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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

December 1943
Date Headline Page
12/01/1943 Roosevelt, Churchill And Chiang Confer; Reported On Way To Iran To See Stalin (Cairo) 1
12/01/1943 Forced Labor For Germans Reported As Aim Of Stalin 1
12/01/1943 Berlin Rail Link Destroyed By Raf 3
12/01/1943 Nazis In Italy Start (Round-Up) Drive Against Jews 6
12/01/1943 Lehman Asks Speed On Fund For UNRRA 7
12/01/1943 Sarajevo Bombed By Allied Fliers 8
12/01/1943 Reich Admits Massacre (2 Villages, 1,200 Poles-Retaliation For Assassinations Of Germans) 10
12/01/1943 (President’s Committee On Fair Employment Practice) Warns Railroads On Negro Job Ban 15
12/02/1943 Picture: Roosevelt, Churchill, & Chiang At Cairo (See P. 3) 1
12/02/1943 Text Of Cairo Document 3
12/02/1943 President (Roosevelt) Vetoes Pearl Harbor Day-Calls For No Celebration (Calls It A Day Of ‘Infamy’) 9
12/02/1943 UNRRA Recognizes India’s Food Crisis 16
12/02/1943 High School Boys Work In War Plant 24
12/03/1943 Raf Again Over Berlin In Force 1
12/03/1943 Rabbi (S.S.) Wise Urges Palestine Action 4
12/03/1943 1/2 Page Advertisement: The Provisional Committee To Organize Colored Locomotive Firemen Of The Brotherhood Of Sleeping Car Porters 12
12/04/1943 Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill Agree On Plans For War On Germany In Talks At Teheran 1
12/04/1943 1,500 More Tons Of Bombs Dropped On Berlin 1
12/04/1943 Letter To Stalin Says 100,000 Were Massacred By Nazis (In Kiev) 6
12/04/1943 U.S. Seen Resisting Nazi Intolerance (By Conference Of Christians And Jews) 9
12/05/1943 RAF Blasts Leipzig 1
12/05/1943 Occupation Of Reich Urged By Vansittart 5
12/05/1943 Palestine (Jewish) Papers Publishing Again 43
12/05/1943 $500,000 (Jdc) Supplies Will Go To Russia-To Aid Predominantly Jewish Areas 51
12/05/1943 End Of Nazi Party Urged By Masaryk-Germans Need Real Lesson 66
12/05/1943 China Gets Her Place In ‘Big Four’ Councils (But Not At Teheran) E-3
12/05/1943 Chaing Gains At Cairo Leave Some Questions E-4
12/05/1943 Mystery Man (Tito) Of The Balkans Mag. 8
12/06/1943 Final Strategy Fixed At Teheran (By Roosevelt-Stalin-Churchill) 1
12/06/1943 Captive Killings (Of Russians) Laid To Germans (Says Czech Fugitive) 10
12/06/1943 King Peter (Of Yugoslavia, In London) Assails Tito’s New (Communist) Regime 12
12/06/1943 Jewish Aid Group (Jdc) To Seek $16 Million-UNRRA Unit Head (Harry Greenstein) Speaks (Lehman, An Active Worker In The Joint Distribution Committee & Now Director Of UNRRA, Sends Message) 17
12/07/1943 Picture: The Leaders Of The ‘Big Three’ Meet In Teheran-Iran To Be Freed (Of U.N. War-Time Occupation) 1
12/07/1943 Text Of Statement On Iran 4
12/07/1943 Group To Help Jews Organized In Capital (Iowa Senator, Guy Gillette Et Al.)-Emergency Committee Will Seek Rescue Of 4,000,000 Abroad 5
12/07/1943 Labor Deportations To Reich Are Denied-Sauckel Declares All Workers Entered Of Own Accord 10
12/07/1943 (House) Votes Peace Trial Of Kimmel, Short 18
12/08/1943 Allies Tighten Ties With Turkey-Turks Sent To Study How We Wage War 1
12/08/1943 Turks Try To Keep Inonu Trip Secret (See Picture, P. 1) 1
12/08/1943 Aid Sent To Russia On New Iranian Road-800 Mile Highway Built By Hand In Three Months (1,000 Trucks Hauling Supplies From India To Russia) 3
12/08/1943 Berlin Casualties Listed At 200,000 (But About Half Of These Put As ‘Missing’ Probably Fled City, Swiss Reports Say) 5
12/08/1943 Congress Resolution Demands (Pearl Harbor Trial) Action Within Six Months, But Doubt Is Raised 9
12/08/1943 Tito Is Challenged By Mikhailovitch 11
12/08/1943 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Forecasts Century Of Debt 15
12/08/1943 U.S. Has Interned 1,600 From This Area, FBI Says 16
12/09/1943 Vast Devastation Of Germany Cited (By Air Vice-Marshal R. H. M. S. Saundby, Deputy Chief, Bomber Command) 5
12/09/1943 Archbishop (Canterbury) Stresses Suffering Of Jews 5
12/09/1943 Keyes Asks Big Army To Break Up Reich 5
12/09/1943 Nazi Press Bitter Against Neutrals 6
12/09/1943 Partisans (Tito [A British Agent!]) Receive Bulk Of British Aid 11
12/09/1943 Five Palestine Jews Tried On Arms (Possession) Charge 11
12/09/1943 (Francis Beverley) Biddle In Washington-To Discuss Russo-Polish Question 15
12/10/1943 Prosecution Rests In Palestine Trial (On Possession Of Mortar Shells, Etc.) 4
12/10/1943 New Typhus Curb Used-Special Powder On Their Clothing (Probably Ddt) 4
12/10/1943 Pictures: Berlin Devastation-Church, Schloss 5
12/10/1943 Nazis Defend Rails From Tito’s Bands 10
12/10/1943 Mexicans Divided On Going Into Battle (For Comacho Or Roosevelt) 10
12/10/1943 (Leo. T. Crowley) Says We Can Spare UNRRA Supplies 21
12/11/1943 580,000 Refugees Admitted To United States In Decade 1&6
12/11/1943 Picture: Marshal Josip Broz (Tito, The Man Of The Future!) 3
12/11/1943 (Seven Jews) Convicted (Of Possession Of Arms) In Palestine 4
12/11/1943 Lehman Links War To UNRRA Success 7
12/11/1943 41 Of (Jehovah’s Witness) Sect Sent To Prison (5 Year Sentence Draft Violation) 7
12/12/1943 U.S. Bombers Set Emden (Holland) Ablaze 1
12/12/1943 (Gen. ‘Hap’) Arnold Sees Reich Bombed ‘Groggy’ 1
12/12/1943 Roosevelt Gives Full Plans For Invasion To Eisenhower 1
12/12/1943 Jews Debarred Celler Discloses (580,000 Refugees Admitted In Previous Decade) 8
12/12/1943 7 Jews Weigh Offer Of Lighter Sentence (In Palestine-Must Divulge Source Of Arms) 42
12/12/1943 Jewish Workers Alliance Told (By Roosevelt) Of Efforts To Aid Nazi Victims 42
12/12/1943 Australia To Seek More Immigrants 58
12/13/1943 Russians Mobility Increased By Cold 3
12/13/1943 Danes Blow Up Plant Making German Arms 3
12/13/1943 Attrition Of Nazis In Air Progresses 11
12/13/1943 Dr. Goldstein Honored (580,000 Refugees Discussed) 11
12/14/1943 Atrocity Chiefs Named (Kharkov Region-Extraordinary Soviet State Commission) 1
12/14/1943 Abe Fortas Gets Naval Discharge (Physical Reasons) 6
12/16/1943 Disease In Bengal Lifts Famine Toll-Hundreds Of Thousands Killed In Aftermath Of Starvation-More Quinine Asked 5
12/16/1943 317 Leaders Assail Racial Segregation 22
12/17/1943 Kharkov Slayers Tried By Russia-(By W. H. Lawrence-Three German Officers & 1 ‘Traitor’-All Pleaded Guilty) 1&8
12/17/1943 Nazi Capital Is Hit (By Raf-’Methodical Razing’) 1
12/17/1943 Nazis Said To Test (Poison) Gas On Prisoners (At Mauthausen) 3
12/17/1943 Iran Wants Allies To Withdraw Now 10
12/17/1943 Britain Presses For School Reform 15
12/17/1943 2/3’Ds Page Advertisement: ‘Time Races Death-What Are We Waiting For?’-Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe 31
12/18/1943 Nazis Limit (Christmas) Gifts To One Crude Toy 1
12/18/1943 1,700 Tons Of Bombs Rock Berlin (Raf Lancasters) 1
12/18/1943 Nazis (At Kharkov Tribunal) Admit Trumping Up Charges To Execute War Captives (Admission Of Capt. William P. Langheld, German Intelligence Officer, On Trial, By W. H. Lawrence) 1&6
12/18/1943 Immigration Cheats Fail (Alice Spitz From Czechoslovakia & Apparently Jewish Lawyers) 4
12/18/1943 Millions In Aid Sent Russia Via Iran (By Britain Over L70,000,000) Saved 80,000,000-100,000,000 In Middle East From Economic Disaster (But Apparently Not India) 5
12/18/1943 Argentine Jews Renew Protests 6
12/18/1943 Poles Want Soviet Pact 6
12/19/1943 Russians Sent Four (Germans Soldiers) To Gallows For Mass Murders Near Kharkov-Traitor Tells Of (Gas Van) Slayings 1&32
12/19/1943 Axis Link Feared By France In 1929 (According To U.S. Foreign Relations Of 1929) 35
12/19/1943 Tito Regime Asks For Recognition (Abandonment Of King Peter & Mikhailovitch) 40
12/19/1943 Red Atrocity Coup Seen In (Kharkov) Atrocity Trial Our Greatest Social Problem (The Negro) Mag. 10
12/19/1943 Hitler Versus The Decalogue-The Return To Paganism In Germany Book 1
12/20/1943 Yugoslavs (Tito) Figure Nazi Toll At 10,000 4
12/20/1943 Rommel Assigned To Halt (Western U.N.) Invaders 8
12/20/1943 Morris Urges U.S. Aid For Europe’s Jews 8
12/20/1943 Polish-Red Amity Held Key To Peace 9
12/20/1943 Atrocity Killers Hanged At Kharkov-50,000 See Executions 12
12/20/1943 Jesus Will Outlive All The Dictators (Rev. Ralph W. Sockman) 19
12/21/1943 U.S. Fliers Hit Bremen, Augsburg 1
12/21/1943 Russia Seen Firm On New (Polish) Frontiers 3
12/21/1943 Berlin 60% Razed, Swiss Paper Says (2,000,000 Homeless) 5
12/21/1943 (Senate Committee-Guy M. Gillette, Iowa) Would Send Food To Nazi Victims 10
12/22/1943 Big Raf Force Blasts Frankfurt 1
12/22/1943 Yugoslavs Drawn To Tito By Gallant Uphill Fight 1&14
12/22/1943 Flandin, Boisson Held As Traitors (Vichy) 1
12/22/1943 Speedy Aid Is Sought For European Jews (By U.S. Clerics) 3
12/22/1943 Nazis Name U.S. Flier A ‘Typical’ Gangster 4
12/22/1943 (Vicount Wavell) Tours (Bengal) Famine Area 4
12/22/1943 Goebbels, Goering Buying French Art (Heavy Investments Indicated) 6
12/22/1943 3/4 Ths Page Advertisement: Reichstag Fire Trial Anniversary Committee, Paul Robeson, Chairman-Names Of Sponsors 40
12/23/1943 Kharkov Prepares For Repair Task (Many Pre-War Residents Were Evacuated To Ural Area) 2
12/23/1943 Baltic Issue Sham Moscow Contends 3
12/23/1943 Nazis Threaten Reprisal Trials (For Kharkov Trials) On American And British Fliers (Blame Teheran Decisions For Kharkov Executions) 3
12/23/1943 Reich Calls Boys Of 16 5
12/23/1943 Third Of Frankfurt Razed (By R.A.F.) 5
12/24/1943 Roosevelt Moves To Take Over The Railroads-(Francis Beverley) Biddle Gets Order 1
12/24/1943 Roosevelt Drops ‘New Deal’ For ‘Win-The-War’ Slogan 1
12/24/1943 Tito’s Forces Lack Adequate Supplies-Troops Well Disciplined 4
12/25/1943 Eisenhower Named Commander For Invasion (Of Europe)-Berlin Hit 1
12/25/1943 Neukoelln District (Berlin) Hit (Heavy Toll Of Life) 3
12/25/1943 (Tito) Partisans Stress Ties With Russia 5
12/26/1943 Spur To Tolerance Is Seen By Rabbis-Concordance Of Hanakkah And Christmas Discussed 5
12/26/1943 (Archibald) M’leish Warns On A False Peace 16
12/26/1943 (German) War-Crimes Court Of 35 Judges Seen (By Marcel De Baer, Belgium) 17
12/26/1943 German Massacre Of 15,000 (Kharkov Jews) Detailed (By Sara Sokola, A Former Resident) 19
12/26/1943 Turk Sees Russia Reducing Poland-Mikolajcyk Is Criticized 20
12/26/1943 Pictures: Berlin Today-The Raf Has Reduced The Capital To A Mass Of Rubble And Wrecked Buildings 24
12/26/1943 Polish Frontiers Test Allied Statesmanship (‘Equivocation & Hypocrisy’) E-3
12/26/1943 Something I Can Never Forget-Ilya Ehrenburg Mag. 5
12/27/1943 Battleship Sharnhorst Is Sunk By British Ships 1
12/27/1943 Naples Is Closed As Typhus Spreads-’Off Limits’ To Fifth Army 3
12/27/1943 Goebbels Says Germans Long For End Of The War 6
12/27/1943 (U.S.) Immigrant Curbs Termed Too Strict (By American Jewish Conference) 11
12/27/1943 Full Page Advertisement: Temporary Council On Food For Europe’s Children-Sponsors Listed 15
12/28/1943 Picture: German Soldiers Captured By Tito’s Forces 4
12/28/1943 Bulgaria Warned (By Russia) To Quit The War 4
12/28/1943 Text Of Roosevelt Order Taking Over Railroads-Statement By White House 8
12/28/1943 Wilson Seized Railroads Just 26 Years Ago Today 9
12/28/1943 (Russian-Sponsored Free Germany Committee) Says Hitler Ordered Russian (Kharkov Trial) Massacres 12
12/28/1943 Berlin Is Still Burning-2,000 Bodies Recovered From Ruins Of Raf Attack Friday (Dec. 23, 1943) 12
12/29/1943 Quick Trial Asked In (U.N.) War Guilt Plan 4
12/29/1943 U.S. Leaders To Aid World Education 19
12/30/1943 Strong Raf Force Blasts Berlin-City Burning Again-Much Damage To Workers’ Homes (A La Prof. Lindemann [Lord Cherwell]) 1
12/30/1943 Finnish Atrocities Charged By Russia 2
12/31/1943 2,240 Tons (Of Bombs) Rock Berlin 1
12/31/1943 ‘Dangerous Year’ Seen By Goebbels 4
12/31/1943 Atrocity By Finns Denied By Minister 4
12/31/1943 Tito Partisan Army Of 200,000 Doubted (As To Size-In Western Serbia, Mikhailovitch Had 15,000 Troops) 5
12/31/1943 22 Peace Blunders Are Laid To Wilson (By Prof. Thomas A. Balley, Stanford University) 9
12/31/1943 (John L.) Lewis Paper Hits Roosevelt Slogan (‘Win-The-War’) 9
12/31/1943 Relief Unit (Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) Scored By Jewish Group (American Jewish Conference Says Emergency Committee Does Disservice To Rescue Program) 10
12/31/1943 Fight To Be Waged On Anti-Semitism (By National Conference Of Christians And Jews) 10
12/31/1943 Full Page Advertisement: ‘The Gates Of Palestine Must Not Close In 1944’-American Palestine Committee 11