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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

May 1943
Date Headline Page
05/01/1943 Army Will Start Seizures (Of Coal Mines) In Coal Zones At 10 Am. 1
05/01/1943 (Gen. Erwin) Rommel Lost 100,000 In 2 Years In Africa (20,000 Killed) 1
05/01/1943 Nazi Resort To (War) Gas Seen 4
05/01/1943 Dutch Ex-Soldiers Told (By London Radio-Bbc) To Defy Nazis 5
05/01/1943 No Polish Regime In Russia Planned-Sikorski (United Nations-Appointed) Government (-In-Exile) Lets Katyn (Massacre) Matter Drop-Compromise Offer Revealed-Soviet Scorn Expressed 8
05/01/1943 Yugoslavs (Mikhailovitch Guerrillas) Admit War On (‘Tito,’ Russian-Supported) Partisans (No Mention Of ‘Tito’ At This Point-Gen. Mikhailovitch Would Probably Cooperate With The Partisans If So Ordered By London) 8
05/01/1943 Palestine As Symbol Acclaimed By Hoover (At United Palestine Appeal) 9
05/01/1943 Roosevelt Urges New Law In World (To American Society Of International Law-Apparently As Opposed To Existing International Law) 20
05/02/1943 Roosevelt Seizes All Struck Coal Mines; Troops To Guard Returning Men (Miners) If Needed-Ickes Gets Power To Operate Mines 1
05/02/1943 Democracy Held Aid In Total War (By Chemist, Dr. Vannevar Bush, Office Of Scientific Research) 6
05/02/1943 Moral Law Held Key To Durable Peace (By Catholic Association For International Peace) 7
05/02/1943 (Sumner) Welles Sees Procope (Of Finland) 11
05/02/1943 Schools In Soviet Keyed To War Aims-Martial Note Stressed 13
05/02/1943 Press In Moscow Hails Allied Unity (No Mention Of Sikorski, Polish Government-In-Exile Or Katyn Massacre) 14
05/02/1943 Palestine Issue Is Held Ignored-Dr. Silver Says (U.S.) Government ‘Detours’ (Jewish) Homeland Question Into Refugee Parleys (E. G. ‘Bermuda Conference’)-Asks Acts, Not Sympathy 17
05/02/1943 World Peace Plan Backed By (74%) Public 25
05/02/1943 U.S. Won’t Act For Poles-Question Of Representation In Russia (On Katyn Massacre Of Poles) Still Unsettled 32
05/02/1943 Day Of Compassion Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-Jews’ Lot Grows Worse-(Rabbi Herbert S.) Goldstein Says Nazi Intend To Destroy Them 48
05/02/1943 Russo-Polish Quarrel (Katyn Massacre) Involves Other Allies E-3
05/02/1943 German Manpower Is Past Its Peak E-4
05/02/1943 Soviet-Polish Rift (Katyn Massacre) Laid To Nazi Guile E-5
05/03/1943 (John L.) Louis (President Of United Mine Workers) Bows To Request Of President (Roosevelt) To Keep Miners At Work 1
05/03/1943 100,000 Negro Miners Urged Back To Work (450,000 In Armed Forces) 4
05/03/1943 Palestine Parley Bids U.S. Intercede (With Britain) 5
05/03/1943 Tenth Of U.S. Food Shipped To Allies (List) 5
05/03/1943 Nazis Said To Seek Soviet Conscripts (From Among Russian POW) 8
05/03/1943 All Poland Fights In Secret Groups-Exiled (London Gov’t.) Reveals It Set Up Underground System Three Years Ago (See Karski [Alias Kozielewski], Jan, Story Of A Secret State Also ‘Karski Report,’ Hoover Institution Archives, Stamford, Calif.)-All (Polish) Resistance Unified 10
05/03/1943 Poland Applauded By British Chiefs-Polish Envoy Leaves (Russian Territory) Today 10
05/03/1943 Victims Of Hitler In Poland Honored (By N.Y. State Conference Of Polish Clubs) 11
05/03/1943 Britain Scored On Jews (By Protestants At Carnegie Hall Celebrating The Day Of Compassion For The Jewish Victims Of Nazi Atrocities-5,000,000 Jews In Europe Should Be Allowed Entry Into Palestine-Furious Over Lack Of Achieving Goals At Bermuda Conference) 12
05/03/1943 Group (Investors) To Prepare War Loot Claims (Against Axis) 25
05/04/1943 Stalin Seen Binding Allies In Close Tie (Attempt To Counteract Distrust And Dislike Of Stalin Resulting From The Katyn Massacre Of Some 15,000 Polish Officers And Cadets By Gpu) 1
05/04/1943 Picture: Von Bock, Milch, Himmler, Doenitz, Keitel, Goering, And Hitler At Zeughaus For Heroes’ Day Celebration 3
05/04/1943 Pole (Jan Stanczyk) Urges Moscow To Release 800,000 (To 900,000 Captive Polish POW In Russia) 5
05/04/1943 Bulgaria Assassins Kill Ex-Police Chief (Col. Athenas Ponteff) 6
05/04/1943 430,000 Belgians In Reich 7
05/04/1943 To 5,000,000 Jews In The Nazi Death Trap, Bermuda (Conference) Was A ‘Cruel Mockery’-Committee For A Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews (Guess For What Purpose!) 17
05/05/1943 War Output Near To Top Most Peaks 1
05/05/1943 Nazis To Punish Kin Of Troops Who Quit (Order Allegedly Captured In Tunisia) 3
05/05/1943 War Gift Parcels Facing New Curbs 6
05/05/1943 1939 Soviet Plebiscite In Poland Declared Farce By (Polish) Air Officer (With R.A. F.) 10
05/05/1943 Army Reclaims Its ‘Black Sheep’-(Through) Modern Psychology 48
05/06/1943 Stalin For A Strong Free Poland-Soviet Premier Offers Tie With Poland After War 1&4
05/06/1943 (Gen. Wladislaw) Sikorski (Polish ‘London’ Premier Of Government-In-Exile) Tempers Praise (Of Stalin) Message 4
05/06/1943 Stalin Is Trying To Alter (United Nations) Reaction (To Katyn Affair) 4
05/06/1943 (Elmer) Davis (U.S. Gov’t. Office Of War Information) Warns Nation Of Axis Propaganda-’Phony Stories’ (Such As Katyn Massacre) Designed (Presumably By Germans) To Stir (United Nations) Dissention, He Says 4
05/06/1943 4 Nazi Leaders Slain (By Assassins) In Occupied Europe 4
05/06/1943 Eisenhower Tells Clark He Will Make U.S. Proud 5
05/06/1943 Another Name (Bolivia) Is Added To United Nations Declaration (Picture) 8
05/06/1943 Improvement Seen In Race (Racial) Relations 10
05/06/1943 (Enemy) Alien Assets Frozen Total 7 Billion (Alien Property Custodian) 11
05/06/1943 Post-War Relief (‘UNRRA’) In Agreement Form-(Herbert) Lehman May Head It-Conference Will Follow (At Least 70,000,000 Refugees In Europe) 20
05/07/1943 Wife Is With (Rudolf Hess) Labor M. P. Implies 1
05/07/1943 Refugee Parley Advertisement (For Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews) Criticized In Senate (By Scott Lucas, Ill.-Claims Names Used Without Permission Implying Their Support For The Movement) 3
05/07/1943 (Cordell) Hull To Discuss Post-War Issues 5
05/07/1943 (Senator Robertson, Wyoming) Says We ‘Pamper’ (Japanese-American) Internees In West 5
05/07/1943 War Opponent Sent To Bellevue Ward-Artist, 24, Untamed By Prison 5
05/07/1943 (Committee On American History) Suggests Reforms In History Classes 6
05/07/1943 Battle Is Reported In Warsaw’s Ghetto (‘The Jews Fighting Againstannihilation By The Nazis’-Since April 20, 1943-[Germans Under Gen. Juergen Stroop]) 7
05/07/1943 U.S. Seen (By Australian) As Guide When War Ends 8
05/07/1943 Post-War Issues Put To Roosevelt 8
05/07/1943 Isolation Seen As Post-War Peril (By Dr. George Dinsmore Stoddard, N.Y. State Commissioner Of Education, At City College [N. Y. C.] Speech) 21
05/07/1943 Army Bars (Actor) Orson Welles (Draft Classification, 2-B)-He Ignores Draft Deferment-(Back Injuries, Bronchial Asthma And Arthritis) 21
05/08/1943 (Ambassador Joseph) Davis (Replacing Ambassador Admiral William Standley As U.S. Ambassador To Russia) Will Carry (Secret) Roosevelt Letter (To Joseph Stalin) 1
05/08/1943 President (Roosevelt) Says Old Bolivian Loan (Made During Coolidge Era) Was (U.S.) Exploitation (Of Bolivia), He Repudiates (Loan) 1
05/08/1943 Victory (In North Africa For United Nations) Will Free 30,000 Tunis Jews-Another 1,300 In Bizerte 3
05/08/1943 Berlin Warns (German) Public Of End In Tunisia 3
05/08/1943 Guenther Defends (U.S.) Policy In Sweden (To Keep Sweden Out Of War) 4
05/08/1943 (Actor, Clark) Gable Enjoys First (Air) Raid (Over Germany As An Observer) In Attack On Antwerp (Holland) 4
05/08/1943 ‘Patched-Up’ Plans For Peace Decried-Professor Borgese (University Of Chicago) Says More Than Readoption Of Old Formulas Will Be Needed (For New Peace) 4
05/08/1943 (U.S.) Tobacco For Prisoners (-Of-War)-Cigarettes May Be Sent To Germany And Italy Under New Plan (Every 2 Months; Announced By War Production Board) 4
05/08/1943 Russian Resume Attacks On (London,) Poles (Government-In-Exile [Sikorski] Appointed By Western United Nations Governments-Katyn Massacre Again) 6
05/08/1943 Texts Of Russian Charges Against (‘London’) Poles And Of Their Reply (On Katyn Massacre) 6
05/08/1943 (Andrey) Vishinsky Charges Disconcert (‘London’) Poles-Sikorsky Tempers Reply 6
05/08/1943 (Archbishop Of) Canterbury Agrees With Jews’ Appeal-Confers With Rabbi (Irving) Miller On Plan To List World Havens 6
05/08/1943 Unity For (Formation Of) Peace Is Called Vital (By Mrs. Linville K. Martin, Junior League Of America)-Dr. (George N.) Schuster (Hunter College) Asks Agreement On Broad Principles For Post-War Period 10
05/09/1943 Axis Planes Offer Little Opposition (To U.S. Planes In The Mediterranean Theater) 1
05/09/1943 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Assails Young Reds Here (At Y. W. C. A.-Called Methods Of Young Communist League ‘Intolerable’) 1
05/09/1943 Soviet Says (‘Moscow’) Poles Will Aid Red Army (Soviet Solution To Katyn Massacre, Finally Accepted By Full United Nations) 1
05/09/1943 (Study Of) Humanities Urged As Armor Of War (By Prof. Mumford-Sponsored By Stanford University And Rockefeller Foundation) 8
05/09/1943 (Committee For Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews) Answers (Ill. Senator, Scott) Lucas Criticism (See May 7, 1943, P. 3) 9
05/09/1943 Return To Truths Of Religion Seen (By Rev. Gerald G. Walsh, Fordham University)-Cooperation Is Predicted 12
05/09/1943 Alien Seized Here As 1914 Plotter-Admits He Was Hired By Franz Von Papen To Blow Up The (Canadian) Welland Canal-30 Other Germans Taken 14
05/09/1943 Trade Pacts Vital (Sumner) Welles Declares-To Avoid Another War 17
05/09/1943 (Herbert) Lehman Describes Allied (‘United Nations’) Relief Plan-Supplies Are Prepared To Help 600,000 Civilians, With (U.S.) Army Running Early Stages-Ready To Assist Tunisia (‘UNRRA’) 19
05/09/1943 (Vice Pres. Henry Agard) Wallace Is Cited By Teacher Group(‘Association Of Teachers Of Social Studies’) Has Contributed Most To The Social Studies Annual Poll Of Association Says 21
05/09/1943 Russians Rebuild West Of Moscow-Evacuees From Front Areas Are Put To Work On Farms, Short Of Labor Since ‘41 (When Russia Instituted Its ‘Scorched Earth’ Policy Against The Invading Germans) 26
05/09/1943 Stalingrad Is Rising From Her Wreckage-Moscow Reports 50,000 Square Yards Of Housing Rebuilt 27
05/09/1943 Ural Industries Grow (Steel-Nizhni Saldinsk, Novo Tagil And Kuznetsk) 29
05/09/1943 Goebbels Turns Fire On ‘Jewish Problem’ (In Das Reich-Deals With Anti-Semitism As Practiced By Members Of The United Nations And The Katyn Massacre) 34
05/09/1943 Negro Press Asks Inquiry-Wants Elmer Davis (Office Of War Information) To Make Survey Of Racial Bias (In U.S.) 43
05/10/1943 Roosevelt Extols Leaders In Tunisia-French Troops Saluted 3
05/10/1943 Head Of Gestapo In Poland (General Wilhelm Krueger, Reported) Killed (By 3 Poles Dressed In German Uniforms-’The Heydrich Of Poland’-Report Denied By Germans-Story Similar To Earlier Heydrich Assassination In Czechoslovakia-Assassins Reported To Have Escaped) 4
05/10/1943 Nazis Reported (By British) Planning To Destroy Greece If Driven Out In An Allied Balkan Invasion 5
05/10/1943 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson (Chief U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg) Urges Us To Watch (‘Follow’) Leaders 6
05/10/1943 Greek Guerrillas Attack (Germans In Mount Olympus Area) 6
05/10/1943 Reich Curbs Litigation (Volume Because Of Manpower Shortage) 6
05/10/1943 Rosenwald Fund Issues 60 Awards-22 Of The 39 Fellowships In The SouthTo Negroes 16
05/10/1943 Student Unit (At Y. W. C. A.) Bars Reds And Fascists 21
05/11/1943 Enemy (Germany) Gets His First Taste Of (U.S.) ‘Unconditional Surrender’ (Germans Surrender In North Africa-Germans Out Of Supplies-Primarily Gasoline) 1
05/11/1943 Hitler Emphasizes Hardships In East 1
05/11/1943 Axis Lost 750,000 Men In Africa Campaign 3
05/11/1943 German Meat Ration Cut (From 300 G. To 250 G.) As Swiss Goes Up 3
05/11/1943 Krueger Slaying Denied (By Germans) 3
05/11/1943 (Professor Rheinhold) Niebuhr Urges Pity For Foe After War 4
05/11/1943 Nazis Destroying Evidence (Cbs Reports From Bbc-Report Of Files Brought From Poland To Berlin-’Potocki Papers?’) 4
05/11/1943 Text Of Hitler Appeal (For Donations Of Clothing To Wehrmacht Through The German Red Cross-Clothing Needed On Eastern Front) 5
05/11/1943 Halifax Appeals For (‘Continued’) Future Unity (Of Wartime Coalition) 12
05/11/1943 (German) Book Burning (10 Years Earlier) Marked By 1,000 At (N.Y. C. Public Library) 19
05/12/1943 Flow Of (German) Captives (POW) Taxes First (U.S.) Army (In North Africa) 1
05/12/1943 Picture: Mr. Churchill Back In Washington For War Talks 1
05/12/1943 President (Roosevelt) Says Our Plane Output Exceeds That Of Rest Of World (And In 1988, It Still Does) 1
05/12/1943 (Col.) Elliott Roosevelt Wins The Air Medal In;Africa 2
05/12/1943 Nazis Slay Dutch Under Martial Law 3
05/12/1943 British Reject Plans For Feeding Europe 4
05/12/1943 Nazi Raid On England Kills 12 A. T. S. Girls; R. A. F. Strikes At Foes’ Bases And Shipping 8
05/12/1943 $85,000 Raised By (United Jewish) Appeal (‘A Criminal Mistake To Say Nothing Could Be Done For Jews In Axis-Ruled Territory’-Continuing Fury Over Failure Of Bermuda Jewish Conference To Provide What They Wished) 11
05/12/1943 (Reporter) Asserts Wra Camp (In Wyoming, Hear Mountain Center) Coddles Japanese 12
05/12/1943 Owi (Office Of War Information) Will Expand Short-Wave Radio 13
05/12/1943 President (Roosevelt) Refuses To Let (‘Abe’) Fortas (Under-Secretary Of Interior Under Ickes) Quit (So He Can Be Drafted) 21
05/12/1943 Advertisement, About 2/3Ds Page: ‘They Too Have A Right To Live.’-Gigantic Youth Rally, Madison Square Garden, June 6, 1943-Children Of All Races And Creeds-Sponsored By Committee Of Rally Of Hope, Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein Chairman-Names Of Supporters 21
05/12/1943 Owi (Office Of War Information) Bids Blondes Keep Their Tresses-Need For (Human) Hair In War Production Is More Than Met 222
05/13/1943 Tunisian Resistance Ends In Rout Of Germans; Gen. Von Arnim And 150,000 Men Captured-Von Arnim Is Biggest Prize Of All 1
05/13/1943 Wpb (War Production Board) Rules (Existing) Plants Ample To Beat Axis 1
05/13/1943 Axis Prisoners (German And Italian POW From North African Campaign) Slated To Work In U.S. 3
05/13/1943 Axis-Held Nations Hit (By U.S.) Patents Policy-(Nations) Urge Royalties In Trust 4
05/13/1943 Britain Will Debate Refugee Problems-Dissatisfaction With (Jewish) Bermuda (Conference) Results Viewed As Likely 4
05/13/1943 Final Axis Collapse (In North Africa) Laid To (German) Lack Of Fuel 4
05/13/1943 Picture: Col. General Dietloff Von Arnim (As United Nations Prisoner Of War) 5
05/13/1943 U.S. Will Auction 285 Alien Concerns (Such As General Aniline And Film, Schering, And Buffalo Electro Chemicals Corp’n.,-Names Of Other Given-One-Half Billion Dollar Value-Action Begun By Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Later Taken Over By Leo T. Crowley) 5
05/13/1943 Dearth Of (Railway Locomotive) Engines Curbs Nazi Traffic-Saboteurs (And Strafing U.N. Airplanes) Help Greatly 6
05/13/1943 Text Of Reich Catholic Bishops Protest (Against NSDAP At Fulda Conference) 8
05/13/1943 Poles In Russia (‘Moscow Poles’) Seek Improved Relations (With Russia, In Walna Polska, Published In Moscow) 9
05/13/1943 Moscow Says Nazis Enslaved (Hundreds Of Thousands Of) Civilians (A Molotoff Report) 9
05/13/1943 Post-War Power Of Press Foreseen (By David Hinshaw, Vice President Of Institute Of Public Relations-’Can Do More Than Bombs To Cut Bureaucracy’ 10
05/13/1943 Army To Buy Books In Lots Of 50,000 18
05/14/1943 Rioting Reported In Berlin (By Swedish Source) 1
05/14/1943 Allies (United Nations) Decide To Deal In Europe Only With Military Commanders (Not Heads Of Governments!) 1
05/14/1943 Von Arnim Refused Surrender Terms-Captured By Indian Troops 3
05/14/1943 Soviet To Punish German Slavers-Many Outrages Listed (By Molotov Report-Preceded Herbert C. Pell Report) 9
05/14/1943 ‘Prelude To War’ (U.S. Army Orientation [‘Propaganda’] Film) Shown To Public-Explains Why We Fight 16
05/15/1943 Mightiest U.S.Attacks Assail Kiel And Dutch Antwerp Factories-R. A. F. By Night Looses 3,000 Tons On Berlin, Ruhr, Czech Targets 1
05/15/1943 (Pierre) Laval Said To Allow (French) Martinique To Yield (To U.S. Forces) 1
05/15/1943 Goebbels Sees Reich Facing Biggest Risks-Germany Must Hold Greatest Gains In History, He Says 5
05/15/1943 Nazis Confiscate Estate-American-Born Wife Of Hanged Aide Accused Of Communism (Mr. Mildred Harnack Nee Fish, Born In Milwaukee-Husband Hanged Earlier In 1943) 5
05/15/1943 All Warsaw Jews Held ‘Liquidated’ (By Rabbi Irving Miller-Ghetto Insurrection Put Down By Gen. Jurgen Stroop) 6
05/15/1943 U-Boat Peril Less, Stark Discloses 6
05/15/1943 Szmul Zygielbojm (Polish-Jewish Socialist Feeding ‘Information’ Received From Poland By Sikorski Polish Government-In-Exile To London Newspapers Etc., Confrere Of [W. J. Donovan’s] Office Of Strategic Services Agent, Arthur J. Goldberg-Dies, A Suicide (In London Report Of Death Delayed!)-Leaves Note-Depressed Because Of Lack Of Inaction (At Bermuda Jewish Conference) To Save Polish Jews-Family Reported Killed In Warsaw Ghetto) 15
05/16/1943 Biggest U.S. Raids Pound Emden (Holland) 1
05/16/1943 Meat Vanishing; No Relief Is Seen For 2 Months Here (New York City) 1
05/16/1943 Afghanistan Sees Isolation Ending; Primitive Land Awaits War Role (On Side Of United Nations) 1
05/16/1943 New Set-Up Urged For Education-’Redesign’ Of System Needed (According To Dean William F. Russel, Teachers’ College, Columbia University) 12
05/16/1943 (Pro-United Nations General) Giraud (French Algerian) Deserters (Fliers) Killed In France (By Assassins) 4
05/16/1943 U.S. Help In Reviving (Jewish French) Crimieux Law (Decrees) Asked (French Exiles Visit Sumner Welles-Crimieux Was A French Jewish Official Of The Revolutionary Period In France Who Promulgated These Decrees For His Brethren) 4
05/21/1943 Fast R. A. F. Planes (Mosquito [Australian] Bombers) Raid Berlin Again (65th Such Raid)-A 3-Hour Alert In Reich (Mosquito Bombers Carried Out The First ‘British’ Bombing Raid On Berlin) 5
05/21/1943 Germany Fighting War Of Man-Hours (Critical Lack Of Manpower) 6
05/21/1943 U.S. Germans Fear (Post-War) Splitting Of Reich-Federal System (Of Government For Germany [As In U.S.!]) Debated 7
05/21/1943 Work Camps Set Up For Axis Captives (In U.S.-On Sec. Of Army Stimson’s Orders) 8
05/21/1943 Isolationist Views Seen Waning In U.S. (By Latin-American Journalists-Say We Are Liked Better) 8
05/21/1943 A. F. L. Hit 6 States On ‘Fascist’ Laws 11
05/21/1943 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Calls For Better World 12
05/21/1943 (Pearl Buck) Urges Exclusion (Of Asians From U.S. Immigration Quotas) Repeal 40
05/22/1943 Staffs Reach Strategy Decisions; Roosevelt, Churchill Study Them 1
05/22/1943 Jews Last Stand (In Warsaw Ghetto) Felled 1,000 Nazis, Poles Slay Nazi Officials 4
05/22/1943 German White Books (Series!) To Tell Wars Causes-Reich’s Foreign Office To Lead With Volume On Roosevelt (See Roosevelts Weg In Den Krieg 4
05/22/1943 ‘Gosh’ Says Roosevelt On (Carefully U.S.-Planned Assassination) Death Of Yamamoto-Death Called Mystery 5
05/23/1943 Moscow Dissolves Communist International-Roosevelt Called Initiator (Of Dissolution) By Reich 1
05/23/1943 Easier Admission To College Urged (By Commission On Liberal Education Of The Association Of American Colleges)-Proposed To Do Away With ‘Outmoded’ (Education) Procedures 8
05/23/1943 Swedes Turn Back Nazis-German Deserters Fail To Qualify As Political Prisoners 12
05/23/1943 German Shipyards Blown Up By Danes 23
05/23/1943 Partners In Axis Divided By Fears 24
05/23/1943 ‘Six Pillars Of Peace’ Program Of Federal Council Of Churches In America (A Series) 25
05/23/1943 Comintern Grew From 1919 Session (Of Russian And International Socialists [‘Communists’] 31
05/23/1943 Loss Of Sulfur (In Sicily-Used For Making Explosives!) Will Hurt Axis E-10
05/23/1943 Saunders, Hilary St. George, Combined Operations: The Official Story Of The Commandos, Macmillan Co., N.Y.-Includes The (British) Commando Attempt To Kidnap Or Kill General Erwin Rommel, Led By Lt. Col. Geoffrey Keyes Book 1
05/24/1943 (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Wants 45 Billion More In ‘45 For War 1
05/24/1943 Nazis Reply To R. A. F. Blow; Pubs, Churches, Movies Hit 1
05/24/1943 Iran ‘Burma Road’ (Trans-Iranian Railway U.S. Supply Route For Soviet Russia) Amazes Traveller-C. L. Sulzberger (N.Y. Times) 5
05/24/1943 British Ask Curbs On German Schools-They Favor Compulsory Control In Post-War Reich By An Allies’ Commissioner-Americans Oppose This 9
05/24/1943 (N.Y. Congressman, Sol) Bloom ‘Satisfied’ On (Burmuda Jewish) Refugee (Conference) Talks 15
05/24/1943 Refugees Are Called Source Of Manpower (By [Jewish] National Refugee Service) 15
05/24/1943 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Asks Equal Opportunity-Wants Benefits Of Democracy For The Underprivileged 17
05/25/1943 Russia Appeals For Food At Once To Feed Her Army-Own Output ‘Inadequate’ (As It Has Been For Months) 1
05/25/1943 2,000 Tons Of Bombs Rock Dortmund-Ruhr City Flames 1
05/25/1943 Sweden Squirms In A 2-Way (United Nations Vs Neutrality Policy) Squeeze-She Faces Trade Boycott (By United Nations) 5
05/25/1943 U.S. Drivers In Iran (Trans-Iranian Railway, U.S. Supply Route To Soviet Russia) Are Colorful Lot 8
05/25/1943 President (Roosevelt) Urges Post-Pwar Planning 13
05/25/1943 (300) Rabbis Plead For Aid To Stricken People 15
05/26/1943 Palestine (War Supply Board) Industries Assist In War Effort 4
05/26/1943 American’s Blood Saved Thousands 5
05/26/1943 War Prisoners Help Reich Output Little-Their ‘Mistakes’ So Numerous Nazis Send Some Back To Camps (Indicating Likely, Un-Provable Sabotage On Part Of POW) 7
05/26/1943 Poles Will Continue Federation Efforts 9
05/26/1943 Spies In Argentina Still Big Problem-(Dr. Nicolas Repetto) Predicts Argentina (Still Holding Out Against United Nations Pressure) Will Swing To Allies (United Nations) 10
05/27/1943 Russians Accept U.S. Food Proposal 1
05/27/1943 Bulgarians Block Expulsion Of Jews 3
05/27/1943 Greek Guerrillas Seize Axis Ships (Many Guerrilla Bands Led By United Nations Personnel Parachuted Into Country For A Specific Purpose!) 3
05/27/1943 Russians Unbend To Yanks In Iran 4
05/27/1943 Nazis ‘Unveil’ Vlassoff (A Russian General Officer Who Deserted Stalin To Fight With Germany-He And His Russian Followers Were Hunted Down Mercilessly By The United Nations After The War And Executed In Masses-See Operation Keelhaul) 5
05/27/1943 Fascism Recurrent Education Declares-War Won’t End Fight, Dr. Potter Says 17
05/27/1943 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Gets Leave (‘For The Duration’-’To Dedicate Myself To Those Jewish And Wider Interests Which I Have Long Served’-Meaning To Obtain The Goals Of Zionism For Which He Had Been Fighting With Dr. Richard Gottheil Since Before 1900) 19
05/28/1943 U.S.-British Staffs In Full Agreement 1
05/28/1943 U.S. Army Prepares (United Nations Occupation, Puppet) Regime For Berlin (Civil Affairs Section, U.S. Army) 3
05/29/1943 Nazi Air Raids On U.S. Held Probable Soon (By Maj. Gen. Ralph Royce) 2
05/29/1943 3-Fold Plan Offered For Refugee Relief-Christian Body (Christian Council For Refugees, Dr. G. G. Kullman, Deputy High Commissioner) In London Gets Scheme For Care Of 20,000,000 (To 30,000,000) 3
05/29/1943 Picture: American Soldiers In A German Prison Camp 4
05/29/1943 New Board Set Up (In Washington) To End (Racial) Hiring Bias 6
05/29/1943 Pope’s Peace Aims Been Barring (Racial) Bias 9
05/30/1943 103 More Colleges Will Help To Train Army Specialists 1
05/30/1943 (Lord) Halifax Lays War To Church Erosion-Condemns Nazi Doctrine 8
05/30/1943 Scientists Of Axis Scored At (U.S.) Parley (As Socially Irresponsible Technicians For Supporting Their Countries While At War) 14
05/30/1943 Russian Guerrilla (Partisans Operating Behind German Lines) Hunted By Germans 16
05/30/1943 Mexican President (Avilo Comacho) Offers His Troops (For Combat With United Nations-Possibly Part Of Trade Engineered By Roosevelt In Exchange For Expropriated U.S. And British Oil Properties In Mexico)-On Anniversary Of War Declaration, Says They Are Ready 17
05/30/1943 ‘Sic Pillars Of Peace’ Program Of Federal Council Of Churches In America (A Series, This One By Sumner Welles) 17
05/30/1943 Presbyterians Ask World Peace Plan 17
05/30/1943 World Body Urged By Princeton (University) Head 17
05/30/1943 Eyes New (Harry) Hopkins Status (‘Now Subject To Congressional Investigation’) 22
05/30/1943 Pictures: (Some Of) Roosevelt’s Bosom Associates E-1
05/30/1943 End Of Russian Isolation (‘Ostracization’) Seen E-5
05/30/1943 Germans’ Future-Division Into Non-Prussian States Is Favored (In U.S.) E-9
05/31/1943 De Gaulle With (Pro-United Nations General) Giraud In (French) Algiers 1
05/31/1943 Wuppertal Raided-Big Chemical Plants Hit (By R. A. F.) 1
05/31/1943 More French (Workers) Get Call To Germany (For Work In Factories) 3
05/31/1943 Teaching History In Schools Is Urged (By Rev. Dr. Ralph W. Sockman)-Best Bar To All ‘Isms’ 15