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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

October 1944
Date Headline Page
10/01/1944 Six Delusions About Germany By Leopold Schwartzschild Mag. 5
10/02/1944 Gerald L. K. Smith Assails Roosevelt, Dewey 12
10/02/1944 Yugoslavs (Tito) Reject UNRRA Offer Of Aid 1
10/02/1944 Cruelties Of Nazis Told In (Canadian Broadcasting Corp’n) Broadcast 12
10/02/1944 Warsaw Gives Up After 63-Day Fight 1
10/02/1944 Redemption Notice: American I. G. (Farben) Chemical Corp’n.-General Aniline And Dye Corp’n 31
10/02/1944 War On Guerrillas Ordered In Reich 1
10/02/1944 Ban Axis Loot, U.S. Tells Neutrals; Reich Chiefs May Be Shot Untried 1&3
10/02/1944 Welles Endorses Peace Framework-’New Principle Involved’ 7
10/06/1944 Malaria-Ridden Greeks Line Shore To Greet First Briton 1
10/06/1944 Nazi Death Camp (Klooga, Estonia) A Scene Of Horror (W. H. Lawrence-A Repeat Of Majdanek Performance But Smaller) 6
10/06/1944 UNRRA Faces Difficult Problem On Relief For Poles 7
10/07/1944 Nazis Urge Poles To Turn To Them 5
10/07/1944 More Funds Needed For Jewish Relief 11
10/08/1944 Specific Terms For Reich Now Advocated In Washington 1
10/08/1944 Danish Saboteurs Get New Penalty (Must Ride Sabotage-Prone Trains Instead Of Being Executed) 10
10/08/1944 Mikhailovitch Flees From Serbia To Hills (To Escape Tito And The Croats) 28
10/09/1944 Nazis Attack (‘Shelved’) Morgenthau Project (Roosevelt’s Plan For Post-War Germany) 3
10/09/1944 Dewey Would Ask Hull To Stay On For A Time Or Team With Dulles 14
10/10/1944 The German Civilian Poles A Problem For Allies (Put In Pow Camps) 1
10/10/1944 Soviet Paper Links Pope And Fascism 1
10/11/1944 Germans Skimping On Income Tax Form (Paper Shortage) 1
10/11/1944 U.S. Warned Of Schacht (Emanuel Celler Says Germans Try To Present Him As Fascism’s Foe) 6
10/11/1944 (Dr. Alexander J. Stoddard, Philadelphia Educator) Would Blacklist Nazi Teachers (Forever) 9
10/12/1944 Roosevelt Backs Restored Poland 1
10/12/1944 Lisbon Bars Haven To War Criminals 4
10/12/1944 (Dumbarton) Oaks (Harry Dexter White-Morgenthau) Plan Called Wise By (Sumner) Welles 11
10/12/1944 (Tom) Connally Bid To Hungary (Betray Germany; Aid Allies) 13
10/12/1944 Jews In Palestine Warned On Terror (Jews And Arabs Arming!) 14
10/12/1944 (Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt) Urges Women Take World Peace Role 42
10/13/1944 Berlin Duped By France (On Occupation Payments) 5
10/13/1944 Would Ban All Immigration (To U.S.) 8
10/13/1944 U.S. ‘Interim’ Plan For Reich Is Ready (U.S. Not ‘Un’) 9
10/13/1944 New (Anti-Fascist) Latin Policy Urged By Welles 13
10/13/1944 Dewey Repledges Palestine Backing 15
10/13/1944 (Norman) Thomas Sees U.S. Facing New Wars 15
10/13/1944 Roosevelt Is Well His Physician (Vice Admiral Ross Mc Intyre) Says (He Has ‘Flat Tummy’) 20
10/14/1944 Red Army In Riga (Memel Menaced) 1
10/14/1944 French Reds Want The (Guerrilla) Ffi Legalized 1
10/14/1944 Lehman Offers UNRRA Aid In Congratulations To Greece 5
10/14/1944 Roosevelt ‘Lied Us Into War’ Mrs. Luce Declares In Chicago (She Did Say This, But She Was Complaining That He Hadn’t Done It Openly And Sooner!) 9
10/14/1944 President (Roosevelt) Praises Prison Patriotism (Inmate Labor Or ‘Slave Labor?’) 15
10/15/1944 Ss Plot To Seize Post-War Reich Called Greatest Threat To Peace (U.S. 1St Army Announcement) 1
10/15/1944 Belgian Traitors In Torture Center (Breendonck Camp) 14
10/15/1944 (Israel Goldstein, President Of Zionist Organization Of America) Would Make Reich Help In Palestine (See Nahum Goldmann’s The Jewish Paradox) 12
10/15/1944 Greater Schooling On Russia Urged (By U.S. Educators) 23
10/15/1944 Lublin Poles’ Head Hopeful Of Accord (W. H. Lawrence) 24
10/15/1944 Germans Leave (125,000) Watches (In France Awaiting Repair) 27
10/15/1944 Mrs. Luce (See Oct. 14) Advised To Study Record (By Mrs. Mary T. Norton) 36
10/15/1944 (Dean C. Mildred Thompson, Vassar) Urges U.S. To Help Foreign Students 40
10/15/1944 Floods Made By Nazis Bring Ruin To Dutch E-4
10/15/1944 The Old Britain Is Gone Forever (As Are ‘Old’ Germany, ‘Old’ France,’Old’ Belgium, ‘Old’ U.S., Etc.!) Mag. 9
10/16/1944 Hungary Asks Truce (With Russians) 1
10/16/1944 Death Of Rommel Revealed By Nazis (Was Suicide) 1
10/16/1944 Lublin Poles Face A Major Reverse-Agrarian Land Reform Plan Hits Snag 5
10/16/1944 La Follette Hits Churchill, Stalin 10
10/16/1944 Woman Opponent Says Mrs. Luce ‘Lied’ (See Oct. 14) 11
10/16/1944 President (Roosevelt) Pledges Free Jewish State 19
10/16/1944 Saving Refugees Lauded 19
10/17/1944 Atrocities By Nazis (In Russia) Shown Here In Photos (By Russian War Relief, Inc.) 17
10/18/1944 (Ira) Hirschmann Tells Of Aiding Refugees-Praises Turk Help (Mentions John W. Pehle Of War Refugee Board, Bulgaria And Rumania As Routes To Palestine) 8
10/18/1944 Voice At Peace Table Sought By Zionists 14
10/19/1944 Dewey Denounces ‘Secret Diplomacy’ 1
10/19/1944 Army Rule In Reich To End Naziism; Stern But Just Code To Be Enforced (Morgenthau Plan-See Germany Is Our Problem) 1
10/19/1944 Tuc (Trade Union Congress, London) Pins Crimes On German People 4
10/19/1944 Educators (John Dewey, Einstein, Flexner, Myers) Form (Pro-) Roosevelt Group 11
10/19/1944 (American Council For Judaism) Would Base Help On Race Equality 11
10/19/1944 ‘Unholy Alliance’ Laid To New Deal 13
10/19/1944 (Truman) Declares Dewey Befogs War Facts 14
10/19/1944 (Forrestal) Waits Pearl Harbor Data 16
10/19/1944 Woodring’s Threat (To Blast New Deal) Stirs Senator Row (Whether He Should Be Summoned As Witness Or Not) 36
10/20/1944 De Gaulle’s Split With Reds Deepens 5
10/20/1944 Dec. 7 ‘41 (Pearl Harbor) Raid Data Hidden (By Roosevelt Administration), Maas Says Kimmel, Short Testify 12
10/20/1944 John Dewey At 85 Defends Doctrine 32
10/21/1944 Aachen Captured 1
10/21/1944 Pearl Harbor Data ‘Top Secret’ Affecting War Navy Board Says 1&9
10/21/1944 Picture: Rommel’s Funeral 4
10/21/1944 Germans Coddled (According To Stars And Stripes) Aachen Refugees Fed Hot Food (By Captors) 6
10/21/1944 Rex Stout Quits Freedom House-Accuses Dorothy Thompson 8
10/21/1944 School Reforms Planned By (Lublin) Poles 17
10/21/1944 (Francis) Biddle Says Dewey Withholds Truths 30
10/22/1944 Aide (Albert Lajeune) Sentenced To Die For Deal With Laval 17
10/22/1944 Flooding (At Nancy) Ordered By Patton 17
10/22/1944 Eight Fliers Discovered That They Killed Rommel (A Suicide!) 19
10/22/1944 (10,000) War Prisoners Help Increase (U.S.) Pulp Wood Production-(Could Be Used In Making Gunpowder!) 28
10/22/1944 Lindbergh (A Civilian) Reported To Have Bagged (Japanese) Plane 31
10/22/1944 Maas Hits Secrecy On Pearl Harbor 40
10/22/1944 Negroes Discuss Post-War Needs (And ‘Wants’?) 41
10/22/1944 Speedy Punishment For War Criminals E-5
10/22/1944 Germans Seen As Robots In Hands Of Nazi Chiefs E-5
10/22/1944 (German) Prisoners Of War Aid Our Farmers E-6
10/23/1944 Three (German) Boys Captured Sniping Near Aachen (‘Freedom Fighters’ ?) 3
10/23/1944 Penicillin Is Sent (U.S.) Prisoners Of Nazis (Via Red Cross) 5
10/24/1944 Parisian Editor (‘Aujourd’hui’) Sentenced To Die (Georges Suarez) 4
10/24/1944 Laval Auction (Of Personal Property) Is Begun 5
10/24/1944 Army Gets Report On Pearl Harbor (5,000 Pages) 12
10/24/1944 German Ex-Officer (1914-1918) Held As Nazi Spy (Active Before U.S. Entered War) 25
10/25/1944 Release (Pearl Harbor) Findings Kimmel Demands 4
10/25/1944 (U.S.) Threats On Reich Said To Spur Nazis 9
10/25/1944 (Frank) Murphy Honored (By Council Against Intolerance In America) For Fight On Bias 19
10/26/1944 U.S. And Britain Recognize Italy; Action Is First With An Ex-Enemy 1
10/26/1944 Earl’s Son (Capt. William Douglas-Home) Sentenced (Disobeyed A ‘Lawful Command’-Refused To Fight At Le Havre (Treatment The United Nations Meted Out To Those Who Refused To Obey The Orders They Were Given!) 4
10/26/1944 President (Roosevelt) Called ‘(Sidney) Hillman Prisoner,’ ‘Front’ For Communists 15
10/27/1944 Stimson Is Following Pearl Harbor Law; Will Not Seek Any Publicity, He Declares 5
10/27/1944 Harriman Confirms German Atrocities (Atrocities ‘Have Not And Cannot Be Exaggerated.’ 1,500,000 Killed ‘Particularly Jews’) 8
10/27/1944 Aachen Refugees Give Aid To Jews 10
10/27/1944 Roosevelt Hailed By Hull As Leader (Action After Fall Of France ‘Saved’ U.S.-Rearmed British With Weapons From U.S. Arsenal, Leaving U.S. Army Short) 12
10/28/1944 (Thomas J.) Curran Advocates Jewish Homeland 11
10/29/1944 Dutch Plan Claim No Part Of Reich 4
10/29/1944 Borah Notes Quote Roosevelt In July, 1939 On Need To ‘Go In’ If War Came In Europe (Roosevelt Said We Must ‘Go In’ If War Is Unavoidable) 33
10/29/1944 Cartoon: Hitler Shown As A Pig On A Spit E-2
10/30/1944 Roosevelt Gives ‘Sermon’ (At Clarksburg, W. Va.) On Need For Reforestation 1
10/30/1944 Clothing For Europe (15,000,000 Lbs.) Exceeds (UNRRA) Aid Quota 21
10/31/1944 Reich ‘A Nation Of Fools’ Gertrude Atherton Says (‘There Must Be No Mercy’ Shown Them) 1
10/31/1944 Roosevelt Extols Turks (To Inonu) 7
10/31/1944 Sweden Hampers Nazis 7
10/31/1944 Mexico Tightens Law Against Immigrants 11
10/31/1944 Anti-Ally (Anti-’Un,’ Pro-Vichy) Bishop Seized In France 11
10/31/1944 3 Japanese (POW) Killed In Prison Hospital 21