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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

December 1944
Date Headline Page
12/01/1944 Roosevelt Ousts Littell In (Biddle) Dispute 1
12/01/1944 (House Military Group) Says Nazis Keep To Prisoners’ Code 5
12/01/1944 German Ingenuity Sorely Taxed To Keep Bombed Railways Open 15
12/01/1944 Plan Group Urged On Jewish Needs (By World Jewish Congress, Atlantic City-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 16
12/01/1944 Banta Sentenced; Called A Traitor (Nazi, Ku Klux Klanner, Bundist) 16
12/01/1944 German Debt Staggering (440 Billion Reichmarks-U.S. Debt Not Compared!) 38
12/02/1944 Kimmel And Short Will Not Be Tried (Findings Do Not Justify Courts Martial. Text On P. 5) 1&5
12/02/1944 Germans Threaten To Quit Pacts Governing Humane Laws Of War (In Reprisal For U.N. Acts) 1
12/02/1944 False Atrocity Tale (About German Children) Attacked By (British) Editor 3
12/02/1944 French Hireling Of Enemy On Trial 4
12/02/1944 German Army Put At 6,000,000 (Men) 4
12/02/1944 Lend-Lease Lipstick Explained (By Lord Halifax) 4
12/02/1944 15,000 Foes Cornered By Crete Guerrillas 7
12/02/1944 Aid For Minorities Is Asked By Jews 8
12/02/1944 Picture: Soup Is Served At A Refugee Center In Italy 10
12/03/1944 Underground Saved Many Belgian Jews 3
12/03/1944 (French) Gen. Leclerc’s Threat (To Shoot 5 German Hostages For Each Frenchman Shot By Snipers In Strassburg) ‘A Closed Incident’ 4
12/03/1944 Survivors Depict Nazi (Prison) Ship Horror (Ship Blown Up By A Mine Or Torpedo) 5
12/03/1944 Nazi Death Camp (Majdanek) Chief A Suicide (Edmund Polmann Hangs Self In Cell) 5
12/03/1944 Eisenhower Warns Germans In Holland To Stop Atrocities Against Dutch Patriots (Underground Activities) 8
12/03/1944 178 Berths Ready To Use In Antwerp (Harbor) 9
12/03/1944 Italy Now Getting U.S. Relief Supplies 20
12/04/1944 10 Killed In Athens As Leftists March 1
12/04/1944 5 Germans To Hang For (Majdanek) Polish Murders (In Poland Alone, Germans Killed 6,000,000 To 7,000,000 Peaceful People) 3
12/04/1944 Albania Charting Democratic Path (Under Hoxha) 6
12/04/1944 Final Orders Sent To Aliens In Reich (By Eisenhower Via Bbc And U.S. Station) 10
12/04/1944 Rumanian Plants Moved To Russia 10
12/04/1944 Jews Conference Weighs Its Future (American Jewish Conference, Pittsburgh) 15
12/05/1944 Sending Women To Germany Urged (Prevent Fraternization Of U.S. Troops With German Women To Prevent Their Becoming Sympathetic To The Plight Of The German) 3
12/05/1944 Alsace Nazi Prison (Struthof) Neat And Efficient (Had Crematory) 7
12/05/1944 Russians Urge No Mercy-Say Fascists Must Be Punished-Nazi Killers Hanged In Lublin 10
12/05/1944 (Dr. Schwartzbart) Bids Jews In U.S. Take Judaism Lead 16
12/05/1944 Steps To Save Jews Urged At Rally (Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) Here 16
12/05/1944 Anti-Bias Measure Demanded By (CIO) Quill 24
12/06/1944 Eisenhower Tells Germans Of Want (Attempt To Prevent A Scorched Earth Policy By Germans. They Must Rely Upon Their Own Resources Fore Everything And Still Support The ‘Refugees’) 7
12/06/1944 (U.S.) Fliers Harass (Strafe) Firemen At A Blaze In Germany 10
12/06/1944 Educators Discuss Racial Problems (Sponsored By National Conference Of Christians And Jews) 12
12/07/1944 Morgenthau Urges Public To Spur Lagging Individual Bond Sales 1
12/07/1944 Belgian (Paul-Henri Spaak) Predicts Chaos In Germany 4
12/07/1944 Mrs. Luce, (Representative Matthew J.) Merritt Fire Gun At Nazis (On Tour Of Third Army Front) 4
12/07/1944 Dutch Trials (Of 9,000 Collaborators) Start Soon 5
12/07/1944 House Passes Pearl Harbor Bill Extending Statute Of Limitations For Trial Of Kimmel And Short) 7
12/07/1944 (England Reports) No Refusals Of Asylum Ban (By Neutrals For Germans) 10
12/08/1944 In Three Years We Have Lost 13,491 (Planes) But We Also Dropped 1,202 Tons Of Bombs 4
12/08/1944 Ravenna (Italy) Treasures Are Virtually Intact 10
12/08/1944 Wool Mills Behind On UNRRA Program (Need 22,000,000 Yds. Of Woolen Cloth By March 31, 1945) 29
12/08/1944 Morgenthau Tells Treasury (His And Harry Dexter White’s) Policies 34
12/09/1944 Allies Will Utilize Courts Of Germany (After Purging) 6
12/09/1944 Editor (Mordechai Bentov) Sees Peril In Split (Partitioned) Palestine 16
12/09/1944 5 Nazi Aliens Sentenced (For Registration Violations) 16
12/10/1944 Corcoran ‘Pull’ Denied By (Att’y. Gen. Francis B.) Biddle 1
12/10/1944 Alsace Muddled After Liberation (Trouble Speaking French) 3
12/10/1944 Germans Violate Rules Of Warfare (Misuse Of U.S. Uniforms, Red Cross Emblem, And White Flags Of Truce Charged) 4
12/10/1944 2,091 Rome Jews Missing 11
12/10/1944 Congressmen Deny (German) Prisoner Pampering (In France) 13
12/10/1944 Oslo Police Chief Killed (Germans Imply A British Assassin) 14
12/10/1944 Americans Warned (By Dr. Lena Modesin Phillips) To Pay Peace’s Price 21
12/10/1944 Weariness Of War Alarms Canadians 33
12/10/1944 3 Hungarians Hanged 34
12/10/1944 Sedition Trial’s Wrangles Come To An Abrupt Close E-10
12/11/1944 Negroes In Army At 701,678 Total (411 368 Overseas) 1
12/11/1944 Impotent Reich Is Urged (Pravda) 3
12/11/1944 Four British Agents (Parachutists, Poison Gas Foreign Workers) Outwit Foe In Reich 5
12/11/1944 $46,570,000 Sought For Jews Abroad (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee For 1945 $20,400,000 For 1945-’If A Million And A Half Jews Survived In Non-Russian Europe, At Least A Million Will Need Help’.) 12
12/11/1944 Dr. Gemma Barzilai Who Will Aid UNRRA There (Italy), Says They (Women) Scorned Fascist Theories 26
12/11/1944 Women (American Association Of University Women) Will Discuss Post-War Problems 26
12/12/1944 Mrs. Luce Reports Parisians Healthy-Suffering Less Than English (This Is Absurd!) 11
12/12/1944 Salvador’s Refugees (Students) Perplex Guatemala 15
12/13/1944 Picture: Pvt. Dale B. Rex, Randolf, Utah, Receives Dsc For Killing Over 300 Germans 3
12/13/1944 Nazi-Held Property In Germany Blocked (Allied Order) 6
12/13/1944 Court Condemns 11 In French Gestapo 8
12/13/1944 Allies Execute 8 As Spies In Italy 8
12/13/1944 Polish Jews Get $10,000 (From World Jewish Congress, 250,000 Parcels Already Purchased) 8
12/14/1944 Guerrilla Scheme Of Nazis Extended 3
12/14/1944 Nazis To Be Interned In Own Prison Camp 6
12/14/1944 (Political) Killings In Poland Protest Reforms-W. H. Lawrence 10
12/14/1944 Littell Charges That (Att’y. Gen. Francis B.) Biddle Lied 17
12/15/1944 Report Germans Ask Vatican Peace Move 1
12/15/1944 (George S.) Messersmith Linked To Plans For Reich (Was The Author Of Many Affidavits Which Were Place Into ‘Evidence’ By Robert H. Jackson At Nuernberg-Many Defendants Protested That They Didn’t Even Know Him [Messersmith]) 4
12/15/1944 Allies Will Recover Stolen Art In Reich (Eisenhower) 4
12/16/1944 Curzon Line Basis (For Polish Eastern Border, Churchill) Offers (German) Land In West-Advises Poles To Cede Area To Moscow Now (Britain Had Supported The Curzon Line After World War I As The Proper Boundary Between Poland And Russia!) 1
12/16/1944 U.S. Bombers Rip German Railways 5
12/16/1944 Picture: Germans On Trial In Lublin, Before Execution (From Majdanek Camp) 8
12/16/1944 (Senator Guy M. Gillette, Iowa) Asks Allied Aid To Jews (And Trial Of Axis Heads, Rescue Of 1,500,000 Still In Their Hands Gillette One Of The Most Outspoken Zionists) 9
12/16/1944 Picture: German POW Interned At Vught (Holland) 9
12/17/1944 Allies To Control Teaching In Reich (Eisenhower) 20
12/17/1944 Sabotage Reported Spreading In Norway 23
12/17/1944 President (Roosevelt) Signs Measure Putting Off Pearl Harbor (Trial) Time Limit (If He Hadn’t Done This, He Might Well Have Been Found Out!) 23
12/17/1944 Morgenthau Names Two Aides (Ansul F. Luxford, Council Bluffs, Iowa And Josiah E. Du Bois, Jr. Woodbury, N. J.-Ass’ts. To Secretary Of Treasury) 25
12/17/1944 Map Of Poland: Projected Eastern Boundary E-1
12/18/1944 Fate Of Poland Determined In Teheran, Diplomats Say 1
12/18/1944 The Lublin Of Alsace (Stuthof-Gas Generator To Fill The Gas Chamber With Deadly Gas, A Stove; Crematory, Urns For Ashes Pictures) 3
12/18/1944 Captured Americans Shot In Open Field By Germans 3
12/18/1944 Germans Denounce Churchill’s Speech (Compared To Morgenthau Plan) 5
12/18/1944 $45,000,000 For UNRRA From Latin Nation 7
12/18/1944 Many Awards Go To Negro Soldiers 9
12/19/1944 Germans Drive 20 Miles Into Belgium (Beginning Of ‘Bulge’) 1
12/19/1944 French Resistance Scores Unruly Ffi Men (Guerrillas); Deplores Lag In Getting Patriots To Front (Lines) 5
12/19/1944 Pole Stakes Claim To Land Up To Oder (Beginning Of ‘Oder-Neisse Line’) 8
12/19/1944 Bans On Jews Removed (Rumania) 8
12/20/1944 Atlantic Charter Unsigned But Intact, Roosevelt Says (Never Was Signed) 1
12/20/1944 465,000 Killed In Lithuania (Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) 6
12/20/1944 UNRRA Withdraws Mission In Greece 8
12/20/1944 Nye (In Senate Farewell) Forecasts New World War 16
12/20/1944 $100,000,000 Raised (United) Jewish Appeal (For Refugees-$28,000,000 Contributed This Year-Approximately 1,500,000 European Jews Survive) 23
12/22/1944 Stalin To Install Lublin Body Soon As Polish Regime 1
12/22/1944 British Women Face Draft For Overseas 3
12/22/1944 (Lazar) Kaganovich (Jewish ‘Iron Commissar’) Is Promoted 5
12/23/1944 (Roosevelt) President Says Principles Of Atlantic Charter Are As Valid Today As In 1941 1
12/24/1944 Allies Execute 3 Parachutists Sent Behind Lines In American Uniform 1
12/24/1944 3,000 (Jews, Refugees From Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Greece, And Spain) Enter Palestine (Rabbi Dr. James G. Heller, United Jewish Appeal) 8
12/24/1944 700,000 Reported Slain (By The Germans By The Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) In 3 Camps (Yanov, Sitadel, And Lisenitz, Near Lvov-See Katyn Charges)-New Atrocities Listed-Bodies Exhumed, Burned For Gold (Not Just Jews!) 10
12/25/1944 P-47’s Fire 107 Trucks In A Nazi ‘Gas’ (Gasoline) Convoy 3
12/25/1944 Germans Butcher Belgian Civilians (Confessions Of 12 Captured Germans) 4
12/25/1944 French (Guerrillas) Exaggerate Resistance Roles 6
12/25/1944 Allies Will Crush Reich, Says Benes 7
12/25/1944 Bulgaria Opens Officials’ Trials (Collaboration With Germans) 11
12/26/1944 Shake-Up Nears In Zionist Council-Row Over Palestine Policy 19
12/26/1944 Swiss Down Bomber (Anti-Aircraft Fire) Killing 2 Americans 20
12/27/1944 Nazis Bomb Paris 1
12/27/1944 Trained Saboteurs Sent By Nazis To Kill Chief Of U.S. First Army (More Allegations Of Atrocities) 1
12/27/1944 Germans Capture ‘Gas’ (85,000 Gallons Of U.S. Gasoline In Belgium Offensive) 3
12/28/1944 Nazi Thugs Murder Belgian Villager 1
12/28/1944 De Gaulle Scores Purge Extremists 3
12/28/1944 3 Americans Hear Foe Kill Captives (Didn’t ‘See’) 4
12/28/1944 (Rabbi Hillel) Silver To Remain On Zionist Council 15
12/29/1944 Stimson Predicts Disaster For Nazis 3
12/29/1944 Jews’ Death March In Hungary Bared (100,000 Allegedly Driven From Budapest, 75,000 Reached Austria 5
12/29/1944 Last Of German Forces Reported Out Of Finland 5
12/29/1944 (Rabbi) S.S. Wise Sole Head Of Zionist Council (American Zionist Emergency Council) 10
12/30/1944 (Herbert) Lehman Gets A Few Relief Ships; Russia Silent On UNRRA In Poland 1
12/30/1944 Strong Protest Sent To Germany On Murder Of 115 American Prisoners In Belgium (Offensive) 3
12/30/1944 Resistance (Underground) Mobs Lynch 6 In France-Outbreaks Laid To Reprieve Of Alleged Collaborator 4
12/30/1944 (Harold L. Ickes) Asks Nisei To Quit (Evacuation Camps) 5
12/30/1944 Jews In Palestine Debate The Future 6
12/30/1944 Quick (Montgomery) War (Department Store) Action Planned By (Francis B.) Biddle 24
12/31/1944 Russians In Pest (Hungary); Nazis Spurn Truce 1
12/31/1944 Ex-Maquis (French Under-Ground) Leader (Col. Pierre Fabien Of The Spanish Civil War International Brigade) Killed (By A German Shell On The Front) 7
12/31/1944 French Lynchings (Of Political Enemies) Laid To War Time-’Revolutionary Spirit Among (Underground) Patriots’ (Guerrillas) 8
12/31/1944 Hungarian Regime At War With Reich 12
12/31/1944 Americans Will Rebuild Mount Cassino (Italy) Abbey (Which They Destroyed By Bombs) 12
12/31/1944 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Asks Senate To State Peace Aims 13
12/31/1944 (Montgomery) Ward Seizure (By U.S.) Raises Issue Of War Powers E-3