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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

February 1943
Date Headline Page
02/01/1943 Nazis’ Stalingrad Chief (Von Paulus) Captured (By Russians) 1
02/01/1943 War-Torn Leningrad Returning To Normal (The Fort Is In Ruins) 3
02/01/1943 Labor Mobilization Pushed In Germany-Sauckel And Goebbels Use Every Means To Get Workers 4
02/01/1943 Lehman Discusses Food As A Weapon (At Ort & Union Drive) 6
02/01/1943 (Sumner) Welles Endorses Yugoslav Relief ($2,000,000 Sought) 13
02/01/1943 Emigration Plan (Especially For Jews) After War Asked (By American Jewish Committee) 13
02/02/1943 Superior Power Of The Enemy (Russia) At Stalingrad Stressed (By Germans) 12
02/02/1943 Laval Militia Linked To Nazi Labor Needs 13
02/02/1943 Von Paulus Had Poison For Suicide Germans Say 13
02/02/1943 Negroes Pledge Loyalty-Say First Task Is To Win War 15
02/03/1943 5,489 War Planes Built In December 1
02/03/1943 Russians Liquidate Last Stalingrad Pocket 1
02/03/1943 Nazi War Loss Of 4,000,000 Men Computed From (Smuggled) Insurance Data 1
02/03/1943 Sabotage In Greece Spurs Axis Defense 3
02/03/1943 Picture: Roosevelt, Leahy & Hopkins 5
02/03/1943 Finnish President Appeals To Allies 9
02/03/1943 Mrs. Roosevelt Says War Is To Aid World-Uplift To Our Standards Held Desirable By First Lady 9
02/03/1943 Nazi Atrocities Bared By Red (Guerrilla) Fighter Here; Woman Sailor Tells Of Perils Facing Ships (During Leningrad Siege, Factory Workers Often Stayed At Jobs For Months At A Time) 12
02/03/1943 (Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, Cleveland) Heads Palestine Appeal 37
02/04/1943 Reich In Mourning-For Volga Debacle-Berlin Stunned By Stalingrad Loss Nation Warned Of Peril 1
02/04/1943 Eisenhower Warns Critics Of Our Allies 1
02/04/1943 Hanfstaengl Says Hitler Slew Girl 22 (She ‘Fell In Love With A Jew’) 3
02/04/1943 Goebbels Revives Bolshevist Bogey; Pleads With British To Understand 3
02/04/1943 Beaverbrook Asks More Aid To Soviet-Wants Axis Broken Now 3
02/04/1943 Picture: German Officers Captured At Stalingrad 3
02/04/1943 (Sec. Of State) Hull Praises Red Army 3
02/04/1943 14 Negroes Are Among 57 To Get Army Commissions (In London) 4
02/04/1943 Imperiled Jews (In German-Occupied Territory In Danger Of Massacre) Get Offer Of Aid (From British Parliament) 10
02/04/1943 Morgenthau Advocates Wiping Out Silver Laws 10
02/04/1943 (Prison Association, Albany) Urges More Work For War In Prisons 19
02/04/1943 10-Year Drive Cuts Bias In Textbooks 25
02/05/1943 Russians Split Foe Below Rostov 1
02/05/1943 Mikhailovitch Set To Mobilize 200,000 (Chetnik Partisans Against Germans-A ‘Serbian De Gaulle’) 1
02/05/1943 Nazis Shut Shops In Drive For Men (To Man War Factories) 1
02/05/1943 Fortresses And R. A. F. Raid Reich Around The Clock 1
02/05/1943 Bulgarian Jews (4,500 Children & 500 Adults) Aided (By Palestinian Foundation Fund, Bernard A. Rosenblatt, President-All To Go To Palestine) 2
02/05/1943 Roosevelt Felicitates Stalin On Stalingrad (Text) 3
02/05/1943 Experts Discount Nazi Mark Vii Tank-Seven-Inch Armor Belt 3
02/05/1943 J. E. Davies (Ex-Envoy To Russia) Suggests Hitler May Be Dead 3
02/05/1943 (Herbert Morrison) Looks Into Lenin Insult In England) 3 Giraud Releases 27 Red Ex-Deputies 4
02/05/1943 Hidden Arms Stir Germans In France-British Deliver Weapons (To Underground By Parachute) 5
02/05/1943 Peace Feeler Seen By Axis In Ankara (Turkey) 6
02/05/1943 Advertisement: Army Officers’ Uniforms By Hart Schaffner And Marx 6
02/05/1943 (Guy M.) Gillette Urges Pact On Atlantic Charter 6
02/05/1943 (Sumner Welles) Says Our Mistakes Aided Rise Of Axis 7
02/05/1943 Gen. (William C.) Rose (War Manpower Commission) Predicts Manpower Shortage (In U.S.) 10
02/05/1943 (Sec. Wickard) Asserts Our Food Helps Russia Hold 13
02/05/1943 1,250 Ask Abolition Of Dies Committee (National Federation For Constitutional Liberties) 13
02/05/1943 Ickes Accuses Dies Of ‘Regurgitation’ 13
02/05/1943 Alien Registration Declines 641,396 (Number On Dec., 31 Estimated At 4,280,056) 13
02/05/1943 $10,000 Bail Is Set In (Jewish) Refugee Fraud (One Jew Attempted To Defraud Another In N.Y. Offered To Help Relations In Europe In Kz If He Was Paid Money) 38
02/06/1943 Russian Leaflets Says Nazi Moral Low-’Passport’ Through The Soviet Lines Furnished And Good Treatment Is Promised 2
02/06/1943 Lehman Names Osborne (Office Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation Operations) 7
02/06/1943 (Nazis) Razing Dutch Building 7
02/06/1943 Civilian Labor Drops To 52,400,000 Total-Includes 1,400,000 Still Unemployed In Country 8
02/07/1943 Russians Sweep To Sea Of Azov 1
02/07/1943 Pictures: German Prisoners And Booty Captured At Stalingrad 3
02/07/1943 Stalin’s War Seen In Long Range Aim-Goals In Northeast Asia (Interest In Europe Limited To Baltic) 3
02/07/1943 Axis Parachutists Shot (In Algeria-Dressed As Civilians) 6
02/07/1943 Death Sentence Of Stephan (U.S. Resident Who Helped An Escaped German Officer) Upheld 8
02/07/1943 Yugoslavs Suffer Nazi Reprisals-Mikhailovitch AppealsTo Allies 12
02/07/1943 Briton (Laborite) Opposes Honors For Nazi Fliers Shot Down 12
02/07/1943 German Rail Cars And Trucks In France And Low Countries Smashed-Troops Shot Up (By Planes) 19
02/07/1943 Germany Is Shaken By Her Worst Defeat (Stalingrad-Map) E-4
02/07/1943 Adana Meeting Was A Coup For Both Turks And Allies (U.N.-No Ties To Axis Remain) E-5
02/07/1943 Uncle Sam Is No. 1 Real Estate Man (Large Purchases Of Land By U.S. Government) E-6
02/07/1943 The Regime That Was Formed By Defeat And Despair (Petain & Laval) Book 3
02/08/1943 (U.S.) Shoe Ration Put At 3 Pairs A Year 1
02/08/1943 Reclamation Aids Allies In Mid-East-Weapons, Planes, And Trucks Are Salvaged And Repaired 2
02/08/1943 Matchek Leading Croat Resistance 4
02/08/1943 French Unity Seen In Hating Germans (Smuggled Letter) 4
02/08/1943 American Describes Capture By Germans-Forced To Drive U.S. Truck In Foe’s Tunisia Advance 9
02/08/1943 Picture: The United States Army Nurse In Jerusalem 10
02/08/1943 Roosevelt Hails Boy Scouts In War 10
02/08/1943 Dr. (Henry Sloane) Coffin Urges Us To Persevere In War 11
02/09/1943 Russians Win Kursk 1
02/09/1943 High Dutch Officer Turned Nazi Slain (By Assassins) 1
02/09/1943 Nazis Claim Release Of 100,000 (French) Prisoners-Report Implies 300,000 French Workers Have Gone To Reich 3
02/09/1943 Turkey Is Inclined To Side With Allies 5
02/09/1943 Japanese Complain We (U.S.) Fight Like Devils 6
02/09/1943 Nazi School Books Appear In Norway 9
02/09/1943 Canada Plans Gift Of Billion For War 9
02/09/1943 Federation Is Urged For Central Europe-Pole (Professor Waclaw Lednicki, Cracow) Says Collaboration Between Russia And Poland Is Vital) 10
02/09/1943 Dr. A. Rosenberg-(A Weimar Communist-’Historian Of The Weimar Republic) Dies, 53-Professor Of History At Brooklyn College) Teacher In Exile 23
02/09/1943 Refugee Children Found To Need Aid (By Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, Chairman Of The European Executive Council Of Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 26
02/10/1943 President Orders 48-Hour Week In War Effort-Limited At First 1
02/10/1943 Clothing In Plenty, Needs No Rationing-There Is No Shortage 1
02/10/1943 Russians Take Belgorod 1
02/10/1943 Nazi Bombs Strike 2 British Schools-Two Early-Arriving Children Among Victims 3
02/10/1943 Partisan-Axis Battle On (In Croatia) 4
02/10/1943 Murder Of Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Justified By Lawyer 5
02/10/1943 New Curbs On Jews Seen (In France & Other Occupied Countries) 6
02/10/1943 750,000 Refugees Aided In Ten Years (By United Jewish Appeal-New Homes In Palestine) 7
02/10/1943 Von Paulus Linked To Atrocity Cases (Russian Civilians Sent To Germany Probably As Workers) 9
02/10/1943 Americans Urged To Consider Slavs (By Marcia Davenport, Daughter Of Alma Glueck) Scores Sniping At Russia 23
02/10/1943 (Abe) Lincoln Letter Given Out (Authorized Park Benjamin, A Jew, To Write An Authorized Biography) 23
02/11/1943 Stalingrad Battle Held Classic Feat-Soviet Chief Of Staff Says, Shift From Defensive To Offensive Proves Russians’ Mettle 3
02/11/1943 Marshall Insists On 8,200,000 Army 5
02/11/1943 $6,000 Sent (National Board Of Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization Of America) To Fight Typhus In Palestine (6,000 Jewish Refugee Children Expected Soon In Palestine) 10
02/11/1943 German Plane Marked ‘U.S. Navy’ Helped To Sink An Allied Vessel (In South Atlantic!) 11
02/11/1943 99,000 In Schools To Man Freighters-To Run 2,300 New Vessels 27
02/11/1943 (Henry A.) Wallace Hits Back At Mrs. Luce For Speech; First Lady Joins In, Backs His Global View 40
02/12/1943 To Bleed Germany (Churchill) 1
02/12/1943 (Sumner) Welles Denounces Reich ‘Blackmail’ (Refusal To Exchange U.S. Officials Seized When Diplomatic Ties Were Severed-Apparently Ship Shortage Plays Role) 7
02/12/1943 Dutch Nazi Leader And His Wife Shot (By Assassin) 11
02/12/1943 End Of Citizenship Is Asked For (Fritz) Kuhn (‘Pro-Nazi, Un-American’) 12
02/12/1943 The Grapes Of The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Wrath-Full Page 15
02/13/1943 (Alf) Landon Assails ‘Nazi New Dealers;’ Likens Wallace Aims To Hitler’s 1
02/13/1943 Capture And Escape Of Rommel (By British Officers) Reported 2
02/13/1943 Rumania Proposes Transfer Of (70,000) Jews-Allies Get Plans For Removal Of 70,000 Of The 185,000 Sent To Trans-Dnistria 5
02/13/1943 (Suspected) Belgrade Execution Toll (By Germans) 27,000 Since September 5
02/13/1943 Soviet Opera To Be Staged Here Depicting Titanic Battle Of Don 13
02/13/1943 Churches To Mark Accord Of Races 14
02/13/1943 Christian Rebuke To Hitlerism Seen 14
02/13/1943 (Sumner) Welles Would End Economic Rivalry 24
02/14/1943 Nazis Intensify War Upon Mikhailovitch (And Other Yugoslavs) 4
02/14/1943 Senators Divided On (Sumner) Welles’ Policy (Implementation Of ‘Atlantic Charter’ In The United Nations Immediately) 10
02/14/1943 Camped Japanese (Interned In Camps By U.S.) May Be Dispersed 16
02/14/1943 (Racial & Religious) Hate Movements Viewed As Peril (By Dr. Willard Johnson, Asst. To President Of National Conference Of Christians And Jews) 17
02/14/1943 Reich Women Balk At War Plant Jobs 27
02/14/1943 Senators Question (Rexford) Tugwell In San Juan (Puerto Rico) 28
02/14/1943 Atlantic Charter Blueprints Asked 32
02/14/1943 Church Persecution Continues In Reich (According To Magazine Article) 34
02/14/1943 Germans Say Interned (U.S.) Diplomats (From France) Must Await Ship Space 35
02/14/1943 Tyranny Of Nazis In Warsaw Shown (In ‘Tale Of A City,’ An Owi Propaganda Pamphlet) 37
02/14/1943 Execution ‘Speed-Up’ Seen-Germans Reported Pushing Execution Of Jews (Seen By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 37
02/14/1943 Strategy For 1943-As Seen By Roosevelt And Churchill (No Mention Of Persian Gulf Command-Mentions Burma Road) E-1
02/14/1943 What Will We Desire At Peace Conference? (Roosevelt & Knox) E-3
02/14/1943 Cartoon: Vulture In German Officer’s Cap Sitting On A Sign-’I Am Protecting Europe From Bolshevism.’ E-3
02/14/1943 Luftwaffe Must Fight It Out Soon E-5
02/14/1943 ‘Women Workers Of The Russian Miracle’ By Ralph Parker Mag. 18
02/14/1943 Where The Storm Broke, Strzetelski, Stanislaw, Roy Slavonic Publications, N.Y. 1943-’The Execution Of A Nation’ Book 9
02/15/1943 Rostov And Voroshilovgrad Recaptured (By Russians) 1
02/15/1943 Dutch Assassinate 3D Mussert Aid 1
02/15/1943 Group Here Aids Stranded Rabbis (Vaad Hahatala, An Emergency Committee To Help Yeshiva Scholars) 3
02/15/1943 Disease Rising In Reich-Yugoslavia Swept By Spotted Fever, British Report 3
02/15/1943 Sports Banned By Reich In Move For ‘Total War’ 5
02/15/1943 (Dr. Allan Knight) Chalmers (Broadway Congregational Tabernacle) Attacks Race Discrimination 10
02/16/1943 Rommel Breaks U.S. Lines In Tunisia-Americans Retire 1
02/16/1943 Plague Hits Nazi Army-Reich Radio Tells Of Epidemic 4
02/16/1943 Nazis Report Havoc By Croatian ‘Rebels’ 6
02/16/1943 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Praises Russians In War 6
02/16/1943 (Czech Envoy) Would Punish Nazi Chiefs-Says Failure To March On Berlin In ‘18 Was Error (Dr. Jan Papanek) 7
02/16/1943 Nazis Shift 30,000 Jews (From Czestochova To Rawa-Russka-Some For Execution, Some To Work On Fortifications) 7
02/16/1943 Baroness Maria Stjernstedt Formed Organization In Sweden To Send Jewish Children From Europe To Palestine 7
02/16/1943 Vichy To Conscript Youths For Labor 8
02/16/1943 Dutch Nazis Carry Arms To Curb Patriot (Terrorist) Attacks 9
02/16/1943 (Fur Industry) Gives $250,000 To Relief (To Office Of Foreign Relief And Rehabilitation For Operations, Headed By Herbert Lehman) 14
02/17/1943 Russians Win Kharkov, Push Past Rostov 1
02/17/1943 Kharkov, A Symbol Of Modern Russia-Beauty Marred By Nazis 2
02/17/1943 Reich Vulnerable In Oil Of Rumania-Caucasian Source Lost 3
02/17/1943 Giraud Admits Jews To Combatant Units 3
02/17/1943 Assassins Attack 4th Mussert Aide 6
02/17/1943 President Chides Congress On Thrift-Says He Is Economizer 14
02/18/1943 Masaryk Demands Invasion Of Reich 3
02/18/1943 Pro-Nazi Police Head Is Slain In Brussels 4
02/19/1943 (Viscount) Simon Bars Escape Of (German) War Criminals 10
02/19/1943 (Moss) Hart To Direct Pageant Dialogue (By Ben Hecht, ‘We Will Never Die,’ ‘The Mass Memorial And Pageant Commemorating The Massacre Of 2,000,000 Jews In Europe’-Supervised By Billy Rose At Madison Square Garden, March 9-Kurt Weill Composer) 22
02/20/1943 Aid To Soviets Put At 2,900,000 Tons (By Stettinius)-No Ship Loss In 2 Months 2
02/20/1943 Russians, Yugoslavs Open Talks On Unity-Concessions To Win Soviet Backing For Mikhailovltch Hinted (No Mention Of Tito) 2
02/20/1943 Steinhardt Speeds Russo-Turkish Pact 3
02/20/1943 Nazis Said To Push Boys To The Front 6
02/20/1943 ‘Sabotage’ Razes Danish War Plant 6
02/20/1943 1,228 (Jewish) Refugees (From Poland-859 Children & 369 Adults Win Palestine Haven-Arrive After 3 Years Via Russia, Iran & India) 6
02/20/1943 Neutral (Swedish) Prelates Attack Nazi Hate-Christian Duty Stressed-Help For Persecuted Jews Urged 9
02/21/1943 Russians Win Krasnograd 1
02/21/1943 Nazis Said To Revive Polish Persecutions (Suppression Of Catholicism) 3
02/21/1943 (Dr. Guy Stanton Ford, Editor Of American Historical Review) Warns Of Dangers Of Peace Sabotage 6
02/21/1943 6 More Nazi Aliens Seized In Week-End 8
02/21/1943 Nazi Units In Greece Seen Going To Russia-Swedish Seaman Reports Allies Flying Aid To (Greek) Guerrillas 12
02/21/1943 Factories In Reich Combed For Troops 12
02/21/1943 Picture: Kharkov 14
02/21/1943 Ukrainian Assails Demands By (London) Poles 14
02/21/1943 Alexander Terms-Soviet Aid ‘Solid’ (6,200 Tanks, 5,600 Planes, 85,000 Trucks From Oct. 1, 1941 To Dec. 31, 1942) 14
02/21/1943 Kharkov Victory (By Russians) Hailed-Evacuated Tractor Workers Celebrate In Siberia (From ‘Somewhere In Siberia’) 14
02/21/1943 British Say Germans Are Short Of Aircraft; Team-Up Of Planes With U-Boats Seen Ended 18
02/21/1943 Danish Saboteurs Wreck Nazi Plants 20
02/21/1943 Cartoon:-Cripples Standing In Formation-’Reserves, Mein Fuehrer, For The Spring Easter Offensive’ (One Of The Meanest I’ve Seen. The Cripples Did Pretty Well When They Retook Kharkov Against Overwhelming Odds) E-3
02/22/1943 Kharkov Citizens Slain (2,000 As Hostages By Germans-Russian Report) 2
02/22/1943 Eden Stresses Tie To Soviet In War-Have Agreed On Basis For Peace Collaboration 4
02/22/1943 Ex-Cannibals Our Allies (Against Japanese) 5
02/22/1943 Mexico Will Send No Soldiers Abroad-Country’s Duty Is Confined To Production (Comacho Statement) 5
02/22/1943 How Germans Took Pass At Kasserine 8
02/22/1943 Vichy ‘Abolishes’ Demarcation Line (For Everyone But Jews) 10
02/22/1943 ‘Synagogue’ View Of Peace Is Given 10
02/22/1943 Sikorski (London Polish Premier) Charges Plot By Russians (Against Poles) 13
02/22/1943 4,000,000 Drafted In 5-Month Period 34
02/23/1943 No 2Nd Front Yet, Stalin Notes; Says Germans Lost 9 Million 1
02/23/1943 German Workers Tired 2
02/23/1943 Red Army Likened (By Sen. Elbert D. Thomas) To (American) Continentals 3
02/23/1943 Ussr Guarantees Old Czech Borders 3
02/23/1943 Slaughter Of 20,000 (Civilians By Germans) Reported By Rostov (By Russians ‘Thousands Of Jews Butchered’) 4
02/23/1943 Latin America To Get Our Old War Plants (We Will Grant Credits For Payment) 6
02/24/1943 Protest Is Staged By Palestine Jewry-Immediate Aid For Co-Religionists In Occupied Europe Urged (Alleges They Are Being Slaughtered Mercilessly In Poland) 6
02/24/1943 War Drives German Debt Up To 203 Billion Marks 12
02/25/1943 Rommel Reels Back Pounded By Planes; Armor Shattered 1
02/25/1943 Hitler In Warning-Occupied Countries Must Give More Aid To Nazis-Pledges Merciless War 1
02/25/1943 Peace Feeler By Finns Reported; Via Sweden 1
02/25/1943 R. A. F. Bomb Total Put At 100,000 Tons-Figure Covers Only Bomber Command’s Work Since War Began (Since Sept. 3, 1939-More Than Half Dropped In Last 12 Months) 3
02/25/1943 Text Of Hitler’s Speech (On Germany’s Difficulties) 4
02/25/1943 Nazis Fail To Halt Czech’s Sabotage 5
02/25/1943 25 Poles Executed In Bialystok Region-Germans Shoot Many In France, Norway And Belgium 5
02/25/1943 (Cordell) Hull Reiterates His Belief France Lacks Government (He Recognizes No Legal French Government) 6
02/25/1943 Churchill Refuses To Release Gandhi 8
02/25/1943 War Seen Bettering Latin (-U.S.) Understanding-Press Has A Vital Role 8
02/25/1943 Dark Future Seen For Europe’s Jews (By Moshe Shertok, Of The Jewish Agency For Palestine-Wants 2,000,000 Jews Settled In Palestine & A Jewish Military Force-No Mention Of Germans Killing Jews) 10
02/25/1943 Movie: ‘Hitler’s Children’ A Fictionized Version Of ‘Education For Death’-(Rko Picture) 27
02/25/1943 Americans Take Kasserine Gap-Rommel Retreats 1
02/25/1943 (German) Mark Vi Tanks Met By Brooklyn Scorn 3
02/26/1943 Poles Tell Soviets Old Border Stands 4
02/26/1943 Nazi Administrator Is Killed By Belgians (Dr. Wolfgang Glad-British Aviators Possibly Involved) 4
02/26/1943 Pictures: Allied Convoy To Russia Attacked For Eight Days By Nazi Bombers And Submarines 5
02/26/1943 2 (Polish Jews) Reported Put To Death (By Soviets In Dec., 1941-Socialist Leaders, Henrich Ehrlich & Victor Alter-Reported By Jewish Labor Committee See Later Entries) 5
02/26/1943 Picture: During An R. A. F. Raid Over Holland (Henglo-Hazemeyer Electrical And Mechanical Equipment Supply Plant Doing Work For Germans) 7
02/26/1943 M’nutt Pins Hope On ‘Woman Power’ (18 Million Women Will Be In War Jobs This Year) 10
02/26/1943 Full Page Advertisement: Jewish Organizations-Alleges Murder Of Jew By Germans At ‘Vernichtungsstellen’-All But 3 Million Jews Already Killed-’Come To Madison Square Garden On Monday Evening, March 1St. Give Them Sanctuary.’ 14
02/26/1943 Brotherhood (Between Christians & Jews) In U.S. Is Held To Be Near (By Rev. Willard Johnson, Asst. To President Of The National Conference Of Christians & Jews) 37
02/27/1943 Rommel Flees Kasserine Region 1
02/27/1943 (Sumner) Welles Says Now Is Time For Allies To Fix Peace Aims (Text P. 6) 1
02/27/1943 Yemen Is Reported Seizing Axis Nationals; Arab Ruler Silences Pro-Nazi Broadcasts 4
02/27/1943 (Regular) Reich Army Absorbs Elite Guard (Waffen Ss) Section 4
02/27/1943 Picture: The First Lady Donates To Russian War Relief 15
02/28/1943 Yugoslav Unity Sought In Parleys; Mikhailovitch Asks Partisans Aid (Partisans Administered By ‘Tito’ Known ‘Civilly’ As Ivan Ribor, Mentioned) 1
02/28/1943 (U.S.) War Doctors Face Problem In (Medicine) Supply 5
02/28/1943 Reich Said To Plan Drastic Press Cut-Two-Thirds Of Papers Face Nazi Ban 10
02/28/1943 Vichy Extends Anti-Jewish Law (Half-Jews To Be Treated As Jews) 10
02/28/1943 Total Nazi Executions Are Put At 3,400,000; Poland, With 2,500,000 Victims, Tops List (From Inter-Allied Information Committee Of The United Nations 1,000,000 Jews Died Or Were Permitted To Die By Germans In Poland Deaths Never Revealed By Gestapo) 12
02/28/1943 Nazis Study Peril Of Allies’ Output (Of War Material-Speer) Foreign Workers Lagging (Peace With Russia Not Without Possibility) 12
02/28/1943 Messages Still Sent All Over The World-Red Cross Handles Brief Notes Everywhere Except In Russia (International Red Cross Agreed To Investigate The Massacre At Katyn!) 13
02/28/1943 Mgr. Ryan (Washington Director Of Catholic Welfare Conference) For Death For Leaders Of Axis 17
02/28/1943 Mexican Prelate (Mgr. Luis Maria Martinez) Backs (President Avilo Comacho’s) War Aims 20
02/28/1943 Reich Funded Debt Soars-Increases 7 Billion Marks In Last Quarter Of 1942 20
02/28/1943 British Approve (Sumner) Welles’ (Ideas On Post-War Planning) 30
02/28/1943 Kharkov 60% Ruined By Nazi Occupants-Russians Find Only Shell Of-City With But 300,000 (-350,000) People (Of Original 900,000-1,000,000 Inhabitants-See Feb. 21 Entry) 32
02/28/1943 War Seen Making New Teacher Tasks-(Dr. Arthur S. Roberts) Stresses Reorientation Of Young-New Social Responsibility 35
02/28/1943 450,000 Negroes In Army-60,000 Are Serving Overseas-Full Air Squadron Is Ready 39
02/28/1943 Anti-Fascists To Meet (The Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee-Spanish ‘Republicans’ & Others) 41
02/28/1943 7 Enemy Aliens Held In 64 Search Raids (½ Ton Of Axis Propaganda Seized) 46
02/28/1943 Picture: Paul Muni To Be Speaker At Madison Square Garden Pro-Jewish Rally, March 9, 1943-’We Will Never Die’ X-2
02/28/1943 Cartoon: ‘The Wolf Crying Wolf’-(‘I Weep When I Think Of What Those Hated Russians Will Do To Europe’) E-3
02/28/1943 How Can We Lick Inflation’ Mag. 1
02/28/1943 Hitler’s Hatchet Man (Heinrich Himmler) Mag. 12, 13, 36