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William Lindsey collection — 1943 NYT headlines

September 1943
Date Headline Page
09/01/1943 President (Roosevelt) Brands Columnist (Drew Pearson) A Liar 1
09/01/1943 President (Roosevelt) Renews Pledges [Whatever They Were And For Whatever They Were Worth] To Poland 6
09/01/1943 Palestine Goal Passed (By English Zionists-L250,000) 6
09/01/1943 Jewish Conferees Assail Rival Plan (For Jewish Refugees-They Want Nothing Less Than A Promise Of Palestine-As At The Bermuda Jewish Refugee Conference) 12
09/02/1943 Pope (Pius XII) Asks Victors To Be Generous 1
09/02/1943 Opening Of Palestine As Homeland Demanded By Jewish Conference1 & 10 Argentina Refuses To Exclude Asylum (For Germans As Demanded By United Nations [U.S. A]) 4
09/02/1943 Map: Doomed Districts Of German Capital (Essentially Everything Inside The S-Bahn Ring To Be Devastated By Bombs) 6
09/02/1943 (Harry) Hopkins Sees End Of The War In 1945-Holds Soviet Is Keystone 8
09/02/1943 Soviet Professor Holds It (German Labor From POW Etc.) Should Be Used To Rebuild Russia (Maybe To ‘Build’ A Modern Russia?) 8
09/02/1943 Text Of Jewish Conference Resolution 10
09/02/1943 Palestine Hospital Treats U.S. Wounded 10
09/03/1943 Hull To Take Reins Over All Agencies In Economic Field (After Sumner Welles’ Departure-Office Of Economic Warfare, Ofrro-Lehman & Lend-Lease) 1
09/03/1943 (War) Plane Output 7,700 For August, A Jump 1
09/03/1943 (Montana Senator, Burton K. Wheeler, An ‘Isolationist’) Urges President (Roosevelt) Appeal To Europe (And To Define What He Meant By ‘Unconditional Surrender’) 2
09/03/1943 Goebbels Reviews Four Years Of War 6
09/03/1943 (War Department) Plans Negro Bomber Unit (Negro Crews Being Trained With Whites) 10
09/03/1943 Immediate Rescue Of Jews Is Urged (In 5-Day Waldorf-Astoria Conference) 13
09/04/1943 (Pro-United Nations) French Plan Trial Of Vichy Officials 5
09/04/1943 Palestine Police See Arms Danger (Gun-Running)-’Frame-Up’ Says (Jewish) Defense 11
09/04/1943 Wider Aid Sought By Jewish Appeal-Victims Overseas 11
09/04/1943 Town Refuses Help In Wisconsin Harvest 14
09/05/1943 Scholars To Seek Lasting Peace Key-200 Leaders Attend-Social Sciences, Arts, Letters, Psychology, And Religion 6
09/05/1943 (Cuba’s Fulgencio) Batista Rise (To Power) Celebrated 10
09/05/1943 Croat Troops Join Army Of (Serbian) Patriots (Partisan Guerrillas Led By Yugoslavian General Mikhailovitch) 11
09/05/1943 Jewish Homeland (‘Palestine’) Topic Of Sermons (In Synagogues) 19
09/05/1943 (Harold) Ickes To Let (Abe) Fortas Accept Call In Draft 22
09/05/1943 Britain Studies Education Reform E-7
09/06/1943 (United Nations) Allied Officers Visit Balkan Guerrillas 1
09/06/1943 German Catholics (Fulda Clerics) Assail Nazi Rulers 7
09/06/1943 Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Urges A Fifth Freedom (‘Individual Enterprise’) 9
09/06/1943 (Pierre Van Passen, Emergency Committee To Save The Jews Of Europe) Urges Rescue Of Jews 9
09/06/1943 British Unions Get War-Guilt Appeal (Urged To Reject Concept Of Retaliations Against Germany-65 Signatures) 10
09/06/1943 Post-War Duties Of Labor Outlined (By Rev. T. A. Donnellan) 11
09/07/1943 Churchill Urges Post-War Alliance For World Peace 1
09/07/1943 Germans Try To Hide Crime (London Polish Government-In-Exile Report) 5
09/07/1943 Morgenthau Hails Labor’s War Role 16
09/07/1943 Advertisement, Full Page: Emergency Committee To Save The Jewish People Of Europe) 16
09/08/1943 Argentine Plea For U.S. Aid Is Sternly Rejected By Hull (See Entry, Sept., 2, 1943, P. 4) 1
09/08/1943 Roosevelt Orders More War News-He Writes Secretaries Of War, Navy, And State To Give Owi (Office Of War Information, Elmer Davis) Freer Hand 25
09/09/1943 Italy Surrenders, Will Resist (Now Fight) Germans (, Their Former Allies, As Price For Easier ‘Peace’ Terms)-Terms Signed On Day Of (United Nations) Invasion 1
09/09/1943 Persian Command (Unit Involved With Supplying Russia With U.S. Munitions Via The Trans-Iranian Railway And Caspian Sea Route) Gets First Overseas Times (Newspaper) 4
09/09/1943 War Issues Loom In (U.S.) Feeding Of Italy (The New United Nations ‘Ally’) 11
09/10/1943 Iran In War On Nazis, Teheran Reports Say 3
09/10/1943 Trial Of Mussolini Reported Planned 4
09/10/1943 Toscanini, An Enemy Of Fascism, Directs Radio Victory Program (No Mention That His Daughter Is Married To Vladimir Horowitz) 6
09/10/1943 Picture: Berliners After Bombing Raid 8
09/10/1943 (Thomas E.) Dewey Asks Use Of Prisoner (-Of-War) Labor-Cites Critical (U.S. Labor) Shortage 18
09/10/1943 Chemicals Excelling Sulfa Drugs As Germ Killers Are Disclosed-(Penicillin) Already Used In Africa (On British Soldiers) Chemists Are Told 25
09/10/1943 Easing Alien Ban Asked Of Congress (By Both Parties) 26
09/11/1943 Nazis Occupy Rome, Roosevelt And Churchill Ask Italy To Fight 1
09/11/1943 (James M.) Landis Appointed As Economic Head In The Middle East (To Supply Needs Of 80,000,000 People) 1
09/11/1943 Text Of Hitler’s Broadcast On Defection Of Italy (To United Nations) 6
09/11/1943 ‘Tuc’ Singles Out Nazis’ War Guilt (German People As A Whole Not Held Responsible-Isn’t This Wilson’s Ww-I Line?) 6
09/11/1943 Hull Pledges Aid To Europe’s Jews 8
09/11/1943 Nazi Horror Raged In Donbas Retreat (Moscow Report) 8
09/11/1943 Hull Welcomes Iran Into United Nations (24 Hours After War Was Declared By Iran, Apparently The Other Members Are Satisfied With His Decision) 8
09/11/1943 (Vice President Henry Agard Wallace) Urges Roosevelt To Be Peace Chairman-He Could Act Without Giving Up Presidency 9
09/12/1943 Most Of The Italian Fleet Escapes To (Allied Nations) Allies 1
09/12/1943 (United Nations) Allies List Terms Imposed On Italy (To Switch Sides As They Had Done In World War I) 1
09/12/1943 Roosevelt Backs Zionist Movement-Sends Special Message-He Expresses Hope Americans Will Continue To Help Creat Jewish Homeland (Palestine) 12
09/12/1943 Nazi Enslavement Of French Related 37
09/12/1943 Blockbusters (Massive Bombs For Berlin) From America Book 1
09/12/1943 What Drives The American Soldier Forward?-A Natural Fighter Mag. 5
09/13/1943 Mussolini Is Taken By Nazis From Italians, Berlin Reports 1
09/13/1943 Reich Calls Up Men In 50-60 Age Group 3
09/13/1943 Text Of Radio Address By Secretary Hull Outlining Policies Of The (‘New,’ Sumner Welles-Less) State Department 4
09/13/1943 Must Disarm Axis, (General John J.) Pershing (World War I) Asserts-We Must Put Troops In Reich (His Wish In 1918) 4
09/13/1943 (U.S. Ambassador To Turkey, Lawrence) Steinhardt’s Trip (To Washington) Held Significant 11
09/13/1943 Advance Terms Of Peace Urged (By Utah Senator Thomas And Others) 19
09/13/1943 German Soldiers Desecrate Verdun (Revealed In Quoted, Smuggled Letter) 20
09/14/1943 Negro Prosecutor Made City Justice (By Thomas E. Dewey) 1
09/14/1943 Polish Aide Desires Soviet Settlement-But Minister Bars Any New Territorial ‘Sacrifices’ (Such As The Eastern Part Of Poland) 6
09/14/1943 Zionists Put Plea To United Nations-Ask Provision For Post-War Jewish Commonwealth For [Jewish] Refugees In Palestine (As They Had Sought At The Bermuda Jewish Refugee Conference) 7
09/14/1943 ‘Loyal’ (Japanese-American) Evacuees Leaving Tule Lake (After Their Lengthy Internment There) 11
09/14/1943 Post War Revival Of Education Aim 11
09/14/1943 Advertisement, 2/3Ds Page: Committee For A Jewish Army Of Stateless And Palestinian Jews; ‘Ballad Of The (4,000,000) Doomed Jews Of Europe’ By Ben Hecht (See Gun-Running Charges Above) 12
09/14/1943 Peace Work Held Duty Of Scholars (By Dr.Louis Finkelstein) 21
09/15/1943 Nazis Say Mussolini Was Captive On Peak; Berlin Embroiders Its ‘Liberation’ Report 6
09/15/1943 House Gets Refugee Plan-Seeks To Avert Axis Terror 7
09/15/1943 (Japanese-American) Evacuees Divided, President (Roosevelt) Reveals 14
09/15/1943 President (Roosevelt) Names (Friend And Confidante, Samuel Irving) Rosenman As Aide To Advise On Draft And Courts-Martial (Picture & Vita) 30
09/15/1943 Relief Clothing Going To 10,000,000-(Herbert) Lehman Group (Ofrro, State Department Relief Agency) Is Forming A Stockpile Whose Cost (To Taxpayer) Is Put At $54,000,000 34
09/16/1943 ‘Mussolini’ Sets Up New Kind Of Regime 4
09/16/1943 New Nazi Forces Enlisting Aliens (Waffen SS Volunteers) 8
09/16/1943 (U.S. Educators) Reveal How Nazis Stifled Teaching-Rebuilding Plan Outlined 9
09/16/1943 (United Nations) Allies Are Urged To Continue Unity-Prejudice Is Assailed (C. C. Tansill, Israel Goldstein And Others) 12
09/17/1943 (General Dwight) Eisenhower Acted (Signed Treaty) For Stalin In Italy (Surrender To United Nations And Side Switch) 4
09/17/1943 (Yugoslav Guerrilla Partisan, General) Mikhailovitch’s Troops Destroy Nazi Unit Sent To Replace Italian Occupation Forces 4
09/17/1943 Education Urged For World Peace (Assembly Of Educators At Harpers Ferry 11
09/17/1943 (Clyde E. Miller) Says Foes Exploit Our Race Relations (Abuse Of Negroes) 15
09/17/1943 Praise The Lord (And Pass The Ammunition) Song Bores Its Originator 15
09/18/1943 Swiss Deny (U.S.) Rumor Of German Demand 3
09/18/1943 Palestine Pushes Jewish Rescue Aid (In Europe) 18
09/18/1943 (Palestine) Jewish Agency Protests (Denies Agreement In U.S. On The Future Of Palestine) 18
09/18/1943 Jeffers Pledges ‘Fair Employment’ (Of Negroes To Counter Effects Of Nazi Propaganda) 30
09/19/1943 Illinois Planning Full Racial Study 18
09/19/1943 Manchuria Attack Held War’s Start (Article Sponsored By U.S. Office Of War Information, Elmer Davis) 39
09/19/1943 Whole Balkan Front Alive-Yugoslav Fighter (Heroic Picture Of ‘Tito,’ Josip Broz, A British-Russian Agent) E-4
09/19/1943 The Specter Of 1918 Walks In Germany Mag. 5
09/20/1943 World Police Plea Made To Veterans (By R. S. Marx) 12
09/20/1943 U.S., Britain Alike In Post-War Aims (What Are They?) 33
09/21/1943 (Italian General) Bodoglio Orders Italy To Fight Beside (United Nations) Allies Against (Former Ally) Germany 1
09/21/1943 Captive (German) Generals Turn Anti-Hitler (In Russian Prison Camps) 5
09/21/1943 (Sir Samuel) Hoare Discounts Fear Of Russia 6
09/21/1943 British Manpower Problem 22
09/21/1943 Clinton Prison Gets War Service ‘A’ Flag (From Prison Industries Branch Of U.S. War Production Board) 25
09/21/1943 Detroit Jobs Call For 72,000 Women 27
09/21/1943 ‘Land Of Flame’ Will Open Tonight-Drama Of Greek (Partisan) Guerrillas 27
09/22/1943 Picture: Hitler Greeting Mussolini After Rescue By Skorzeny 3
09/22/1943 Neutrals Cautioned (‘Threatened’) On Deals With Nazis (By U.S. And Britain) 7
09/22/1943 Churchill (In Speech) Reveals Nazis Are Using Glider Bombs (‘V-1’S’) Powered By Rocket 13
09/22/1943 (Max S., Perlman) Will Aid Jews Overseas (In Contact With Herbert Lehman’s Office, State Department’s Ofrro) 14
09/22/1943 Church Unit (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Set Up On Race Problems 15
09/22/1943 (N.Y. City Teachers) To Study Race Problems 21
09/22/1943 Crisis In (Synthetic) Rubber (Production) Laid To Manpower 25
09/23/1943 Red Army Smashes Smolensk Bastion (Katyn Area) 1
09/23/1943 Support (General George C.) Marshall Or Throw Him Out, (Bernard) Baruch Demands 1
09/23/1943 Stalin Appeals To All Americans To Buy War Bonds To Beat Nazis 1
09/23/1943 (Anthony) Eden Denies (United Nations) Allies Aid Reactionaries 8
09/23/1943 (Anthony) Eden Reveals (Rudolf) Hess Made Peace Offer 10
09/23/1943 British Say Nazis Had Invasion (Of England) Set 10
09/23/1943 (U.S. ) War Production Up Except For Planes 14
09/23/1943 Beef Supplies Here Seen Near Normal 18
09/23/1943 (Henry) Morgenthau Spurs Bond Sales Here 1
09/23/1943 ‘Big Four’ Approve A New Relief Plan For The Liberated (‘UNRRA’) 1
09/23/1943 Berlin Announces Mussolini Cabinet 4
09/23/1943 Lone Lidice Survivor A Martyr To Gestapo 4
09/23/1943 Proposed Relief Plan Of The United Nations (‘UNRRA’) 12
09/24/1943 Arms (Gun-Running) Trial Nears Close In Palestine 14
09/24/1943 Synthetic Rubber Going Into (Womens’) Girdles (In U.S.) 20
09/25/1943 8 (U.S.) Leaders Offer Plans To Assure Permanent Peace 1
09/25/1943 Nazis Say We Plan Mussolini Exhibit-Paper (Voelkischer Beobachter) Asserts Preparation Was Made To Show Former Premier In Chains 4
09/25/1943 Defense Continues In Palestine (Gun-Running) Court 5
09/25/1943 Hull Tells Labor (Unions) Aid To Jews Is Aim 6
09/25/1943 U.S. Seen As Hope Of Nazi Victims (By Will Rogers, Jr.) 6
09/25/1943 Excerpts From Proposals By Eight (U.S.) Leaders To Assure Worlds Peace After The War Ends 9
09/26/1943 (Edward) Stettinius Named For (Sumner) Welles Post; (Leo T.) Crowley (Office Of Economic Warfare) Shifted (Herbert Lehman, Formerly Head Of State Department’s Ofrro, Named Special [‘UNRRA’] Assistant To Roosevelt) 1&14
09/26/1943 Walter White (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People) Says Southern Soldiers Spread Hatred Of Negroes 13
09/26/1943 Penalty On (Racial) Bias Sought (By Social Democratic Federation Of America) 13
09/26/1943 (James Waterman) Wise (Son Of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Warns On Race Riots (Unless Discrimination Is Ended) 13
09/26/1943 (Sumner) Welles Refuses Comment 14
09/26/1943 Germans To Leave Chile (Diplomat Exchange) 18
09/26/1943 Fulbright Move (Sept. 25, 1941, Pp. 1 & 9) Hailed In (Jewish) Sermons 21
09/26/1943 Vansittart (Long-Time German Hater And Newspaper Magnate) Wants Reich Disarmed 27
09/26/1943 Prosecutor Flays Pair In Jerusalem (Gun-Running Trial) 33
09/26/1943 Spanish Exiles (In Havana) Seek Ousting Of Franco 33
09/26/1943 400 Free (Anti-Hitler) Germans Convene In London (With Blessing Of United Nations) 35
09/26/1943 (George Bernard) Shaw Says Reich May Disappear As A Nation As A Result Of The War 36
09/26/1943 (Andrey) Vishinsky Appointed To Allied (United Nations Mediterranean) Commission 38
09/26/1943 Harvests Favor Reich 39
09/26/1943 Picture: Italians Who Aided Germans Held Prisoners By (United Nations) Allies 41
09/26/1943 U.S.-French Sign Lend-Lease Pact 41
09/26/1943 German Letters (Allegedly From A Dead German Soldier!) Say Hamburg Is Ruined (By United Nations Bombs) 43
09/26/1943 Revokes Citizenship Of 8 (At Syracuse, N.Y.-Members Of German-American Bund) 50
09/26/1943 War Seen Aiding Colleges (And Educators!) X-13
09/26/1943 (General George C.) Marshall’s Authority Believed To Be Secure E-3
09/26/1943 Accord With Russia Remains A Baffling Task E-3
09/26/1943 Nazis Facing Housing Crisis E-7
09/26/1943 (Roosevelt Confidante, William C.) Bullitt (Election) Bid In Philadelphia (Married Communist, Louise Bryant Reed!) E-14
09/26/1943 We Have Learned To Fight (And How We Love It!) Mag. 5
09/26/1943 Hate Marches With The Red Army (Ilya G. Ehrenburg) Mag. 9
09/26/1943 Hughes, Paul, Retreat From Rostov, Random House, N.Y Book 5
09/26/1943 Schwartz, Dr. Paul, This Man Ribbentrop: His Life And Times, Julian Messner, N.Y Book 14
09/27/1943 Stettinius Linked To New (‘New’) Diplomacy 1
09/27/1943 Germans Fear Disease (Epidemics) 5
09/27/1943 Neutrality Policy Reaffirmed By Swiss 6
09/27/1943 Isolation Called Way To New War (By Joseph C. Grew) 8
09/27/1943 Germans Wait For Facts-(German Historians) Stress That School Histories Must Wait For Peace 8
09/27/1943 Britain Censures Argentine Regime (For Retaining Diplomatic Ties With Axis In Defiance Of United Nations) 9
09/27/1943 U.S. Air Domination Feared By Britain 11
09/27/1943 Dr. (Kurt) Rosenfeld Dies; Weimar Leader, 66 (Sozial Demokrat, The ‘Clarence Darrow’ Of Germany, Opposed Kaiser, Left Germany After Hitler Became Chancellor) 19
09/27/1943 Appeals To Zionists-Dr. (Israel) Goldstein Says New Year Is Crucial In History Of People 20
09/27/1943 Two Nazi Captives (POW) And Seven Mp’s Hurt, Two Trainmen Killed In Virginia Wreck 21
09/27/1943 Victory At The Expense Of Russian Friendship Would Be A Pyrrhic One, (Rev. Karl M.) Chworowsky (Flatbush Unitarian Church) Declares 24
09/28/1943 Raid On Mannheim Called Worst Yet (By Germans) 4
09/28/1943 Famine In Calcutta (India) Gets Steadily Worse 4
09/28/1943 ‘Another Versailles’ Scorned By (Vice-President, Henry Agard) Wallace 6
09/28/1943 Two In Jerusalem Guilty In Gun (-Running) Case 7
09/28/1943 (National Urban League) To Seek Remedies For Racial Tension 12
09/28/1943 Armed Forces Get First Lot Of (1,500,000) Books (From Council On Books In Wartime, Armed Services Edition [Owi-Approved ?]) 22
09/28/1943 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Expects ‘44 Victory (Of United Nations Over Axis) 27
09/29/1943 President (Roosevelt) Attacks (General George C.) Marshall Rumors; Won’t Tell Status 1
09/29/1943 Lend-Lease Hits 15 Billions Total (‘President Roosevelt Stated Today’) 5
09/29/1943 British Cut Bomber Order (To U.S.) 5
09/29/1943 Italians Aid (Yugoslav Partisan Guerrilla General) Mikhailovitch 10
09/29/1943 German Labor Chief (Julius Ritter) In France Is Killed (By Assassins) 10
09/29/1943 New Plea To Save Jews-500 Rabbis To Present Petition To President (Roosevelt) And Congress 12
09/29/1943 Zipper Deliveries For Civilians Due 34
09/29/1943 World Police Held Desire Of Fighters (By Head Of Veterans Of Foreign Wars) 42
09/30/1943 Senators Decide To Drop House Bill, Write Own ‘Peace’ 1
09/30/1943 (Hungary’s Admiral) Horthy Recognizes Puppet Mussolini (As Opposed To ‘Puppet’ Bodoglio) 4
09/30/1943 Brewster (Aircraft) Laying-Off 4,000 (After Cancellation Of British Order For U.S. Bombers-End Of War Expected) 4
09/30/1943 Jews In Palestine Resent ‘Nazi’ Jibe (Accusation Of Their Having Been Engaged In Gun-Running-Made By British Prosecutor) 5
09/30/1943 Refugees (58,000) Burden Swiss (21,860 Arrive In 10 Days-Mostly Italian) 5
09/30/1943 Japan Condemns (Communist Spy Richard Sorge-Warned Russia Of Impending German Attack) 7
09/30/1943 300 Women Belong To (Labor) Unions 18
09/30/1943 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University And Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Points Out Lessons Of History 23
09/30/1943 1942 Iron Output Up 33% From ‘18 33
09/30/1943 $61,500 For (Enemy) Alien Stock (Bruning Tobacco Shares) 34
09/30/1943 (Sociologists) Fear Race (Racial) Tensions When Peace Comes 42