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William Lindsey collection — 1941 NYT headlines

January 1941
Date Headline Page
01/01/1941 Hitler Sees Victory In 1941, Disavows World Conquest — Hits Democracies — Nazi Chief Reviles Them And Their Leaders As Responsible For War 1
01/01/1941 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University) Calls For Aid To Britain Sees U.S. Responsibility He Says We Must Give All Possible Help ‘Short Of Engaging In Military War’ 10
01/01/1941 Swiss Press Sees Greater U.S. Help-Roosevelt Speech Said To Be Attempt To Prepare Nation For Any Eventuality-Armed Aid Held Logical 12
01/01/1941 Sharp (Caustic) Replies Greet ‘America First’ Bid-Edna Ferber Releases Message On Keeping Out Of War (Or Rather Her Reply To Request For Support In Keeping Out Of War) 12
01/01/1941 Nazis Turn Wrath On Roosevelt Talk-Press Accuses President (Roosevelt) Of Distorting Facts-Pictured As Fearing For Britain In Predicament Into Which He Led Her (Voelkischer Beobachter) 16
01/01/1941 Social Security 52,000,000 17
01/01/1941 France’s Fall Laid To Military Chiefs (By De Saint Exupery) 20
01/02/1941 Vandenberg (‘Isolationist’) Takes New Stand On War-Would Risk Getting In By All Aid To Britain If Hitler Refused Just Peace, He Says 1
01/01/1941 British To Tighten Blockade Of Eire 1
01/01/1941 Swedes Deny Aiding Nazis’ War Machine-Foreign Office Makes Reply To Statement In Roosevelt Talk 4
01/01/1941 Smuts (Premier, Union Of South Africa) Predicts U.S. Will Enter War-Nazi ‘Menace’ Stressed 6
01/01/1941 British War Needs Put In 5 Categories (Ships & Planes, Minerals, Steel, Food, Money) 6
01/01/1941 Vigorous Upturn Seen For Business-All Pledge Defense Aid 13
01/01/1941 CCC Trains Hundreds In Camp Food Service-Many Graduate Cooks And Mess Stewards Are Now In Army 13
01/02/1941 National Defense Will Dominate 1941 35
01/02/1941 Monetary Gold Stock Of U.S.: $21,982,000,000 (Dec. 27, 1940) 41
01/02/1941 Eire Raided Four Times, Dublin Hit (By Unidentified Planes)-German Bomb Found 1
01/02/1941 British Get Planes Flown From U.S. 1
01/02/1941 Von Papen Assails Roosevelt Speech 4
01/02/1941 U.S. Security Seen Linked To Britain-Roosevelt Views Backed (By 68% Of Voters) 4
01/02/1941 Appeal Made To U.S. To Mobilize For War (In Open Letter To Congress) 4
01/02/1941 President (Roosevelt) Sending (Harry L.) Hopkins To Britain-Mission Linked In Surmise To Arms Lease Plan 1
01/02/1941 Bremen Hit Again In All Night (R. A. F.) Raid 1
01/02/1941 Roosevelt Starts Rush Plan To Build 200 Merchant Ships 1
01/02/1941 Britain Obtained 970,000 Old (Surplus Army) Rifles (Claimed To Be Extent Of ‘Indirect Sales’ Since Oct. 15) 5
01/05/1941 Pre-Examination Of Aliens Renewed 1
01/05/1941 U.S. Public Ready For Defense Fight (War-Gallup Poll) 19
01/05/1941 (Senator Carter) Glass (Virginia), 83, Demands Blow At The Nazis-Senator Declares He Wants Our Navy ‘To Blast Hell’ Out Of Germany-Backs Roosevelt Stand 22
01/05/1941 France Resumes Talks With Nazis-Leahy Is Expected (In Vichy) Today 33
01/05/1941 (Harry) Hopkins Confers On London Mission 35
01/05/1941 (Burton K.) Wheeler (Isolationist’) Prefers ‘Gifts’ Of Our Arms He Denies It Is ‘Our War’ 35
01/05/1941 Roosevelt’s Plea For Britain Hailed-Rabbis Praise Roosevelt For His Stand Look Ahead To Peace 35
01/05/1941 British Cyclists (Commandos With Machine Guns Mounted On Bicycles) Said To Raid Nazis 39
01/05/1941 Schools In Drive To Help British B-7
01/05/1941 New Congress In Mood To Back Up Roosevelt-Arthur Knock E-3
01/05/1941 Vital Decisions To He Made On Aid To Britain E-3
01/06/1941 Roosevelt To Give Aid To Britain Plan In Message Today 1
01/06/1941 P. La Follette Hits Roosevelt On War 4
01/06/1941 Nazis Are Buying Supplies In China 5
01/06/1941 Japan’s Aims Linked To Those Of Germany 5
01/06/1941 Zionists Approve Palestine Appeal 18
01/07/1941 Roosevelt Asks All-Out Aid To-Democracies; To Send Them Ships, Planes, Tanks And Guns-Will Lend Arms 1
01/07/1941 Roosevelt Pledge Hailed By British 2
01/07/1941 President (Roosevelt) Sounds Sharp To Berlin-’Could Be Worse’ 3
01/07/1941 Text Of Roosevelt Message 4
01/07/1941 (U.S.) Navy Gives Names Of Ships Going To Britain In Bases Trade 4
01/07/1941 (Lt. Gen. Hugh A.) Drum Sees U.S. On Way To Planned Society Britain’s Food Set Above Nazi Level 6
01/07/1941 W. A. White Hails (Roosevelt’s) World Message 6
01/07/1941 (Harry) Hopkins On His Way To London By Air (Picture) 7
01/07/1941 (Joseph Patrick) Kennedy Jr. For Barter-Calls Dealing With Nazis Better Than Total War (U.S. Better Off Under A Barter System With A Nazi-Conquered Europe Than Engaging In A Total War On The Side Of Great Britain) 7
01/07/1941 Black Tom Awards (From Alleged German Sabotage In World War I) Win In Final Test 8
01/07/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Meets Flandin (To Present His Diplomatic Credentials) ; Camera Men Barred 12
01/07/1941 Nazi Police Purge Libraries In Paris-American Center Visited 21
01/07/1941 Day’s Arm Orders Put At $87,760,093 30
01/07/1941 More (U.S.) Taxes Seen From British Aid 37
01/08/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Lets French Know Of Our Help 1
01/08/1941 Picture: Bomb Damage In London 3
01/08/1941 Bremen Confirms Damage By British 4
01/08/1941 (Air Marshall Sir Hugh) Dowding Praises American Planes (Already Supplied To Britain) 7
01/08/1941 Ann Morgan (President, Les Amis De La France), Back, Exhorts U.S. To End The Famine Peril In France 8
01/08/1941 Steel Production At Peak Last Year 27
01/08/1941 (Boy) Scout Chiefs Push Aid To Democracy 40
01/09/1941 Nazi Press Brands Roosevelt Inciter 1&5
01/09/1941 U.S. Refuses French Plea To Take Refugees; Reich Curb Called Bar To Orderly Emigration (Of ‘Many Races And Nationalities’) 1
01/09/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Is Welcomed Cordially By Petain 4
01/09/1941 ‘Warmongers’ Here (In Washington) Attacked By (William Allen) White 5
01/09/1941 (Lord) Baden-Powell Dies; Boy Scouts’ Head-A Hero Of The Boer War 10
01/09/1941 (Sumner) Welles Sees Oumansky (Russian Ambassador) 10
01/09/1941 Swiss See U.S. At War-Roosevelt’s Message To Congress Called Tacit Declaration 16
01/10/1941 U.S. Aid Is Decisive, Churchill Asserts 1
01/10/1941 President (Roosevelt In Message) Reminds Petain Of ‘Liberty’ 4
01/10/1941 Reich Says U.S. Pays For ‘Britain’s War-’Evasion’ Of Law Is Seen 8
01/10/1941 (Howard Hunter) Says 400,000 In WPA Are In Defense Work (1,880,406 Men Total In WPA) 10
01/10/1941 Hull Tells Basis Of Refugee Curb-Talks Now Called Futile 11
01/11/1941 (Congressional) Bill Gives President (Roosevelt) Unlimited Power To Lend (U.S.) War Equipment And Resources 1
01/11/1941 President (Roosevelt) Calls For Swift Action 1
01/11/1941 Hoover And Dewey Criticize Aid Bill 4
01/11/1941 Rabbit And Fish Leather Used By Nazis For Shoes 5
01/11/1941 Spanish Paper Gibes At Hunger In America-Contrasts Our Unemployment With ‘Happy Lot’ Of The Germans 6
01/11/1941 (Generalissimo Rafael L.) Trujillo Expands Land Gift (For Haven For European Refugees) At Sosua (Announced By James N. Rosenberg, President Of Dominican Republic Settlement Association) 15
01/12/1941 Congress Leaders Willing To Study Aid-Bill (To Britain) Changes But Want Main Objectives-Landon Denounces ‘Slick’ Lease Plan 1
01/12/1941 Germans Say Bill Flouts Hague Pact 3
01/12/1941 Aid Bill Condemned By Chicago Tribune 10
01/12/1941 U.S. (Built) Fighter Planes Down Nazi Bomber (Over England) 15
01/12/1941 South Americans Due Here To Study 17
01/12/1941 Russia Is Called Key To Outcome Of War (By William Henry Chamberlin Of ‘The Christian Science Monitor’) 20
01/12/1941 German Language Is Heard In R. A. F. (Jewish Refugees Serve In Ground Crews Of R. A. F. Stationed In Greece) Homes Now In Palestine 22
01/12/1941 Moscow Is Defiant Of New Nazi Deals-Serves Notice On Britain And U.S. That Soviet Is Free To Make Pacts Anywhere 23
01/12/1941 (Robert H. Jackson) Delays Ousting Aliens-Submits 120 Names To Congress, Hints At More 40
01/12/1941 Refugee (Jewish) Girl (Edith Stern, Studied In Stockholm, Traversed Siberia, Now In Buffalo, N.Y.) Hopes To Become A Nurse 41
01/12/1941 Market Extension Pushed By Russia (Big Buyer Suddenly-Considered Not To Be-A Factor In Supplying Germany Because Of Supply Problems There Is An Earlier Report In This Connection, But I Did Not List It) F-1
01/12/1941 The President Moves To Meet The ‘Challenge To Democracy’ (H. R. 1776) E-1
01/12/1941 Berlin Now Discovers The Hague Conventions (See Entry Jan. 12, 1941, P. 3) E-3
01/12/1941 British Foresight Yields Planes Now-’Shadow Factories’ Sketched Out As Far Back As 1933 Are Real Plants Today E-5
01/13/1941 President (Roosevelt) Sets Up (Defense) Housing Division 1
01/13/1941 Jewish Exodus (From Germany) Continues-Reich Lists Migration Of 4,755 (To South America, Palestine, Other European Countries) Despite War Restrictions 2
01/13/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Asserts (British) Aid Bill Means War 5
01/13/1941 Palestine Appeal (For Refugees) Made ($12,000,000) 5
01/13/1941 Gibson Here As (William Allen) White’s Successor (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies), Surprised At Having Been Chosen 5
01/14/1941 U.S. Acts To Bar Axis From Metals 1
01/13/1941 Refugees Plead To Stay In Vichy (In Spite Of Food Shortages) 4
01/13/1941 Finns Face Famine Official Warns U.S. 8
01/13/1941 Soviet-Nazi Clash On ‘Spheres’ Seen (Russian Demands On Hitler) 9
01/13/1941 Negro (Brig. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis) In New Command 12
01/13/1941 Robert (E.) Sherwood Studies Fort Dix 14
01/15/1941 Roosevelt Turns Ire On (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler 1
01/15/1941 Germans’reprisals Open In Netherlands-Hostile Acts Against Nazis Will Be Punished 2
01/15/1941 Pictures: Bomb Damage In London 3
01/15/1941 Jews In Italy Restricted 6
01/15/1941 Paris Jews Forced To Sell Properties 7
01/15/1941 50 Refugees (47 Jews) Reach Dominican Republic 7
01/15/1941 150,000 Spanish Refugees Still In France 8
01/15/1941 German Exiles Face A Return To Europe-Visa Mix-Up Affects Hundreds Of Refugees, Travelers Say (German-Jews) 10
01/15/1941 New Law (‘Voorhis Act’) In Effect On Alien Societies 13
01/15/1941 (Col. Charles E.) Lindbergh Scored On (White) Race Culture 13
01/16/1941 Hull Urges Fullest Aid To Britain Lest We Meet The Fate Of Norway-Peril In Quibbling (Text, P. 8) 1
01/16/1941 Bombing Of The Richelieu At Dakar By British Suicide Crew Described 3
01/16/1941 Dewey Denounces Lend-Lease Plan 6
01/16/1941 Hull Says Aid Bill Violates No Law (Same Argument As He Used To Support Income Tax Amendment?) 9
01/17/1941 Aid Bill Is Vital, Willkie Declares 1
01/17/1941 Stimson Sees Danger Of Invasion If British Navy Be Beaten Or Taken; Hoover Urges Definition Of Powers (Text, P. 7) 1
01/17/1941 Lake Of Fire Seen In Wilhelmshafen (After R. A. F. Raid) 1
01/17/1941 Vichy Asserts British Pushed France Into War And Then Failed To Support Her (Did Not Mention American Promises!) 4
01/17/1941 Gives Goering Ancestry 4
01/17/1941 (Jewish Agency In Palestine) Plans Jewish Army For Britain 4
01/17/1941 Japanese Angered By Hull Testimony 5
01/17/1941 Reich Views Hull As ‘Master’s Voice’ 6
01/17/1941 (Herbert C.) Pell (U.S. Minister To Portugal) May Be Shifted 7
01/17/1941 Air Corps To Form A Negro Squadron 10
01/17/1941 Paderewski Lauds U.S. For Polish Aid (?Potocki Papers?) 20
01/17/1941 Hays (Movie Censor) Backs Film Against (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Who Accused Movie Makers Of ‘Violent Propaganda Campaign Intending To Incite The American People To The Point Where They Will Become Involved In War’) 20
01/18/1941 Churchill Calls For U.S. Weapons, Not Big Overseas Armies, In 1941; Stimson Sees Crisis In 90 Days-Hopkins Is On Platform (With Churchill In Glasgow) 1
01/18/1941 Effort To Involve U.S. (In War) Laid To British (By Senator Burton K. Wheeler) 3
01/18/1941 (Richard G. Casey, Australia) Links Our Destiny To British Victory 6
01/18/1941 Social Work Is Seen As Aid To Democracy (By Margaret Mead) 6
01/19/1941 U.S. Acts To ‘Freeze’ All Foreign Assets Held In Banks Here 1
01/19/1941 Nazi Flag Ripped From (German) Consulate (In San Francisco) 1
01/19/1941 (Senator Carter) Glass (Virginia) Urges War On Reich At Once (Senator Gerald P. Nye Says 30 Senators Would Vote For War If Roosevelt So Wishes) 30
01/19/1941 U.S. United In Hate Of Axis, Says (Secretary Of Navy) Knox 33
01/19/1941 Text Of (Joseph P.) Kennedy’s Address Urging Passage Of A Less Drastic (Liberal) Lend-Lease Bill (For Britain) 35
01/19/1941 Midwest Majority For Aid To Britain E-7
01/19/1941 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler Retains Montana Loyalty E-7
01/19/1941 British Blacklist 28 Vessels In U.S. S-8
01/19/1941 Valtin, Jan (Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Born Darmstadt, Secret Agent Of Communist International), Out Of The Night Book 1
01/19/1941 Pictures: 30 Years With Roosevelt Roto. 3
01/20/1941 U.S. Regret Voiced In Nazi (Consulate) Flag Case 1
01/20/1941 Zionists Own Army In Palestine Seen (By Nahum Goldmann, Jewish Agency For Palestine) 2
01/20/1941 British Are Ready To Bomb Rumania-Oil Fields Vulnerable-(No Declaration Of War By Either British Nor Rumanians)-Diplomatic Relations Continue 3
01/20/1941 Uruguay Bars Group Of (15 Jewish) Refugees On Ship (Crossed Siberia After Leaving Hamburg) 5
01/20/1941 Vichy Stresses Need For Vital Medicines 5
01/20/1941 U.S. Can’t Be Free Alone, Woll (Of A. F. Of L.) Says 10
01/20/1941 (Rev.) Jones Says Devil Outwitted Hitler 20
01/21/1941 British Invade Eritria (Italian Colony On Red Sea) 1
01/21/1941 $12,000,000 Is Sought By Palestine Appeal (‘War Emergency Campaign For Palestine’) 7
01/21/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan In Sofia To See King Boris 10
01/21/1941 Aide Denies Hitler Seeks World Rule 11
01/21/1941 (London) Poles Launch Submarine (‘Sokol’-Sikorski Present) 11
01/21/1941 Petain Said To Put No Hope In Britain 12
01/21/1941 Many R. A. F. Pilots Ferry U.S. Bombers (Across Atlantic To England-Many Of These Were U.S. Citizens!) 14
01/21/1941 U.S. Accumulating Raw Rubber (Hoard) Here 15
01/21/1941 Refugee Flow Here Found 60% Christian-4 Years Ago, It Was 75% Jewish, Assistance Group (American Committee For Christian Refugees, Inc.) Reports 17
01/22/1941 No Plan To Convoy, President (Roosevelt) States (Arms To England-But He Does Not State It Isn’t Already Going On!) 1
01/22/1941 Russia Is Found Greatly Improved 5
01/22/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Has Talk With Sofia Chiefs 6
01/22/1941 Moscow Red Chief (Alexander Sherbakoff) Sees War Threats-Clash With Nazis Is Seen 9
01/22/1941 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Wider School (Building) Use 13
01/23/1941 (Norman) Thomas Pictures Democracy Upset In Lend-Lease Bill 1
01/23/1941 Palestine Jews Fight For Britain-8,000 Enlisted In Army-(Today Britain, Tomorrow Israel!) 4
01/23/1941 Nazis Lay ‘Unrest’ (Rebellion) In Rumania To Foe (British) 6
01/23/1941 (Richard) Wagner, Nazi Idol Is Held Son Of A Jew (By Ernest Newman, In Book) 7
01/23/1941 Socialist Group Hits (Norman) Thomas View 8
01/23/1941 World Is ‘Tired’ Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Says-English-Speaking Peoples Must Hold Leadership (Picture) 11
01/23/1941 (16 Non-Jews-Names) In Hebrew Who’s Who (1940) 16
01/24/1941 Lindbergh Sees Stalemate So Urges Negotiated Peace 1
01/24/1941 Poles Raid Nazis In Daring Forays (As Part Of R. A. F. Raid) 3
01/24/1941 Yugoslav Leaders Receive (Col. William J.) Donovan (‘As A United States Observer’ On A Diplomatic Passport-No Mention Of Any Contact With Mikhailovitch) 3
01/24/1941 Roosevelt Sending Aid To Chungking 4
01/24/1941 Our Policy Suicide (Involvement In War By President Roosevelt-Robert M. Hutchins, University Of Chicago, Declares-Warns Us To Stay Out) 5
01/24/1941 (Dr. James B. Conant) Calls Universities To Guard ‘Values’ 5
01/24/1941 Lindbergh Called Pro-Nazi In Britain 7
01/24/1941 Roosevelt Names (Dean) Acheson Hull Aide 9
01/25/1941 Roosevelt Meets Halifax In Bay As He Arrives On New Battleship (The ‘King George V’) 1
01/25/1941 Nazis Loose Blast Against Roosevelt-Aggression Also Charged 2
01/25/1941 Lindbergh Praised By Reich Official 2
01/25/1941 Educator (Dr. Harwood L. Childs, Prof. Of Politics, Princeton University) Advises (Diplomatic) Break With Reich 7
01/25/1941 Nazi War Prisoner Taken (By U.S.) In Ogdensburg (Escaped From Canada) 9
01/25/1941 Concert For Palestine (Histadrut) 11
01/25/1941 Farmers’ Income Up To Nine Billion 26
01/26/1941 Studebaker Gets ($50,000,000) Army Plant Order 26
01/26/1941 Bullitt Denies Any Pledge (To France)-We Warned France Told Daladier That U.S. Would Shun War, Letter Shows (Text Of Statement To Press, P. 5) 1&4
01/26/1941 Nazis Voice Scorn At (Col. William J.) Donovan’s Trip (U.S. Observer-They Are Well Aware He Is Organizing A U.S. Intelligence Operation [O.S.S.]) 7
01/26/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan Flies To Greece 7
01/26/1941 Roosevelt Speech Hailed By Rabbis 10
01/26/1941 Misery And Death In French Camps (Gurs Allegedly Contains Entire Jewish Population Of Baden-7,500) 24
01/26/1941 Escaped Nazi Pilot Finds Haven In U.S.-He Will Be Deported(To Germany) 24
01/26/1941 Palestine Appeal Asks $12,000,000 25
01/26/1941 End Of ‘Moral Embargo’ (On Russia) Aids Russian Relations (With U.S.) E-6
01/27/1941 Matsuoka Accuses Hull Of Distorting Case Of Manchuhia 1
01/26/1941 Isolationists Seek To Force Nations To State War Aims 1
01/26/1941 Palestine Session Backs Aid Policy-(Jewish) Homeland Is Supported (Want Jewish Commonwealth In British Empire) 5
01/26/1941 Wilhelm (Ii) 82 Today; Studies War Steps 17
01/26/1941 Basis For Peace Outlined By Knox-Greed Must Be Overcome 18
01/28/1941 Halifax Declares War Aim Is ‘To Win’ 1
01/26/1941 (Archduke) Otto And Trujillo Meet On Refugees 2
01/26/1941 (French Ambassador) Henry-Haye Seeks Food For French 3
01/26/1941 Belgian Famine Seen By Hoover 3
01/26/1941 (Wheeler-Nye Resolution) Asks Questioning Of Belligerents (On Peace Aims, War Aims, Secret Treaties, Etc.) 4
01/26/1941 Reich Divides Silesia (Into Two Provinces) 7
01/28/1941 (Prince) Konoye Takes Onus Of War With China-Pledges Its End 9
01/28/1941 Palestine Leader (Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog) Here-To Enlist Aid in Transfer Of Jewish Scholars From Europe (To Palestine-1,500 Pupils & 200 Teachers) 11
01/29/1941 Britain Must Quit Unless We Aid, Morgenthau Tells Senate Group 1
01/29/1941 British Seek The Enlistment Of U.S. In Economic War On Axis And Allies 1
01/29/1941 Picture: Kaiser Wilhelm Ii, Age 82, With Princess Hermine4 J. P. Warburg Asks Passage Of (Lend-Lease) Bill 5
01/29/1941 Halifax Takes Up Leaks In (British) Blockade-Cotton Among Materials (Presumed To Get To Germany) 6
01/29/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Tells Vichy Britain Will Win 7
01/30/1941 February Invasion Of Britain By Nazis Forecast In Vichy 1
01/30/1941 End Of Lend-Lease Bill In June, 1943, Voted By House Committee Majority; Defense Costs Put At $28,500,000,000-Higher (U.S. National) Debt Asked 1
01/30/1941 Yugoslavia Seizes Article On (Col. William J.) Donovan (‘President Roosevelt’s Special Envoy To Europe’-Organizing The ‘Office Of Strategic Services’) 2
01/30/1941 Propaganda In Cuba Is Barred By Decree-Batista Seeks To Curb All Forms Of Totalitarian Expression 2
01/30/1941 (Col. William J.) Donovan To See Generals (British Staff Officers In Turkey) 5
01/30/1941 Japan Would Keep U.S. Out Of War 6
01/30/1941 Vichy Papers Shun Leahy Statement (That Britain Will Win The War) U.S. Attitude Is Clearer 6
01/30/1941 (Mrs. Vera M. Dean) Asks For War Of Ideas Against The Nazis 7
01/30/1941 Franz Guertner, German (Justice) Minister (Dies, 59)-Schlegelberger Succeeds Him 21
01/30/1941 Axis Powers Cut Their Funds Here 33
01/31/1941 Hitler Tells Us Not To Interfere; Will Torpedo Aid Ships, He Says 1
01/31/1941 Textual Excerpts From The Speech By Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler In The Sportspalast 2
01/31/1941 Text Of The Majority Report Of Foreign Affairs Committee On Lend-Lease Bill 4
01/31/1941 (Secretary Of The Navy Knox) Links Fate Of U.S. To British Fleet 5
01/31/1941 Vast Aid To Britain Is Urged By (Sumner) Welles 6
01/31/1941 Few Voters Back Lindbergh Views 6
01/31/1941 ‘Suspicious Submarine’ Reported At Grand Banks 7
01/31/1941 Italian Press Charges British Killed Greek Premier (Metaxas-Considered ‘Pro-German!’) 7
01/31/1941 1,000 More To Join Refugees’ Colony (At Sosua, Dominican Republic, Report By James N. Rosenberg-Rosenwald Family Donates $125,000) 9
01/31/1941 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Guest At Luncheon Of American Press Group (In Vichy-Picture Taken With Petain) 9
01/31/1941 Germans Can Ask (For U.S. Immigration) Visas-(U.S.) State Department Says Vacancies May Be Found In Quotas 10
01/31/1941 U.S. Gold Stock Up $21,000,000 In Week 25
01/31/1941 U.S. Incomes In ‘40 Above 74 Billions 25