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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

March 1943
Date Headline Page
03/01/1943 Kharkov Teachers Slain By Germans 3
03/01/1943 $1,000,000 Pledged For Aid To Russia (By Jewish Council For Russian War Relief-Greetings To Group Sent By N.Y. Gov. Herbert Lehman, Director Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation) 3
03/01/1943 (Heinrich) Himmler Paper Criticizes Mobilization Of Women 3
03/01/1943 Red Cross Inquiries In Reich For (Mr.) Post (Missing Press Correspondent) 4
03/01/1943 Berlin Tabloid (‘B-Z,’ Berliner Zeitung, An Ullstein Publication-See Entry, March 7, 1943, Book 4) Closed 5
03/01/1943 (Yugoslavian Partisan General) Mikhailovitch’s Men Driven Back In Bosnia 9
03/01/1943 Prisoners Of War Receive Vital Aid (From International Red Cross)-More Than A Million 11-Pound Food Parcels Sent By Red Cross To Americans-Camps Are Inspected (By International Red Cross) 21
03/01/1943 719 Vessels Built For War Last Year (8,000,000 Dead Weight Tons) 31
03/02/1943 Supreme Court Clears (George Sylvester) Viereck (Of Charges-More Charges Filed Against Him At A Later Date) 1&11
03/02/1943 R. A. F. Raids Berlin Setting Fires 1
03/02/1943 Save Doomed Jews, Huge (Madison Sq. Garden ?) Rally Pleads (To Save As Many As 5 Million Jews From German Extermination) 1&4
03/02/1943 Proposals For Aiding Jews 4
03/02/1943 Poland Is Accused Of Imperialist Aim (By ‘Tass’) 8
03/03/1943 Center Of Berlin Blasted In Heaviest Raid; 900 Tons Of Bombs Dropped In Half-Hour (R. A. F. ‘Block Busters’-Unter Den Linden Center Of Attack-450 Tons Most Germans Ever Dropped On London In One Night) 1
03/03/1943 (Unconfirmed) Move To End Bombing Of Cities Is Reported (By Pope Supposedly) 3
03/03/1943 (George S.) Messersmith Urges Railway Efficiency — Says U.S. Depends On Smooth Running Of Mexican Lines 7
03/03/1943 Zionists Honored For War Bond Sales (By Morgenthau Assistant, William C. Fitzgibbons) 10
03/03/1943 5 (‘War Service’ Boy) Scouts Honored For War Services (On The Home Front) 11
03/04/1943 Nazis Strike Back Weakly At London (Reprisal For Raid Of R. A. F. Raid On Berlin-’Jerry’s Not What He Used To Be.’) 1
03/04/1943 Russians Capture Rzhev 1
03/04/1943 Axis Food Supply Declines Slightly 5
03/04/1943 U.S. Invites British To Refugee Parley-But America Must Be Bound By (Existing U.S.) Legislation On Immigration, Secretary (Of State, Cordell Hull) Declares 9
03/04/1943 Relief Ship (For POW) Is Loaded (Red Cross Ship) 12
03/05/1943 Picture (Roosevelt) Starts Eleventh Year In Office 1
03/05/1943 5,500 Planes Made In February (Rise From 5,000 In Jan., 1943) 1
03/05/1943 Allies Reported Near Agreement On Plan For Vast Post-War Relief-(Gov. Herbert Lehman, Office Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation [‘Ofrr’], Expected To Be Named Head Of A New United Nations Relief Council [‘UNRRA’]) 1
03/05/1943 Britain Gives Haven To 100,000 (European) Refugees-Colonies Harbor Others-U.S. Asked To Confer On Problem (Lists) 5
03/05/1943 (Admiral Emery S. Land) Says Absenteeism Cost Us 100 (Liberty) Ships (Per Year) 8
03/05/1943 (Legionaires) To Aid War Prisoners (With Medicine, Clothing, Etc.) 8
03/05/1943 (German-Born Butcher) Refuses To Fight Axis (Refuses To Leave U.S. Soil) 11
03/05/1943 (Halleck) Calls Press Vital To Victory In War 14
03/05/1943 Red Cross Vessel (‘Caritas’ I) To Sail Next Week-Cargo Of Gifts For Prisoners Of The Axis (30 Contributing Funds Total $673,000) 19
03/05/1943 Soviet (Made) Film Shows Epic Of Stalingrad 20
03/06/1943 Soviet Offensive Is Speeded By American War Supplies (‘I Cannot Cite Figures. The Only Ones Made Known In Moscow Are Those Announced From Washington Or London.’) 1
03/06/1943 Polish-Soviet Row Hushed By Censor (Post-War Eastern Polish Boundary) 2
03/06/1943 360 Sick Poles Gassed (Allegedly By Germans At Myslowice)-Used Lethal Chamber To Check Typhus Spread 3
03/06/1943 Advertisement: Repeat Performance Of ‘We Will Never Die,’-Produced By Billy Rose, March 9, 1943-Tickets $1.00 & $2.00 9
03/07/1943 Russians Capture Gzhatsk Base; British Devastate Essen (Krupp Works) 1
03/07/1943 Rank Of Marshal Is Given To Stalin (From Presidium Of The Supreme Soviet) 1
03/07/1943 (Partisan General) Mikhailovitch Remains (War Minister Of The Allied-Recognized Yugoslavian Government-In-Exile In London) 2
03/07/1943 Advertisement: ‘Help War Prisoners,’-(Ymca) 21
03/07/1943 (Sumner) Welles Gives Lie To Nazis On (Latin America) Bases (Called Temporary Not Permanent) 27
03/07/1943 Execution Of (Jewish Socialist) Poles (Henrick Ehrlich And Victor Alter, By U.S.S. R.) Scored By (Norman) Thomas (See Later Entries) 33
03/07/1943 ‘Freedom From Axis First’-H. I. Brock Mag. 18
03/07/1943 Ullstein, Herman, The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Ullstein, Simon & Schuster, N.Y. (Jewish Publishing Empire In Germany-’B-Z’ And Many Others) Book 4
03/08/1943 250 Poles Reported Dying Daily In Camp-Exiled (Polish Government-In-Exile, London) Gives Data On Oswiecim Prison (Some Prisoners Allegedly Shot) 5
03/08/1943 Nazis’ Murder Etiquette (British Release Of Alleged Execution Orders) 5
03/08/1943 Nazis Offer 35 Mexicans For 400 Held Germans (Held In Mexican ‘Concentration Center’ Near Mexico City) 5
03/08/1943 Soviet War News Termed Accurate (By Henry C. Cassidy Of [U.S.] Associated Press) 6
03/08/1943 World Police Body To Aid Jews Urged (By Numerous Jews And Others-Refer To ‘Slaughterhouses In Eastern Europe’) 9
03/08/1943 Dr. Coffin Warns On Isolationism-Hostile To Christian Brotherhood 9
03/09/1943 (Admiral William H.) Standley (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow) Says Soviet Hides (Extent Of) U.S. Aid 1
03/09/1943 Soviet Peace Tie Urged By (Henry Agard) Wallace 1
03/09/1943 Aid To (French) Martinique From U.S. Halted, Welles Declares-Stopped When Allies Landed In (French North) Africa 1
03/09/1943 (French Guerrillas Kill 23 Nazi Officers In Opposing French Labor Draft 1
03/09/1943 (Harold) Stassen Pushes World Union Idea 4
03/09/1943 Vice President (Henry Agard) Wallace’s Address Warning Of Danger Of Third World War 4
03/09/1943 (Sumner) Welles Denies (U.S.) Aim To Control Pacific 4
03/09/1943 (Chileans) Extol (Sumner) Welles’ Statement (On U.S. Disavowal Of Permanent U.S. Control Of South American Bases) 4
03/09/1943 (Admiral) Standley’s Talk Stirs Washington (Sumner Welles May Answer Standley) 5
03/09/1943 (Pro-Soviet) Poles In Moscow Launch New Paper 5
03/09/1943 New Polish Killings Laid To Nazi Panic 6
03/09/1943 1,000 Russians Executed (Allegedly By Germans In Kursk Region-Russian Report) 6
03/09/1943 Belgian Pro-Nazi Publisher Slain 6
03/09/1943 (Mississippi Congressman John E. Rankin) Assails Elmer Davis (For Publication Of Pro-Negro Pamphlet By Office Of War Information [‘Owi’] Of Which Davis Was Head) 13
03/09/1943 Picture: 3 U.S. Soldiers Named Heil, Hitler & Goering 14
03/09/1943 President (Roosevelt) Endorses United Jewish Drive-Americans Deeply Concerned For Nazis’ Victims,He Says (Rosenwald, Silver, Rabbi S.S. Wise Present-Jdc & Other Organizations) 42
03/09/1943 Will Consider Passports-Latin American Parley To Weigh Nansen Plan For Refugees (Cuban Broadcast) 42
03/10/1943 (Admiral William H.) Standley Spoke On His Own, Says (Sumner) Welles, Avoiding Stand (On Extent Of U.S. Aid To Russia And Its Not Being Publicized In Russia) 1
03/10/1943 Soviet Broadcasts Report On U.S. Aid 1&5
03/10/1943 Nuremberg Devastated By R. A. F. In Renewed Steady Allied Raids 1
03/10/1943 Picture: Natives Of A Village Rejoice As Red Army Soldiers Re-Enter It 3
03/10/1943 Willkie Criticizes (Henry Agard) Wallace, Standley 5
03/10/1943 (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow, Admiral William H.) Standley’s Position 5
03/10/1943 (Edward C.) Carter Says Soviet ‘Takes Pains’ To Tell People Of (U.S.) Gifts (To Russia) 5
03/10/1943 Allies Disunited, Germany Is Told-Cites Wallace, Standley (Controversy Over U.S. War Aid To Russia) 5
03/10/1943 (Maurice Hindus) Explains (Admiral) Standley Talk 5
03/10/1943 French Resistance To Hitler (Sabotage, Etc.) Spreads 7
03/10/1943 Advertisement: Nearly A Full Page; Committee For A Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews-List Of Supporters-Many U.S. Congressmen, U.S.Officers, Etc.-Senator Edwin C. Johnson [Colorado], National Chairman-A Veritable Gem!) 10
03/10/1943 40,000 Here View Memorial To Jews (Second Offering!)-Mass Tribute To 2,000,000 Slain In Europe-Stage Setting Massive 12
03/11/1943 Roosevelt Offers Plan To Congress For Birth-To-Grave Social Security With Government Role In Business 1
03/11/1943 Munich Fired By R. A. F 1
03/11/1943 (Marcel) Deat, Aide Of (Pierre) Laval Escapes Shots; Nazis Slain In Lyon Street Ambush 1
03/11/1943 Russians Conscious Of Our Aid (Contrary To Report Of Ambassador Standley’s Report!), Inquiries In Moscow Disclose-Presence Of American Groceries (Including Nessle’s Chocolate) Is Obvious On Shelves, Shopkeeper Says (By Ralph Parker) 3
03/11/1943 Nazi Regime Is Foe (Sir John) Simon Tells Lords-British Will Never Seek Vengeance On German People 4
03/11/1943 Marine Tells Feats Of (President’s Son) James Roosevelt (On Guadalcanal) 4
03/11/1943 Deals With Fascists Decried By (Harold) Stassen 6
03/12/1943 R. A. F. Ripped 2,000 Plants, Million Germans Homeless 1
03/12/1943 Lend Lease Renewed For Third Year 1
03/12/1943 (Puerto Rican Foe) Urges (Dr. Guy) Tugwell (Roosevelt Protege) As Envoy To Russia 4
03/12/1943 532 Nazis Listed As Slain In France (By Guerrillas-Partisans Or ‘Patriots’) 5
03/12/1943 (Herbert Morrison) Says Goebbels ‘Flops’ (As Propagandist [In The Anglo-British Definition Presumably]) 7
03/12/1943 5 Of U.S. (‘Cultural Exchange’) Broadcasts Barred By Argentina-Programs Of Rockefeller Group Classed (By Them) As Propaganda 15
03/13/1943 (Sumner) Welles (Acting Secretary Of State) Notes Reports On Hitler; Berlin Delays Heroes’ Day Fete 1
03/13/1943 125 Papers In Reich To Shut To Aid War (Effort-Paper Shortage) 4
03/13/1943 Nazi Labor Drafts Linked To Big Push 4
03/13/1943 U.S. Weapons Used By Soviet (Army) At Rzhev 4
03/13/1943 President (Roosevelt) Avoids (Admiral Standley) Row (On Lack Of Recognition By Russia Of Help Rendered Them By U.S.); Moscow Publishes Figures On (U.S.) Aid (See Earlier Entries) 4
03/13/1943 Pictures: U.S. Cookies, Chocolates, Soap, Etc. In Russia 4
03/13/1943 (Sumner) Welles Discuses Total Oil To Spain 6
03/13/1943 Willkie Presses Argument For Red (Opposes Revocation Of His Citizenship) 15
03/14/1943 R. A. F. Gives Essen Worst Pounding 1
03/14/1943 Roosevelt-Eden Talks (War And Post-War Problems) Begin 1
03/14/1943 (Maxime) Litvinoff’s Thanks (For U.S. Aid) Published In Russia 3
03/14/1943 Day Of Reckoning (For Germany) Near, Says (Czech ‘President,’ Eduard) Benes (In London) 7
03/14/1943 ‘Chetniks’-(20th Century Fox) Movie Praising Mikhailovitch’s Yugoslavian Guerrilla Activities Against Germany X-3
03/14/1943 Herman, Steward W., Jr., It’s Your Souls We Want, Harpers And Brothers, N.Y. 1943-’The Nazis Versus God’-Alleges Germans Are Anti-Christian And Seek Establishment Of Paganism Book 5
03/15/1943 17 More Austrians Executed By Nazis (10 For Treason, 7 For Sabotage 4
03/15/1943 Slayer Is Set Free To Give Aid To (U.S.) Army (San Quintin, California) 15
03/16/1943 Country (U.S.) Has Food ‘Deficit,’ Hoover Warns In Farm Plea (See Supplies To Russia Etc.!) 1
03/16/1943 Rumanians Slaughtered-Swedish Paper Says 120,000 Jews Have Been Executed Or Slain (60,000 Allegedly Sent To Labor Camps) 3
03/16/1943 Nazi Torch Leaves Wilderness In Russia 3
03/16/1943 Text Of (Former President Herbert) Hoover’s AddressOn Country’s Food Problem (Scarcity) 4
03/16/1943 (British And Canadian) Prisoners (-Of-War) Still Chained (By Germans) 5
03/16/1943 $150,000,000 (U.S.) Credit Extended To Brazil 7
03/17/1943 (Christian) Churches Urge Aid For Refugee Jews 8
03/17/1943 Essen’s War Work Disrupted By (R. A. F. Bombing) Raid 8
03/18/1943 Huge Lend-Lease Shipping Task Is Handled In Stride By Wsa (War Shipping Administration) 4
03/18/1943 Semitic Federation Envisaged By (South African, Jan) Smuts 9
03/18/1943 (Moshe Shertok) Offers Palestine Plan (Give Palestine To Jews) 40
03/19/1943 Action By (French General) Giraud Is A Blow To Jews (Loss Of Algerian Citizenship) 5
03/19/1943 Pleas From Warsaw (Ghetto) Is Heard In London (German Soldiers To Be Held Hostages For Jews) 8
03/19/1943 Nazis Arm Foremen In Czech Factories 9
03/19/1943 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund), Ten Others Loose (U.S.) Citizenship 21
03/20/1943 Food Men Warn Of ‘Famine’ (In U.S.), (Food) Supplies In Cities Dwindle 1
03/20/1943 Reich Civil Service Gets 56-Hour Week-Goering Decree Also Prescribes Sunday Work If Necessary 2
03/20/1943 New (Moscow-Sponsored) Paper Spurs Polish Resistance 4
03/20/1943 Nazis Said To Ask Tokyo To Stop U.S.-Siberia Ships 4
03/20/1943 Nazi Paper Suggests Soviet-German Peace (As Not Outside Realm Of Possibility) 4
03/20/1943 Allies Ask (Gov.Herbert) Lehman To Hasten His Trip (Relief For Refugees) 6
03/20/1943 Five Memorable (Polish) Dates 9
03/21/1943 Conference On Palestine (Stratford-Belvue Hotel, Philadelphia) 7
03/21/1943 Jews Of 5 Towns (Dadomsk, Ujazd, Sobolew, Radzymin And Szczerzec-Radomsk Half Jewish) Killed In Poland 10
03/21/1943 Picture: Bavarian State Library In Munich Wrecked By R. A. F. 10
03/21/1943 Jews Liken Hitler To Persian Tyrant (‘Haman,’ Book Of Ester In Bible) 21
03/21/1943 Homes Of 54 Aliens Searched By F. B. I 22
03/22/1943 Guatemala Will Repatriate (Deport) 105 (German) Noncombatants Via Spain 2
03/22/1943 R. A. F. Left Berlin Afire Three Days-Eyewitness Says The People Cursed Hitler And Not The Allied Airmen (Who Bombed Them)-30,000 Homeless 7
03/22/1943 Hatred Is Termed A War Hindrance (By Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 10
03/22/1943 (B’nai B’rith) Maps Jewish Farm Aid (Aleph Zadik Aleph) 12
03/22/1943 Board Praises Role Of Medicine 16
03/23/1943 (Anthony) Eden Urged To Aid Jews 4
03/23/1943 Whole Population Of (Rovno) Prison Executed (By Germans,-Swedish Source, Number Executed Not Given) 6
03/23/1943 Reich’s Round-Up In France Pushed 7
03/23/1943 8 Shots ‘Per Jap’ Shame A General (Lt. Gen. Millard F. Harmon Writes Directive Demanding More Accurate Shooting By U.S. Troops) 7
03/23/1943 Crimes Against Jews Put Up To President (Roosevelt) By Yivo-Premeditated Mass Murder Of Almost 2,000,000 Jews And 5,000,000 More Face This Fate 8
03/23/1943 Hans Von Moltke, German Diplomat (Former German Ambassador To Poland, Dies In Spain Compiled And Translated ‘Potocki Papers’ Indicating That Roosevelt And Bullitt Precipitated World War Ii With Worthless Promises To Poland, Intrigue And Deception) 19
03/24/1943 Von Moltke Death Held Blow To Plot To Cause Spanish-Allied Conflict (No Mention Of Roosevelt-Bullitt Polish Intrigues) 4
03/24/1943 Refugee Problem Taken Up By (Anthony) Eden 5
03/24/1943 Bulgaria Deports (10,000 Of 40,000) Jews To Germany (For Work) 8
03/24/1943 Moscow Book Tells Why U.S. Fights Nazis 8
03/24/1943 Books For War Prisoners (May Be Sent To Germany By U.S.) 12
03/24/1943 Anti-Sabotage Bill Debated In (U.S.) House-Death Penalty For Aiding Foe (As In Germany!) 16
03/24/1943 (George Sylvester) Viereck (Re-) Indicted On Old Charges 25
03/25/1943 Massacred Greeks Now Total 20,000 (Reprisal For Alleged Pro-Allied Guerrilla Activity) 2
03/25/1943 Hitler’s Ex-Cook Is Seized By FBI (In New York City) 23
03/26/1943 (King) Leopold Protests Nazi Deportations (Of Belgians For Work In Germany) 5
03/26/1943 Women Denounce Bill To Draft Them 12
03/27/1943 Red Army Slashes Smolensk Barrier 1
03/27/1943 New World Court Urged By Zionist (American Labor Zionist Convention) 5
03/27/1943 Refugee School Opened (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee For Dutch Refugee Children In Surinam-Evacuated From Portugal And Spain Along With ‘A Number Of Adults’-Total Of 400 Individuals) 11
03/28/1943 ‘Ghost (Guerrilla) Army’ Hides In Norway’s Wilds 1
03/28/1943 Nazis Trick Aliens Out Of Earnings-Owi’s Survey Of Slave Labor Reveals Special Taxes And ‘Deductions’ For Workers (As In U.S.!) 9
03/28/1943 World Unit Asked By Labor Zionists 10
03/28/1943 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Asks Allies Stay United 12
03/28/1943 (Sumner) Welles Defends (French General) Giraud On Jews 15
03/28/1943 Horse Meat Sales Boom In Newark 17
03/29/1943 Berlin Fired In Heaviest Raid (By R. A. F.-900 Tons Of Bombs) 1
03/29/1943 (Dr. Maynard) Keynes Proposes World Currency (Counter Proposal To Harry Dexter White [Born ‘Weit’]-Morgenthau Proposal) 1
03/29/1943 1,000,000 Nazi Children Urged To Do War Work 2
03/29/1943 Slaying Of 2 Poles (Polish Jews By Russians-Henryk Ehrlich And Victor Alter) Assailed (By International Socialists) In London (Senator Mead [N.Y.] Will Be Speaker) 3
03/29/1943 Owi’s (Elmer Davis’s Office Of War Information’s) Broadcasts Here Go To Europe Via Bbc 3
03/29/1943 Russian Describes German Outrages-Metropolitan Nikolai (On Soviet Extraordinary Committee) Calls For Vengeance After Tour 3
03/30/1943 Allied Bodies Map Nazi Re-Education (During Occupation) 6
03/30/1943 (Anthony) Eden Conferences In Washington End 6
03/31/1943 Meat (In U.S.) Still Scarce; Packer Quotas Set To End Shortages 1
03/31/1943 Mayor Denounces Red (Russian) Execution (Of Polish Socialist Jews, Henryk Ehrlich And Victor Alter) 1
03/31/1943 (Senator Edwin C. Johnson, Colorado) Plans London Trip For A Jewish Army 5
03/31/1943 Rally At Capital Asks Aid For Jews (‘Dear Alben’ Barkley, Joseph Martin, Rabbi S.S.Wise) 12
03/31/1943 OWI (Office Of War Information) Aimed At Nazis’ Women 14