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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

June 1944
Date Headline Page
06/01/1944 Delay Is Favored (By Senate Judiciary Committee) On Court Martial (Of Admiral Kimmel And General Short) 1
06/01/1944 (German) U-Boat Halts Refugee Ship (Portuguese, ‘Serpa Pinta’) Takes Off Two Americans (385 Passengers, European Refugees, Some Polish, Bound For Canada From Lisbon) 1&7
06/01/1944 Too Harsh A Peace Opposed For Reich (By Protestant Group) 2
06/01/1944 Captured Germans (Forced To Ride On U.S. Tanks) Fired On By Others (Germans) 2
06/01/1944 Picture: Italian Refugees Being Cared For By The Allied Military Government 3
06/01/1944 Farmers In Ukraine Exceed Grain Quota 3
06/01/1944 Germany Admits Fliers’ Lynchings 4
06/01/1944 Women (American Jewish Congress) Urged To Aid Refugees In Europe 5
06/01/1944 German Paper Advises On Plans For Next War 5
06/01/1944 Picture: Rally Here (N.Y. C.) For Russian War Relief Yesterday (At Sub-Treasury Building) 6
06/01/1944 Spain Is Pressed To End German Aid 6
06/02/1944 1,000 Felled By (Chlorine) Poison Gas In Brooklyn 1
06/02/1944 Greeks Kill 150 Germans Found Basking In (Wehrmacht Rest Camp) Retreat 2
06/02/1944 (Senate Judiciary Committee) Votes Year Delay On Kimmel Trial 7
06/02/1944 New Vichy Disavowal Urged On U.S., Britain 8
06/02/1944 First Lady (Mrs. E. Roosevelt) Stresses Our World Interests-A Wrong Anywhere Affects Us Ultimately, She Says 11
06/02/1944 46 Rabbis Say Names Have Been Misused (By American League For A Free Palestine To Help Their Cause) 16
06/03/1944 All Areas In Eastern Europe Now In Range Of (Shuttle) Bombers (England-Russia-Italy-England) 1
06/03/1944 (Maynard C.) Krueger Says War Ended (U.S.) Job Crisis 26
06/04/1944 False Invasion Report Stirs U.S.; Associated Press Explains Error 1
06/04/1944 Tito’s Mountain Headquarters Captured By The Nazis 3
06/04/1944 (U.S.) Senators Appeal On Hungary’s Jews (Texts And Names Of Senators) 4
06/04/1944 Pole (Escapee From A Concentration Camp Near Berlin) Says Nazis Plan Slave Town (At Auschwitz And Birkenau-Thousands Killed And Never Counted) 6
06/04/1944 ‘A Stern Cure For Germany’ By Jan Masaryk Mag. 8
06/05/1944 Rome Captured-Hitler Ordered Troops Out To Save Rome, Germans Assert 1
06/05/1944 Amg (American Military Government) Will Rush Food For Rome Teeming With 750,000 Refugees 1
06/05/1944 Humane Peace Terms Urged For Germany (By Dr. Ralph Barton Perry Of Harvard) 14
06/05/1944 Drive On To Clothe (35,000) Child Refugees (In Swedish Haven) 16
06/05/1944 (Ku Klux) Klan Disbands As National Body; Claimed 5,000,000 Roll In 1920’s 21
06/06/1944 Allied Armies Land In France 1
06/06/1944 Eisenhower Instructs Europeans (Partisans, By Radio); Gives Battle Order To His Armies 1
06/06/1944 Boos Mark Debate On Kimmel Trial 8
06/06/1944 War Sacrifices Will Be In Vain Unless ‘Shackles Of Hate’ Are Shaken Off, He (Harold L. Ickes) Says 18
06/07/1944 (U.N.) Chutists (Saboteurs) Disrupt Enemy Rear Lines 5
06/07/1944 Allies Link Radios To Inform Europe-Chief Points In Owi Plan 8
06/07/1944 House Votes Trial (Delay) For Short, Kimmel 11
06/07/1944 Col. Joseph Beck Of Poland Is Dead (At 49, Near Bucharest-In Exile, A Pilsudski Protege) 19
06/08/1944 Roosevelt Is Host To Poland’s Premier 4
06/08/1944 (U.S. State Department) Will Help Rebuild Schools Of Europe-Books Ready In England (But Morgenthau Would Determine Germany’s Future!) 6
06/08/1944 Group (Names Given) Seeks To Re-Educate Nazi Prisoners; Only 25% Of Those Here Called Fanatic (‘Reeducation’ Of German Prisoners Of War By Captors!) 6
06/08/1944 (Oscar) Lange (Polish American Professor) Back In Chicago (From Russia) 7
06/08/1944 Congress Extends War Trials (Of Kimmel & Short) Time 14
06/08/1944 (Sidney) Hillman Attacks Dewey’s Silence (On International Issues-Dewey Had Been Pressured By Marshall Not To Bring Up The Pearl Harbor Attack Issue And What He Knew About It!) 17
06/08/1944 Kimmel-Short Trial Demanded By Women (Dar) 18
06/08/1944 (Treasury Department-Morgenthau) Moves To Curb Sales Of Art Nazis Looted (Later Confiscated By Morgenthau And Sale Proceeds Used For ‘Refugees’) 23
06/09/1944 Nazi Reserves (In Normandy) Fail 1
06/09/1944 Invasion Money (Printed By U.N. ‘Rescuers’) A French Problem 4
06/09/1944 Hungarian Jews Suffer-300,000 Reported Interned 5
06/09/1944 (Francis B.) Biddle Acts To Curb Mikhailovitch Agent 7
06/09/1944 School Minimums Urged For World 9
06/09/1944 Roosevelt Defers Action On Extension Of (Pearl Harbor-Kimmel And Short) Trial Time Limit 10
06/10/1944 1,000 Refugees Will Enter To Be Housed At Fort Ontario (Oswego, N.Y.) 1
06/10/1944 Liberated French Hunt For Vichyites 4
06/10/1944 Jewish Group (Jewish War Veterans And Ladies Auxiliary) Expresses ‘Unbounded Faith’ In Roosevelt 7
06/10/1944 Nazis Seen (By U.S.) Hoping For Another War (G. Gallup Poll) 7
06/10/1944 Saboteur’s Father (Hans Max Haupt) Guilty Of Treason (Harbored Son Who Was Sought As Spy And Saboteur) 9
06/11/1944 Jewish Veterans Rallied For Peace-To Fight Isolationism 3
06/11/1944 Polish Desertion From Reich Urged (By London Poles-Poles Serving In German Army) 35
06/11/1944 Germans-(Accused By Invading U.N.) Employ Guerrilla Tactics-Snipers One In American Uniform 36
06/11/1944 7 Germans (Named) Accused (Held Accountable By U.N.) Of Lidice (Czechoslovakia) Massacre (Heydrich’s Murder By British Parachutists) 39
06/11/1944 Cartoon: ‘The Fateful Lightning Of His Terrible Swift Sword’ E-3
06/11/1944 Underground Aid Awaited In France E-4
06/12/1944 Allies Warn Albania-Those Who Assist German Army Are Enemies) 6
06/12/1944 Britain To House French Refugees 7
06/12/1944 Lieut. (John Fitzgerald) Kennedy Cited As Hero By The Navy For Saving Men Of Pt Crew In Solomons (Picture) 7
06/12/1944 Racial Tolerance Urged By Tuttle (Former U.S. Att’y., N.Y.) 23
06/13/1944 16 Post-War Steps (Wide Range Of Reform) Urged On Congress 1
06/13/1944 President (Roosevelt) Predicts Murder Orgy By Nazis To Wipe Out Minorities (Text On P. 8) 1&8
06/13/1944 (Town Hall-Dorothy Thompson And Others) Forum In Turmoil Over Reich’s Guilt 20
06/13/1944 Willkie Stresses Rights Of Negroes 36
06/14/1944 UNRRA Fund ($3,920,602,200) Voted (By Senate) In Debate On Peace 1
06/14/1944 Sabotage Spreads Over All France 6
06/14/1944 Sweden To Slash Ball-Bearing Aid (To Germany By 50%) 7
06/14/1944 Marcantonio Seeks Ally Rank For Italy 8
06/14/1944 (Dr. Rabbi S.S.) Wise (President Of American Jewish Congress) Says America Has ‘Fascist Peril’ (‘The Bitterest And Filthiest Anti-Semitism’) 20
06/15/1944 Pearl Harbor Lag Blamed On Officer (Col. Theodore Wyman-By House Military Affairs Committee) 1
06/15/1944 (Henry) Wallace Urges Freedom For India, Dutch Indies, And Other Peoples 1
06/15/1944 Picture: Roosevelt Welcoming Stanislaw Mikolajczyk (London Polish Premier-In-Exile) 6
06/15/1944 Nazis Seized Rome’s Jews-(1,500 Shipped To Poland) 6
06/15/1944 Saboteurs Active In Belgium 6
06/15/1944 De Gaulle Accused Of Withholding Aid (To Allies) 7
06/15/1944 Massacre Of 200,000 At Odessa Charged (By Soviet Extra-Ordinary State Committee) 8
06/15/1944 (Roosevelt) Signs Bill To Try Pearl Harbor Men (Extending The Statute Of Limitations) 10
06/16/1944 Hundreds Of Nazis Killed By French (Underground) 5
06/16/1944 Nazis’ War Output Slashed, Says Foot-Five-Sixths Of Labor Supply Forced Out Of Factories (By U. N Bombings) 8
06/17/1944 Picture: Mysterious Bomb Which Fell In Sweden (V-2) 5
06/17/1944 (Hebrew Committee Of National Liberation) Files For Hebrew Nation (Palestine Implied) 5
06/17/1944 Jews Of Rome Thank Pope For Aiding Them 5
06/17/1944 $16,000,000 Raised (By United Jewish Appeal) For Refugee Work (‘Overseas’) 14
06/17/1944 8 Ex-Bund Leaders Lose Citizenship (Names, Imprisoned) 15
06/18/1944 Stores Of Bayeux (France) Filled With Goods 3
06/18/1944 French Sabotage Hits Mass Scale 7
06/18/1944 Laval No. 1 On French Patriots’ Death List; Petain Slated For Post-War Treason Trial 7
06/18/1944 Americas In Move To-Free Refugees (2,000 In Special Concentration Camps-Hull) 9
06/18/1944 Hull For Exchange Plan-Willing To Trade German Nationals (From Americas) For Hitler’s (Persecuted Minorities) Victims 9
06/18/1944 Jews To Be Freed,-Roosevelt Asserts (To American Federation For Polish Jews-Seconded By Ickes) 14
06/19/1944 Tito Bares Accord With New Premier 1
06/19/1944 Allies Bombs Ruin Crops Of Japanese 8
06/19/1944 Mikhailovitch Lists Americans He Aided 11
06/19/1944 Russians Will Print Money For Czechs (With American Paper And Ink? As Was The Case In Germany!) 11
06/19/1944 Taft Says War Aim Is Our Freedom 17
06/19/1944 (Governor) Edge Demands End Of Isolationism 19
06/20/1944 Fighting At Tilly Furious 1
06/20/1944 Polish Underground Reported In Battles (Against Germans) 5
06/20/1944 Czechs Report Massacre-Claim The Nazis Killed 7,000 In Prison Gas Chambers (Auschwitz And Birkenau Mentioned-Pre Wrb Report) 5
06/20/1944 Tito Frees (Captured) Allied Fliers 5
06/20/1944 Palestine Decision Held Needed Now-Jewish Homeland Plan Must Not Be Put Off Dr. (Israel) Goldstein Says (President, Zionist Organization Of America) 11
06/20/1944 Program Of Rights Issued By Negroes 12
06/20/1944 Morgenthau Sees ‘False Peace Peril’-’German War Machine Has Plans For Survival’ 17
06/20/1944 Thousands Of (War) Prisoners And Others Needed To Save Paper Output, Wpb Man Testifies 23
06/20/1944 Machine-Gun Pace (Production) Is Cut At 7 Plants-.50 Calibre Type For Airplanes Runs Ahead Of Needs 34
06/21/1944 Hull Chides Briton-(Oliver Lyttelton, Minister Of Production) On Our War Entry Denies We Provoked Japan To Attack-Lyttelton Retracts Charge (‘It Is A Travesty On History To Say That America Was Forced Into The War.Even Before The War, America Came Into The War On An All Out Fighting Basis.’ 1&12
06/21/1944 Hull Cool To Attack On Spain 3
06/21/1944 UNRRA Helping 45,000 Refugees 5
06/21/1944 U.S. To Liquidate Surplus Plants 29
06/22/1944 Morgenthau Fears A Fake Surrender 1
06/22/1944 Lyttelton Makes Apology In House 11
06/24/1944 Eden Vows To Avenge ‘Butchering’ By Nazis Of 50 (Raf) Captive Airmen 1
06/24/1944 Luftwaffe ‘Ignores’ Our Photo Planes (9th Alrforce Unit Flew 4,000 Sorties Without Loss From Air Attacks) 6
06/25/1944 Norman Campaign Planned Year Ago 4
06/25/1944 New Mass Executions In Poland Reported (At Auschwitz By Gas Reported By Dr. Emanuel Scherer Of Jewish Labor Movement Of The Polish National Council) 5
06/25/1944 Germans Menace Seized Americans (Claim U.S. Shot Prisoners, Threaten 10:1 Reprisals) 8
06/25/1944 (Sumner) Welles Urges U.S. Be Guide To World 14
06/25/1944 UNRRA Seeks Staff For Overseas Work 19
06/25/1944 Du Pont Trust Case Pressed By (Francis B.) Biddle-Royalty-Free Licensing On Titanium Asked 30
06/26/1944 Record Berlin Bomb Devastation Caused By U.S. Attack Of June 21 1
06/27/1944 Hull Backs Move To Warn Hungary (Against Mistreatment Of Jews) 6
06/28/1944 (Palestine Terrorist) Sings (Zionist Anthem) At Death Sentence (Shmayahu Smulevitz, Stern Gang) 3
06/28/1944 7 Reported Killed In Rising By Danes 4
06/28/1944 Nazis Act To Quell Rising In North Italy 6
06/28/1944 War Post For Tito Under King Reported (Mikhailovitch Not Consulted) 6
06/28/1944 Stalin Lauds U.S. For Aid To Soviet-’Remarkable Production Job’ 8
06/28/1944 New Deal Labeled ‘Fascism’ By (Joseph W.) Martin 12
06/29/1944 Russians Take Mogilev 1
06/29/1944 (French) Patriots (Guerrillas) Execute Vichy Minister; Henriot Slain In His Room In Paris 1
06/29/1944 160 Patriots (Guerrillas) Battle 3,000 Nazis In Norway 7
06/29/1944 (Albert W. ) Dilling Fined $200 At Sedition Trial 9
06/29/1944 Refuge From War (For Jews) Promised (By British) In Libya (Announced By Stettinius At Jewish Unity Dinner) 21
06/29/1944 German Atrocity Reported By Pole (Dr. Stephan De Ropp-Germans Bled 300,000 Children To Get Blood For Their Army Transfusions) 1
06/30/1944 French Guerrillas Kill 200 Wound 400 Nazis In Battle 1
06/30/1944 Hull Hints Break With Finns Is Near 1
06/30/1944 Nazis Force 200,000 Poles Into (German) Army; Try To Picture Them As Eager Volunteers 2
06/30/1944 BBC Balked Nazis Declares Bracken 7
06/30/1944 Argentina Renews Nazi Ouster Word 10