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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

November 1943
Date Headline Page
11/01/1943 El Alamein Fight Keyed By Gasoline-Drain On Nazi Fuel Behind Defeat Of Rommel, Says Owi Report 3
11/01/1943 Action Demanded (By Leon Henderson) To Save Jews Now (Before Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) 5
11/02/1943 Four Powers Agree On A World Peace Group-Accord In Moscow-Atrocity Trials Set Germans To Be Returned To Crime Scenes 1
11/02/1943 U.S. Isolationists Censured By Hull (In Moscow) 1
11/02/1943 Germans Mobilizing Estonians Of 21 To 41 4
11/02/1943 Greek Guerrillas Again In Conflict (With Each Other) 5
11/02/1943 Civil (Occupation) Commission For Europe Ready 9
11/02/1943 Nazis Call (Moscow) Pact Sell-Out To Russia 10
11/02/1943 War Crimes Trials Settled By Allies (Mechanisms Of Trials) 12
11/02/1943 Senate Welcomes Moscow (‘War Crimes’) Decisions 12
11/02/1943 Washington Hails (Moscow ‘War Crimes’) Pacts As Triumph 13
11/02/1943 Texts Of Three-Power Conference Documents-Statement On Atrocities 14
11/02/1943 Inonu Aligns Turkey With ‘Free Nations’ (But Remains Neutral) 14
11/02/1943 Rally Here Demands Palestine’s Opening (To Jewish Immigration) 19
11/02/1943 Roosevelt Backs Bullitt As Envoy (Previously Ambassador To Russia And France) 23
11/03/1943 107 More Poles Executed (By Germans) 1
11/03/1943 Tito’s Men Claim New Balkan Gains 5
11/03/1943 Free Germans (Free Germany National Committee In Russia) Back Punishment (‘War Crimes Trials’) Of Nazis5 Backs Bill To Repeal Chinese Exclusion (State Department) 10
11/03/1943 Gavagan Long Foe Of (Racial) Intolerance 17
11/03/1943 Samuel Elected In Philadelphia (Bullitt Defeated) 19
11/03/1943 Boston Bishop (Oxnam, Methodist) Asks End Of Jew-Baiting 22
11/03/1943 Stettinius Writes Lend-Lease Story-Lend Lease: Weapon For Victory 23
11/04/1943 Moscow Declaration Put Into Connally Resolution 1
11/04/1943 New Economic Board Set Up In Palestine 3
11/04/1943 De Gaulle Calls For French Parity 3
11/04/1943 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Women ‘To Count’ 20
11/04/1943 Early End To War A Relief Problem (Neither Foreign Economic Administration Nor Ofrro, Its Predecessor Have Sufficient Supplies Of Food For Relief Task) 23
11/04/1943 ‘Normandie’ Towed Down Hudson To Drydock 25
11/04/1943 (Francis Beverley Biddle) Ask (-Ed To) Move On Race Stress 25
11/05/1943 British Bombers Ruin Duesseldorf 1
11/05/1943 Morgenthau (On Tour) Lists Naples Atrocities (Of Germans) 3
11/05/1943 100 Reich Locomotives Bombed In One Month 5
11/05/1943 Good Soviet Crops Aid Food Outlook 8
11/05/1943 Harriman Pledges Our Help To Russia 8
11/05/1943 M. P.’s Are Critical Of Help For (Famine-Ridden) India-Toll Is 8,000 In Month 10
11/05/1943 (Al) Smith Guides Young Refugees Through Zoo (Picture) 21
11/05/1943 Citizenship Given To 600 (‘New Court’ Established For Purpose) 21
11/05/1943 Movie: ‘North Star,’ Walter Brennan-Extremely Favorable To Russia 23
11/06/1943 U.S. Colleges Set Own ‘Lend-Lease’-To Train Large Number Of Foreign Students To Rebuild Occupied Lands 1
11/06/1943 Red Army In Kiev Suburbs 1
11/06/1943 Roosevelt Says Land Offensive Against Japan Is All Mapped Now 1
11/06/1943 French (Not Being Consulted Or Invited To Moscow Conference) Disavow Moscow Decision (Charles De Gaulle) 3
11/06/1943 Roosevelt Eager For Stalin Parley 3
11/06/1943 Germany Pushes Arms Production 6
11/06/1943 Pole (Jan Kwapinski) Says Germans Resume Reprisals 6
11/06/1943 Report Tear Gas Used On Japanese (-Americans Interned At Tule Lake Internment Camp) 7
11/06/1943 Britain Decrees Servants’ Draft (For Hospitals, Schools, & Institutions Etc.) 10
11/06/1943 Child Care In Wartime Russia Is Cited As Example For U.S. (By Mrs. Rose Maurer) 10
11/07/1943 Russians Seize Kiev 1
11/07/1943 Western (U.S.) Prison (Of War) Camp Revives Old Germany (Camp Carson, Colorado) 14
11/07/1943 Bias Order Stands President Affirms-Anti-Discrimination Clauses Must Be In Contracts (To Francis Beverley Biddle) 21
11/07/1943 Leon Blum Village Will Be Dedicated (In Palestine) 33
11/07/1943 Tule Lake Japanese Balk At Harvesting 36
11/07/1943 Swiss Deny Shipping Munitions To Reich 37
11/07/1943 Hitler Urged To Resign (By Von Rundstedt-Reuter Report) 41
11/07/1943 Smolensk Terror Is Bared By Russia (Extraordinary Soviet State Commission) 44
11/07/1943 Roosevelt Sees Just Allied Peace-Letter Sent To Kallnin 46
11/07/1943 Czechs (Book) Tell Of (Guerrilla) War Against Conquerors 48
11/07/1943 Vichy Sends Youths To Nazi War Work 49
11/07/1943 Dean (Virginia Gildersleeve) Gives Warning On Teaching (Re-Educating) Germans 58
11/07/1943 Argentina To Take (Remove) Gold Stocks Here S-7
11/07/1943 Peace-Plan Vote Rings Knell Of Isolationism E-3
11/07/1943 Work Of Reducing Germany By Air Bombing Goes Ahead E-5
11/07/1943 Diplomat Of Global Economics (Leo T. Crowley) Mag. 14
11/07/1943 Vansittart, Lord, Lessons Of My Life, Alfred A. Knopf Book 1
11/08/1943 No Allied Planes Bombed Vatican (Pope Complained That One Had) 1
11/08/1943 Nazi Bomb Blasts London Dance Hall (And Milk Bar) 1
11/08/1943 Palestine Arabs Prepare For Talks 5
11/08/1943 6,000 Enemy Planes Destroyed In Year 5
11/08/1943 Germans Wipe Out Jews Of Austria 6
11/08/1943 Guerrilla Action Grows In Europe 6
11/08/1943 Board (U.N. Commission) To Direct Atrocity Trials-Dossiers Being Prepared) 7
11/08/1943 Deliveries Of Food To Bengal Doubled 8
11/08/1943 (Jdc) Aids Refugees In Russia (Across Soviet-Iranian Border $775,000 Allocated May Reach $1,000,000 For 1943-5,000 Packages/Month Will Be Rate At End Of Year Goods Purchased In India [Famine!] See P. 8 This Date) 12
11/09/1943 Ickes Sees U.S. Fate Bound To Soviets 1
11/09/1943 Hitler Vows A Finish Fight 1
11/09/1943 Nations To Sign United Nations Relief Pact At Capital Today 1
11/09/1943 Gen. (Sir Henry Maitland) Wilson Warns Pro-Nazi Chetniks-Soviet Influence Hinted Assails Disloyal Mikhailovltch Units 4
11/09/1943 Russian Prisoners Virtually ‘Assassinated’ In Reich Camps, Says Repatriated Raf Flier 6
11/09/1943 Tule Lake (Japanese-American Internment Camp) Gunfire (By Guards) Is Told At Inquiry 12
11/10/1943 44 Nations Sign Relief Pact (‘UNRRA’); President (Roosevelt) Hails World Aid (Picture Text P. 4-List Of Signatories) 1
11/10/1943 Nazis Hurl Forces At Mikhailovitch 9
11/10/1943 Lebanese Demand Independence Now 10
11/10/1943 Step To Save Jews Urged In Congress (Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe-Many Of Or Most Of The Remaining 4,000,000 Could Be Saved) 19
11/10/1943 Boston Race Riots Blamed On Police (By John F. Stokes, Public Safety Commissioner) 19
11/11/1943 Hull Returning (From Moscow) In Triumph, Finds President (Roosevelt And His Own Wife) At Airport (Picture) 1
11/11/1943 Aid For 30,000,000 In Europe Planned (UNRRA-Does Not Include 6,000,000 Germans-Poland Has 5,360,000 [This Is About The Pre-War Jewish Population Of Poland!]-Germany Has 5,728,770 Foreign Workers & 2,195,917 POW) 1
11/11/1943 Nations Meet To Arrange (UNRRA) Relief (Dean Acheson Stresses Need) 5
11/11/1943 Reich Bans Flags; People Are Stoic 8
11/11/1943 Amnesty Offered To Patriot (Guerrilla) Groups (By Harassed Germans) 8
11/11/1943 Argentina Clamps Tight Lid On News-Foreign Press Curbed 14
11/11/1943 Text Of Halifax’s Address On (U.N.) Interdependence 16
11/11/1943 (American) Jewish Committee Called Disruptive (And Isolationist By [Rabbi] S.S. Wise [American Jewish Congress] & Henry Monsky Both Pro-Zionists) 17
11/12/1943 (Herbert) Lehman Now Heads War Relief Body (UNRRA) 1
11/12/1943 (Germans Round Up All Jews In Rome (Sent To Unknown Destinations) 4
11/12/1943 Refugees (Of Nazi Oppression) Aid (N.Y.) Blood Bank 4
11/12/1943 Russian Captives Sent To Nazi Balkan Front (As Soldiers) 5
11/12/1943 Air Power And The War-(Series)-Alexander P. Seversky 5
11/12/1943 Reich Plane Output Reported Cut 60% (From ‘Impressive Figures Available Here’) 6
11/12/1943 Eden Says Peace Is 3-Power Trust 8
11/12/1943 Food Quality Is Poor In Reich Says Swede 8
11/12/1943 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Calls Bias A Peril To Nation 9
11/12/1943 Axis Held Gaining, Not Losing Power (By U. S) Army Intelligence) 9
11/12/1943 Nazis Estimate 2,000,000 Rooms (For 6,000,000 Germans) Have Been Ruined By Allied Bombs 9
11/12/1943 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Report To Congress And British White Paper On Lend-Lease In Reverse 12
11/12/1943 Text Of Lehman’s Address In Accepting Directorship Of United Nations Relief (UNRRA) 13
11/12/1943 Equal Opportunity In Schools Sought (By Dr. John H. Bosshart, N. J. Commissioner Of Education) 16
11/12/1943 Zionist Pioneers Dedicate Village (Named For Leon Blum) 23
11/13/1943 UNRRA Gets Data On Relief Needs (‘Wants’) 1&8
11/13/1943 Yugoslav Partisans Sink Nazi River Craft; New Tito-Mikhailovitch Fighting Reported 4
11/13/1943 Pool Of Supplies For Relief Urged 8
11/13/1943 (Heads Of Women Voter League) Plan New Fight On Isolation 10
11/13/1943 Our Dollar-Stake Is Huge Overseas (Canada First, Germany Second) 21
11/14/1943 Atlantic Charter Was Compromised At Moscow, Catholic Bishops Fear 1
11/14/1943 Oumansky (Russian Ambassador To Mexico) Insists On Part Of Poland (Claims Germans Use Gas Vans To Kill Russians) 1
11/14/1943 Argentina Tightens Curbs On (German, ‘Graf Spee’) Internees 14
11/14/1943 Report Tule Lake (Interned Japanese-Americans) Has New Defiance 21
11/14/1943 Europe Left Out (Of Moscow Peace Talks) Bullitt Protests (Nevertheless Some Praises For Moscow Pact) 34
11/14/1943 Polices Of Relief In Europe Mapped (UNRRA) 43
11/14/1943 Huge Exports Add To Tobacco Dearth 46
11/14/1943 Soldier Education Praised By Dr. Dodds (Princeton, University) 47
11/14/1943 Roosevelt Ignores Dec. 7 48
11/14/1943 Owi Sends Abroad First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Sketch 50
11/14/1943 Teacher Proposed For Peace Table (Says Dr. Alexander J. Stoddard, Superintendent Of Philadelphia, Pa. Schools) 53
11/14/1943 Two Big War Plants Halted By Strikes (At Cleveland And Worcester 7,800 Men) 58
11/14/1943 Luftwaffe Now Showing Less Fight E-4
11/14/1943 Cartoon: Picture Of Stalin-’Too Many Of Us Saying ‘What, No Horns’’ E-9
11/14/1943 The Crusade That Failed But Lives On (Woodrow Wilson’s) Mag. 3
11/14/1943 Three Viewpoints On The Negro Problem In America Book 5
11/15/1943 Berlin Reports Russian Break-Through 1
11/15/1943 $2,500,000,000 Cost Set For (UNRRA) For Relief In Tentative Plans 1
11/15/1943 Soviet-Polish (Boundary) Line Is Studied Here (Getting The People Ready For The Coming Change!) 3
11/15/1943 New Film (‘The Battle Of Russia’ In The ‘Why We Fight’ Series) Surveys Soviet Role In War 23
11/16/1943 Roosevelt Seeks Congress Action On UNRRA Funds (1-1/2 Billion Dollars, First Appropriation) 1
11/16/1943 Polish Envoy Firm On Old Frontier (With Russia See Above!) 3
11/16/1943 Polish Wreck Nazi Trains (Polish Telegraph Agency, London) 3
11/17/1943 Britain’s Donation To UNRRA Revised 6
11/17/1943 Nazis Face Winter Without Shelter 7
11/17/1943 Soviet Lend-Lease Exceeds 3 Billions (Says Leo T. Crowley-Includes 6,500 Planes. 3,000 Tanks, 2,500 Jeeps, ½ Billion In Food & More-The Cause Of U.S.Food Shortages?) 7
11/17/1943 Repatriate Tells Of German Prison 11
11/17/1943 Groups Ask Mall Ban On Race Hate Matter (Want Law!) 46
11/18/1943 Pictures: Poles Fighting At Side Of Russia-A Women’s Battalion 3
11/18/1943 Soviet Annexation Assailed By Latvian 3
11/18/1943 $400,000,000 Asked Of UNRRA By China (84,000,000 Needy) 4
11/18/1943 Britain Will Free (Sir Oswald) Mosley, Nazi Chief (Causes Big Furor In Succeeding Issues) 5
11/18/1943 Calls U.S. Better-Fed Than Before The War (Russians Too?) 15
11/19/1943 Turkey Giving Secret Aid To Allies 1
11/19/1943 Hull Reports To Congress, Moscow Pact Speeds Peace 1
11/19/1943 Secretary Hull’s Report On Moscow Conference To Meeting Of Senate And House 4
11/19/1943 (Resigned, Former U.S. Ambassador To Moscow) Standley Praises Moscow Compact 4
11/19/1943 (Labor And Minority Groups ) Demand Curb (Law Against) On Racial Libels 16
11/20/1943 Fighter Mastery Over Nazis Shown 1
11/20/1943 Denounce Britain On Palestine (Jewish Immigration) Curb-Bloom Tells Of Refugees (1,500 From Far-East Sent To Mexico, ‘We Are Taking Them Out As Fast As We Can Get Ships.’) 6
11/20/1943 UNRRA Wants Volunteer Groups To Help In Vast Task Of Relief-Say U.S. Will Aid War Victims, But Will Not Be A ‘Santa Claus’ 6
11/21/1943 Lehman Wins Fight To Hold Powers As Head Of UNRRA 1
11/21/1943 (British) Officers Suspend Palestine (Jewish) Papers 30
11/21/1943 Japan’s War Plan Suspected In 1936 (Says U.S. State Depart-Ment In Documents Being Published-Early Warning By Hull) 46
11/21/1943 84 Th Raid On Berlin E-1
11/21/1943 Nazi Prisoners (Of-War) Are Nazis Still Mag. 12
11/22/1943 Relief Continues In Bengal Famine 4
11/22/1943 Scope Of Relief Is Fixed By UNRRA (Herbert Lehman) 8
11/22/1943 War-Born Changes In Prisons Hailed (By War Production Board) 21
11/23/1943 British Bombs Smash At Berlin Again-Pictures: Hamburg in Ruins From Raf Bombs 1
11/23/1943 Post-War Poland (Boundary With Russia) A Big 3 Problem 1
11/23/1943 Wife Of Mikolajczyk Hostage Of Germans-ExecutionFeared (Later They Would Fear Russian Execution Of Mikolajczyk) 4
11/23/1943 UNRRA Is To Forge Axis To Aid Relief-United States To Pay About 40% (‘Directly,’ More ‘Indirectly’) 5
11/23/1943 Famine Relief Group Formed To Aid India (Formed In U.S.) 7
11/23/1943 Tel Aviv Residents In Riotous Protests 10
11/23/1943 Urals’ Output Tripled (Over 1942 Output) 13
11/23/1943 Women To Get Role In UNRRA Activities 20
11/23/1943 Roosevelt Praises Prisoners’ War Aid 27
11/23/1943 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Moves At Buffalo Today To Void Citizenship Of Eleven 46
11/24/1943 Raf Bombers Return To Devastated Berlin After 2,300 Ton Attack, Greatest In History (Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtniskirche Destroyed In Bombing, Night Of 23, Nov. 1943-The Church’s Location Is Noted On The Map Printed With The Article-The Steeple Was Still Lying In The Street When I Arrived There In The Summer Of 1945) 1
11/24/1943 Patton Struck Ailing Soldier, Apologized To Him And Army 1
11/24/1943 ‘Doomsday’ Scene In Berlin Painted-Aim Is End Of Berlin (Map Of Targets) 1
11/24/1943 Picture: Moscow Subway-Pavelskaya Station 5
11/24/1943 Big (UNRRA) Problems Arise Over Repatriation 10
11/24/1943 Cost Of UNRRA Cut To $2,000,000,000 (From $2½ Billion-Dean Acheson) 11
11/24/1943 Advertisement: ‘How Well Are You Sleeping?’-Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe-Nazi Massacre Of Kiev’s Jews Told By Witness, Dmitri Orlov. ‘Izvestia’ Quoted Sponsors Named) 13
11/24/1943 Vast Housing Job Studied By UNRRA 14
11/24/1943 Herman Ullstein, (Jewish) Publlsher, Dead (‘Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung’ [‘Bz’] & ‘Berliner Morgenpost’) 21
11/25/1943 Ruined Berlin Afire After 2D Bombing (Gedaechtniskirche Destroyed On 23D) 1
11/25/1943 Berlin Bombed More Than Any Other City (12,000 Tons Of Bombs Dropped In 1943 Alone-Hamburg Lo,000 Tons) 1
11/25/1943 Zoo Animals Roam Berlin Streets; Heat Of Fires Fells Pedestrians 1
11/25/1943 Tito Slows Gains Of Rommel Forces 9
11/25/1943 Condemn Anti-Semitism-’Un-American’ 26
11/25/1943 Politics And Bias Barred By UNRRA-Curbs On Other Abuses 31
11/25/1943 UNRRA Will Help Children First When It Starts Vast Relief Job 36
11/26/1943 Allies Plan To Blast Berlin With 50,000 Tons Of Bombs (Article By Drew Middleton) 1
11/26/1943 Chiang Kai-Shek Is Invited To Join Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin Talk (No De Gaulle Or France!) 1
11/26/1943 (Pres., Junior Hadassah) Calls U.S., Britain Apathetic On Jews 17
11/26/1943 Women Must Get Jobs, Nazis Warn (Only 5% Working) 21
11/26/1943 Unnra Votes Again To Make Axis Pay (For Its Relief Costs) 25
11/27/1943 Berlin Bombed 5th Night, Bremen Rocked 1
11/27/1943 Billions ‘Wasted’ In Latin America, Senator (Butler, Nebr.) Declares-Wallace Attacks ‘Slur’ 1
11/27/1943 Accord Is Reported In Yugoslav Ranks-MikhailovitchAgreement With Malchek 4
11/27/1943 India (Famine!) Makes Plea For UNRRA Relief-Propaganda Effect Of Refusal In Far-East Cited 7
11/28/1943 Berlin Gets 1,000 Ton Battering; Stuttgart’s Industry Also Hit 1
11/28/1943 Year’s War Costs To Be Cut 8 Billion; Budget Head Says 1
11/28/1943 Columbia Now Active Belligerent Against Germany As Senate Acts 1
11/28/1943 (Henry A.) Wallace To Aid Churches 15
11/28/1943 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Sees Race Crisis 34
11/28/1943 Students Predict New War By 1970 (‘Korea’Or ‘Viet-Nam?’) 46
11/28/1943 Berliners Bitter Over (Raf) Air Damage-Siemens Plant Hit Hard (Jewish ‘Baum Gruppe’ Worked There During War!) 48
11/28/1943 Berliners Eat Animals That Got Out Of Zoo 48
11/28/1943 UNRRA Not To Bar Pay For Nazi Loot 56
11/28/1943 Open Door Urged For Palestine 58
11/28/1943 (Zionists) Map Settlement Of Million Jews ($1 Billion Program-Who Pays?) 58
11/28/1943 Black Days In Berlin E-1
11/28/1943 ‘Big Three’ (No France!) Must Decide The Fate Of Germany E-3
11/28/1943 Russian Advance Worries The Poles (If They Had Only Known!) E-4
11/28/1943 UNRRA Points The Way To Future Cooperation (‘Expenditures’) E-10
11/28/1943 The Fascist Germ Still Lives-Benedetto Croce Mag. 9
11/29/1943 Berlin’s Picture Dire 8
11/29/1943 Goebbels Asserts Berlin’s Defiance 9
11/29/1943 Curbs On Rebuilding Reich Industry Asked By UNRRA Delegate (P. A. Kerstens, Holland) As A Bar To New Wars (Sounds A Bit ‘Political’ For An Organization Intended For Benevolence) 10
11/29/1943 Hitler’s Paper Smaller, Indicating Plant Loss (Through Bombing) 10
11/29/1943 Palestine Inquiry (Over British Actions) Is Demanded Here-Voiding Of (1939) White Paper Is Not Enough 19
11/29/1943 Boston Crusades Against (Racial) Hatreds 21
11/30/1943 Fortresses Again Bomb Bremen 1
11/30/1943 Hull Knocks Down Rumors Of German Peace Feelers 1
11/30/1943 Defeat Is Death Hitler Reiterates-Annihilation Is Alternative To Victory 5
11/30/1943 UNRRA Completes Relief Machinery-Repatriation Point Won-Priority For Russia 10
11/30/1943 Jewish Legion Gives Protest To (British) Embassy (Against 1939 British White Paper) 12