroad Asked 3
03/29/1944 Eden Sees World Guided By 3 States (Britain, U.S., & Russia No France!) 6
03/29/1944 Dutch (In London) Cast Eyes On Strip Of Reich 7
03/29/1944 Picture: French Sabotage By Partisans At Grenoble 8
03/29/1944 Synthetic Oil Bill ($30,000,000) Goes To President (Roosevelt) 10
03/29/1944 Air War Puts Nazis In Hard Dilemma (Germany Cannot Replace Losses, U.N. Can) 11
03/29/1944 Owi Has No Reds Says Elmer Davis (U.S. Propaganda Chief) 13
03/30/1944 Picture: Patriots (Maquis-Guerrillas) Of Occupied Europe Defying The Nazis 3
03/30/1944 Germans Slay Nine As Lyon ‘Terrorists’ 3
03/30/1944 Orlando Death (Reported Earlier As Having Been Executed By The Germans) Denied 4
03/30/1944 U.S. Has Sent 23,000 Tanks To Allies Since 1941 With 750,000 Other Vehicles 5
03/30/1944 Jews Get Assurance Of Oppression’s End-Elimination Of Nazi Practices In Europe Called U.S. Policy (By Maj. Gen. J. A. Ulio, Adjutant General Of Marshall) 5
03/30/1944 Hillman Group Led By Red, (Congressman) Dies Says 13
03/30/1944 Bill To Join UNRRA Signed (By Roosevelt-U.S. ‘Joined’ UNRRA!) 16
03/31/1944 Young Girls Assist In Nazi War Output-Grandmothers Also Requested To Help Produce Supplies 2
03/31/1944 UNRRA Council Meets June 23 (Arthur Salter, Acting Director General (Under Lehman) 4
03/31/1944 Every German To Learn To Shoot 5
03/31/1944 Britain Bargains For Aid For Jews (Offers Leniency To German Collaborators After War For Any Help To Jews) 9
03/31/1944 Jewish Refugee List (30,000 Names And Addresses In Russia And Other Countries) Compiled (By World Jewish Congress-Other Countries Were Iran, Palestine, South Italy, Central And South Africa, Mexico, & Switzerland-U.S. Not Mentioned) 9
03/31/1944 Soldiers Are Told Status Of Alien Brides; Foreign Husbands Limited In Quota Rights 13
03/31/1944 New Curb Sought On Bias In Schools (By Educational Group) 23