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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

June 1943
Date Headline Page
06/01/1943 Degaulle And (General) Giraud Form (Pro-United Nations, Algerian) ‘Cabinet’ 1
06/01/1943 Terrorists Slay 110th (Pro-Axis Official) In Bulgaria 4
06/01/1943 World Peace Aims Mapped By (Sumner) Welles 8
06/01/1943 (Herbert) Lehman (Head Of Ofrro) Gives Rule For Foreign Relief-Urgency Is Told-Says Aid Will Be Reasonable And Place Least Possible Burden On Americans 10
06/01/1943 Reich Women In War Jobs 10
06/01/1943 Louisiana Plants Making (Synthetic) Rubber At Rate Of 75,000 Tons A Year-Represents Eighth Of Our Peacetime Needs 11
06/01/1943 Refugees’ War Work (For United Nations) Lauded By (Earl Gray) Harrison (Tribute To [Jewish] National Refugee Service) 19
06/01/1943 Warns (War) Casualties Can Cut U.S. Census 20
06/02/1943 De Gaulle Gains Control In Africa As Pegrouton Goes 1
06/02/1943 Greeks Sabotaging Nazi Defense Plan 6
06/02/1943 Saboteurs Blow Up Danish Railway Sheds 8
06/02/1943 ‘Gestapo Methods’ Laid To Opa Here 14
06/02/1943 Stephan Loses Appeal (Sentenced To Death For Aiding Escaped German Prisoner) 16
06/03/1943 Nazis Hit Airliner; Leslie Howard (Movie, ‘Gone With The Wind’) Put Among 17 Missing (Real Name; Leslie Stainer, [A Rumanian Jew]) 1
06/03/1943 U.S. Negro Fighter Pilots Join (U.S.) North Africa Forces 4
06/03/1943 Pope Bids Nations Obey (Established) Rules Of War 5
06/03/1943 Britain Won’t Enter Polish-Czech Clash (Over Claims To Teschen And Other Parts Of Silesia) 7
06/03/1943 Peers Ask Return Of German’s Loot 9
06/03/1943 2,700,400 Pounds Of (U.S.) Food Sent Abroad (Lists) 13
06/04/1943 Hungary Declines (To Accept) Reich’s War Plants 1
06/04/1943 Pole’s (Jewish Socialist Bundist, Szmul Zygelbojm, See Entry May 15, 1943, P. 15) Suicide Note Pleads For Jews 7
06/04/1943 52 War (‘Propaganda’) Film Shorts To Be Given By Owi (U.S. Office Of War Information-Elmer Davis) 17
06/05/1943 Anti-Axis Revolt Ousts Costello In Argentina 1
06/05/1943 Washington Hails (Pro-U.S.) Coup In Argentina (Pictures) 3
06/05/1943 Axis Loses Ground To (Yugoslav Guerrilla General) Mikhailovitch 4
06/05/1943 Lithuania Sacked In Nazi Vengeance 4
06/05/1943 New Red Army At Peak Of Power, Evolved To Master Nazi Menace 4
06/05/1943 Italy Halts Sale Of Goods To Reich 8
06/05/1943 (Georges) Mandel’s Death Reported (In Concentration Camp) 8
06/05/1943 Federated System For Europe Urged-Plans For Break-Up Of Germany 18
06/05/1943 (Lord) Halifax Defends (United Nations’) Air Fight On Axis (Opposes Pope’s Statement) 18
06/06/1943 (Mareshal Philippe) Petain Backer Slain (By Assassin) 4
06/06/1943 (Pierre) Laval Mobilizes ‘42 Class For Work (200,000 To Go To Germany By July 1) 4
06/06/1943 40,000 (Federal, State And Municipal Civil Service Employees) Aid Jewish Appeal 12
06/06/1943 Red Army Officers Symbolize New Era-Brisk Smart Leaders 13
06/06/1943 Argentine Revolt Laid To Us By Axis 19
06/06/1943 Ruhr Devastated, Says (Swedish) Eye-Witness 24
06/06/1943 Stephan (Helped Escaped German Pow) To Die As Traitor July 2; ‘There Should Be No Trifling,’ Says Judge 31
06/06/1943 ‘Six Pillars Of Peace’ Program Of Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America-(This Part Of The Series Written By C. L. Sulzberger Of The N.Y. Times) 32
06/06/1943 Roosevelt’s Fate (In Coming Election) Is Linked To War-Only 31% If It (War) Is Over (Gallup Poll) 46
06/07/1943 Picture: (Vice-President, Henry Agard) Wallace Wants German Liberals To Re-Educate Youth Of The Reich-Would Avert Another War 7
06/08/1943 Picture: A German Blockade Runner (The ‘Silvaplan’ That Failed To Get Home (With Badly Needed Supplies, Scuttled!) 4
06/08/1943 Massy Describes Canada’s War Role 5
06/08/1943 Dutch Nazi Is Assassinated 6
06/08/1943 Nazi Soldiers Injured By Marseille Bomb 6
06/08/1943 Poles Divert Gold From Nazi Reach 7
06/08/1943 Roosevelt Warns (Germany) On (Use Of) Poison Gas (Against Any Of The United Nations) 1
06/08/1943 Inconu Reaffirms Turks’ Neutrality 5
06/10/1943 British Surprised By (Roosevelt) Warning On Gas 2
06/10/1943 Ex-Prisoner Of Nazis (Constantin Joffe) Tells Of Atrocities (In His Book, We Are Free-At Kiwanis Luncheon) 2
06/10/1943 Bombs Make Shambles Of Berlin, Returning Swedish Visitors Say 3
06/10/1943 President (Roosevelt) To Seek Food Relief Set Up (‘UNRRA’ To Be Headed By Herbert Lehman Of Ofrro, Office Of Foreign Relief And And Rehabilitation Operations Of The U.S. State Department) 28
06/11/1943 Eaker Air Force To Double In Fall 1
06/11/1943 (‘New’) Argentina Ends Code Leaks; Moves To Curb Axis Agents 1
06/11/1943 Reich Churches Resist Nazi Rule, Cooperate With Outside (‘United Nations’?) Forces 1
06/11/1943 Nazis Warn People Of Worse Bombing (By United Nations To Come) 4
06/12/1943 Roosevelt Invites Italy To Oust Mussolini 1
06/12/1943 Poland’s (Newly Anointed ‘Moscow’ Guerrilla) Partisans Hold Moscow Rally 4
06/12/1943 (Jewish Author, Emil) Ludwig Sees Hitler Assassinated Soon 6
06/13/1943 45% Of (U.S.) Beef Kill Set Aside For U.S. Under New Order 1
06/13/1943 Allied Parachutists (Oss Agents, Saboteurs Etc.) Reported In France 1
06/13/1943 Nazi Gas Killing Of Refugees Cited (Swedish Language Jewish Chronicle) 8
06/13/1943 (Pro-Soviet) Polish Parley (In Moscow) Adjourns (Sends Greetings To Stalin And Roosevelt-Stalin’s And Roosevelt’s Answer To Katyn Massacre) 8
06/13/1943 (Henry) Morgenthau Asks Double Bond Rate-Taxes To Pay Half War 32
06/13/1943 153 Rabbis In (Armed) Services 40
06/13/1943 Nazis Crack Down On Intellectuals E-4
06/14/1943 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Hails Aims Of United Nations 1
06/14/1943 Allies (United Nations) Are Curbing Malaria In Pacific 6
06/14/1943 (Heinrich) Himmler To Rule Rumanian Police-Sends Right Hand Man(Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner) 8
06/14/1943 Sacrifices Of War Will Be Valueless Unless Ideals Persist (Rev. Karl M.) Chworowsky) Unitarian Church) Holds 12
06/14/1943 Movie: ‘The Russian Story’ 13
06/15/1943 Allied Air Blows On Reich Force Big Shifts Of People (Homeless From Rhein To Ruhr-Swiss Report) 1
06/15/1943 Pictures: German Prisoners-Of-War-They March, Play, And Work (Farming) At A Huntsville, Texas, Camp (State Prison Located Here) 3
06/15/1943 Nazi Agent (Bernard J. O. Kuehn) Linked To Pearl Harbor (Picture) 4
06/15/1943 Palestine Urges Refugee Aid (Unlimited ‘Jewish Migration To Palestine’-The Unstated Objectives Of The Bermuda Jewish Conference) 4
06/15/1943 Europe’s Industry A Giant Nazi Trust (Office Of War Information Report) 5
06/15/1943 Foreign Affairs-German Reparations Once More-(Lord John Maynard) Keynes And (Morgenthau’s Harry Dexter) White (Born ‘Weit’) Currency Stabilization Plans 10
06/15/1943 Lend-Lease Help To Russia To Rise-New Protocol To Go Into Effect June 30-(Edward) Stettinius Gives Figures To April 30 13
06/15/1943 660,000 Spurn Age Aid (Retirement) To Remain On (Federal) War Jobs 15
06/15/1943 (Office Of War Information, Elmer) Davis Hits Attacks On Allies-United Nations) In Press 19
06/16/1943 R. A. F. Gives Blood, Then Drops Bombs (On Germany) 1
06/16/1943 U.S. Urged (By Unnamed Parties) To Bid Reich To Revolt 3
06/16/1943 Berlin Called Shopless-Many Live On Diet Of Potatoes And Skim Milk, Sweden Hears 4
06/16/1943 Pictures: One-Man Raid On Axis Trains And Planes In Northern France 5
06/16/1943 (Georgia Governor) Urges Tar And Feathers (For Strikers) 10
06/16/1943 (Office Of War Information, Elmer) Davis Denounced For Press Attack (By Senator Styles Bridges) 13
06/16/1943 (U.S.) Newsprint Supply Falling ‘Rapidly’ 34
06/16/1943 5 (German-American Bund Members) Lose (U.S.) Citizenship (New Jersey) 42
06/17/1943 Bid By Rumania (Antonescu) Said To Ask Terms (For Armistice With Russians) 1
06/17/1943 8 More Aliens Interned-Nazi Friends Lose (U.S.) Citizenship 4
06/17/1943 Owi (Office Of War Information) Tells Plans For ‘War Of Nerves’-(Robert) Sherwood (Speechwriter For Roosevelt And European Head Of The Owi) Says Agency Will Publicize Both ‘44 Candidates 6
06/17/1943 Big Fund Is Voted For War Agencies (Breakdown On $2.9 Billion) 7
06/17/1943 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Sees Rise In Bond Sales 13
06/17/1943 (U.S.) Newspaper Guild Backs Elmer (Office Of War Information) Davis (In Controversy) 19
06/18/1943 Treasury (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Reduces New Tax Demands To $12,000,000,000 Wants More Bond Sales 1
06/18/1943 Soviet-Polish Amity Held Remote (All Mention Of Katyn Massacre Omitted-[‘Amity To Be Restored By Events Reported July 6, 1943, P. 1]) 3
06/18/1943 Picture: Germans Question A Russian Bandit (Supposedly A German Picture Published In United Nations Press ?) 5
06/18/1943 Repatriation Held Assured For (European) Jews (By Rabbi Irving Miller Of American Jewish Congress And World Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise!]-Optimism Over Immigration To Palestine 6
06/18/1943 Refugee (Curt Lustbader, From A German Concentration Camp) Is Sentenced-Fined $250 For Financial Scheme To Help Fellow Exiles (Extorted $28,000) 9
06/18/1943 (Herbert) Lehman (Currently Head Of Ofrro, Soon To Be Head Of The New United Nations ‘UNRRA’) Says Food Will Be Liberator 11
06/18/1943 Nazi’s Friend (Aided Executed Saboteur) Admits Trading With Enemy 16
06/18/1943 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Again Seeks Parole 16
06/18/1943 Dr. (Thomas) Mann Asks Us To Admit Refugees-Stresses Nazi Brutality (At Assemblage In California Protesting The Extermination Of European Jews By The National Socialist Regime) 19
06/19/1943 Meat Famine Here, Mayor (La Guardia) Warns City 1
06/19/1943 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Gets Parole From Prison; Will Go To An Internment Camp (Crystal City, Texas-Had Been Found Guilty Of Stealing $500 From The German-American Bund Of Which He Was Head And Of Making False Entries In Books) 1
06/19/1943 We Helped To Stop Rommel In Egypt (Gen. George Tells How U.S. Rushed Ammunition And Other Necessary Supplies To British (Before We Were In War-Similar To Rescue Of Russians At Stalingrad) 2
06/19/1943 Goebbels Condemns Britain’s Air ‘Terror’ 4
06/19/1943 Churchmen Assail Brutality Of Nazis (Christian Council On Palestine)-Deplores Plight Of Jews 4
06/20/1943 Duesseldorf Plants Razed In Biggest Ruhr Raid, June 11 11
06/20/1943 Peace Demands Outlined (By Dr. Nahum Goldmann Before Sons Of Zion Meeting-Demands Fulfillment Of Balfour Declaration And Condemnation Of British 1939 White Paper-[An Attempt To Obtain The Guarantees They’d Not Been Able To Get For Themselves At The Burmuda Jewish Refugee Conference]) 9
06/20/1943 U.S. Nearly United On Post-War Role-Isolationism Is Opposed-But Minority (‘Menshiviks’, I Suppose) Is Vocal 13
06/20/1943 U.S. Tax Lien Is Filled Against (P. G.) Wodehouse 17
06/20/1943 Axis Captives Find Ease In Tennessee 17
06/20/1943 Russian Supplies Moving Smoothly (Mentions ‘Zis’ Gas-Producing, Wood Burning Truck [Similar To German Saurer Wood-Gas [Carbon Monoxide] Burning Vehicles, ‘Gas Wagons’ Or ‘Dooshegoobky’ Alleged Gas-Vans)-Peterhof Palace Completely Ruined 23
06/20/1943 35,000 Slain Jews (Alleged In Warsaw Uprising) Honored At Rally (Many Notables Present, William Green Of A. F. Of L., Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Polish Ambassador [Jerzy Potocki], Etc.-Speak Of Mass Extermination Of European Jews) 34
06/20/1943 Civil Liberties Gain By The Flag (Salute) Decision (Robert H. Jackson And Francis Beverley Biddle Act In Concert-[As They Did Later At The Nuernberg Tribunal]) E-10
06/20/1943 Laski, Harold J., Reflections On The Revolution Of Our Time, Viking Press, N.Y Book 1
06/21/1943 Bermuda (Jewish Refugee Conference) Scored (By Order Of Sons Of Zion Lodge-For Lack Of Desired Results) 2
06/21/1943 Sabotage In Denmark Aims At Nazi Troops 3
06/21/1943 Hitler Aide Reported Touring The Ukraine-Good Crop Out-Look, But Guerrillas Are Trouble 3
06/21/1943 (National Negro Council) Asks Roosevelt End (Army) Camp Discrimination 13
06/21/1943 Remnants Of Diamond Workers Of Europe (Mostly Jews) Carry On In Britain-Seven Hundred Of Many Thousands 19
06/21/1943 Hiring Of Negroes Gains Wmc (War Manpower Commission-Paul V. Mc Nutt, American Equivalent Of Fritz Sauckel!) Finds 30
06/22/1943 23 Dead In Detroit (Race) Rioting-Federal Troops Enter City On The Orders Of Roosevelt (Pictures Page 7) 1
06/22/1943 Roosevelt Pays Tribute To Soviet (For Katyn Massacre?) 8
06/22/1943 Roosevelt Backs Child-Care Bill 16
06/22/1943 Big (Synthetic) Rubber Output Seen By Firestone 25
06/23/1943 U.S. History Is Being Analyzed-Committee Of Educators Will Pass On Texts, Courses And Training Of Teachers 1
06/23/1943 (Germans Hold) ‘Communist Menace; Held Underestimated (By Others) 4
06/23/1943 (Pierre) Laval Ends All Bars To Labor In Germany 5
06/23/1943 Netherland Jews Ousted By Nazis-Removal Of Last Group-Terrible Journey (To Poland) Told (Some Reported By Poison Gas) 8
06/23/1943 (Rabbi) Dr. Heller Pleads For Jewish Unity 8
06/23/1943 (Rabbi Irving Miller, American Jewish Congress) Warns Of Anti-Semitism-Says It Is On Rise In Allied (United Nations) Circles 15
06/23/1943 Post-War Reaction (To United Nations ‘Ideals’) Feared By Mayor (La Guardia) 16
06/23/1943 (U.S.) War Work Goes On Despite Vacations 18
06/23/1943 War Nearly Doubles The Average (U.S.) Income 18
06/23/1943 Schools Adjusted To Wartime Basis 23
06/24/1943 500 Slain Say Poles, In New Nazi Terror (London Report) 2
06/24/1943 Rotterdam (Holland) Blows Cripple Nazi Port 3
06/24/1943 Netherland People Warned Of (Coming, More Intense) Big Raids (London, Radio Orange) 3
06/24/1943 (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan General) Mikhailovitch Unobserved (Not Captured) By Reich Troops At Inn (Stake-Out) 5
06/24/1943 (Louis Dembitz) Brandeis’ Faith In Court Is Hailed (By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson)-Palestine Plan Favored (In Speech Before American Zionists) 10
06/24/1943 History (Education) Inquiry Held A ‘Diversion’ 26
06/25/1943 Allied Bombings (Of Germany) Justified By Archbishop Of York 2
06/25/1943 Nazis Now Exploit Allied (Air) Raid Havoc 3
06/25/1943 Soviet Crop Gains Over 1942 Harvest 4
06/25/1943 (Eduard) Smigly-Rydz Role (In Polish Underground Partisan Forces) Denied (Allegedly Went To Rumania At End Of Polish Defeat, Applied To Hungary For Entry-London Polish Report) 5
06/25/1943 Nazi Navy Seeks Dutch Recruits 7
06/25/1943 Negro Councilman (Rev. Adam Clayton Powell) Warns Mayor (La Guardia) Of The Danger Of Race Riots Here (N.Y.) 8
06/25/1943 Michigan Inquiry Seeks (Detroit Race) Riot Causes 8
06/25/1943 Report On Pensions Adopted By Rabbis (Central Conference Of American Rabbis) 9
06/25/1943 Russians Live On Less Food Than We Waste; They Now Eat Borsh (Sic) Made In America 14
06/26/1943 (Sec.Of Navy, ‘Col.’ Frank) Knox Warns Of Crude Oil Shortage With Exhaustion In 14 To 20 Years 1
06/26/1943 Officer Says Troops Would Lynch (John L.) Lewis (Because Of Coal Miner Strike) 2
06/26/1943 Nazis In Sweden Ask Aid-Plead For Red Cross Funds And Cite ‘Rescue From Communism’ 6
06/26/1943 Soviet Nkvd (Secret Police Replacing ‘Gpu’) Plays Special War Role (See Katyn Massacre!)-Units Serving At Front (Keep Russian Troops ‘Moving Forward’)-Duties Not Publicly Known-Noted Internal Security Force 7
06/26/1943 (German) Picture: Guerrilla Warfare In The Balkans 7
06/26/1943 Nazi Commissar (Dr. Ludwig Ehrenlichter) Killed (By Russian Guerrilla Partisans) 7
06/26/1943 Rabbis Seek Unity On (Palestine) Homeland Plan-Reform Judaism, Zionism Compatible 9
06/26/1943 All-Negro Opera (‘Let My People Go’) Kollmar Project 10
06/26/1943 Anna Seghers (Author Of Das Siebente Kreutz) Hit By Auto In Mexico (Gives Vita: Born, Mainz-On Way To Give Lecture) 11
06/26/1943 U.S. Negro Troops In Britain Row (With U.S. Mp’s) 28
06/26/1943 Aide Of Nazi Spy Gets 18-Year Term 28
06/27/1943 (Admiral William H.) Standley (In Moscow, Recently Replaced As U.S. Ambassador By Josephus Daniels For Saying Russia Hadn’t Given The U.S. Credit For Material Aid Rendered) Urges Lasting Soviet Tie 1
06/27/1943 Roosevelt War Aim (Permanent United Nations) Backed By O’dwyer 10
06/27/1943 Race Riot Menace Topic Of Sermons (By Rabbi Israel Goldstein And Rabbi William Rosenbloom) 13
06/27/1943 Detroit (Race) Riot Inquiry (By Sociologist Dr. C. F. Ramsay) Discounts (Negro) Migration (To North During War)-Detroit Riot Decried By Social Workers 13
06/27/1943 Moves To Remedy Teacher Shortage 13
06/27/1943 (Congressman Martin) Dies Plans To Study ‘Racial Hatred’ (In The U.S.) 13
06/27/1943 ‘Six Pillars Of Peace’ Program Of Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America-This Article By Thomas E. Dewey 18
06/27/1943 German Slave (Labor) Draft Sabotaged By Dutch; Nazis Complain 90% Of Men Find Excuses 19
06/27/1943 Picture: Bombs Fall Thick And Fast In U.S. Raid On French (Meaulte) Plant 20
06/27/1943 Germany Defends Europe’s Art And Culture Against Barbarians Of Air, Goebbels Says 20
06/27/1943 Bomber Loss Ratio Not Held Critical (By 2Nd U.S.Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Davenport Johnson) 21
06/27/1943 Advertisement: Y. M. C. A. Soliciting Funds For Packages To American POW In Germany 21
06/27/1943 Yugoslav Cabinet Formed In London (Milos Trifunovitch, Premier: General Draja Mikhailovitch, Minister Of War (Leader Of Guerrilla ‘Chetniks’)-Others Listed-330,000 Yugoslavs Are Ready To Rise) 22
06/27/1943 (U.S. Geological Survey) Maps 1,600,000 Miles (‘Square’ Miles In 10 Months) 22
06/27/1943 Poles’ (Pro-) Soviet Unit (Oblivious To Katyn Massacre) Equipped (By Russia [And U.S., Of Course]) To Fight (‘Taadeusz Kosciusko Division’)-Gets Tanks And Guns 23
06/27/1943 (N.Y. Congressman Emanuel) Celler Bids Women Back Equal Rights (Amendment) 35
06/27/1943 Detroit Uncertain Over (Race) Riot’s Cause-Committee Moves To Curb Job Bias (By Whites) E-12
06/28/1943 Nazi Chief (Fritz Schmidt, NSDAP) Killed On Tour Of France (Accident) 3
06/28/1943 Aggression Urged Upon Churchmen (By Methodist Bishop Edwin F. Lee) 12
06/28/1943 Advertisement, Full Page: Stop World War Iii, ‘Freedom House’ (Dorothy Thompson)-Lists Supporters 13
06/28/1943 Vote By Congress (Overriding Roosevelt’s Veto On Anti-Strike Bill) Scored By Rabbis 17
06/28/1943 Refugee Aid Pushed-$5,208,400 Is Allocated (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) In Six Months 17
06/28/1943 (Grand Master, Herman Hoffman) Bids Nations Fight Race Persecution (Supports Goals Of Zionism In Talk To Order Of B’rith Abraham Lodge) 17
06/28/1943 Post-War Planning By Public Is Sought 23
06/29/1943 96 Reich Divisions Seen Immobilized (By United Nations Propaganda ‘War Of Nerves’) 3
06/29/1943 (Knut) Hamsun (Nobel Prize Winner) Sees Hitler 3
06/29/1943 German Production Shifted To Austria (To Avoid Bombings) 4
06/29/1943 100,000 Died In Leningrad Siege-Women Went To Factories 6
06/29/1943 Iran Boasts Of War Aid (To U.N. With Trans-Iranian Railroad) 6
06/29/1943 Nazis Execute 150 Jews (Treblinka Mentioned!) 6
06/29/1943 Save Liberalism (Leon) Henderson Urges (At United Jewish Appeal Rally) 20
06/29/1943 (Paul V. Mc Nutt, War Manpower Commission) Asks More Hiring Of Older Women 40
06/30/1943 (Vice President,Henry Agard) Wallace Accuses J. H. Jones Of Obstructing War Effort 1
06/30/1943 Picture: Panorama Of Duesseldorf Destruction From Bombing 3
06/30/1943 (Koeln) Cathedral Ruined (By United Nations Bombing) Germans Assert 3
06/30/1943 U.S. Real Enemy, German Declares-Americans More Brutal Because They Think They Run No Risks (Of Retribution), Dietmar Says 4
06/30/1943 Palestine Growers To Get Bigger Loans 4
06/30/1943 (Federal Court) Voids Conviction Of Six For Treason (3 Saved From Electrocution) 5