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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

November 1944
Date Headline Page
11/01/1944 UNRRA Sending Group To Poland For Relief (Approved By Lublin Committee Of National Liberation) 15
11/02/1944 Ciano Aimed Plots At Britain, France 1
11/02/1944 Mikhailovitch Kin (Son And Daughter) Desert (To Tito) 4
11/02/1944 Sweden To Turn Over Nazi War Criminals (Swedish Minister Of Justice Says Allies Need Only Request Return) 11
11/02/1944 Wagner Demands Jewish Homeland (In Palestine) 13
11/02/1944 New Zionists Score Roosevelt’s ‘Inaction’ (In Their Behalf) 13
11/03/1944 Lithuanian Sees Nation Dominated-Estonia Reported (Re-)Sovietized 6
11/03/1944 Antwerp Shows Almost No Damage (No Scorched Earth!) 10
11/03/1944 Pro-Nazi Man Hunt In Full Cry In Greece 11
11/03/1944 Alert On Nazi Captives-Eisenhower Assures Jewish Group (Rabbi Baruch Korff) He Is Watchful (For Jewish Interests) 12
11/03/1944 Defeat Of Mrs. Luce Is Urged By Wallace (See Oct. 14, 1944) 18
11/03/1944 Educators Stress Unity (Of U.S., U. K., & Ussr) To End Wars 38
11/04/1944 Luxemberg Seen In Rapid Recovery (No Scorched Earth) 3
11/04/1944 News Of (Leon) Blum (And Other French Leaders) Cheerful 4
11/04/1944 Malaria Incidence In Army Is Cut 75% 16
11/05/1944 UNRRA Soon To Send Delegates To Poland (Great Interest In ‘Poland’) 32
11/05/1944 The Great German Alibi In The Making (‘We Did As We Were Told. We Saved The World From Bolshevism.’-By Drew Middleton) Mag. 5
11/06/1944 German Civilians Find U.S. Is Stern 5
11/06/1944 Ickes Says Dewey Incites ‘Disunity’ 14
11/07/1944 British Diplomat (Lord Moyne) Is Slain In Cairo (By Jewish Terrorists) 1&13
11/08/1944 Roosevelt-Truman Win 1
11/08/1944 Eisenhower Warns Reich On Prisoners (In Labor And Concentration Camps-No Harming Nor Molestation) 21
11/08/1944 Passive Hostility Is Felt (By U.S. Army Of Occupation) In Germany-Clifton Daniel 23
11/08/1944 (Lord) Moyne’s Assassins Maintain Silence 34
11/09/1944 Two Jews Admit Murder Of (Lord) Moyne 4
11/09/1944 Relief Head (Dr. J. J. Schwartz, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Off For Overseas Duty (‘Thousands Of Jews In Hungary, 270,000 Jews In Rumania! In 1943 $3,000,000 Allocated To Send 8,000 Hungarian And Rumanian Jews To Palestine) 13
11/10/1944 Suarez Executed In French Purge (By Guerrillas) 5
11/10/1944 Lehman Going Soon Abroad For UNRRA-First Birthday Of Agency 5
11/10/1944 Paul Ullman, American Artist Is Killed Leading Underground (Guerrilla) Forces In France 10
11/10/1944 Pearl Harbor Data Ready (Forrestal) 10
11/10/1944 Aids Palestine Messages (American Red Cross Sends Messages To Assist Stateless Persons In Obtaining Palestine Certificates Or Visas) 12
11/10/1944 Revival Of Klan Feared After War (By Whom?) 21
11/10/1944 New Project Seeks To Cut Race Bias-300 Children To Take Part 22
11/11/1944 British Mp’s Split On War Criminals 5
11/11/1944 Italian Government Report Shows Carreta, Lynched As Fascist, Was Entirely Innocent 5
11/11/1944 Non-Jews Obtain Palestine Pledge (Their Status In A Jewish Palestine State) 6
11/11/1944 Arms For Palestine (Jews) To End Terror Urged (By Dr. Nahum Goldmann) 6
11/12/1944 Fighting Race Bias Held Teacher Duty (By Dr. Leslie P. Hill, Cheyney Training School For Teachers, Penn.) 18
11/12/1944 (Dr. Clarence L. Chatto, Educator) Tells How Young Learn Tolerance 22
11/12/1944 Intent (Of Russians) To Punish Russians (Who Collaborated Under Duress) Denied (By Soviets) 29
11/12/1944 Swedes Defy Reich On Closing Baltic 30
11/12/1944 Two German Spies Shot (By U.S. Third Army) 37
11/13/1944 Foe (Germans) Put Nurseries Inside (Vught) Death Camp 1
11/13/1944 S.S. Women Guards Declared Brutal (Mme. Graviella Canassi-Beaten, Covered With Lice, Thin Soup Twice A Day) 3
11/13/1944 3,000,000 Jews Executed (At Treblinka-Reported By Polish-Jewish Labor Movement; Gassed 550-500 At A Time. 26,000 To 28,000 A Day. Book: One Year In Treblinka (Sic). Published Clandestinely. Gas Not Mentioned) 3
11/14/1944 Belgium Executes Two (Belgian) Gestapo Aides 14
11/14/1944 (Sidney) Hillman To Push World Labor Body 18
11/15/1944 U.S. Criticizes Eire On Refuge To Nazis (The Only Nation With Backbone Enough To Stand Up For Its Sovereignty When The United Nations Threatened Or Intimidated It!) 1
11/16/1944 Portugal Evasive On War Crime Bar (For Germans) 3
11/16/1944 U.S. Again Warns Reich-Demands War Prisoner Status To Captured Czechoslovaks 4
11/16/1944 Smith (Wildman) Brookhart, Ex-Senator, Dead (Relative Of Nuernberg Trial Figure) 23
11/16/1944 Schools Warned On Race Hatred 24
11/17/1944 Soviet Denies Aim To Dictate Abroad (London Polish ‘Venom’ Regarding Katyn Massacre Belittled-Becks And Rydz-Smiglys Called Polish Fascists) 7
11/17/1944 Russia To Examine UNRRA’s Polish Aid 8
11/17/1944 Lublin Poles Give (Polish) Estates To Poor 8
11/17/1944 (Joseph C.) Grew Warns-Of Bid For Peace By Japan (U.S. Must Not Fall For This-Unconditional Surrender Or Annihilation) 12
11/17/1944 (Rabbi Dr. James G. Heller, Chairman, United Jewish Appeal) Says War Makes Prejudice Worse Peace Will Not Guarantee All Liberties 14
11/18/1944 Two Held As Traitors Lynched In France; One Under Death Sentence As Maquis (Guerrilla) Foe 3
11/18/1944 20 Of 12,000 Jews Alive In Belgrad-Children Were Hanged Churchill Warns Jews To Oust (Palestine Terrorist) Gangs 8
11/18/1944 2 German Prisoners Harbored In Vatican 8
11/18/1944 Palestine Aims Lauded By Ickes And (Adolph) Berle For Inspiring Qualities 8
11/18/1944 Rabbi (Dr. Abba Hillel Silver) Cites Jews’ Contributions (To England And War) 8
11/18/1944 (Gen. F. H. Osborn Says) European Schools To Be Open To Army 28
11/19/1944 Repatriation Problems-European Jews Face Difficulties From Destruction Of Papers (Emigration Association Of The Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society, Paris) 5
11/19/1944 Rotterdam’s Port Wrecked By Nazis (Alleged Scorched Earth) 13
11/19/1944 Danish Pro-Nazi (Capt. Johan Edvard Stahr) Is Slain (Unknown Assassin) 16
11/19/1944 Palestine Terror Is Laid To (British) Misrule (By James G. Heller. Jews Must Provide $30,000,000 In 1945 For-Immigration Of 1,000,000 Uprooted European Jews At End Of War-Heller) 18
11/19/1944 Britain’s Opinions On Germany ‘Hard’ E-5
11/19/1944 France Makes Startling Comeback E-5
11/19/1944 Allies Will Be In A Position To Tell Germans What Kind Of Government They Shall Not Have, But Not What Form Of Regime They Must Adopt E-8
11/20/1944 War Is Costing Us $250,000,000 A Day President (Roosevelt) Reveals-Opening Sixth Loan Drive 1
11/20/1944 (National Conference On Palestine, Chicago) Votes Plan To Aid Jewish Refugees ($30,000,000 For Palestine-See Nov. 19) 5
11/20/1944 Ukrainian Relief Planned (Speech By Raymond Davies-Odessy Through Hell (Majdanek)-Jewish Telegraphic Agency Correspondent, Recently Returned From Russia. Speaks To 600 Delegates Of 200 Jewish Ukrainian Organizations) 5
11/20/1944 Italian Partisans (Taking Orders From Allies) Face Hard Winter 8
11/20/1944 Europe’s Industry Is Going Socialist 10
11/20/1944 Roosevelt Aid Ask By Italian Who Finds Allies To Slow Pay (Allies Confiscated Auto-Germans Paid For Such Items Immediately In Cash) 10
11/20/1944 $1,000,000 Sought (By National Conference Of Christians And Jews) To Fight Race Bias 21
11/20/1944 Racial Harmony Marked By Y.W.C.A 24
11/21/1944 Final Push Begun Morgenthau Says In War Loan Plea 1
11/21/1944 (London) Polish Premier (Mikolajczyk) Asks U.S. Aid In Dispute (Over Dominance Of Pro Russian Lublin Committee) 1
11/21/1944 Himmler Aid (Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner) Named 3
11/21/1944 Dubarton Oaks Proposals For United Nations Organization 4
11/21/1944 London Times Proposes Allies Keep Joint Bases In Germany For Security Of Europe (Russian Dominated Block Envisaged) 5
11/21/1944 Russian Surgery For Germany (Ilya Ehrenburg) 5
11/21/1944 Pope Receives German Envoy (Baron Ernst Von Weizsaecker) 5
11/21/1944 (U.S. Senate) Backs More Delay In Kimmel (Short, Pearl Harbor) Trial 12
11/21/1944 (Japanese) Evacuees (Relocated) In All But One State (South Carplina) 22
11/22/1944 Lady Astor Praises Russia For First Time (Publicly) 1
11/22/1944 Italian Patriots (Partisans) Aid Assault On Germany 6
11/22/1944 New York Fund-’German Despoilers’ 21
11/23/1944 40 Fugitive Germans (Women) Drown (On Rhein Ferry-’Fled In PanicWhen The French Liberators Appeared.’) 4
11/23/1944 French Execute Traitor (Edouard Germonprez, A Carpenter) 5
11/23/1944 Tito Proclaims Amnesty (For Opponents) 12
11/23/1944 (Arthur S.) Eddington, Leader In Astronomy, 61 (Dead; A Quaker) 31
11/24/1944 124 Bavarian Priests Seized Defying Nazis (?) 2
11/24/1944 (P. G.) Wodehouse Is Freed To Live On Channel 6
11/24/1944 Horthy Held Near Munich 6
11/24/1944 Zionist Deplores Killing Of Moyne (‘British Colonial Office Partly To Blame’) 10
11/24/1944 Goebbels Strikes New Low In Gloom 12
11/24/1944 ‘Hard Peace’ Asked By CIO For Germany-’People Must Be Taught They Shall Atone For Crimes’ 17
11/25/1944 Montana Coyote Hunter (Sgt. Henry Schauer) Bagged 17 Nazis In Italy 5
11/25/1944 Hull Gets Award (Variety Clubs Of America) As ‘Humanitarian’ 14
11/26/1944 U.S. Planes Renew Reich Oil Bombing-1,000 HeaviesLeune 1
11/26/1944 U.S. (War Refugee) Board Bares Atrocity Details Told By Witnesses At Polish Camps (Auschwitz And Majdanek-Vrba And Wechsler, War Refugee ‘Report’) 1&24
11/26/1944 ‘Red Ball’ (3 D Army Truck Express) Line Ends 4
11/26/1944 Peace Up To U.S. Lloyd George Says 15
11/26/1944 World Meeting Of Jews To Open (310 Delegates-Refugees And Other Topics) 20
11/26/1944 Goering Swedish Haven Pictured 25
11/26/1944 Equality Is Urged For All Minorities 26
11/26/1944 Victory Near, (Union Of South Africa) Smuts Says 41
11/26/1944 (Army And Navy Journal) Hints Vindication Of Kimmel, Short-Suggest Admiral May Never Be Tried, With General Cleared 44
11/27/1944 Hull (Sick) Leaving Post, But Role To Help In Peace Is In View 1
11/27/1944 Germans In Estonia Accused Of Crimes (By Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) 5
11/27/1944 ‘Effective’ Agency To Aid Jews (Refugees) Urged (By World Jewish Congress, [Rabbi S.S. Wise] Atlantic City) 14
11/27/1944 (U.S. And British) Leaders Acclaim Zionist President (Weizmann) 14
11/27/1944 Weizmann Views-Palestine Needs (100,000 Immigrants A Year To Palestine-Indefinite Time) 15
11/27/1944 (Jewish Refugee) Girl ‘Married’ 18 To Save Their Lives-Stole Back Into Reich 19 Times To Bring Men Out, Lost On Last Trip (Tale Of Histadrut Underground) 24
11/28/1944 President Accepts Hull’s Resignation Names Stettinius 1
11/28/1944 Americans Print Paper (Neue Zeitung) For Germans In Aachen 6
11/28/1944 Lwow Archbishop-Dead (Originally Said To Have Been Killed At Start Of War-Took Months To Learn He Was Alive) 13
11/28/1944 Nazi Radio Assails Hull (‘The Most Furious Of War Mongers’) 16
11/28/1944 Reich Punishment Debated By Jews (World Jewish Congress, Atlantic City-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 17
11/28/1944 Lublin To Try 6 In Ss 18
11/28/1944 German Slavery Opposed By (William) Green 24
11/28/1944 Roosevelt Is Smoking Less Since He Was Ill 25
11/28/1944 More Babies Kept By Unwed Mothers 26
11/29/1944 Dutch Sabotaged Nazis’ Propaganda-Bishops Denounced Foe 6
11/29/1944 2 Mandel Slayers Die 6
11/29/1944 French Cabinet Plans Investigations Of Ffi, Other Groups Taking Law Into Own Hands 9
11/29/1944 (Isaac Weissman, World Jewish Congress) Tells Of Rescuing (5,000 Jewish) Orphans In France (Prevented Deportation To Poland) 14
11/29/1944 Bulgarian Jews Spared (People Resisted Nazis) 14
11/29/1944 12,000 In Palestine Need Medical Aid-Reports German Atrocities (12,000 Jews Escaped To Palestine During 1943 According To Dr. Haim Yassky) 15
11/29/1944 Churchill Praises Hull For ‘Wisdom’ 16
11/29/1944 (Littell) Accuses (Francis B.) Biddle Of Aiding Corcoran (Quashing Charges) 16
11/30/1944 UNRRA Not Aiding France 4
11/30/1944 Jews (Atlantic City) Demand End Of Nazi Race Laws 5
11/30/1944 Stimson Rejects Plan To Teach Nazi Prisoners Democracy 5
11/30/1944 Germans Said To Use Mass Killings To Prevent Strikes 6
11/30/1944 (Senate) Sidetrack Dispute Of Biddle-Littell 13