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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

April 1943
Date Headline Page
04/01/1943 French Jews Sent To A Nazi Oblivion-One Who Escaped Terror Says ‘Death Convoy’ Takes Them To Unknown Fate In East-3,000 In One Shipment (To ‘Extermination Center’) 2
04/01/1943 Senators (Connally, Hatch, Ball, George Gillette, Et Al.) In Secret Turn To Post-War (Foreign Relations Committee-Also ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley And Thomas) 8
04/01/1943 Reich Bishops Hit Nazi Immorality 9
04/01/1943 Peak U.S. Problems Expected After War (By Harry W. Chase, N.Y. University) 12
04/02/1943 Allied Currency Conference Is Summoned By Morgenthau 1
04/02/1943 Malaria Formidable Foe Of Our Troops In Far-Away Areas Army Doctor Says 9
04/02/1943 Text Of (Sumner) Welles’ Address Urging Renewal Of (Cordell Hull’s) Reciprocal Trade Act 10
04/02/1943 (Anthony) Eden Wants Axis Totally Disarmed 10
04/03/1943 Nazis’ Winter Toll Is Put At 1,193,000-Russians List 850,000 Killed 1
04/03/1943 Russia Is Among First Nine Joining In Food Conference 1
04/03/1943 Union Of Nations After War Urged (By Union Of American Hebrew Congregations) 8
04/03/1943 Educators Urge A New World (‘United Nations?’) Unit 16
04/04/1943 Ignorance Of U.S. History Shown By College Freshmen 1
04/04/1943 (Gov. Herbert) Lehman To Visit London For Data’ Plans No Negotiations On Relief 1
04/04/1943 Belgian Prelates Score Nazi (Forced Labor) Action 6
04/04/1943 (Sumner) Welles Answered (By De Rothschild) On (Algerian Interpretation) On Crimieux Law ([Edict!], By French General Giraud) 7
04/04/1943 German (Language) Editor Here And His Wife Seized-Praised Hitler War Machine After Pearl Harbor 9
04/04/1943 Nazis Squeeze Aid From Victim Lands 15
04/04/1943 (Council Of Jewish Organizations) To Aid Hitler Victims (Joseph Schwartz, Jdc., Names Other Men And Organizations) 15
04/04/1943 Nazi ‘Heavy Water’ (For Uranium Pile Moderation) Looms As Weapon-Plant (At Rjukan, Norway) Razed By Saboteurs (British Commandos)-Super Explosive (Atom Bomb) Indicated 18
04/04/1943 Children Oppose Isolation For U.S. (In A N.Y. C. Program) 27
04/04/1943 (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Promises ‘Reasonable’ Help-We Will Not Play Santa To Rest Of World 29
04/04/1943 (Leon) Blum Reported In (Koenigsberg) Prison (With Mandel And Reynaud) 36
04/04/1943 German Reeducation Plan Issued By A British Group E-6
04/04/1943 Food Rationing Accepted By Country (U.S.A.) With Some Grumbling E-7
04/04/1943 Pictures: Three Men Close To Mr.Roosevelt-(Harry Hopkins, Jimmy Byrnes, And Admiral William D. Leahy E-12
04/04/1943 The Case For Ireland’s Neutrality-Robert Brennan Mag. 15
04/04/1943 Graebner, Walter, Round Trip To Russia, J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1943, ‘Russians Are Like Americans’ Book 8
04/04/1943 Brickner, Richard M., M. D., Is Germany Incurable?, J. B. Lippencott Co., Philadelphia, 1943, ‘Nazism, A German Disease’ Book 9
04/05/1943 133 (U.S.) Fortresses Raid Paris (Renault) Plant 1
04/05/1943 Petain Denounces American (Air) Raids Condemns French Who Aid Allies 1
04/05/1943 (Adolf A.) Berle (Jr.) Denounces Anti-Soviet Talk 4
04/05/1943 Reich Cuts Branch Banks (In Drive For More Effective Use Of Available Manpower) 4
04/05/1943 5 French Leaders Taken To Germany 8
04/05/1943 Plans To Aid Jews Offered In London 8
04/05/1943 Jewish Farmers (In U.S.A.) Mount To 100,000-Total In 1942 Compares With Fewer Than 1,000 In This Country In 1900-Refugees Aided By Society 10
04/05/1943 (American) Jewish Congress Asks Aid In Europe-Chicago Division To Push Succor Program For The 5,000,000 Jews There 14
04/05/1943 (Emanuel) Celler (N.Y.) Criticizes (U.S.) Policy On Refugees 14
04/05/1943 Morgenthau Defends (Use Of) Dachshund Cartoon (Hitler’s Face On Dog’s Body) 16
04/05/1943 Vice President (Henry Agard) Wallace Criticized By (Rev. Norman Vincent) Peale For Linking Christianity To Russian (1917) Revolt 24
04/06/1943 Danish Saboteurs Burn 5 Factories 3
04/06/1943 Mexico To Admit (1,500) Spanish Refugees 4
04/06/1943 Statement By Morgenthau-International Currency 11
04/07/1943 Better Teaching Of (U.S.) History Sought In Resolution Before (U.S.) Senate Body 4
04/07/1943 Refugee Conference (In Bermuda) Slated To Be Private 4
04/07/1943 British Fascist (William Frederick Craven) Gets Life (In Prison) 5
04/07/1943 Russia Details Crimes Committed By Nazis; Report On (German) Atrocities Indicts 15 Generals (Indictment By Stalin-Appointed Soviet Extra-Ordinary State Commission-See Metropolitan Nickolai Above Also Source Of Report On Auschwitz Atrocities At Nuernberg Tribunals) 6
04/07/1943 Berlin’s Raid Loss In Factories Heavy 6
04/07/1943 Gen. Drum Predicts Compulsory Work (For Farmers And Factory Workers [As Is Now Done In Germany!])-Calls The Method Fair 9
04/07/1943 Bolivia Believed On Verge Of War-Accord With U.S. Signed 10
04/07/1943 Text Of The Treasury’s (Morgenthau-Harry Dexter White [Born ‘Weit’]) Proposal To International Fund To Stabilize Currencies 17
04/07/1943 Indictment Bares Big Black Market (Numerous Jews Listed) 18
04/07/1943 War Brings Fear Of Disease Spread 21
04/07/1943 (N.Y. Gov. Herbert) Lehman Gets Medal From Pi Lambda Phi (For Humanitarian Services, Lawrence A. Steinhardt, U.S. Jewish Envoy To Turkey, Present ‘Supreme Rex’ Of Fraternity) 46
04/08/1943 Bolivia Declares War On Axis 1&10
04/08/1943 12 Women Leaders Agree World Cooperation Is Vital-Isolationism In U.S. Is Gone (Symposium Subject: ‘What Kind Of A World Do We Want?’) 1
04/08/1943 President (Roosevelt) Sells (War) Bonds To His Staff ‘Lives Or Money,’ He Warns Them (He Himself Purchased The First War Bond Issued Which Was Part Of His Estate And Subsequently Quite Valuable. But He Bought Not One More Thereafter!) 1
04/08/1943 (Elmer) Davis (Office Of War Information [‘Owi’] Notes Decline In Axis Air Strength 5
04/08/1943 Pictures: Words And Action: The Axis Goes On Talking While The Allies Bomb And The Danes Sabotage Them (St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, Berlin And Others) 5
04/08/1943 Allies Agreed On Plan To Recover Wealth Looted By Nazis In Europe (Declared By Viscount Simon) 5
04/08/1943 Proposals By British Experts (Lord Maynard Keynes) For An International Clearing Union After War (Monetary Unit, The ‘Unitas,’ Proposed As Opposed To Morgenthau-White [Weit] Plan) 8
04/08/1943 (Sumner) Welles For (Continuing U.S. Military) Force To Maintain Peace (After End Of Hostilities) 11
04/08/1943 Gasoline Patents Made Open To All (By U.S. Justice Department) 11
04/08/1943 Aid To Refugees Studied-U.S. And Turkey Are Said To Be Weighing Admission By Latter 13
04/08/1943 Shortage In (U.S.) Labor Perils Ship Goal (18,000,000 Tons For 1943) 14
04/08/1943 (Educational Authorities) Urge Federal Aid To Save Education 15
04/08/1943 History Survey Praised, Criticized (By Harvard Crimson) 15
04/08/1943 Texts Of The Speeches At The New York Times (Women’s) Symposium On The World After The War (Sec. Labor, Frances Perkins, Margaret Mead, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Pearl Seydenstricker Buck, Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, And Other Such Notables Present) 16
04/08/1943 East Africa Admits Refugees (21,000 From Poland) 18
04/08/1943 (Women) Essayists Appeal For World Unity 19
04/09/1943 Roosevelt Order Freezes Wages And Prices And Bars Shifting Of Jobs For Higher Pay (As In Germany?) 1
04/09/1943 369 Poles (Peasants Allegedly) Slain In March (By Germans, London Report Probably From Schmuel Zygelbojm With The Polish Government-In-Exile In London) 3
04/09/1943 (N.Y. Gov. Herbert) Lehman In London To Survey Relief Needs Of Countries Liberated From Axis’ Grip 4
04/09/1943 Reich Organizes Home Guard 4
04/09/1943 Lethargy Of Clergy (Relative To Active Hostility To Germany) Assailed By (Norwegian, Dr. Carl J.) Hambro (Former President Of League Of Nations’ Assembly) 7
04/09/1943 Text Of President’s (Roosevelt’s) Executive Order (Freezing Prices And Wages And Preventing Job Changes) 14
04/09/1943 (Col.James L. Walsh) Says Our Machines Beat Axis’ Slaves 18
04/10/1943 (Secretary Of Navy, Frank) Knox Says U.S. Is Doubling Its Fighting Ships This Year 1
04/10/1943 Cooperation Cuts Pirating Of Labor 25
04/11/1943 (Sumner) Welles Explains (U.S.’s North) African Dealings (Former French Possession) 1
04/11/1943 Von Harnack’s Son Slain (Executed-British Report By Radio-Anti-Nazi Activities Alleged 4
04/11/1943 Warnings In Germany Of Allied Spies Cited (Reported By Swedish Sources) 5
04/11/1943 Nazis Held In Need Of Foreign Exchange (Swedish Source) 7
04/11/1943 Belgian Gold (Loaned To Britain By Belgium In March, 1941) Aided Britain To Survive 10
04/11/1943 50 (British) Spitfires (Being Assembled ‘Somewhere In Iraq’) Repay Russia For (40 U.S.-Made) Bostons (Diverted From Bombers ‘Passing Through Iran’ Which Were) Sent To Egypt (To Defeat Germans There Under Rommel) 13
04/11/1943 Picture: Race Tract Programs Ends As U.S. Bombs Paris (Renault) Factory 14
04/11/1943 2 Of Her 100 Years In Dread Nazi Camp (At Gurs, Pyrenees-Jews Passing Through Spain To Casablanca-100 Years Old!) 19
04/11/1943 (George) Messersmith Hits Mexican Critics-Finds (U.S.) Suspicions Unjust 21
04/11/1943 Argentina Allows Axis Curb Inquiry 24
04/11/1943 Leaders Of South (Ralph Mc Gill Et Al.) Seek Race (Racial) Accord 25
04/11/1943 (Dr. H. P. Jordan) Says U.S. Can Lead In European Peace 25
04/11/1943 Americans (‘Colonists’) In Russia Hanged By Germans (On ‘The Sower Farm,’ Near Salsk/Kuban-Russian Report) 29
04/11/1943 2,000 In ‘Good Neighbor Parade’ Mark Inter-American Solidarity 30
04/11/1943 Roosevelt Gives A Party (‘Flanked By General George C. Marshall, Army Chief Of Staff And Ernest J. King, Commander-In-Chief Of The Fleet’) 33
04/11/1943 Immigration Work Is Consolidated Here; Ellis Island Solely For Custody Of Aliens (Directed By Earl G. Harrison, Commissioner Of Immigration And Naturalization Service) 35
04/11/1943 (Pro-Roosevelt, Florida Senator, Claude) Pepper Urges Plan For A World Union 35
04/11/1943 (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Continues Talks (On Refugees, Etc.) 36
04/11/1943 Warns War Strikers Will Be Reclassified (Declared Draftable) 38
04/11/1943 Negroes Advised (By National Negro Congress) To Fight For Gains 52
04/11/1943 Hitler’s Biggest Lie (Germany Undefeated In 1918-Picture: Von Ludendorff And Hitler) Mag. 5
04/11/1943 Willkie, Wendell L., One World, Simon And Schuster, N.Y.C Book 28
04/12/1943 Elliott Roosevelt Now A Full Colonel (Picture) 3
04/12/1943 Nazis Erase Ghettos In Two Polish Cities (Krakow And Lodz-’The Fate Of The Jews In The Latter City Is Unknown, But The (Polish Telegraph [Possibly Jewish Telegraph]) Agency Said It Believed They Also Were Killed.’ 5
04/12/1943 (Adolf A.) Berle Sees Want Banished From U.S. (After War, If Everyone Supports Roosevelt In His Objectives) 9
04/12/1943 (Rabid Anti-German, Lord) Vansittart Would Disarm But Feed Post-War Reich 9
04/12/1943 (Allies Report Germans) Halt Schuschnigg (Requiem) Mass (Schuschnigg Said To Have Died In NSDAP Concentration Camp-Germans Report He Is In ‘Good Health’-Survived War, Captured At Dachau By U.S. Troops) 10
04/12/1943 Jewish Forum Honored (‘Uniting Jew And Non-Jew In Safeguarding Democracy’) 11
04/12/1943 Recruiting Of Labor For Farms Discussed (Alien Chinese In New York City) 18
04/12/1943 Negroes (Organization) Asks End Of Discrimination (And Help For [From?] Jews) 19
04/12/1943 Occupation Duties Taught To Officers (16 Week Course At University Of Virginia, Charlottesville-Established By Civil Affairs Division Of The War Department) 42
04/13/1943 Morgenthau Asks Huge Fund To Back ‘Greatest Attack’ (On Axis,$70,000,000,000 War Bond Drive) 1
04/13/1943 Nazis Use Convicts On Tunesia Fronts (Compare Entry March 15, 1943, P. 15) 3
04/13/1943 Hitler ‘Liberates’ 250,000 (French) Prisoners (-Of-War For Work In German Factories In War Effort) 4
04/13/1943 ‘Fossilized’ Ideas Assailed By (Cordell) Hull 13
04/13/1943 ‘We Will Never Die’ (Extravaganza) Given In Washington (Remembrance For 2,000,000 Alleged Jewish Victims Of Nazi Barbarity-’Kol Nidre’ Sung By Kurt Baum) 17
04/13/1943 (Prof. Harold Willis) Dodds Head Delegate To (Coming Bermuda [Jewish’) Refugee Parley (Delegation Also Includes N.Y. Congressman Sol Bloom) 17
04/13/1943 Full Page Advertisement: ‘What Is The Shocking Truth About Saving The Lives Of The European JewsAnd What Ate The Untruths?’ 19
04/13/1943 Full Page Advertisement: ‘What Would Thomas Jefferson Say?’ (The New Zionist Organization Of America) 20
04/13/1943 Army To Intensify Malaria Problem (Program?) 27
04/13/1943 (Senate Judiciary Committee) Advances Equal Rights 31
04/14/1943 (U.S. Solicitor General Francis Beverley) Biddle (Later A U.S. Judge At Nuernberg [Robert H. Jackson] Tribunal) Sees (U.S.) Army Liberating Italy 4
04/14/1943 ‘Lend-Lease Soup’ On Menu Of Arabs (In North Africa) 19
04/15/1943 (Cordell) Hull Tells World To Copy Americas 10
04/15/1943 Talks On Refugees ([Jewish] Bermuda Conference) To Be Wide In Scope 11
04/15/1943 (Chicago Mass Meeting) For Refugee Havens 11
04/15/1943 (George S.) Messersmith Asks More Active Aid (More Sacrifices By Americas 14
04/15/1943 World Peace Plans Urged Now In (House) Of Lords 14
04/16/1943 Unity Of Americas (Against Axis) Hailed As (Sumner) Welles Asks Wider (Permanent) Plan 1
04/16/1943 Aid Promised To (Gen. Douglas) Mac Arthur, But Secretary Implies Rebuke (Part Of On-Going Dispute In Which Mac Arthur Claims The Pacific Theater Of War Has Been Neglected To The Benefit Of The European Theater And Russia) 1
04/16/1943 Pictures: ‘We Deliver The Goods To Russia And A Knockout Blow To A Nazi Bomber (In The North Atlantic)’ 3
04/16/1943 Pro-Axis Leader (Sotir Janeff) Slain In Bulgaria (By Assassins) 4
04/16/1943 (Cordell) Hull Denies Action On (Post-War) Polish Border-No Information On Reported Roosevelt-Eden Plan For (Re-Establishing) Pre-War (Boundary) Lines 4
04/16/1943 Nazi Labor Drafts French Prisoners (Portion Of 1,250,000 French POW Held-For Work In German War Industries) 4
04/16/1943 Soviet Execution (Of Henryk Ehrlich And Victor Alter, Both Polish Socialist Jews) Protested (By A. F. Of L., Los Angeles Central Labor Council) 5
04/16/1943 Rainbow Division (42Nd Infantry Division, Once Commanded By Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur-See Capture Of Dachau Concentration Camp) Will Be Reconstituted; Gen. (Harry J.) Collins To Head Infantry Unit July 14 (At Camp Gruber, Oklahoma) 5
04/16/1943 (General) Kenney Advocates 5 To 1 Edge In Air (Over Germany) 7
04/16/1943 Australian Urges That All Forces Needed (By General Mac Arthur) Against Japan Be Provided 8
04/16/1943 Gen. (John) Hilldring Heads Unit (Civil Affairs Division Of War Department, Group Training Officers For Occupation Of Germany-See Entry April 12, 1943, P. 42-Vita-Strongly Pro-Jewish!) 10
04/16/1943 Internees (Japanese-Americans) Hired By Ickes For (Chicken) Farm 17
04/16/1943 Movie: Hangmen Also Die,-Brian Donlevy-Hollywood Version (‘Glorification’ And Justification) Of Assassins Sent By British To Czechoslovakia To Murder Reinhard Heydrich) 24
04/16/1943 (U.S.) Quinine Problem (‘Needs’) Pictured As Solved (‘Atabrine,’ Confiscated I. G. Farbenindustrie Patent) 42
04/17/1943 President (Roosevelt) Loses Right To Devalue (Dollar Further) By Vote In Senate 1
04/17/1943 Poles Ask Inquiry In Soviet (Katyn) ‘Murders’ (Sic) 4
04/17/1943 20,000 (Refugees) Quit France With Aid Of Spain (In Less Than Five Months)-Many Go On To Africa 5
04/17/1943 Trotsky’s (Lev Bronstein’s) Slayer (Jacques Mornard) To Serve 20 Years (Was Angered By Severity Of The Sentence) 6
04/17/1943 Rabbi Miller Urges Speedy Relief Steps-Says Jews Look To Bermuda (Conference About To Be Held-High Expectations!) 14
04/18/1943 Rabbis Ask Rescue Of European Jews (At Bermuda Conference-Hopes U.S. Has Enough To Finish Germany And Supply General Mac ArthurWho Has Requested Supplies) 11
04/18/1943 (Republican National Committee) Asserts New Deal ‘Smeared’ Hoover 14
04/18/1943 (Earl G.) Harrison Honored By Foreign Born (American Committee For Protection Of Foreign Born, Hotel Biltmore Meeting-Names Of Attendees) 15
04/18/1943 President (Roosevelt) Asks Aid Of Women In War (Message To D. A. R., Cincinnati, Ohio) 20
04/18/1943 Plot (By Assassins) To Kill Nazi (Gen. Hermann Von Hannecken, On A Train Trip) Fails 24
04/18/1943 Poles Reject Reason For Two Executions (Of Polish-Jewish Socialists, Henryk Ehrlich And Victor Alter By Russians-Also, Katyn Protest) 29
04/18/1943 4,000 Miles Of Rails Repaired By Russians 30
04/18/1943 List Of Essential Jobs As Revised By War Manpower Board 41
04/18/1943 Tunisia To Be First Test Of (Gov. Herbert) Lehman Organization (Ofrro, A Division Of The U.S. State Department-’Office Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations’) E-6
04/18/1943 Imported Labor In Florida (8,000 Negroes From Bahamas And Jamaica-American ‘Foreign Workers’) E-9
04/18/1943 Nrpb (National Resources Planning Board) Asks Billions More For Education E-11
04/19/1943 Germans Slew Poles, Russian Radio Says-Evidence Presented (By Russians) To Dispute Charge Of Execution (‘Katyn’-Germans Captured 4 G. P. U. Members Who Supervised The Mass Killings-Roosevelt’s Regime Always Stopped U.S. Investigations Into The Mass Murders, Always Accusing The Germans) 2
04/19/1943 Russian Lists Faults Of Nazi Strategy (No Mention Of Massive U.S. Supplies And Equipment At Stalingrad)-Talensky Says Foe Miscalculated Soviet War Potential 3
04/19/1943 Soviet Food To Increase 3
04/19/1943 Early Refuge Aid Termed Unlikely (At Bermuda Conference On [Jewish] Refugees) 4
04/19/1943 Italians May Move Jews From Riviera 4
04/19/1943 (Jan) Masaryk (Speaking To House Of Lords) Says Czechs Prayed For R. A. F. Raid (On Skoda Works) 4
04/19/1943 Greeks (Partisan Guerrillas) Battle Germans 5
04/20/1943 Refugee Aid Linked To Victory In War (At Bermuda Conference)-Substantial Relief (For Jews) Is Not Possible Now 1&11
04/20/1943 Reich Is Now Inferior In Air Though Using All Its Planes 1
04/20/1943 Reich Spy Chief Ousted-(Admiral) Canaris (Actually A British Agent) Blamed For Not Warning Of North Africa Invasion (By U.S.) 7
04/20/1943 Nazis Are Gloomy In Honoring Hitler-Goering Warns Germans-’Victory Or Destruction’ (Of Germany) 10
04/20/1943 2,000,000 Jews Murdered-Rescue Of Jews Urged (5,000,000 In Danger Of Being Killed With Lethal Gas) 11
04/20/1943 Pravda Sees Poles Duped By Nazis (Katyn Incident)-Geneva Considers Requests (By Poles For Investigation By International Red Cross) 12
04/20/1943 Treasury (Morgenthau In Person) Drops (Request For) Power To Devalue (Dollar Further-Before House Committee) 18
04/21/1943 Roosevelt On Tour, Visits Mexican President; They Pledge Fight For ‘Good Neighbor World’ (And Mexico Keeps The Confiscated Oil Properties) 1
04/21/1943 The (Aircraft Carrier) Hornet Was ‘Shangri-La’ For Doolittle’s Tokyo Raid 1
04/21/1943 The Text Of War Department’s Account Of (Doolittle) Raid On Tokyo, April 18, 1942-(Plus) Japanese Version 4
04/21/1943 Allies’ Ex-Friend (Mamoru Shigemitsu) In High Tokyo Post (As Foreign Minister) 6
04/21/1943 Axis Deal Denied By (Yugoslavian Guerrilla General) Mikhailovitch 6
04/21/1943 Four Fascists Slain By Belgian (Guerrilla) Patriots 12
04/21/1943 Tass Charges Poles (Who Are Accusing Russians Of Committing The Katyn Massacre) Have Link With Nazis 15
04/21/1943 (Bermuda Jewish) Refugee Conference Clears ‘Underbrush’-Agenda Studied In Bermuda-Brazil Balks At Traders (Wants Settlers Who Will Be Farm Hands And Skilled Laborers And Not ‘Refugees Who Would Remain In Cities As Traders’) 15
04/21/1943 Buna-S (German) Patents Offered To U.S. (By Standard Oil Of N. J.) 20
04/22/1943 Britain Warns Nazis On (Use Of War) Gas; Hears They Plan To Use It (Against Russia)-Instant Reprisal Promised 1
04/22/1943 Japanese Execute Our Airmen (Doolittle Raider)-President (Roosevelt) Aghast 1
04/22/1943 Secret Polish Radio Asks Aid, Cut Off (Stockholm Report’ ‘The Last 35,000 Jews In The (Warsaw) Ghetto Have Been Condemned To Execution.’-Ghetto Uprising In Warsaw-Put Down By General Juergen Stroop) 1
04/22/1943 Picture: Mr. Roosevelt Might Be Relating One Of His Fishing Stories To (Mexican) President Avilo Comacho-(‘Comacho’s War’) 5
04/22/1943 Mass Refugee Shift Rejected At (Bermuda Jewish Refugee) Parley-No Big Migration Is Feasible (Until After War) 10
04/22/1943 Berlin Is Expecting Cut In Meat Ration (From 350 G. To 300 G.) 10
04/22/1943 Typhus Is Epidemic In Iran (On U.S. ‘Trans-Iranian Rail Road’ Supply Route To Russia-Russian ‘Burma Road’) 10
04/22/1943 Poles Ask Reprisals On German Civilians (Claims Germans Kill Poles To Equal German Losses And Thus Maintain ‘Equilibrium’ 11
04/22/1943 (N.Y. Gov. Herbert) Lehman (Director Of State Dept’s. Ofrro, Visiting London) Impressed With Relief Work (Picture Of Lehman With Ambassador John C. Winant) 12
04/23/1943 (U.S. War) Bond Sales Soar After (Revelations Of Japanese) Executions (Of Doolittle Raiders)-City Over Quota 1
04/23/1943 (International) Red Cross Decision Made On (Katyn) ‘Massacre’ (Sic) 3
04/23/1943 Five (Germans) Are Denaturalized 5
04/23/1943 Five Put To Death For Plot In Munich 7
04/23/1943 (George Sylvester) Viereck Declared Pauper-Court Names Lawyers To Defend Him 7
04/23/1943 Refugee Transfer Is Held Unlikely (At Bermuda Jewish Conference)-Rescue Pattern Takes Form 9
04/23/1943 Warsaw’s Ghetto Fights Deportation-Tanks Reported Used In Battle To Oust 35,000 Jews (Gen. Juergen Stroop Later Executed By Poles For Putting Down This Insurrection) 9
04/24/1943 U.S. Staff In Finland Is Cut As Relations Grow Worse 1
04/24/1943 Permanent Board On Refugees Posed-Isle Of Man, A Possible Haven 2
04/24/1943 Belgian Resistance To (German Labor) Draft Increases 2
04/24/1943 Italian Diet Poor, Nazis Called Best-Jews Have The Least 3
04/24/1943 Reich Mobilizing Defense Reserve 4
04/24/1943 Massacre Inquiry (By International Red Cross Of Katyn Killings) Depends On (Agreement By) Soviet 4
04/25/1943 Morgenthau Urges Rise In Bond Buying-Loan ‘About Only Thing Left’ For Choice Of People, He Says (At Cedar Rapids, Iowa) 3
04/25/1943 Elder Morgenthau Urges Finish Fight (Prophesied Another War In 1919) 14
04/25/1943 $200,000 Provided (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Aid Refugees-Switzerland The Haven (Picture: Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz-$200,000 Will Maintain 1,000 Children One Year) 18
04/25/1943 Palestine Called Main Hope Of Jews (By Wendell L. Willkie) 19
04/25/1943 Scant Hope Seen For Axis Victims 19
04/25/1943 Berlin, Rome Loudly Approve Execution Of U.S. (Doolittle Tokyo Raid) Fliers, But Hedging Is Seen 26
04/25/1943 Services Combat Deadly Malaria-Vaccine Still Not Found 30
04/25/1943 Rift Between Nazis And People Rises E-4
04/25/1943 Mexican Labor Is Brought Into (U.S.) Far West For Farming (Slave Laborers Or ‘Foreign Workers?’) E-6
04/26/1943 Permission To Interview Gandhi (Imprisoned By British) Denied U.S. Ambassador In India (By British Government) 1
04/26/1943 ‘Train Busting’ Raids Resumed By R.A. F.-Fighters Attack In Flanders And France-Reich Is Visited 4
04/26/1943 Polish Bishop (Gawlin) Criticized (By Polish Language Paper In Moscow-Bishop Said 1,000,000 Polish Children In Russia, And Russians Say This Is Greatly Exaggerated) 4
04/26/1943 Dachau-Held Priests (And Pastors) Starved, (Freiberg Catholic) Report Says (Claims 1,500 Polish Priests Starved) 6
04/26/1943 Business Is Hailed (By Eric A. Johnson, Chamber Of Commerce) For Its Aid In War 21
04/27/1943 Polish-Soviet Rift (Over Katyn Massacre) Seen As Nazi Work (By British Government [Churchill-Duff Cooper]) 1&5
04/27/1943 Poles Denounced-Russia Charges Exiled (Polish) Cabinet Aids Nazis In (Katyn) ‘Massacre’ (Sic) Case-Clashed For Twenty Months-Polish Leaders Executed-Text Of Soviet Note To Poland 1&4
04/27/1943 Nazis Trick Americans By Waving White Flag (‘Similar Acts Of Treachery Were Committed By The Japanese On And Around Guadalcanal.’) 2
04/27/1943 Compromise Seen On Refugee Help (Bermuda Jewish Refugee Conference)-Cyreniaca And Ethiopia May Be Temporary Refugees (For Those ‘Rescued From Death’)-Jewish Relief Studied 3
04/27/1943 Anti-Semitism Laid To (U.S.-Supported, French North African General) Giraud’s Army 3
04/27/1943 Polish Envoy (Potocki) Sees (Sumner) Welles 4
04/27/1943 Austrian Executions By Nazis Rise To 125 6
04/27/1943 Reported Slur Against (Yugoslavian Guerrilla) General Mikhailovitch As A Traitor Stirs Anger In Argentine (At Latin-American Slav Congress) 9
04/27/1943 Norwegian (Jewish) Deportees Die (Man Sent To Mines Near Kattowitz, Women And Children Starved Allegedly By Germans) 10
04/27/1943 (U.S. Gov’t. Officials) Say We Must Crush (Annihilate) Our Fascist Foes 13
04/27/1943 6 Weeks Of Mourning Begins For Jews-Period Of ‘Intercession’ For Those (2,000,000) Exterminated By Hitler (Great Disappointment Over Lack Of The Desired Results At The Bermuda Jewish Refugee Conference) 15
04/27/1943 Hero In A (Bataan) Poster, A Slacker (Draft Evader) To F.B.I. 25
04/28/1943 Aid To Russia Gluts Iran (Trans Iranian Rail Road) Artery; Flow Of U.S. Supplies Taxes Port 1&3
04/28/1943 Allies Lost Million Tons Net Of Shipping In ‘42, Says (Sec. Of Navy, ‘Col.’ Frank) Knox 1
04/28/1943 Soviet-Polish Rift (Over Massacre Of Polish Officers At Katyn) Is Healing; Ties Suspended, Not Broken (As Of 1989, The ‘Rift’ Had Still Not ‘Healed’) 1&4
04/28/1943 U.S. Will Not Seek Peace (With Russia) For Finland 1
04/28/1943 Pictures: We Deliver The Goods: Lend-Lease Supplies Sent To Russia Over Trans-Iranian Routes (The Secret Of The ‘Miracle’ Of The Russian Victory At Stalingrad) 3
04/28/1943 (Boston Labor Representatives) Back Soviet Executions (Of Polish-Jewish Socialists, Henryk Ehrlich And Victor Alter) 3
04/28/1943 Soviet Loophole Is Given To Poles (In Katyn Massacre) 4
04/28/1943 Nazi Propagandists Take Credit For Rift (Between Russia And Poland (Katyn Massacre) 4
04/28/1943 (Sumner) Welles Defends Refugee Parleys-Meetings May End Today 6
04/28/1943 Nazi Loot Held Biggest In History (By U.S. Board Of Economic Warfare) 6
04/28/1943 Hitler Asks France For 200,000 Workers 9
04/28/1943 Negroes To Occupy 12% Of U.S. Housing (Edict By Federal Public Housing Authority) 18
04/29/1943 Allies Seek To End Soviet-Polish Rift (Over Katyn Massacre) 1&6
04/29/1943 Wlb (War Labor Board) Refers The Coal Crisis To Roosevelt For Solution; 67,300 (Union) Workers Quit Mines 1
04/29/1943 Saboteurs In Oslo Blow Up 4 Ships 3
04/29/1943 War’s Casey Jones Gets Aid To Soviets-(Trans-) Iran Railroad One Of Toughest (Supplied Weapons To Russians In Siege Of Stalingrad-Built Or Rebuilt One Russian Army After Another!) 6
04/29/1943 The (Sikorski) Polish Government’s Statement (On The Katyn Massacre Perpetrated By The Russians) 6
04/29/1943 (U.S. Sec. Of State, Cordell) Hull Dismisses Charge (Of Poles Against Russians) 6
04/29/1943 New Polish Regime Is Seen In Russia (Oblivious To Katyn Massacre-Became First The Lublin Committee And Finally The Recognized Post-War Polish Government) 7
04/29/1943 Aid To Refugees Kept Up Despite Nazis; Sending Of Money And Clothing Resumed 9
04/29/1943 (Bermuda Jewish Refugee) Conferees Draft Refugee Report 9
04/29/1943 Nazis Seize On (Polish-Russian Katyn Massacre) Rift As A Golden Harvest 9
04/29/1943 (Herbert) Lehman And His Son Heard Here On Radio (Bbc Propaganda Broadcast) 23
04/30/1943 President (Roosevelt) Orders (Coal) Miners To Continue Work Or He Will Invoke War Powers 1
04/30/1943 Morgenthau Backs Doughton Tax Bill 1&14
04/30/1943 (Anthony) Eden Gives Soviet-Allied View On (Polish Katyn Massacre) Rift (See Entry July 6, 1943, Pp. 1&3) 5
04/30/1943 Polish Envoy Quits Moscow With Hope (On The Amicable Resolution Of The Katyn Charges) 5