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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

October 1943
Date Headline Page
10/01/1943 (Gen. George C.) Marshall To Direct Invasion In West-Chief Of Staff Will Head Allied Forces In Britain 1
10/01/1943 Rift Among Poles (London Vs. Moscow Factions) Beclouds (Proposed Moscow) Parley 3
10/01/1943 World Body Urged (By Ilo) On Refugee Issue 7
10/01/1943 Picture: Nazi War Prisoners Reading German Language Newspaper, Published In U.S.A., At Camp Carson, Colorado, Pow Camp 8
10/01/1943 Draft Of Italians By Reich Reported 8
10/01/1943 Stettinius (Nomination As Under-Secretary Of State To Replace Sumner Welles) Confirmed 20
10/01/1943 46 Negro Children Barred By School (Live In Another School District But Want To Attend Another Thurgood Marshall, Att’y. For Parents) 30
10/02/1943 Munich Is Target 1
10/02/1943 (Averell Harriman Named Envoy To Russia After Admiral Standley Resigns 1
10/02/1943 Nazi Press Blames Pope For Hostility Of Priests 3
10/02/1943 British Warn Nazis On Prisoner Abuse (By Radio)-Broadcasts Tell Captives In Italy It Is Duty To Escape 4
10/02/1943 Disagrees On Poles-Committee Head Says Underground Is Not Divided 4
10/02/1943 Post-War Training Proposed By Bevin-Sound Education Asked 5
10/02/1943 U.S. Takes School Planning Part For Europe-Dr. R. E. Turner Delegated By State Department To Attend Conference Of Ministers Of Education In London 5
10/02/1943 Archbishop (Of York) Extols Russians’ Devotion 6
10/02/1943 (House) Group Debates Aid To Unfaithful (Army) Wives 8
10/02/1943 Race Amity Plan Voted At Parley (National Urban League) 14
10/02/1943 Willkie ‘To Fight: For Liberal Ideas 28
10/03/1943 FBI Seizes Cousin Of (Rudolf) Hess, 41 Others 17
10/03/1943 Sweden Offers Aid To Denmark’s Jews-Fate Of 7,000 Unreported 29
10/03/1943 Russians Approve Choice Of Harriman (As Ambassador)-Expect New Ambassador To Restore Harmony In U.S. Missions 33
10/03/1943 Italy’s King Urges Fight With (Along-Side) Allies-Rallies Aid For Badoglio 40
10/03/1943 Russians (Alexei Tolstoi, Extraordinary Soviet State Committee) Say 40,000 (Russians) Were Hurled In Mine Shaft-Author Demands Vengeance Against All Germans 40
10/03/1943 Girl Assassin Seized (Slaying Of Dutch Police President) 40
10/03/1943 Kimmel And Short Waive Trial Limit (Statute Of Limitations) 44
10/03/1943 Dearth Of Chemists Seen (By Acs) 52
10/03/1943 Records: Songs By Kurt Weill (Picture) X-7
10/03/1943 Russians Overcome Transport Problems-Railroads And Highways Are Repaired Quickly As Front Is Moved Forward E-4
10/03/1943 Cartoon: 12,000,000 Alien Slave Workers E-9
10/03/1943 What Answer Will America Make-Britain Asks More Insistently Today If We Appreciate How Splendid Is-The Opportunity For World Leadership Which Now Awaits Us-Henry Steele Commager Mag. 5
10/03/1943 The Foe That Is Worse (In Asia) Than The Japs (Malaria) Mag. 8
10/03/1943 (Gen.George C.) Marshall-Soldier With Out Frills-Sidney Shalett Mag. 9
10/03/1943 What To Write The Soldier Overseas Mag. 14
10/03/1943 Paul Robeson As Othello Mag. 15
10/03/1943 Beard, Charles A., The Republic, Viking Press-Dr. Charles A Beard Assumes The Mantle Of Socrates Book 3
10/03/1943 Christian And Nazi-Meet Mr. Blake (Anti-German Books) Book 4
10/03/1943 Stalin, Joseph, (Addresses) The War Of National Liberation, International Publishing, 2 Volumes Book 22
10/04/1943 Defeatists To Die, Goebbels Warns-Those ‘Who Stab Fighting Front In The Back’ Will Be Beheaded 4
10/04/1943 ‘Vigilant Neutrality’ Is Adopted By Spain-’Non-Belligerency’ Dropped 4
10/04/1943 Danish Jews Pour Across To Sweden (Over 1 000) 7
10/04/1943 Brazil To Liquidate (Confiscate Assets Of) 34 Nazi Companies (Bayer, Schering, Merck, Etc.) 7
10/04/1943 U.S. Lets Jewish Unit (Joint Distribution Committee) Repay Shanghai Loan (13,000 To 20,000 Jewish Refugees In Shanghai) 10
10/04/1943 2/3 D’s Page Advertisement: The Jewish Problem Must Be Solved-American Resettlement Committee For Uprooted European Jewry, Inc.-Names Of Sponsors 12
10/04/1943 (Jewish National) Refugee Service Leader (Chairman Of The Board) To Receive Testimonial (Picture-Law Professor At Columbia University) 13
10/04/1943 (Harry Emerson) Fosdick Condemns Isolation As Policy 20
10/05/1943 Fortresses Rock Frankfurt 1
10/05/1943 Germans Accused Of More Murders-(By) Red Army Chief Surgeon (Dr. Nikolai Burdenko, Extraordinary Soviet State Commission) Lists Cruelties To Prisoners 7
10/05/1943 Secretary Morgenthau’s Statement To The Ways And Means Committee About Higher Taxes 14
10/05/1943 2/3 D’s Advertisement: ‘We Have Faith In America’-Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe-Names Of Sponsors 29
10/05/1943 Prisoners’ Aid Widened-German Labels Must Be Used 5
10/05/1943 Moscow Will Celebrate Ancient Entry Into Berlin (Oct. 9, 176O, During Seven Years War As Austrian Ally) 6
10/05/1943 Siberian Air Bases Viewed As Mirage (By Seversky) 11
10/05/1943 Cuba Seizes U.S. (Sugar) Mill (Batista) 12
10/05/1943 27 Indicted By U.S. As 5th Columnists (Pictures) 17
10/05/1943 Politicians Not Scientists Seen Deciding Status Of Synthetic Rubber After The War 25
10/07/1943 U.S. (Roosevelt & State Department) Suspicious Of Vichy In 1940; Near Break Over Fleet Revealed 1
10/07/1943 Rabbis Support Appeal (For Refugees, Overseas’ Needs, & Palestine) 3
10/07/1943 Tito’s Army Looks To Allies For Help-Yugoslav Partisans Wear Red Star 7
10/07/1943 (Synthetic) Rubber Production (In U.S.) Called Miraculous 8
10/07/1943 Ben-Gurion Sees Arms (Smuggling) Trial Plot (By British) 11
10/07/1943 Nazi Air Strength On Coast Is Sapped 11
10/07/1943 Rabbis Present Plea To Wallace-Petition For Succor Of Jews At White House 14
10/07/1943 Text Of U.S. Documents Dealing With Relations With Petain In 1940 18
10/08/1943 3 Senators Plead For Clear Policy On War And Peace 1
10/08/1943 All Europe Purge Of Jews Reported (Swedish Report Mentions ‘Eighmann’-Adolf Eichmann) 5
10/08/1943 Palestine Plan (Unlimited Jewish Immigration) Backed-Only Solution 6
10/08/1943 End Of (Negro) Exploitation Asked By First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) 21
10/09/1943 Hitler Urges Nation To Bear Up Under German Reverses In War 1
10/09/1943 Scientist (Niels Bohr) Reaches London-Has A New Atomic Blast Invention (Atomic Bomb) 3
10/09/1943 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch) Pleads For More Arms-Deny Regime Is Communist 5
10/09/1943 Leaders In World To Sign Relief Pact (UNRRA) 7
10/09/1943 Tells How Bombs Ruined Nazi (Eder & Moehne) Dams 8
10/09/1943 Hamburg Holocaust In Bombings Depicted (By Swiss Report) 8
10/09/1943 Text Of Treasury (Morgenthau-Harry Dexter White) Plan For World Bank 9
10/09/1943 Trebitsch-Lincoln Is Reported Dead 13
10/10/1943 Raf Reduces Berlin Gas Tanks To Skeletons (Mariendorf) 1
10/10/1943 Draft Of Women As Workers Urged (By Miss Josephine Hammond) 6
10/10/1943 Roosevelt Lauds Heroism Of Gen. Pulaski 25
10/10/1943 Poles Open (Polish Relief) Drive In Parade Today 25
10/10/1943 Murder Of Jews In Italy (By Germans) Reported (Swiss Report) 35
10/10/1943 Baltic Evacuation Begun By Germans 38
10/10/1943 Mission To Poland Urged-Allies Asked To Heal Breach In Underground Forces 40
10/10/1943 Hanging Urged For Foes (By Army And Navy Journal) Who Execute U.S. Fliers 44
10/10/1943 Palestine Quota Set At 1,450 Immigrants (1,350 For Jews During 3 Months) 44
10/10/1943 Roosevelt Hails China And Chiang 45
10/10/1943 (Axis) War Prisoners Working On Southwest’s Farms E-8
10/11/1943 (Henry Agard) Wallace Hails Chinese 6
10/11/1943 War, Peace Issues Facing Congress 11
10/11/1943 Guerrillas In France Fighting In 4 Zones 12
10/12/1943 Partisans (Mikhailovitch) Threatening Belgrade; Mop Up Nazi Resistance Areas 1
10/12/1943 Reich Air Force Men Quit-Non-Germans Impressed Into Service (Tell Of Brutal Treatment-Mostly Mechanics) 5
10/12/1943 Archbishop (Of York) Finds Russia Religious 5
10/12/1943 (Representative) Asks Trial At Once For Pearl Harbor (Gen. Short & Admiral Kimmel) 11
10/13/1943 Italy Will Declare War On Germany Today 1
10/13/1943 Jews Defended By Finnish Press 10
10/14/1943 Tito’s Army Aided By Italian Division 1
10/14/1943 Jewish Newspapers Banned In Argentina 8
10/14/1943 Parley On Immigration (Inter-American Demographic Congress, In Mexico) 9
10/14/1943 Moscow Bars Talk On Boundaries; Puts Victory First As Parley Topic 12
10/14/1943 1,236 Americans Held By Japan Will He Exchanged Tomorrow (Names Given) 16
10/15/1943 U.S. Army In Iran Disturbs Russians 3
10/15/1943 (John Foster) Dulles Points Out Russian Dynamism 3
10/15/1943 Broughton Urging Frankness On Allies, Calls For Open Discussions Of Post-War Problems 5
10/15/1943 Moves For Admission Of 100,000 Refugees-Barbour Offers Resolution For Entry Of Racial Victims (‘As Visitors’) 21
10/16/1943 Roosevelt Assails Argentine Ban On Jewish Press And It Is Lifted 1
10/16/1943 Shortage Of Paper Seen Intensified 24
10/17/1943 (Sumner) Welles Is For Force To Maintain Peace (Text, P. 32) 1
10/17/1943 Unity Is Promised By Mikhailovitch 1
10/17/1943 Pope Said To Help In Ransoming Jews 1
10/17/1943 Argentina Ousts Public Officials Who Signed Anti-Axis Manifesto 1
10/17/1943 U.S. Planes Using Deadliest Bullets-New Ammunition (50 Calibre Incendiary Machine Gun Slugs) 21
10/17/1943 Air Score In West 10,000 Nazi Planes 25
10/17/1943 (Lord) Vansittart Retorts To Senator Critics-Should Stop ‘Lecturing’ The British, He Says 27
10/17/1943 Nazis Will Enforce French Labor Draft 28
10/17/1943 Women To Discuss Post-War Europe (The Women’s Council For Post-War Europe, Inc.) 31
10/17/1943 14 Negro Soldiers Tried (In England For Mutiny) 37
10/17/1943 War Guilt Jurist Chosen By Dutch-Named To Allied Commission To Probe Axis Crimes 39
10/17/1943 Clergy Get Medals For Aiding Leningrad-Metropolitan Alexei Says That Churches Pray For Stalin 39
10/17/1943 ‘Power Adequate To Enforce Peace’-J. W. Fulbright (Representative, Arkansas) Mag. 9
10/17/1943 Diplomat From Industry’s School (Edward R. Stettinius, Jr.) Mag. 14
10/18/1943 7,312 Axis Planes Destroyed By Army; Ratio Of Loss 4 To 1 1
10/18/1943 Civil Strife Is Raging In Greece Among 3 Rival Guerrilla Bands 1
10/18/1943 Picture: Lord Vansittart-’Vansittartism’ Ideas On Germany And Germans 13
10/19/1943 Hull And Eden Arrive In Moscow-Harriman Also Arrives 1
10/19/1943 Morgenthau Is In Algiers To Begin Tour 1
10/19/1943 Morgenthau Flies To Algiers On Tour-Morgenthau Shifts Farm 4
10/19/1943 Tito Criticizes U.S. For Gift To Rival (Mikhailovitch-4 Bombers) 7
10/19/1943 Rival Greek Bands Intensify Conflict (Against Each Other) 7
10/19/1943 Fulbright Fears Isolationist Fight 8
10/19/1943 America Prepared For Gas Warfare 12
10/19/1943 Writer Of ‘Terror’ (Objected To By Jews As ‘Anti-Semitic’) Ejected (From Governor’s Office) In Boston (By Governor) 17
10/19/1943 68 White Pupils Boycott Hilburn (N.Y.) School Opened To Negroes, Enter Private Classes 21
10/20/1943 Prisoner Transfer Eased By Sweden (Count Folke Bernadotte, Vice-Chairman Of Swedish Red Cross) 4
10/20/1943 Hanover Battered 5
10/20/1943 De Brinon (Vichy) Reports Plot To Kill Him (Bombs-Stolen, German Tank Mines) 9
10/20/1943 Jews Give $10,000 To Sweden’s Unions 13
10/20/1943 U.S. Stand Asked On Post-War Plans 29
10/21/1943 Southerners Kill School Aid Bill As Discrimination Bar Is Adopted 1
10/21/1943 War Crimes Listing To Be Started Soon 3
10/21/1943 Allied Help Asked By Mikhailovitch-Denies Inaction Charge 4
10/21/1943 Mikhailovitch Accuses Tito (Charges Listed) 4
10/21/1943 Nazi Brutality (Towards Jews) Scored (By U.S. Clerics) 5
10/21/1943 Lend-Lease Abuse Denied By (Leo T.) Crowley 7
10/21/1943 Labor Groups (100 Unions At ‘Freedom House’) Ask Federal Bias Act 14
10/21/1943 Salute To Sweden And Denmark-It Can Be Done-We Have Faith In America-2/3D’s Page Advertisement By Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe 18
10/21/1943 Ben Bernie Dies; Band Leader., 52 27
10/22/1943 Leipzig Battered In Big Raf Attack 1
10/22/1943 140,000 Prisoners In War Camps Here 5
10/22/1943 Polish Groups (In Poland) Urges Wider Baltic Coast (For Poland) 6
10/22/1943 Patton, Gen. Geo. S. ‘God Of Battles’ A Hymn (?) 7
10/22/1943 Vatican Defies Nazis By Aiding Refugees (Giving Sanctuary] 9
10/22/1943 Citizenship Given Algerian Jews (Cremieux Decree Honored) 11
10/22/1943 Haven For Refugee Jews Planned After War In Northwest Australia 11
10/22/1943 French Ask Status In United Nations 11
10/22/1943 Universalists Form Social Action Group 13
10/22/1943 Equal Education For World Asked (By Dr. Alonzo F. Myers, Chairman Of National Education Association’s Commission For The Defense Of Democracy Through Education) 15
10/22/1943 Plan Post-War Aid For Negroes Of U.S. (National Urban League) 18
10/23/1943 Moscow Parley Held Aiming At Nazi Satellites’ Moral 1
10/23/1943 Laval Says Nazis Halt Labor Draft For 1943; Other Reports Hint Plan To Take Young Men 2
10/23/1943 Hitler Summons Bulgarian Rulers 4
10/23/1943 Nazis Charge Plot To Kidnap Hitler 4
10/23/1943 World Collaboration After The War Vital To Democracy, Campbell Says 5
10/23/1943 Pan-American Groups (Inter-American Demographic Congress, Meeting In Mexico) Ends Migration Talk (Earl G. Harrison Of U.S. Immigration And Naturalization Service Attended) 5
10/23/1943 (Dr. Carl J. Friedrich) Says Citizenship Starts In Nursery 9
10/23/1943 Admiral Hall Dies (The ‘Wizard Of Whitehall’-British Naval Intelligence); Caught Master (German) Spy (Franz Von Rintelen), Lured German Naval Squadron Under Graf Von Spee To Destruction, Dec. 8, 1914 Intercepted ‘Zimmermann Note.’) 13
10/23/1943 Malaria Is Fought With Secret Drugs 16
10/24/1943 Kassel Is Devastated By Raf 1
10/24/1943 Haskell Assails False ‘Liberalism’ 10
10/24/1943 9,220 Enemy Aliens Held-Immigration Service Reports On A Year’s Activities (Earl G. HarrisoN-2,349 Sent To U.S. By Latin America For ‘Safekeeping.’) 10
10/24/1943 Minorities Curbed Anew In Argentina (Jews & Masons) 28
10/24/1943 Algiers French Thanked (By World Jewish Congress) 30
10/24/1943 Plane Attack (By German Plane) Held Plot To Kill Eden 38
10/24/1943 Himmler’s Power In Reich Extended (Minister Of Interior) 39
10/24/1943 (Negro, Paul) Robeson As Othello X-1
10/24/1943 Atrocity Films X-3
10/24/1943 Cartoon: U.S.’s Opinion Of Itself Respective To Germany Regarding Food-’Come And Get It’ Vs. ‘Let ‘Em Starve’ Italy Her Occupation Then And Now (This Must Have Been Good News To The French) E-2
10/24/1943 Drawing: Marshall Rommel (Unflattering) E-5
10/24/1943 Britain’s No. 2 Man (Eden) Mag. 11
10/24/1943 Van Paassen, Pierre, The Forgotten Ally (‘Impasse For Zion’) Dial Press (Active In Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) Book 5
10/25/1943 Bodoglio Says Mussolini Alone Put Italy Into War 1
10/25/1943 (U.S.) Treasury Will Ask Army To Buy Bonds 1
10/25/1943 Noel Coward Film On Anti-Nazi Song (‘Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Germans’ ‘English Tend To Forget Too Soon’) 3
10/25/1943 Race Equality Policy Asked For Americas (Pan-American Demographic Congress, Meeting In Mexico) 3
10/25/1943 Large Group Quits Jewish Conference-Shocking Act Of Isolation 17
10/25/1943 Eisenhower Calls For Blood Plasma 17
10/26/1943 Hull And Stalin Talk 55 Minutes 1
10/26/1943 Tito Steals Credit Rival (Mikhailovitch) Faction Says 4
10/26/1943 Masaryk Appeals For Allied Unity 5
10/26/1943 Hadassa Quits (American) Jewish Committee (Over Palestine [Zionist] Policy) 8
10/27/1943 Archbishop (Of York) Urges ‘Family Of Nations’ 3
10/27/1943 Tito Drives Nazis From Steel City (Vares Majdan) 5
10/27/1943 U.S. Voters Want Nazi Army Crushed If Hitler Falls, Gallup Poll Finds 7
10/27/1943 Dr. (Samuel) Eliot (President Of American Unitarian Assoc.) Urges End To Bias HereTells Hadassah All Must Share In Caring For Jews Of Europe 9
10/27/1943 (Rabbinical Assembly In America) Quits (American) Jewish Committee (Over Palestine Issue) 9
10/27/1943 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Statement Defending Federal Employees Against Charges Of Dodging The Draft 10
10/27/1943 (Leo T.) Crowley (Office Of Economic Warfare & Lend-Lease) Creates New Economic Unit 15
10/28/1943 17 Of Rival Group (Mikhailovitch) Executed By Tito-Aid To Enemy Charged 3
10/28/1943 Serbs Massacred In Nazi Reprisals 3
10/28/1943 Hadassah Speaker (Zionist, Dr. Nahum Goldmann) Criticizes Britain (1939 British White Paper, Balfour Declaration) 5
10/28/1943 Raf Bombs Reich At Ratio Of 106-1 6
10/28/1943 Epidemic Stalks Famine In Bengal 10
10/28/1943 Third World War Held Up To Senate 11
10/28/1943 Sons Of Israel Out Of (American) Jewish Committee (Over Palestine [Zionist] Policy) 20
10/29/1943 Drive For World Order Of Nations Opened By Christian Church Group (Christian Mission On World Order) 1
10/29/1943 Yugoslav Factions Attacked By Nazis (Rommel) 4
10/29/1943 India Army Called To Help In Famine-8,000 Die In Calcutta Within Sixty Days (No Mention Of U.S. Aid) 6
10/29/1943 Mrs. M. P. Epstein Named Hadassah Head; She Appeals For Justice For Jewish People (Picture) 14
10/29/1943 Another Unit (Brith Abraham) Quits (American) Jewish Committee (Over Palestine Policy) 20
10/30/1943 Moscow Talk A Success, Roosevelt Says; Occupation Of Europe Is Believed Fixed 1
10/30/1943 Post-War Military Accords Reported Settled In Moscow 1
10/30/1943 Germany Pledges Pontiff’s Safety 3
10/31/1943 (Yugoslav) Partisan (Tito) Troops Raid Hungary In First Allied Thrust On Her Soil 1
10/31/1943 (U.N.) Medical Wizardry Rescues Wounded (In Battle) 6
10/31/1943 Picture: New Head Of The British Commandos (Maj. Gen. Robert Laycock) 7
10/31/1943 U.S. Vital In Peace, Sermons (In Synagogues) Declare (Connally Senate Resolution A Step Forward) 10
10/31/1943 (Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) For Negro At Peace Table 12
10/31/1943 Allies Petroleum Sufficient For War S-7
10/31/1943 Partisan Vs. Chetnik E-1
10/31/1943 Our Air Force Girdles The Globe Mag. 6
10/31/1943 America’s Elder Statesman (Bernard Baruch) Mag. 8
10/31/1943 What Does Russia Want?-C. L. Sulzberger Mag. 10