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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

September 1944
Date Headline Page
09/01/1944 Allied Victors Aid Escape Of Refugees (Says Joseph Schwartz Of Joint Distribution Committee) 4
09/01/1944 Goering’s Wife Got (Bought) Final Paris Outfits (At Jeanne Lanvin-Ridiculed As Fat And Tasteless By Jacqueline Specter, Sales Director) 10
09/02/1944 Pope Pius Defends Right Of Private Property; Sees Radical Ideas Luring Desperate Peoples 7
09/03/1944 Destruction Of Germans On Rhone (Death Trap) Said To Surpass Anything In War 1
09/03/1944 Six Youths Executed (17-22 Years) In France For Treason; Maquis (Guerrillas) In Army Uniforms Are Firing Squad (‘Mais Mon General, Vous Portez Aussi U.N. Uniform Etrangiere’) 15
09/03/1944 Typhus Treatment-Modified Horse Serum Is Found Useful By Briton E-9
09/04/1944 Helsinki Quits War 1
09/04/1944 Paris Jews Awoke From A Nightmare 5
09/04/1944 Young Pole’s (W. B. Feinberg) Tale Bares Death Camp (Sobibor) Nazi Admits Majdanek Horror 9
09/04/1944 CIO Auto Union (Walter Reuther) Joins (Racial) Discrimination Fight 14
09/05/1944 Every German Must He Wiped Out To Keep Peace (Unnamed) Paris Clergyman Says In Sermon 5
09/05/1944 Refugee Aid Urged By Israel Council (Havens In Palestine) 19
09/06/1944 Sweden Pledges Refusal Of Asylum To German, Traitor War Criminals (As Defined By Un) 10
09/07/1944 Wounded German Soldier Looted And Taken Away By Ffi (Guerrillas) 4
09/07/1944 (Red Cross) Prison Packages Still Go To Germany 4
09/07/1944 Italian Partisans Are Fighting Hard 8
09/07/1944 Roosevelt (With Hull, Stimson, & Morgenthau-Members Of War Refugee Board) Studies Reich Occupation 9
09/07/1944 $82,000,000 Donated In U.S. To Aid Jews 11
09/07/1944 Jews (Personnel) For UNRRA (Service To Jews) Sought 11
09/07/1944 (Admiral) Kimmel’s Son Lost In U.S. Submarine 13
09/08/1944 Hull Says Fascism Nests In Argentina 1
09/08/1944 Paris Purge Jail By Mistake-(Re-) Arrests Continuing 5
09/08/1944 UNRRA To Provide Basic Materials (Unnamed Source) 7
09/08/1944 231 Slain, 108 Shot By Australian Guards In Mutiny By 900 Japanese War Prisoners 9
09/08/1944 (Republicans) Blame Roosevelt For Pearl Harbor 11
09/09/1944 German Debacle At Hand Marshall Tells 5th Army 5
09/09/1944 (Miss Mary Craig Mc Geachy) Hails (Secret UNRRA) Aid To Poor By Underground (In France) 18
09/10/1944 Foe Slaughtered At Exits Of Liege-Belgians Dance In Pure Joy As Americans Kill Nazis-One Fleeing General Shot (Liege Intact) 3
09/10/1944 Jeep Mounted G.I’s Rip Enemy Apart-They ‘Pickled Them (Sic) Krauts’ 3
09/10/1944 Nazi-Fighting Americans Balk At Killing Fowl 13
09/10/1944 Scholars Warned (Threatened) On Race Problems 31
09/11/1944 Slayings (Of Jews) In-Warsaw Depicted By Witness (Mirian Berg, 19 Year Old Refugee-Secret Diary [Shades Of Anne Frank!]-American Council For Warsaw Jews) 5
09/12/1944 Americans Wear Coats Of (German) Enemy (Warm! Made For Use In Russia) 4
09/12/1944 Austria Is Warned (By Hull) To Earn Freedom (Desert Germany!) 6
09/12/1944 (U.S.) Planes Hit Swiss Train 8
09/12/1944 Schools In France Escape Nazi Stain-Virtually Unaffected By (German) Occupation 16
09/13/1944 8 Weeks Held Limit For German Army (By Swiss Paper) 1
09/13/1944 1,000 Jews Alive In Camp (Lucca, Italy-Joint Distribution Committee Represented By Arthur D. Greenleigh In Rome) 3
09/13/1944 Swiss Lift Blackout To Avert ‘Incidents’ 3
09/13/1944 Jewish Federation (Of Jewish Philanthropies) Weighs Future Needs 4
09/13/1944 (Polish General) Anders Gets Roosevelt Citation 5
09/13/1944 UNRRA May Widen Scope-To Ask Rule Of International Travel By Sea And Air 6
09/13/1944 Lublin (Pro-Russian) Poles Begin Split-Up (Communalization) Of Land (W. H. Lawrence) 8
09/13/1944 Roosevelt Hails Jews On Holiday (Rosh Ha-Shanah, Along With Wallace, Hull, & Ickes) 12
09/13/1944 Undoing The German Campaign Of The Mosquito (In Italy) 18
09/14/1944 Lenient Armistice Given To Rumanians (United Nations Property) 1
09/14/1944 Aliens In Germany Are Urged To Hide (By Eisenhower-8,000,000 Involved Radio And Leaflets Used) 4
09/14/1944 La Follette Hits World League Now 11
09/15/1944 Germans Report (Ernst) Thaelmann Dead (Killed In U.S. Air Raid At Buchenwald Aug. 28, 1944) 4
09/15/1944 New Deal Labeled Fascist By (Ohio Senator) Bricker 12
09/15/1944 Churches To Collect Clothes For UNRRA (15,000,000 Lbs. Goal) 15
09/15/1944 Immediate Relief For Jews Is Urged (By Dr. Joseph D. Schwartz, European Chairman Of American Joint Distribution Committee-Population Estimates) 20
09/15/1944 174 (Germans) Indicted Here As Nazi Members 21
09/16/1944 107,000 Homes In London Ruined By German Aviators And Robots 6
09/17/1944 Villages Burned (By Americans) To Rout Snipers-Two German Communities Razed 15
09/17/1944 French Physicist (Georges Claude) Seized; Called Robot Bomb Maker 19
09/17/1944 UNRRA Organized For Speedy Action 23
09/17/1944 Appeal For Italy Is Sent To UNRRA 25
09/17/1944 Education Called Vital After War (By Robert Calkins, Columbia University) 36
09/17/1944 Cartoon: ‘There Must Be Some Place We Can Go’-Hitler And Others Find No Asylum E-9
09/18/1944 (U.S.) Troops Mow Down German Fanatics 4
09/18/1944 UNRRA Cut Itself Lehman Declines (Established Its Own Limitations) 5
09/19/1944 Allies Tell Reich Amg (Allied Military Government) Will Rule It 1
09/19/1944 Relief For Italy On UNRRA Agenda ($1,200,000,000 Available) 6
09/19/1944 Morgenthau Impedes Sift (Of Communists) Dies Aid Says 11
09/19/1944 Pearl Harbor Inquiry By Congress Is Urged 12
09/19/1944 (Japanese) Saboteurs Pierce Kweilin Defenses-Chinese Shoot Hundreds (Others Rounded Up And Shot) 12
09/20/1944 Village In Belgium Hid Jews 4 Years (1940-1944) 3
09/20/1944 500,000 Anti-Nazis Reported In Peril 8
09/20/1944 Army To Let UNRRA Run Europe Relief-Asks UNRRA Aid For Italy 10
09/20/1944 Britain Creating A Jewish Brigade (Nucleus Of Jewish Army) 12
09/20/1944 Army Asked To End Negro Segregation 12
09/21/1944 UNRRA Will Spend A Billion In 1945-Roosevelt Pushes Italy Relief 1&14
09/22/1944 Rigid Control Of Reich Industry Mapped At Quebec Conference (‘Morgenthau Plan’) 1
09/22/1944 Hull Hints Penalties For German Looters (A Lot To Be Shot) 5
09/22/1944 Dutch Oppose Aid To Italy By UNRRA-Help For Jews Proposed 7
09/22/1944 Australian (Sir Owen Dixon) Denies Pearl Harbor ‘Tip’ (Entire Story Recounted. ‘We’re Saved! America Is In The War’) 11
09/23/1944 Eisenhower Statute On Reich (Occupation Plans) 3
09/23/1944 Roosevelt Shuns Pearl Harbor Row 8
09/24/1944 Morgenthau Plan On Germany Splits Cabinet Committee 1
09/24/1944 U.S. Said To Favor New Reich Capital (Say Bonn?) 9
09/24/1944 Jews Of France Ask American Aid (Number Uncertain) 12
09/24/1944 Rome Zionist Urges Jews To Go To Land (Palestine) 27
09/24/1944 Aid To Repatriates By UNRRA Is Voted 31
09/24/1944 Allied Unity Is Needed On German Problems E-3
09/24/1944 UNRRA Ready To Enter Upon Its Actual Task E-6
09/25/1944 Ffi (French Guerrillas) Incorporated Into French Army 1
09/25/1944 Costs $100 To Kill A Nazi-Infantry Price 5 Cents 5
09/25/1944 Bor (General, Polish Home Army) Cites Nazi Plot To Execute Captives (Prison Population) Of Auschwitz, Birkenau, And Buchenwald-Led Warsaw Uprising-Captured By Germans And Subsequently Released By Them Rather Than Being Shot) 6
09/25/1944 Jewish Award To Go To Justice (Frank) Murphy 8
09/25/1944 UNRRA To Give ‘Special Weight’ To Countries Suffering The Most 11
09/25/1944 Jewish (Joint Distribution Committee) Rescue Plan To Cost 20 Millions 11
09/25/1944 (Zionist Organization Of America) Would Aid Freed Jews 11
09/25/1944 Wallace Denies The President Ails 28
09/26/1944 Eisenhower Reveals Allies Arm (Guerrilla) ‘Cells’ Inside Germany 1&3
09/26/1944 Problems Of Ffi (Guerrillas) Are Being Solved In Merger Into Army (French General) Koenig Says 4
09/27/1944 UNRRA Aid (To Italy) Pledged 1
09/27/1944 Churchill Insists Nazis Must Atone-War Criminals Will Not Escape 1
09/27/1944 Nazis Hunt Five Pellets (Dropped By U.N. To Aliens In Germany For Sabotage) 3
09/27/1944 Speed For UNRRA Urged By Lehman 13
09/27/1944 Immigration Below 100,000 For 14th Year; ‘44 Total 28,551-Only 8,694 From Europe 13
09/28/1944 Morgenthau Plan Shelved (For Election-Too Controversial!) 12
09/28/1944 (Rep. George J. Bates) Says Facts Clear Short And Kimmel 16
09/29/1944 Eisenhower Assures Reich Will Bar-Oppression (Coming ‘As Conquerors But Not As Oppressors’-Radio Broadcast) 1
09/29/1944 Argentines To Bar War Criminals; Hull Reveals Warning (Threat) To Neutrals 1
09/29/1944 Germans Accused (By Russians) Of Burning 2,000 (Klooga, Estonia-W. H. Lawrence) 8
09/29/1944 Terrorists (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Renew Palestine Attacks 8
09/29/1944 European Jews’ Needs Called ‘Staggering’ (By Dr. Joseph Schwartz, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 13
09/30/1944 Jews Accuse Nazis Of New Outrages (Rabbi Baruch Korff-Alleges Deportation And Killing. Korff Chairman Of Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) 8