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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

August 1943
Date Headline Page
08/01/1943 (U.S.Solicitor Gen., Francis Beverley) Biddle Sustains Right Of Minority To Ask Strike Vote 1
08/01/1943 Roosevelt Asks More War Taxes, Savings, Or Both 1
08/01/1943 (George Sylvester) Viereck Gets A 1 To 5 Year Term As A Propagandist For Germany 1
08/01/1943 Yugoslav Guerrillas (Partisans Besides Mikhailovitch) Invade Italy; Others (General Mikhailovitch) Attack Germans In Force 1
08/01/1943 Palestinians (‘Fugitives From Hitler’) Aid Raf 3
08/01/1943 Argentina Is Firm On Her Tie To Axis-Help To Us Is Stressed 4
08/01/1943 Neutrals Warned (Threatened) On Asylum To Axis (Officials) 12
08/01/1943 Edison Demands Jobs For All After War 14
08/01/1943 Scion (Grandson) Of (Fuerst) Bismark (A Captive In Russian Pow Camp) Aids Free (Pro-United Nations) Germans 17
08/01/1943 Palestine Forces Clash (Jews And Arabs) After War-Both Sides Hiding Guns 23
08/01/1943 1,496 New Vessels Made During War (16,575,000 Tons Put Into Service Since Pearl Harbor Attack) S-6
08/01/1943 Owi’s (Office Of War Information’s) Critics Stirred By Broadcast On Italy E-3
08/01/1943 Slave (‘Foreign’) Labor, A Specter In The Reich E-5
08/02/1943 Big Rumanian Oil Field (Ploesti) Bombed (By U.S. Bombers) 1
08/02/1943 Berlin Evacuation Ordered; Hamburg’s Fate Stirs Fears 1
08/02/1943 Currency Power Is Allied Problem 4
08/02/1943 Jews Of Algeria May Regain Rights (Cremieux Decree May Be Put In Force Again) 6
08/02/1943 Burma (Granted Independence By Japan) Is At War With U.S. 7
08/02/1943 (Pierre) Laval’s Paper Plant Bombed By Gaullists 13
08/02/1943 Air For Refugees Urged (By Isaac L. Asofsky, Executive Director Of Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society [‘Hsias’]-Makes Reference To ‘Hitler’s Slaughter Houses’) 18
08/03/1943 (War) Tax Lighter Here (Others Pay More), Morgenthau Says 1
08/03/1943 (Italian) Invasion Money To Get Wide Use (By Invading United Nations)-Stamps Also Planned (Design For Currency Completed Under Secrecy) 4
08/03/1943 (Moscow) Prints Nazi Order To Brand Russians (POW-Hot Iron Upon Being Deloused-Comments By Alexei Tolstoy Of Soviet Extraordinary State Commission-’Branding’ Was Done With A Permanent Ink In A Process Similar To Tattooing For Use In Identifying The Many Russian POW As Russians) 5
08/03/1943 Picture: Harlem After A Night Of Rioting 10
08/03/1943 Race Bias Denied As (Harlem) Rioting Factor-500 Are Arraigned In Harlem Looting 11
08/04/1943 Zionists Protest Against Dispatches (Which Predict Post-War Jewish-Arab Fighting In Palestine-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 3
08/04/1943 Turks Caustic On Asylum-Swiss Assert Rights (U.S. Warning [Threats] To Neutrals On Giving Asylum To Germans) 5
08/04/1943 Equal Opportunity For Negroes Asked (Episcopal Church Committee) 9
08/05/1943 New Board Named On (Racial) Discrimination (Dr. Alvin Johnson, Head) 36
08/06/1943 Sweden Suspends Nazi Troop Traffic 1
08/06/1943 (Soviet Extraordinary State Commission) Tells Of Nazi Atrocities-Says 214 Russians Poisoned) 4
08/06/1943 (Replaced U.S. Ambassador To Russia, Admiral William) Standley Tours Russia 4
08/07/1943 Germans Execute 20 Dutch Patriots-Anti-Nazis To Be Sent To Labor Camps 3
08/07/1943 Nazis Charge Allies Now Aim At Civilians 4
08/08/1943 (House Inquiry Counsel) Charges Aliens Rule Broadcasts To Italy 7
08/08/1943 2,000,000 Murders By Nazis Charged (By London Poles-Treblinka Camp Mentioned) 11
08/08/1943 Boy Dies ‘Hanging Hitler’ (Richard Doyajian, 8 Years Old) 13
08/08/1943 Synthetic Oil Held A Distant Need S-7
08/08/1943 Russian Arms Prove Superior To German E-7
08/08/1943 Total War Cost So Far Is Put At 415 Billions E-7
08/08/1943 Behind Our Menacing Race (Negro) Problem Mag. 7&16
08/09/1943 Nazis Execute 120 Youths-Bbc (British Broadcasting Corporation) Says Young Mikhailovitch Supporters Died In Yugoslavia 4
08/09/1943 Berlin To Evacuate More Than Million 8
08/09/1943 To Register Refugees (Isaac L. Asofsky, Of Hebrew Sheltering And Aid Society) 15
08/09/1943 Jews Plan Mourning Day-To Honor Martyrs In Europe 30
08/10/1943 (Former U.S. Ambassador, Admiral William) Standley Inspects (Russian) Urals War Plants 10
08/11/1943 Churchill In Quebec, Roosevelt Will See Him 1
08/11/1943 (Sumner) Welles (Roosevelt’s ‘Reliable Man’ In The State Department) Is Reported Taking Roving Diplomatic Post (He And Hull Were Not ‘Compatible’) 1
08/11/1943 (London) Yugoslav Cabinet Quits, Is Replaced-Mikhailovitch Is Retained (As Minister Of War) 6
08/11/1943 Chinese Exclusion (Byu.S.) Held Aid To Japanese (Ed Gossett, House Immigration And Naturalization Committee Asks Repeal) 8
08/11/1943 5.000 Volunteers Needed For (N.Y.) Farms 12
08/11/1943 (Major Raymond, ‘Abe Lincoln In Illinois’) Massey To Be Retired 15
08/11/1943 (Alfred P.) Sloan Predicts A Post-War Boom 20
08/12/1943 (Cordell) Hull Knows Of No (Sumner) Welles Shift; He Says, Calling It An Old Rumor 1
08/12/1943 (Brigadier Gen. Frederick H.) Osborn (Head Of Lexington, Va. ‘Orientation And Education’ [‘Propaganda’] School) Stresses Soldier Schooling 5
08/12/1943 Air War Is (German Catholic Bishops’) Fulda Topic 5
08/12/1943 93 Germans (Including 2 Generals) Slain In 3 Days In France (By Underground Guerrillas) 7
08/12/1943 Jan Valtin (Richard Julius Herman Krebs) Gets Order To Report To Camp Upton (Author Of Anti-German Propaganda Book, Out Of The Night) 8
08/12/1943 Mourning Period (For Europe’s Martyred Jews) Is Set (By Independent Order Of B’rith Abraham, Herman Hoffman, Grand Master) 9
08/12/1943 Advertisement, Full Page: Realistic Possibilities Of Saving The Jewish People Of Europe 10
08/13/1943 (United Nations) Victory To Free Phillipines Soon, Roosevelt Pledges In Broadcast 1
08/13/1943 Germany Cuts Swedish-Italian (Rail) Ties (Can No Longer Guarantee Delivery) 2
08/13/1943 50% Of Hamburg Folk Dead, (Swedish) Survivor Says 3
08/13/1943 Argentina Widens Her War On ‘Reds’ (Sic) 4
08/13/1943 Palestine Racket In Arms Is Charged-(British Charge Gun-Running) Linked With (Zionist) Jewish Agency 7
08/13/1943 (Capt. Clark) Gable Flies Over Germany Trying To Film Air Combat 11
08/13/1943 Industry Demands 1,500,000 Women 14
08/14/1943 U.S. Staff Chiefs In Quebec: Major Parleys Open Today 1
08/14/1943 Pictures: Destruction Of Munich 3
08/14/1943 Huge U.S. Air Plant Set Up In (Northern) Ireland 4
08/14/1943 New Fuel Crack Process (German Patents) 15&18
08/14/1943 U.S. Moves To Strip 11 Of Citizenship 24
08/14/1943 (Zionist) Palestine Agency (Accused By British Of Gun-Running) Charges ‘Frame-Up’ 24
08/15/1943 Wfa Denies Food To (Herbert) Lehman (Head Of Ofrro, U.S. State Department Relief) Agency 1
08/15/1943 Russians In Kharkov; Austria Is Bombed 1
08/15/1943 Roosevelt And Churchill Confer; Meet In U.S. On Way To Quebec 1
08/15/1943 Pucheu Arrested In French Africa (Former Vichy Minister Of Interior)-Step Was Anticipated 10
08/15/1943 (Lord) Halifax Stresses Peace Requisites (But Still Does Not Define United Nations Peace Objectives) 14
08/15/1943 Germans Lack Labor For Large Harvest (Of Food Despite Foreign Workers) 16
08/15/1943 Advertisement, Y. M. C. A.: War Packages To U.S. POW In Germany 20
08/15/1943 Jews In Palestine Angered By Briton (Because Of Gun-Running Charges)-Ben-Gurion In Protests 29
08/15/1943 To Solve The German Problem-A Free State?-Upton Sinclair Mag. 6
08/15/1943 Laskie, Harold, Reflections On The Revolution Of Our Time Book 11
08/16/1943 Turkey Preparing For Share In War 4
08/16/1943 (Herbert) Morrison Denounces Private Education-Wants All Children Sent To Common Primary School 6
08/16/1943 Aid For Refugees Sought (Hebrew Sheltering, Immigration And Aid Society-10,000 Refugees In Switzerland Now) 13
08/16/1943 Race (Racial) Amity Plea Issued By Nielson (Signed By 138) 17
08/17/1943 (8th Aaf Boeing Flying) Fortresses Bomb Le Bourget (France) 1
08/17/1943 Bowles Replacing 3 Opa Professors With Business Men 1
08/17/1943 ‘Invasion Money’ Gets Wider Uses-More Being Prepared Issued Under International Law (At Morgenthau’s Option) 3
08/17/1943 12,000 Died In Orel Under Nazi Rulers (Reported By Extra-Ordinary Soviet State Commission) 4
08/17/1943 Quebec Plans Laid For Ruthless War 5
08/17/1943 Germans Lose Out In Turkish Trade-(Germans) Cannot Get Chromium (Ore From Turkey Any More) 8
08/17/1943 Balkan States Raise Prices To Germany 8
08/17/1943 Education Called Key To Long Peace (By John M. Fewkes, President Of American Federation Of Teachers) 19
08/17/1943 Epidemics Feared In Nurse Shortage 20
08/18/1943 19 German Divisions Apply Martial Law In Northern Italy 1
08/18/1943 Palestine Issues Sharpen At (Gun-Running) Trial (Austrian Rifles And U.S. Ammunition [While U.S. Is In War?]) 7
08/18/1943 (U.S. Sec. Of Navy, ‘Col.’ Frank) Knox Accents Loss Of (German) U-Boat Skippers 7
08/18/1943 (German Government) Ministries Quit Berlin 8
08/18/1943 Hundreds Become Citizens Out Of U.S.-Men And Women In The Armed Forces Take Oath In Mass Ceremonies Abroad 13
08/18/1943 (A. F. Of L’s William) Green Asks Role For Labor In Peace 17
08/19/1943 Raf Blasts Secret (Baltic) Nazi Research Area 1
08/19/1943 Hull Gets Plea For Jews (From Dean Alfange, American Labor Party And Emergency Committee To Save The Jews Of Europe) 7
08/19/1943 600 Refugee Jews (From Spain) To Find Shelter (In Palestine-Joseph Schwartz, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Plans For Transporting Jews From Balkans Through Turkey To Palestine) 11
08/20/1943 War For Total Defeat Of Axis Mapped By Roosevelt, Churchill (At Quebec, Canada) 1
08/20/1943 (Ambassador Joseph P) Kennedy’s Son (John F.) Is Hero In Pacific As (Japanese) Destroyer Splits His Pt Boat (Picture P. 5) 1
08/20/1943 (Mareshall Philippe) Petain Held Ready To Aid Liberators (United Nations!) 4
08/20/1943 (Cordell) Hull (Somewhat Belatedly) Quits Capital For Quebec Talks (Already In Progress For Sometime) 6
08/21/1943 Wright (Aeronautical Corp’n.) Plant Told To Reach Its Goal Or Face (U.S.) Army Rule-Management Held Poor (By Government) 1
08/21/1943 (Roosevelt Regime) Warning To Spain-Demand Neutrality (A La Americain) Replace Present (Neutral!) Role 1
08/21/1943 Quebec Talks End Tuesday (In 3 Days); Hull Arrives (Perhaps So He Might Say He Was There) 1
08/21/1943 (Former [Ousted?] Ambassador Admiral) Standley Visits Stalingrad To View [Russian] Reconstruction 4
08/21/1943 (Favorable) Polish Views Here On Russia Sought (Faint Echo Of Katyn Massacre) 5
08/21/1943 (Fulgencio) Batista Prods Cubans To Choose His Successor 5
08/22/1943 Revival Of Learning In Europe Outlined (Germany And Austria Included) 15
08/22/1943 (Outgoing Ambassador Admiral) Standley Impressed By Stalingrad Visit-Sees Soviet Claims Backed (200,000 Workers Living In Tents And Temporary Shelters [German POW ?]) 18
08/22/1943 (Justice Hugo L. Black) Says We Must Help To Keep World Peace 32
08/22/1943 Identified By Tattooing (Social Security Number Tattooed On Right Forearm) 33
08/22/1943 (Prof.) William Lyon Phelps Of Yale, Dead, 78-(An Early Interventionist) 37
08/22/1943 Newman, Bernard, The New Europe Book 6
08/23/1943 750,000 Are Needed For (U.S.) Fall Harvest 1
08/23/1943 Turks Reply On Asylum (U.S. Threats To Those Who Might Be Inclined To Give Refuge To Germans Sought By The United Nations-See Article July 1, 1943, P. 5) 4
08/23/1943 Nazi Slave Labor Set At 12,000,000 (2,500,000 From France) 5
08/23/1943 Raf (Bbc) Warns Slovaks Of Raids (On Factories) 5
08/23/1943 12,000 Poles In Uganda 8
08/23/1943 Jerusalem Trial (Gun-Running) Is Widely Debated (Smuggling By A ‘Vast, Wealthy, Unscrupulous Group’-Austrian Rifles And U.S. Ammunition) 10
08/23/1943 Owi (Office Of War Information) Picks Radio Advisors (Nation-Wide Broadcasters) 13
08/23/1943 63,500,000 Employed In U.S. Study (By National Industrial Conference Board) Shows (Sees 3,600,000 More Needed-Out Of A Nation Of 130 Million Plus!) 15
08/24/1943 Kharkov Falls To Red Army 1
08/24/1943 (U.S. Solicitor Gen., Francis Beverley) Biddle Says Fraud Is Bigger Than In ‘17 3
08/24/1943 Kharkov (Steel City) Changed Hands Four Times In 23 Months 4
08/25/1943 (Heinrich) Himmler To Curb Unrest 1&8
08/25/1943 (Sumner) Welles Has Quit, Washington Hears (Long-Existing Struggle With (‘Boss,’ Cordell) Hull Supported By Roosevelt (Because He Needed The ‘Solid South’s’ Support In The Coming Election) 1&9
08/25/1943 Map: Places Bombed By The Raf In Berlin (Charlottenburg, Bayerischer Platz, Wilmersdorf-Four Square Miles Devastated) 6
08/25/1943 (Russian) Treatment Pleases (Axis) Prisoners In Russia (Mail Received Via Turkey-POW May Read Marx And Engels) 7
08/25/1943 Picture: Heinrich Himmler 8
08/26/1943 Roosevelt Warns Hitler To Surrender Now 1
08/26/1943 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Address At Ottawa 2
08/26/1943 Big Berlin Plants Razed By (R. A. F.) Bombs (Tempelhof Airfield [Actually Sustained Minor Damage-Most Destroyed By Russians After Capture] & Allgemeine Elektrische Gesellschaft) 8
08/26/1943 Capital Convinced (Sumner) Welles Resigned 10
08/26/1943 11 Tried In Harlem Riot (Suspended Sentences Given) 11
08/26/1943 Beveridge, William, The Pillars Of Security 15
08/26/1943 (Judge Samuel Irving) Rosenman May Resign To Be Roosevelt Aide 17
08/27/1943 U.S., Britain Recognize (De Gaulle-Giraud) French Council As Administrator, Not Government-A Quebec Decision 1
08/27/1943 (Sumner) Welles Cancels Speech (Told Roosevelt Either He Or Hull Must Leave State Department) 4
08/27/1943 Robot Nazi Plane Stirs Talk Of ‘Secret Weapon’ (Fear Of Possible Retaliation?) 5
08/27/1943 Report Bares Fate Of 8,300,00 Jews (Over 3,000,000 Jews Killed- Allegedly By Germans-World Jewish Congress) 7
08/27/1943 Deliberate Nazi Murder Policy Is Bared By (United Nations) Allied Official Body (Inter-Allied Information Committee [Propaganda Organ]-At Least 1,000,000 Jews Killed-Auschwitz Mentioned) 7
08/28/1943 (Ralph K. Davies) Tells War Needs ‘Oceans’ Of Oil 1
08/29/1943 (King) Boris Dies As Nazi Ultimatum Expires (Apparently From An Assassin-Cause Never Really Investigated Thoroughly Although The United Nations Loudly Blamed The Germans And The Latter Blamed The Former) 1
08/29/1943 Jewish Conference Starts Work Today (On [‘Murdered!’] European Jews’ Problems) 10
08/29/1943 (Sumner) Welles Case Stirs Talk (Welles’ Policies Clashed With Hulls [But Never With Roosevelt’s]) 11
08/29/1943 Picture: Eleanor Roosevelt In Red Cross Uniform In New Zealand) 15
08/29/1943 Shifts To Aid War Made By (U.S. Solicitor Gen., Francis Beverley) Biddle 27
08/29/1943 Federal Powers Put First In War (By War Labor Board) 33
08/29/1943 Volunteers Asked To Save N.Y. Crops 34
08/29/1943 (Sumner) Welles Passing Ends Long Disagreement (Never Reported By News Before Final Break)-Intrigue, Confusion Stirred E-3
08/29/1943 The Ever-Growing Power Of The Presidency Mag. 6
08/30/1943 (Adolf A.) Berle Denies We Are Helping Reactionaries Of Old Europe 1
08/30/1943 U.S. And Britain War Nazi Killers-Will Punish Instigators 3
08/30/1943 Zionists Seek Aid Of American Jews 5
08/30/1943 (Rudolf) Hess Reported Changed (In British Prison, ‘His Aggressiveness Is Gone For Good.’) 5
08/30/1943 Jews Pay Tribute To Hitler Victims 6
08/30/1943 Dr. (Israel) Goldstein (Zionist Organization Of America) Offers A Program To Help Suffering Jews Of Europe Immediately 6
08/30/1943 New Refugee Aid Seen (Dr. James Bernstein, Portugal Representative Of Hebrew Sheltering And Immigration Aid Society) 6
08/31/1943 Rostov Captured (By Russians) 1
08/31/1943 Hull Denies Hostility To Soviets; Calls Writer’s (Drew Pearson’s News) Story ‘Monsterous’ 1
08/31/1943 Rescue At Once Of Europe’s Jews Demanded At (Jewish) Conference Here 1&4
08/31/1943 New Jewish Group (American Council For Judaism, Inc.) Appeals To (United Nations) Allies (Opposes National Jewish State) 4
08/31/1943 Spaniard (At Gibraltar) Is Doomed To Die For Possession Of German Bomb 4
08/31/1943 60,000 Mexicans Voice War Pleas 7
08/31/1943 Jews Mark War Date (In Palestine-Fourth Anniversary Of War’s Outbreak) 12
08/31/1943 Ehrenburg, Ilya Gregorevitch, The Fall Of Paris-One Of The Most Brilliant Writers [Albeit It Mostly Anti-German ‘Black’ Propaganda] Of Present-Day Russia 15
08/31/1943 War Output Turns Upward After Lag 29