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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

April 1944
Date Headline Page
04/01/1944 Period For The Immigration Of Jews (To Palestine) Is Over 2
04/01/1944 Mikhailovitch Fights (Reportedly With Germans) 4
04/01/1944 40,000 Refugees (Apparently Jewish) Escape To Rumania-Turks Give Transit (To Palestine) To Hundreds Of Children 5
04/01/1944 Polish Guerrillas Defeat Nazi Force 5
04/01/1944 Hungary Announces Anti-Jewish Decrees 5
04/01/1944 Laval Reprisals Hinted-Will Kill Fighting French For Executing Vichyites 7
04/01/1944 U.S. Will Help Build War-Torn Schools (Will They Ever!) 8
04/02/1944 U.S. Bombers Kill 50 Swiss (Schaffhausen) As Fliers Mistake Target (Picture P. 20)-Swiss Show No Anger (?) 1&21
04/02/1944 No Easter Finery For Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 1
04/02/1944 Picture: What The Nazis Cannot Hold They Destroy 4
04/02/1944 Bessarabia Saved From War Ravage 4
04/02/1944 25,000 (Russian Civilians) Slain (By Germans) In Nikolayev (Bodies Burned) 5
04/02/1944 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler, 82, Sees Hope For Germany-Asserts She Can Be Reformed By Reorganizing Her Into A Federation Of States 13
04/03/1944 Russians Enter Rumania Proper 1
04/03/1944 3 Polish Bishops Bar Attacks On Russians 3
04/03/1944 Racial Bias Here Laid To The Axis (By National Federation For Constitutional Liberties-Letter From Roosevelt) 22
04/04/1944 Supreme Court Upholds Voting By Negroes In Texas Primary-(Francis Beverley) Biddle Called Upon (By Thurgood Marshall) To Act-(Sidney) Hillman Hails Decision 1
04/04/1944 Reich Warns Swedes On Air Damage News (Given To U.N. By Neutral Travellers In Germany) 2
04/04/1944 Manpower Worries Nazis (Labor Force Too Small, Not Enough Soldiers) 5
04/04/1944 2 Escaped Britons Travel In Uniform Through Reich (Used Trains) 6
04/04/1944 Early Agreement With Spain Doubted As U.S. Stresses Curbs On Aid To Reich 7
04/04/1944 U.S. Blows At Reich Hit Peak In March (30,176 Tons Of Bombs Dropped) 7
04/04/1944 Germans Destroy French Economy (Not Morgenthau Franks?) 13
04/05/1944 Application Of Atlantic Charter Will Be Discussed By The Allies 1
04/05/1944 Poles Ask Advice On Soviet Accord-Reveal ‘Incidents’ In Region Where Underground Meets Advancing Red Army 4
04/05/1944 ‘Cartel’ Negotiations With Enemy Charged 4
04/05/1944 2,700 Nazi Planes U.S. 3-Month Toll-Germans’ Fighter Efficiency Cut 30% 6
04/05/1944 Tito Seeks UNRRA Seat To Aid Liberated Areas 7
04/05/1944 Initiative (Against Germans) Claimed For Mikhailovltch 7
04/05/1944 Portugal’s Help To Nazis Is Issue (Of British Tungsten Cut) 10
04/05/1944 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Reports (German) Saboteurs (In U.S.) Routed 11
04/06/1944 P-51’s Over Reich In Record Sweeps 3
04/06/1944 Tirpitz Knocked Out Of Invasion 3
04/06/1944 Pole Tells Of War By Secret Groups (‘Karski’) 4
04/06/1944 Poles Are Accused-Of Anti-Semitism (By Tom Driberg, British House Of Commons) Slaughter Of Jews Applauded By 200 Polish Soldiers) 4
04/06/1944 Preparing To Aid Liberated Areas (Army & UNRRA) 12
04/07/1944 Army Attains Goal Of 7,700,000 Men But Draft Goes On 1
04/07/1944 Red Army Mobility Now Nazis’ Nemlsls 2
04/07/1944 UNRRA To Take Over Balkan Relief May 1 3
04/07/1944 Reich Exhaustion Placed A Year Off (By Leo T. Crowley), 6
04/07/1944 Jews In Palestine Seek Methods To Retrieve At Peace Table Own Assets Stolen By Nazis 7
04/07/1944 Bias Among Poles Fought By (London Polish) Regime 9
04/07/1944 Himmler In New Purge-Orders Half-Jews Rounded Up (Undesir-Ables To Be Sent To Labor Battalions In Poland-Built Roads, Tank Traps, Fortifications, Etc.) 9
04/07/1944 Get ‘Fighting Mad’ Home Front Urged (By Lt. Gen Geo. Grunert) 21
04/08/1944 Anti-Semitic Poles Tried By Military 5
04/08/1944 Portuguese Liner Brings 376 Refugees 5
04/08/1944 Guayule (Rubber) Output Rising 6
04/08/1944 ‘Shall An Anti-Fascist (Morris U. Schappes) Remain In Jail?’ 8
04/08/1944 English Prelate (Archbishop Of York) Defends Bombing (Of German Cities) 15
04/09/1944 Roosevelt Letter Praises (Sen. Guy M.) Gillette (Iowa) 1
04/09/1944 1,500 U.S. Planes Batter Reich 1
04/09/1944 Regime (In London) Bids Czechs Rise Against Nazis (Broadcast) 3
04/09/1944 Evacuees Throng Budapest Roads (Budapest Bombed By U.S. 15th Air Force ‘A Sorrowful ‘Pre-Easter Parade’’) 5
04/09/1944 Death Sentences (For Dutch Collaborators) Planned By (Exiled, London) Dutch 7
04/09/1944 Mussolini Declares He Was Sure Hitler Would Effect His Rescue 17
04/09/1944 Appeal For Refugees Launched In Passover ($32,000,000) 32
04/09/1944 Birthday Party In Honor Of Paul Robeson 32
04/09/1944 Anti-De Gaulle Cartoon: ‘Two Musketeers-And Joan Of Arc’ 32
04/09/1944 High Court Order Opening (Democratic) Primary To Negroes (In Texas) Threatens Conflict E-6
04/09/1944 (Henry A.) Wallace Defines ‘American Fascism’ (Not ‘American Communism’?) Mag. 7&34
04/10/1944 U.S. Planes Bomb Poland, East Prussia 1
04/10/1944 (General George C.) Marshall Prays At Arlington Rites 4
04/10/1944 (Swedes) Deny Aiding Reich (After Schweinfurt Raid) 7
04/11/1944 Odessa Captured By Red Army 1
04/11/1944 Steinhardt Helps 245 More Exiles (From Rumania-’Through’ Turkey On ‘Maritza’-’Mila’ On March 30, 1944 With 239 Jews) 2
04/11/1944 (Ira A. Hirschmann) Wants ‘Bridge Of Ships’ (For Refugees) 2
04/11/1944 Fear Grips Rumania After Odessa Falls 3
04/11/1944 Allies To Stiffen Stand On Neutrals-Berlin, Tokyo Mock Hull On Neutrals (Accuse U.N. Of Coercion Of Neutrals) 7
04/12/1944 2,000 U.S. Planes Smash At Reich 1
04/12/1944 We Pay Swiss $1,000,000 In (First Schaffhausen) Reparations Installment (For U.S. Bombing) 3
04/12/1944 Young Poles Find Havens In Poland 4
04/12/1944 (I. C. Olsen) Takes War Refugee (Board) Post (Pehle, Ira Hirschmann & Sir Herbert Emerson Mentioned) 5
04/12/1944 Acting On Short, Kimmel 5
04/12/1944 (Paul) Robeson Says Negro ‘Wants His Freedom’ 7
04/12/1944 Bricker Charges New Deal ‘Secrecy’ 15
04/12/1944 Text Of American Federation Of Labor Committee’s Recommendation For The Post-War World 26
04/13/1944 Blockade Cuts Off Tokyo Aid To Nazis 8
04/13/1944 Good Neighbor (South American) Aid In War Is Praised (By Nelson Rockefeller) 10
04/13/1944 Text Of Breckenridge Long’s Address At The Diner Of The Afl Post-War Forum Here 14
04/13/1944 Dewey Approves Bill On Race Bias 20
04/14/1944 3,000 U.S. Planes In A Two-Way Blow Hit Reich 1
04/14/1944 Allies Demand Sweden Halt Sale Of (Ball) Bearings To Reich 1
04/14/1944 Swiss Shoot Down American Bomber 1
04/14/1944 Picture, Berlin: Tauenzienstrasse Burned Out, Opera House, Burned Out 3
04/14/1944 Argentine Levies Put On Jews’ Colony (Jews ‘Mostly From England’-No Number Given) 7
04/14/1944 Foes Of Unions Fomenting Racial Hatred 13
04/14/1944 2,000,000 Women Sought For Jobs (16,400,000 Now Employed) 16
04/14/1944 4 Floors Leased By Jewish (Welfare) Board (Confiscated From E. Leitz) 32
04/15/1944 Poet-Partisan (Abraham Sutskever, Lithuanian Partisan & Witness At Nuernberg Tribunals) From Vilna Ghetto Says Nazis Slew 77,000 Of 80,000 3
04/15/1944 Chungking Warned To Be Democratic-Chinese Leader Says Allies Might Isolate Country If It Had Fascist Regime 4
04/15/1944 UNRRA Plan Tied To War Strategy-Training Starts May 1 8
04/15/1944 Army-Navy Seize Two War Plants 26
04/16/1944 Misuse By Allies Of Lend-Lease Aid Denied By Crowley-Tales Traced (By Him) To The Axis 1
04/16/1944 (Prof. R. B. Perry, Harvard) Urges Education On World Basis 26
04/16/1944 Resistance Of Jews In Warsaw Praised 32
04/16/1944 Federal Seizure Of Lands Opposed 32
04/16/1944 (Clinton S. Golden) For Strong Unions In Conquered Axis (As Future Spy System For Victors) 36
04/16/1944 Geraud Down And Out; Washington Backed Him (Against Degaulle) E-3
04/17/1944 Zionist Manefesto Calls For Rescue (Of 2 Million Jews-Rabbi James G. Heller, Cincinnati) 4
04/17/1944 Aid For Refugees Sought ($32,000,000-Pehle, Heller, Rosenwald & Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) 16
04/18/1944 5,000 New Planes Lost By Germans (In 6 Months) 1
04/18/1944 China Is Nettled As (U.N.) Criticism Grows 12
04/18/1944 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley To Speak Here (At Uja Dinner) 14
04/19/1944 2,000 U.S. Planes Attack Berlin 1
04/19/1944 ‘Free Ports’ To Admit Refugees May Be Set Up Under U.S. Plan (Pehle-War Refugee Board) 1&10
04/19/1944 (U.S.) Public Would Bomb Religious Buildings (Gallup Poll) 3
04/19/1944 Churchill Defends League Of Nations 4
04/19/1944 Allies Warn Turks On Chrome Exports 4
04/19/1944 Pole (Jew) Tells Story Of (Warsaw) Ghetto Battle 5
04/19/1944 Allied Aid Sought For Mikhailovitch (By Special Envoy, Picture) 5
04/19/1944 Scientific Curbs On Reich Pledged (By Prof. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell) 6
04/19/1944 Hadassah Joins Unit Working With UNRRA 11
04/19/1944 Negro Teachers Sought (By War Department-Revealed By National Urban League) 38
04/20/1944 Allies Step Up Record Bombing-Nazis Fight (Back) Feebly 1
04/20/1944 Nazis Under Alert On Europe’s Coast 5
04/20/1944 President’s Sons Win Promotions 8
04/20/1944 Jews Here Acclaim Heroes Of Warsaw-Thousands Mourn Victims Of Ghetto-Tribute To Warsaw Jews 10
04/21/1944 Turkey Shuts Off Export Of Chrome To Germany 1
04/21/1944 Luftwaffe’s Ability To Resist Is ‘Steadily Weakening’ (Stimson) 3
04/21/1944 Picture: German POW At Fort Dix (Have Own Band-Just As Inmates In Auschwitz Had Their Own Orchestra!) 5
04/21/1944 Roosevelt Hails Ilo Role In Peace 12
04/22/1944 Record Bombing Blasts Cologne 1
04/22/1944 Seizure Of Montgomery Ward Reported White House Subject 1
04/22/1944 Germans Lose 30% Of Chrome Supply (From Turkey) 2
04/22/1944 4 Theatres Show (‘Documentary’) Negro War Film 8
04/23/1944 U.S. Fighter Guns Train At Hamm And Wrecks It 2
04/23/1944 Poles Sentence Jewish Soldiers (Fled ‘To Protest Anti-Semitism In Polish Army-A La Mendes-France?) 3 Sweden Refuses To Halt Reich Aid 4
04/23/1944 English Primate (Archbishop Of York) Warns Of Chaos-Stresses Nazi Horrors 27
04/23/1944 Mid-West Called Non-Isolationist (By Prof. Wayne C. Neely) 33
04/23/1944 Racial Tolerance Sought In Schools (By Board Of Superintend-Ents) 35
04/23/1944 Great Railway System Aids German Defense (Map) E-5
04/23/1944 Detroit Shuns Gerald (L. K.) Smith As He Pushes Political Work E-10
04/24/1944 Allies Assert Death Blow For Luftwaffe Is In Sight 1
04/24/1944 U.S. Urged To Face Palestine Issues (By Styles Bridges At Zionist Dinner) 6
04/24/1944 Palestine Tract (1,320 Acres) Given As Refuge (For 600 Jewish Families) 6
04/25/1944 British Ban Travel Abroad To Plug Last Invasion Leak 1
04/25/1944 Picture: Searching Bomb Ruins In Germany (For People) 9
04/25/1944 Y. W. C. A. To Discuss Negroes’ Problems 24
04/26/1944 Lend Lease Planes Now Total 30,000 (25,000 Tanks & 800,000 Vehicles) 7
04/26/1944 Morgentrau Sr. Sees Post War Prosperity 14
04/27/1944 (U.S.) Troops Seize Montgomery Ward As It Rejects Roosevelt’s Order; Avery Denies Legality, Ejected (By M.P.’S) 1
04/27/1944 Reich Plane Center Bombed By Our ‘Heavies’ Unopposed (8th Air Force) 1
04/27/1944 Send Europe Food, Plea To President (Roosevelt, By Quakers) 5
04/27/1944 Picture: Henry Morgenthau Sr. Cutting (88th) Birthday Cake 10
04/27/1944 Executive Order-And Other Documents In The Seizure Of Montgomery Ward-Picture Ugo Carusi, Asst. Att’y. Gen. Later Succeeded Earl Gray Harrison In Immigration And Naturalization Service) 14
04/28/1944 Picture: Avery’s Ejection (From Montgomery Ward) By Army (Mp’s) 1
04/28/1944 Allied Bombings Reach New Peak As 4,500 Planes Drop 8,400 Tons 1
04/28/1944 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Gets (U.S. District) Court Order To Restrain Ward Staff 1
04/28/1944 British Minimize Swedes Nazi Fears (Intimidation Of Neutrals By U.N.) 1
04/28/1944 Nazis Assail Turks For Ban On Chrome 4
04/28/1944 Lisbon Rejects Plea To Cut Off Reich Aid 4
04/28/1944 Plunder Of Finland (By Germans) Charged By Moscow 4
04/28/1944 Cardinal (Seredi, Hungary) Appeals For (300,000) Jews 5
04/28/1944 Italian Partisans Kill Nazis 5
04/28/1944 Hits ‘Races Of Mankind’ (Army Publication By Columbia Univ. Profs.) 7
04/28/1944 Racial Bias Found Bar To Many Jobs (By President’s Committee On Fair Employment Practices) 9
04/28/1944 Reich Fall To Free 35% Of U.S. Output 21
04/29/1944 (Polish Ambassador, London) Declares Poland (‘Not Anti-Semitic’)-Works ‘To Save The Jewish People, (Letter To Emanuel Celler) 5
04/29/1944 Roosevelt Maintains Support Of (61%) Labor (Gallup Poll) 6
04/29/1944 Avery Cheered By (Montgomery Ward) Stockholders; He And Directors Are Reelected 7
04/29/1944 Plan Made To Add 3,100,000 Citizens-(Earl G.) Harrison Tells Of Bill To Assist Aliens In Naturalization 10
04/29/1944 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Sees Powers Of President Reduced-They Are Necessary To Win The War Senator Says 16
04/29/1944 Nazi Seaman Guilty Of Draft Evasion (In U.S.)-Vigorous Defense By Jewish Lawyer 16
04/29/1944 Dr. (Rabbi) S.S. Wise Honored By Christian Clergy 20
04/30/1944 1,000 U.S. ‘Heavies’ Blast Berlin-88 Nazi Planes Downed 1
04/30/1944 Exile Group Urges Drastic Steps To Disarm Germans Financially 1
04/30/1944 Poland’s Children Seen Facing Death-Program Of Systematic Annihilation 18
04/30/1944 (War) Refugee Board Held Adequate (At Rally Sponsored By Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) 24
04/30/1944 Owi Tells Its Role In Kent Cooper Talk 25
04/30/1944 Weiss (Jewish Armament) Plant (In Hungary) Seen Seized (By Germans-One Of Hungary’s Largest Plants) 25
04/30/1944 Text Of The Speech Of Lord Halifax On Peace 36
04/30/1944 Shortage Of Alloy Metals (Such As Chrome And Tungsten) Creates Crisis For Reich E-5
04/30/1944 Picture: German Retreat From Russia Mag. 1
04/30/1944 Book: Joseph C. Grew, Ten Years In Japan, Simon And Schuster Book 28