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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

January 1943
Date Headline Page
01/01/1943 Britain Deplores Argentine Stand 1
01/01/1943 Convoys To Russia Running On Schedule British Note 1
01/01/1943 Soviet Seals Ring Around 22 (German) Divisions, Puts Axis Stalingrad Losses At 312,650 (175,000 Killed & 137,650 Captured) 1
01/01/1943 Nazi Reich Seizes Forth Of Wages (60 Hrs./Week-Work Week-For Germans And Foreign Workers) 4
01/01/1943 208 Planes Downed By U.S. In Europe 6
01/01/1943 Drechsel, 2 Others Face Citizenship Suit (By U.S. Gov’t.) 14
01/02/1943 He (Roosevelt) Says Post-War Unity Is ‘Supreme Necessity’ To Bar A New War 1
01/02/1943 De Gaulle Rejects Giraud ‘Vichyites’ 1
01/02/1943 Assurance To Giraud By Roosevelt Is Seen 2
01/02/1943 Text Of Hitler’s New Year’s Message To German People 4
01/02/1943 Picture: Elliott Roosevelt Being Decorated 5
01/03/1943 Morgenthau Praises Public And Banks As The Victory (War Bond) Fund Goal (Of $9,000,000,000) Is Exceeded (By $3,000,000,000) 1
01/03/1943 Argentine Gypsies Aid Mikhailovitch 15
01/03/1943 Nazi Loss In West 738 Planes In ‘42 21
01/03/1943 Vichy Decree Suspends Manufacture Of Radio Sets 29
01/03/1943 Ural’s War Output Quadrupled In ‘42 (Swerdlovsk, Tagil, Serov, Pyervouralsk, Alapayeki, Kushvi, Krasnouralsk, Korovograd, Reyda & Kamensk-Uralski-Mines In Blagodat Hills) 38
01/03/1943 (N.Y. Rabbis) Urge Resolution To Help Winner-Any Peace Without Complete Capitulation Of Axis Seen As A Mere Interlude 39
01/03/1943 Picture: Commemorate First Anniversary Of United Nations Pact 39
01/03/1943 Polish Attitude-Premier Sikorski Policy Is Not Wholly Approved (By Ignacy Maluszewski-Letter To N.Y. Times) E-9
01/03/1943 To Set Men Free From Want-Sir William Beveridge’s Plan For Social Security (Social Insurance And Allied Services) Book 1
01/03/1943 (U. S) Manpower Goal For Nation In ‘43 Set At 65,000,000 A-1
01/03/1943 (U.S.) Output Of 86,200,000 Tons New Steel Industry Record A-1
01/03/1943 (U.S.) Aircraft Industry in Full War Stride A-3
01/03/1943 (U.S.) Bumper Harvests To Bump Axis A-15
01/03/1943 Gain In TNT Making Evolved By Du Pont-Production Trebled A-25
01/03/1943 Science Mobilizes A Test Tube Army (Vannever Bush) A-32
01/03/1943 Rubber Scarcity Eased By Science A-33
01/03/1943 Radio As War Arm Plays A Big Role A-40
01/03/1943 (Bbc Broadcast) Says Hitler Bars Bible 3
01/03/1943 Removal Of (Rexford G.) Tugwell To Be Sought In Bill By Senator Vandenberg (Tugwell, A Roosevelt Appointee) A Threat To Puerto Rico’s Welfare 10
01/05/1943 Berlin Thrown Into Rage By War Guilt Disclosures (‘Accusations’ Of U.S. State Department White Paper, ‘Peace & War) 1&10
01/05/1943 Wilhelmstrasse Indicts Roosevelt (As Cause Of War) 10
01/06/1943 Mrs. Roosevelt Asks Peace Preparation-Women Should Study World Affairs 4
01/06/1943 Allies Warn Nazis On Its Seizures (Of Property) 7
01/06/1943 (Fritz) Kuhn Quits Court, Abandoning Fight-Trial Of 19 Others Is On 16
01/06/1943 Roosevelt Hails Inter-Faith Rally-’Victory For Brotherhood’ 23
01/06/1943 Dr. (George Washington) Carver Is Dead; Negro Scientist (78) 25
01/06/1943 Confusion On War Gallup Declares 33
01/06/1943 Full Page Adv.: British Embassy Honoring ‘Little Men’ In Achieving Victory 42
01/06/1943 Peace And War-United States Foreign Policy, 1931-1944 A-1 & A-10
01/07/1943 Goebbels Sees Fall Of British Empire 3
01/07/1943 Allies Of ‘43 In ‘39 Had Edge On Axis 5
01/07/1943 Lavals Excoriates U.S. 11
01/07/1943 (German) Refugee (Alfred Neumark) Seeks $20,000 Seized By The Nazis; Sues For Securities He Lost In Luxemberg 21
01/08/1943 Roosevelt In Message To Congress Defines War Objective-To Disarm The Axis 1&12
01/08/1943 State High Court Backs Civil Rights 1
01/08/1943 93 Choose Suicide Before Nazi Shame-Jewish Teacher And Students In Warsaw (Beth Jacob) School Foil Plan To Force Prostitution (Upon Them-Letter To Rabbi Leo Jung, N.Y.-A Real Tear Jerker) 8
01/08/1943 250 Billion Debt Seen By July 1945 17
01/08/1943 Reich Is No.L Enemy, Dr. Van Mook Agrees 17
01/08/1943 Nikola Tesla Dies; Prolific (Croatian) Inventer 19
01/09/1943 President (Roosevelt) Favors Pay-As-You-Go Tax 1
01/09/1943 Vichy Said To Pay More To Germans-France Is Now Bankrupt 3
01/09/1943 Nazis Act To Crush (Partisan) Terror In Croatla 5
01/09/1943 Turks Said To Ask Nazi Pay For (Chrome) Ore (Said To Be 42% In Arrears In Shipment Of Arms For Chrome) 5
01/09/1943 Nazis Eliminate Nobility-Nine In One Day Are Reported Slain On Exposed Fronts 5
01/10/1943 Poles And Czechs Cease Close Work-Poland’s Border Is Issue 8
01/10/1943 Roosevelt’s Talk Hailed In Sermons 12
01/10/1943 Foreign-Born Aid In War Is Pledged (12,000,000 Foreign-Born In Country, 2,000,000 Speak No English-Foreign Writers Committee Of Writers Board) 25
01/10/1943 Forces To Absorb 10,000 Doctors In ‘43 (180,000 In U.S.-100,000 To Be Inducted Before Year’s End-Shortages In Some States) 27
01/10/1943 Lehman Tells Aim Of Foreign Relief (Office Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations) 28
01/10/1943 (Francis Beverly) Biddle To Speed Trial Of Ap (Assoc. Press) Suit 36
01/10/1943 (U.S.) White Paper (War And Peace) Throws A Strong Light On Our Vain Efforts To Avoid War (‘Peace Seeker,’ Sumner Welles) E-6
01/10/1943 Dies Committee Is Again An Issue E-12
01/11/1943 New (Harry) Hopkins Unit To Push Russia Aid 2
01/11/1943 Nazis Chance For Grozny, Baku Oil Fades, But Their Synthetic Supply Has Increased 4
01/11/1943 France’s ‘Volunteers’ (Workers) Get (Police) Escort To Reich 8
01/12/1943 Picture: ‘Hornet’ Sinking 1
01/12/1943 Germans Shoot Italians (Attempting To Retreat) 3
01/12/1943 Hungarian Jews Aided 5
01/12/1943 Ickes Says Russia Will Have Preference, Reports Presidential Order On Shipping (Preference In ‘Whatever Russia Wants’) 6
01/12/1943 Nazi Troop Train Crashes (100 Killed, 100 Hurt-Mikhailovitch) 9
01/12/1943 Goerlng 50 Years Old Today (Hitler 50 Tomorrow) 12
01/13/1943 Alsatians Are Deported (To Germany With Children) 8
01/13/1943 Henry Epstein Quits When Mc Nutt Puts Off Scheduled Hearing On Negro Bias Charges 12
01/14/1943 6 (Americans) On Radio For Axis Facing Indictments 1
01/14/1943 James Roosevelt Gets Navy Cross (Lt. Col., Raider Battalion) 1
01/14/1943 French Workers Sped By Nazis To Germany-10,000 Believed Sent Weekly To Free Soldiers For Reich 4
01/14/1943 Pilots Of 8 Nations Pound Nazi Europe 5
01/14/1943 Nazi Execution Of 7 At Tours Reported (Attempt On Marcel Deat’s Life) 5
01/15/1943 More Arrests Made In France For Nazis 4
01/15/1943 50,000 Belgians Seen Exiled To Germany (To Work In Factories) 12
01/15/1943 10 Years In Prison For ‘Black Hitler’ 19
01/16/1943 Poland Is Colonized By 500,000 Germans-NativesDeported 3
01/16/1943 Hundreds Reported Arrested In France 3
01/16/1943 H. G. Wells Urges World Rule By Commissions To Free All Mankind For A ‘Dazzling’ Future 6
01/16/1943 Polly Adler (N.Y. ‘Madam’) Seized Again 28
01/17/1943 Iraq Goes To War Against The Axis 1
01/17/1943 Reich’s Slave Labor (Foreign Workers) Told How To Waste Its Time (By Radio Orange [Dutch Broadcast] From London) 12
01/17/1943 Germans Clearing Silesian Corridor-Area 60 Miles Wide Is Called Scene Of Biggest Drive To Exterminate Poles-Defenses Being Rushed 13
01/17/1943 Negroes’ War Aid Told In (Owi) Brochure 31
01/17/1943 Japanese Trickery Forecast By Grew 39
01/17/1943 (Russian) Guerrillas At Krasnodar 40
01/17/1943 Bund Youth Chief Among 15 Seized 46
01/17/1943 Harsh Nazi Rule In Baltic States (Because Of Himmler) E-5
01/17/1943 Migrant War Workers Cause School Problem E-7
01/17/1943 ‘We Must Work With Russia,’ Wendell L. Willkie Mag. 5
01/17/1943 ‘We Shall Hate Or We Shall Fail,’ Rex Stout Mag. 6&29
01/18/1943 R.A.F. Blasts Berlin With Biggest (4,000 Lb.) Bombs (And Incendiaries) 1
01/18/1943 Nazis Raid London (First Raid Since July 28, 1941) 1
01/18/1943 Hitler May Use Gas, Gerard Says 3
01/18/1943 Czech Writer (Antonin Peel) Executed (17th Journalist) 3
01/18/1943 Picture: Deutschlandhalle Struck By British Bombs 4
01/18/1943 Negro Lawyer Quits (Roosevelt’s) Fair Practices Group-Fight For Democracy Must Begin At Home (Harold A.) Stevens Asserts 8
01/18/1943 400 (Brazilian) Rubber Workers Leave For Amazon (Total Of 1,300 Sent Into Forest This Month) 10
01/18/1943 Colleges Likened To Armed Camps (By Dr. Walter A. Jessup, Carnegie Foundation) Courses Bow To War Needs 17
01/19/1943 Russians Break Leningrad Siege 1
01/19/1943 Aid To Refugees By Churches Told-’Underground Railway’ (To Spain And Switzerland) 9
01/20/1943 Germany’s Defeat Feared In Hungary 1
01/20/1943 U.S. Soldier Held Best In The World (By Col. Le Roy P. Hunt) 3
01/20/1943 Post-War Borders In Europe Studied (By U.N.) 5
01/20/1943 Plea For Russians By Mrs. Roosevelt 5
01/20/1943 Sabotage, Pogroms Reported In Algiers (By Fighting French) 6
01/20/1943 Nazis Still Shackle British Prisoners 6
01/21/1943 Nazi Raid Kills 34 London Pupils-25 Badly Hurt, 30 To 60 Missing (About 30 Fighter Bombers With Escort) 1
01/21/1943 British Pay Honors To Dead Nazi Fliers (Fighter Pilots Buried In England) 1
01/21/1943 Picture: Bomb Damage In London 3
01/21/1943 Serbs’ Food Taken By Nazi Overlord 7
01/21/1943 Chile Breaks Ties With Axis Powers 8
01/21/1943 Reich Forbids Folketing Election In Denmark On A Democratic Basis 1
01/21/1943 Toll (In London Air Raid) Mounts To 47 At Bombed School-Nazi Pilot Acclaims Feat-Explosives Were Dropped ‘Where They Belonged’ 3
01/21/1943 Berlin Bishop (Konrad Count Von Preysing) Hits Nazi Racial Creed 6
01/21/1943 Jewish Army Favored In Palestine (Says Rabbi Meyer Berlin) 7
01/21/1943 Nazis Hold 14 U.S. Women 9
01/21/1943 U.S. Set New Record For Births In 1942 (2,800,000-1917 Was Higher-Metropolitan Life Insurance Agency) 22
01/23/1943 Pictures: Hitler’s New Order-Exclusive Pictures Tell The Story Of Mass Murder In Norway (Pictures Smuggled Out-Apparently Supposed To Be An Unmarked Common Grave-Is It?) 3
01/23/1943 Nazi Night Raid Kills ((3) Children (In London) 3
01/23/1943 Iraq Enters Ranks Of United Nations 4
01/23/1943 Data On Axis Spies Given To Americas (By U.S.) 5
01/23/1943 (Hadassah) To Aid Child Refugees 8
01/23/1943 Rabbis (Rabbinical Assembly Of America-335 Rabbis) Reaffirm Zionist Loyalty 11
01/24/1943 Tripoli Falls-Rommel Is Pressed 1
01/24/1943 Nazis’ Supply Need Outruns Taxed Industry’s Capacity (To Produce) 1
01/24/1943 Spy Memorandum Explained By U.S. 11
01/24/1943 Spread Of Typhus Alarming Europe 16
01/24/1943 Science In Peril (Percy) Bridgeman Warns-A Distorted Conception Of Democracy Is Forming 25
01/24/1943 WPA Ends Career In States May 1-Only 253,981 On Rolls (At Peak, Nov. 1939 There Were 3,334,594 On Rolls) 33
01/24/1943 Arabs Swing Toward Allies (Iraq At War With Axis) E-5
01/25/1943 Nazis Tell People Reich Is Imperiled-Gloom Spread In Germany 1
01/25/1943 Millionth Axis Ton Sunk 3
01/25/1943 New Type Submarine Announced By Nazis (Uses Compressed Oxygen In Cylinders For Diesels Beneath Surface) 4
01/25/1943 100,000 Poles In Iran To Aid Allied Force (Came From Russia Via Iran) 4
01/25/1943 Curb Palestine Terror-British Act To Prevent Use Of Force To Get Recruits (For British Armed Forces) 4
01/25/1943 Zionists Here Back All War Projects 11
01/25/1943 Palestine Land Buying Urged (By Mrs. Archibald Silverman To Help In Post-War Settlement Of Jewish Problem-$50,000,000 National Campaign) 11
01/25/1943 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Bids U.S. Get A World Viewpoint 15
01/25/1943 Killing Not Dying, Called Army’s Aim (Lt. Gen Hugh A. Drum) 28
01/26/1943 French In Marseille Fight Nazis 1
01/26/1943 Allied Boycott Of Argentina Urged As Pressure To Spur Policy Shift 1
01/26/1943 Gloomy Nazis See Need For More Aid (To Produce More War Materiel) 4
01/26/1943 Lend-Lease Aid Tops 8¼ Billions-Soviet Shipments Rise 6
01/26/1943 New Penalty For Poles-Decree Prescribes Death For Evading (German) Labor Service 7
01/27/1943 Roosevelt, Churchill Map 1943 War Strategy At Ten-Day Conference Held In Casablanca 1&3
01/27/1943 250 Slain Resisting Nazis In Marseille 1
01/27/1943 Leading Jews Shot By Nazis In Tripoli (Well ‘Several’ Anyway) 9
01/27/1943 Liquidation Day Set For France’s Jews (‘Total Liquidation Of The Jewish Problem’) 10
01/28/1943 First U.S. Raids On Reich Blast Wilhelmshaven Base And Emden (Holland) 1
01/28/1943 75,000 Polish Men Seized By Germans 7
01/29/1943 Reich Labor Draft Drains The Barrel 5
01/29/1943 Mp’s (Led By Arthur Greenwood, Lord Melchett, Eleanor Rathbone, S.S. Silverman & Others) Urge Ministers Speed Aid To Jews (No Mention Of Killing Only ‘Persecution’-Refugee Havens Suggested) 9
01/29/1943 For More Negro Pilots 13
01/29/1943 Status Of Negro Called Challenge-Government Is Criticized 38
01/30/1943 Successor To Heydrich As Gestapo Chief Named (Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner) 3
01/30/1943 25 Nazis Wounded By Bomb In Lyon 4
01/30/1943 Germans ‘Most Hated’ (People On Earth-More Than Japanese) 6
01/30/1943 Censorship Rules (By Military) Assailed By (George) Creel 13
01/30/1943 Full Page Adv. By ‘Freedom House:’ Men Hanging With German, Helmeted Soldier Below. ‘There But For The Grace Of God Hangs An American.’ 3
01/31/1943 Hitler And Goering War Europe Faces ‘Red Peril’ (Addresses & Proclamations, Pp. 39 & 40) 1
01/31/1943 (U.S.) White Book (Peace And War) Shows Nazi Foreign Drive 37
01/31/1943 Washington Sees Hitler Revive Old Boggy That Reich Is Only Barrier To Bolshevism 37
01/31/1943 Doenitz New Head Of German Navy 38
01/31/1943 Germans Face Draft In Occupied Lands 40
01/31/1943 (Archibald) Mc Leish Resigns Position (Ass’t. Owi Director) With Owi (Returns To Library Of Congress) 43
01/31/1943 ‘To Prevent A Third World War,’ Jan Masaryk Mag. 1&32