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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

February 1944
Date Headline Page
02/01/1944 Jewish Drive Goal Set At $32,000,000 14
02/02/1944 754 Jews In Exile Land In Palestine (From ‘Nyassa’)-End 10 Years Roaming 4
02/02/1944 Tokyo War Lords Guilty (Of Atrocities To Americans) Says (Joseph C.) Grew 5
02/02/1944 Nazi-Chetnik Force Beaten, Tito Reports (Mikailovitch’s Reward For His Years Of Partisan Activity!) 7
02/02/1944 Text Of Molotoff Plan Enlarging The Autonomy Of The Sixteen Soviet Republics 10
02/02/1944 Anti-Bias Measure Urged By Dubinsky (Ladies Garment Workers Union) 38
02/04/1944 1,100 U.S. Planes Hit Reich At Slight Cost (Dated Feb. 3) 1&5
02/03/1944 Cartels Depicted As Nazi War Tool (By Senate Committee) 20
02/06/1944 Negro Fliers (In U.S. Air Corps) Praised (As Fighters) 3
02/05/1944 Federal Control Of Schools Noted 40
02/05/1944 Ship Output Tops All Allies’ Losses 42
02/05/1944 Rommel-The Man We Have To Beat (Picture) Mag. 9 & 30
02/05/1944 The Army That Stopped The ‘Invincible’ Wehrmacht Book 3
02/07/1944 Russia Seeks Treaty With Poland, But Not With Her London Regime 1
02/08/1944 Picture: Danish Patriots Sabotage Copenhagen Factory 10
02/08/1944 Aid Of $32,000,000 For Jews Mapped-12 Point Program To Save 3,000,000 In Europe 34
02/09/1944 Hull Again Warns Finns To Quit War (As German Allies And Against The U.S.’ Ally Russia) 1
02/10/1944 Negro Gains Seen In Post War Jobs (By National Urban League) 17
02/10/1944 ‘American Fascists’ Campaign For Wall Street, Says Wallace 34
02/11/1944 Keep Out Of Papers (Elmer) Davis Tells Owi (Avoid Notoriety For ‘Owi’) 1
02/11/1944 Clergymen (Norman Vincent Peale, Methodist Bishop Francis J. Mc Connell, Et Al.) Endorse Bombing Of Reich (John Haynes Holmes, A Single Pacifist Condemns U.N. Bombing Of Germany) 3
02/11/1944 Russia Warns Budapest-Will Share Fate Of Helsinki (Pictures On P. 5-Budapest Already Bombed By U.S.) 3
02/12/1944 Marshall, King, Leahy, And Arnold Confer At White House 1
02/12/1944 Nazi Execution Mill (Belzec) Reported In Poland 6
02/12/1944 Sermons To Stress Race Relations 16
02/12/1944 First Lady Urges Facing Race Bias 17
02/12/1944 Roosevelt Looks For Oil Abroad 28
02/13/1944 President (Roosevelt) Salutes France’s Million Of ‘Underground’ (Guerrillas) 1
02/13/1944 Britain’s Aid Asked In War On Cartels 7
02/13/1944 Suez Winning Fight On Bubonic Plague (Experiments On Humans With Penicillin), 8
02/13/1944 U.S. Called Guide In Refugee Rescue (By Dr. Isaac Herzog, Chief Rabbi Of Palestine) 10
02/13/1944 (Dillon Myer, Head Of War Relocation Authority) Scores Opponents Of War Relocation (Of U.S.-Japanese) 14
02/13/1944 20% Of Leningrad Fully Destroyed 25
02/13/1944 Typhus Reported In Kirkenes (Norway-Area Isolated By Germans-Norway Was A Big User Of ‘Zyklon B’) 26
02/13/1944 Letter By (Abe) Lincoln To Synagogue Found Requesting Support For Civil War) 33
02/13/1944 What To Do With The Reich Remains An Open Issue E-3
02/14/1944 Nazis’ Siege Killed 5,000 In Leningrad 3
02/14/1944 3 (British) Immigration Offices in Palestine Bombed 7
02/14/1944 Roosevelt Calls For Unity Of (U.S.) Races 20
02/15/1944 Germans In Italy Rationing (Artillery) Shells 1
02/15/1944 Roosevelt Gives Lie To Report Of (Stalin’s) Striking Of (Gen.) Timoshenko (With Vodka Bottle At Yalta) 5
02/15/1944 Hadassah (U.S.) Cables Fund To Refugees ($100,000 To Henrietta Szold In Palestine) 8
02/15/1944 (U.S. Alien Property Custodian) Takes $375,000,000 In Alien Property 8
02/15/1944 U.S. (Gov’t) Help Pledged In Combatting (Racial) Bias (Anti-Semitism) 10
02/16/1944 U.S. Blasts Nazis In Mt. Cassino Abbey 1
02/16/1944 (U.S. Catholic) Prelates Defend Bombing Of (Mt. Cassino) Abbey 3
02/16/1944 Even ‘Non-Essential’ Employers (In France) Must Work For Reich 5
02/16/1944 Russia And Poland Reach New (Border) Crisis 8
02/16/1944 Polish Move For Ukraine In 1935-36 Charged (By Russia); Warsaw In Alleged Deal With Tukhachevsky 8
02/16/1944 Rescued Children Thank Miss Szold-10,600 Saved From Nazis In Europe 13
02/17/1944 Rabbi (Brickner) Finds (U.S.) Troops Vague On War Aims (They Need To Be ‘Educated Or ‘Oriented’) 9
02/17/1944 Poles Charge Nazis Wipe Out Children-Campaign To Exterminate Jewish Young Is Reported 9
02/17/1944 War’s Final Goal Defined By Hull 11
02/17/1944 Changes In UNRRA Offered In Senate (By Tom Connally) 15
02/18/1944 85 Bodies Recovered From Berlin Shelter-200 At Hotel Bristol Reported Killed By Raf Blockbuster 4
02/18/1944 180,000 Dutch Jews Reported Wiped Out-London Hears 120,000 Were Sent Into Slave Labor (‘Just Disappeared’) 7
02/18/1944 UNRRA Bill Voted In Full By Senate 8
02/18/1944 Ickes To Continue Relocation Policy (For U.S. Japanese) 9
02/18/1944 War Captives To Work On Farms 19
02/19/1944 (Earl G. Harrison) Quiets ‘Alarmists’ About Refugees (Entering U.S.A.-Disputes Figures Cited By Breckinridge Long Of The U.S. State Department Who Said 580,000 Had Entered In 10 Years. Harrison Says 228,068 Admitted Temporarily & 279,071 As Immigrants-A Total Of 507,139 Admitted In Just These Two Admitted Categories!) 6
02/20/1944 (August Cardinal Hlond) Primate Of Poland Seized By Germans 1
02/20/1944 Seeds Sent To (U.S.) Prisoners (Of War) In Germany To Grow Food (By American Red Cross) 4
02/20/1944 Miss Szold Hails Rescue Of Youth (10,000 Jews From Europe) 10
02/20/1944 Refugee Aid Chief (Isaak Herzog, Chief Rabbi Of Palestine) At Work In Turkey 11
02/20/1944 Palestine Admits 5,000 (Jews) In 4 Months-Entrance Ocf 10,000 More By June Is Forecast (By Rabbi Dr. James G. Heller, Nat’l. Chairman Of United Palestine Appeal) 11
02/20/1944 London Raid Gives Illusion Of Blitz-Nazi Attack With 50 To 60 Bombers 25
02/20/1944 (Robert H.) Jackson Doubts Radical (Post-War) U.S. Shift 27
02/20/1944 Conference (National Conf. Of Christians & Jews) Plans To Ease Race Bias 37
02/20/1944 ‘Peace Fumble At Versailles,’ Unfinished Business, Stephan Bonsal, Doubleday, Doran, & Co. N.Y Book 1
02/21/1944 Furtwaengler Now Conducting For Nazis, Troops And The Victims Of Bombings 6
02/22/1944 (U.S.) Potato Surplus May Yield Liquor 1
02/22/1944 Typhus In Naples Checked By Allies 11
02/22/1944 UNRRA Aim To Help Starved, Diseased 28
02/23/1944 Anders Is Accused By Polish General (In Moscow-Of Being Anti-Russian) 3
02/23/1944 Allies Act To Block Nazi Gold In Trade 8
02/23/1944 Jewish Children (Ln U.S.) Plead For Refuge (In Palestine) 9
02/23/1944 Nazi Repair Of Havoc Urged By Roosevelt (‘Historic And Ecclesiastical Monuments’-Mt. Cassino ?) 11
02/23/1944 Forced Education (‘Propagandization’) Of Foes (Germans Etc.) Is Opposed 32
02/24/1944 Refugees In Cuba Protest (To Batista Who Requires Surety Bonds For Entry To Cuba) 3
02/24/1944 Rail Lines Disrupted In The Berlin Area-No Expresses Run 5
02/25/1944 Freed Americas Leave Nazi Lands (Via Spain) 3
02/26/1944 Political Terrorism Rises In Palestine 4
02/26/1944 (Admiral) Kimmel May Be Tried Before War Ends; Hart Assigned To Get Data On Pearl Harbor 5
02/27/1944 U.S. War Prisoners In Reich Have Libraries, Some Have Pets; One Reported To Have Horse 17
02/27/1944 Japanese Evacuees Ask Full Freedom (As Other Citizens Have) 25
02/27/1944 Two Books On Russian-U.S. Relations In Last Century Book 1
02/28/1944 Russian ‘Slaves’ Are Peril In Reich (Foreign Workers) 5
02/28/1944 UNRRA Held Test Of World Accord (By A. H. Feller, General Counsel At Ort Meeting In Brooklyn) 8
02/28/1944 (Russian) Guerrillas Slew 300,000 (Germans)-3,000 Nazi Trains Derailed In 2 Years By Soviet Partisans 2
02/28/1944 Death Of Germany (As A Nation) Hit By London Times 10