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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

July 1943
Date Headline Page
07/01/1943 ‘Slave’ (Foreign, Non-German) Workers In Reich Said To Total 12,100,000 5
07/01/1943 Picture: The Dam Busters (Moehne And Eder Dams, Widespread Destruction And Death) Honored By The Queen 6
07/01/1943 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Talks On Race Rioting (Detroit) 21
07/02/1943 (Max) Stephan Is Saved From Gallows; President (Roosevelt) Calls Death Too Harsh (Aided German Pow, Hans Peter Krug, From Canada) 1
07/02/1943 Japanese (Tokie Slocum) Reveals Warning (To) FBI On War (Nov., 1941) 2
07/02/1943 Yugoslav Patriots (Neither General Mikhailovitch Nor ‘Tito’ Mentioned) Slash Nazi Forces 7
07/03/1943 Russian (Nikolai Malinin) Rebukes U.S. Isolationists-Writer Criticizes Them For Demanding Definition (Clarification) Of (Ultimate) War Aims 5
07/03/1943 (Polish Premier Of Polish Gov’t.-In-Exile, Gen. Wladislaw) Sikorski, (Appointed By British And French And Never Elected-Political Enemy Of Smigly-Rydz) Reports A Bid To Soviet But Says Demands Must Be Met (Demands Release Of Poles By Russians, Wants Danzig And East Prussia For Poland After War) 5
07/04/1943 Nine Germans Seized Here As Enemy Aliens 2
07/04/1943 (Arthur Hays) Sulzberger (N.Y. Times) Praises Soviet Medical Aids (Apparently Relative To Ours) 4
07/04/1943 Negroes’ Flying Unit Scores First Victory (Against Germany In Sicily) 5
07/04/1943 Pole (Pres. Wladislaw Raczkiewicz) Greets Roosevelt 9
07/04/1943 Germans Here (In U.S.) See Revolt In Reich-Re-Education Held Need 11
07/04/1943 War Bond Sales Lagging In Nation (Gallup Poll) 24
07/04/1943 Anti-Isolationists Met Here July 19 24
07/04/1943 U.S. May Shift Position On The (Algerian Jewish) Cremieux Decree E-3
07/04/1943 Air Chiefs Carry On ‘Experiment’ In Reich-Methodical Destruction Of Important Centers Has Been Mapped Far Ahead-Raymond Daniell E-4
07/04/1943 Four Strong Men, East And West, Who Lead The United Nations (Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill And Chiang Kai-Shek-[God’s In His Heaven, All’s Right With The World!]) Mag. 14
07/06/1943 (Polish Premier Wladislaw) Sikorski Is Killed In Airplane Crash (Large Portion Of [Anti-Moscow] London Polish Government-In-Exile Killed With Him-Plane Crashed After Gibraltar Take-Off-Czech Pilot Survived) 1&3
07/05/1943 Roosevelt Praises Sikorski’s Devotion 3
07/05/1943 Bevin Feels Reich Wants Third War 8
07/05/1943 Falkenhorst (Broadcast) Appeal To (German) Troops In Norway (To Not Desert) Is Dubbed Forgery 4
07/05/1943 Churchill Lauds Faith Of Sikorski-Mass Held At Gibraltar 5
07/05/1943 Berlin Puts Guilt Of Air War On Raf (German White Paper-British Began Bombings-London Attacked Only After Berlin Was Bombed Eight Times Beginning Aug. 25, 1940-Editor Notes Croydon, An Airfield [Adjoining London And Admittedly Converted To Military Use], Was Bombed Aug. 15, 1940) 6
07/05/1943 Race Bias Inquiry By Grand Jury Set (By Judge Jonah J. Goldstein) 21
07/08/1943 President (Roosevelt) Welcomes Gen. Giraud To Washington (In Attempt To Subvert Gen. Charles De Gaulle Whom He Detested) 1
07/08/1943 2 Swiss Nazi ;Groups Ordered Dissolved (By Swiss Federal Council) 5
07/08/1943 Vansittart Under Fire (Always Advocated Draconian Measures Against Germany) 5
07/08/1943 German Industry Presents Paradox-Production Of Defensive Arms Increased By Repeated Allied (United Nations) Air Attacks 8
07/08/1943 Keyes (Organizer Of British Commandos) Is Critical Of (United Nations’) Raid On Dieppe (Heavy Losses, Especially Canadian-Exercise To Gain Information And Experience For Main Invasion) 9
07/08/1943 Lack Of (U.S.) Beef Baffles Meat Board While Record Herds Roam Ranges (Record Herds Also Sent To Slaughter Houses) 13
07/09/1943 Secret Italian Radio Urges Duce’s Ouster (The United Nations Had Several Clandestine Broadcasting Stations On Continental European Soil Making Broadcasts In Native Languages To Confuse The People Into Believing It Was Their Own Station) 3
07/09/1943 Sikorski Unaware Of Hitch In (Russian-Polish) Accord-Died Thinking Agreement Near With RussiaThis Had Been Postponed (Also Died Thinking Poland Would Receive East Prussia After The War-Russia Wanted The Coast Line!) 4
07/09/1943 Polish Leaders Encounter A Snag In Selection Of New Army Chief (Sikorski’s Successor)-Possible (Russian-Polish Rift Held Dangerous To (United Nations) Allies 4
07/09/1943 Seeks To Facilitate Post-War Relief-Migration Of Workers 7
07/10/1943 President (Roosevelt) Parries French (De Gaulle) Bias Query-There Is No France Now, He Explains (Also, There Is No Poland Nor Czechoslovakia-Their Recreation A Whim Of U.S.?) 1
07/10/1943 Narvik’s (Norway) Ore Port Now Serving Reich (Iron Ore) 3
07/10/1943 Poles Still Hunt Accord In Cabinet-IzvestiaPraises Sikorski (?) For His Efforts At Accord With Soviet (Which He Allegedly Erroneously Believing He Had Reached When He Died) 4
07/11/1943 Sicily Invasion-Roosevelt Sees ‘Beginning Of End’ 1
07/11/1943 Secrecy Cloaked (Volunteer) Canadian Troops-About 190,000 Overseas 4
07/11/1943 De Gaulle Invitation Urged On President (Roosevelt) 12
07/11/1943 Yugoslavs (Guerrilla Partisans) Plan Blow With Allies (Neither General Mikhailovitch Nor ‘Tito,’ Josip Broz, A British-Russian Agent Is Mentioned By Name) 14
07/11/1943 Poles Reach Pact On Chief Of Army-Mikolajczyk Is Premier 16
07/11/1943 (Herbert) Lehman (Ofrro) Envisions Self-Aid By Freed 26
07/11/1943 St. Louis Combats Race Riot Rumors 36
07/11/1943 (General Wladislaw) Sikorski’s Death Is Blow To Poles (Katyn Massacre Mentioned, But This Is Essentially The End Of Any Serious Talk About The Katyn Massacre Until After The War. The ‘Rift’ With Russia Was Therefore ‘Healed’) E-5
07/11/1943 Nazis’ One Hope Is To Split (United Nations) Allies E-5
07/11/1943 Plans For Peace Must Include Education-James Marshall Mag. 12
07/12/1943 Axis Sulfur Supplies Menaced By (United Nations) Allies (Required To Produce High Explosives) 3
07/12/1943 Body Of Sikorski Rests At London-Burial Place In England 5
07/12/1943 Germans Admit Sinking (‘Robin Moor’) 5
07/12/1943 Fascist About-Face On Bombing Noted-Air War, Now ‘Barbarian,’ Was Acclaimed In Other Days 5
07/12/1943 Picture: A Contribution For Prisoner-Of-War Fund (Via Red Cross) 32
07/13/1943 One (Negro) Soldier Killed In (Pennsylvania) Racial Outbreak 10
07/13/1943 Advertisement: 32 United Nations And One Forgotten People-Emergency Conference To Save The Jewish People Of Europe-Names Sponsors 12
07/13/1943 Race (Racial) Problem Seen In Indiana Capital 42
07/14/1943 Roosevelt Is Reticent-Bars Elucidation Of Remark On ‘Elimination’ Of Germany (As A Major War Objective) 3
07/14/1943 Zionists Refuse Aid In Palestine Plans-They Will Accept Help Only On Their Own Terms, (Zionist General) Council Says 4
07/14/1943 New Nazi Crime Charged-Russia Lists 6,000 Krasnodar Civilians Exterminated 4
07/14/1943 (U.S. Ambassador To Japan Joseph C.) Grew Says Japan Warned Us In 1941-Tells Of Receiving Notice The Empire Would Fight America 7
07/14/1943 General Aniline (Confiscated German Firm) Gets New Board (Third Since Its Confiscation By Morgenthau) 27
07/15/1943 Hungary Reported Ready For (Russian) Bargain 7
07/15/1943 Many (U.S. Prison) Parolees In War Plant Jobs 8
07/15/1943 U.S. Saved Britain Twice, (Sir James Arthur) Salter Says (Dunkerque, Spring Of 1940 And At Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941) 9
07/15/1943 Rainbow Division Is Reborn To Fight; Mac Arthur Sends Message To 1943 Outfit (See Buechner, Col. Howard A., Dachau, The Hour Of The Avenger, Thunderbird Press, Metaire, La., 1986 And Gun, Nerin E., The Day Of The Americans) 11
07/15/1943 Resident Population Here Now Put At 133,959,000 (By U.S. Census Burau As Of Dec. 1, 1942-An Increase Of 1.7% Over April 1, 1940) 14
07/15/1943 Ohio Groups Seek Race (Racial) Tension Curb 22
07/16/1943 Rites For (Polish) General (Premier Of London Polish Government-In-Exile Wladislaw) Sikorski-Churchill Among 3,000In Westminster 7
07/16/1943 11 Russians On Trial As Atrocity Aides-Used Motor Cars For Mass Suffocations (5 And 7 Ton Trucks, Grates In Floors, Connected To Exhausts-Killed 60 To 89 Victims Each Trip ([‘Dooshegoobkies’], The Version Described Here Is Different From Those Described Later In Nuernberg!) 7
07/17/1943 Attack ‘Viciously’ Patton Told Men (Much More-’God Is With Us’-Also, See Howard, Dachau, The Hour Of The Avenger Cited Above) 4
07/17/1943 (George Sylvester) Viereck Is Convicted By Federal Jury Of Violating The Foreign Agents’ Act (German! See The Man Called Intrepid) 15
07/18/1943 (Flying) Fortresses (American Boeing B-17’S) Bomb Amsterdam (Holland), Reich 7
07/18/1943 (Francis Cardinal) Spellman On Radio Spurns False Peace 9
07/18/1943 Spanish Republican (Communist) Refugees (From North Africa) Aid The U.S. Army (Aided By U.S. Office Of Foreign Relief, And Rehabilitation Operations, State Dept. Agency Headed By Herbert Lehman-[‘Ofrro’]) 13
07/18/1943 Britain Proposes Education Reform 17
07/18/1943 Poles’s (Pro-) Soviet Unit Shows Its Might 18
07/18/1943 (William C.) Bullitt Will Run In Philadelphia (Vita-Never Before A Candidate) 25
07/18/1943 Pittsburgh Alert To Racial Tension 29
07/18/1943 Luftwaffe’s Doom Seen As Allies Pare It Down E-4
07/18/1943 How War Came: Extracts From The Hull Files-Arthur Krock Mag. 19
07/19/1943 Jewish Labor Group Assails (French General) Giraud Act-’Illegal Abrogation’ Of The Cremieux Law (Actually An Edict Issued By Cremieux, French-Jewish Revolutionary Figure) Criticized 4
07/19/1943 30,000 Russians See 8 Traitors Hanged (In Krasnodar After Summary ‘Trials’) 6
07/20/1943 Krasnodar Crimes To Pursue Germans-Russians Will Hang Gestapo Chiefs 5
07/20/1943 Red Reserve Forces (Built Up With American Supplies Around Stalingrad) Astonish Nazis 5
07/21/1943 Race Riot Action Asked By President (Roosevelt) 1
07/21/1943 (Sir William) Beveridge Sees Us Aiding Social Aims 6
07/21/1943 Advertising Ban (Suppression) Put On Makers Of Radar 13
07/21/1943 Quick Aid Is Asked For Europe’s Jews (By Emergency Committee To Save The Jews Of Europe) 13
07/21/1943 (Louis) Lepke (Buchhalter,Jewish Gangster Of ‘Murder Incorporated’) Again Hears Sentence Of Death 17
07/22/1943 Serb (Guerrilla) Partisans (General Draja Mikhailovitch) Get British Aid; Tito Praised For Harrying Axis-Coolness Toward Mikhailovitch Seen (First Sure Hint Of Real Trouble To Come For Mikhailovitch) 5
07/22/1943 Jews’ Rescue Seen In Red Cross Help 7
07/23/1943 Plan Is Outlined For Feeding Jews-Most Of 4,000,000 In Axis Can Be Saved 11
07/23/1943 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Asks Roosevelt Aid-Estimates Axis Killing At 3,000,000 11
07/23/1943 Baltimore Seeks New Negro Homes 15
07/23/1943 Wallace, Henry Agard, The Century Of The Common Man 15
07/24/1943 Czechs Accuse Nazis Of 50,000 Executions-700,000 More In Prison Camps Or At Forced Labor 3
07/24/1943 Finnish Volunteers Leave German Army 5
07/24/1943 View Of Churches On Axis Outlined 11
07/24/1943 Ships Seen Ample For Rescuing Jews (Emergency Conference To Save The Jewish People Of Europe, Inc.-Hotel Commodore) 14
07/25/1943 Draft Objector Jailed (In U.S.) 3
07/25/1943 (Introduction Of) Tropic Diseases (Into U.S.) Feared (As A Result Of The War) 4
07/25/1943 English Advocated As World Language 7
07/25/1943 Saboteurs In Alsace Face Death Penalty 9
07/25/1943 (Col.) E. (Elliott) Roosevelt Hails Precision Bombing (By U.S.) 13
07/25/1943 War Deaths Rising In Japan’s Prisons (As A Result Of Disease) 15
07/25/1943 (Alco) Absentee Problem Given To Workers 24
07/25/1943 (Norman) Thomas Appeals For Socialization 24
07/25/1943 College (Chemistry) Teacher Arrested (By FBI) As Enemy (A Former Hitler Youth Member) 26
07/25/1943 U.S. Help For Jews Asked By (Dean) Alfange (To Rescue 4,000,000 Jews In Europe-2,000,000 Already ‘Had Been Murdered In Cold Blood’-England Criticized For Non-Zionist Palestine Stance) 30
07/25/1943 Problem Of Negro Worries Capital-Equality Drive Is Pushed 32
07/25/1943 World War Pinch (By United Nations) Met By Neutrals S-5
07/26/1943 Mussolini Ousted With Fascist Cabinet, Badoglio Made Premier 1
07/26/1943 Italians Said (British Broadcasting Corporation Reports) To Plan To Slay All Slovenes (Complete Extermination) 5
07/26/1943 Allies (United Nations [‘U.S.A.’]) Prepared To Feed Italians 6
07/26/1943 President (Roosevelt) Pledges Aid To Save Jews 19
07/26/1943 Mrs. (Clare Boothe) Luce Caustic On Army Press Ban 21
07/26/1943 Ban Upon Zippers Eased For Public 22
07/26/1943 Mayor (La Guardia) Warns (N.Y.) City It May Be Bombed 32
07/27/1943 8 From U.S. Indicted As Aiding The Axis (Pictures) 1&6
07/27/1943 Owi (Office Of War Information) Broadcast To Italy Calls Ruler ‘Fascist’ And ‘Moronic Little King’ 1
07/27/1943 Group Here To Aid Italian Democracy (As The U.S. Defines It) 5
07/27/1943 Palestine Training (British) Military Governors 7
07/27/1943 Polish Executions (By Germans) Put At 3,200,000 (Including 1,800,000 Jews-London Polish Government-In-Exile Statistics) 9
07/27/1943 Urges U.S. To Gird For World War Iii (With German!) 18
07/27/1943 (President Roosevelt’s Fair Employment Committee) Orders Rehiring Of 300 Negroes (In West Coast Shipyards) 21
07/28/1943 President (Roosevelt) Rebukes Owi (Office Of War Information) For Broadcast On Regime In Italy 1
07/28/1943 Sabotaging Of Nazis Urged Upon Italians (As Price For United Nations ‘Rescue’ From Germany) 3
07/28/1943 Rabbis Plead For Refugees (To Be Sent To Palestine Or Country Of Origin) 4
07/28/1943 President (Roosevelt) Issues (Third) War Loan Appeal 23
07/29/1943 Roosevelt Hails ‘First Crack; In The Axis (Mussolini’s Ouster)-Will Punish Duce 1
07/29/1943 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Address On Progress Of War Aid Plans For Peace 4
07/29/1943 (Robert) Sherwood (Roosevelt’s Speech Writer And Director Of Overseas Branch Of Office Of War Information) Talks With Hull On Owi 5
07/29/1943 (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People [‘NAACP’]) Makes Race Riot Charges (In Detroit) 10
07/29/1943 ‘Minority Strike’ Put Up To (U.S. Solicitor General, Francis Beverley) Biddle 16
07/29/1943 ‘Pillars Of Peace; (Series Of Articles By Federal Council Of Churches Of Churches Of Christ In America And Other Leaders) Backed In Britain 21
07/29/1943 (Congregation) Quits Church Groups 21
07/29/1943 War Causes Lack Of Social Workers 22
07/30/1943 (General) Eisenhower Offers Italy Peace Terms-Hull Hopes Italy Will Heed Offer 1
07/30/1943 The General (‘Vinegar Joe’ Stilwell) Decorates The Generalissimo (Chiang Kai-Shek-Picture) 4
07/30/1943 Palestine (Moshe Shertok) Fears ‘Deeds Of Despair’ (If Palestinian Jews Are Driven To It As A Result Of No Solution Being Reached On The Palestine Problem-More Spin-Off From Zionist Failure At The Bermuda Jewish Refugee Conference-A Justification For The ‘Holocaust’ Accusations Against Germany During And After The War?) 5
07/30/1943 (U.S.) Will Broaden Use Of (Confiscated) Enemy Patents 21
07/31/1943 Roosevelt Bars Only A Fascist Deal (In Italy-And The Other Members Of The United Nations?)-Neutrals Warned (‘Threatened,’ They Dare Not Offer Sanctuary To United Nations Foes) 1
07/31/1943 Negroes In School-Ship Workers Quit 1
07/31/1943 Text Of Roosevelt’s Warning (To Neutrals About Giving Aid Or Sanctuary To Any Foe Of The United Nations) 3
07/31/1943 Hamburg (Germany) Pictured In Ruin And Death 6