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William Lindsey collection — 1944 NYT headlines

May 1944
Date Headline Page
05/01/1944 3,000 Planes Hammer At France 1
05/01/1944 Liberation Is Near, U.S. (Robert Sherwood) Tells Europe In Broadcast) 1
05/01/1944 Goering’s Ministry Set Afire By (Bomb) Hits-Berlin’s Main Rail Lines Cut 3
05/01/1944 6 Italians Executed (By U.N.) As Spies For Germans (Firing Squad) 4
05/01/1944 48,000 Greek Jews Are Sent To Poland (Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society-Abraham Herman, Pres.) 5
05/01/1944 Vilna Prelate (Sergius, Metropolitan Of Vllna Along With Col. Otto Grunwald Of German Police) Slain By Polish (Probably Pro-Russian) Guerrillas 5
05/01/1944 U.S. Priest’s (Orlemanski) Visit To Stalin Assailed 5
05/01/1944 Pro-Russian Trend Is Seen In France 7
05/02/1944 Courts Ought To Submit To President (Roosevelt) Is Plea By (Francis Beverley) Biddle In Ward (Seizure) Case 1
05/02/1944 U.S. And Reich Agree To Another (Pow) Exchange (Gripsholm) 2
05/02/1944 (Puerto Rico President) Assails (Rexford) Tugwell As ‘Like Hltler’ 9
05/02/1944 (Sidney) Hillman Subpoena Served (By Dies Committee) 12
05/03/1944 Madrid Retreats-Reduces Nazis’ Wolfram (Tungsten) Flow To Trickle, Begin Eviction Of Spies 1
05/03/1944 81,400 Bomb-Tons Hit Nazis In April (2 Tons Per Minute) 4
05/03/1944 Picture: Hitler Youth Cleaning Up Bomb Damage In Berlin 5
05/03/1944 (Tito) Partisan Patriots (Guerrillas) Penetrate Trieste 6
05/03/1944 Soviet Pilots Fly Planes Home From U.S. 6
05/03/1944 Allied Propaganda (Leaflets Used As Wrapping For Soap And Cigarettes) Combatted By Nazis 8
05/03/1944 (Vichy) Warning On Rule Repeated (Would Resist U.S. Intervention) 9
05/03/1944 Palestine’s Fate Is Linked To Oil 10
05/03/1944 Roosevelt Praises Poles (‘Who Defied The Nazi Hordes’) 11
05/03/1944 Ward Seizure (By U.S. Army) Hit As ‘Despotic Act’ 12
05/03/1944 Food Scarcer In Havana 12
05/03/1944 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Aides Back CIO Policies Group 36
05/04/1944 Synthetic Quinine Produced (R. B. Woodward & W. E. Doering) 1
05/04/1944 Raf Hits Bulls Eye Of Nazi Documents (Purposeful Destruction Of Documents) 1
05/04/1944 Germans Salvage Our Downed Planes-Ball Bearings Especially Sought 2
05/04/1944 (British) Peers (Vansittart) Warns Lisbon To Cut Aid To Reich 3
05/04/1944 (Algerian) French Execute (Falangist) Traitor (By Firing Squad) 5
05/04/1944 Refugee Orphans (Jewish) Tell Of Suffering (After Landing In Istanbul From ‘Milka’ 282 Aboard-Enroute To Palestine) 6
05/04/1944 Wheeler And Taft Urge Aid To Finland-Want U.S. To Help Her Get Out Of War 8
05/04/1944 Hungary Liquidates Jewish Businesses (16,000 Of 30,000 Confiscated) 11
05/04/1944 War Deeds Of Jews Cited (By Rabbi P. S. Bernstein & Others) 11
05/05/1944 Pictures: Bomb Damage In Berlin 3
05/05/1944 $450,000,000 Fund For UNRRA Asked (By Roosevelt) 5
05/05/1944 Neutral Businesses Are Warned (By U.S. & England) To Cease Trading With Germany 8
05/05/1944 Australia To Seek More Immigrants (Freeland League, Dr. I. N. Steinberg. Australia Has 7,000,000 Population, Could Support 150,000,000 According To Percy J. Clarey) 10
05/06/1944 Gandhi Freed Unconditionally; British Act On Health Grounds 1
05/06/1944 Aide Says Wright Barred (Pearl Harbor) War Story (Reporting A Japanese Battle Fleet At Sea) 8
05/06/1944 Methodists Fight Own Racial Bias 13
05/06/1944 Tell World Plan For Education Aid (Fulbright) 18
05/07/1944 36 In Erie Placed On U.S. Blacklist (For Trading With Germany-Named) 1&21
05/07/1944 Stalin Friendly Toward Church Priest (Orlemanski) Says On Leaving For U.S. 1
05/07/1944 Picture: Mikhailovitch Questioning A German Captive 3
05/07/1944 Mrs. (George Sylvester) Viereck Hopeful (Son Reported Killed In Italy With Army Still Lives-Husband In Prison) 6
05/07/1944 Allies Shoot Four Spies (In Italy) 7
05/07/1944 Plan For Occupation Of Reich Seen Ready 13
05/07/1944 (German) Prisoner (Of War) Coddling Is Denied By (U.S.) Army 14
05/07/1944 Germany Hard Hit By Loss Of Alloys-Tungsten Supply Short 20
05/07/1944 Germany Strained To Supply Armies-No Reserve Of Workers-Picture: Speer E-5
05/07/1944 Old War-Powers Issue Revived By Ward Case (Francis Beverley Biddle Asserts ‘Powers Of President Are Almost Unlimited.’-Picture) E-6
05/07/1944 ‘Relocated’ Japanese Favor East E-6
05/07/1944 The Burned Books Still Live (Pictures: Berlin, May 10, 1933) Mag. 17
05/08/1944 Atlantic Charter Weighed In Soviet 1
05/08/1944 2,000 Planes Batter Berlin 1
05/08/1944 Germans In London (August Weber & Other Sozial Demokrats) Split On (Post-War German) Partition 3
05/08/1944 Soviet Says Nazis Murdered 102,000 (Near Rovno, Poland) 8
05/08/1944 (Senator) Assails Kimmel (‘Kimmel Was A Close Friend Of President Roosevelt, And When He Took Command, He Counter-Manded Existing Orders For The Defense Of Pearl Harbor And Gave Nothing In Their Place.’) 11
05/08/1944 Movie: ‘The Hitler Gang’ Paramount 15
05/09/1944 4,500 U.S. Planes Hammer Enemy; Berlin Bombed Again 1
05/09/1944 Ploesti Oil Output Reported Cut 75% 3
05/09/1944 Balkans Discredit Jibes At U.S. Fliers (Who Bombed Them) 4
05/09/1944 Germany Is Guilty, Marsaryk Tells Ilo 7
05/09/1944 La Fallette Goes Isolationist; Progressives Bolt New Deal 12
05/09/1944 Action To End Anti-Semitism In U.S. Demanded Here By Justice (Frank) Murphy (Before B’nai B’rith) 36
05/10/1944 Ward Plants Returned Ending Federal Seizure (Roosevelt Order) 1
05/10/1944 Palestine Factory (Gasoline Containers-’Jerry Cans’) In Mass Production (Apparently Jews From Europe-Operated By U.S. Armed Forces In Palestine) 3
05/10/1944 Jews In Hungary Fear Annihilation 5
05/10/1944 Masaryk Predicts Revolt In Europe 7
05/10/1944 Picture: On Bougainville-Our Negro Troops In Action 10
05/10/1944 La Follette Seen Dividing Liberals 12
05/10/1944 (Gen. H. H.) Arnold Hails Help Of Good Neighbors 12
05/11/1944 Roosevelt Appoints Forrestal To Be Secretary Of The Navy 1
05/11/1944 Nazi Fliers Sink U.S. Destroyer; Morgenthau’s Son Is A Survivor (In Mediterranean-Robert Morris Morgenthau) 1
05/11/1944 (Dr. Marcus Madler) Declares Inflation Unlikely After War 32
05/12/1944 Antonescu Clings To Faith In Nazis 3
05/12/1944 Marin Warns Allies Not To Spare Nazis 5
05/12/1944 Full Mobilization Ordered By Bulgars 6
05/12/1944 Labor Requisitions On Reich (After War) Win Backing (From British Labor Party-Most Obvious Case Of ‘Slave Labor In The Entire War) 9
05/12/1944 Nazi Drug (‘Marfanil’) Ranked Next To Peniclllin (Samples Captured In North Africa) 21
05/12/1944 War On Prejudice Urged At A Forum (Attended Mostly By Jews And Negroes 34
05/13/1944 People Under Axis Told To Act Now (By Radio) 1&5
05/13/1944 Berlin Industrial Section (Zehlendorf) Pounded By Our Bombers 2
05/13/1944 2,000,000 Murders Listed By Soviets-2 (German) Generals Are Accused (By The Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) 4
05/13/1944 Moves (By Congress) To Set Trial Of Kimmel, Short 7
05/13/1944 Group Here Reveals Ilo Appeal For Jews 9
05/14/1944 Reich Army’s End Called Allied Aim (By U.N.) 9
05/14/1944 (Adolf) Berle Would Add To (Roosevelt ‘Good’) Neighbor Policy-Favors Making It World Wide (United Nations?) 16
05/14/1944 Blacklist Threat (By U.S.) To Swedes Hinted 17
05/14/1944 Ex-King Carol Denounced (By Emanuel Celler And United Rumanian Jews As Pro-Nazi) 17
05/14/1944 Pro-German Couple In The Bronx Lose U.S. Citizenship On Request (‘All This Propaganda Makes Us Only More Determined’ On The Stand They Declare-Intend To Return To Reich) 28
05/14/1944 Picture: Makhailovitch-No Beard E-4
05/14/1944 Book Review: Ten Years In Japan, Joseph C. Grew, Simon & Schuster Book 1
05/14/1944 Book Review: Transit, Anna Seghers (Das Siebente Kreutz)-’A Refugee With A Visa To Nowhere,’ Little Brown & Co., Boston Book 7
05/15/1944 Poles Held Unamenable To (Russian) Puppet (By London Pole); Premier Hits Meddling In U.S. Vote 1
05/15/1944 Refuges For Victims Of Nazis Are Urged (By Brooklyn Jewish Council-’Free Ports’) 6
05/15/1944 Aid To Fascism Laid To 4 Women’s Groups (By Congress Of Women’s Auxiliaries Of The CIO-Ask Francis Beverley Biddle To Investigate Assertion That Roosevelt Had Jewish Ancestry) 18
05/15/1944 ($100,000) Aid For Rumanian Jews 18
05/15/1944 John Foster Dulles Elected New Trustee Of Carnegie Peace Fund (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President-Dulleses Are Nephews Of Ww. I Sec. Of State Robert Lansing) 36
05/16/1944 Nazis Increase Air Spying Over Britain; 20 (German Planes) Shot Down 1
05/16/1944 Poles’ London Factions Act To Oust Army Heads Opposed By Russia 1
05/17/1944 Nazis Warn Balkans Not To Quit Fighting 3
05/17/1944 Allies Are Divided On German (Forced) Labor (Of POW After War) 5
05/17/1944 Hungary Herds All Jews (800,000 Into Ghettos Or Camps) 5
05/17/1944 Russia’s Aid Sought (By Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) For Jews In Hungary (List Of Supporters) 7
05/17/1944 Palestine Called Haven For Refugees (By Ira A. Hirschmann, War Refugee Board & American/World Jewish Congresses) 14
05/17/1944 ‘Guilt Feelings’ (After Bombing Missions-Pictured In Fliers (By W. L. Lawrence) 36
05/18/1944 Spain Ousts Axis From Tangiers 1
05/18/1944 Nazis Quit Cassino As Allies Surround It 1
05/18/1944 Savage Blows Hit Jews In Hungary-80,000 Reported Sent To Murder Camp In Poland 5
05/18/1944 Roosevelt Hails Ilo Declaration-He Likens New Charter To One Of 1776 13
05/18/1944 Calls Isolation Species Of Mania (Edw. A. Strecker Of Univ. Of Pennsylvania, By W. L. Lawrence) 36
05/19/1944 Enemy’s Loss 20,174 Planes At A Cost Of 6,154 To Usaaf 1
05/19/1944 (Sumner) Welles Sees Peril In Big-Four Rule (Text P. 11) 1&11
05/19/1944 Yugoslav Regime (Subasitch) Reported Out As King Seeks Pro-Tito Cabinet 6
05/19/1944 New Group Sets Up A ‘Hebrew Nation’ 8
05/19/1944 Methodists Bid U.S. To State War Aims 10
05/20/1944 Swedish-U.S. Firms May Be Penalized (If Found Helping Germany) 1
05/20/1944 British Protest Nazi Slaying Of 47 Escaping Air Officers 1
05/20/1944 Hull Maps Policy On Post-War Trade 1
05/20/1944 Nazis Pushing Fifth-Column ‘Invasion’ Here To Win Peace, Norman Littell Warns 1
05/20/1944 Allied Leaflets Rain On Europe (1,264,456,656 Dropped So Far) 2
05/20/1944 Speed Seen Needed For Jews’ Rescue-1,500,000 In Hungary And Rumania Can Be Saved (Isaac Greenbaum) Chairman, United Rescue Committee For European Jews) 5
05/20/1944 Third Of Dniepr Dam Appears To Be Ruined 5
05/20/1944 Terrorists Attempt Palestine Broadcast 5
05/20/1944 House Wrangles On Pearl Harbor 6
05/21/1944 Mikhailovitch Out In Yugoslav Shifts 1&16
05/21/1944 6,000 Planes In Record Attack 1
05/21/1944 Communists Disband Party In U.S.; Back Roosevelt For Fourth Term 1
05/21/1944 Germans In Italy Face Destruction 13
05/21/1944 Partisan Forces Sever Vital Railroad Link Supplying German Armies On Italian Front 16
05/21/1944 Aid For War Victims-Jewish Group (Jdc) Will Provide 300,000 Packages This Year 19
05/21/1944 Soviet O[L Industry Modernized In War 32
05/21/1944 (Rabbi Israel) Goldstein Calls For Jewish State 33
05/21/1944 Water Power Plan To Aid Palestine-Loot Seized By Nazis From Jews Of Europe Seen (By Emanuel Neumann) As Means Of Financing ($150,000,000) 33
05/21/1944 Cartoon: (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley-’His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite’ (Last Feb. Vs. Today) E-2
05/21/1944 Cartoon: ‘A Tree Grows In Europe’ (Noose On Tree For Germans) E-3
05/21/1944 Allies Ponder Over Post-War Control Of Reich E-3
05/21/1944 Dies Group (Un-American Activities) Faces Uncertain Future (As Did All Government Groups And Persons Not Favorable To Russia) E-7
05/21/1944 Martial Morals German Style-Cartoon Of Rommel-Book Review Of Hitler’s Generals Book 7
05/22/1944 Army Seizes War Plant In War Work-Ordered By President (Roosevelt) 1
05/22/1944 Senators And Hull Are Reported In Agreement On Plan For Peace 1
05/22/1944 Eisenhower Order (To Underground, By Radio) Alarms Vichyites 1
05/22/1944 Stalin Tells Chicago Professor (Oscar Lange, A Polish-American) Of Soviet Aim For Strong Poland 4
05/22/1944 (James G. Mc Donald) Hits Refugee Policies-Fear Diplomats Will Slight Issue 5
05/22/1944 Nazis Bar Rescue Of 1,350 (Jewish) Orphans (Enroute To Palestine From Constanta, Rumania On The ‘Tari’-Steinhardt And Hirschmann Busy-1,500,000 Of 7,500,000 European Jews Left) 5
05/22/1944 Reich Seen Facing Food Cuts Finally (Predicted By U.S. Since Beginning Of War!) 6
05/22/1944 P. H. Cohen Directs U.S. Invasion Radio (Chief Of Absie) 6
05/22/1944 (Francis Beverley Biddle) Tells New Citizens To Give U.S. All 7
05/22/1944 Alexi (Metropolitan Of Leningrad) Avows-Loyalty To Stalin On Becoming Patriarch Of Russia (Picture-Born Serge Vlademirovitch Semansky In Moscow) 21
05/22/1944 Bias Research Proposed (By E. George Payne, Pres, League For National Unity) 21
05/22/1944 (Dr. Elizabeth Wisner) Warns Us To Avoid Crisis Of 18 Peace 22
05/23/1944 Patriots Oriented In Invasion Jobs (Underground To Begin Action On Eisenhower’s Radio Orders) 1
05/23/1944 Allies Prepared To Meet Nazi Gas-50-To-1 Retaliation (Capacity) 5
05/23/1944 U.S. (Stettinius) Nips Argentine On Buna Projects 7
05/23/1944 Poles Map (Post-War) Land Division (Large Estates To Be Sub-Divided By Underground) 8
05/23/1944 Witnesses Say Nazis Massacred 47 (Raf) Pilots, Deny Raf Captives Were Shot In Escape Bid 12
05/23/1944 Browder Elected Head Of U.S. Reds 38
05/24/1944 Roosevelt Forces Outvoted In Texas Bolt Convention 1
05/24/1944 Nazis Threaten To Try Our Airmen, Charging Attacks On Civilians 4
05/24/1944 Germans Not Saluted-No Order Given U.S. Troops In Italy To Bow (Salute) To Officer Prisoners 4
05/24/1944 13 Nazi Troop Trains Are Blown Up By Tito (Guerrillas)-Patriots On March In Dalmatia 6
05/24/1944 (Bernard) Baruch Talk At Churchman Dinner (Contents Predictable) 11
05/24/1944 Racial Clash in (State) Georgia-Two Sets Of Delegates Named 12
05/24/1944 Moves To Restore Judaism In France (After War) 15
05/24/1944 UNRRA Puts Focus On Specialists To Aid Countries Freed From Axis 16
05/24/1944 (U.S.) Schools Criticized By Army Educator (Need To Learn Tolerance) 17
05/24/1944 Hail Migrant Plan Of Rhode Island-Residence Requirement Should Be Abolished 19
05/24/1944 Picture: Chief Justice (Harlan) Stone Honored By Yeshiva College Here (Dr. Isaac Rubinstein, Former Chief Rabbi Of Vilna Present) 21
05/25/1944 Allies Bomb Berlin, Vienna; Fly 8,000 Sorties 1
05/25/1944 Soviet Said To Warn Bulgaria To Shun Axis Or Face War 1
05/25/1944 Sweden Confesses Neutrality Chinks 1
05/25/1944 London Poles Seen Threat To (Their) Regime (From Guerrillas) 4
05/25/1944 Picture: Invasion Unit (Civil Affairs Section) To Rule Conquered Territory In Germany 5
05/25/1944 Free Palestine Meeting 5
05/25/1944 Citizenship Of Germans (Granted 40 Years Earlier) Upheld (Richmond, Va.) 6
05/25/1944 Picture: President’s Son (Elliott) Receives British Decoration (‘Commander Of The British Empire Order,’ 8th Aaf Photo Reconnaissance Wing) 9
05/25/1944 Juliana Condemns Nazi Art Looting 19
05/25/1944 (Jan Masaryk) Urges Settlement Of Jewish Problem (At Uja Dinner 21
05/25/1944 Standard Oil’s German Patents Demanded By Government Agency (Alien Property Custodian) 27
05/26/1944 World Peace Plan Fostered By Hull 1
05/26/1944 Reich Asks People Plan For Next War 3
05/26/1944 British Peers Insist Foe Murdered (Raf) Fliers-(Lord) Cranborne Backs Vansittart’s Demand For Trial Of Guilty 3
05/26/1944 Picture: The Cassino MonasteryIn Ruins 4
05/26/1944 Allies’ Leaflets Harass Germans 4
05/26/1944 Morrison Defends Behavior Of Yanks (In England) 4
05/26/1944 Izestia Criticizes Poles’ Exile Regime (In London) 4
05/26/1944 (Sumner) Welles Endorses (Uja) Drive 6
05/26/1944 British Give Data On Greek Mutiny (Against British) 8
05/26/1944 U.S. Urged To Give Haven To Refugees (By Alfred E. Smith) 19
05/26/1944 World Body Urged For Human Rights (Under United Nations Sponsorship By James T. Shotwell) 19
05/26/1944 Racial (Bias) Bill Fails In Estimate Board 23
05/27/1944 Dead Tanks Litter Trail Of Germans (Mostly Dead American Tanks!) 3
05/27/1944 Goebbels Invites (Incites) Attacks On Fliers (By Germans) 4
05/27/1944 100,000 Jobs To Go To War Captives (As Laborers) 4
05/27/1944 G. L. K. Smith Scores Dewey’s Attitude 9
05/27/1944 Roosevelt Undergoes Physical Examination (By Dr. Ross T. Mc Intire, His Personal Physician) 9
05/27/1944 Baptists Modify Stand On The War-Refuse To ‘Bless’ Strife 16
05/27/1944 (John D., Jr.) Rockefeller Sees More Concern By Industry Over The Negroes’ Lot 17
05/27/1944 (Edwin R. Embree Of Julius Rosenwald Fund) Warns The Whites Of Race Bias Peril 18
05/27/1944 Picture: Lady Halifax (& Mr. Bernard Baruch, Jr.) Inspects Books Intended For (U.N.) Fighting Men (In Italy And Mediterranean Area) 30
05/28/1944 More Barbarities Attributed To Foe-Nazi Doctors Who Kill Prisoners, Children (Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) 15
05/28/1944 Nazis Pushbook ‘Purge’ (Jewish Authors’ Books Sold For 1.2 Cents Per Pound As Scrap Paper) 15
05/29/1944 2,200 U.S. Planes Blast Reich Oil Centers 1
05/29/1944 Fliers Down 93 Nazi Planes; Vast Blows Over Coast Go On 1
05/29/1944 Unregenerate Reich Foreseen By Benes (Czech) 2
05/29/1944 Raf Officer Back From ‘Death Camp’ (Stalag Luft 3-47 Raf Fliers Shot After Escape Attempt) 3
05/29/1944 Nazis Take Books (Through Their Mails) For U.S. Prisoners (Up To 60 Lbs./Yr.) 5
05/29/1944 French Traitors To Get Jury Trials (By Committee Of National Liberation) 8
05/29/1944 Mead Asks Unity After Attack On Soviet At Polish Convention (In Buffalo, N.Y.) 9
05/29/1944 (Frank) Murphy Group (National Committee Against Persecution And Extermination Of The Jews) Backs ‘Free Port’ Proposal (Temporary Entry) 10
05/30/1944 U.S. Fliers Blast 9 Plane Plants (Plus Oil Works In Reich And Poland) 1
05/30/1944 Both Houses Weigh Kimmel Extension (Of Statute Of Limitations For Courts Martial) 7
05/30/1944 (Senator Guy M. Gillette, Iowa) Backs War Refuge Here (For Jews And ‘Others’) 8
05/30/1944 Keep Roosevelt In, (David) Dubinsky Pleads 14
05/30/1944 Welles Warns U.S. On Americas Rule-Good Neighbor Policy Is Urged As A Guide After War In Human Relations 22
05/31/1944 ‘Tyrants’ War’ Title Is Roosevelt Choice (For WWII After Pearl Harbor, He Preferred This Title Over WWII-He Was Trying To Find The U.S. Equivalent Of Stalin’s ‘Great Patriotic War’) 1
05/31/1944 Roosevelt Criticizes Spain, Taking Issue With Churchill 1
05/31/1944 Roosevelt Backs Refugee ‘Ports’ 4
05/31/1944 Mexico Acts To Halt Illegal Entry To U.S.-Promise Of Higher Wages Is Held Cause (About 90,000 To 95,000 Workers Here-Earl G. Harrison & George S. Messersmith Involved In Negotiations-It Looks Like Both Sides Had ‘Foreign Workers’Or ‘Slave Laborers’) 5
05/31/1944 Portugal Is Seen Yielding (To U.N. Demands) On Ores (To Germany) 5